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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 6, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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chile in an exhibition match. dan rubin is out there this evening, what does it look like? how's the traffic? >> it's pretty bad. we are kind of back to that preseason football forum where we saw awful traffic. the parking situation has been particularly tough. i asked for different parking control officers where the yellow lot was one said, i don't know, one said, i have no idea. that's pretty much where we are with the parking situation. it stopped and the fans are being pretty jovial but as we said we have about 70,000 people out there. when the game is over she's anticipating total chaos, in her words, so we'll have to get back to you later on that one. ike we said, it has been a
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festive atmosphere. >> they are going to win. and you will see that. >> i just got a kids. >> it the crazy thing, but it's all about mexico. >> so we have mexico taking on 12 ranked chile, and we are bringing that out tonight at 11. >> certainly traffic and turf, unconcerned there. the search continues for a missing autistic boy in san jose who said hasn't been seen since early
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this morning. >> sergio zepeda has been missing going on 11 hours now. the san jose police department in the command center where we been hoping to hear some good news, but it looks like we have his photograph and san jose police that his mother last saw him this morning around 9:00 and he was reported around two hours later. and he was last seen inside his home. his mother augustina and her boyfriend think he got out on his own by leaving through the garage. the san jose search and rescue has been out looking for the boy since this morning with search dogs, but with no luck. >> it was -- is there, so
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obviously -- >> he's six years old, 4-foot tall and about 40 pounds. brown hair and brown eyes, last seen wearing abe black shirt that had mario brothers writing and pictures. >> and they are not being detained. the police department says this is how the two hour being transported around the area as the search continues. they say this is not the first time that sergio has gone missing but this is certainly the longest that he hasn't been seen. live in san jose tonight. >> richmond police are looking for a man wanted for it a crash that sent a bus into a house last night. they are suspected of taking
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stolen vehicle and crashing it into an ac transit bus. this is video from our helicopter partnership with ac seven news. the woman and her two young daughters were in the home when it was hit. the home was severely damaged in the crash and was red tagged. the home was part of a duplex and the other half is still okay. some neighbors who heard the crash ran to help. >> i heard a crash, that's all eye heard. and then it hit all of us. i saw my friend run around the corner and he ran to the bus and we put them out across the street. >> police took the juvenile passenger into custody at the scene and that same officer found contrariness fleeing the area after the crash. he was currently on probation for multiple stolen vehicle
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fences. demolition has started hundred retail building destroyed and the five alarm fire on thursday. it destroyed housing retailer and the place has been crammed with merchandise which is just charred rubble now. heavy smoke poured through the mission district and, the for determine is still investigating. >> fire crews extinguished of vegetation fire near 8080 and alameda county. it started just before 4:00 this afternoon and the fire burned about 1 acre and was distinguished in about an hour. a man and alejo was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man to death. michael jackson was arrested for murder yesterday evening, and the victim was stabbed multiple times in the north and alejo community park.
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he later died at hospital. jackson fled on foot and was armed with they nice when officers found him. the motive for stabbing was under investigation. the victim's name has not been released. a person was killed and a crash early this morning and san jose. chp said it happened on the connector ramp from highway 101 to northbound 680. the driver of the car lost control and crashed into a concrete retaining wall. the driver and the passenger both got out of vehicle and was hit by another car. the chp says the force of the questions the passenger was standing on the roadway over the retaining wall and she was declared dead on the scene. thousands of people at cal state east bay might be the victims of they data breach. school officials say the breach started last august and continued for one year. they hacked into a where the server that sort personal information and that person copied names, addresses and social security numbers of of
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or than 6000 people and birth dates of more than 500 others. the school says thinking, academic and medical information was not revealed. those affected have been alerted and offered free credit monitoring. the mayor says the city will not host the urban shield conference next year. it to disaster preparedness conference and training exercise for local state and federal police agencies. hundreds of demonstrators gathered to protest the conference and this is video from our helicopter partnership. protesters were angry about what they believe is the militarization of law enforcement. police say there were no arrests, citations or injuries and the urban shield has been hosted in oakland for the last two years. nearly two weeks and days after the 6.0 earthquake hit napa more homes and buildings are being tagged.
