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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 15, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>: mark: a fiery crash just down at 80 and san leandro at merina. both sides are close this morning because of a big rig crashing into several cars. nine people taken to hospital three in critical condition is one of them airlifted off the freeway. we're following the big backed up this money after the accident scene. >>: them been waiting for four hours and they finally are able to get by. they open the one land area. it's not open to traffic it's only open to the people that have been stuck on the closure. that's between washington and the scene of the crash. the single file of cars that you see here heading north on are the
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people that kron 4 as will tran talks to they had their engine shut off. >>: george: we had the t.s. a person other got stuck. a number of people had to report to work and for they got caught in this. >> darya : 7:00 a.m. and they're just not one by one getting off of the northbound lanes there. we still however leading up to the full closure which is here at washington the traffic is backed up into a word. >>: george: this is backed up all along to 38 in the west bound 580 ride. it's backed up to the dublin grave getting here. you may go this way. the problem is that there's an accident and to 38. that is backed up the ride to the dublin grave.
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the problem so been compounded which is of the situation like this. sulfone lane's here are open in the southbound direction one lane a shutdown. >>: george: were going back to kron 477 he is on the scene. >>: reporter: is the number to inland that was opened to for those people that respect. i waited to see when will tran comes to the one lane's opening and he was also stuck on the other side there. there has been the opening to let that traffic into the city. it's been close to three a m to get out in clear are. they're going to shut it down again to make sure that it's all clean and clear on the northbound side. they're going to see that this is
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their concern. this is to at adjacent lanes. the number one lane northbound and the number one lane southbound. those two lanes are closed some both sides. this is closest to the center divides' because they have to repair this broken center divide. >>: reporter: you can see that these are going to be close it's unclear how long they will be closed. of course is the north around. they're still saying about an hour.
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>>: george we saw: and hirsch not just a little bit you concede that there is the big rig tow truck that it's going to try to clear the vehicle that is crossed the the center divider and slanted the sound wall. they're obviously not going to be able to do that until they are shutting down that number to win again. that's one of the reason they're gonna need the full freeway closures. we're still a couple of hours of way of seemed willing to reopen in the north of direction. and because of the emergency repair to the center divider the fast lane will be likely closed for both directions for a while longer. >>: mark: hurricane a goal was slamming into the baja peninsula. they have won 725 mi. per hour and heavy rain. hurricane warnings are in
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effect right now all around the pohai tip. it's up towards the gulf of california. the national hurricane center is seen that the dangerous storms are expected for major flooding. pour some beaches also close. celebration for independence day is cancelled for tomorrow. shelters for rover's 30,000 people. here's some of the damage. here's outside of one of the hotel showing the palm trees being ripped up there. >>: mark: there's a major flooding in the streets of cobbles and likeness right now. the worst of the storm is starting to pass. james fletcher is watching the major hurricane over the overpass. >>::: you concede that it
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is dead center right over the tip of the peninsula and slowly making its way in fact toward the peninsula over the next couple of days is finally turning inland about thursday or so. the good news and all of this the storm will weaken as the coast. the hurricane travels over land and it will begin to weaken but the downside is you have the strongest winds traveling right across the baja peninsula and of course the western coast of mexico. >>: james: were talking category three strength winds. it's turning sideways and people are dealing with this right now. you'll continue to deal with this over the next couple of days some of this moisture will end up in the desert of the southwest here. over in the bay area nothing going on for us. we have the clouds outside in this is what it looks like. >>: james: here is the
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weather going forward. today morning fog and clouds particularly by the coast. will expect temperatures in the mid '80s for some of the warm response. tuesday the storm tore no. well actually travel a little further to the south. you may get some showers and north bay. you will watch the timing on this going to wednesday and thursday. will leave with a quick look at where temperatures will be this afternoon. it's much colder than it was we spoke to them last week and friday morning. a cluster to the weekend possible drain or to in the middle of the week. >> darya : will continue the coverage of the big story in traffic and in the east bay. the traffic is a mess is to concede here live from the helicopter. all of these cars are stuck with nowhere to go on a 80. and there are lane's open the south onside but the northbound side the
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judge tried to get people that have been stuck for the last four hours. they're trying to move by the accident still clearing out nearly a dozen vehicles were involved. ♪
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>>:anny: there is the backup and delays and 580. it's having and stopping go traffic is very slow moving through the dublin clear yet also from dublin to arsenal and still backed up here it's not all read anymore as your heading towards five 80s fall from. that commute from dublin to seoul has improved by about 10 minutes. is about 20 minutes are sold. it's red around 30 mi. per hour. also taken to the new area where i'm seen more backups and delays the richmond some possible areas up to berkeley. the backup goes all the way through panel. the line >>:anny: your diamond% callable in berkeley. it is pretty slow moving. >>:s this is rescinded
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backed up more than usual. it's also backed up earlier than usual because of the big accident that were falling for you. this is kind of the fallout that wriggling through the bay bridge. we're glad to take a seven table in the good news this year is no major hot spots where traffic has been moving fairly smoothly if they're both directions. it is a little slow going. >>:anny: keep in mind as you're heading into the city that the lane's have been taken away. rep samara fell as a live look here. you could see that there's no problems to report here. you can see things are going just as well on the commute direction will have more on your traffic after the break the time now is 712 p m-- a.m.. ...we need to break up.
