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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 10, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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ppa falling chimney nearly killed him to let young quake victim out a possible back home >> : sit well love officials describe the check until the animal that jumped and killed a lot about a title and what >> : little is the nfl five months ago was now to confirm >> : officials say they learned of the two days ago >> : away on for a terrible accident shares our rage against to will spirit speeders >> : of reclusion leaves a boycott with the group's goal: speed limits on white house >> : for our free report try to prime time news >> : news at 8 starts now. kron for the first saw you today and that they can't kill the dangers online may remember
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the big cat attacked a six year old boy on a hiking trail in cupertino on sunday kron 4 is live tonight in the south bay with details on the online and what happens now >> : california official what live is looking for my mind that tx 6 year-old boy on sunday and are confident that the animal the till this morning is the same online >> : on 9:00 wednesday morning a team official while less tracker is to pick up the scent of online not far from the site of last weekend's attack. 1038 got the cat 103 yds away from where the boy was injured memo online was 65 ft. off the ground despoiling very aggressive behavior usually when there this particular cat crouches down very aggressive and very territorial and appeared to be thinking about dumping which was very surprising very unusual. the
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cause >> : was so far off the ground acting strangely the trackers did not feel it could safely tranquilize the animal and the decision was made to use lethal force >> : dispatched with a trend was and was optioned to 65 ft. up and a fourth film >> : is most main way to cut down parkas of the cat now being taken sacramento were fish what life will to conduct the tests also rolling out whether the cat had rabies also compare dna samples from the online dna taken from the clothing of the victim to determine if this is the same animal and official well as can be confident of the outcome >> : of the students often this is a recap and for multiple reasons one the dogs took the set were trekking one particular cat that matched the cent from the child's clothing there is at and also the behavior of the cat pre much in line with the strange behavior shown earlier >> : this finely the churro
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closed hearing to go to our sunday will remain closed because fish wildlife news removed some traps the clout kron tx online also a possibility there could be evidence on the trail that could have an impact on this case. >> : in developments in the rice scandal the nfl says is now looking into reports from the associated press about a law-enforcement official who says he sacked a complete video of rights punching his fiancee of five months ago. nfl claims it's not some of the hotel was passed monday when commissioner roger del suspended rise indefinitely. the officials say they had no knowledge of anyone receiving a copy of the now infamous tape and memo sent to the nfl owners today commissioner don maintains that he ask for the tabletop times during the investigation speaking to reporters today nuance the
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trend to the right thing at all times when we make a mistake were honest about it and open about it >> : we were few weeks ago improved our policies in this area with more to do or not keep listening learning and the insurer we're doing the right thing for all our fans >> : on monday the raven's released running back right to lead been charged with felony aggravated assault in may he was accepted into a pretrial intervention program allowing him to avoid jail time on the program could lead to the charge being purged from his record unless president obama just wrapped up his address on how he will deal with the terrorist group ices. it is states will conduct air strikes in iraq and syria as well as help from allies. newton's >> : degrade ultimately destroy it assault from a comprehensive sustained
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tartars and strategy rare prime-time address president obama laid out his long awaited military strategy for handling terrorist group lyses to >> : hunt down terrace to betray a country or they are and will not hesitate to take action against sit and and syria as well directory president's plan includes targeted air strikes in to the license trouble in syria. in just over and see military action by the end of the organization's growing influence >> : and uphold values that stand for >> : travel distance of neurosurgery he announced that he sent four runs in five additional service members to help train as a secure forces and provide intelligence they insist they will not be on combat mission >> : of the wage to a steady relentless effort to take out them wherever they exist
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using air power >> : and support for partners forces on the ground >> : ices controls large portions of pyrexia and the militants efforts to credito fate or islamic state left a trail of brutality slaughtering men women and children from under two u.s. journalists now appears the president is ready to take the fight to them. >> : sven less michael that he thinks private prisons to the strategy will work. i think the strategy is there a measured response some not so with less rhetoric basically says coolly that we will engage in a counterterrorism campaign going after where there are gun down and going to destroy them and whatever way possible >> : the president's entire dress
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wont kron4-dot-com silicon wash the entirety at your convenience >> : happening now five people recovering to nine from the violent clash in san mateo had a bunch of special needs students at about 1030 this morning on west hills boulevard and the assistant teacher three special needs students from hillsdale high school. tree trimmer was working in the area and saw the crash >> : hit the windshield and then all the other kid got hit just jumped the car and fell on the back of a car. police say all those involved are in stable condition on with life-threatening injuries. and for helicopter partnership with abc seven and those that were part of a group of 15 special needs students and five teachers who were out on the field trip. so there's a great deal of concern for those injured there are as alive