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right now, 125 structures have been red tagged and are considered unsafe to enter and more than 1000 buildings have been yellow tag. the red cross it is actuation center will remain open throughout the weekend, and it is located at the crosswalk community church on first street. the napa community is still reeling after the devastating quake and it caused almost $300 million in damage but it did more damage than just property. many people's beloved pets were also affected and now to napa residents are getting attention for stepping up and taking action. jeff peters shows us the old- fashioned way that they set out to raise some money. >> these two young girls in napa have come inspiration for a egg donation for the napa animal salter and humane society with a modest lemonade stand. >> i just thought we should raise money for animals. >> without the animals might be really scared on everything and
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they might feel better. >> today expressed was already raising money for pets affected by the quake, and they brought in the proceeds and several others were moved to make this decisions. >> the donation process was happening on its own silently, but everyone was still moved by what they were doing and the little girls were so energetic they wanted to contain you. >> the little girl set up their stand in front of the pet food store and can say they played a role in raising thousands of dollars for stranded animals. >> the people here race $14,471. >> they have done and mix outstanding job of raising
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awareness of the need for pets in the community. many pets were affected by the quake them somewhere lost and taken inside the shoulder. >> there was an additional 2000 added to the total. >> great story. napa firefighters are also trying to get help to people back in that area. firefighters chipped in to buy this brand-new but screen tv for an elderly couple whose television was destroyed ring the quake. >> these were members of the napa city firefighters association. they can help one family returned to a little bit of a normal life. they were obviously over want by what happened and impacted. the people that have needs can contact the city of napa. let us no what your needs are and we will try to match you
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up. >> numbers are posted on our website. firefighters say the volunteer center of napa is also you can find information on the red cross, church groups and other local groups which are helping quake victime city and county of napa will open a local assistance center on first street. residents and business owners can access earthquake assistance and connect with available resources. >> coming up at eight, two and one california town are in big trouble after bringing a gun to school. how they were caught and what happened when school alerted authorities. president obama could be to blame when it comes to the delay in immigration reform. the big problems in yosemite national park. a wildfires burning and under the being asked to evacuate their homes. we will give you details on the fight against it. >> there's of hurricane spinoff of mexico tonight. i'll tell you how this may
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impact the bay area monday, coming up.
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>> 300 homes near yosemite national park are being ordered to evacuate as firefighters battle they large wildfire. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and so far fire officials say the fire has burned about 300 acres and is about 25% contained. an additional 400 homes in the area are being advised to evacuate. >> right now our priority is to take care of the structures as well as evacuation. >> we just bought the house they year and half ago, so i hate to lose it. >> no damage has been reported, but apportionment of highway 49 that leads into the park has been closed. it's been about year that the rim fire has destroyed part of the can can't ground in yosemite county.
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to allah me camp is run by the city of berkeley and fire destroyed most of the structures including all of the main building. a nonprofit group has been holding hundred users and save the money will be used for things like repairing trees. restoration could take at least four years. lots of gray skies around the area this morning and it took a while two clear it. sunshine and temperatures ranging from mild to warm. the warmest places were not too bad on the warm side, but not too warm. mid- and upper 80's in fairfield with 89 degrees, and live view and currently skies are mostly clear. some fog getting to develop out the coast, and eventually as we go into tonight, especially after midnight, cloudiness will push into the bay and all the way into the inland valleys. rates start for tomorrow.
