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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>a local college professor accused of recording students as they used his bathroom.the charges he's now facing. > > i am jeff bush in san jose where police are investigating a hit and run or a victim was dragged through a parking lot of a safeway. > > the drive-by shooting rattles this neighborhood. tonight why police say to children were close to becoming victims. > > a college professor. accused of spying on students with a camera. he used to work at san francisco state. he's charged with recording the students. as they used his bathroom. kron 4's j-r stone tells us that the former associate professor is now facing more than a dozen counts.
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> > charged with 15 counts of the invasion of privacy after district attorney says he was filming students in the bathroom. > > he had a camera inside the toilet pointed toward students genitals and private parts. > > back in november of 2013 he invited students to get together. someone was going to the bathroom and noticed a blinking red light in the tissue box. he soon found a camera and took the memory card out and gave it to authorities. > > it appears he invited people to his home regularly. > > i interviewed those who live in the building and know him. they say he was ejected months
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ago and officers recently searched his residents. > > this is the first time i am hearing of this. > > he has resigned as an accounting professor but his name tag is still on his door. > > is so gross that somebody would do that professor.. i have teachers that. are that that > > he is no longer a professor here at san jose state university. he was arrested on wednesday but was bailed out of jail he. will face a judge for the first time next week >>a developing story. the wreckage of the air algeria plane that had been missing -- has been found in mali. it was found about 30 miles from the border of burkina faso.near a village in mali. searchers say they've found human remains. and scattered wreckage. the jet was carrying 116 people when it disappeared in a rainstorm. nearly half the people on board
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the plane were french. today was the bloodiest day yet in the more than two week conflict between israel and hamas militants. 119 palestinians died today alone -- including 15 at a u-n shelter. israel insists it didn't do it.suggesting it was a hamas mis-fire. international observers say no way -- it was a deliberate act. palestinian officials agree -- saying that israelis knew exactly what they were shelling. the victims again included many palestinian children > > we do not target u.n. facilities we knew where the facilities for. we have an ongoing relationship with u.n. regarding the conflict and beyond.
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>>"i'm not saying that either side is responsible, i do know that the israeli side had all the gps coordinates of all our installations including the school in beit hanoun and we had spent much of the day trying to organize a pause so that civilians could be evacuated." >>the u.s. says it's keeping a close eye on the situation - and might reinstate the flight ban of flights into israel. here in the bay area.people gathered to honor those killed in the mideast conflict. they met at the lafayette cross memorial hillside tonight. the crosses of lafayette is a project started about four years ago to recognize americans killed in iraq. san jose police are investigating a hit and run accident that happened in a safeway parking lot. the man who was hit was reportedly also dragged by that car. kron four's jeff bush has more. >>crime scene tape blocked off half of the parking lot of the safeway on branham avenue. the san jose fire department got the call around 3:15 and when
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they arrived they found the victim who had been hit by a gray sedan in the parking lot. initial reports are that both the suspect and the victim knew each other, some sort of argument broke out between the two and the suspect hit the victim with his car and dragged him for some amount of time. san jose police were not saying much but did say they are investigating an assault with a deadly weaponthe suspects car being the weapon. the victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries and the suspecte managed to escape the scene. he went into an unknown direction and remains at large. i'm jeff bush in san jose, kron four news > > it was one today but even
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warmer tomorrow. today was '80s and '90s but tomorrow will be triple digits. today we saw 95 and antioch and never more-- livermore. in san rafael we hit 90 as well. it will warm about 10 more degrees tomorrow we will look at those numbers. numbers >>new tests show that most of the steel rods on the new eastern span of the bay bridge are safe. they secure earthquake shock absorbers to the deck of the bridge.. still.more testing needs to be done before officials can confirm that they don't need to be replaced. just last year.about a third of the first batch of rods snapped when tested. officials don't expect it to happen again -- but are closely monitoring the situation. san francisco city officials are considering a 15- million -
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dollar payout to the family of a woman who run over by a city gardener in holly park last year. the parks and recreation commission voted in favor of the settlement to christine svane-meer's family. the board of supervisors will make a final decision. the man accused of running the woman over - thomas burnoski - has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. coming up. new details about the woman accused of leaving her children in the car while she gambled. her strange behavior when approached by police. also - why two popular swimming spots have been closed in the bay area. and next. new information about a man shot and killed by sunnyvale police. why they now think he might have been a serial killer.
