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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 29, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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stomped on another 14 year- old reported missing out of san francisco plays a lot when i learned san francisco girls involvement. turns out she was third teaching of the girls on how to be prostitutes and inside the vehicle officers searched their condoms and a book on pathology. 17 year-old victim into stopping girls now back home safe with parents 14 year-old san francisco girl had an outstanding warrant and said the juvenile detention. chester brown's arrest on suspicion of kidnapping sexual assault pending and making terrorist threats among start other crimes. please stay there could be other charges against him as are still investigating the looking to see if there's any other victims out there. new tonight pension reform left less pay reduced benefits all continue to take its toll on the police department in san jose other four officers to
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nudges this week in the disability policy. that includes when officers on the job and cannot qualify for full disability they will be required to take another job within the city. parting officers say the new policy does not guarantee their families will be taking care of and they had an ongoing exodus of officers for higher pay elsewhere hurting morale. akin to this job knowing the risk of what being a police officer also feeling there be a safety not if it did give her something that would help compensate me if i did get her on the job. however now it's was changed this before there was uncertainty and low morale low staffing numbers really a safety issue as well to stay with the department. to
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of the departing have into higher-paying jobs at the district attorney's office association expects more resignations to follow and an estimated 186 officers are eligible for retirement in the next two years. us angeles jury heard opening statements today in the civil trier " involving beaten fan of the giants. brian stowe seeking damages for the dodgers and former owner of the team. so former bay area paramedic severely disabled and not present in court today he suffered severe brain damage attacked by two men in the dodger stadium parking lot in the 2011 happened after the opening day game jet with jazz trade attorneys this among other things team employed non more uniform off-duty police officers and $20 an hour each rather than the costly uniformed officers. developing tonight
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one man in the hospital another under arrest after one ended up hands underneath the car. happen in san francisco the chevron station 247 >> : garry. explains how a witness whats the accident and how have a difficult time keeping this all together. >> : the victim remains at seventh as coach in a hostile and critical conditions of severe head injuries that told us earlier their optimistic he will survive. the deal from earlier this morning please put the driver of the accident in handcuffs he's a man in his '30's round 330 this morning police say the driver and his passenger came to the gas station to change their left front tire tread blowout. during the process man between 45 and 50 is old came over to chat with the group here is where some confusion comes in. gas station attendant says that for unknown reason the man felt the ground passenger of the car came in and told the attendant to
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call 111 the attendant tells me that passenger driver then got back into the car when to leave but i wound up this simply as it was all next appeared fire crews have these large check to free the man from underneath the car services copley's toss the circumstances are on this entire incident remain under investigation this morning question that the passenger of the car and arrested the driver on suspicion of the white authorities hope to get a look at surveillance video from the chevron took stones this morning the toady as they have secured carrots but for what reason those cameras not recording this morning. new tonight hearing from family of a troubled student elliott rogers who went on a shooting and stabbing rampage near the end of six people murdered in that attack last friday. the victims from the bay area boat crew were killed as well as the gunman who was believed to of taken his own life after the rampage.
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tonight at 830 memorial held for one of the local victims. at leland high school and several said. release a statement in one of the people to know cry and for the victims and families-the family friends to read the statement today and would say also they have tried to help the troubled son. are some sections that cause a tragedy can only be described as hell on earth. protect and defend this of we take will become members in the public service. ec set a barber students heading to the beach with surfboards for this unique moral and it comes to thousand people they say it appears this lagoon farming
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circles in the water synge chanting hundreds more watch from the beach and nearby blocks trip organizers wanted it wanted everyone to know others in is to get together as a community. >> : the justice undisguised or temperatures were looking first remarked on 10 cammies and sea winds not gusty out there today to you to see sunshine to the bay area. now the golden gate bridge dog started to return tonight to see right now no fog in sight. temperature was up there this afternoon were marked down in the south bay back of the '80s. '80s also through inland valleys 86 and stock right now. also '80s and now but 82 of their 81 cetera is the classical side to this article as the reasons pickup we do have fought near the coastlines night for a lot cooler than what we saw today. a shows a harsh temperatures will drop coming up in just a few minutes. the sins and hip-
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hop in sports coming together in san francisco trying to help gun violence live look from the event. joe montana out money joining snooped dog and an see hammer to help cut end gun violence. attached you live as soon as legends take the stage goes live to what these men who really want to end gun violence have to say again live picture coming up. also coming up at 515 disk will go too far by photoshop in student your book pictures you decide. 530 disease was largely eliminated in the united states is back what you need to know. the next how the new technology helping an old children show get back on the air. ♪
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abilities to cheat to be shut make a comeback install online donations may be remember it. reading rainbow song playing. >> : this ran from 1983 to two cells in six the show's host hoping there is a million dollars to bring the series back and he did it one in one day. i am
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overwhelmed thank you this is going to enable us to really do a lot of good. this is pretty amazing reading rainbow host of kickstart her campaign on wednesday asking people to donate four revive the tv show and what serious he gives up the bottom month to raise a million dollars and again he did it in less than 24 hours. money still coming and no word yet on that end date. still ahead nsa leader edward first u.s. interview with all americans need to know and latest on missing malaysian airliner what our research is calling it quits for now.