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slow clearing, the will take up to about 11:00 or noon pretty to clear. temperatures are mild to warm, and there's hurricane spinning off of mexico. it's moving north, and it will not make it all the way into california but some tropical clouds will make it to the bay area and the showers associated with those clouds could get close. there's hurricane, winds right now at about 35 miles per hour and it will weaken substantially as it pushes towards northern mexico. here's the future casts, and there are those tropical high clouds beginning to spread north towards the central coast and in sierra. showers show up by monday morning, scattered showers between monterey and the central coast, and also into the sierras, but it looks like
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any threat for what whether at this time remain south and east of the day and we will see some clearing into monday afternoon. tomorrow look for temperatures mainly in the 70s here for the soft they come up and closed to 80 for san jose. the mountain view high, and mid- and upper 80's. sunshine with the fog in the north bay and i'll tell you about the warm-up for next week. >> two high school boys have been arrested after police say they brought a loaded gun onto ace school bus. deputy say the 15 -year-old brought the gun on the bus but gave it to the older student. stoop on board started texting
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their parents about the gun and their parents alerted the school. authority say the buster ever help the students on the bus until deputies arrived. >> the buster ever did not know there was a gone on the bus. it was notified by radio. this is a small community and it's very scary to know that they would bring a gun to school. >> they didn't plan to hurt anyone. >> some students at decided to eat marijuana cookies got quite the surprise when they ended up getting sick and had to be hospitalized. >> and coming up. >> oh my god, people behaved badly? >> , fulton 500 speedway. i'll explain what happened on this edition of people behaving
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badly. >> 40 niners, cowboys, readers and jets and complete highlights and analysis with week number one. bus it's crunch time for the giants and athletics. join me and former all-star dip roberts right after the news.
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>> 42. 43. 39. >> whatcom to the fulton 500 speedway race baiting is no longer tolerated. this pair of transit buses was doing 39 in at 25. the reason she was going so fast? i have a pickup, somewhere on supposed to be. >> luckily she wasn't carrying any passengers. drivers have been clocked as high as 60 miles per hour, despite the speed limit?
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rating from 35-25. it's 25 year approaching the senior so citizens facility, and the campaign of education is underway. >> in one day, two officers including the one i'm writing with wrote, check this out, 110 ticket in two hours, 98 were for speeders. >> officers are around fulton seven days per week, enforcing the speed limit. >> oh my god, people behaved badly, is that you guys? >> the reasonable to over is you are going 25 miles per hour over. >> well everyone screws up.
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>> the winner of the people behaving badly award was this driver caught at 49 in a 25. one more digit over, he could've been arrested and the car impounded. i hope he's enjoying that sandwich. >> slowdown on fulton, you may have of family member trying to cross the street. them a break. >> san francisco, stanley roberts. >> coming up at a 30:00, details behind a police prostitution sting. i will tell you who was targeted and who was caught after the break. and it's video that has the country talking. here on the golden gate bridge. and we will tell you what the california highway patrol is saying about it and if those
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>> new details in the reports of it small plane that crashed near jamaica. more on the search efforts to recover plane debris and the bodies of those inside. and the mysterious virus going around in the midwest causing hundreds of kids to become ill. what doctors are saying about what they call an extremely rare virus. and one of several high school rare virus. and one of several high school students no rush, andy.
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>> to bay area students got sick from eating marijuana laced cookies are out of the hospital. richmond police say the cookies left to stew the unconscious thursday and one had to be resuscitated and three otmiting police arrested the 17 -year-old deanza high school senior accused of selling the cookies, and we talked to a student who said the cookies might have had more than just marijuana. >> i had it really severe headaches, and i don't remember what i did yesterday but some of my friends are saying that i felt. >> you start hallucinating thinking you're going to die and your heart rate is so fast that it feels like it's going to come out of your chest.
