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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a bay area mother is now keeping her daughter out of school. this. after she says, her eight- year old was sexually harassed by a male classmate. the allegations surround hirsch elementary school in fremont. the mother says. it is not the first time the harassment has happened. and the school is not doing enough about it. kron 4's scott rates has her story. over the past two weeks kimberly has found herself having a very difficult conversations with her daughter. she said it started
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six weeks ago where and a year- old boy sexually harassed her daughter. the school plans to suspend the boy for one day where it seemed to get better. however happening again. the options the principal gave to
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this parent was that said henning could choose to keep going to school or change schools. the city of oakland. under more scrutiny for its treatment of animals. and response to requests for animal services.
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kron 4 went out to investigate today. after a viewer told us about the body of a dog. which sat for days on a busy neighborhood sidewalk. and just last week, pet owners in oakland rallied. calling for the police department to relinquish its control of the city's animal shelter. kron 4's jeff bush reports on the latest incident. yvette rivera says this pit bull was hit by a car last week and has been lying on the ground in front of her house all that time. yvette says she called the autorities to have the animal's carcass taken away. yvette rivera
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i called the police the next morning because the neighbors started knocking on my door asking if it was my dog and i had to explain to them that it is not our dog. yvette says she tried to get someone out to take the dog away but no one from the city responded. rivera the police never came. the animal shelter never answered. i left messages and messages every day. nothing happened until kron four got involved. rivera till today, that i got kron four to come out at three o=clock, they finally picked up the dog. city council member noel gallos says he finds dead dogs every time he and other volunteers clean up the area around the tracks in east oakland. gallos says he want's the police out of the animal control business and has introduced legislation that would change who operates animal control. noel gallos i strongly believe that it does not need to fall under the police department. we already have enough issuess when it
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comes to policing. and, so, we are recommending that it fall under the city administrator until we are able to identify a good manager, maybe a non- profit, somebody who is good at dealing with animals. that new legislation that would take animal services out of police control will be up in front of the city council later this mont. i'm jeff bush in oakland, kron four news. a viewer told us about this story. we'd love to hear from you as well. if you have a tip or a story idea. you can submit your idea on our website. kron four dot com. just look for. the "my kron 4 story" tab. developing news on the "bring back our girls" effort. this vigil in palo alto. with the reverend jesse jackson. it was held tonight for the 276 - girls kidnapped by terrorists from a school in nigeria. the boko haram terrorist network released this video today. showing some of the girls. the group's leader says, the girls won't be set free. until nigeria releases fighters from his group who have been captured. the u-s has sent surveillance planes and satellite images. to help nigeria find the girls. the first lady famously joined the "bring back our girls" movement. with this image on twitter last week. kron 4's alecia reid shows us how silicon valley pushed the movement forward tonight.
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community can together at this vigil to show
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coming up: what is leading to dangerous antics like these on the approach to the golden gate bridge. more video of drivers behaving badly. " i'm not a racist and i've never been a racist." what *else clippers owner donald sterling had to say. in his first t-v interview since his scandal. but first: a teenager goes missing in sonoma county. what we know about this girl's disappearance.
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..s yo e aming ideran 2 delivered thenite stat posl seice. look out this haul from contra costa county. a sheriff's deputy stopped a driver in pleasant hill, asked
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to search the car, and found two large boxes of marijuana. from there, a search warrant on a home in concord uncovered more than 150 -marijuana plants. plus weapons, ammunition and cash. the marijuana is worth several -hundred- thousand dollars. two people were arrested. authorities seized about one- thousand pounds of marijuana in san mateo county. the marijuana was found inside an abandoned s-u-v. that was stuck in the sand at pescadero beach. away, a 30- foot boat was abandoned at the water's edge. officials believe the boat came from mexico. homeland security says, the marijuana is worth about one- million dollars. no arrests have been made. police are searching for a 17- year old santa rosa girl. who went missing friday night. elysa muniz. a student at analy high school in sebastopol. vanished from her home in the 17-hundred block of fenwick drive. in santa rosa. for more information on this story. including what was left behind when she disappeared. go to our website. "do not attempt a u-turn!" road confusion today. at the golden gate bridge. the extreme measures some drivers took. to avoid paying
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the 7- dollar toll. then, on inside edition, the surveillance video everybody's talking about: a fight between jay-z and his wife, beyonce's sister. stay tuned here to kron 4. for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news.