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another for a shrub controversy the school did
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doctoring it costumes shocked and angry some girls had to necklines and sleeves added to their yearbook picture original image alive and in some cases the photo shopping singling done at random before us here one left changed the girls on the right doesn't appear to get it out she had sits added. signaling done at random. a philip been put names in the hat and put of girls wore stickers tank tops have fallen not edited half of whom didn't. we want to be more consistent with what is trying to do. and hoping we can help kids better prepare for future is by knowing how to dress appropriately for things. superintendent their school districts a misstatement students were warned one of your book for sticking images might be altered the students violated just code
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standards. big changes in london to weekend fog sets return tomorrow nearly near the question period to discuss but the afternoon much cooler temperatures running in the '60s and '70s. for the most part to look a fog of the protest against see a trainer to the north bank and santa rosa and snap up to the early morning hours to mccurry the 7:00 hour when fog really peaks. the north bay in the coastline passage of fog in the east bay as well. it's clear by the 10:00 and sea fog back to cosigned by about noon and places that all clear from latest said rosa out the door tomorrow 50 to start today as we move into the afternoon temperatures running at '60s and '70s by noon eve in the '50s that the immediate coast sliver of blue here on
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the screen. as a move into the 3:00 our handful of a degree readings about 10 degrees cooler out there tomorrow and some places. but the coastline we will cool but not as significantly fifties and low 60s 54 san fransico 7 is on the peninsula for east bay shoreline we will be in the '60s again tomorrow 65 in oakland 66 in hayward 10 degrees of what was off today. inland valleys only a couple reedy a degree readings in and check brentwood. but whats up '70s from conquered the pleasanton and south bay also largely will be in the 775 in san jose 75 in cupertino 76 in sunnyvale same goes for the north bay 80 degrees in fairfield '70s everywhere else 76 annapolis in thing and santa rosa crooked extended forecast. a lot cooler to mar the most sought today saturday
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sunday though see the fog fairly dumb and the second period or a spread as lukas when given to the jurors in check of conditions expected. almost a year after leaking details on government surveillance programs better snowdon sits down for the first interview with u.s. media. and the state department calls himself a patriot and an extensive report. edward snow and walls systems analyst for how trains by classified information is told nbc that the government trend on down play its role. i was turned in the as a spy and traditional sense of work under cover overseas pretending to work and a job than not. even being signed a name that was not wanted he claim be a lecture at
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the counterintelligence training academy heat as interview with nbc nightly news was first with u.s. media since he liked the classified documents almost a year ago. police sparked national debate about privacy and security and surveillance program used by analysts say mci it. talking in moscow he stressed the brian williams he is now working with russian government because he no longer has any material to give them. he destroyed it. for example the russians can't break my fingers in compromise information or hit me with a bag of money until a give them something not to have it all. snowden and increasing appearance on russian state television for interview by a task about mass surveillance in question answer session with vladimir. the u.s. state department and greece strongly. as a live television interviews here have his day in court. and
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dispenser >> : missing militiamen fled 70 australian now saying they area where all underwater signals heard has been thoroughly searched involved an absolutely nothing after 330 square miles of the indian ocean such as snow of the two month break and a wider area in the meantime the area they're living is not the final resting place of the jetliner and two injured 39 people on board no traces have been found since the plane disappeared march 8th. still loess you happen to that of the school girl kidnapped by extremists in nigeria last month now nigeria's president offering amnesty to militants before renouncing violence. everything he can to release of 300 girls the president jonathan seems to be blaming foreigners for
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some problems setting the terror group is being influenced by extremist for the four elements treat nigeria military signals were the girls are but fears using force could get them killed. next free money if you can find it will hear from a man who has been hiding cash from the bay area. then outrage over seven years of being sold the world trade center museum. are they too insensitive for the treasury. a group coming together to fight gun violence raising money for high profile names including montana and mc hammer and others will give you more information on this in the newscast
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find caches as easy as
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simply checking twitter you can treasure hunt for money. the london on the funds but the generous and on this donor. >> : find mr. for and then along crooked streets. scavenger hon tracking with latest clue for cash to world- famous lumbar straight. q. over here like to infest the sec and we can alter search for dollar sometimes just to fix a parking meter ticking people all over the city this for a self- described warm% on twitter. at hidden cash. according to the profile to experiment for good. he treats all the clues after hiding money won texas that the fisherman's wharf. where we find at least a dozen people looking. we haven't hidden from the cash fell on a lot
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all let's ask you to be a photo. man behind it all real estate investor whose happy to see all lucky recipients using money for their own random acts of kindness. to allow your landed remained anonymous i hope it was intended to adult spotlight on me as a private person. no plans to stop anytime soon a plan to continue indefinitely in the future. since last week thousand dollars today. 10 separate clues. racing to the next one. golden gate bridge in just about a minute. where we find is the miller. with a crisp bill in hand. all the beds of the street and ran down here. envelope wedged in this box we think about doing. i
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think it's of some of something and do and he's doing it and a mind-set makes it cooler. coming together at fort several purpose. -and-now moved on to los angeles no word where he will go next. coming up 530 disease was eliminated resurfaced. we need to know deeper investigators more from the fun out rage over perception and neglect at veterans hospital preview of big music festival and nappa this again >> : my dad worked as a short order cook.
