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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  September 20, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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and up on kron 4 news weekend with some the search for to mckee is sexually assaulting a teenage girl in san jose. california law and fire raging out and under control is one in the latest for you on him and efforts abroad county. thousand people flocking bay area beaches today and lim >> : and slot for joining us on kron 4 news weekend is 7:00, it started out a stow hadn't to kick things off with the look at the forecast. >> : why look for rv. camera of pretty dark out their plan to cloud cover over san francisco in fact book plods along a coastline and extensive cloud cover throw much of the bay area now is
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the temperature starting things often the upper 50s low 60s by lunch time we should see some clearing. debentures this afternoon's pre much with such as today a person sees coesite mid- 70s and said the bay we are talking whats the son sean barrel below his yacht they're still dealing with the smoke from the fire. seller in our shows again or not and were dry not looking up rain pushing of the push of the east. yet again same substance scenario as last week so that said we could see showers wednesday night into thursday close look for that coming up in the extended forecast. mila >> : two men forced the girl of van nuys it assault occurred. no suspects lateson. >> : to man of 37 as a police say
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canadian girl and sexually assaulted her. it's terrible >> : kron 4 caught in the afternoon the two men pulled up to grow on a white the silverman. she's sitting at this bus stop on saratoga campbell avenue and police say the man polder in the vehicle and sexually assaulted her in broad daylight. >> : the drop the girl off a block away before steep off. all happening at a busy intersection businesses were this letter mother says she'll keep a closer eye on her daughter. >> : a letter do a lot of things very protective taking her friend it to movies and trip and off. >> : considering the coverage allow a fire burning in el dorado county the king fire is consumed about 120
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square miles that is more than 76,000 a. stories say fighting the fires costing $5 million a day the blazes a license percent contained this morning how 50 it open right now but each expect ways of the travelling in that direction. >> : mathews story of wade pleaded not guilty of carrying court on friday as a 37 year-old wayne huntsman now being held on $10 million bail a story is a of >> : a sore hearing for about homes burn in the king's fire small community just east of pollen playas assessing its losses neighbors gathered try to comfort each other as it looked ill afford devastation. some homeowners clinton wednesday fire officials at the time were still reporting that no homes were damaged. >> : to be told that there's been
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no sport >> : we had no notification until this morning. they dropped fire retardant watter. >> : in the meantime firefighters dropping record-breaking odds of fire retardants try to stop flames this but spreading so far used more than a half-million gallons of the red. >> : meantime more destructive fire near the small city of cisco county now 95 percent contained the fire has burned for under 79 a. of a hundred homes still standing this morning set of city officials ordered 43 homes nine other buildings have been destroyed. tomorrow a national clean up dave thousands of volunteers are
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the world of both good ashore for annual call to action to tighten up parks and beaches very busy in the bay area at as usual every year. by the ocean beach this morning with the latest >> : estimates of people shows here ocean beach organizing this cleanup site the california coastal commission organized hundreds of times across the bay area and across the state of california runs for 9:00 till noon today they encourage anyone and everyone to come on out and help clean up the coast. here in ocean beach one of many different cards of the bay area we're out here last year plan certain rain on austin nonetheless 50,000 volunteers to collect 50,000 t of trash and disciples from beaches inland waterways. if the gold stud get rid of this and hazardous cigarette butts plastic plastic bags especially harmful while blessed which become entangled in the bag at the
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national the debris is discussing a look at. to yours the 30th and the nursery of the cleanup after justin and organizers recommend to bring on board because likely those you find is a your campsite the list of where you have confined upset at kron4-dot- com coming up in a clock will tell you the most prevalent eyas on here and clean up day and seeing so that's our. >> : the check back with him struck the newscast coming up on kron 4 news weekend major road closure the north bay how much impact weekend travel plans. hundreds of newborns' exposed to tuberculosis co of hostile response. severs is mcmurtry reacting to the growing problem of prostitution.