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makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric smart electric drive. just $139 a month. >>: mark: this is the major
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big rig accident that happened this morning the stall, and they're all reopened. pressing some traffic get through on the northbound side finally. here's pictures from our abc seven partnership. for going to some more until open. >>: george: this is the northbound side where they are two lanes of traffic getting past the scene of the crash. the freeway is still closed in the northbound direction at washington. all traffic is being taken off of the freeway at washington. the cars you see getting through here are just the cars that were stuck. it was in between the last available exit. this is the scene of the crash. these vehicles have been stuck out there for four hours. this is because the freeway and shut down just four hours ago. no. no bound and soft brown
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or chp arrived on the scene of this crash. they say that we have to shut the freeway down that's the only way will be a will to deal with the problems here. there is big rig tried to avoid an accident. >>: george: the bigger kick enough debris into the freeway and tenor 12 cars were damaged on the northbound side. here you see video of the fiery crash. there's more than one fire on the scene of the crash. one had to be evacuated by a helicopter. this is from the scene of the crash that landed on the freeway in the very early hours. this is the non commute direction nevertheless they manage to get backed up all the way into oakland with slow traffic coming down from before the coliseum. jokron 4
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jackie sissel has been watching this traffic. >>: jackie: about 40 minutes ago for what looks like we were dodging a bullet in the southbound side. it's obviously still a lot of traffic here. you can see on the left inside of the screen that this is the northbound traffic that you just saw and then shot. some of that traffic is being let through. obviously as they bin by the traffic or by the accident scene that's when the traffic slowdown. looking back to the north like and see headlights as far as i conceive for about 2 mi. back from at right now. let >>: >>: jackie: this is still willing to be a nightmare commute trains to travel the mixed today. as we're watching earlier. >>::: this is one of the conditions for reopening the
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freeway. and get the emergency repairs done to the center divider. a quick check from the traffic maps here. this is the scene of our crashed. it's still puts us back to the accident site. you can see the traffic is still backed up into oakland as the south broadside into a word on the northbound side. that's why it's lighter than usual at the san mateo bridge but heavier than usual at the bay bridge west palm. >>: james will: stuff with a live picture from the roof camera. sampras's goes cloudy overhead in a little breezy to. it is see that the flight is blowing in the wind. with temperatures in the upper fifties to low 60s. in some sides of the day you see behind me as a clotted start. temperatures this afternoon will start the clock at the afternoon hour. it's calling for '60s
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close to the water with the '70s inland. as we head towards three in the afternoon will look for 80s and that east bay valley. in some portions of the napa valley as well. we're not talking like temperatures that we saw last week. when i went to see any of that today in the south bay you'll see low to mid '80s. 86 and lost battles. 87 and all the men valley. tampa to as a silicon valley are in the upper '70's. >>: james: starting up this week in the upper 80s. again on these fishermen and you'll see 73 in hayward and 76 in san leandro. 76 expected downtown was 68 in the financial district of san francisco. will expect temperatures to continue cooling as a matter of fact as we head towards mid week.
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critically thursday looking at possibilities of maybe some light showers in the north bay. was it that way of the pacific that tracking in our direction. >>: james: otherwise the weekend ahead is looking high and sunny. >>: leaders from all around the world are gathering at the house to decide whether they're going to defeat isis. including john kerry. the meeting comes as a basis heads to another western captives that released video of the execution of the weekend. isis may try to recruit other extremist by framing any isis alliance against muslims. for that reason egypt and saudi arabia have headed for participation they me a kick easier. more not an execution of the british aid worker. this is the third western hostage killed by the islamic state.
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>>::: the is a death threat against the other british hostage. the prime minister said that ha british hero and his killers are not muslims the monsters. >>: coming up on the crime 4 morning news will continue the team coverage on the crash sent 80 in san leandro that has been going on since 3:00 this morning. there of car is getting by so that they can get off of the highway. it's taking a very
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stuffed with ham, bacon and sausage, both wrapped in a warm guerrero tortilla. burritos so big, they make everything look smaller. >>: mark: after the fiery crash that happened at 3:00 this morning from four hours of having the freeway shut down the assault on lane's and a few are the plans are open. at least nine people hospitalized three are in critical condition when the big rig went over the center divider into oncoming traffic on the mimics by the more real. >> darya : miss america has the kron and she is of new york. there she is on the facebook page here. here is
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some more pictures of her. she currently lives in new york. she grew up and walnut creek and she walked down the aisle and dark ground. she would want a female u.s. senator depress their male counterparts to take care of that. if that promotes some facts about the contest that a big mess that. look how jane austen as it spell than a civics with an eye instead of an e. plenty of twitter users and noticed that.
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>>: mark: the mimics is completely shut down after a fire in a big rig crashed. north, and supply two of them are opening. or watching from our helicopter partnership. they're trying to repair the guard rail there this morning. on the south on sunday may have the guard rolling shutdowns. >>: reporter: you can say that they're no longer the closed down 80. this is what is this the cars are clear. is not officially open. but it's only lane number two and three that are open. i want to hand it over to will tran he just got new information. >>:will: i just talked to the chp we found out that this could be completely cleared and about 90 minutes. they were going to shut down traffic. there were stuck in the freeway are on the freeway. they're
7:30 am
diverting people in the new plan is it looks like they're making very good progress. the driving by ships slowly but surely monitoring the situation. it's about 10 mi. per hour. it's number one lane in each direction open. we're making sure that the big rig is off of the roadway. you could see the light dusting on the wrong way. both the russians should be free. >>:will: they're trying to figure out what caused this accident. it didn't know that the bigger was called caused the accident from crossing but intersection.
7:31 am
they're trying to avoid an accident in the process he lost control the big rig that plot the the center divider on to the northbound traffic there not sure right now but we do know that there were other accidents because of this accident. >>: mark will: kid watching as the lane's continue to reopen slowly in the northbound direction. >>: george: this is a look at the south, back up on a mix freeway just north of the crash site. even though lane's have been open here for about 40 minutes we still see traffic very slow for two reasons one was the fast lane begins to be close as the guard repair continues. we also have people slowing down past the scene of the crash.