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pendivesou the condence ofew f-flex® ptection. i's a sm. 'our st protection. with fresamp takeour ekend on at five very reticular live to a news conference in sentences got high " profile in attendance figure trench raise money to end gun violence peppers snoop dog just finished and now forty- niner joe montana sticking to whats listen in. will try to get the double its fleet and help us out and we appreciate your time savings for coming out. no. caught
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high-profile people supporting this event local leaders including police chief and entertainers and sports figures as well reporter at the location in san francisco or on this event had. other news of a childhood disease was considered considered making the surprising surprising comeback. sudden upsurge in cases of measles. center for disease control says number of measles cases at a 20 your time. one out five of the cases restaurant california. mass vaccination starting in 1950 is all but wiped out the measles virus 10 years ago only 37 cases reported in the u.s. but to radiate more than any full year in this decade. measles extremely infectious if you haven't already it you're going to get sick.
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bieber, for no is money eyes and sore throat then you develop splotchy red rash. infectious for days you may not know your sick. 90 percent of measles have not been concentration in know how. 60 cases that doctors say last year 15% increase of california's opting out of ionization. any reason to eat the vexation could be dangerous to children could absolutely not. a serious consequences to having getting them as getting measles trade more than one dozen reported in the bay area 5 in alameda for each in contra costa and san mateo counties. cdc says almost all the measles cases brought to u.s. by travelers overseas at about half of them picked up the virus in the philippines. new report
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released today almost a third of the world is now that. traditionally been a country been able to curb obese the rates in the last three decades. the researchers more than 2 billion people on the world now overweight or obese. highest rates and oil used in north africa. u.s. has about 13 percent of the world's popular at the population 160 million americans who either obese or overweight. in other words three-quarters of men and women and 60 percent of women in the u.s. way more than they should. trichomoniasis the no. 2 with 46 million. and yet a third analyst with a tinge of million. deeper investigators dig into neglect and hospitals call for increasing the va to quit when other surface.
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just hours after committees blasted a better officials over a long waiting list and coverups the speaker of the cross put the blame above the secretary is rather shocking so goondas to step up here and show some of the visible part is calling for a number be fought fired white house tell cnn sectarian on thin ice with the president. this comes after pulmonary report from the va own inspector general that report just on the phoenix va hospital which is at the epicenter of the scandal. 1700 veterans to needed care who thought they had appointments with doctors but were never on the official waiting list this was allegedly for veterans to plans were less than two weeks out staff officials to appear to be meeting and a for timely care that would qualify for them for bonuses and raises.
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sources tell cnn at least 40 veterans dendrite died in phoenix while waiting for character it an opinion piece what in usa today secretary close reports finding reprehensible and he's not waiting to set things straight. meanwhile veterans of their official tells cnn he is confident his department will sort out the mess. you we do have the tools information we need to push forward and provide veterans timely care. >> : war veterans living california than any other state according to be a 1.8 million veterans call california home wanting to just under 5 percent of state population. people generally liked the new 911 museum and new york city but not give shopping criticized for selling tacky inappropriate souvenirs. this is considered a what she'd choose chip in the car is painted on the spots where the nine relevant text
5:36 pm
that happen. some people complained about this and not been removed people who run the give shops say they're sorry trying to be sensitive to what people want other guests include toy russky dom or little askew thus you can buy for your pet regardless of what they sell some people just won't be happy families of 911 victims do not like the idea of having any kind of commercial enterprise on the property. california family got more than the burden for the after a popular tourist attraction people like visiting the sky deck of the will start to see see through glass from day as you get have one of the to hundreds of feet up in their building once called the sears tower on a visit less like hell for its tourist to realize something was wrong while standing on the glass floor they suddenly heard cracking noises and heard and saw the glass underneath them began to shatter the
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spokesman for the tar clinton is actually protective coating on the glass that shattered the glass itself. the family never in danger still cruise scrambling fix the problems there and have special viewing base closed for maintenance. generally warmer out there today sunny skies, once is still saw when gus large wheat and higher terrain still temperatures and '70s 80s today your action quite warm in antioch in fairfield livermore 86 degrees and down in the south bay 83 san jose 84 and sunnyvale 83 and center fell 84 now but even ententes of francisco getting and on the warming at 72 degrees. changeover last 24 hours temperatures generally on the degree and santa rosa nappa richmond and half moon bay eros that was once. small state changes in that all direction cooler weather of
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like coming up. >> : coming up 545 for the first time we are getting warriors star sets carry reaction to the firing of coach mark jackson and hiring of coach steve kerr. next holiday lister attack at a movie premiere. source close slightly higher after government reported number of people sunday for unemployment benefits and plastic and plays are laying off your people. that closing numbers for thursday. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit.
5:39 pm
that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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this ia maof t preure pots omy i lened ere e stss w at t dr.holl foomappg nter then goty nuer, ich matcd thcust fitrthoc inses wi theightuppo. go to drsclls.m fo catis ansave10 i'm belier. rep his second faced by man and a hollywood premiere at the career move the maleficent star and his partner angelina chihli was a man hulk the barrier and attacked him to say officers arrested the suspects who could be charged with misdemeanor battery the same man on probation for crashing the grammy award last year. comments by
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iguana if the strike controversy again this time for interview witter the oxus compared-on-line comments to being in a war. cindy meet senator john mccain fired back on twitter: her a joke. also her two sons who are in the military might talk with paul chow. but the first time quattro face this kind of backlash criticized back in march after she told show that is much harder for her being able to watter mother and celebrity. reminder control of the entertainment is right here is that starts followed by entertainment tonight at 730. it's a lot calmer out there today plenty of sunshine as far as i to see we do a big change is coming up into smaller details on that coming up.