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> > court records show that the man shot and killed by sunnyvale connected to the deaths of four dead women. police had been trying to arrest glen griggs in connection to a
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homicide in june. they shot him when he held up what turned out to be a b-b- gun. griggs was suspected of murdering a tenant who disappeared more than a year ago. in a search warrant affidavit.police say three other women died while dating the man. two of the deaths happened in sunnyvale -- and another in tuolumne county. police are still actively investigating the cases - despite the fact griggs is dead. still ahead. you don't find this sort of thing on zillow every day. the south bay house that comes with its own haunted house. police increase patrols in one neighborhood. after a drive-by shooting injures two people - and narrowly misses young children. > > later in the broadcast we have football time. we will hear from jim of little bit later in the broadcast with that a's blowout high lights and the giants getting ready for the dodgers
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vallejo police are beefing up patrols in one neighborhood, after a drive-by shooting. two children narrowly missed being injured -- two men were shot. kron four's philippe djegal talked to neighbors who heard the gunshots and rushed for cover. >>"bullet doesnt have a name on it. so, you never know." philippe>>when jasmine porter heard gunfire, she told her >> "the kids start screaming and i just told them it was fireworks.: philippe>>when in fact, it was a drive-by shooting just three
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homes down on b-w williams drive. vallejo police say while a woman was sitting in the driver's seat in front of this home now riddled with bullet holes. a dodge charger or magnum pulled up just before 10 o'clock wednesday night, and at least one person opened fire at the car. >> "it was dark out there, uh, i don't know whether they knew there were children around." philippe>>but there were. neighbors say they're two boys, who police describe as between four and five years old. thankfully, neither was injured, says clista hammond who lives next door. >> "i thought it was really sad that something would take place that would involve children who are innocent, you know, it's just not right." philippe>>lieutenant herman robinson says a 26-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were both shot in their lower bodies. this while police say the man was strapping the children into their safety seats. >> "we found at least a dozen shellcasings out in the street in front of the residence." philippe>>the victim's were
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taken to a hospital but police say they are expected to survive their injuries. >> "the two victims, they didn't have any reason as to why they had been targeted." philippe>>jasmine porter says after checking in with the children's mother, she's just relieved that they are safe. >>"i actually walked down halfway to her house and just asked her was her and her kids okay, and she said yes, and i was just so happy to hear that. i just walked back home and i didn't worry about what else happened." >>in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news. >>the woman accused of leaving her children inside a car.while she gambled at an east bay casino. was back in court today. faley nyet is facing felony child endangerment charges for leaving her 2 and 3 year old daughters in a hot car. police say when they arrived. jackets and blankets blocked the car windows - and the children were crying. > > she didn't just run into the grocery store and buy milk she. went in there for pleasure
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abandoning her kids in the car. > > court documents say nyet had claimed she was using a casino restroom -- but surveillance video shows that's not true. and police say when they walked into the casino with one of the children -- she simply walked right past them -- making no attempt to contact them. she's in jail on 100-thousand dollars bail. > > the california highway patrol put together some tips on this website to clear up some confusion about lane splitting. it is legal in california but it is illegal in other states. some people believe that these tapes could be misinterpreted as laws and are removing the pamphlets. from all offices as well as from the websites.
