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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 15, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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ross plot kron4 went on a ride along point during their ride along he made stops to make sure everyone was following rules 3 he says officers got into the park district 24 hours a day and additional firefighters when the on call personnel should be there is at a moment's notice should be an emergency 3 the starting this week and life guards will be on the beat keeping an eye on heat related what illnesses and accidents as there is well >>: and the beach areas you can't have any bottles or any alcohol because most of the time was in the water. kids aren't the water and kids are supposed to be watching them are the adults. if there drinking beer they are apparently not paid as much attention as they could be period to >>: officer o'neill says
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police and fire do their best to educate the the police the the public what's legal whatnots. ops violations could result in a fine in theory kron4 dot com has a list of tips of how you can be 50 to to check out that website. we have police centers there that of if it also picks on how the tips on how you and your family to stay safe during all this heat. >>: still ahead the plan to be another hot day. here's a live look outside. our cemetery ridge commercial entities ride so far rig more on the numbers you expect this afternoon and another weather update coming up at 415. c
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. kimberly wises eight year- old daughter is back in school where the boy who allegedly sexually assaulted her multiple times is now out of school. the mother says that and more need to be done to make changes. and i don't have faith that they will protect her. they have filled the protector for the
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entire school year when it's not stated clearly enough in the school policy of the guidelines and i believe it needs to be so bad i did check with the unified school district 3 that they did pass a much plea confirming that tab has the real from the school wises since she's filed a formal complaint with the district specifically over the way the principle at the issue. beckham off to you that weis says she will take legal action and who will help her get these rules changed. reporting from moscow grid kron4 news. >>: wind and the weather center and other toes the day around the bay area temperatures approaching the '90s. i thought about just how warmest expected to get in your neighborhood and the
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kron4 morning
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france after all are talking about it and conditions like that and sent color, their release could be found if into the 9:00 hour was also 60s and these ground area clear skies remained bay area. plenty of sunshine to go around here and see if you like hot weather with the
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with into a cooler conditions as wait until tomorrow grid small i don't think it will sit in the '90s was all over. toward it expects morning fog. such time as the afternoon. as of right now is what is shaping up to aid the cool site of the week before temperatures rebound -- momentarily right now talking traffic three did not pause or delays around bay area 3 it is taking a live but outside there and a nice and easy ride drive time are now just wanted treatment and i was an eye out into san francisco. if it has been taken over to try and lambs is 417 as the time. what as
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upset good morning. it is as thursday, may 15th. i'm james fletcher. new this morning. burglars broke into a car parked in a home's driveway. and used the garage door opener located inside the car to break into the home to steal car keys. san francisco police say the south in the morning in the 100 block of april avenue. after stealing two sets of keys from the home. the suspects drove off with two cars. one of the cars was located
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several blocks away after it was involved in a series of minor collisions. police are still searching for the other stolen car. also in south san francisco. a man was beaten and robbed by six men just after midnight monday. after he refused to provide change for a counterfeit bill. sitpolice say the strong arm robbery happened in the 200 block of armour avenue. when the victim was getting out of his car. the group of men were described as latinos in their early 20's. wearing black clothing and black baseball caps with "sf" logos on them. anyone with information
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about the robbery is asked to contact the south san francisco police department. a third grade boy has been removed from hirsch elementary school in fremont fathead after the mother of an 8-year-old girl claims he sexually harassed her warrantless and what what home pat
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encourage trafficked signed a a little bit on the right hand side of the to the commute direction freak is it not to the foster city. half rack in our bridge check with a look at the golden gate bridge hot on capp, and the camera shot was a lot of space between the drive time holding steady at 23 minutes from a bottle past highway 37 and down to the golden gate bridge. >>james: our developing story a big rig and crashes into it in your home sparked a fire in san francisco. this all along market street and the castro district. kron4's mike pelton is live with more their three tow trucks and on the scene try to figure on exactly how their guns removed as a big rig which as you said that crash and fire totally destroyed the front part of his truck on the 2200 block
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of market street. if it crashed into this and half for. the fire was so big it went to a second alarm. your cellphone video of the plane shooting up into the sky. lost control of the truck went off the road and smashed his side of the zero hundred the front of the truck caught fire with a shred the cabbage and burned a side wall of the funeral home but did not do a lot of structural damage. fire crews quickly put out the bay is a blaze.