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as a record- setting heat wave makes its way across the bay area. the hot, dry and gusty conditions have fire officials on alert. cal-fire is bracing for the start of the 20-14 fire season here in the bay area today. and in fairfield.firefighters are taking extra precautions against the threat of fire. this year, officials are expanding the amount of defendable space residents are required to keep around their homes. from thirty- feet, to fifty. officials say, fairfield residents have until the 15-th to clear their property. after that, firefighters will start sending notices. big problems along northbound highway 101. just before the golden gate bridge toll plaza. cal-trans changed the approach to the bridge. and many drivers are being caught off guard. kron 4's charles clifford shows us what happened, and what the c-h-p and cal-trans are doing to help. nats
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on monday morning, a steady flow of confused commuters were still trying to turn right off highway 101 into the toll plaza parking lot. nats these two cars collided as result of one driver trying to make the turn
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this car blocked traffic for more than a minute while she made a complete uturn trying to reach the exit. nats and this woman actually stopped in the middle of the highway and moved the cones out of her way.
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sot that is really illegal caltrans says that they did have a public outreach campaign to try educate drivers about the changes, but they admit that apparently not everyone got the message. sot nats as a result, chp has added patrol here to try keep traffic flowing and caltrans put out an additional 100 feet of concrete barrier to try discourage drivers from trying to make the turn. the lanes changes were necessary in order to make room for the ongoing construction of the new presidio parkway. caltrans did say on monday that the new configuration is only temporary. sot a dangerous san francisco intersection. that has proved deadly for pedestrians. is getting a stoplight. today, san francisco supervisor katy tang announced on facebook. that traffic signals will go up at sunset boulevard and yorba street. the work will begin this week. last week, a 20 -year -old woman was hit and injured while crossing the street there. back in february, an elderly man was hit and killed, and a 15- year-old boy was also hit by a car. the little dog. rescued by the c-h-p in walnut creek. is taking tiny steps toward his upcoming adoption. "freeway" the chihuahua was coaxed off of a highway median with a protein bar. contra costa county animal services says. the little dog is socializing with people and other animals. but is still very anxious. and won't be adopted out just yet. there have been so many requests to adopt freeway dog, the county says, it will likely need a "lottery" to decide on the owner. for the first time since his racist rants got him banned from the n-b-a. donald sterling spoke on camera. in an interview with anderson cooper, sterling denied that he is a racist, and asked his team for a second chance. sterling said he believes he was set-up. and when asked why it took so long to apologize and attempt to right his wrongs, he said he didn't know how. "and the reason it's hard for
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me, very hard for me, is that i'm wrong. i caused the problem and i don't know how to correct it" while sterling talked to c-n-n, his estranged wife was speaking to barbara walters and a-b-c. shelly sterling said, she wants to hold on to her share of the team. giants braves for over 60,000 california foster children,
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top 2nd tim lincecum - looked like the lincecum of old tonightstrikes out bj upton to end the top half of the 2nd bot 2nd tyler colvin -promoted from triple-a over the weekend - smacks the solo homer off of gavin floyd - into mccovey cove to put giants on the board 1-0 sf bot 7th, tied at 1-1 colvin - follows up his home run with a triple to right bringing home a pair of runs 3-1 sf crawford: 2-3, 3 rbi top 8th lincecum still going - strikes out tyler pastornicky looking for his 11th strikeout of the night lincecum leaves to a standing ovation lincecum: 7 2/3 ip, 2 hits, 1 run, 11 k's final: giants win 4-2 improve to 25-14 .
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heat nets #4 lebron james chatting up jay z and beyonce in brooklyn tonight james then put on a show. the monster right handed slam on the fast break the spinning layup in traffic to break a 92-all tie late in the 4th lebron: 16/24 from field, 14/19 free throws 49 points, 6 rebs heat win 102-96 lead series 3-1 game 5 back in miami wednesday tour of california today's second stage was a 12.6 mile time trial that ended in folsom just outside of sacramento. british rider and 2012 tour de
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france winner and gold medalist bradley wiggins won the stage in 23 minutes in 18 seconds to take over the yellow jersey tomorrow's stage 3 is 108.5 miles from san jose to the summit of mount temps that could reach the mid 90's.grueling! the race wraps up sunday in thousand oaks
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donna mandela has been told by the owner that this is not hollywood. john should get used to being just a second string guy. that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our
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mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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♪[ music ] shocking video. beyonce's sister physically attacking jay z in the elevator, while beyonce looks on. >> viciously kicking, and punching beyonce's husband, and spitting in his face. >> i saw the video. i don't like it. >> then, donald sterling breaks his silence. >> i'm asking for forgiveness. >> and the bombshell interview with his ex-wife. >> i don't love him. i pity him. >> the battling sterlings. could he have dementia? plus, the kidnapped nigerian school girls. could they be rescued? >> we could pull this of


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