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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 22, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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this this morning, morning news protesters in the streets of salinas, rallying against a police shooting that ended with a man dead. in major section of interstate 280 is closing for the holiday weekend forcing drivers find another way of getting around. developing news out of slowing as protesters gathered in the streets running about a police shooting. on tuesday, police reported that the shot and killed a man because he lunged at them with a pair
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of gardening shares. witnesses reported the shooting incident. last nine people gathered at the intersection where the man was shot to demonstrate because they believe the police should not have killed the man. this is one of our top trending stories online. bob you can read more a kron4 dot com. happening now, commuters are getting ready for a long drive times in san francisco. tonight all of this out all lanes of interstate 280 in san francisco will close the one place in san jose are asking for the public's help in finding a suspect caught on surveillance video during a violent liquor store robbery. the incident happened tonight at the collides with a store. -- clyde's says. as you can see in this video, the robber is holding a shotgun as he walks into the store first
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he is a customer of points the gun and their face that makes a move toward the employee. the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of money. the store clerk said she is very thankful no one was seriously hurt ahold police can track this dangerous suspect before something much worse happens. this weekend closures will be the first of three closures for the summer. the next call is cancelled for july for the weekend and caltran to shut down the north bound lanes over labor day weekend roof police said the robber got away in a new silver toyota sedan. rican ally memorial held in san leandro last night for me to year- old girl killed by an amtrak train carri. brittney silva was struck and killed by tran on monday while she was walking on some tracks near
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home. "brittney her headphones on and did not hear the train coming before it struck her. for the 150 people showed up in san leandro high school last night remembering the team spirit most mourners wore purple to the memorial to treat her favorite color. bring me sister-as a pretty stepsister courtney christ is struggling with what happened. lee's mother sent via says the general is scheduled to take place about two weeks from now in union city. she also says amtrak will help cover some of the cost. a and still ahead on kron4, it's a site that's attracting a lot of people to the beaches of half moon bay. a dead whale has washed ashore details coming up. plaza and held in captivity for a decade we now know what happened police say she was brainwashed as a teenager for and what the weather is nice here colorado is being funded with bizarre spring
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49 is the time. it was all politics is intensifying in the lead up to the june primary thrift and leads to the release of surveillance video of and east of a politician shoplifting it happened at neiman-marcus in union square. assemblywoman mariy hayashi is seen holding her own neiman- marcus back as she grabbed several items and heads into a dressing room back in 2011. you can see security keeping an eye on her. she pays for some of the clothing that leaves three
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of the jury goes out to stop her and that leads to the arrest. of to pleaded no contest to misdemeanor grand theft and receive three years' probation for if the video is releasing an attack and by her roots primary opponents--bob wieckowski and the right of states and for the east's east bay seat which represents san leandro hayward and other big east bay cities. in california kidnapping victim has been found alive 10 years after she disappeared. police in santa ana say they have but this man on a string of charges including kidnapping for rape and false imprisonment. police say, isidr curseo c a kidnapped a 15 year-old girl a decade ago and held her hostage. he is accused of forcing the girl who is now 25 to marry him and have his child. police said garcia was dating the girl's mother and live with family in 2004 won the girls' 15. they say he drug turned over to a
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house and continental blocks her in a garage. fills us that it was only recently when he saw a photograph of her sister of facebook that she had the courage to finally get away and call for help rep when dozens were on hand at the sea what does to the south of the pillar point harbor to get an up close a deal of the dead well grateful residents of its 12 earlier in the dead but one wednesday it did not know what it wasn't until it got closer to land. as it turns out to it's a dead baby come back well left less than a year old the welcome the attention of children and adults alike that i think it's going to explode,. >>: it looks hot like it upside down. that looks like a bird. a lot of people are down here think it is exciting for them to see if the creature like this even though it cannot live but see how big it is 3 it's just a baby i think it's like on your 25 ft. long something like that so it's
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pretty big step sports coat not allow those down here. but not it's an exciting event everyone's year ago have are these zero, to fish in have a good time on here of this kind of excited and you get a chance to see something that it wanted to see very often it to that is dead " when it's a baby with his hands that but the virus is there going to try to figure out how it died and as far as what will happen with the body. that part is yet to be determined. i reject the bush in half moon bay kron4 news 3 it's so tough about where the fog this this roof of beckham enough after the break.