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we're stars of carried off the court as well receding nba board and charity work. also to help combat malaria. however first chance we had the talk to sell for about his old coach art jackson been fired you consult by listening to him he still has lots of love for mark jackson. i think as a sword as on the kind of remove ourselves from last year and look forward to next year its cutoff of ushered coating weird expedited situation within see coming and may be able to adjust to. might remember earlier this month the lawyers hired his replacement: giving enough five year $25 million contract. says he is not
5:47 pm
lost faith in the franchise commitment to winning. perfect day out there today for both locations a little warm and others looking live at the golden gate bridge where we have sunny skies sunday everywhere even of the coastline, owens 2 certainly feels real nice out there to that again near the coast line inside the debris comfortable little worn out and stopped in fairfield today six seasons san francisco 71 in oakland otherwise in the '80s and the san jose concord livermore and santa rosa to look ahead tonight we see fog return strong winds out of the north dying down sea breeze with a strengthening pushed brought cold rain air dropping to butchers pretty significantly as a look ahead summerlike pattern a foggy morning of the afternoon's will resume. future test tomorrow morning fog up and down the coastline also too much of the north bay all what a high won a one as nfl up in the napa valley as well as
5:48 pm
portions of these bay. by about 9:00 much of that sock will clear cylinder up at sections high was 01 for about whether even noon back to the coastline. tablature wise: smog the coast and the upper 50s low 60s '60s and '70s for the 64 in downtown san francisco. killing 10 degrees for east bay shore lines tomorrow 65 local and 66 in hayward 71 on fremont also see quite a bit of schooling through inland valley is the sunday unconquered 70 in pleasanton is that so ladies and stock up on the south bay couple a degree readings largely in the '70s and six in sunnyvale as the clara and finally the north bank also just one age rereading out there feel otherwise and 7776 and apple for platform. supporters saturday sunday very similar weather each day morning fog afternoon sunshine temperatures in the
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'70s. look at extended forecast tomorrow a lot cooler than said and in the summer like pattern just takes over for the next seven days to bridges up and down a little bit of thing to caught nothing to cool. all rock 2014 big three day nappa feet music festival getting rid open doors this weekend cruise giving it is sitting upstages various food and beverage options almost did not happen. as reported a new group of friends taking over the vento please get back on track. one of the four main stages where bands like this derrick several of perform. bill be smaller than last year at 16 musical groups planned vs 80 like last year. when organizers say they will there have been put altogether. all the beautiful scenery people, and expect also same some
5:50 pm
wineries and amazing response before beverage and some of the bands. just then the joined by several other nappa residents who are all longtime friends nod the other to save bottle rock. the religious school friends who grew up here and left for careers in for areas of the country all moved back in napa valley and found this to be a huge success of the could go fix it. last year that some vendors who were on pain neighbors complained about noise. we spent a lot of noise last three months late working with the neighbors to try find a way to make their lives better than last year. what have become volunteers at bottle rocket. greta van big upset they've embraced it. what is riding on this event that mary's some of the best of the wine country food wine and music together. it's a great event to but after it's over with a torque on the street and see people of the copy shop
5:51 pm
we have to make this go up. but rock 2014 kicks off noon friday last until sunday evening. we will be putting up a link on the this book page so you can check out the venue for yourself. really bad news creon the u.s. economy contracting in the first two months of the year by fairmont but rises. that's ok because of revised gdp number mighty world past performance is vindictive of future results yes ... i contraction two quarters and wrote of the recession but it was a very harsh winter. allies: lock ourselves and when we lock ourselves and not spending a lot on the economy on ok with this in the end mixed easy comparisons going forward. retells a lot getting a for the academy. talking with
5:52 pm
the couple's financial analyst today one of them said i never won by anything but a friend was not the have a set price and is on prime tesco has surprised them club has a set price it is a of things that become real cheap prices their daughter have stalled front their home rather than going up to costco costco or had purported findings not as far as revenue goes, people keep costco memberships even after they die company that does very well. or talk and apple and waiting for new product pretty bold statements for my tunes about coming from apple. talking rugby to acquisition and he said we have the best pipeline that is on 25 years a product which is pretty impressive considering like pad i found. mac book air organa get massive refresh of everything. but apple buy
5:53 pm
beets and wall street release sought a 04 them. the ceo as well respected doctor trade brings credibility with apple really lost as a 18 year- old and other kids. >> : coming up its back to business as usual at the street to the on ramp of the bay bridge more on the next addition of people behaving badly tonight at 8. my dad worked as a short order cook.
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order?
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(announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state. for patriots the last little while brushing away a single member is lives lost said barbara tried to eliminate west no virus oneself baytown gets ready for another round of flog it fogging in order to get rid of the infected this be does pinpoint the location of one is coming up next at 6:00. ♪
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[din the ouoorsisseyou.
