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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ounters ♪ a soccer coach at livermore's cabernet indoor sports facility has been accused of lewd acts with a child.that story coming up. temperatures of a hundred degrees and up. all around the bay area. we had cameras in the east bay. in oakland and livermore. seeing how some people were keeping cool. while also enjoying the sun. good evening, i'm anny hong in for pam moore. we'll see how hot it will be for your weekend in just a minute.
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but first. kron-4's jeff bush is live in san francisco.where a new heat record was set today. jeff. today we broke a record and sentences go with tempters getting up to 85 degrees. the previous record was 1973 with 82 degrees. one place people won't be going to cool off is shadow cliffs lake in pleasanton. this is what people think of a perfect day. it was a day for tourists and for once those hard to tell them from the locals.
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expecting is pitiful that last crop wheat and.
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all beaches will remain closed at least until tomorrow due to high e-coli levels. the park district discovered high bacterial levels yesterday. and officials say tests will be done tomorrow to determine if the water is safe. lake temescal in oakland will likely stay closed all weekend due to a rare toxic algae that can make people and animals sick. testing showed high levels of the toxin - which causes problems like rashes, vomiting and flu- like symptoms. officials say more test need to be done before they can open the lake to the public. the record tempters wants to carry on for long. we're seeing sea breezes for tomorrow that will cool down temperatures tamara--tomorrow. notable digits
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for the forecast tomorrow however it is still hot-. firefighters in lafayette are cleaning up after structure fire that destroyed one home and threatened another earlier this evening. fire officials say the blaze started in the garage of a home on monitcello road around 6 p-m. the fire gutted that home and spread to a nearby play structure and grassland. firefighters say the weather helped keep the blaze under control. "we got lucky on this. if we had had any wind whatsoever, we would have had a much different outcome we think." crews had the blaze under conrtol by seven tonight. investigators say the fire caused around 700-thousand dollars worth damages. no one was hurt and no other homes were evacuated. authorities in the east bay have accused a livermore soccer
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coach with sexually abusing a child 26-year-old jesse schlicker has been charged with committing a lewd act on a child under the age of 14. police say the incident happened earlier this week at cabernet indoors sports in livermore, where schlicker is a soccer coach. parents who's kids attend soccer camps at the facility were shocked by the news. sot anne lovell/soccer mom 00-15 outcue: camps more of all is felt very safe at tapper name, this just a very unfortunate he event that happened. cabernet sports has suspended schlicker and says its cooperating fully with the investigation. police say schlicker previously worked for world cup soccer camps and clinics based out of los gatos. schlicker is scheduled to returne to court to enter a plea late next month. new charges filed in the federal
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corruption case against suspended state senator leland yee. the san francisco lawmaker now faces racketerring charges. a federal grand jury added the indictment today. acccusing yee of taking bribes in exchance for his votes in favor of several legislative bills, including one on medical marijuana. in march, yee was indicted on public corruption and arms dealing charges. the lawmaker was just one of 29 people indicted in a sweeping f-b-i investigation. investigators say a person found dead this morning in an apartment fire.appeared to be a hoarder. fire officials say the blaze parkmerced apartment building on chuma-sero drive. they say there were several small fires in a cluttered unit near the bottom of the building. one neighbor says she knew the victim well. she was a sweetheart had known her for over 25 years. it's
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unfortunate she was a great person. the woman who died appears to have been the only one in the unit. no other injuries were reported. coming up. two southern california women convicted in a deadly beating jailtime they could face. the effort in one bay area community to encourage people to let their lawns go order to save water. and next. the sweet ending for one bay area girl. robbed of money she earned from selling candy in san francisco.
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a local candy company gave a special gift to the borther and sister who were robbed outside of a san francisco convinient store last week. the two kids- who are being called safire and jayden to protect their identities - were robbed while selling candy. today, the powell's sweet shoppe company gave them a check covering the money that was stolen. they also gave the kids one thousand dollars worth of candy to sell. the woman who robbed them is in jail facing charges of robbery and child endangerment.
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coming up. looking for thrilling weekend activities? how about running with bulls? we'll show you where it's happening. police searching for two people involved in a hit and run crash on the san mateo bridge. tonight.investigators say one of the suspects may be armed. coming up a little later in this broadcast the giants and the dodgers.