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estragon several miles of highway 37 in the north bay a closure won't allow crews are massive repaving
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project trulls clifford and details on the project and the drivers what they need to know. from 10:00 p.m. friday evening to to 5 monday morning caltrans closing east-west all lanes of highway 37 between the wallet avenue exit in aleppo and intersection of 37 sitter 121 9 mi. west during a clutter approval begin laying the groundwork to repave all lanes. hutchinses the closure is necessary for safety reasons. >> : it is a stretch where it's very remote and are in need in the middle of the house. such as also advising drivers to avoid the week area this weekend as sony's to run the closures state use state wrote 211 in detoured. such as also plans to shut down both directions of 37 next week and their last week of september
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roadway will be closed 10 p and 5:00 a.m. monday through friday so crews can finish up behaving work. >> : a minibus hit pedestrian the market and seventh street the collision happened just after 6:00 p.m. in says the pedestrian's taken to hospital with injuries to the ankle the other person was injured on the bus during the accident hit a hospital with a hip injury accident temporarily stops traffic. religious service resumed again last night. news this morning deadly accidents between vehicle pedestrian insults of francisco ca fees as a happen 130 this morning at the intersection of westborough brought boulevard and servile are no details on the release rehab ward for rationed as it comes available throughout the morning. >> :
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cities service under scrutiny after intruder how the west end's netted as far as the front door of the story coming up will first allied look outside a cloudy conditions in downtown san francisco
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and kron 4 news weekend sudden 15 the saturday morning a lot of folks have up to bay area beaches today to help out in the coastal cleanup effort what kind weather to expect. along a coastline we are talking about conditions we have that base what the see be mostly cloudy conditions for much of the coastline also going to be a little hazy about their reporting smelling smoke outside their doors and doesn't take a look at temperatures are in although off to a mall store it's a little heated up
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there still is differences got 65 and 63 currently in oakland. we do have locals along the coastline right now made a hot title clause extending and the livermore valley most of the burns off as a head into the early afternoon again it will be another day was cloudy conditions cosigned his ascension expected in london and as a focus and temperature future test passes i stumble rings six seasons said the bay '70s a snake in for inland valleys and o'clock in the motion here approaching three this afternoon we see of the low 80s saw all in all still the land temperatures cooler than where we should be for this time of year. the high expected in your neighborhood to a redwood city again 88 milpitas campbell ladies 86 degrees and evergreen and sunspots we will still try not or signed and the lady to 86 in pittsburgh 67 is a long easter shoreline downtown san francisco hitting the upper 60s and sunday 79
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degrees in petaluma. >> : much in the forecast or four days to continue with more fog afternoon sunshine temperatures a little cooler than average. you'll throw russia and the pattern wednesday to thursday was pacific storm approaching 20 and 30 percent chance of us would showers this one up this huge rainmaker again it we will sit we can get into the minds generally see the first real rain this season for last week of september. >> : national is a sporting washington dc circuits service identified the man allegedly jumped over the last house fence on friday. >> : this is cell phone video showing a man making it across the north lawn of the white house add-on been accused of dumping on the north fence making a pass the front doors of the white house before he was arrested. the actions
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>> : of this for you on the missing university of virginia student charles the police have a new person of interest in this year's surge the department car they believe a to year-old haggar a man got into a car with that man the day she disappeared. please had no probable cause to arrest him. >> : was our legal basis to obtain him. in accordance browser and seen the person is in custody not because we know who we is. of the best years offering $50,000 reward for information leading to the cause of her disappearance. >> : pilot passenger for research and virginia witnesses told authorities or to single- engine plane flying very low when it went down in a field by race track. racing event for the weekend
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continues as planned snow on the ground was hurt but the faa ntsb are investigating. officials and all passed the several new ones they've been exposed said tuberculosis at memorial hospital the babies and more than four employees were exposed to an active case of tb between september 2013 august of this year of health of the shows address the situation at a news conference friday. >> : hospital is safe. his american hospital for a while pre >> : of the officials working to a sewage patients and plays expose their being can contacted beat with instructions for testing. >> : other big news battle nfl commissioner roger goodall breaking into dell told the news conference in new york
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friday where he apologized for the handling of the harris case. also refuse to step down in the wake of the scandal also announced that the sweeping policy ordering all players and staff on will institute seems to undergo a bit use prevention training. >> : we recognize sexual sought and violence that exists everywhere in every community i comic racial and ethnic groups it affects all of us. >> : a glitch in the education sessions will begin within the next month and he said that he set about to conduct also taskforce said to be ready by this rule. take a look at this hundreds of baltimore ravens fans lined up at the same to it should and whereas jersey. the team offering to exchange the jersey because of the massive violence charges against him. early friday morning winds estimated a
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half mile the team is letting fans exchangers is again today. >> : it now for the commissioners address prankster's bent for a to the news conference like to resources all on our kron4-dot-com >> : residents upholstery and services goes say they're seeing an influx of prostitution. stan rubin spoke with people who live in the area and worked there as well. >> : if you live here on " street prostitution is common. they tend to say something is really put your head down and keep walking. working on the upholstery he seen a change. our home 3:00 in the morning as the authorities see about the same woman dressed. you can always pick
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of pummelo prostitution is growing in scope. >> : it increasingly as i would say always been prostitution korean industry currently they roll around all of place to serve as the play's over a lot for phrases he's made, profile bus and effort to slow this some have a website police say it helps prostitutes help find clients. visited the site and helps no such services appears a message from the fbi saying they've taken on the site. on-line marketplace have been shut down but the principle of supply-demand supply when the bartender gus says it's losing services lot of lonely rich guys. the pleas of a special unit devoted to sex crimes of partially not able to comment on the story. >> : coming up on news weekend we
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recap bay area sports highlights giants and a's of trinity's playoff hopes alive. live look outside through the bay bridge you conceive credit conditions and the spate erica as for testing just furious.
