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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we're already assigned to backup traffic in the westbound ride. the drive time savages but 19 minutes for the west, a commute and the westbound 24 commute. it's 611 think you trending pay a terrorist one of drive on services those most crickets street down not be restricted from going there for three weekends this summer. traffic will be off limits some weekends this summer for certain hours. you can look at more information on our web site atkron 4 , will take a quick break and will have more local news coming up at 619
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new this morning and other gm recall with a chevy on the output recall list. the recall notices a module and the dashboard connection over heat melt and cause a fire. this is a 30th recall by gm this year alone. 3.8 million gm vehicles are under recall. 618 as the cause right nowtime right now /l approaching the '90s the way really impact your weekend
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forecast to probably be out and about chelsea 70 along the coast. right now talking about great moral conditions or talking chile for some. my noontime the signs all over clear a master in the afternoon was the temperatures that ranged from the low 60s to the upper '70's and and and. though we did see that a few isolated showers even some thunderstorms just today all of that activity has worked its way east. the cloud covers mainly along the coastline and looks like it'll be in livermore by 10 in the afternoon or looking for partly cloudy conditions. nothing but sunshine warmer temperatures by 3:00 today. 78 degrees is your highest campbell temperatures
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and their channel between five and 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. the cities along the delta and 73 degrees in pleasanton. buyer 66 degrees and 70 if you're heading up to now. in terms of what is ahead were expecting morning fog and a little sunshine and better weather and to the afternoon. monday shipping up to be a little cooler that we experienced this weekend. ball will be holding on to the dry weather pattern for at least the next seven days. >>: as a present monitor around the bay highway 24 west palm is still blocking the left-hand lane and it has only backed up the traffic to the west than in has not turned into a severe problem that we are concerned. it may be close to clearing the vehicle i their no be the end of the issue. the rest of the east
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bay ride continues to look good match any major problems here for the west's 580 camille or for the south 680 into dublin. south bay freeways look great for picking apart for slowing for one no one northbound and our first day ride to iran has no problems for one no one. it's now 20 to 20 minute drive times coming out of the macarthur maze that is the approach has been back there really badly at it's still bad the to the top of the ram. earlier activation ride back to the f 580 flyover for the west on ride. bush and be seen much in the remote way of slow traffic here is 11 the 13 minute drive times. it's a problem for years to and from iran. >>: the 618 child abuse have
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legislation land after a north carolina girl that's been sold into law by o'donnell. the country takes force to prevent first child abuse. --obama . is the is so badly by her stepfather and 2012 that sh. any offices in philadelphia say that they would like to give out applications they ought to do and pittsburgh. also taking on nine applications for to act could be on hold both of three public governor of pennsylvania appeals today court's decision. camp >>: and the recent waterfalls on climate change dominate he posted " i now believe go the roman that's-warming is
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misleading for their own and goodnight. >>: he treated very hot weather were all going to die very cold weather there's a difference between climate and weather mourned. we won and which to think about this post you can leave your comments on our kron 4 facebook page. it's a some become a first triple crown winner in 36 years. of the kentucky derby in the previous winter will ride to belmont park. dennis are testing out the tracks today which that nasal strip that as some everyone talking about it. a his and running with that the last this is something that has to run with that i know. first that was
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chrome choky has minaret racing and centimeter this weekend. california, has captured the attention of the entire nation. his honor at this point has made about 3 1/2 million winnings the cat now famous for the row video where she said the little boy from the dog attacking and baker's view. early she has some help but she tried. there's terra throw the ball. she caught it apparently the dogs attack a
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little boy in the cat, and nowhere and those on the dog. 621 will be back with more.
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24 the time kid and i'm a wall street this morning opening bell to restoring bought six minutes from reynosa awfully tough day in wall street right now and yesterday we had investors selling more than buying. nasdaq lost 28 on the day losing a little more than 12. >>: the time now for the crime 4 tech report gave sleep. >>: is fairly widely it's acted in the world if you're really gonna get in good shape you that at a personal trainer they bridey they push you they take thosno excuses. they're bringing
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much shaper than eight in person personal trainer. that averages out about hundred dollars. i and the villages were a lot of that five minutes before a recession throw my workout here denigrate workout dampen the showing it to work under half the waste the time going from the gym. the slate crime 4 news. >>: was a teenager head and killed by a train. in the nfl on damage control this morning there were saying that they were forced to play wasn't serious injuries. to the live let care the clouds and service cisco
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this morning and the freeways looking good traffic wise. will be back with details. this morning and the freeways looking good traffic wise. will be back with details. >>: ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. mattress discounters' memorial day sale ends monday.
