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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and we're watching your weekend forecast. this breaking news just in. word of a water main leak in sausalito. firefighters are on the scene at coloma and bridgeway.right by martin luther king junior park.and about 2 blocks from where bridgeway feeds onto the 101. we have a crew on the way to get more details.
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art and form, as has been the case for what seemed like the last couple of months now. certainly sent
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and a spring break. for the back up and waved it is difficult, but fill looks as though ready then that direction even though this is a friday. if it were heading to the senate until britain there is a salt was before a high price and sent for that loss of all lanes of traffic. it's all like out there right now than they don't expected to have major repercussions for but this will slow the ride in the westbound direction-and watching an accident here in san jose 11 north bound that " i'm proud aunt is a hot spot crude but plane is a lot of of the accident reported designer so it could cleared quickly grateful >>: as is a fool opresident obaa addressing a heckler at his fundraiser last night in san jose. you can hear the heckler shouting and the president responding.
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you can see the president's remarks live on kron 4's 193. we'll also be streaming it live on and on the kron4 mobile app. president obama will be here to address the energy efficiency here at this wal- mart. if he does see this as an open parking lot. they have their case in a complex and the reason why is not only is he going to talk about clinton and chief but people are also protesting for the dozens of to give him a piece of their mind on many key issues including an pipeline, drones and many people are scratching their heads, some key analysts are saying why did he choose wal-mart agreed a company that has been criticized throughout the years for pain there and so is not enough money before. especially here in the south bay agreed with the cost of living extremely high. if the president will see as he addresses a minimum wage or just want to raise the pay for wal-mart's in other places which is key to his presidency. if we carry this on the employees have
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already written letters and they hope to handcuff mr. obama a letter of the light is so difficult for them less of a food on the table pay the rent while living here in the bay area and talking at eight-judge working at wal-mart. before people are starting to rise. he will come here shortly before 9553 it will carry that seat for realize as happens. we will try to get reaction from the protesters as well. 9:55 and 25 minute speech about bring energy. green energy. oxford ifs
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>>darya: facade a nursing assistant says she was beaten while on the job at fairmont hospital in san leandro. shanatte chatman recently returned to work from disability following the attack. chatman says she has been
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sexually harrassed by patients at fairmont hospital in san leandro. she says in her 23 years working here as a certified nursing assistant. she has been phsycially assaulted four times. the union representing chatman and her co-workers says that staff injuries as a result of patient assaults were up 81-percent from 2012 to 2013. they're pushing the alameda health system to address workplace violence in their contract, including metal detectors, monitored security cameras and limiting access after visiting hours. healthcare workers from across the bay area. are planning to hold a rally this morning to bring to light, what they are calling. an epidemic of hospital violence. the gathering is scheduled to take place in front of highland hospital in oakland at 11-30.
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the family of a fremont third grader is protesting the return to work of a a teacher this morning after allegedly slapping their son in the face. kron 4's mike pelton in live at patterson elementary school in fremont with details. with a third grade teacher will return to hospital this morning and when he doesn't find an apparent protest three that this comes after danny rivera jr. tells of his nine year-old son reported tell last week that his teacher frederick, bart slapped him twice in the face while he put his desk low point in the wrong place on working on and have burke claims he painted " he patted the allied where are we lost that feed her if we will update you out voluntarily. still ahead on the kron four morning news.
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new video coming out of nigeria. of the town where nearly 300 girls were taken from their school. plus, an extreme case of animal hoarding. find out where the humane society found more than a dozens dogs and cats living in filth. we're getting a closer look this morning at the nigerian town where nearly 300 girls beamed school by islamic extremists. this is what we want to show. wireless routers have certain speeds going in.