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the world health organization issued a more urgent warning about the
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spread of the potentially deadly middle east respiratory syndrome, or mers. 18 countries -- including the u-s -- are now reporting cases. cnn's brian todd talked with experts on some possible ways to detect the virus. in bay area news. officials are accusing casino matrix in the south bay of hiding millions of dollars in
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profits in order to avoid paying required annual donations to the community. now a san jose city councilman is calling on the city to revoke the casino's permit if it does not pay what is owed under city agreements. the gaming control commision will meet at the end of the month. to determine whether the charges against casino matrix are true. and what remedy or punishment should occur. about half of all americans are taking at least one prescription drug. according to an annual report from the c-d-c10 percent of americans take more than four prescribed drugs a month. but not all of these pills come from the doctor. the report says direct-to- consumer advertising for all between 19-96 and 2005.
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if you have summer vacation plans and you will be are not alone. according to airlines for america, bout 21 and 0 million passengers are expected to fly on u.s. carriers between june 1 and aug. 31. that's up 1.5 percent from last summer and the highest level in six years. the forecast includes 29.9 million travelers flying u.s. airlines to international destinations, an all-time high. canada, mexico and the united kingdom are the top three nonstop international destinations morning for commuters. the price of gas is starting to go down. the average price of gas has dropped six cents over the last week in california. here's a look at how much drivers are paying in the bay area. san francisco. $4.27 hotoakland. $4.16 san jose. $4.16 experts say the decline in gas prices is typical this time of year. as refineries move toward producing summer-blend fuel. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside, i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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44 is the timeand the warriors now have a head coach. we'll tell you about people fleeing from their
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homes in southern california. as more than half- a- dozen wildfires rage out of control. the most intense fire is in carlsbad -- north of san diego. massive evacuations are underway. dozens of homes already destroyed. 30 homes in carlsbad have burned and thousands more homes are in jeopardy. evacuation notices went out people in carlsbad, many of them mandatory. intense heat and strong santa ana winds.gusting 60 - 70 miles and hour really fanning the flames. carlsbad is a small coastal city.about 30 miles north of san diego. this fire is just one of eight which are burning in and around san diego.
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the large camp pendleton military base has been evacuated in some areas.people are being forced to shelter in place in other locations on the base. the san onofre power plant was also shut down. another fast- moving wildfire is prompting evacuations in santa barbara county. more than 700- acres have burned in the city of lompoc. north of santa barbara. cal-fire says, most evacuations have been lifted. the fire is 50- percent contained. there were 12-hundred homes and businesses evacuated this week. developing news this morning.
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for it to a lot of changes to talk about and the next couple of days. as for traffic around the bay area as an extra piece of domino 1 into like there's debris on the roadways. keep that in mind if you're driving along san francisco. other than that taking a live up of all side and the bay bridge toll plaza. some of the cars are starting to line up. other than that and easy ride him in the rain like to worry about it. it traffic building on the right cancer of your screen. the drive time holding steady. lots of space between kurds. over on our traffic map highway 24 looks good. the taste clear shot through the caldecott tunnel. i have been keeping a close eye on was down 580. still seeing green on the
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roadways sensors. >>: a four year old girl was horses badly hurt after being attacked wiht a crowbar inside a walmart in san jose. san jose police say that 18 year old maria garate went into the wal mart on story road around 11 on tuesday morning. for some reason, garate pulled a crowbar out of a satisfy bag and approached a man who was pushing his four year old daughter in a cart. police say the garate hit the girl in the head twice with the crowbarcausing serious injuries.
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a four-year old girl. attacked with a crowbar inside a san jose walmart. police say, a young woman walked into the store on story road tuesday. and hit the child on the head. kron 4's jeff bush is live in san jose tonight. jeff - do police know what was behind this attack? san jose police say that 18 year old maria garate went into the wal mart on story road around 11 on tuesday morning. for some reason, garate pulled a crowbar out of a bag and approached a man who was pushing his four year old daughter in a cart. police say the garate hit the girl in the head twice with the crowbarcausing this serious injuries. the dad did what any father
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would do, he sees a person attacking his daughter, this is a parents worst nightmare, he sees it happening right in fron of him, he does what any father would do, he jumps in, he's struck, but is able to stop the attack. police say garate is a transient and does not know either the man or his daughter and say the attack could not have been predicted. random violence visited upon their child right in front of themas far as a motive, only the person who did it really knows why she did it but it is a pretty brutal crime. police say the little girl suffered non life
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threatening injuries but was still hurt pretty bad. you get struck in the head with a steel crowbar and ahead that is going to be, at least, emotionally traumatizing if not physically. police say garate is a transient and does not know either the man or his daughter and say the attack could not have been predicted. a pedestrian in san francisco. is in the hospital this morning. after being hit by a car last night on the great highway police say, the accident happened just after nine o'clock where the great highway intersects with lawton street. firefighters say, one pedestrian was taken to san francisco general hospital for treatment. police say they are still trying to figure out what led up to the crash.