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11:14 pm for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. the crash happened just west of this substation on the westbound side of the bridge. the c-h-p says a woman driving 1986 porsche was rear-ended by a 1988 toyota camry just after five o'clock in the morning. investigators say the toyota didn't pull-over. instead the driver continued down state route 92. to the end of the bridge. sot- "at that point, the suspects fled the vehicle on foot, and it was reported by one of the witnesses that one of them may have been carrying a handgun." the c-h-p says the toyota was later found abandoned off the freeway in foster city. officers searched the area for four men seen leaving the car, but none were caught. the c-h-p has also since
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learned that the toyota camry was reported stolen thursday night in redwood city. the victim is a 55-year-old woman who lives in hayward. sot- "the victim sustained minor injuries, basically just complained of pain, but she was transported for precautionary measures to eden hospital in castro valley." officer art montiel says investigators will review surveillance video that may have captured the crash for more information on the suspects. in the meantime, if you were in the area, and saw what happened, call the c-h-p on the san mateo bridge, philippe djegal, kron four news an orange county jury convicted two women of kicking to death a woman during a fight outside a nightclub. candace brito and vanesa zaval were found guilty of manslaughter and assault for the january attack. prosecutors say they kicked annie kim pham in the head.after she was knocked down outside "the crosby" in santa ana. 23-year-old pham died after
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being taken off life support several days after the attack. both women face up to 11 years in prison. they will be sentenced in september. more than 70 neglected animals were rescued from a house in greenfield this week. the s-p-c-a rescued seven dogs and 63 cats and kittens. officials say the house was filled with feces, urine and cockroaches. and that the animals were infested with fleas and suffering from infections. 26 animals were so sick they had to be euthanized. the monterey county district attorney's office will consider whether to file animal abuse
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charges. another public transit strike could be just around the corner. the golden gate bridge labor coalition's thirteen unions are whether to authorize a walkoff. a union representative is now saying that a strike is quote " very likely." the 450 union members in the coalition include golden gate ferry and golden gate transit bus workers. several big weekend events going on around the bay area this weekend.
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phfft we have a cv starting to push back into the bank which will bring tempters belem all along thebay area.
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was the mid to upper 80s and low 90s for the better--bay. so it's still going to be hot but not as hot. beautiful weather of the beaches for tomorrow. similar data for some nine along with a little bit of fog starting next week. the san francsico marathon is this sunday. racers will start running at at five-thrity in the morning.
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the course begins at the ferry building and makes a loop around the city. on their journey, racers will pass by landmarks like fisherman's warf, the golden gate bridge and at&t park. contestants will have to complete the 26 point two mile course in under six-hours to be considered an offical finisher. today was the first day of the famous gilroy garlic festival. the three day fair is filled with food, beverages, entertainment and -- a lot of garlic. this is the festival's 36th year running. today visitors walked by booths and ate food that takes garlic to the extreme. " one and a half of the blocks that you see eight there. pone and a half of the blocks to make that tub? yessir. i think this is amazing i want that job, i love to cook, i love garlic. " the festival will open again at ten tomorrow morning and go until seven at night. parking is free, but the cost of admission is twenty dollars. despite opposition from peta, "the great bull run is stomping into the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton
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tomorrow. it is modeled after the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. hundreds of people and up to 18-bulls are expected run a quarter-mile course together. in sports. the a's.with the best record in baseball. take on the team with the worst. .and the dodgers' yah-see-el pweeg demonstrates why he is possibly the most exciting player in baseball. gary has te highlights. and all the sports. next player in baseball. gary has te highlights. and all the sports. next every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... player in baseball. gary has te highlights. and all the sports. next design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz.
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a's/rangers bob melvin comes in 25 games over.500 bottom3rd jason hamel about otgo 0-3 as an "a" gives up the rbi sincle toe alex rios 2-0 rangers jerome williams the rangers- record 31st pitcher they've used this season strikes out derek norris looking top 9th/ 4-1 rangers tying run at the plate norris' ground ball hits off the glove of 1st baseman right to the 2nd baseman who flips to the pitcher for the bang-bang out bob melvin start to run out to
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challenge . but the replay shows norris was clearly out on a close play . turn abound bob no challenge final: 4-1 rangers angels losing 1-0 to detroit right now in the 5th a's up 2 ½ games pending that outcome
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raiders 1st practice the raiders has their first practice of training camp in napa today 5th overall draft pick khalil mack sees his first action in the silver and black receiver rod streater catching the pass from new starting quarterback matt schaub they hope to be a productive combo and justin tuck one of a number of aging veteran stars brought in to bolster the team raidrs open the exhibition season august 8 in minnesota and join jason appelbaum and bip robers sunday for sports night live lots more from raiders and 49ers camps gianta a's baseball hall of fame induction its all sunday at 9:00 pm
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning! [ heart beating ]
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what really goes on at the best band in the land? >> more shocking allegations. then, drone who done it. what we've learned about the guy who flew a drone close to the seattle space needle. the amazon connection. and imagine finding one of these at your front door. >> the mystery of the creepy dolls left on people's door steps. then, buried alive on the beach. the desperate effort to save him. >> i yelled, get him out, get him out! >> how digging in the sand can end in disaster. >> try to get out. >> i can't even move my ankles now. and 50 shades of reaction. >> it's pretty


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