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a drizzle across the clothesline. 55 currently at 0.56 of the door in san jose and would like we're
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seeing low fifties even as a park bench. using the low clouds around the bay area here are satellite and radar not dealing with in the rain again it is a little misty out there and especially among the coastline. that will be a factor as we head into the afternoon to the linkage to highs for today if i think was it a few more 80s that includes every los gatos, the all the men valley at 81 degrees and the expected and sunnyvale. similar weather anticipated in the east bay as well meaning although we're seeing low clouds right now in dealing with that if we are anticipated a lot of sunshine later on today. if in fact getting here fairfield if 80 degrees in walnut creek and will '70s as a land of turning our attention to the clothesline. --coastline. asked a will continue to warm things up 3 here's a look into 7 day around the bay forecast. sunday is expected to be the longest day of the week. but it looks like we will still hold on to us of this along
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the more details on that coming up in a moment right now let's talk traffic. not monetary and hot spot a great time to leave the house. as a live look outside and bay bridge toll plaza. this trip is only going to cost you 10 to 11 minutes from the days working your way into san francisco. over at the san mateo bridge a little hazy out there. cover on our traffic map screen your good to go at 417-house is poised
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to pass legislation that would in the national security agency's collection of american farm record to secrete the bill changes the most controversial program it revealed by a former contractor and were snowden three and ha where if to those of 14 could be a slow hurricane season. for the
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national known as oceanic will release today agencies all look for the six months on season that begins on june 1st carried colorado state university researchers from have named nine and storms. forecasters got it wrong last year when the projected future predicted in the white an unusually hurricane season street fear of disturbing main stars into hurricanes which both of them just category once. in a major hurricane to twins. her >>: record mood of some she's especially careful thought about the dog treats. of the san diego-
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based nneka also announced it will stop carrying china made it run dog and cat treats. rouen we know customers are her getting scared. their service so we made what we thought is a bold both. although the infant it ain't investigation has not identified in direct link to possessiveness, it's received about 48 hunter reports of illnesses and a 1000 deaths a possibly related to, we're just trying to do the right thing, and for pets are willing to be the most trusted source for pets and lovers and that's why we are doing it. >>: very hard to get because if you look at the ingredients it just
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immediately the dog started having massive diarrhea. he was concerned about the connection with possibly china and if you looking for an alternative to china may dog or cat treats there are a number of u.s. and alternatives including american web. how terry dark 33 dog. rim s.
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bizaare spring weather in colorado. there was a powerful hailstorm. and even a tornado warning in denver. in this video you see damage s. from the ping pong sized hail. 13 flights from frontier airlines out of denver were
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canceled because the planes were damaged by the hail. smith at least one tornado did touch down in the town of the airport.
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fought for 25 is the time. food president barack obama is taking a trip to new york's museum today to talk about ways to promote international visits to the u-s. obama says he wants to make room it easier for foreign
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tourists to visit and spend money in the u-s. rim the president said last week that the overall u-s economy will benefit if it isn't a hassle for foreign toursits to visit the u-s. and spend money at hotels. restaurants. tourist destinations. and other businesses. they grow everything bigger in texas. even the cities. according to new data from the census bureau. three of the nation's five fastest- growing cities are located in the lone star state. san marcos. frisco. and
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cedar park texas were numbers 1. 2. and 4 in percentage population growth between 2012 and 2013. the other two fast-growing cities were in utah. south jordan was ranked at number 3. and lehi at number 5. this is the second year in a row that san marcos has topped the list. carnival cruise lines is
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air pollution down. the company says it is investing about $400 million to clean up the air pollution from the massive diesel engines it uses to this left ships. us his side oncarnivals says it will also this spend more money and putting the
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technology in more ships or who hanlon of vicious
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lutfisk use is similar to what power reduce pollution. is pushing and to there's a lot of different vo in bitcentral cruise ship pollution hawks has49ers linebacker aldon smith long not and
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loan note discuss more of charges and two misdemeanor dui allegations. smith did not make a deal with the santa clara county district attorney's office to plead to reduced or fewer charges but agreed to change his previous not guilty and of whom wore and moving pleas. smith will be sentenced by a judge in san jose on july 25.