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> > this kid is at passionate about halloween every day of the year. it looks like a house outside but on the inside is a real chamber of horrors. this 14 year-old has created an original haunted house. > > i thought it would be a natural thing to try as a hobby. it combines craftsmanship with know-how of how things work. > > a rare toxic al-jee has has forced the closure of oakland's lake temescal to the public. the al-jee is dangerous to both people and animals. and can cause symptoms like rashes, vomiting and flu-like symptoms. the problem is in its third week - and it's not clear yet when the lake will re-open to visitors. the south beach of shadow cliffs lake in pleasanton is
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also closed. that's after high levels of e- coli bacteria were found in the water. park officials say they'll keep testing the water every day until the water is deemed safe. > > it was warmer today but it will be even warmer tomorrow. we have clear skies now and it will stay like that overnight warming 10 degrees tomorrow. it will be tripled degrees tomorrow but a little bit cooler this weekend. though still on the warm side. future cast such shows mild conditions out the door in the morning. temperatures around the '60s and '70s to start the day. but temperatures will war rather quickly as we head into the afternoon as well. we get into the 90s by noon. we see a lot of '60s and '70s as well but getting into the 90s by noon, that is all the red you see on the screen. the '80s, the
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orange, and a sliver of yellow, seventies, at the coach--coast. temperatures tomorrow in the triple digits and upper 90s in some areas. the inland valley pretty much all in the triple digits. york extended forecast, tomorrow is a really hot day. a little bit cooler into saturday but still warmer. it will continue to cool into the weekend and next week. > > in sports. 49ers coach jim harbaugh compares the off-season to being "in the womb." and the a's slam the astros at the coliseum. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next!!!
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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>> a's/astros oakland coliseum 10 year lease with a 2 year out bottom 3rd / scoreless john donaldson singles to right off scott feldman josh reddick scores 1-0 a's still bottom 3rd 2-0 a's
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derek norris rbi single to right donaldson scorers 3-0 a's bottom 6th/ 4-1 a's bases loaded brandon moss deep to right- center off anthony bass it keep goijng and finaaly just over the fence for a grand slam 8-1 a's final: 13-1 a's wp: jeff samrdzija lead angels who play tonight by 2 ½ games in the a.l. west giants/phillies hunter pence resuscitating the phillie phanatic bottom 3rd tin hudson strikes out marlon byrd swinging top 5th cole hamels strikes out hunter pence swinging pence struck out 3 times bottom 5th/ 1-1 tie chase utley singles off hudson ben revere scores 2-1 phillies top 9th/ 2-1 phillies jonathan papelbon who was booed off the mound after bad outings the last two games gets gregor blanco to fly out for his 24th save final: 2-1 phillies giants 3-game win streak snapped but finish a 5-2 road trip
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before a showdown series against the dodgers starting tomorrow night at at&t park they lead idle l.a. by 1 ½ games 49 years practicing. nothing special. they start exhibition games early second week in august. vernon davis showed up. if you are in the right frame of mind the, this is interesting. if you are tired just listen. > > madge and you got in the comfort of the off season of like the comfort of the womb. it's neat in there and warm and cozy. and then you are born. somewhat into the unknown, with people looking at you all, a lot of faces looking at you, a lot of excitement, bright, noisy. it's the crazy world of football.
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> > sunday night football program begins here at 9:00 . this guy has meant a lot to the forty-niners. but i wonder if he goes back in a room a, and i bet on this, and he looks at the other assistant coaches and says, you know how much crap by justice doubt to those media guys.
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would i rather have a coach who plays the same thing every day or guy issue is peculiar and interesting?? dj hayden quarterback justin knocked it over his physical problems. he will miss eight weeks of training camp with a stress fracture in his right foot . michael jordan, somebody paid $30,000 for the last contract that he put his name on as a chicago bull. somebody with 30
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baby can wait? >> a woman about to give birth is told she can't cross the street to get to the hospital. >> was it because the president's motorcade came first? then you've never seen a chase like this. busting out. who is this guy? >> he is pointing a gun at cars. >> who's that teen with him? and desperate mom's dilemma. >> she left her children in a hot car to go to a job interview. >> there's a baby in a car by itself. he is crying. >> now she's speaking out. >> it was a moment of desperation. plus, bill clinton. was he abused by his own mother? a new book's shocking claim. then who's behind the white flag of surrender? >> could the men responsible have a connection with the


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