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get back o the wit ofdeepoods the longasti mositoprottionreest reunitwithhe greaoutdrs. off deepoods kes bu off scohns. fami comny
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staffing woes continued to plague police department in san jose a reform cuts and pay benefits lead to less steady exodus of police officers in recent years now as reported to still more police officers calling it quits as a result of the new controversy sold disability policy. >> : a vicious cycle kirkwall son with the police car and 22 years at officer patricia eight of the upbeat both resigned this week. new disability criteria that the city's implemented for us causing to really take a
6:00 pm
good hard look at my professional career. i didn't want to candace job knowing risks of being a police officer but also feeling a feeling of what i know there would be some benefit got hurt. in a disability policy requires injured officer rode his ability to take another lesser job with in the city with literal or no protection as a from future layoffs. when a place apart and the state that now has new rules officers no longer have security for the families they did when they hit a service job. as of this association workups to quit over the this mutt changes and further as many of a hundred 86 officers eligible for to retire in the neck adding to resignations that pensioner force for a first-rate tarred find out the future is before there was a certain see now low more allen's staff is safety
6:01 pm
issue as well to stay with the department. the risk of not being provided for under the circumstances there's not relate reason for me to stay. both soon-to-be former officers have accepted higher paying jobs with the district attorney's office. >> : 17 year-old antioch girl kidnapped and forced into prostitution back of a safe tonight and alleged kidnapper behind bars. among shott of toy year-old chester brown it and says she called brown after running away from home plate saves and a taking her to safety he took her front to the slow pot motels that simpson stalked and were he has six of the growing threat to kill her if she did not become a prostitute. it will: 11 on sunday officers at the motel they say brown drove up with three other young girls ages 14 to 16 they say sadly one
6:02 pm
of the 14 year olds was reported messaline from san francisco was teaching the other girls how to be prostitutes. who says it's not uncommon for victims did turns into perpetrators. always an aspect of gross update to your beeper recruit other girls and because they found a value and worth and that in the work they're doing. it is doing it for someone else or money attached to it for them. again local factors and on fortunately not surprising because it is very common. brown arrested on suspicion of kidnapping sexual assault making terrorist threats and jack beckham to stop the girls beckham homes to the parents of 14 year-old san fransico girl outstanding wont and sent to juvenile detention.
6:03 pm
into ours from nonsense jose will be more real beginning for one of the aisle vest a rampage victim's george chen said the death by one of the six people killed by elie rusher in and around species and a barbara 13 others injured by candlelight vigil happening at his former high school leland high 830 tonight. george's parents expected to be there to a family of the government of family friend treatise statement to expressing guilt and heartbreak or the attack. feeling of knowing that of some actions that caused the tragedy can only be described as hell on earth now are responsibility to do everything to help the boy at the bill for this happening to any of the other fellows. family friends say it urges parents hot trend manage their son's mental illness and they tried just about everything.
6:04 pm
unique tribute to victims with hundreds of the season a barber students taking to watter with surfboards rest of what they called a memorial tablet form circles chanted organizers say the want people to know there are standing together as a family many of the the say they're about to graduate and wanted this to be a lasting memory of the fabulous event of a college years. >> : snoop dog with joe montana and slew of other other heavy hitters to help anti- gun campaign no guns allowed. intended to raise money and awareness to it in a hit to reduce gun violence happening now live picture unless our special guests including mc hammer ronnie lott diana police chief for rv. marie brown. you be able
6:05 pm
the bid on paintings and other expensive items canute snoop could pay among other items being auctioned benefit initiative that has easeful fall the tennessee football leaders cheerleaders' also benefit noble's allowed campaign. >> : we all those kids that being affected by the school shootings and shootings that with the other day this is an outrageous we need to do something about it. diamine standing up for real, that's why i'm here. he also said rep is about to be blamed for gun violence by rappers seven phones and reducing violence he says represent did not have his political power to institute change. battle to keep star wars creator george lucas and propose memorabilia museum in san francisco on fault
6:06 pm
stay and stay there adlai offered a list of known as sea wall 330 the said across the embarcadero from pier 3 the 32 of the lot going for $30 million this a lot could be released or sold to lucas city hopes the option will encourage lucas to stay in the bay area but the film maker also being wooed by the city of chicago mayor they're invited lucas to build a museum near soldier field museum showcases are and hollywood memorabilia. napper music festival known as bottle rock set to kick off friday three day event teach more than 313 news course erica church in the here. this year's event they're grateful to pull off the festival because it suffered some setbacks after last year's event after some vendors to it complained they were not paid and neighbors complained about the noise. this is a fence
6:07 pm
start at noon and last until sunday night. per weather forecast for tomorrow's music festival chief meteorologist with more. >> : sunny skies and see that here with mt. tam camp, wins kamen not shaking around no- fault in sight however fog will be returning up there tonight making its way into napa valley and it will clear out there probably about 10:00 tomorrow morning. we will start with fog at sunny much cooler to more than what we saw today temperatures in the seven is dropped weekend lillo '70s tomorrow warm little into saturday and a little more into sunday max to transcend it will be about 78 degrees cooler weather in store for the music festival press the bay area for returning the coast tonight friday temperature's 5 to 10 degrees depending on where you are and summerlike pattern with morning fog
6:08 pm
sunny and mild afternoon will stick with us for live several days talk more about it look at the numbers coming up in just a bit. this justin or video with overturned to abate area out through a guardrail. you see the truck on a separate their damage to the guardrail right there. 92 to northbound to 80. two people sitting on the guardrail near the drop this video here courtesy of pop up a partnership with abc seven news that appears people got out of the cab of the truck safely certainly heroin or deal right there to perched over the roadway you there's no estimated time of reopening on eastbound 92 or lanes are closed right now. coming up on kron 4 news to an added six new private wal-mart mother in a calm but delivers a baby boy to catch up with a father to get the latest good news on the family. + latest details
6:09 pm
on los angeles courtroom and victim of a brutal beating at a baseball game takes on the dodgers. and the change fda mandating for tanning beds encourage users to think twice.