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
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and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. barest for stress ticking on the raising stand in san diego and other poor outing for giants starter templates and lodging for runs in the first inning and that wasn't more than enough for the love of jazz offense managed three hits a little ball a less night second consecutive for hudson his last start he giveth 4 run in the first inning to dodgers. a joke the one response for the jazz won two-thirds of for less light not nearly enough to address was it five to nothing. the giants and dodgers pilots less light
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dancing have to is behind the dodgers and the ls and only one game up on the pirates for laptop wild card. meantime the a's facing the phillies interleague play in oakland got a jump to an early lead three consecutive singles with two outs with a free run lead early in the second inning. oakland starter john westward through seven innings for the a's last night killing be-bop one run phase one by a file of 31 west 16th when of the season tied for second in the american league. more good news for the a's for royals lost less like giving oakland half-game lead on the top of a wild-card spots felt so bad manners to the conceive their oakland keep on the phillies this afternoon first " pitch schedule for 1:00. >> : bears and arizona is again the wildcats tonight at
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7:00. san jose spartans are restored to get the golden gophers their stuff like game at 1:00 this afternoon. >> : castro is bounceback the lesson is not done join me this sunday night as a brick on plus the raiders batiste acting on tom brady and the patriots and the chance neighs both bell for the playoffs sports i live tonight sounded nine. ♪
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♪ turn around
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♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ try to the check the weather forecast. the morning ever live start of the live look in san francisco agency that all the buildings so it is in free great starts here saturday and to which are now on the upper 50s live '60s. into the afternoon we see a person newsletter rose 74 reason oakland pleasanton and new high before and mid-80s for any ad hoc and livermore. as we head into tomorrow local where they continue c dense
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fog for the lots of sunshine and afternoon. f. mondale a warmer ball all but looking at many changes in the forecast of the next couple days. we are however keeping an eye on summer expected wednesday night in the details coming up at 745. airline substance of that amount neglect they marched dogs left behind after the owner was the victim. spent some time with those dogs who were receiving treatment. >> : the is the pictures shown to the $8 to dogs fun awesome francisco animal care control. dog suffering from malnutrition and parasites ens really evident photos. freddie we visited the dogs on the care of city officials. and will care also officers tells the dogs former owners were evicted and left them behind it at home at the admission. no
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animal there is be treated like this. that took place wednesday later that day the dogs were found abandoned meeting the potters of these animals kept them now nourished and filthy. well it is obvious the dogs have long ago those with l care control believe they are going to be ok. >> : are more focused now on the way from that situation now on our hands and getting the care they deserve. >> : another news this morning city of richmond could be looking a lawsuit for the federal officer involved shooting last weekend turning john burris says he plans awesome the city an officer the lawsuit is on behalf of the 24 roles because family burris says the witnesses contradicting the officers description of what happened burris says that would this is never saw richard pres reached for officer's gun. in the meantime moral service being held for prez's afternoon and the park in richmond. >> :
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sara's please again for help in trying fire missing teenage girl to collect for a 60 year-old rebecca weaver please say she went missing from her house about a club wednesday night officers dacia a medical condition requiring daily medication which she does not have with her. weaver is listed a 5 ft. 8 in. tall pearson's on her ears and nose anyone with any information is asked to call the santa rosa please pardon. bay area to restrain costs out lucas and hurricane are dull styling making tobacco ads across mexico last week leading thousands of people watch as the food watter several hours or some combo are shut down because of the damage and scores of people stranded for days. >> : people desperate to get our play in the federal again on up on it and put the get back saved all us it was incredible. first three days were very fun but the last four definitely bad.
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research and several of the best we could. dozens of tourists generally the area it international airport remain code test and things leading liver >> : thousand sticking from the union city church of robbery happened tuesday night at the san and catholic church on to wallstreet investigators to suspect entered the church to window and so $6,000 in cash please chivvying video for the surveillance cameras of the girl who the suspect is. still had on news weekend we find out what markers of cutting jobs and the bay area. coming up catching drivers' cutting one particular violation and sadie to easy trail how an exhibition of people hitting barely.