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this is cell phone video half taken by a local resident in the town of chibuck, a remote village in northern nigeria. u-s officials believe the kidnapped girls may have been split into smaller groups. and likely moved into neighboring countries. we're also hearing from some of the girls who managed to escape their captors. the girls were among a group of 50 who managed to get away. meanwhile, a team of seven u-s military personel is expected to arrive sometime today, joining a team already on the ground in nigeria. more local news and the big
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stories you need to know about still ahead. at * *6-20 * the n-f-l and niners selected. then at * *6-25 * it's a new invention that could of mind. we'll show you what this
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clinton debts. it just when the cloud cover the showers overnight looks like showers robert hood get 50s and to the 9:00 hour. still
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temperatures are cool and where they should be for this time of year. eating 7167 degrees in oakland. it was a similar but as we enter into more of a peasant and sent out on thursday. 10 degrees warmer for the inland areas to read it will continue without warming trend as a tenant next week. if and by next wednesday were talking about the possibility for a triple digits agreed is interesting that was sure whether on traffic to cut with the george street does not >>george: not heard in the hot spot but looking at what slow traffic care. when of our and i cannot tell rest of the macarthur maze. on offer of that time until aubrey child in 1912 when and if all out now and high- rise of the bridge. add/from
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this plan out to the base of the high rise of bond buying, as to be a major problem for the westbound ride. if it is the richness and runs counter is the light traffic for your ride ahead of wind hercules is a burglar to end at 14 and. still just as daunting to 90 minute drive time and san ramon away. some five it was looked to the very end of the extent and the bay bridge toll plaza 3 and return in as not to dazzle is a are sworn that echelon. ever since the end a
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reminder, this sunday, northbound highway one in san francisco will be closed for construction. of from lake street to the highway 101 interchange from one a-m to six a-m. this closure is part of phase two on the presidio parkway project. the project is replacing the access road to the golden gate bridge. crews are preparing to shift traffic so they can continue building the roadway. half more than a dozen dogs and
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two cats that have been locked away have been was rescued from a monterey county home. the house was dangerously packed with garbage. the animals were found locked into three small, filthy rooms in a home in pacific grove. the house has been declared unlivable. in fact, the smell from the home was so strong, humane society officers had a hard time breathing and had to wear protective equipment. here are more pictures of the animals. they're now being treated for several illnesses for not getting proper care.
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the s-p-c-a is working with the d-a's office on possible charges. the raiders grabbed one of the marquee defenders with the fifth pick of last night's nfl draft. khalil mack gives the raiders the potential impact pass rusher that they had been seeking. mack had 10½ sacks last season playing for a mid-american conference school. he set a conference record with 16 career forced fumbles. his 75 career tackles for a loss were the most at the ncaa level since 2000 the 49ers didn't make any moves to jump up in the first round. instead using
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their 30th pick of the first round to select northern illinois safety jimmie ward. there is some thought that the team might move ward to cornerback to hel fill a hole in the defense. ward started all 14 games at strong safety last season, leading his team with 95 tackles - 62 solo - and 10 pass deflections. although there was some speculation that the houston texans would trade out of the number one spot. but the team used the top pick to defensive end from south carolina. some other notable picks. blake bortles was the first quarterback taken by jacksonville at number 3. johnny manziel. the highest profile player in the draft went to cleveland at number 22.
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and once projected to be a top pick. louisville's quarterback teddy bridgewater was the final pick of the first round going to minnesota at 32. up next. what does your smartphone say about you? a new study reveals what types of personalities tend to go for iphones versus androids. we'll have that story next.
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android or i-phone? it's a question you may have been asked before.
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but now researchers say the answer may reveal a thing or two about you. researchers at the investment firm called "battery ventures" studied the differences between android and i-phone users and some of their findings may surprise you. the study says i-phone owners are more likely to own stock, drink wine and have flown on an airplane in the last year. while android users take public transporation, prefer beer. and have eaten mcdonald's in the past month. and the user base for both
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smartphones. are equally likely to be homeowners, or own a gun. of course these facts are not true for everybody. but, battery ventures says, the information is still useful as an insight for mobile advertising. whether you have an i-phone or any other smartphone or can always take kron 4 with you. you can get the latest information at kron and if you're on the go. download the kron4 app for free for easy access to news, weather and sports where ever you are. as pets become more and more a part of the family, many dog and cat owners say they are willing to spend just about anything to make sure their furry friend is healthy and happy.