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
in levels topping up on tanning beds officials of the administration behind the move the labels apply
6:12 pm
to a tanning bed then sunlamps. bubbles will say they should not be used by anyone under age 18 because of the risk of skin cancer fda also certain safety design requirements including timers on tanning devices. but on the amount of radiation there allowed to use. commerical be brought up underworld and in the world under tragic conditions of the father has a share tonight.
6:13 pm
female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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this just in l.a. clippers sold for $2 billion source closing the deal dahlin sterling's what shall it reached an agreement with former microsoft ceo. less nba teams told welt was in milwaukee that team won for just over half a million $2 billion dollars said the worth beeped worth 20
6:16 pm
billion. from the microsoft base. other people interest in the clippers' including oprah magic johnson and larry. out to meet next tuesday vote on forcing sterling to sell the appears the boat may be unnecessary surly of course be in for life from the nba after making racist comments in a recording. when we called and is being called a miracle baby today we got a chance to see a little baby west who now for home from the hospital near number the story he is borne by see section as his mother made in a coma the baby's father says the three weeks early is gaining weight and eating filling is filling with so much love. they difficult time for the new father brian cary surge to beat his awestruck to be in a father but the mother still in the hospital with
6:17 pm
his wife could be with them to be part of the precious time to all the says the trend is a strong. slim to directions really learning hundred trouble in some ways i think this needs it most mutt she slipped into, back in march after doctors discovered a brain tumor having terrible had external presidency they told bryant there are no promises at this time she'll make a full recovery likely leave ucsf medical center next week and go to a long-term acute care hospital. dries van being lawsuit at attorney for the victim of brian stowe from the bay area delivered his opening statement claims that l.a. team failed to provide about adequate
6:18 pm
security when brian stowe was severely beaten the parking lot back in 2011 study suffered severe brain damage in the attack and video showing still attending court during the jury selection process lawsuit seeking damages from the team and former owner rent a corporate lawyer representing the dodger and the court says the team took security seriously install was hurt in testosterone up a whole fuelled fight. white house hosting a summit on concussions in sports nfl pro athlete coach as soon as doctors even pentagon out there with president also may talks about how to educate parents and athletes and what they can all do to protect athletes to. concussions not just a football issue every season boys girls getting concussions and lacrosse soccer and ice hockey.
6:19 pm
president described his plan sports as a big part of american culture also a good learning opportunity for kids plans to unveil new initiative by the nfl used seat aa and preventing a better manage concussions. google sparking reaction tonight after revealing how perverse or how not reverse its work force as 26,000 people work for so con base company 61% are white 70 percent are men. today jesse jackson say those numbers disappointing a culture of the exclusion at a high tech companies even the head of personnel for google and nice to biased and hiring. google says the problem like of minority who are studying consumer science and other technical fields. largest they run the bay area temperatures for the most part back into the upper 80s in answer aquiver more and
6:20 pm
in fairfield. up in the north bay 83 and set as their fault also back in the '80s and down in the south bay. change or the past 24 hours temperatures generally on the we did cool off one degree and santa rosa nappa richmond and half moon bay temperatures warmed today from 2 to 5 degrees for the most part even more blunt in hayward and fremont in degrees warmer implications. book live from the golden gate bridge sunny skies but sought is sets are turned temptress storing and 67 is for the most part still in degrees of livermore also turned overnight down the coastline. also up into the north bay a highway known 11 at the valley of portions of the space in some will cloud coverage as well. fog will push back to the coast as we head into the late morning hours. sun filing
6:21 pm
back to the coastline about noon temperature was cooler tomorrow but the upper 50s and 60s that the coast 67 is on the peninsula 64 san fransico 10 degrees cooler of the east bay shoreline san leandro to six in hayward and inland valleys scene was asymmetry readings at a couple places still hanging on antioch in redwood so low 80s same thing for the south bay still 82 in morgan hill and 80 all invalid '70s everywhere else to north bay widespread 7 missed mar 76 nappa 75 for the park 73. looking at some of forecast much much cooler but by saturday sunday temperatures kind of levelling out foggy mornings some drizzle especially of the coastline followed by sonny mild afternoon. the station accident critical bluesman a
6:22 pm
politically her other behind bars exactly what happened have in this year's confused we have listed tales from san francisco. plus a new addition to the oakland zoo sneak peek. >> : first, mike honda stubbornly refused all debates. now honda's slinging mud, launching false attacks.
6:23 pm
isn't it time to put the old politics aside? the chronicle endorses ro khanna, saying he "offers an upgrade in congress for silicon valley." and the mercury news says, "ro khanna is ready for the congress of tomorrow... ...while honda is a politician of the past." for our future: ro khanna. khanna: i'm ro khanna and i approve this message. heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning?
6:24 pm
that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
6:25 pm
new attraction at the oakland zoo was reported is not just a delight for the visitors also good news for people all across the country. only one week old as the pond as you concede already somewhat of a handful of was it said only an oblique a geological manager says she is born last week rival is important because it expands the zoo's baboon troupe. the really watch these baboons their so regal beautiful you can really get a sense of strong family unit and behavior watch them for food when my favorite parts monday. to
6:26 pm
manager says newborn will help preserve baboon populations across the country. important to preserve genetic and pork for health. these babies potential and agreed with our existing debt wounds in the u.s.. me has big fans. she's very cute and cool. the third baby m. boone here in the close to last year- and-a-half just after that helping and adapting well to the new environment. disk had on kron 4 news at 630 bizarre gas station next sent leaves of stories back scratching their heads was mrs. believed that it happened. plus ticket a memorial local victim of the i love this the rampage stay with us. i've looked out side of a breeze yet
6:27 pm
there's a lot to bed compared it to this pass. tomorrow what to expect coming up 630. my dad worked as a short order cook. right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit.