7:32 am
>>: george: there you can see now that they're starting to pick up congested there san leandro. the impact of the deal is the west onside leading into downtown and they are rethinking of slow traffic for the mcarthur maze on interstate five leading west from. this is your best alternate route to route the problem. some of the ripple effects have been a little bit later traffic and otherwise would of seen for the trip to san mateo bridge in this heavily have rear traffic for your ride to the bay bridge this morning that has been backed up around the berkeley curve. >>: george: were still filling the ripple effect and with this freeway not affected in the northbound
7:33 am
direction within the commute for the 90 minutes this will be taking quite a while. >>: mark: forgetting a video coming in from the hurricane ordeal that is making landfall overnight in most couples. this is from our regular that's an kron 4 and we can morning news. this is the north bay community manager that has the vacation in bit hollow. this is opposed to the video on facebook. this is the worst side of the category three hurricane. this is raised on shore for the overnight hours. it posted this seven hours ago before the blood of the storm. >>: mark: james fletcher is tracking this with a very strong hurricane. >>: james: this is the size of the storm in the eye of the hurricane will be
7:34 am
traveling ride along the baja peninsula of the next couple of days. this will cause a lot of damage and construction. this is the next 48 hours. i did tell you that the sustained winds right norad air hundred 58 m.p.h.. this is i of the hurricane and 50 mi. of each direction. this is a massive storm. this will cause headlines and continue to cover the latest of the situation there and a lot of folks are using twitter and you to send the rest of the world images and video of the what they're experiencing on the ground. and >>: james: of mild weather on tap. not only this morning but this afternoon as well. it's a nice looking to share and its clouds overhead. the clouds are law enough but we're dealing with a 47 minute delay for arriving flights. oakland
7:35 am
and settled there doing just fine here's what we expect as we work our way through the day. temperatures in the upper 50s the low 60s. sunny skies this afternoon. by tonight will cool everything back down to the upper 50s and mostly clear start with this fog rolling back as we get into the overnight hours. >> darya :: of 400 a. wildfire broke out on saturday and it has burned 10 buildings down. 50 percent contained and all the evacuation orders of this hour have been listed three people were injured in that fire. firefighters are battling eight wildfire and elder daughter connie. it broke out east of pine saturday afternoon and this has burned 3,000 a. it's only 10 percent contained right now and more than a
7:36 am
hundred residents have been evacuated from their homes. >> darya : meanwhile southern california a wildfire is now 50 percent contained 200 homes in the cleveland national forest are still evacuated. more than a thousand firefighters are battling this blaze is been more than 900 a. since it is broke out friday. six firefighters have suffered minor injuries. another fire for to tell you about your grass valley. it's burned to under 45 a. with the containment of 55%. asserted yesterday afternoon and at least two homes were destroyed an evacuation has not been listed. >>: will lead to the break and continue our team coverage for you of the traffic accident an impact on 80 throughout the east bay because of this accident that happened at 3:00 this morning. we'll be back with more and a couple of morning. we'll be back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>>:anny: plastic look at the impact of folks trying to get on to the bridge from 80. this area here is a baffling backed up and and maybe a little slow g the san m. were also been taken look at the dublin commute to where it is still backed up from south on 680 heading into signal where this is a common direction and the drive time through dublin and signals about 20 minutes or so. >>:anny: were run to take a look at the bridges this morning. will start with the bay bridge and we will see here that is very slow and backed up. the bay bridge this morning is backed up more than usual. and more
7:41 am
and earlier than usual. so just have your patience dealing with the effects of the interstate 80 crashed. this is a multi crashed from early this morning. >>:anny: as it is moving west kron slowly but surely. you can see in the east of direction it is fine. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge read and see there's no problems for those of you heading from ran into san francisco as usual. it's easy ride into the city. and and take a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge as well. >> darya : this is so much that we need our team on it today. we have several crews live on the field. we are having our crews over the scene of the accident that happened hours ago. look how far the traffic stretches back. and this is the ripple
7:42 am
effect throughout the bay area that if you trying to get anywhere this morning is a battle. this is something that george and annie are falling. >>: will be back with more of a couple of minutes. [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts...
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right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪ >>: mark: with continuing coverage of the breaking news that in this morning's the closure of the mimics
7:45 am
freeway at the the result of the big red cross that occur over four hours ago. it's only been just recently the north from lane's of the mimics freeway has been reopened. we're taking a look at the shop from kron 4. we're looking live here. the kaye real of the center divider has been repaired with steel guardrails for yet >>: mark: they manage to do this in the north and south on directions. that was the emergency road repairs that actually been called after the minutes of this crashed incurring. this is the far side of the freeway jumping the center divider here which in the concrete into the north from lane's. it calls collision with about 10 other vehicles. the big rig went through the sound wall here in the west bound direction. this continuing east i think i hear your lease microphone.
7:46 am
>>: reporter: yes we are making tremendous progress taken see how they have already got the big rig and hang in there and it's ready to be told on to the big truck. they can kind of start cleaning up the debris on those lands. that is covering up the no. 4 and 5 lane. they're trying to clean all disappear. it is open #12 and three lanes are open to northbound. in the meantime we're looking at the whole action happening. they are trying to get that big rig onto the tow truck and calling on of there. >>: george it will: is the center divide repair that left one lane in the southbound direction coast and here you can see a look at the southbound traffic. this is just north of merino
7:47 am
boulevard that is north of the scene of the crash. all of the lanes are open on the south on side. traffic is still slow quite a while longer. this is a visual hazard with a quick look of the traffic maps. it's showing the extent of the backup for the northbound traffic is backed up into a word. this is backed up into oakland and 580 is very heavy now is still your best alternate route. >>: james: will start off with the roof, this morning as claudio for services coy little breezy. calls are low enough that they're sort of kept to the top of the building. it's about 45 to 47 minute delays for inbound flights and the san francisco international. temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. 55 and vallejo and 55 and novado . it's extended 62 degree temperatures throughout the east bay. as for this
7:48 am
afternoon by lunchtime will see temperatures warm up to the '60s and '70s with a mild stir to this monday. >>: james: and some portions of the north of valleys as well. take a quick look of the temperatures and what they will look like with the upper '70's and low eighties for the north bay. maybe the upper 80s for the east bay valleys. in the south bay islamic 80s this afternoon. 68 this afternoon intemperances go. >>: james: here's seven there around the bay for cast will have a dropper to of rain on thursday. warm weather denver saturday and sunday. >>:gary: good morning. >>: also you what you're gonna start off with this friday night would have a hard time watching football.
7:49 am
the >>: the is no laughing here it's almost like the forty- niners were plane themself and beat themselves. >>:gary: miss 14 more games. it's very disappointing. they have 17 nothing in your own debut for that stadium. that's a full ball game. >> darya : i thought it was a slang. jim harbaugh says in here we are to are bad news. it's not a good time to use the crime analogy. three times in this conference he said that we all have fingerprints on this one. and i was like really maybe it's not a good time to say this. >>:gary: watched analysts have said. he was caught just going through. and just
7:50 am
waiting for the bell to ring. >> darya : did not say fingerprints and the nfl and the same sentence right now. >>:gary: always see the good in people. they're still seen the good and remade donald. >> darya : they waited for months by the way both of them. both of the things happen in a another waiting for this weekend to do anything. >>:gary: galvanism and make donald no one's paying any attention to this for a while. use all that? devon nilson says that of the motion now fly. >>: there is a legacy of the 49 as being damage. here's the difference as the three guys are involved. there's no charges. and cal they have been not charged yet. >> darya : i know that.