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gaullists hisa no contest plea is the legal equivalent to an room to his ruling smith faces a potential fed sentence ranging from no custody time to up to four years and four months in prison, although under a new law the time could be served in county jail.
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hunter pence hit one of san francisco's three solo homers and reliever yusmeiro if petit threw three sharp innings after starter matt cain left with a strained right hamstring as the giants beat the colorado rockies 5-1. whenpablo sandoval and brandon crawford also connected for the nl west- leading giants, who won at coors field for just the fifth time in 15 games dating back to last fan season. cain didn't allow a hit through three innings, before giving way to petit. he and four other relievers
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limited the best offensive team in the majors to just five hits. the oakland a's did something that hasn't been done in 100 years. they won with just one hit. whatbrandon moss hit a solo homer the athletics took advantage of the sloppy tampa bay rays for a 3-2 victory. oakland scored twice on two errors and a pair of walks in the second inning. was oakland's fifth straight victory gives the a's the best record in the major its a major freeway closure in san francisco. as all lanes of southbound 280 will be shut down for the holiday weekend.
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kron 4's jackie sissel is live now with more. jackie? new photographs showing francisco walgreens. including rodent droppings it's a story you'll only see on four. in the last two months, mice and rats have been reported at three walgreens locations in san francisco. kron 4's j.r. stone has been of the cases. and has the new pictures. statement saying quote - "we clean and safe environment for our customers and appropriate action, as we outlined with the health department." but this morning. an oakland tree trimmer is now facing charges for injuring five baby birds while trimming trees earlier this month. this is video of the rescued birds.
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of haveernest pulido has been of migratory bird treaty act. the incident happened on may 3rd in downtown oakland where a colony of egrets and black crowned herons were face a maximum $15,000 fine and up to six months in jail, but investigators are recommending he pay $1,500 because he has expressed remorse. officials are reminding voters that tuesday is the last day to request to vote by mail in next month's primary election. those interested in voting by mail can register online. or request a ballot by calling or visiting the all completed vote by mail ballot requests must be received by the department of elections by 5pm on tuesday. keep in mind monday is memorial day. and there will be no mail service on that day.
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good morning. or so went on to some cloud cover as a pretty low temperatures along the coast just and taught for memorial day. if fingerboards is this on his
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and there on the bay forecast should attract editors will continue to decline is the key peking house on sunday with 90s inland perry if it still holding on to put it was on weather. pa
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>>: for deborah co hand music is our madison. so before her double mastectomy in november, she cranked up beyoncé and thus did they move with her surgical team at mt. zion hospital. that i remember telling a little bit nervous and dennison is the music came on my fears and anxiety totally lifted. speed is evaporated. and i was in a very dreadful place right away. >>: debra tells me the purpose of the dance video
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was not to go viral thrift still wanted to share its only with her close friends and family. fog and have them send her videos of them up dancing to watch as she got better. and nothing is good can stay secrets. " real trouble has lent his own mind. half built right even beyoncé posted on her facebook page and that brett you are awesome. it was really humbling that i happen to be the one that to start with it but to really eyes and inspired by some many people. >>: now six months after surgery and the video erupted. she can proudly say she is a survivor. >>: i have cancer free and
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with time now just a really on the healing past, and trying to surpass six months three suddenly and rubicam and unintentional inspiration. with >>: we have a little/mod dance party with deborah and our news room. maybe you already saw some of the pictures on kron4's instagram page the dishes and other news from staff to read their stanley roberts cut in the rug. if it is it to get out on our web site crisp with the video was
4:51 am
