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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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good evening i'm pam moore. tonight we begin with a story. only on kron 4. after seeing our exclusive video of a fight at an antioch middle school last night at 8. a woman who used to work at the same school. says she was badly
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injured in a fight between students there. kron 4's j-r stone spoke the the former teacher's assistant. and she shows us her injuries. the > > you can kind of see this bruce. she says her injuries came from a 2012 fight in antioch. this is the same place of the video we saw last night. when i saw the video i started to cry. i thought to myself nothing's changed. this is when kathy was in hospital. she was a teacher's assistant
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who tried to break. up break. i couldn't get out and ended up between two students who fought. i will tell you that when i was injured. something has to be done the school district must do something about it. if they can't just help one person realize that there is violence at the school they need to be concerned that's my message. today we went back to dallas ranch middle school. where the fight between students was captured on camera.
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and the video. is drawing more they tell kron 4. that kind of violence on the school grounds. happens on a regular basis. i picked her up from school and she said guess what mont there were a couple of fights on campus. there is something going on every day of school. a parent of one of the girls involved in the fight says -- the two 8th graders involved were suspended from school. a viewer brought this story to our attention. if you have a story you'd like for us to check out -- you can submit your ideas on our website -- kron4-dot-com --- under the my-kron-4 story section. in other big news. nearly two dozen bart train wheels. were found to be flawed. this comes after a bart train derailment last month in pleasant hill. kron 4's jeff bush is there live tonight -- with a look at the progress on the repairs. jeff?
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everybody thought the crash was a fluke at the time. but there are a lot more bad parts. august 26thrush hourthe station was closed for hours to investigate and repair the damaged track and the bart car. you can see in this file footage from our aerial partnership with abc 7 the station was closed and no trains could pass throughit was the peak of the afternoon rush. the incident caught the attention of bart engineers who took a closer look at all the wheels in the fleet. as it turns out, more than 20 train cars had defective wheels. the problem started with the manufacturer. the wheels had been improperly made and due to the flaw, the other wheels were likely to fail in the same fashion as the one on the 26th. bart safety officials grounded the cars with the defective
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wheels and those cars will remain out of service until new wheels can be obtained and installed. aaron macholl-stanley says he was on the train when the wheel came off. aaron says it was pretty scary. it created such a loud sound that it was almost deafening inside the car.: so, something was clearly wrong?: yes, something was clearly wrong. bart says they take these things very seriously and those train cars will stay out of service until the all clear is given. i'm jeff bush, live in pleasant a baby boy is in stable condition after he was shot this afternoon in oakland. police say, the one year old was shot just before 12-30 on the 2600 block of 77th avenue. they say, the child was with his family when the shooting occurred. upset neighbors say, they know this family.
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we are definitely playing for the baby and for the family. this is heartbreaking to see that this actually goes on. pretty sad." police are interviewing family members about the shooting. they're investigating whether or not it was an accident. the oakland police department is reporting a dramatic drop in serious crimes. murders are down this year over last. oakland police chief sean whent says, it has almost been six weeks since the city's last homicide. robberis are also down 37- percent residential burglaries are down 31-percent a livermore golf instructor has pleaded guilty to seven- felony counts. for molesting his students and plotting to kill them. today -- andrew nisbet pleaded guilty to charges including lewd acts with a minor. and solicitation of murder. for trying to hire a 'hit man' while he was in jail. to murder his victims. the popular golf instructor taught at the las positas golf
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course in livermore. nisbet faces a 27- year prison sentence. coming up. a bay area mcdonalds manager is facing prison time. for robbing another fast food restaurant -- how he is being linked to another crime. plus -- a new movie-viewing experience headed to the peninsula. we'll have a preview of the new technology. but first -- more backlash on how the n-f-l has handled the ray rice case. following the t-m-z video released earlier this week. a new call for action. and it was another scorcher around the bay area today. we will see where they're headed tomorrow. bulldog: save up to $300 on sealy posturepedic
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more than a dozen female senators are calling on the n- f-l to enact a zero - tolerance policy. when it comes to domestic violence. this comes after t-m-z released the video showing ray rice knocking out his then fiancee, in an elevator. the u-s senators sent a letter to league commissioner roger
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goodell. criticizing the n-f- l's handling of the ray rice case. today -- california senator dianne feinstein expressed her thoughts. the pope of >> i think a lot of men underestimate this problem in this sport. we just cannot allow this behavior kron4's sports director gary radnich will have more. in sports. we will review and new technology about how to the film's.
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plus -- snatch robberies on the rise in the south bay. what thieves are snatching right off unsuspecting victims. trend in 'snatch' robberies. thieves have stolen more than a dozen necklaces recently. ripping them right off of people's necks. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in sunnyvale tonight -- where he spoke to concerned residents who live near the scene of the latest robbery.