7:51 am
>>: and not defending them a just and that's the excuse that the 49ers are giving. >> darya : i was ready more about this i knew he was found guilty by a judge of beating up his ex-girlfriend right? but finally the panthers say that they're gonna deactivate you. >>:gary: if you saw the owner of the panthers if he's the only owner in the nfl action played in the league. he was given some award on thursday night you probably seen this. he was crying to the whole thing. it was a shame. >> darya : there was a video to go with this and everything i was reading the details that he's 6 ft. 4265 counties a 24 year-old girlfriend and he throws off the bench. he throws into the bathtub and the rich surgery off. shows are now and in the toilet tried to get her off. he threw under
7:52 am
the fulton--full time covered with rifles. he chided gov. luck. >>:gary: that is disgraceful. >> darya : no one can look at this and says this is not a video. there are pictures and i'm going to show you. >>:gary: this was on friday. and here they had a hard time in years the 40 niner's three games clear yet the >>: would you say up to this you look at this and use a lesson i want my kids this is what i do. >>:gary: are the some of the insurance:? >>: this is worse and the picture show you have a four
7:53 am
year-old that's arguing with a five year-old. they argue over a video game. for that the four year old kids be in like this with a stick. the kid says that he actually put the leaves from the stick in his mouth while he did that. >>:gary: do we have to show these pictures? >> darya : and all of these cases get to cases. one person like a what happened? what a decade do? the camino other time on this what you gonna say about this? >>:gary if you're: read a little bit more than he has one child with his current wife and four with on not a, tried to make a moral stand by when you're crossing with something heinous like this may be it adds up. he has four children with four different women he did not marry.
7:54 am
>> darya : is not one to be playing in the meantime. >>:gary: is this a minnesota tonight? >>: the the news is that it might tried to trade him. >>:gary: not want to play him? let >>: know he's deactivated for the time being. the giants did not do well on the first game but at least a loss only by four to two. the a's are back in with the wild cards. there filling halfway decent. ok think you gary will talk to you tomorrow. >>:gary: think the young lady.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
lanes are slowly reopening but asu which backed up around the bay area. in a slowly crawling
7:58 am
in both directions. with a bet big backup continuing the northbound lanes are slowly reopening. will be back as the crime for more export at the crown for morning news returns.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> mark: a fiery crash at 3:00 this morning shutting down the nemitz edz. a brick the big rig headed southbound crash to the south median. one was enlisted to the hospital. >> darya: they finally just move that thing now since 3:00 this morning.
8:01 am
when th>> george: they're puttig a patch in the roadway. and putting in some asphalt bonding material in order to sell elul. this one of the things have to do with four completely opening the lines. they also have to clean the glass of the diesel. their estimated that there have northbound lanes open by nine but it should be summer. to-- sold. the action occurred right here at marina boulevard. that's south of the 92 interchange.
8:02 am
>> george: a u.s. failure if everybody takes interstate 580 when is everything going to back up. in the answer is now. if you look even pass highway 13 and shows a short break in there because it's downhill. >> darya: that's typical because you can't take one and you can't take the other. >> erica we>> george: we should emphasize that all lanes are open. and it will take an extra 20 minutes. begun unloosed an extra 20 minutes that's not the total drive time. so if your regular drive time is 40 minutes and will take you an hour to get from oakland to milpitas.
8:03 am
>> erica>> george: will get a le update in just a moment. but let's lookit other traffic hot spots and slowdowns. will along with the rest of your traffic in a moment. >> reporter: they talk about the backup timid to you it's going on nine people injured ranging from minor to very serious injuries. the rat on their head. caltrans were busy trying to repair the dividers. the reason it took so as long as it did because they too were stuck in traffic. and it was hot for them to get through with their vehicles. and they finished it
8:04 am
on time because i heard about it 9:00 there would be done but what repairs and never finished around 750 people. am. >> reporter: teh's other debris on the role with that they need to clear. all of the lines are northbound 880. we do know that a big rig clouds through balanced southbound and plowed through the center divider and went into the north line. right after he saw the truck could go past the center divider this is his ordeal. >>: i saw everything in slow motion everything slowdown. what
8:05 am
helped me was a big piece of concrete that got stuck under the car which managed to slow me down. >> reporter: the cause the accident is still under speculation. he may have seen another accident and from and try to avoid it and lost control of the truck. but he did go south on on the northbound direction. >> mark: a reminder that to the state informed that any time with our new kron 4 mobile application. >> darya: you know you can also get the weather on that.
8:06 am
>> james: this is what we see we have sunny conditions would not let that fool you. about 47 minute delays for at car arriving flights. if it will be a bit cooler now midland has to be in the upper 80s. and does better than last week where we had the upper 90s or a hundred. by late wednesday night as a possible liability of and light sour. and here on the afternoon highs. >> james: 84 and any act 86 and
8:07 am
at his downtown san francisco will be 68. and what's happening with the hurricane to our south will show you pictures coming up this morning.
8:08 am
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>> reporter: this time is 809
8:10 am
and we're tracking an accident at 1 02. drive time from this city is more than doubled right now. traffic has slowed down to 30 to 35 mi. per hour. in concord a motorcycle accident has, and that is causing delays. tracy is in a tough commute towards a livermore. westbound on 580 days been backup's for good portion starting at the dublin you can see it starts the east and going on 880. but going on to 880 is a very slow and tough grinding in. that's take a
8:11 am
look also at the bridges here take a look at the bay bridge and this is been backed up more than usual. >> reporter: there is a stall on the westbound direction. let's go to the san mateo bridge. this is pretty slow going here it's moving, but it's a very slow. getting across san mateo is slow this morning. in the golden gate bridge has been a problem for commute. this has been pinned easy iraq. and also the richmond san rafael bridge is open. >> mark: lines are reopening of the nemitz now. we'll be right
8:12 am
back after this quick break. the nemitz now. we'll be right back after this quick break. insunce d foet aut iy but e mo youearnbout yo covage, likeow y thoht y wer e mverefor is.t nd. [boychecit o,mom rof.urkehen u'reeall ly ceredor ts. orow y figed y wer verefor is. whenou'ractuly ping r rof.urkehen u'reeall ly cerethists. u mit beurpred awhat hing iyourovere. talko faers d gesmarr abouyournsurce.
8:13 am
8:14 am
coverage and scenes story has been on the breaking loose on 880. >> george: wester done with the
8:15 am
recall affects of this accident and thankfully we have team coverage on this accident. this is the look at the two lanes that are close on the merino boulevard. we have two lanes and shutdowns. the chp and caltrans armonhave been working to save e land to be open by 9:00. the freeway was shut down five hours ago at 3:15 a.m.. when a truck jumped over the line dividing it and slammed through a side wall. a backup to ride southbound would first look at this traffic was at a complete stop.