posted on reddick yesterday morning quickly gaining attention 3 this michael jackson and profits. " not bad. and that's blowoff looks pretty convincing furyk it is, really got into a tube. there were definitely caught by surprise >>: we have one for the national geographic beaten and unfortunately it's not our bay area competitor for it in the and it was 13 year-old raceway sterling va 3 he answered all three on a one-on-one showdown. it came down to disposed of. since sachs strip probably
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facebook wants to make it easier for you to tell there's a new audit recognition feature opened up just that las report
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some catholic school this teachers in the east bay are quitting because of new
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assessment gwen
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hah love does not have all
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lee newman of whom who hot it until it reeks of doubt
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on cent and interesting material soon lot quan would reward him off from prius current morning commute street and left of it like ride here and it is called < we are however started to see some heavy traffic for the interstate 580 tries could lose their not delays force outside peninsula while not a freeway so pretty light and easy ride so far of round the bed. 5 01 started to nine district of interstate 280 is going to be closed. since caltrans is replacing a hinge on the roadways tariffs and first of three closures. kron4's jackie says is live along the 280 with the very latest ha are there going to last all we can. if he is leaving
5:02 am
san francisco you're going to have to find other means had to get out of the e was rim later on in the year the bonds have some other wheat and closures as time goes on clinton sought to about bridge closures for the golden gate bridge. and now and to the freeways that are really the issue. in one of the big issues is a san francisco giants are coming back into town and started tomorrow night's. that means
5:03 am
that at at&t park from the thousands of people use this stretch of 280 to get to and from the south bay and peninsula since going to have to find other means for something that had a chance to talk with the chp officer he talked about what the bart on staff to bring with them to get in and out of the city this weekend. or prepare for delays three and this is something you're going to have to bear with. once again darya and the closure is going to start tonight at 9:00 p.m.. it's fun to stretch all the way to tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. and the area is to '80s out bonds picked 615 of the way to at&t park
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>>: read 5033 developing those is offs is if does as a dead
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baby well a truck in and out of attention and half moon bay this morning. scientists now try to grow it with the carcass. this out of keller. harbor. the president jefferson and his bail yesterday afternoon the rich and first it or not sure exactly what it wasn't all it got closer to shore. was it a lot of people came out to take a look. as is still
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ahead on the kron4 morning news. a strange weather and this colorado this morning.
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come back to the kron4 morning news. and 511 on this thursday morning when a year and into public transit you want to know is trains on track out of the central valley end many natural not report any system problems yet this morning. of >>: that 511 and not a bit guilty plea on the chief and
5:12 am
managed officer thefts. low as clinton jeffrieses of the five years in prison on allegations he took more than half million dollars from the allen temple of peace oakland. vote private school for his children carried his mortgage rate earlier this week clinton was are put on paid leave on public transit. more news was are put on paid leave on puheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to good luck with everything.
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f-15 is the time zone to to look at this. bizaare spring weather in colorado. there was a powerful hailstorm. and even a whispers tornado warning in denver.
5:16 am
in this video you see damage from the ping pong sized hail. 13 flights from frontier airlines out of denver were canceled because the planes were damaged by the hail. lot of tran offices touch down in the town of watkins. which is south of the airport. this is quite different than the weather we are experiencing here. let's check in with erica to is going to be quite toasted by the weekend erica? >>erica: that's right. temperatures will continue to want. temperatures will
5:17 am
5:18 am
continue to soar with sunday in the warmest of the two days. who says frisco off
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5:21 am
but there's a press conference of texas. yes in fact texas was one out of the three top cities it is the latest information from the census bureau officials for is " one of the top.