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and santa mateo where he spoke with students parents from the school and has more reaction to what happens. >> : students parents certainly concern here tonight so we want to talk with mendes spender who joins us in your best friends with the teacher who was involved in this and i spoke with an earlier today but did she say and how she doing it >> : she's doing action tuesday in the red shoes has two legs and she is up to one surgery grandstands and i said really good spirits and she will be fine. a talk with hurt as regular phone call we had and in many happy to hear her voice i'm just glad the her in this accursed bassoons are live everyone will be ok he spoke with her on the phone and then you talked about what
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she told roof as she remembered about what happened and she told me that she does remember anything but she knows she is on when she'll and that she faced the kids that made me smile really heartwarming thing here because she is the sweetest most kindhearted personnel and not of her character at all to jump out for our kids and from a moving car. one picture and the other way though very sad with a real smile to my 21st and news at a bit nervous over things with the think the your friends or it will help about although in surgery right now will be ok >> : a fairly very nerve wracking to think that we were together in a wedding last weekend and a few days later this happens but just
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to know she's ok and the happier. it could be much worse chance in the console and should be happy about that >> : and those tiny earlier led the to them were singing happy birthday so spears are there present, broken legs still remains positive had tonight at 8 that are alleged inappropriate relationship that and a spate >> : of buyers on the upswing in respiratory illness continuing to spread across the country >> : had a fireplace collapse on top of them to ignore his ordeal and the recovery >> :
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very high up there today and the malaise about 15 degrees warmer and a number of spots but is he going to stay with them at that answer coming up >> :
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fl announced a former fbi director how the nfl handled the way race case. meanwhile also justin into the newsrooms and francisco 49ers have announced they have suspended rebroadcast for robinson to games because of comments he made about the rights situation in a monday afternoon interview on can be a radio robinson made this a smart remark about what the press live in domestic violence situation since then he put blame on prices and fiancee
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and the 49ers team president said the comments made by ted robinson were offensive in no way reflect the views of the san francisco 49ers organization in the decision to suspend him for the next two years for his part and robinson released a statement instead and sang a one unconditionally apologize for my comments the other day as a professional communicator responsible for words my choice of words was careless and did not reflect my true feelings about the domestic violence carry understand the sexual abuse can get people on healthy relationships still blamed its loss will be for domestic violence should ever be placed on a victim again those ted robinson once suspended for two games by the niners he will not call the home opener at less idiom's sunday night and again to recap first of info the nfl now enlisting former fbi director to examine how lead to handle the rest case >> : cited new nearly two weeks of the magnitude 6
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earthquake that not all the community continues to rebuild both structurally and emotionally kron 4 stories spoke to a young man whose badly injured in the quake and shows us how the young man house has been able to ever come his injuries among chinese so many of the buildings downtown your nappa that were damaged about the houses in the residential neighborhood today i spoke with one very brave young man who was a home that was very badly damaged as a result of the earthquake and he narrowly escaped with his life >> : i felt really lucky a curve died >> : frightening star for young man just starting his freshman year and that of a high technology haskell and i've been robert runner it stays active months was the fourth 321 the morning all of that would be put on hold. >> : like going from practice today to be home around >> : the morning and a friend over nicolas falling asleep
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on a mattress on a floor underneath the chimney 6.0 quake jolted him awake >> : and they start checking the list as strong shaking for at least three seconds was terrifying three seconds of the 30 year-old life shaking so violent ever depart the chimney he was sleeping under bricks started dropping down on top of him >> : dec. crawling out had multiple places happen as soon as those at multiple x- rays >> : those revealing several fractures to my left, right >> : dress porter from queens valley medical center and a children's hospital. it's a slow one nicolas is determined to be on the soccer field to this time
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with a new outlook on life. open up your eyes a lot like he could abide and knowing that i had all these opportunities that intake to see as a setback this what is >> : so very tough to determine young man doctors tell necklace in the chair and about six months nicklaus says he will be doing it in four months. a follow-up now to my kron 4 story that we brought you last month involves an intersection and santa clara of residents say will be in danger for years >> : and that there is an accident this video from one of the accidents there kron 42 philippe joins us now from the intersection of been and santa clara with the changes the that is now talking about making to area >> : 1 couple let's live near this section for that of 40 years says is next and here
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once every month and half. the problem lies with the lack of left-hand turn signals and lanes now after the story aired last month the city is looking into it >> : this is our follow up to our kron 4 store >> : the solution is >> : a wednesday afternoon but that was retrieved doubles as the city's engineer at a public works for the city of santa clara. he says in order to make this intersection safer the city would have that additional left-hand turn lanes and signals on bald men rode in benton street. if you could add those if the but they brought the street parking at the residence and businesses >> : not advisable this time hardly which tried to do is turn those trees down in the corner and that allows a