8:16 am
>> reporter: i've been here for about four hours, and they're taking cars & stays open did it >> george: the northbound side of the freeway with a have two lanes a shutdown is still back up. and a lot of people have used interstate 580 as the alternate. and that's forcing speeds below 25 mi. per hour. because accese san mateo bridge was restricted that put a lot of extra pressure on the bay
8:17 am
bridge. >> george: the east shore freeway has been backed up on to paul street. and they're big delays of their. and as we heard from kron for n anny hong sealab's " your weather report later. >> mark: we will not check in with jackie or no let's go into whether right now. >> james: i do want to start off with what you're seeing right now seeking the of the door if you need to. the delays
8:18 am
at ss all because of the cylinder is locked low enough. right now the upper 50s to lower '60s. 65 f yes 63 in livermore 62 in san jose and we i have more '60s and we have '50s. we are expecting a mild forecast in by lunchtime or known will still see '60s and '70s inland and those '80s, and to view at 3:00. expect 80 degree weather in the east and north malice. -- phallic >> james: 81 napa a leap in san rafael downtown san francisco 68
8:19 am
in downtown oakland 75. and were actively going to cool down as we head towards mid-week. the system to are north that could cause potentially bring as light showers in the north bay. we're also seeing the development and hurricane old deal. in the eye of the hurricane will work its way towards the baja peninsula. the storm was a 50 m.p.h. and outside 48 which means it is slowing down. a big storm, a
8:20 am
powerful one category three. >> mark: lookit this hotel a man in the hotel was overturned. other photos have been coming in a power lines down to those of light poll taken down. where say a large solar storm surge making its way. there will be following the latest as new damage photos come in. >> mark: leaders from around the world are discussing ways on how to defeat isis'. the meeting comes as isis' be headed in other western captives. and
8:21 am
despite the fact or the threat not it's not necessarily every nation's number-one concern. >>: it is not clear that the eye iraqi sunnis are more concerned with isis' as they are baghdad. this will be a very interesting coalition to try to hold together. >> mark: egypt and saudi arabia are key players in the fight against a terrorist group. >> darya: a small plane has crashed in st. petersburg floor up side of temple. we will update see if there any
8:22 am
dividers. as we look locally at our own but crashed on 880. this crash haven't at 3:00 a.m.--3:00 a.m.. who will be back richard drive * in any way you can get around this in a few minutes.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> mark: another morning with the future back upon the san mateo bridge. this sunshine here but were watching of the roadways that we usually travel the nemitz. >> darya: the see the golden gate bridge and traffic was heavy. the richland center celebrates looks a very good this morning. >> mark: will keep watching
8:26 am
traffic at the nemitz has been closed for hours. and were waiting on the above dates for those injured in the morning crash. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
8:27 am
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8:28 am
>> george: this in the north and south of bonn directions for most of the lanes have been opened. all of the traffic heading on to 580 has really backed up with the best alternate. if you're headed southbound new not need to find
8:29 am
any closures any further. a few headed north about things that still pretty backed up. that's head out on the scene. what would confine the estimated * all the openings. >> reporter: as you can see that laying down more flair so they need more work space. that earlier we showed you the truck being moved. make sure that all of that oil is removed from the roadways to make sure there's not another accident. is not a problem traffic is moving along very quickly on the left side we were looking at for alliance periods. >> reporter: day still hoping
8:30 am
that possibly it 9:00 in this scene is completely clear. in the meantime nine people went to the hospital. including the driver of trucks. other entries range from minor to very serious. fortunately there were no deaths. when the truck plowed through the center divider when he was one southbound in the northbound direction. top priority is to make sure that northbound 880 after five hours they're hoping that the nine or 930 this morning this area will be cleared. >> george: that we see from his life fact they did have four
8:31 am
lanes open at the scene of the crash. that is only three. burke traffic maintains back up towards he worked to the northbound side. >> mark: remind you can get updates anytime if not around a television you can get this crowd for mobile application. >> darya: at 831 in the latest on the weather. >> james: have to take a live look outside we have any delays. oakland and san jose are doing just fine. blow 60s for the most part and 69 and s c act. 62 and
8:32 am
seven other. when roy to see temperatures and the mix '80s for the east and also we want to talk to the changing weather pattern. otherwise and then with high temperatures of around the rest of california. >> mark: that is true and that's not helping with the fires. this was broken on the east on saturday afternoon. more than a hundred residents have evacuated from their home. one person was injured as a result of this fire. >> darya: the california
8:33 am
wildfires 50 percent contained. but more than a thousand firefighters are battling this one. so far six firefighters have suffered minor injuries. >> mark: another fire broke out here in nevada county and least two homes were destroyed. here in nevada county and least two homes were destroyed. tras. he psyed. readfor e knkout you n't ow "rp." he's syingn she by keing s brn hethy d focusewitharp' ayinshar with onlinmind shpeni s developed theop nds bra scice. and erci andtres reductiotipshat n impa bra heah. so he's rey fothere posbil. if y don thi topof mgamehen you ink rp, en y don kno"aar. fi morsurpsng poibilies
8:34 am
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8:36 am
>> anny: here is a look at your traffic. in the concord walnut creek area there was in a motorcycle accident. as the consumer still dealing with to residual effects of that accident. it is also lookit 101. in the northbound direction or the commute direction has been cleared up. but is still very slow going. all the way up to san francisco is a slow ride.
