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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a tanker truck crash shuts down day. all while spilling fuel. we have an update for you on the incident. temperatures in the east bay. but much cooler than yesterday.
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is a little breeziness products >>: and lotus said the crash but no major injuries were recorded but
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nearly 20 hours after a big rig overturned in marin county. sir above 4,000 gal. and all connected, the gasoline out of the tank so that claim a more
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developing news this morning. uc-berlely police are searching for suspects linked to two different strong arm robberies. they were reported near uc- berkeley in the past 4 days. the first one happened friday night at around 11-30 near cesar chavez center. the second was on saturday night just before 11 at sproul
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plaza. police say in both cases. 3 or 4 young men confronted the victims and demanded their valuables. they then punched the victims belonging. suspects. hours. two of them deadly. this was the scene from one of home on capitol street. a man identified as willie troy johnson died from his injuries. neighbors say there's always house so it's difficult to know who actually lives there. on sunday. one involving a man who pointed a gun at an officer. he was shot and is now recovering.
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cut on a porch sunday. in russia -- three metro train cars derailed in an underground tunnel in moscow, during the morning rush hour. 19 people have been killed with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns that israel will intensify its campaign against gaza militants if hamas rejects an egyptian-proposed cease-fire. the truce was supposed to go into effect early this morning but the israeli military says 24 israel since the expected start of the cease-fire. rejects the egyptian proposal and the rocket fire from gaza to continue and intensify our the egyptian plan calls for all
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a man suspected of being involved in the deadly benghazi of marj. locals say they last saw him being detained in the same city was attacked on september 11th, oakland a's yoenis cespedes of the all-star home run derby in 15 years, powering his way by a whopping 9-1 in the final round last night. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
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on his face the whole time, cespedes finished with 28 homers. cespedes saved his best for last, a 452-foot blast to the third deck above left field that officially measured as the longest of the night.
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lower moisture the sun streaming in from california as an happening for several days och .
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these bay shoreline is most the seven biggest 70 degree weather.
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>>: in the short freeway ride is still a go on. the golden gate
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bridge is a very foggy if there no delays self now. in pittsburg this morning, seven people including two children lost their home to a fire
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firefighters were called to the two-story townhouse on meadowbrook avenue around 5-30 yesterday. home. it looks like voters will get to up into six smaller ones. backers of the "six states" sacramento today to get the proposal on the fall ballot. venture captialist tim draper is states. divided. with much of the north bay becoming part of the state "north california" san francisco, san jose, and the east bay would become part of another big money financial deadline approaching for department of transportation on state highway and bridge
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projects. the president today.pushing congress to close that funding gap. he is criticizing lawmakers for happening today. a small town protest in arizona trying to stop illegal immigrants from being housed in their town. residents of oracle arizona are trying to stop today's arrival of children detained at the mexico border. hundreds of children have been caught illegaly crossing the border into texas, and are being sent to holding facilities across the southwest. today's protestors in oracle, claim the two lawmakers from texas have unveiled a a plan to curb the flood of unaccompanied minors at the border. republican senator john cornyn and democratic representative immediately deport most young migrants.
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process for those who may be able to stay. the measure would have to be heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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we're now getting yahoo's response this morning about a former female employee. who is executives. for alleged sexual harassment. our tech reporter gabe slate
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well combat what watching wall street when the dow opened up
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its 17,000 when the middle of an earnings season with been watching the numbers all morning. >>: fit those nathalie had little luck is with is not allowed on any more than a ladder arista
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ground. you'll see what we had over san francisco faugh. lower net dillon with the possibility of the inuit weather anymore. rather i any reports boulogne's cnn is there but have merely as long as it was tested at yesterday's 101 to bear b 91.
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>>: of the bay bridge toll plaza where slowly and steadily back the traffic up to the look at the latest. the draft time will be 22 to 24 minutes on westbound
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tough fit
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fines for water wasters during the drought. californians can face fines of up to 500- dollars a day for violating the proposed sidewalks
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or the hose. a customer at a san leandro restaurant refused to be a victim. when a man came in armed with a large knife. dinner at the la pinata restaurant sunday night. that's when an intoxicated man walked in armed with a knife. upset, claiming his phone was stolen earlier inside the restaurant. alejandro ran towards him with two others. he jumped on one officer and bit the ex-boyfriend of alix tichelman, the high end prostitute suspected of killing a google executive with a heroin overdose. is now looking
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to cash in on the story. chad cornell called kron 4 trying to sell his story for at 4 does not pay for interviews. cornell says he had tichelman started dating around the time of forrest hayes' death. dead on his luxury yacht, was a surprised to hear alix was a
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and john kerry is going back.
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how will all continue to go back in good faith but it's clear that we still have more work to do. floodwaters are -his global
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back positive earnings are coming up of places like j.p. morgan sacks yesterday it was an all-time high at the down. dense flesh here with more to what to expect with our weather. >>:
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finally today showed up in the form of rain on our radar. her fear for its here and there is of some marine some reports on the bay bridge but of course is gone now. there is that the view of the golden gate bridge and can make up the south tower the fog is so dense. have to of this is the single 60 so the bay area. slightly warmer in livermore 67 they're patel be a warm spot this afternoon. to 85 in sunnyvale will of the sun sun
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shines afternoon in temperatures continued cool was ahead to thursday in. river accident and health or >>:
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with check-in accident in the south bay of one 01 in the 280 unchanged. in the past four
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months the neighbors have cameras set all three cars stolen were older found and returned. made in the investigation. some high end retail stores will re-open today in san francisco's union square. after a water main the stores were flooded. and merchandise destroyed. shoppers stepped over hoses basements of the high-end stores on geary street.
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2-feet of water flooded the even neiman marcus was impacted. lacoste remained closed monday because of the damage. leaving shoppers in a lurch. thursday because there is no power
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bvlgari..was also closed.. sacramento with her friends to buy her favorite perfume from watermain. and water poured out sot john riker / arthur beren on so every person is vital so needless to say it was tough su justine waldman crews cleaning believe they will be here until the end of the stories... if kick hell 8 year old will data hundred people to come here and play in the
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we have the proposal to break up the california between six states the off the day's hearing as a
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>>: people are loving this at rebecca 1989 the bowl nose at
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that's another far from the wolf. far a more than 400 people showed up. rescue workers in
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moscow who is recovering people.
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a tanker truck crash shuts down a marin county road for nearly a have an update for you on the israel accepts a ceasefire deal. but rockets attacks continue on latest on the mideast crisis. and some moisture on stormtracker four this morning. as the bay area moves toward cooler temperatures.


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