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good sized systems for vehicles it was bound and previously the work on the metro or wrong and goes down the first thing we could do could not really solve the problem of lefthand movement given the volume of people have to drive safely the left turn generally and yellow light and that gives a very smart for vehicles won't turn left and also increasing the gap between yellow and red so people can safely make it turn doing yellow to the opposing traffic doesn't start moving up to the cars have cleared the intersection >> : unless something is being done out the gets enough time will tell as a miniature their sins. i'm very happy this city as doing something looking at the situation. i appreciate
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the media at station has taken an initiative to do something about that. the city engineer did not give a timetable on when the timing of the turn signals will be adjusted but says that the staff is working on it. new had signed leave for workers solesmes mark there will take millions of telephone orders in a medical emergency ascents from there to the hospital and following up and to developing stories we brought you last night teenager missing for four days. on sale today from a home. we publish his results on kron4-dot-com >> :
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it was significantly " warmup there today would be between 1015 degrees warmer for most locations in the '80s and '90s practically bay area wide nearing trouble digits for inland valleys and at 97 unconquered today 96 and santa rosa 93 in sunnyvale even 80 degrees in downtown san francisco. a state 3 mi. of their size get out the door to our morning 66 days to start today quickly getting in the '70s '80s even the '90s by noon and see this right here on the screen those are places where we hit the '90s by noon and more the obviously in the 3:00 hour. to look at the numbers during the south '80s and '90s here 83 appalled so 9887 in san jose 90 an evergreen and inland all is going the '90s again tomorrow as well. and for concord 95 unanswered and if i also never more i need to and danville's 70's 80's inside the day 84 in san leandro and in hayward and all the 86 in san mateo
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75 in san francisco which between 90 for the north bay. again i sent forecasting free warm next few days store their alert is in effect until tomorrow. one of the surprise of this extended to the weekend will have very little fog with next several days but once the file returns early next week of cervical back down. alliance still had announcement today from us cell phone giant could turn the industry upside-down particularly city of hundred dollars a year. >> : unless i love them. >> : facebook rejected a photograph of the father his young son in the hospital. >> : by kron 4 story or a trailer marin county it was a gutsy nebraska was interesting question just how fast on us today in the next addition of people behaving badly the ...we need to break up.
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is it the biting?
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cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. had tonight at eight high school coach arrested on suspicion of child molestation a speeding bicycle hit to young boys summer and on a path according to police what police are now doing to slow down the cyclists area residents say is very dangerous for pedestrians. how worke for a new bill making sick days mandatory. >> : not very much fog all looking at the extent of the right there on the screen and because of that it will be another hot day
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places herrmann rest of the high-school coach for having an improper relationship with a minor. just bush live in california high-school with the latest details >> : center and police arrested 27 year-old kevin lopez out cerone at his property last night and charged him with several counts of lewd acts with a minor. we've been wrestling coach year since 2005 parents sent a letter informing them of what happened also lopez has been fired as it at his position here california high-school month obviously really
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disappointed in allegations made to employees professionally and then personally to act in a way that's responsible ethical so this is very disappointing to work with the police department cooperate fully in the investigation. use dismissed of his duties >> : held in a county jail on $727,000 bail. airline to boy is recovering from injury after being hit by a speeding bicyclist about police to confirm that there was a recent incident involving a collision between bicycle pedestrians at all or parts. a concerned citizen is circulating an on-line petition hoping to get the safety in that area and approved on a novella multiuse past and the subject's story old
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>> : detention the radar trailer in notice the speed john 21 mi. per hour. yes that was a video temporary speed limit sign right here there it they are sit parliament to mount our son as well. and mel vallate a multi use trails. problem some bike riders and on this maltese trailer all located in the valley falls under marin county park destruction. the selling to kids seriously injured after getting hit by bicyclist traveling at high risk be one chow suffered multiple skull fractures. according some people using the trail on the weekends at saw race track for bicyclist >> : the downtrend along at one from the other one drafting of the other you see all the time >> : of regresses trailers who plays soccer >> :
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cup this loathsome is as down visibly seen whose lives in >> : >> : american people are more in stock a lot more people raise the come through here and there like pact walls >> : when they say it does jefes some riders travel on some well over the 15 m.p.h. speed the >> : saw always hear from yours of the one was injured out anyone care >> : so my response is always been the same was someone getting injured the test for safety >> : is unfortunately some people have is exactly what happened to >> : so now there's a street or trailer installed by the police writers conceive a speed nuance was found is that there's a deep joggers airburst 6 m.p.h. bicyclist traveling at anywhere between 13 m.p.h. and a staggering 21 mi. per hour.
