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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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no criminal charges will be sheriff's deputy who shot and >>:
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" we're not seeing right now with the sprinkles that were a possibility for the north bay is a we're gonna see this after no captain and has to be warm once again in the delta >>: in the west fine direction the 80 approach that is not backed up at all with a good conditions
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there the westborough ride at 31 minutes now. 2 05 has heavy traffic with the westbound exit at the interchange. inside a home in the castro district-- by unlocking the door mailslot. the scene with more, jackie? the morning of her 19 in hartford of burglars entered the home with people inside so he
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asat it reaches an into a mess flat use a device opened the door and then sat. the victim's
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lopez last october has been cleared of wrongdoing. sonoma county deputy eric gelhaus will not face criminal charges. he shot lopez 7 times when the lopez to drop the gun, and he did not. the d-a showed a picture of the
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and supporters of andy lopez are protesting after learning that gelhaus will not face charges. they are directing their anger towards d-a jill ravitch. about 50 protestors chanted made the announcement yesterday.
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a protest is planned for this picketing outside the sonoma county d-a's office. the demonstration is planned for a building and an r-v were destroyed by this fire near sacramento yesterday afternoon. cal fire says the hutto fire burned 30 acres and is 50 percent contained. it prompted a huge response from and helicopters. local evacuations were briefly issued as crews fought the smoke and flames. the fire area is right along the border. still ahead. a roller coaster at six flags comes to a crashing halt. leaving riders suspended. deadly dog mauling case involving his two year old step grandson learns his sentence.
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face six sun-live look shows
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this look traffic . >>: four people had minor injuries after a roller coaster got stuck on the track at six flags magic mountain in southern california. a tree fell on to the track of the "ninja" rollercoaster. causing the the coaster train to come to a crashing stop. making the rescue more difficult. the ninja is a suspended rollercoaster where the cars hang below the coaster the four people injured were in the first car to hit the tree.
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six flags says the ride will remain closed until a thorough much more to come on the kron four morning news. travel and sending waves easy as picking up groceries in washington state. where retail and at * *6-25 * before you board your next flight, there are new t-s-a rules you need to know about to get through
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a powerful typhoon pummels southern japan today. paralyzing travel and prompting u-s forces who are based there to stay indoors. typhoon neoguri is packing sustained winds of 120 miles per here's video of some huge waves crashing along the coast of miyakojima, japan today. government officials say 10 people were injured. one one man is missing after going
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the winds are blowing a little bit new suitor fled moving. anderson and other clown stretching this morning. kickoff 60 in san jose if and
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sun and a good who did it san jose water fill but said 70 degrees in the east bay expect offered 86 and across the bay upper said '70s across the afternoon. august saturday and sunday were looking for it to go all-out by monday but between now and then it's pretty mild.
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>>: interstate 80 bay bridge was bound to the draft time is running six minutes when i lifted traffic backup get into the maze but close to
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>>: new york is now the latest state marijuana. yesterday, governor andrew cuomo signed the compassionate care act. under the bill, a doctor can with serious conditions. the state legislature passed the meanwhile, the first retail marijuana stores are opening for business today in washington state. the store openings are expected to be accompanied by celebration, but also high prices and shortages. that's because washington's growers are behind on product.
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and the growing price for a gram of marijuana will be 25 dollars. or about 700 dollars an ounce. that's twice the rate of medical happening today in oakland. the city council is meeting to talk about minimum wage increases. and workers will be there to share just what a wage in the bay area means to them. low-income workers from across oakland are planning a noon rally at city hall. they say they are trying to create urgency around passing the 'lift up oakland' oakland's minimum wage from 9 dollars to 12-25 per hour. the rally takes place outside the oakland chamber of commerce. flat a news conference scheduled for 1 p-m. followed by a hearing at city hall. deliberations continue today on the fate of a san leandro man who is on trial for five sexual assault charges. he's being accused of abusing.molesting.and raping a girl from the time she was seven until she was ten years old. prosecutors say.arthur esver
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took advantage of the girl after buying her trust with treats and incident of abuse.she had to tell someone because she no evidence the crime even they say the girl is prone to lying and that the facts don't a bay area man whose two year old step grandson was killed by his family's pitt bulls will yesterday, a judge in martinez ordered steve hayashi to serve one year behind bars and three years probation. hayashi was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. after his toddler grandson made his way into a garage in july of 2010. and was attacked by the pitt bulls. for
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is that guy ok?
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and good morning for your next
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now megaron to the aircraft if they cannot power on were fit snatch average. faugh is selling because he was not what he is sleeping at yankee stadium.
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>>: sphere
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with the wall street journal ran in the opening bell this morning.
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>>: here's a worsening of tenacity and the the in lynn valley will be clear to start and that's a quick look at the north bay area. >>:
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the backup is bidding at the bay bridge toll plaza the west flour ride slow slew drive time still running for about six minutes for. could this setting to back up onto the 880 draft horse laugh. that is of some concern because yesterday we did have a light and easy ride. here's a look if traffic headed towards livermore. most of the heavy traffic is east of the 580 yen to change. its backing of a lot of traffic on to 2 05 and that
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sort of is drive time is just 39 minutes.
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lake berryessa. has burned 45- percent contained. threatened. but all evacuation orders have now been lifted. butts fire which started last tuesday.and has ripped through more than four thousand acres. this is aerial video from last helicopter partnership with abc7 news. how each of these fires started. that's an f-16 jet and it was lincoln landing and delicate in slow motion .
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in his lab look at the bay bridge toll plaza >>:
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you find yourself delay free on board. >>:
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keep an eye on the weather here. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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>>: do so for as often develop to still passwords to cool glass. the last carrier fighter vote came month 2007. cat has a new tack so after he signed a hundred million dollar new.
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>>: we have low clouds and high clouds and we have overcast conditions like in san francisco and there is a slight breeze up their and the defense know we are at this morning. the satellite shows the moisture desman coming in the last few days right now we're not kicking a patent on a riot. here's a temperature should go this afternoon on will inform laude
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in santa clara valley now th ama below 80 here and there is your seventh day of around that they forecast a mild that will be the name of the game for the rest the week. there's a continues to be a slow ride for the westbound 580 going to as livermore valley.
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>>: is backed up from just before highway 88. we have had some flown on 680. there were risks and there was concern of construction work left
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construction on a key piece of the bart extension and the effort cruse will be bidding on the bar tracked for
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>>: in the latest numbers is says the violence is dropping in oakland. the people live here know that task crime here, read
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the note some of the worse in the country though violent crimes have been dropped off giving police more resources and programs have helped the most but the biggest of a call from the community and other agencies to.
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>>: it's that time of year when crazy people come face-to-face rubles in turin
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>>: his look of some of the suites- tweets. summer sanders in the ridiculous others it is in on the fun. here's proof that age is just a number to 82 year-
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old woman fought off a burglar. another state joining it in the nation with a medical marijuana. >>:
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an overnight break-in in san details. killed a boy he thought was holding a gun. >>: it's become a hot spot for no other reason than a backup tapes that this here was bound. the back of has pushed into the macarthur mace and it's a big change from yesterday.


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