8:37 am
the drive there is about 30 minutes. unlike the san leandro area-sourcing another backup. one lane is locked. it's been slow going there. let's look at your bridgeses morning. >> anny: the bay bridge has been a tough right because we've been dealing with the fall of of the eighth 80 accident. his back of static a lot earlier and were used to on monday morning. here's a look at the san mateo bridge it's still slow and there are no incidents reports. it
8:38 am
looks like getting on to the san mateo bridge is very very slow going. it moves a little better but as a slow ride across hayward to a sanitarium. >> anny: let's look at the golden gate bridge. the good news is the golden gate bridge is traffic has been moving very smoothly in both directions without any problem. and on the richmond san rafael bridge in looks like there are no answer next it's a little slow going would have to you get past it in
8:39 am
open the. >> james: a sneak peek at where temperatures will go and a complete looked at your forecast. there's a chance to mayhap raindrops on the horizon.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> darya: it's a work of black
8:42 am
that comes with a personal trainer which means you never have to leave your home. >> reporter: they're spinning bike features a large 22 in. screen. paul with effort to motivate you to select. having a bike in your basement staring at the wall is one of the most boring things in the planet. and that's why they're looking to reinvent the home workshop. >> reporter: aspirin might best totally high-tech. a 22 in. screen and classes are being on schedule from a studio in new york city. >>: the instructor will look into the camera and really engage you why you're at home and make you feel as if in the class. >> reporter: of course i had a
8:43 am
tryout. >> reporter: at all think my resistance is high enough. when i love is one feature shows you how hard of the people in the class are working out. and right now i'm trying to beat the no. 1-resistance. i was in the jazz and swing with an minutes. psko and the instruction they jt the motivation i needed. >>: you do get that fantastic dripping wet workout. >> reporter: this gives you access to all those lives and on demand classes. even if i don't sit in one of the class is on
8:44 am
one of these for my house. >> mark: couple other stores were following this morning the eye phone 6 is breaking records. some customers said they couldn't access the web site and encountered long delays. big news from microsoft they are acquiring the maker of the game line crafts for to enhance billion dollars. >> mark: it's the most popular on-line game on x box. the deal is expected to close late this year. >> george: as we are monitoring conditions on interstate the 80 on both north and south directions their big income
8:45 am
improvements on the freeway. let's take a live look at the south about direction. all lanes have been reopened. we have no problems now on the southbound side of the freeway. this to go now to jackie cecil and check in with him. >> reporter: of the not here for a little bit more than four hours with the traffic you see on the right-hand side that is south about 880. there are obviously open up the line to a traffic and we did have some delays within the last hour but now is flowing. and on the left- hand side of its shot that is northbound 880. >> george: recently they're open
8:46 am
dumps one lane on the opposite side. in only one lane a step down. the backup services into hayward before the age 80 the northbound right. >> james: the start with the weather. where once again working up to a cloudy start particularly over san francisco. temperatures are responding any act in the dow to its 65. that will be one of our warm response work this afternoon. we have a
8:47 am
future cast set for the hour you see 60s set for the coast. and as we head towards three in the afternoon will have 80 in the south bay and north bay islands. >> james: 85 in fairfield 84 and lived in the los. in the south bay it low to mid '80s 81 and san jose. mid-70s for oakland robber 60s for san francisco and at low 80s in the north bay. >> james: this is what we are expecting here we have temperatures that had gradually: as we head towards wednesday. and that is because we have to system that may bring this
8:48 am
possibility of light showers. and this is not analogous of the job for sure and once that's gone we have nothing but high temperatures. >> darya: 848 employees are on the scene of the shooting. the call went out and one person was shot in they're taken to the hospital and were waiting on more for their condition. >> mark: the most awful hurricane to ever hit the peninsula is category 3 whe. ont a hundred and 28 foremast hour at night and heavy rain. in
8:49 am
celebrations for it mexico's independence day tomorrows are canceled. >> darya: watson as him see here was detained by police because they thought she was a prostitute. she and her boyfriend brian >> james: lucas? the police as the police said they were responding ball to a citizen who asked if they work involved.
8:50 am
>>: dollars a didn't even give me the respect of what happened. you seem like a respectable person can we just before a second because someone gave a call the situation would have been different. >> darya: the couple says they have contacted the naacp. >> mark: the home opener ended up embossed last night. after a pregame show featuring snoop doggy spirit nothing else with the not niner's away. they cannot seal the deal against the bears. there were up 21 and nothing and then were outscored by 21 points.
8:51 am
>>: 08 got real loud that they would travel seattle very fast. >>: it's beautiful it's bleeding red everywhere. >> mark: in the fourth quarter capital quebec cabinet x three interceptions and a lot and the nav is loosed 28 to 21. >> darya: when you hear the drive time the bay of quinte from mexico it took hours for people depicted in to the locked in have to wait for one to three hours to get in. and it took a few hours to get out of the law and chp was they're helping direct traffic. and defense say it took a long time. >>: the problem is they were
8:52 am
shut off certain streets with less traffic, but it doesn't make a difference at the end of the day they have to do better with the traffic control. >> darya: and least when you get in there is some lot nicer the folds better and i still think the answer and and and did not work. >> darya: digressed did not look summit did not look terrific. >> mark: that was due to all of the yellow flags that were thrown. we still stop some people behaving badly aching calves that's tonight at the crown for news and 8:00. >> darya: it could be worse.
8:53 am
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>> darya: take the live let's hear from our from the helicopter look like abc partnership what channel 7 to be back with teen coverage when we return.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> mark: a fiery crash on 880 shutting down the nemitz 4880. crashed through the median on northbound traffic. and least 11 vehicles were involved in nine people were injured. one of them were airlifted off the freeway. >> darya: it's hard to put a finger on, the people were laid to work mist lights cannot get into work. >> george: there were several
9:00 am
people were actually stuck on the freeway for as long as three hours. so things are pretty nasty. here's a live look at the freeway and traffic is getting by all but one line. and the bad news is we just saw the chp layout a few more fliers so it doesn't look like they're ready to clear up the lines. >> george: the traffic in the southbound direction is completely cleared out but the commuted direction is a northbound and that's what things are still backed up into his work. things are backed up into it northbound eight in iraq. and the north brown and nemitz is usually silent but it isn't because all of the
9:01 am
traffic is in a move towards a downtown. >> darya: this is not the only problem in the commute >> george: notice not. we are solid and 680 south about going west on a 34 incident brenda. 687 baht has jammed up in it's a note. and from the west into the corridor commuted. once all the traffic get free 880 south of bonn is not a 50 minute drive. 17 leading into it 880 made peninsula had earlier problems. and that's what the saw the bottom right has backed up. northbound has backed up to
9:02 am
redwood city to san bruno. and from san bruno to his bell and the north bay ride is slow as well. and now that traffic can get through to with its backdrop of the san mateo bridge as well as the approach. no problems here on the richmond san rafael bridge. and i might be able to show you the richmond san rafael approach here and you can see that there slowed traffic from the richmond park way. >> mark: becky will have to live on the scene since did happen. >> reporter: embassy h-p said
9:03 am
they still have all the lines open by 10:00 in the morning. but what is remaining here is the all oiled the diesel. they want to make sure that the workers of the left side of your screen is safe. they're not really worried about the diesel on the roadway. the dollar the case they will not open it at all. they're more worried about the other side and that's why has map crews are out there. possibly are around 10:00 in the morning they should be done. and then finally 6 1/2 hours after this scene has happened is to be cleared out. >> darya: and 9 04 to be another