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pedestrian was taken to san francisco general hospital and has serious injuries. the warriors have won the bidding war with the new york knicks for steve kerr, hiring him away from the tnt broadcast table to be their coach. kerr agreed to a five-year, $25 million deal. kerr had been in talks with the knicks about becoming their next coach after phil jackson took over as team president in march. most n-b-a watchers had kerr to the knicks as a foregone conclusion as gary radnich found out when he talked to marc spears of yahoo sports. icekerr won three titles playing for jackson in chicago and another two under gregg popovich in san antonio, but has never been a head coach. offdon't forget about sports night live here on kron 4 every sunday night. we'll have the latest on your favorite teams. of head coach, steve kerr. still ahead.
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his is raise his
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big rig truck crashes into a single home in his fire. can the warriors did their man. steve kerr. takes a job of the golden state. the core of ty
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new station kron4 news at five starts now. good morning i'm a darya so some add-on market-entry it looks like a hawk on but a cooler hot on it that makes any sense. saddam's ledger will explain. but it is like looking for mild unclear conditions. to restore to want to assure that ocean breeze. oft was a '70s after the coast and inland will see cooling. will have
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more on the forecast. but the first ever to the traffic center. when i critic anny delays for you. and around the bay now tracking hot spots. here's a look at your ride to the bay bridge. our developing story wild fires burning across southern california and governor brown declaring a state of emergency as these fires continue to raise under high temperatures and strong gusty winds. for the latest images coming and choice and the homes that were lost. the firefighters tried to save as the flames approached 3000 are
5:02 am
evacuated 3 it's a nuclear power plants in the area. a university campus in parts of a military base are under evacuation. fattal fire is talking about nine fires that there try to control right now with just over thousands of acres burned lego lab was closed due to prior outages and many are worried about their homes. >>: it's very stressful. it is a lot of stick blooms of smoke. the wind isn't any easier. look at these amazing tinters 3 if moscow states and marcos. is go with 10,000 students 3 to has been evacuated. there
5:03 am
were said to have evacuation ceremonies and this will evacuate in the middle of the fire. " another fast- moving wildfire this in santa barbara county. kron4's will tran san jose where firefighters are on high alert 3 it's the >>: with the extreme dry conditions and high heat to very nervous times for cow fire and california. if i'm at the station at the foot of the santa cruz mountains and deep into the fire damage is a moderate three if the fire damage will be above average for the next several months to june july august. they're bracing for a long summer retreat in the meantime there park employees going around parks in the bay area just to make
5:04 am
sure to make sure everyone follows the rules. reporting from highway 7 d will tran kron4 news. other developing story is all a big rig crashes into a scutaro home kron4's mike nelson is live at the same with the cleanup. what you do zito drugs are here on the same but so is the will agree. the fire and shooting of into the air and into two- alarm street if have already said just before 1:00 the driver of the raid while heading westbound on market street if they're off the road and smashed into the side of a single home for its part of a truck caught fire with a destroyed the cabinet and burned a side wall but did not do a lot of structural damage. the
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office manager here at the building got a firsthand look. or back out here live.
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back to the kron4 morning news the time is 509. not
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so, caltran and base of the mini men drove report on- time service so far. written >>darya: the warriors winning the bidding war with the new york some nicks and a big surprise. they grabbed steve kerr hiring him away from tnt broadcast to be their coach. curry agreeing to a five-year $25 million deal 3/8 car had been in talks with the knicks for a long time about becoming their next coach after phil jackson came over acting president. gary radnich talked to mark spears and sports that i expected him to be in new york right now eating cheesecake but now he's coming to the golden state warriors. did the warriors out he is never
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been a head coach. will have lots of talk about with gary radnich today. and you have a lot to catch up with on sports night live every sunday, on kron4. when you can follow follow these people on facebook and also e-mail sports night live a people on facebook and also e-heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave.