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rebecca and a 630 their plodding they're awfully close now the opening on wall street the trading will just happen. the group moves like a azalea letter trading in the pre-market our sworn the cause louvered give few people of said. >>: at 630 live on the weather channel will look at the temperatures a big difference is you can fill the win. we did see some strong us along the delta
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24 mi. per hour. a us for to assure us of a 40's and 50's out there is for the overcast for the bay area we do have some locales along the coastline. livermore luggage to your 57 so as not to bet as you start off this wednesday morning. the isolated showers redoubling yes they have pushed on east perrier high pressure is built on the bay area with the mes is in tennessee more sunshine and lower temperatures it's pretty much a good beginning for the weekend. saturday and sunday could actually bring '90s back into the forecast. so we certainly have changes to top law highlight that in just a moment. >>: it's good news bad news here on the traffic center let's start with the good news are motorcycle accident on 24 was found at broadway cleared it and is now complete from the freeway
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no residual a fax for westbound 24. the bad news is what you get the scene there's so traffic on highway 580 west lb backup almost time were 24. also starting to back up a 20 minute drive time now regardless of your approach and expect that drive time to continue to climb. 632 right now and happening now as friends and family in mourning loss of the 18 year-old girl that was hit and killed by train. the city of san leandro is making plans to make the trek safer. >>: they plan to spend about hundred and $90,000 to prevent this accident from happening in the new feature. the china play
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new science will let the traffic in this area and also pedestrian traffic possibly guard wells to allow the people to boxer here. when this happened monday it seems like everything worked at the time the guard rails were down in the bells and whistles were going off the bad news is that her and her family she had had phoned on sure proline their argument she cannot hear the train coming. they try to get their attention to get her off the track shoes very close to reaching her house. here is the memorial that's been growing every since the family found about the tragic news on monday around 6:00 in the afternoon. here's video that we got of the visual they were going out there all day yesterday the come out tonight and do another memorial . they never identified with a
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cup possibly done with people wearing headphones, and across the tracks. her mom said let this be a warning to everyone out there do not walk around with both headphones and apparently she tried to warn her daughter a long time don't do that key one headphone not sick and here was going on around you. people are simply not aware of their environment because of the headphones. if you talk about using the headphones for a phone conversation i think she's listening to loud music but that wasn't the case? know they were hardy saying that she was 30 in a conversation. she had music owas on the phone speaking with
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certified letter with an argument at the time. -yes speaking with her father. she simply cannot hear it and cannot feel the rumbling of the train the close call between two airplanes and were clearly international airport has caught the faa to make some changes planes taking off and landing at the same time can no longer use both intersecting on runways. when the plane was
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taking off the busy here at this time close both of those planes came to colliding in mid air. >>: talks to get a new stadium for the oakland raiders are now in the 11th hour it's a new report. >>: mark davis and al davis assigned who is the ceo of the raiders basically said or not 11th-hour here we need to get a new stadium we have somebody that we need more money. let's face it is this a rough time to be in zero runs sports fan. the warriors announced the 30 living soon because san francisco and
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the difference to city-owned. we have $400 million towards a new stadium if he did them that they need about $600 million more. many money and it's getting down to the wire at this point. >>: we want the money or house.
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when he said is down to the 11th-hour what does that mean? it means we've been waiting a long time. willis sent a the sixth under million dollars more to it get a new stadium. >>: 638 at the time coming up a bar station agent goes above and beyond to save a man who was lost and has all tourism. plus a racal climbs to hide a comedown and ended up falling down while people are trying to rescue him. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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at 641 a quick traffic check. from walnut creek with the ride on a the san ramon valley the headlights are north from coming
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from alamo the taillights leading front for highway 24 down to dublin yesterday's and 80 minute drive.18 minute ride.
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happening now the start of a 26 annual fleet week in new york.