9:04 am
perspective of 880. >> reporter: southbound 880 as been here since 430 this morning. but i got here there weren't taking cars off the freeway. in the last hour to hour or so but traffic is been slowing nicely. >> darya: so this is something that she can get through but it would definitely at a time to your commute this morning. in the tally has been reopened. so the crash happened with the truck at 3:00 a.m.. do not
9:05 am
forget there were almost another dozen cars that they had to move in all the people transported to the hospital. and this was a major accident which is what the road was closed for three hours trea. >> mark: it's amazing how the truck smashed through the concrete and into the other side of traffic. >> mark: you can download the crown for mobile applications for free. >> darya: headed into the work week good morning. >> anny: some pictures that have come and from hurricane 0 deal. let's take a look at all the water. the water damaged the flooding the destruction and the winds are now a category 2
9:06 am
hurricane. pictures that we have showing the flooding here in the lobby and some of the storm windows failed. >> anny: the hurricane is not done quite yet now has hit land so it is using losing strength and will become a tropical storm. right now is a category to which it will continue to drop more rain. and the winds are very strong and powerful. in our neck of the awards were not really going to be impacted by the hurricane. but right now we
9:07 am
will see temperatures cool off headed into the weekend. >> anny: 62 in san jose and los 60 in san francisco 65 in napa and the bottles colette 59. there are no more and 9684 in nc act. the 68 degrees in downtown san francisco. it's a nice day for gonna be in the city low 80s and san rafael in '76 and san rose a. >> darya: let's go back live to the crash site on eight key. as they were saying they put down more fliers.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> darya: believe it and not the minnesota vikings say that agent peter senate is expected now to play this sunday against
9:11 am
new orleans. the start running back was deactivated this week and when he was indicted for child abuse. his lawyer says peterson hit a switch to his his son but did not mean to harm his son. bruises' waxed and cats or all on the boy's legs and left to have a grand jury find that he went too far. but has considerable results they want but court system to make been rife with decision before other people create their own. >> george: with a very slow right here on the peninsula. the
9:12 am
same slow and. at the south about dragged from san bruno all the way down to hillsdale and will have a complete check of traffic becomes and the nemitz when we return. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
9:13 am
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9:14 am
thatncreases risk of dea in pel it is t knn ifhis sk i cread inopd. breo won repce rcueinhars sympto andhoulnot use mo th onca da breo mayncree yo risof pneunia,, d so eyeroblems. sympto andhoulnot use mo th onca da te youdoct if u ha a het coitio or hh bld prsureefor kingreo. asyouroctoaboub-r-o for pd. fit prcripon fe at asyouroctoaboub-r-o for pd. fit prcripon fe at lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. >> george: big improvements here even though one land is set down and beat northbound direction
9:15 am
and the backup's are dramatically reduced. northbound lanes in one line is still backed up. you can see as we mentioned as the northbound lane that has remained close. and be the last savviest grain is the right lane and have northbound. no impact on the southbound side of the freeway. >> george: 2580 right is backed up data san leandro and all the way to downtown oakland. the east shore freeway and sought 680 in both directions and southbound and northbound in both directions are approaching
9:16 am
danville. south 688 backed from dublin to snow was 580 is still slow of livermore. look at this corridor right. it is extremely slow on 880 in the southbound direction back about a word all the way to milpitas. the south by rat is backed up to 101 northbound. and it's very slow to the northbound trip of redwood city to mountain view up to nevada south about 37 to the bridge. >> george: were still backed up in the bay bridge despite the fact that the cash lanes are open. class san mateo bridge is crawling along to highway 92. in the golden gate bridge is problem free at it as it has been all morning long. the san rafael bridge has no longer any delays 458 to richmond.
9:17 am
>> anny: here is a live look and we're looking at cloudy conditions this morning. we're looking at car sunny skies this morning. a storm gets closer when we see the clouds arrive first and then on thursday we have a chance for some showers. in downtown san francisco 65 santa rosa at 55 degrees. here is your future tests for which generally looking at '70's and 70's and late afternoon high if '70s and '80s. no more '90s and the more extreme heat. >> anny: the south bay has a high of 81 all mountain valley
9:18 am
87. 86 and lost cattle's. in the east bay were talking operatives and 77 and union city. oakland has a high of 71 and in san francisco opera 60s today. ocean beach is that 63 and as a mixed bag of the '70s end san rafael. >> anny: temperatures are going to be a little cooler tomorrow and wednesday. this should be a chance for some showers on thursday. maybe as far south as san mateo. we will keep you posted >> mark: question biggest
9:19 am
biggest winners else loses with ground black. >> reporter: the eye phone 6 in the first few hours it works sold out. only because you iwant something very badly. in the eye phone 6. >> mark: it is a big purchase price for microsoft >> reporter: what is interesting to note about this is mine craft has brought an berrigans of dollars some of it on the x box some of it on the phone. and
9:20 am
microsoft really wants the phones. because the microphone the microsoft phones and nobody wants compared to the apples. >> reporter: that licensing deal for richard in the books and taking note produced lego like digital blocks with in the game. and if you have the child was suggest this because will help you do map. >> mark: some people are using my craft and school to help with the learning. >> mark: everybody is somewhat worried about this big i libau but idea.
9:21 am
>> reporter: you don't know the name yet would you will everyone else watch out because jack small and alibi has this kind set to reach out aggressively. >> reporter: it may create buying opportunity after 30 days. >> mark: will have a seattle- yahoo
9:22 am
9:23 am
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but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
9:25 am
>> reporter: be an iraqi sunnis are still more concerned about
9:26 am
taxes than they are baghdad. >> mark: around supreme leaders said their country is refusing to help because of washington's are unclean intentions. >> mark: david haines is the third western killed by the axis. >> mark: haynes was of british hero and his killers were not mas long they're monsters. >> darya: 8 least nobody can sell that someone started shooting in a small crowd seeking head the office 3 s t
9:27 am
chases the shooter. "sound bite" >> darya: the suspect was a 25 year-old who is now dealing with injuries that are not life- threatening. >> darya: this is courtesy of our helicopter partnership with 87 news this cause a chain reaction crash that cost a dozen other cars. and a backup that blasted for hours.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> george: ultimately crashing through a sound wall. on the eastern edge of the roadway they're so much debris in the lane and that 10 other vehicles were involved in damage to their car. thankfully no all lanes are open now. northbound traffic remains backed up into hayward. and as we continue to monitor
9:31 am
other planes now why 580. >> george: nimitz freeway is back up and ask to use it as alternate route. 880 between fremont is backed up. it in here we are still jammed up from dublin back to san no. the ride between cupertino in mountain view on 85 north. the plan answers is still afloat out of mountain view. there were still slow lookit south. an mri is much improved by nevada to the bridge. the bay bridge was bound still backed up into the macaque
9:32 am
amazed 80 approach still backed up the san mateo bridge still solid. the one no one is a problem free and so is a trip to marin county. no big backup's this morning at their rich men san rafael bridge. >> mark: well as been on the scene since the crash. >> reporter: they finally reopened all anxious is still slow going at right now as you can see all of the backup that we a scene from our. they still have work. been pretty much believe they are part of the same. and that's why people are
9:33 am
slowing down speeding up. the imbecility. nine people total involved the cause is still under investigation. in possibly hit cars going northbound what he was going south about how frightening is that he is actively face-to-face with a lot of cars. injuries but met range from minor to critical. fortunately right now detect a long time to clear the same. and open up all lanes of traffic.