6:28 pm
and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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6:30 pm
here in san jose police barkentines to the for more officers had been resignations this week adding to ongoing a departure recent pension reform efforts this regulation come to changes with disability effort the policies. injuries on the job and the nine permanent disability officers would be of good up to another job within the city which they say would compromise their ability to provide for their families long-term security. >> : 17 year-old lance corporal home said tonight but allegedly kidnapped her and forced her to print to prostitution behind bars. one-year-old chester brown
6:31 pm
mug shot the victim to as motel 6 and stockton last week to put it repeatedly has sex with the girl and threatened to kill her if she didn't prostitute herself it local 911 on sunday officers arrived this say brown with three other underage girl including a 14 year-old girl missing from san francisco police say the 14 year-old teaching the other girls how to be prostitutes. >> : in san francisco man sustained injuries at the in the hospital after getting pinned under car all happened at the chevron gas station 24th avenue on 330 this morning please did everything in areas under investigation stet station attendant to let to go to change tires who ended up falling to the ground for whatever reason the seven said the driver passenger then went to leave and the backing of the victim services copley's cannot confirm the attendance story trevor of that is under suspicion of
6:32 pm
the line. >> : still leland high school san jose since staff members members of community gathered at around 830 to die for candlelight memorial in memory of george chen 2012 graduate of leland high school one of the victims of the killing spree. also told parents will be here and speak at the memorial. airline public utilities commission preparing for a possibility that some of the system might have to start sharing as normal lakes is a water supply from reservoir with the rest of the state. earlier this year's state water resources board because california facing a third straight your crop conditions local water agencies might have to start sharing their supply. specific from the plant up and released details expect the bid in in july.
6:33 pm
>> : it weather starts tonight big changes in the forecast into its mouth are set to return the coast tonight to pictures buckler and in the weekend for the mornings after and sunshine. to turn the bay area. future tests foreshore and fought on the cosines mark also too much of the north bay and portions of the east bay it will clear though by letter morning hours very slowly back to the " clearing will last from the section of highway 11 between panel ahmanson rose appeared far will santa claus and small temperatures cooler in the afternoon or a large sense of unease in the south and 75 in san jose for lynn valets in the '70s as well severance got 80 degrees. 10 degrees cooler on these bay shoreline to pictures running in the '60s, only in the upper 50s 64¢ francisco widespread '70s to the north bay. will get extended forecast mobbing cool down
6:34 pm
occurs then after that the of the summer like pattern of foggy mornings sunny mile afternoons pre much to the next seven days. more more mosquitoes tearing was not fond of south bay now cruise planning to spray pesticides in sunnyvale this area come monday the area generally bordered by avenue by north-south barry added to west weather permitting fared schedule for monday june 2nd of the clock at night expected the last several honors and the overnight hours a officials say people pat sit in the area will not be an endangered. numbers tonight show of measles to the west disease all off without a decade ago that cases this year nearly 300 and number is rising people refusing to
6:35 pm
be vaccinated for religious other reasons and example by setting out and know how. most cases being brought and the country by travelers overseas. about one-third of the california 60 cases and at the bay area. by the non me up for each in contra costa and san mateo and one and santa clara. >> : the want your sneakers shied if to say sneakers' my suggest you had a fisherman's wharf in beautiful san francisco. but the man and a black jersey had unique kossel shines shoes and apparently sneakers. monahan in a brief moments and here because of your complaint of aggressive panhandlers. along jefferson street believe the not at first thought those people installer across this man
6:36 pm
and alcatraz prison suit must been practicing. i can. and to appear he somehow skip " about a lot having an open container public by i digress. treading and sneaker shiner he still at it only seems to target tourists with the red of and what bottle run on liquid he also told me he would sue me if i put him on tv and other practicing attorney. and people give money for shiny often uses the karsh language. this man aluminum bucket with dollar tip the bottle attached to a chain yet another unique way to get money from tourists if you fail to give him cash. he brings the book on the sidewalk to let you know he's dissatisfied with you not helping him. this man
6:37 pm
when i first arrived ending a heated argument with the officer then the budget cut from that time with the umbrella. shouting so many profanities' that showing him from a distant probably the simplest thing to do. then again travelers come from miles 7 3/7 go they usually have a dog. according to several business owners they are the most aggressive when it comes to panhandling. onside no this less resort which is still under construction in hit men by men posing as construction workers walked out with multiple flat screens. what did say as just another day in paradise. san francisco steelyards kron 4 news. >> : give you a look at funding long list of vehicle recalls.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
ford motor co. affecting more than one vehicles under the the big of effective for escapes and mercury mariners from all years 2008 to 2011 this along with ford explorers from 2007 through 2013 the state because of problems second cause vehicles to lose power steering company says it's aware of 20 accidents which could be related to this problem for also recalling 200,000 tourists because of what faulty license plate lamp. a's tigers battled for the best record in american league garry has highlights a straight ahead. separate talks with us the first time but mark jackson firing garry all sports but next + to good to be true truth behind one airline and their rock-bottom airline prices.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
seth carry it hasn't said much since mark jackson got fired when he was receiving an award said i everyone got excited what sets going to say just for the record he in the nba $25,000 in regards to a great community work that he has done the natives with banks usa with a college scholarships military families again sports folks wanted to know you what jackson got fired what you think. hentoff that relationship will never stop he did a lot for me as player and as the person is most will for sure. seeing that come to an end sign of stability for me three coaches and three years and bodies what is good with the lawyers trade not taken the