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philippe? pam. these robberies have been happening going on four months now. and, the sunnyvale department of public safety says enough is enough. these criminals are starting to scare the people who live here. >> "he was like, 'oh, i don't want you walking around by yourself." that's after deida verdine's boyfriend josh breen learned that the latest victim was robbed in front of their apartment on gail avenue wednesday. >> "once the dude snatched her necklace, he may have pushed her on the ground." the sunnyvale department of public safety says the style of robbery and description of the thieves involved match those in other similar cases. since may, investigators say 14 mostly asian and indian women as well as one man have been robbed of their necklaces. >> "it's been happening around the area. so, i'm keeping my eyes peeled now for sure." the department of public safety says the thieves typically work in pairs, walk towards or behind the victims, then snatch their necklace right off of them. and, in at least two of the 15 robberies since may. the dps says the thieves brandished a gun. investigators believe the same men in their 20s are committing these crimes. here's a photo of one person the dps says is involved.
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investigators say this car has also been seen at multiple crimes scenes as well. >> "oh, i gotta hang to my purse tighter." women in the area are now on high aleart, as the dps says the crimes are happening near businesses and residential areas. >> "when i heard it this morning on the news, i knew not to wear my jewelry." >> "the fact that they're robbing women, doesn't really. i don't really think that's fair game. that's -- gotta pick on someone your own size." though these are serious crimes. luckily, the dps says no one has been seriously hurt. live in sunnyvale, philippe back here in the bay area. a former mcdonald's manager in pleasanton. has been sentenced to seven years in prison for robbing a san mateo mcdondald's restaurant last year. felix jeronimo gonzalez-becerra is also accused of robbing the where he worked. prosecutors say he is expected to face separate charges in that case. surveillance video taken from the pleasanton mcdonalds on santa rita road an pimlico
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drive shows -- gonzalez-becerra forcing employees into a freezer at gunpoint. before fleeing with cash. police later found a replica gun he used. and the cash when he was pulled over. california will be receiving federal emergency aid to help recover from last month's earthquake. tonight, president obama declared a disaster for the state.which makes federal funds available. the aid will supplement state and local recovery efforts in napa and solano counties. it's unclear how much money the region will receive. this comes nine days after governor jerry brown requested the declaration. today marks 13-years since the september eleventh terrorist attacks. memorials were held across the country and right here in the bay area. the tribute light in new york -- was lit to honor all the lives that were lost. the light installation over ground zero wll illuminate the night sky until dawn. the two strong beams of light resemble where the twin towers
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in lafayette -- the city's flag brigade held the largest overpass flag display in the state. it was all set up on the highway 24 - overcrossing. near the hillside flag memorial in lafayette. other local groups there included the blue star moms, the travis air force base honor guard and the lafayette boy scout troop. there are a lot of higher temperatures in the bay area today. coast-to-coast and we were a little bit cooler today thanks to the fog. tomorrow morning we will not see much fog. once again it will hang out near
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the coast line. we will see no triple digits but we will get close. temperatures will take a dive to next wednesday they
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a movie theater in redwood city is one of just five in the country testing out a new panoramic display. the cinemark theater is offering the new technology.created by the cinema projection company.barco. it uses three projectors and three separate screens for a 270 degree display. the company says it is meant to immerse the audience in the film. in our world we want to give a huge amount of real estate for the moviegoers to enjoy. a movie called the maze runner will be shown on devoted apple fans are getting ready. the pre- sale for the new i-phones. starts just after midnight tonight. this week, apple unveiled the i- phone 6 and 6- plus.
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pre-orders begin at 12:01. on apple- dot-com and the websites the phones go on sale september in sports. the giants go for their ninth straight win at home. while the a's cling to that wild card lead. and john harbaugh and his ravens have almost too much fun against the steelers. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next!!
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giants/diamondbacks if something were to happen or the dodgers completely fall apart he would probably be the mvp giants could be on top of the national league west.
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every time they a sluice joe throws out the first pitch. top 9th/ 1-0 white sox chris sale now 12-3 gave up only 2 hits in 8 innings the a's have lost 11 of their last 14 games
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our best reporters will go to the game on sunday. i'd rather sit home to with pam. the ravens take the field amid all the controversey from the
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ray rice scandal john harbaugh applauds his team joe flacco one of his two touchdown passes to owen daniels 340-pound defensive tackle haloti ngata celebrates with harbaugh and almost knocks him into next week ngata runs over a hug from coach final: 26-6 ravens frist time the steelers haven't scored a touchdown in a game since 2011 both teams are 1-1 >> the need to treat a professional football player with respect lithuania usa trying to get to the fiba world cup finals sunday 1st quarter klay thompson 3-pointer 16-13 usa 4th quarter
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it's a subaru.
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the ray rice scandal. did this woman trigger the notorious elevator attack. >> don't drag me in the middle of that. then exclusive, president barack obama's look-alike half- brother. they even laugh alike. >> you guys didn't really like each other. plus, did arnold schwarzenegger erase his ex- wife from his official portrait? then, two best friends, and the disaster that broke up their friendship. they almost lost their lives and then they refused to speak to each other. exclusive. their first time together since the accident. can they ever be friends


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