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karin caifa has a look at a new invention that could give pet owners some peace of mind. and here's a live look outside.james lick freeway the president is waking up in san jose today. after some fundraising events in the south bay and on the peninsula last night. kron 4's jackie sissel is live in san jose this morning. jackie. president obama will end his visit to the bay area in mountain view that's where we find kron 4's will tran with that part of the story you can see the president's remarks live on kron 4's fastening 24/7 channel comcast channel 193.
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we'll also be streaming it live on and on the kron4 mobile app. and on the kron4 mobile app. new details in thursday's when la sends sales rep steve ha and on the kron4 mobile app. new details in thursday's the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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justhe w youike em. tra ft a ext speal. welce torockountry. ere od hits ardelious.
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and on and how did top management and honest, and if this is a a counter and on the street ... and conditions of adults read
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santa rosa and right now 49 degrees street san low 60s in output and vallejo. as a and 51 and a city. but the time we reached the half turnover talk about '70s and land upper 60s along the bay. temperatures fell on the colors i prefer has sent we are in store for a warming trend of the breaking down fuhr that in 15 minutes. and >>george: with as we continue to mount during lunch have very unusual ride at the bay bridge toll plaza and inside sales of the heaviest traffic around bay area is the early end of a 10 and is of a damp and a couple of maintenance on north bound. when will cause
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of all land is on the president. president obama we cannot his nose and as long after fund raising events what happened last night. kron4's jack is alive and san jose is a more in tariffs and i'm assuming the president is probably our radio and read his up there in the presidential suite of the toronto tell any time he's in town. if you're a san jose. as is usually where he stays and because of the end to fight, you're going to be dealt with presidential issues around the city of san jose this morning. in fact and to some police officers about their security and content of roles. since all around her amateur of the fairmont hotel for it not only do we have to deal with and the local police. and also some observers agreed to a parameter is very large around the hotel. so if
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you're somebody who would normally work or be and around the downtown area is that you should be aware of mountain view this morning timing's his market would be leaving here will thompson was inclined to mountain view area. that also means the that there's going to be traffic issues as a modern day and since when north bound protesters are
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expected in mountain view. the money will gather and wal-mart because that's when the president is going to be and elsewhere if will tran is and to visit this morning. if of where you can see the american targets appeared in the present law ride in my 55. when many critics are saying he could not have chosen a more is a place to give a speech then what margaret easier to talk about this rain energy. of a part of his campaign and his presidency is to try to raise wages for people in the parts came wal-mart has been and criticize nationally for now and their employees and has money and are killing them on our street and planned to have labor groups out there.
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police and protesters were upset was all about over proposed pipelines the drone's many things going on. " one bears because we did this place as a movie will carry it for you live as a happened but as far as we know it was the above bring energy but things could turn as someone end up with curve and not have to somehow link wages.
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different will check in with a little. we all carried of present remarks in his address last cut a slit for someone whose total headcount has shot 93 and an internet want on the gotten lead if you ever mobile employee of to do is put to death. bond >>: and new details and thursdays deadly fire in sunnyvale coming in this morning. we brought you the developing details all morning long yesterday. now we know that the only survivor of the a developmentally disabled adult.who was rushed out of the burning mobile home by
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his father. hosswitnesses now say that after making sure his son was safe.he went back inside to help his girlfriend. get the couple died in the flames. firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen.and appears to be a cooking fire that got out of control. the medical examiner has *not identified the victims.but they're believed to be the elderly parents of that 40-year-old man.who is red cross, while called investigators find family he can stay with. families in san francisco will get to see a newly redesigned web site. s-f kids dot org. supervisor mark farrell is previewing the online resource this morning at ♪ offers
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information about things information about things like at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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families us have santa's golden to signal the redesigned website. sf kids .org supervisormark farrell 390 on my response this morning and from building three defendants are to 9:00. the live site offers information about things like child care education and family events year- round.