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have a good thing they want. >>: even and that what my frankenstein. what am i some kind of the talk the media pushes that. why would they do that. i want to make you happy. if you want more money what more attention. >>: of the players don't like him and they don't want him at the helm and if the
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media is not making it up. lebraun and other players said it will not come back into this whole thing does not settled answer and is out of here if it appears to hope he does not want to let go of those trains to reach the nba owners have to vote on this. said that is the very latest. we are waiting for the three-quarters vote to come by to say that he can no longer need an owner. if so we will have to see what the vote turns out to be period for them on the bay area weather and traffic. with whether we have a siren-and east bay crude kron4 went on a ride along with a park officers looking to stamp out that the behavior. felipe djegal continues our weather coverage. >>: officer karen o'neil has spent 12 years with the east bay regional park district. tough and the regional park is his beat. >>: it's a challenge and its allies to serve in a location where you do make a difference >>: and keep people safe.
5:17 am
especially with increased temperatures >>: look out on the law- enforcement side in our bar- b-q and firepits in people having barbeques outside
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generally operated as a potentially low 90s here and there. if today you can see the cool down thinking called either. when iran now whatever to the traffic center. first of the bay
5:21 am
bridge were westbound traffic looks good coming from the e shore of an immense freeway and 92 the san mateo bridge problem free with no delay is and the golden gate bridge loan loss out bombs still very light traffic in both directions and lay free. this check the traffic mabs' up in some drive times grid as you look first at the ride through san francisco your ride through the south bay looks good for one on northbound and right on this 85 after the west valley so far to delay free and more
5:22 am
at north bound ride through marin county is running at about 23 minutes scott asked after in and out of town to the golden gate bridge street crew, so why george. an earthquake. researchers say him intensified to the equivalent of lake tahoe from the ground of the silicon valley in the past zero hundred and 50 years. they say so far we haven't seen. or >>: all of this movement could disturb the sand that experts use of various because of the ongoing drought. there is no risk.
5:23 am
radio legend casey case and has been found in washington state. after going missing three days ago. pull police say the 80 zeroth was discovered by sheriff's deputies a few hours after an his report was filed yesterday. exactly where he was found remains a mystery and case to caissons family was worried his family to come out of the country and were concerned about his safety and health. , from >>: still ahead on the kron4 morning news we are following at the latest and the inferno--casey casem. how one of nine fires burning across the area. we will have the latest of the coverage or thousands have been evacuated and dozens of homes destroyed.
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are back. let's talk about the weather here at 533 and live look all sad. snowberries on the heels. the other guys were doing pretty good. for tonight's close guards in this thursday and as release from this hot weather. walking through what we're expecting what they plan to treat it like this morning and you have to work or school temperatures will be in the upper 50s low 60s. clear and smiled. by no time your this art form and up. 72 degrees temperatures and words of 89 to 92 degrees out by the beaches treat the cool down again closer to the beach and then as to head inland we do have a released on the way. have
5:31 am
that with our 7 day around the bay. now on to treat still pretty quiet over and the traffic center career back tracking has bought these in the cast has a winning hand. these mostly coming from the e shore freeway in the macarthur maze plc much nimitz treated of drive times are still running about 9 to 11 minutes even out of the macarthur maze 3 there's a slowing of 580 but highway four still looks great not only through an act of to the local pastor it still pretty lights. >>: thanks a lot. >>: in southern california now things are looking more serious san diego county officials are saying their record heat strong winds and low humidity are feeling nine at a wild fires and now it's in their region to read, and it all cover
5:32 am
about a fourth team square- mile area off if you look at all the fires are burning the greatest concern appears to have shifted from caused sent to san marcos tariffs and the fire started the late rick is a bit after about 21,000 evacuation of this is have been sent all the people who live and san marcos for and now california state university san marcos has been evacuated to the middle of finals week to nearly graduation was planned for this week and so we have teen coverage as we continue our look this man at the fire situation. says on flames. and san marcos late afternoon the invasion began and the battle for everything, dozens of contracts and over 600 a. burned. , almost like a cyclone and the fire is spreading and reigniting in an area where it just put out. mandatory evacuations were in place in this neighborhood just off one of
5:33 am
the valley had some many stay behind. >>: i was is claiming that of numbers of behind. two hours into the blaze tiers of the first firefighters arrived and battling flames across the county. many homes your spirit.others not so lucky. just up the road and washingtonian. this on a fully involved. wind changed end of line stayed on the most varied and ablaze igniting and threatening homes on a hillside into the night to. >>: you can see the glow of the fire off and the distance from this evacuation center. here inside the mission hills high-school gym. it will be long night for the 240 people or so who are hoping that in their home will be scared. >>: the costs are set up three or volunteers are helping the elderly subtle and. a handful of dogs and cats are sharing this locker room.