9:34 am
and cleared that out. >> reporter: the reason why it took so long caltrans they had to get to the scene there also stuck in traffic. and that's why you see traffic north and southbound moving to define at all. >> mark: our coverage always continue this on line and are more application. on our website crown for--crowne-kron 4. >> anny: we have just a few clouds out there we're not seeing any delays out there and
9:35 am
ask ask all. low clouds will coast and the baseline for the last time will lookit temperatures putting out a up 80 is in line. for the bay where mid-60s. in this evening we have: down into the 60s. and we do have changes coming this way. about the impact which have been the bay area. >> mark: we're getting video and from the damage in and looks like it's coming from downtown san lucas. since some of the damage here that a lot of broken windows and these images. will
9:36 am
we look at area a couple san lucas. there's been some damage and widespread power outages. >> darya: police responded to a shooting that happen during a robbery and this is just before 8:00 this morning. two men robbed a person and shot the victim and the person is in the hospital now the robber on leaves. -lose.
9:37 am
9:38 am
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forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. they're bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together. they're showering, shaving, and shuffling. and bathrooms that get big families out the door. they're number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life's morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. >> george: the hotspot we've
9:40 am
been tracking since the 3:00 hour of the closure of the nimitz freeway. the final line was open in the northbound direction. the backup's are improving but it still backed up out of san leandro and to hayward. >> mark: with tracking several of finance brought to the state. eastern's pilots kinds 3,000 a. were contained and more than a hundred residents had evacuate >> darya: a thousand firefighters have battled this fire. six firefighters have suffered minor injuries.
9:41 am
>> mark: the also fighting a fire in grassy valley. this brought the after going into battle to homes were lost.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> george: thank you , that's
9:45 am
always slow late in the the no. 101 stretch from and the ride into san mateo. the north bay right from the note from the bottle to the bridge speaking of the bridge is still slow going for him, a maze. and it's still is not a were born from the traffic been skidding on to
9:46 am
the nemitz. the golden gate however is an easy trip in both directions is been a problem for all morning long. >> anny: i will wiccan of to partly to mostly sunny conditions. this is selling lots of sunshine out there. we can see more sunshine by this afternoon when the temperatures get a little cooler. and you see the transition into fall little better. '50s and '60s in los 60s in san jose. it's warming up in antioch. when 60s and livermore. 66 degrees in napa. temperatures you notice will be a little cooler especially if it in line. most of us will be in the '70s or '80s and are warm response. >> anny: pretty comfortable
9:47 am
numbers of local lore and conquered 82. 75 in oakland. while 84 sunnyvale. and some need san jose. and in the north bay will see warm response in napa and san rafael and the floor '80s. here's our crown for 7 day around the bay. through thursday whether increasing clouds on wednesday. that will bring us a little bit of rain on wednesday night in the north bay. and in the north of the bay area for thursday. it seems like very small mobs of rain. i also want to talk about hurricane old deal. he is now a category 2 storm. causing lots of
9:48 am
devastation and destruction. hesitancy now on bebop peninsula. here's a look at the storm with a picture and the vehicle. >> mark: here are some of the pictures and video showing a van turned over on its side. and a home last half a mile away from the beach and we have the power lies that have also been blown down. and some of the hotel lobbies have been flooded with water. to make its way on store.
9:49 am
we will follow the latest as more information comes. >> mark: the start of a new era for the 40 ninus wears fans came to see the first game at leigh by stadium. in the ninus getting a touchdown with in three minutes of the start of the game. after a pregame show from snoop dog. it was going the niners way for a good part of the game. defense cannot still a bill against the bears. >>: 08 got a real loud or going to rival seattle. >>: the 12th man does not have any thing on this stadium. >> gary: it's beautiful it's bleeding red everywhere
9:50 am
>> mark: bay gave up 21 points in the fourth quarter. >> darya: it was slow going in and slow going out this was the scene and leaving the stadium. chp were out directing what fans said getting to the stadium took forever. >>: it took us hour and half to get here from lawrence expressway >>: the problem is that they set off traffic from smaller streets it doesn't make a difference at the end of the dead have to get better with traffic control >> darya: are supposed to have 70,000 plus fans smoothly hour know. and it has to go better than one but two or three hours from the exit to the parking lot. >> mark: is it better than
9:51 am
candlestick perhaps >> mark: yet but it's warmer here. >> darya: remember when the field was being dug up and the grass was no good and they redid it three times as think. so they're trying to do a better evaluation to see how the team had to replace the turf. because was coming up. >> mark: we may see the fourth time when they recited the field. >> mark: didn't evaluations is what it's called. cahan
9:52 am
>> mark: >> stanley: roberts was there rissole people with drugs and not an alcoholic drop the stadium. you concede that later on tonight. >> mark: detections won their second game and they beat up on the raiders. the raiders alike the ninus turned the ball over four times. yet one touchdown pass. the home opener for the raiders hardly could've gone worse when they're down 27 and nothing after three quarters emboldened by fans. >> darya: a sigh of relief to commute is finally over.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> darya: the highest military honor was given to three servicemen. a line soaked cushion who is shown here. he was sacked in the stomach amish elder. and he continued commending his outnumbered troops. and another after herself on a grenade to save his troops. >> mark: in downtown kabul there is massive power outages. and a storm surge is moving half a mile inland. as we have more information from the colchis
9:57 am
area will give the dates of up drop the day at our web site on kron 4 that,. >> george: all lanes of interstate have been cleared to involve the nagging injuries. and a menace to completely shut down treat again everything now it's back to normal as all lanes are back to normal on 880 north and south about. >> mark: it's been quite a morning here at the nemitz was completely close since the 4:00 hour please visit our kron for morning here at the nemitz was completely close since the 4:00 hour please visit our kron for more mobile application.
9:58 am
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