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remember this is not an expensive bike path and is not an expensive dog walking area also used trailer and is for everyone >> : big deal for a call for workers who want to share greta's your new law that allowed people are going to like >> : what people talk about this governor jerry brown signing a bill today providing millions of workers up this three paid sick days each year. some people protestors for granted but definitely a big issue for waterfowl supporters as many as 6.5 million workers in the state including temporary part- time police as a for moloch become effective the not what is the least we can do the wont with the growing income gap dividing americans read the label tiger mutt the son's letter to look at some of the trees
8:35 pm
that once margie's as all coughlin workers get paid the bank's governor alliance hurray for three days of sick leave 2015 watter the businesses it this is a job killer been hurt small businesses but it would seem the mental health would be as much improved as the physical code and a sickly before dawn might naturally to be physically and mentally ill but you have kids all sudden you have to editress between whether you on a spending bill decatur funds and is regarded as a drug reuter the reasons to raise as 44% of telephone workers don't have access to this paid sick leave and connecticut another state offers a >> : this takes effect next july >> : thank you a bit so i had some i russian hackers post
8:36 pm
5 million and do well users and passwords. as a little german and what should you do have the answer is to cut offensive had and their respiratory virus with hundreds of children causing alarm among parents and several states and the golden state could be next >> : but facebook been see it that way or the company rejected a photograph of a newborn in need of a new car. 85 degrees and livermore at this hour. as it will be another toasty one tomorrow and a look at the numbers coming up >> :
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you tonight at a only on for a free descender kids a school which is fighting at a bay area middle school you
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see right here that is the now furious mother demanding answers changes entire video lesson 15 seconds that is more than enough time and feel for what it was like to be at this middle school of their earlier this week month since our happen quickly a 1.1 girls clubs fights and cement and then stomps on her head with her blue. watch the had it right there that's just tough to watch carol also the videos taken monday dallas ran a school and antioch kron 4 mckee tartu concern apparently mentioned as well school principal >> : so as antioch mother and video what's hard stomach >> : and want wearing those it
8:40 pm
is >> : i cannot imagine the pain this guard that the scrolls have been alive >> : something has begun at >> : coming first calls up a fight video those posted by as to non instagram. it's a concern because his knees to be safe. where is the difference will dallas branch who says that the fighter has been disciplined the kids that report scissions we did respond to the replication to the two students followed district policy and education code and assigning a proper discipline to them. and then also do the nature of it also gained the police department assistance from the >> : according to a school principal there been six fights on campus since the start of the school year none of them rising to levels that showed up on the
8:41 pm
internet >> : winners altercations like this everyone will sell for now we worry will start ringing as many of the cell phones and trying to prevent this type of the deal getting out as it does lead assembling on edge >> : she's nervous and scared and wants to beat an difference will the line n.c. parents turned away from facebook after trying raise money and awareness about the baby's condition >> : and the needs a new heart to survive. some have mutt year-old son is diagnosed with heart disease called cardio about myopathy. the president of this page called hudson's car. i tried advertising page facebook rejected the post because the company said it was scary gory or sensational and evoke the negative response. we love our son and russia story raise
8:42 pm
awareness for kids like him >> : and to see that request denied hard considering a present on the page >> : on vacation for facebook the company has at route plans a reverse its decision all the ad for the car was taken down this page was remains up. toronto mayor rob for has been hospitalized and that is suffering from some sort of to mercury doctors do not know yet if the tumor is malignant health officials say the use been suffering from stomach pains for several months and have gotten worse >> : last year marriage knowledge using crack cocaine and a drunken stupor back then the mayor finished rehabilitation in june and had returned to work. we see little fog near the coast line right now and that's pretty much the be the extent of it fog of amoco's will not last very long tomorrow morning sunshine quickly in a warm quickly by the 3:00 hour with net
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temperatures once again in the '80s and '90s for much of the bay area. one section will be the immediate coast line and up in the upper sixties mar 75 downtown san francisco 86 in san mateo and in redwood city east bay shoreline running largely in the '80s as well 80 local and 84 in san leandro 85 in fremont. a the seventh musician in berkeley all meet up. inland valleys in the '90s it again tomorrow night for concord many to in danville money for also imposing to 97 out in brentwood. 80s and 90s for the south bay as well same thing for the north bay and fend the sow will see over the next several days for every little fog and forecast trade will be seen again very minimal formula coast in the air will be pre stagnant petroleum to spur the air day tomorrow. but the surprise of the extended this through friday and the weekend. next week the fun starts to return temperatures will also cool back down. airline jean l.