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westinghouse brazil was giving up on finishing some of the venues for the world cup. to report on the bay area weather and traffic would get more on the forecast with erica. >>erica:, at the friday market. as we take the lead. you can thank the clock and for that. temperatures very mild. san francisco right now we did see some showers overnight. most of that activity well to our east. though we do have some drizzle along the coast line and with moseley, dry conditions of futurecast for highlighting the 9:00 hour. 50s expected drop the bay. to put the clock into motion looks like was the more 60s by lunch time and then guess that '70s are to make an appearance by three in the afternoon. of rock temperatures to oakland where we should be for this time of year san francisco had a 6567 degrees in oakland. '70s of the delta and low 70's, along the bay.
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temperatures cooler, is ahead to tomorrow. we will rebound. it is back in the forecast to continue with that warming trend as we head into the next it. very tough this is the upper 90s it is natural to egypt for some of the enormous inland spots treat let's check out of roads and now here's our tree and >>george: prepared with our reactivation of the main lights and early back up, and while not as badly back up to the macarthur maze as an infant brother dazed when sleep. of the drive times are running at about 22 to 24 men and not up for a tough and 30 minutes and has been so much the last several weeks. it did in the approach as you can see is backed up all of the eastbound lanes of the toll plaza. so again this floor conditions here. time and
6:47 am
delays of the meter and light and applause of of the stock has been taken care of. no impact for that period of would have been dancing in the top and go conditions here. and for your ride to the richness average fell during the westbound traffic without we get these extra toll lanes open. of four backed up on the right-hand side forecast came drivers of this morning. her return team lead accident both of which are potential hot. as did some of us here at the heart is as a no. if there's an accident that blocks at least to possibly of. and starting to slow the right coming down from highway 84310 in the south bay floor is not toward highway
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237. but since 37 right now receive carla
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we are hearing from the sister of a murder victim this morning. who detectives in sacramento say died at the hands of her fiance. a former battalion chief for cal -fire. a manuhunt is now on for orville fleming. sacramento county sheriff's investigators say flemming stabbed sarah douglas more than 20-times with a 9-inch blade. and strangled her last thursday in their home. douglas's sister stephanie
6:50 am
says the final moments of her sister's life were captured in a phone call. the family acknowledges that sarah douglas met her 55- popular escort website, called - "myredbook". they say, after her engagement, sarah tried to distance herself from that part of her past as an escort. meantime. investigators warn all smart phone makers. who sell in california, to have a kill switch already installed passed the state senate. this is the bill's second attempt at passage. it failed two weeks ago, but state senator mark leno
6:51 am
tweaked his bill. and since then, two big players, apple newsstand and microsoft, dropped their opposition. opponents question the need for the law when most smart phones are already equipped with kill switches. c-net's richard nieva explains what the bill hopes to do. "to make sure everybody has it across the board and to make sure it's automatically turned on and a consumer doesn't have to go in and do themselves because some people might not do it or don't know they can do it." most of the wireless industry remains the bill and it still has to pass the state assembly what are you up to? just playing hide the cheddar.
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and the where president obama will speak at this wal-mart and mountain is the you can see the barricade set already. and here lies you'll be met by protesters carried coming back to you why they're upset a with obama coming up in the lives of reports agreed that live in fremont where it third grade teacher accused of slapping a student returns to the cost of this morning revealed about the protests. and watching the weather tried to get out the missed and clouds. to give to their still hanging around. from that this is the bay area's new stationery kron4 news at
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the of seven starts now. of >>:, a cabby friday till i'm darya foes on various trips but let's start with a date from erica. >>: talking about the possibility of a triple digits. it does not in the forecast for now. temperatures mainly in the '50s through the you could see little bit of a cloud cover 400 clouds actually moving out of the bay area still do it wasn't close to a result him by lunch time expect really crowded conditions temperatures in the upper 50s coast side mid-60s inside the bay and upper 60s inland. and ran the afternoon we are talking about slightly warmer conditions. i'll be walking you through your friday forecast plus i'll be talking about a mother's day holiday and all that coming up in 15 minutes. if here is george. it's a >>george: thank you erica. we will continue to check heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza for your westbound ride off and it really is some of the slowest traffic will find this morning with a back up into the macarthur


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