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it was crazy. >> the female student arrested for selling the cookies is being held in juvenile hall in martinez. police say school officials are reportedly taking steps to expel her. 11 men were taken into custody thursday for soliciting prostitution from undercover officers on the 20 third street. then richmond police posted these photos on there facebook page. the department says it's focusing on pimps and is john's who often exploit vulnerable victims, some as young as 12. police intend to use social media to spotlight the people behind what they call risky and unlawful conduct. jamaican officials say they have spotted debris that may be from the wreckage of a plane thought to have landed in the ocean yesterday. the single engine plane took off from rochester new york with they real estate developer on board with his wife. both were experienced pilots, the radio to say there was a rob him and later all radio
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contact was lost. after that us fighter pilots follow the plane and they could see the pilot slumped over and the planes window were frosted. immigration reform will have to wait and so after november's midterm elections, that the word from the white house today. has mary maloney reports stakeholders of both sides are critical of the decision. >> political action went. >> is after working for immigration reform for many years, i am disappointed because i would have hoped the president had acted month ago eared he as well as extending of deferred deportation program for children of families of immigrants. they want to take the issue out of the political arena but the delay means repercussions for the president and other democrats would come after the
8:32 pm
president's congressional midterm elections. >> he wanted a long-term solution. >> for the president, it's an apparent about-face. earlier this year he spoke of acting quickly. >> if congress will not do it their job, at least we can do hours. expect recommendations before the end of the summer and i intend to adopt those are conditions without further delay. >> john boehner took the opportunity to blast obama. he issued a statement saying, in part, there's never it right time for the president to declare amnesty by executive at action. the decision smacks of raw politics. >> gop lawmakers say they resent being left out of the obama decisions. the mysterious respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals and several states. the virus causes symptoms like
8:33 pm
a cold except worse. and, in a sign of of possible regional outbreak, i'll read oh, illinois and ohio are reporting cases with symptoms similar to the same virus. hospitals across the denver area are on alert for the illness that can leave children and teenagers with asthma and debilitated. >> i couple days ago i couldn't breathe at all. >> the oxygen mask is a necessity. >> my head started hurting after my lungs started sort of closing up. >> 13 -year-old will corday so almost make it. >> we left and he just passed out, and his eyes rolled back in his head and hot to call 911. >> he's likely dealing with what is known as enterovirus 68
8:34 pm
which makes breathing difficult. >> our pediatric floor is full of patients with pretty severe respiratory distress. >> will is at risk because he already deals with asthma, but doctors say all kids under five are also prone to the virus. it first appears as a common cold. >> to go from a cold to being probably minutes away from death is kind of scary. >> despite the tube the eighth- grader is on the mend. >> i feel better than i did before. >> it's families sharing their story hoping parents will pay attention until there is an all clear. >> it was pretty scary. >> doctor say the virus is extremely rare and they have yet to pinpoint why so many cases have sprung up recently. since mid-august more than nine the children have been treated for severe respiratory illness in the denver area. president obama says nato
8:35 pm
allies are committed to destroying isis, but he warns it will not happen overnight. returning from the nato summit in europe president obama plans to meet with congress next week as lawmakers demanded the us come up with a strategy. >> what we can accomplish is to dismantle this network, this force, that has claimed to control this much territory, so that they cannot do us harm. and that is going to be our objective. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are already preparing legislation ahead of any presidential requests to authorize us airstrikes inside syria. so far president obama pledged no us ground troops will enter serious. a jury an airstrike on isis has killed at least 29 militants and civilians. government forces launched the series of airstrikes targeting
8:36 pm
the militants today. at least 29 people died when one of the missiles slammed into abe bakery. many of those killed were civilians and activists say the death toll is likely to rise. a cease-fire agreement that ended months of fighting in the you crane is in its first full day. the truce between ukrainian forces and russian backed rebels still appear fragile. both sides are claiming violations that the ukrainian president says he and russian president vladimir putin discuss ways to make the truce last. both leaders addressed the cease-fire as having been quote for filled in whole. thousands without power as severe weather ripped through several northeastern states causing major damage along the way. we have the details next. >> gave it's late here at 40 niners levi stadium in santa clara. we heard about this being a super high-tech stadium. today is their chance to prove it. they've invited the media to get that behind the scenes tour
8:37 pm