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hacked millions of stolen passwords ago was telling you to do and was beyond just changing the password. in sports monster running discoveries during the domestic violence can look and the a's pour enough runs to get by on the white sox >> : all the sports next. new lines
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million she diligences pass words appear on russian big coin form today however
8:46 pm
google says it service is this s to be a collection of passwords is exposed in pretax likely and use our computers. now telling up the list is given authentic but are warding affected users to take steps to prepare for your accounts >> : these steps include stronger passwords using two-step authentication. >> : good evening everybody before we get the big sports story was secure local business here they is the white sox are white sox stadium's south side a's fan watching adam on the former white sox deliver here, " chris the one nothing lead. that is taken with the wild card boy and one. the largest lead of a new divisional best baseball. jordan banks makes
8:47 pm
a nice play but still just a margin in the a's up one nothing bottom eight and a big game winning hit right here of the bat garcia to underscored to one white sox just a few days oakland right now remains the game and a half up on the detroit wild card. angels are rolling so the a's will end up the evening and the american league west. giants right now scoreless with arizona and the fourth inning. nfl commissioner roger gazelle and national football league reportedly it asks for independent investigation and the matter of which police conducted their investigation to away rights situation progress " director of the fbi will handle the case. meanwhile one day after goodall said now on the nfl on the video or where races left hook in the elevator law enforcement
8:48 pm
official told associated press he said the video to an nfl executive five months ago and the officially and plato 12 second voice mail which reportedly had i nfl female voice on there saying your right is terrible bank you. meanwhile had the kemble tonight in appearance and north carolina he was there and reportedly there been turnaround came back to new york and was going to pay tribute to the owner of the carolina panthers with jerry richardson here's the latest from the nfl brian mccarthy not aware of anyone in office to possess or saw the deal was made public on monday we will look into it. was again associated press what those sources a check numerous times not just by fly by night " very
8:49 pm
credible they said they can produce with the voice message which will confirm the nfl recedes the take. when there's blood in the water people calling throughout the evening here for the dolls resignation and tell you pam just having a little deaf this will be really high fees caught lying to this and never seen the videotape it will be with the story may $44 million last year you don't quit a job like that. maybe what you said summer said you want to go that far >> : these protect themselves by going >> : once the media pounced on a story they're going to find out the absolute truth before it's over. as far as him being fired and go back
8:50 pm
to the old foal the money retained i think the media you brushed them off of those owners find out that advertisers are pulling out car dealerships pullout and then adults in trouble. fun is the key to sponsors unless there's another big revelation that comes out i think he can weather this talking as of right now but the sponsors call out the of major trouble. >> : major announcement sent to turn immobile form is upside down coming up the tech support show you what exactly what they did the city money and overall improve signal strength sports seller carriers to follow suit >> : rarely reported virus believed research serving through tracking
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breaking news police in petaluma investigating homicide few details we do know what happened on sun crest hill drive 4 this afternoon. more information here on line as it comes a >> : to mobile rolling out what they call why fight on a leash. they're turning all why five hot spots in the world into extensions of the mobile network. justin's anytime zero persons and lafayette with their wide net financial and able to surf on the will pick up the what five be able to use it for free on ltd. phone calls text messages. using one file at the falcons' eighth people lot of money with the data plans does when using modify everything is free >> : as essentially turns a >> : fire hotspot and to the extension of two mobile cell
8:55 pm
phone network. this is overall better signal strength. this compares off big time if there's a warm place in your life for your coverage drop some of your basement that office friends house is on as a horrified cresson in that area of your phone will get a good signal for calls text messages >> : other good thing this also means recalls text messages from other countries back to the united states are free as long as your wife by hotspot. i read a scale as is huge news comes as a push rise in 18 see into offering something similar the blending of why fight with is traditional cell phone signal is what we need for the future lowers phone bills and also overall gives us better see the signal strength feline which to mobile phones are compatible want to kron4- dot-com look for the tech page >> : editorial mr. find parents
8:56 pm
across much of the west spreading getting closer to california see kids here right now 12 states supporting a widespread cases half the states confirm surf cases of respiratory illness the seediness west reported new thomas p. blair is conveyed a fire especially those with making views of the symptoms of that of the common cold sneeze reno's coughing sore throat in some cases the more serious body aches sneezing fever is the biggest distinction between to is when the symptoms appear and tarot virus generally peaks in september but much more violent this year than a typical year's have even started a full season of course which tends to peak in the winter months. that's up for us tonight at 8:00 we will be back with latest sports weather and news all
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