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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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th tonight at 11. firefighters are continuing to battle a massive fire in yosemite park. the flames exploded and force dozens of people to be evacuated by helicopter from the famous half dome rock. good evening and pam more cooler weather has slowed the spread of the fire he is in the blaze caused the metal fire has burned nearly 2,600 a. chills know the half, marriott will remain closed released thursday concourse chiles charles crawford reports from yosemite he shows how the wildfires effecting a popular tourist attraction >>
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the metal fire is burning on the east side of half dome which is right there in the back of the valley. the national park service did provide me with some photographs taken last night's. it is burning in the wilderness and far away from any cabins. because of the fire we have had to close several trails. we've had to close many of the popular trails. now often time when there is a file in yosemite national park the let it burn out. because this fire is burning near some popular campgrounds they are actively fighting this fire. it is very dry this tinier and we have 35 percent of normal
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snowpack. this gives the potential for fire to be very great. we are suppressing fires quickly as possible. roads to yosemite are open for visitors and air quality astaire good. the air quality has been very good over the past few days. >> in other big news public kraft an incredibly disturbing video release today of baltimore ravens running back rice knocking out his then fiancee inside an elevator in atlantic city. today the ravens, rise and the nfl followed suit by suspending a star running back indefinitely. the grainy video from t m c
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sports apparently shows rise in geneva, in an elevator and atlantic city casino. it is tough to see someone you know do something wrong and suffer the consequences. until today the team had not seen the video of rice striking his fiancee. meanwhile the reagan's decision to cut rice from the team is getting a mixed reaction from anti domestic violence advocates.
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they're pleased has been disciplined their disappointed it took video of the abuse for tappan. and the domestic of what once is something that anti domestic advocates are saying. it should not have taken a video for the nfl to execute consequences. the burden of proof is on the victim. had we not seen the video would the consequences have been enforced?
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unless these players are penalized there is no way we will ever be able to feel comfortable to talk about this issue--dumbs wives and girlfriends--will not come forward. if the nfl really wants to take this seriously the need to put prevention programs in place to stop these things from happening. authorities say they will resume their search in the morning this six year old boy.
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the line came out of nowhere as the father described and attacked this little boy. similar to the weight it would attack a deer. authorities have set up three live traps with road kill and day. coming up. 40 years after five women were killed in san mateo county that fbi names of persons interest in the case. plus a fire breaks out at a southern california theme park. and buzzing around the web apple's big announcement expected tomorrow a preview of next.
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the public is hours away from apple's big media event which takes place at 10:00 tomorrow morning in the south bay. our tech reporter gave slave visited the event site to give us a sneak peek at what apple is up to. and the top of the parking lot across from the street where the big event will take place tomorrow. moments ago i was on the ground just 40 ft. away from that mysterious white structure that apple is building. here's a look at what apple is expected to unveil. there'll be new i phones by pads and a new watch shown off tomorrow. we expect to i phone models of both with bigger screens.
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it's likely apple will lose the box shape of the phone. the eye watches the big mystery with very little doubt about this. from 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m. tomorrow check our station for live coverage of the event. still had the fbi hot on the trail of the cold case. both to tell you why police searching for in connection to the deaths of five women in the bay area it back in 1970. plus customer information at risk. home depot the latest retailer to acknowledge a security breach. coming up later in this broadcast more about raise rice and nfl and how they're dealing with this.
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currently serving time on an attempted murder charge. between january and april of 1976 he murdered four women. this year they announced the connection of this case to 61. the fbi is seeking a possible witness for this case who is living in san the tail county of the time of the murders. home depot has now confirmed its data payment system has now been breached. the company says there's no evidence the debit card panzer compromise. they're focusing on purchases
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made from april this year. hackers have attacked pitching's target and good will among others. summer california's magic mounting park. the theme park was closed at the time the fire but no word on what started the blaze. former gov. ronald schwarzenegger has lifted the curtain on his official state portrait. back this state capital today to unveil his giant official state portrait. it is done by austrian artist gottfried hello van a realist who also has painted in the warhol and john f. kennedy. schwarzenegger says nothing is impossible.
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this is also harvestman is the last super moon of the year. it's the third the third super moon of the year and also a harvestman. as supermini is when the moon is closest to the outburst during a full moon. some years there are none this year is special because there are three in one year. take a look at this beautiful photo of this super moon tonight captured bykrion--kron 4 viewers,
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here's another stunning photographs taken by our viewers. what a great shot. and look at this one. it was taken at communication hill in san jose. science centers and scientists say it is a special day for moon watchers in the new in the bay area. the next superman will take place in september of 2017. this is a beautiful nice looking man tonight thanks for bringing that to us.
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the temperatures are little on the chilly side right now. will see quite a bit of warning over the next few days. very little. cloud little for the most part this is a look relatively clear evening along the bay area. now for your seventh day around the day forecast. there'll be lots of sunshine
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very little. little we will not be getting into the 60s hardly at all this week. it is too far out to say what will happen next week but there may be a chance of rain. every university hospital in atlanta says it's preparing to care for another american who has contracted ebola in west africa. the petition will be flown in to land a tuesday morning. one of its doctors working in the ebola treatment center in sierra leone has tested positive for the disease by is in stable condition. this will be the fourth american patients suffering from ebola brought back to the u.s. from working in africa. will the a's go extra innings with the white sox.
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good evening everybody. the a's are now one game out of third place. tonight in chicago sunny brae.
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gray worked seven innings. the game is tied at 3 in the eighth inning. a's are ready to close the show. but seattle won and the a's won. --as lost their game.
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the trick the a's and seattle. the a's will have a tough time beating seattle. dodgers coming into at&t park for the first of three on friday nights. you probably have seen this video already. this is ray rice just committing
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a violent act. the nfl had not seen this until today. the ravens fired him and the nfl banned him for life. did roger bedeviled know of this video? in the days ahead we will start to get answers for this.
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the nfl biggest sports entity in the world will see how they will handle these tough issues.. manning and the giants could not stop the great calvin johnson. kevin johnson might be the best player in the nfl.
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football star fired after this video inside the elevator. the video you haven't seen until now. >> they have it on tape, boom! they should have put him behind bars. then, kate's baby medical drama. >> very potentially serious and often debilitating situation. >> this pregnant woman knows exactly what kate is going through. >> i still feel like i am going to die every day. >> and a speeding ticket saved his life. >> oh please! >> how getting pulled over by cops was the best thing that ever happened to this guy. inside the funeral fit for the queen of comedy, straight from deborah after her moving you will


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