6:46 pm
day at a time figure out how we can figure out of this team better. to class in smart to say anything i don't wanna play for on jackson. if the follow the money in that regard. these making $11 million a year ago say, she loved the guy who's leaving but also looking for the guy signee checks. also still wants to land and keep the morale. but one where the other on him not surprised that he took any times and lost all year's one different changes with kron does keep the highroad. when you and i know is looking are brought down to the brush then we start morning. but saudi state for yourself. anyway
6:47 pm
every once all socially guys are as one will call you up trendy to say something all the changes and i will say these guys treat me nice and that's a >> : . in any scene thus citizens compare myself to assess current in pam complaining about herself. store is no answer only on kron 4. down sterling mr. into money this guy if indeed said goes through $2 billion for his team previous in nba history 550 million pillow your looking at a former microsoft ceo steve clark to million operas' group event reported by loss angeles times oprah to net 1.5 billion right now nba on
6:48 pm
their channel owned nba network and running nothing is official but all the other outlets headed by loss angeles times said in steve its former ceo of microsoft to billion dollars for adults sterling and he comes out of their couple hundred thousand dollars for. amazing as money known must have your name tarnished but if u.s. believes what the heck. my friend the city on a sign-wasn't for me is still be honoring the 2 billion. if you have one. billion when you be happy with 4 billion. i'd be happy
6:49 pm
to have a million. again one kron tax of fall ride the waves. larry bird the sky and all-pro. stevenson who blew a bronze your what's said about this left that this can daunt said bothered by his antics and here's the thing lance stevenson still pulling is year ended want less at the fourth six games this does a free agent at the end of the year and you want to give entrusted millions of to a guy who blows in pules here. war- torn at lamont's not been afforded smart money can't blow somebody's year. what does that. when the game so far roof. anyway let
6:50 pm
stevenson small night and it forged by a bronze. the a's it then jensen sit must live and not playing somebody their own son is not colonels' good to 15 sinless weekdays and tigers to best team in the american league completed a four game series a is very dramatic class 91 in the bottom of the ninth it would tote up to one lead today. miguel garrote best hitter in baseball. to make the play three to detroit then to what tied the game here but watch out for j.d. martinez realize player in left field 17 at ending take 10 million year to be a close another have her in the seventh inning fifth inning he mopped up in struggles against the death victor martinez as for to run double the is go to their credit 53 in the ninth draw
6:51 pm
shredding it doubles home come in the a's going to do it again for the home crowd rally hands when jed route lowry grounds out coming close 54 tigers next up the angels at anaheim will be the opponent and the a's still split with the great good for detroit ballclub. brian davis detroit tigers again not the voluntary office is an organized team activity because he wants a new contract is the third highest paid in football was say it but again as if he is see the cabinet between 18 and $20 million a year running that we're here before cabinet and he is he feels 7.3 million is not enough for him. this guy a first of the look of some
6:52 pm
double in ohio airfield village pga memorial track nicklauses it turned men. set a great shot of 72 mcelroy every knows about him carolina sets out when the wedding invitations to days later called off with a three minute phone call he won a tournament last week now is a leader with a 63 ever since he was called off the wedding has been playing great offer double the audience. still had as a reason why airline ticket it's hard to find old promise one airline is making the share what they're actually doing. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years.
6:53 pm
today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller. female narrator: sleep train challenged its manufacturers sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars ends sunday. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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just playing what are you up to? hide the cheddar. can i play? it's more of a one person kind of game. i won. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better.
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southwest airlines been slapped at the $200,000 fine for deceptive advertising department transportation says selfless television ads
6:56 pm
last october promised flights amounted to two york shikar all lots and lots for $59 however agency says that airline did not make any seats available at that price sockless claims the city is or listed by mistake of the first time though airline has made false claims selfless also being required to pay extra $100,000 for a similar offense last year. the negro in it's like a hundred >> : a color of their the most sought far coming back the look like if it you saw today back to light than you have summerlike pattern of the foggy morning i'll the afternoon and weekend. we'll be back at 8:00 in the meantime stay in touch on
6:57 pm
kron 4 kron4-dot-com list for you to motivate see them. my dad worked as a short order cook.
6:58 pm
right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
6:59 pm
the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. brad encounters a red carpet crasher. >> you have gotten so much attention, was it good for you in the end? >> plus, a family affair with the entire bunch. >> this is the first time all of the kids are here. >> and the killer's parents break their violence. plus, inside kim k's ex-files. >> and some of the hottest shows hitting your tv this summer. >> why do you want to play pregnant again? >> i know exactly how to do that. >> inside what women are watching. >> why does "mad men" appeal to women so much.
7:00 pm
>> because of the guys. >> hello, i'm kevin frazier and michael yo is here with me. >> here is today's big news the celebrity stalker strikes again, it leads to a temporary restraining order. a self proclaimed journalist must now stay 500 feet away from brad and he is charged with battery. the video here shows how the incident went down. this is him signing autographs at the "maleficent" premier. she is suddenly attacked. he is led away by security. brad, stunned, tries to step away. the only damage


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