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25 investors focusing on companies reporting quarterly earnings. the dow jones industrial average as you can see yesterday finished. we will have the opening bell ranking and a little more than an hour ahead from right now. and by all indications it looks like we should be off to a positive start. >>: there's going to be some extra attention on
5:26 am
mcdonald's today if you go to 13 you may see some protesters there are going to be protests for higher wages with more than 100 people were outside of the mcdonald's is hundreds of people ran this protest. mayor ed lee has announced an initiative to create 7000 jobs and truncheons and pay training opportunities. fees going into summer jobs 2014. if you like more information flow when it's a vegetable you can find on our web site grid 526 crew
5:27 am
coming up of the mom who went to her daughter's school to confront a bully has a day in court today. plus harvey milk memorialized in this dance bridge will have details on how you will live on. fare from our mount tam heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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♪ l thdeliousness all of hshe's rup.,
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down lanes of interstate 280 and sent for to start closing tonight. all lanes will remain closed their out of memorial day weekend. the kosher extends from 6 st this is so they can do some roadwork. >>: to find out about the weather. oregon to talk about the weekend. took our will to get there. here's a live look outside from our rules camera. hard to make from this vantage point we definitely have some one clouds out there. i encountered the and san francisco. james of that on the house east bay as well. widespread cloud cover but it looks like visibility really not a factor of. this has been taken look at temperatures right now.
5:31 am
because of the cloud cover. we are mainly in the '50s and we haven't dropped for is live in the house and san francisco year at 53 degrees. were in the midst of a warming trend will carry us into the weekend. of the flood the tells here's george. >>george:. erica hustle survived all to talk to darya and the moment but first i want to say about a problem here of 680 through his fifties as the volume is so large that they're going to need caltran sweepers
5:32 am
year for the six in a commute. this is a major concern. did they may beat the major problems here. 532 developing story we are following the santa rosa mother who was confronted at her daughter's police allegedly grabbing his throat and school carried kron4's will tran is live from outside the courthouse this morning. limitation of
5:33 am
the year of three hours from now this is our our arrangement. she's been charged with felony child did abuse. delia garcia brasher she claims she was on campus a bad day on friday or to register a third child. and while on campus she sees her son she answers on to point of her alleged to believe. of her 11 year-old son of plans out to the light comes up to confront some shoves him and put her hands around his throat and the boy then goes to the teachers. you could see fingerprint on his neck. then later that day when she's arrested at her home. but she was booked and then she made $30,000 bail. the whole question is again the ride for doing this. we do not according to the police department and the school district disease see sedgy net should have never been on campus about talking to
5:34 am
anybody if they're to register then the prosecutors are going to look into the case she's a she's never done anything as she was accused of. since his shoe leather to public comment. and we will query to realize. tesco if the check out the blob's nobody is condoning-allegedly the disco full board. they say she was right to thanks a lot will was of rodent droppings. a story you'll see it only on kron4. mice and rats have reported at
5:35 am
three locations. kron4's j.r. stone has been investigating all of these cases has the latest round now. the >>: this is more than just a picture of a play to a flip- flops'. look closely and you'll see rodent species. the picture taken by an inspector with the san francisco department of health. and one of several disturbing images taken at this san francisco walgreen's located at van ness and eddy. the inspectorate soaked with of the bill before the store was forced to shut down on friday. " this eye you concede chocolates and right under these chocolates feces theory does sitting there. the season and next to it. men take a look at how close the feces is. " this is a close-up shot of a boat with the russians have made their rounds because and then shot feces rainier flavored water. this report walgreen's location close for three hours are reopened after a thorough cleaning.
5:36 am
since that time had control services have exterminated at least 28-3 the health department says that if an error message which like this happens at this location. of the store will be closed for a minimum 48 hours since the shots were taken, this will bring store has test control companies coming in on a regular basis. they're also selling and hosed and they told the city on tuesday they are still working on inc. of additional measures to deal with this problem. there are some kron4 news. what grant has issued a statement saying " we are committed to ensuring a clean and safe environment for our customers and employees at all of our stores. we will take appropriate action as we all want with and the department. if there is a
5:37 am
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hardaway is here and the initial word at the chp is this could be a major problem developing. gravel was built on the roadways. when sweeper truck has already been dispatched in this location. as i indicated earlier initial reports can often be sketchy but the chp tells me this report comes from a commercial driver to the reliability is considerably higher. tough is also reported that this may be taking up a lot of dust. >>: police in south san francisco now warning seniors about a phone scam.