of the technology running this facility. i have to tell you, i've seen some amazing stuff. >> future casts is showing somewhat weather making its way towards the bay area monday morning. i will talk more about this morning. i will talk more about this coming up next. extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> thunderstorms swept through southeast michigan last night knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. in dearborn heights a church festival was in full swing when and the raging winds picked up a tent. one man was in serious condition and for other people had minor head injuries. the storms hit kalamazoo county the hardest and thousands of homes and businesses were left without power this morning after 50 or 60 mile-per-hour wind ward through neighborhoods there. >> i'm surprised there was more damage. you went several different ways and i know the back way to get
8:40 pm
him home, and there were trees down all over the place. >> of your storms ripped through chicago friday, high winds toppled trees and power lines weaving at least 110,000 people without power. there have been no reports of injuries. an out here in the west, the completely different situation. clear skies and they beautiful view of the moon which is almost full as we go into the saturday evening. also clear skies although some low clouds are beginning to develop out at the coast and those are beginning to push into the bay as we get into tomorrow morning. as we start out the day will be a similar situation as we had today we're a great and drizzle eat in some places. it will take a while for those clouds to clear, but sunshine with highs around 70, bayside in the mid- 80's, the warmest is east bay valley. then we have this hurricane spinning off of mexico. it's moving north of weakening
8:41 pm
pretty rapidly. the moisture from the system is spinning up into the bay area him of bringing some clouds, but it looks like any chance for showers remain south of the bay area. tuesday the fog clears faster and i will start out warming trend that goes to the rest of the week. here's the fog tracker. at midnight noticed the low clouds still mainly offshore. those begin pushing into the day and beginning in the east bay valley's and to the south. they also -- noticed the model showing some pockets tomorrow morning around 6:00 a.m. the clearing will be kind of slow, and by 9:00 a.m., still low clouds by the bay, and most should be clear with the exception of the ocean. sunshine to the rest of the afternoon, and as we get south and west of san jose some low and mid 80's showing up. highs in the mid- and upper 80's inland, 88 in antioch, the these by the bay, in the
8:42 pm
forecast high after the low clouds in the morning. 66 in san francisco, upper 70s and low 80's them oakland 70s and we have some heavy low clouds in the morning monday, then subtropical high clouds for the afternoon with relatively mild temperatures. more sunshine to the rest of the week and look at those temperatures warming up and thursday and friday. >> looking good. it's something you don't see every day. dear taking a stroll on the gold gate bridge stopping traffic on the way. we will have more on the dramatic video that has now gone viral. ...we need to break up.
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>> i'm at 40 niners levi stadium in santa clara. we've heard about this being a super high-tech stadium, the world's most technologically advanced venue. today, they will try to prove
8:45 pm
that you have invited the media to give it behind-the-scenes tour of the technology running the facility. is it the green roof sweep level upper west side of the stadium, about the garden and on top of these white pillars are 1200 solar panels. these panels collect enough wattage throughout the year too fully cover the energy that they use for all the home games here. how about that? this truly is a green stadium. the fans here are spoiled with two giant video boards on either side of the stadium, 200 feet wide and 48 feet high. led, 1080 high-definition with over 2 million pixels. it's the bright sunny day and i'm surprised to see how well you can see the images on the video walls. they are really bright. ever wonder what it takes to run this video boards are in the game? lots of buttons in this high-
8:46 pm
tech control room. 43 people on game day work on the video board. they had all the cameras, audio, replays, stats, anything you see on the screen and it's all controlled from this room. how do you provide strong wi-fi for fans that are all wanting to upload pictures and videos on game day? turned the menu into it giant hotspot. under every 100 seats at the wireless access point pumping out the free wi-fi signal. the wi-fi is very important because they want the fans to be plugged in during the game. the stadium app is the first of its kind and it enhances the fan experience. you can buy, trade or transfer tickets, find parking and watch instant replays right after you see them live on the field. you can pre- order your food or drinks so they are ready by the time you get there, and for $5 extra for the app you can order any food they sell in the stadium and have it delivered
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to your seat. >> joan rivers' autopsy was inconclusive, meaning the exact cause of the comedy legends of death is still in question. alexandra field has the latest. >> joan rivers wind for laughs and joked about death. >> i could just go, just like that. do understand how lucky you would be? do you understand you have something to talk about for the rest of your life? >> she led the stage for the last time last week in new york city. >> she gave the tremendous performance for her last performance. she was particularly on that night, she came in and it was in a great mood. she left in a great mood. she was healthy and vital. she looked great. >> the next day rivers was rushed to mount sinai hospital
8:48 pm