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here's a live look in san francisco we hold our fleet week in october this year with the blue angels back after not appearing interstate week last year. here's just a look of things getting under way for fleet week in new york. >>: not much change i guess in the weather we are seeing a lot of cloud cover out there in behind me didn't see how hazy it is in the distance. services are right now it's 56 degrees and livermore it's 57 were released along down to the temperatures in the '40's as a take a look for the future tests for into the 9:00 hour or stumblebum to the fifties because of the cloud cover lingering. well the opportunity to warmus the period will see some '60s and then land area. take a look of the '60s
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ride around the forefront. best is deception we are looking at the possibility for sprinkles throughout the day. 73 in fremont campbell upper height of 70. as a turned to the east bay it's pretty similar conditions '80s to the delta did this 77 year-concord. although we are looking for a seven shares between five big degrees and 10 degrees warmer. morning fog with a lot of sunshine in order to make up in the afternoon hours. saturday and sunday is to be some of the warmest days of the week by sunday were tennessee probably the low 90s. >>: let's start with the good
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news or not tracking and has tried to renounce no major incidents to slow your ride around the bay were startled look at the bridges here the bay bridges are the heavily backed up the meter and lights and activated for this is about $1 gulf so 54 minutes ahead of what we normally see in writing staff of on the 80th country were backed up and the macarthur mace. drive * r + 20 minutes at this time. for years san mateo bridge ride it still looks good at 92 the drive tens the still just 13 of 14 minutes no congestion yet across the span go about our from now we should begin to see that change perhaps even a little less than the next 30 minutes. free ride to golden gate bridge one no one trouble-free and still pretty light here both directions. this will delays in north from the toll plaza as we look to the
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traffic map earlier current troubles was welcome plu clear now with no delays. you're ride through the san ramon valley is still looking good under 20 minutes. a little heavy for five it was on between livermore in dublin this quarter, he looks good western disease in this suggestion build and no one won no. i'm that pushes the drive time to 18 men's and you're right through iran is still looking great still picking up slowing of north and the value row for the south on ride but no problems for the rest of the turned south for the golden gate bridge. >>: as the man has been reached for the oscar grant shooting war has a clue agreed to pay $70,000 on the night they grant was killed. they claim that their sole rights were violated and the decision was settled that effectively ends assume it will be divided between the five men.
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and you this morning the september 11th memorial museum is open today for the general public record held a number of items are recovered from the world trade agreed. there's a layout designed to let people bypass this incident if they choose to. also happening today the rally will be held in east ball rattled tonight to rescue more than 300 school girls that were kidnapped in nigeria. the girls were taken over a month
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ago from the fears of extremist groups. as the soviets and then the crime 4 the nfl players are suing the nfl they filed suit yesterday they claim they're not told about how serious the injuries were and they were instead giving them drugs to numb and mask the pain and get them back on the field and naysaying it was not to their benefit in the long run the drugs hurt them. in this to the players say that the nfl illegally gave them dangerous and addictive drug so they can get back the plane. the nfl did have prescriptions for the drugs and not one the players about the side effects. eight players are suing including their super bowl winning quarterback ma meta man. this is the second major
6:51 am
lawsuit against the nfl. and the league agreed to pay $760 million for settlement. >>: and i've been digging about
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this position am for a long time a lot of material of the club box and we had a loss. --- thoughts. at a fellow in my heart we wanna get to that point and i felt here. >>: the order and stop more coming up the next hour.
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there was zero overturn honey bee trapped workers swatting in the air trying to get close enough they have to bring in the beekeepers chicanos bees down on interstate 95 in newark. first responders were there and eventually they get all taken care above for a while the cutting in and near that big break. >>: a raccoon out skills and then falls from a tall building kalamazoo michigan. their return
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to save one there with the ferry sticker in their letter up there and never again and then they went down. the fell to the ground he survived in the neck to come to the rehab center it was expected to be ok. coming up and the 7:00 hour the crime 4 morning news a missouri and teacher in fired after she sent out a and appropriately. that's coming up at 715. and from a mother and the groom slow dancing to their break dance that stole the show at his wedding. what would you think? if your mother-in-law pulled this. the warriors' new head coach will talk to gary about and what else is going on in sports.
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nor liven, this murderer police said teenagers groping women along the popular walking trail. in examining to sexually assaulting dozens of women so why many get out of prison. could the raiders to be getting a new stadium some of them if think. >>: will begin the 7:00 are by check and the forecast looks like we got nice temperatures today in the rest of the weekend. koran a warming trend as kennedy


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