5:41 am
the only description of the victim gave police is that the person on the phone had a russian accent. >>: live in the weather center take in and outside of to our mount tam cam shot. a lot of cloud cover blanketing the area. that's expected to clear coming up. blanketing the area. that's expected to clear coming up. says [bl ris] abouyournsurce,bause wh youon' you arte [pro bur] atarme,e n hu you and at pkingear stre wh youon' e fit mp ders ieveith [pro bur] atarme,e
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mmmm! mmmm! mm! it's thoats. honey. yeah. hoy bunches oats. is ia grt cereal. 544 this just sent to the contras aren't a number of people applying for unemployment jumped last week. if a labor department sent him applications rose by 28,000. that increase comes after applications fell to their lowest level since may of 2007. for just two weeks ago the number of people receiving benefits fell to the 2.6 6 million the fewest since december 1st of all seven when the recession began, from time now is 544. if us take a look at weather and traffic for everybody who is lucky
5:45 am
enough to be heading to work. if that's not like to look at it. the chp is
5:46 am
getting additional reports now if they said that in addition to the gravel it's also a layer of of dirt on the roadway the chp it when i spoke with some room to as one of their concern is that a lot of dust will dig kicked up by passing vehicles. i don't know that and yet the land have been closed and i don't believe that the chp has yet to arrive on scene. quinn the
5:47 am
caltrans sweeper has been his best in them is there will be delays is that it was and perhaps as our work in the roadway. if it's still pretty early again not potential for huge problem here with a 60 ride south around. is that also going to affect our ride coming out of the pigeon past. when all that's the only hot spot where tracking. for the rest of the ride to the bay area not bad except tier of the bay bridge and it appears the major allies have already been activated. is in the armorican earlier than even two weeks ago but for the cemetery to highway 92 not galazy at is if we are committed to the golden gate bridge 101 north bound
5:48 am
southbound and easy ride. to fit them in new this morning the man in charge of overseeing the state's parks is stepping down after missing spending less than two years on the job. jackson will retire at the end of jim >>: 548. but a shocking discovery and an elderly man's basement. uncover gwen some sort pipes burst. they have called it a bomb squad. oxford of >>: when mrs. with thin where did that dynamite come
5:49 am
from. as it turns out that elderly former music teacher says that if grant lodes and co and worked in construction and asked of to keep for him. typists list ms. moss
5:50 am
said to some tough questions ref the bag he targeted to their roots of their relationship. it would demand the clippers owner not the day i attended his office before my first interview. but why would he
5:51 am
say it did you have a fabulous body and loved to have sex. >>: i mean look at my body. i think i have a great fabulous body. in regards to why he would say that i like to have zags i don't know.
5:52 am
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some cpani usertifial inedies but re achobani, we thk moth nate isweetnoug troding obansimp 100. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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a collision between two buses and in new york and it's caught on camera. a human-rights groups says six people arrested in iran after taking part of in a pop music videos have now been released. a homemade you to video that you see here shows the group dancing to the these long, happy. there are arrested for making what the eye randy and police called an obscene video. if it out range of social media and for real williams itself posted on his face of paid for saying " beyond said that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness
5:56 am
read " a fan favorite. talk about spreading happiness. take look at this high- school art student at pittman high in turlock. q. is mall in the crowd at a talent show. this is an incredible version of michael jackson's billie jean. with this. as if everybody's been going nuts on this. it's got over 1.8 million vehicles tariff of
5:57 am
messrs. dismiss
5:58 am
5:59 am
one of bay area interstate sent to 3 it's not something you see every day. a well washes ashore. and here's
6:00 am
something you do see every day. and there's the bay area's new station. kron4 news as it starts now. in the morning on darya fall some and i james fletcher street is 6:00 was began with the commute at weather. six of the morning james. very over cast. pretty mild. given to the law called tier. the fog is going to start to dissipate. and speaking of the afternoon and corn to be in touch warmer than yesterday. and th


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