in critical condition. the comedy legend was put on my support and never recovered. rivers went into cardiac and respiratory arrest during the procedure at the yorkville endoscopy center and the clinic is now a focus of investigation of the new york state department of health. the board that gave the clinic it's accreditation is also investigating. they will look at the clinics staffing, life-saving protocols and which drugs may have been given. >> what kind of sedative would be used in a case like this? >> some facilities use accommodation of merced which is like intravenous valium, and another type of sedation. more commonly today, propofol is used and it provides an adequate level of sedation to do this type of procedure. >> pedicle professionals would have had to have determined she was healthy enough to undergo the procedure. one night earlier, rivers sold-
8:49 pm
out her final show. >> at 81 years old, the legendary comedian was still testing out new materials. >> this snake scare is over. animal control officers capture the venomous cobra that attacked a dog in the church county. it was first spotted in a backyard in thousand oaks and was finally captured andre shed with some degree. it took animal control officers to tries to finally security animal. earlier that day, a woman spotted the animal crossing the road and alerted everyone nearby. >> it was just something i saw so eye went into action to track it to tell people where it was. it wasn't my job to stop it or catch it. >> this snake was taken to the la zoo will eventually be transferred to the san diego zoo. paleontologists have discovered
8:50 pm
the largest dinosaur to ever have walked the face of the earth. fossils in argentina have been identified as the new species called the dreadnaughta. it weighed about 65 tons, which is about as much as it doesn't african elephants were seven tyrannosaurus rex. nearly 70% of the skeleton was intact making one of the biggest preserved large dinosaurs ever found. making health headlines this week, your shrinking brain, double mastectomy is and doctors with ebola. >> can lack of sleep shrink your brain? a new study in the journal of neurology seems to suggest that. researchers scanned 147 participants brains, and then about three and half years later, scanned them again. those who slept poorly had arrested decline in brain volume, fishing participants
8:51 pm
over 60. and a new study suggests that preemptive double mastectomies will not improve survival odds for patients battling early- stage cancer in one breast. the study looked at nearly 200,000 women and found nearly identical 10 year survival rates for those who either choose a double mastectomy were removal of the tumor and radiation in the cancerous breast instead. the study also found that those who elected a single mastectomy had a slightly lower survival rate. this research appears in this external of medicine. the number of ebola cases in west africa has now surpassed 3500. the world health organization say more than 240 of them are medical staff. so why do they keep getting sick? any medical professional say they don't have enough protective gear and sometimes it isn't used properly. the ebola virus is spread through direct or indirect contact of bodily fluids with
8:52 pm
an infected patient. which means taking contaminated gear off correctly is just as important as putting it on. >> much more ahead on the news at eight. it's a california rivalry, usc versus stanford. and pie in the face for oakland athletics, we will show you what happened after the break.
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8:55 pm
>> a big day for bay area sports teams. we start at stanford stadium in the state rivalry game. stanford takes on usc early on, but it was the trojans getting on the scoreboard. the punch it in from the 2-yard line which puts usc up seven- nothing. this game was the defensive battle in the fourth quarter. andre hodari was at 53-yard field goal, and that would make it 15-10 usc. stanford has one more chance, kevin hogan drops back, he's sacked. the trojans recover and it usc goes on to win the game 13-10, first loss of the season for the stanford cardinals. the san francisco giants are in full throttle as of late winning saturday's game, and saturday was certainly no letdown. down the line there, and one run with score the giants up, four-nothing. but it's not over. four-three giants at one point, buster posey at the plate. you will see him, and boom.
8:56 pm
that ball is deep and not playable. the giants win this 15-four and they are now game and half behind the los los angeles dodgers. if the playoffs started now they would take the last wild- card spot. we jump to oakland, but there was a bright spot. the affleck's are down three- one, josh reddick with a shot to center field. two runs are scored and that would tie the game. then it's jed lowrie coming up here, the game is tied and reddick is on the base. and hopefully that will get the offense off the season and they win the game, also at the celebrations afterwards. good times for the oakland athletics. of strange site of the golden gate bridge, to dear headed northbound briefly stop traffic friday. you see it all over the
8:57 pm
internet, i love seeing that stuff. >> well hopefully they got into marin county okay. >> i hope so. >> good night. 0,000 california foster childr extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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terrible news this week, joan rivers has passed away. it is so very, very sad. here is what we know about her final hours. >> if it ended right now, amazing life, we have had a great life together. >> we're at the hospital where joan sadly lost her fight. >> she was always on the phone saying you can do it, mother, and one reason is because of the support. >> we have news on joan's funeral plans. >> i want my funeral to be a huge show business affair, i want to be buried in a valentino gown. >> we're also going to share what her daughter says. >> today is god's gift, that is why it is called the present. and we should live in the


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