5:34 am
>>: there not handling this well at all. >>: her and her husband are trying to keep their pets and themselves conference we're hoping to find a photo on the week ostend. coughlin of kron4 dot com has delayed this it is not written
5:35 am
somehow you this comes a week after the allies sent her daughter was actually not correct it multiple times but a boy and a third grade she kept her daughter home. however shoes does nothing happened. why says this is only the first step and once the rules to be to and treat them what i am also doing is looking at the legalities of how to change a secret and how it changed the policy within the school district for young children
5:36 am
and mountain view police officer is behind bars. on suspicion of possession of child pornography. seven ran was arrested in san jose on tuesday. detectives say they found a child born on his personal computer. it's been a patrol officer for the past seven years. and in the south bay officials are accusing casino matrix of hiding millions of dollars in profits in order to avoid required pay donations
5:37 am
to the community. if they're not calling on the city to revoke the casino is permitted a and it does not pay what they say is owed to the city under agreements. [ brian ] in a race, it's about gettin to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most.
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wrote a bit of skin cancer removed and he recommended everyone get checked because may is national nashville scant protection month. he did have reno what type of three skin cancers he has >>: following the lead to other weather forecast for today for it is seeking a quick look at the last three i will push forward to a noontime. launch what can you expect of widespread '80s with possibly out towards the inland
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i cannot be proud of. we want to make sure that had top priority has always is one to be public safety defect in keep out and supporting fire operations struck this event where also actively maintained road closures traffic safety and of course of the manner touched on and we can minimize the traffic in these areas it really helps us from point a to point b. quickly and efficiently. i
5:46 am
will refer it to our web site. i did have one hour and day. less is one of they for it. to what the damn thing you flirt when in here. they're really not giving a general sugh who will not give you a lot of states or nine fires burning in san diego county. soft sphene giselle and is a thousand people behaving badly at pershing clean
5:47 am
sweep was eighth propounded as a way to clean up the bad boy image. the politics of the global for acquired the core version of multiple agencies and this is exactly what's going on here. public works office and ronald sparked numerous other businesses. and on the right to the queen of what all the ugliness of the most free, and found it hidden hump inside for that was off clinton does not three public works went to task. i even got into the spirit of cleaning up but maybe i did
5:48 am
believe that lead to the professional bart went to work on the. where of the volunteers were hard at work. c hopefully a lot of track that this is of our workers and ha, as this
5:49 am
morning and fills in nice. some of the cool air and. what 50s out there right now. and what what are roof can shows, wins. mid-61.
5:50 am
here's your 7 day around the bay forecast looking for
5:51 am
dramatic tool del saturday and sunday with inland highs dropping into the '70s and it looks like it on to stay nice amount of running through the beginning of next week. venture weather forecast on to find out about that commute and for more on weather and traffic offered to build our website at kron4 dot com, and our mobile app. i downloaded it is free. weather traffic scored all available at the push of a bud and return now to traffic. fog, >>george: thanks a james thrift in a casting a little
5:52 am
boy from a vicious dog
5:53 am
attack and bigger field trip for year-old jeremy was on his bike on tuesday when a neighbor's dog lunch for and the off to the board of the kron4 [bl ris]
5:54 am
ur iuran,becse wt yo dot kn canurt u. [pro bur] atarmee at clisis wi wilife e ro mayot bcoved? and at y cou be ableor y acdenton yr prerty
5:55 am
thmoreou kw,thbett youcaplanor . e ro mayot bcoved?
5:56 am
it didn't enter the bald eagle and release ensued of the of soft tran free gum tree that he was injured last month after it flew into a boat and were taken to a wild life and " center.
5:57 am
following several of asturias san diego county. nine fires so of thousands of
5:58 am
5:59 am
taking a live look at the big rig truck crashes into a san francisco federal home and catches fire. if coming up i will tell you about the wild ride this truck took
6:00 am
before the crash. fan fires continue to burn across california. as the latest on the evacuation to. and of the warriors' home is on the basketball world by this is the bay area's news station. a kron4 news that six thirds now. >>: good morning to you i'm darya falls of three winters are too often with an update on bay area weather and traffic. hoping for a cool down. and most of us will get it. today would generally be cooler. but still with its being in the '90s is one to fill hot anyway you cut it. if this is a live look outside of the early inland out there. here are the head wind today


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