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last meth preparations of the wonderland music festival at shoreline at this year kron 4 rap lotus shows expected traffic delays commuters in the area will face all we chemlawn. >> : as early as nowing people that are not heading to the shoreline amphitheater this week and still stay far away the on order land bay area is a saturday and sunday shoreline its arrays coming up love music and a lot * of party drugs coups fail from previous beyond mortal and events causing the start arriving tonight the sporting it goes almost midnight police warning of intoxicate drivers are asking people to stay away from this fairly sizable area and possibly see the line right here if you're attending please encourage cable car pool or to an alternative forms of transportation. >> :
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happening today got good tennis world record in cupertino tosses of the events say that does it lawfulness parade of all a trick cars record and 481 and told police best windigo is your proper treuhand cupertino priest as a clock in 20 minutes >> : coming up on kron 4 news weaken the close look at surrounding the release of live phone sixth in the meantime a live look outside the fromentin cam plans to close keeping things nice and great. some of the store
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is a pitfall for is one itself the committee on alert after two men forced to grow into a van and then sexually assaulted her. according to police had been tuesday afternoon while the girls sitting at a bus stop and saratoga and san jose. the men according to police then dropped across zero hundred a block away still on the loose. that all fire burning in el dorado county not black and 120 square miles to the six filmmakers fighting the fire accosting estimated $5 million a day was only 10 percent contained in the meantime the man accused of setting the firemen first court appearance yesterday caltrans strutting down highway 37 in the north bay long cruises certain repaving that part of the highway all lanes are closed in both directions this weekend between malmo avenue exit and vallejo and intersection of highway 37 to route 121 how trends
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advising drivers to avoid the area altogether but do need to get on the bay area this weekend used 029 and 121. as a detour. time now for a weather forecast and the north bay everywhere and the bay area we store the day off with pretty cloudy conditions we do have dense fog rates are as looking live to the and the bridge for temperatures a lot of lotus 6 is out there is evidence is stored in 65 the morning san jose at 63 and north of the golden gate bridge i do one mention that a shift in the wind is bringing some smoke from the things fire into the bay area to the mind that is a pre smokey today and sunshine were deduces a little hazy. the cloud cover for the most part will start to broth always been a temperatures today recently as to do is to " the fullest of year. as a focus on dimeters effort to test for
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shows it to record cover location so '60s do however make to the '70s and where more italian all but the locations in the south bay put the clock in a motion yours but this afternoon '80s are welcomed into the forecast and again not too hot today to start small is now in the air. as we bring down the temperatures for you fremont's 7082 and santa clara semitism low eighties in san ramon valley and 85 degrees in an sec. danton's death as a stow staying in the upper 50s and up the line country high of 80 days to sit in berkeley and san at 767 tel. is ahead at this and they run the bay forecast we will see again now change the forecast of the next couple days a chance for showers wednesday night and thursday in international services calling for 20 percent chance. it to 15 in the afternoon at an officer will
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welcome all of our with petro looking for specific type of file later. as it tends to pull driver over trevor polls to left. yet is the driver was the only one in the vehicle and car pool their cars to passengers. trevor, and it was an emergency. >> : cheeks when the emergency and stay a hazard than then also known as the car pooling corporates and 5:00 a.m. to 2 at the time and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. mondays through fridays shortly after the driver is
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trevor and honda civic and a car loan. jurors doing something called tipping and drivers jump in and out of traffic by using a car poulenc. the writer for this driver yet another one on a pickup truck. ever since his having to the airport testified at 530 the moment slater yet another car pulled by letter this time of pre is the dog legal in the carpool lane. susan lee complaints or drivers on a mercedes in carpeaux illegally it took 40 minutes for us deplore for drivers. one driver every 10 minutes touching them was easier almost too easy if your including the driver had + 2 mi.
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>> : apple fans are rejoicing for the latest i phone is finally over. 05 on six and six + one on sale friday people some mine sunday ticket buyers even slept on incredible stores for days apple says that it sold a record 4 billion star funds and on the be available for pre order last friday there's kron fortran snapping a soft touch with cook. orders of closing research lab and on view company spokesperson confirmed the news friday a lawyer in the week they said it was cutting 121 jobs across the country 160 of those jobs in california and got you close to 50 people microsoft described the move as a consolidation of the
7:49 am
west coast labs. so cercis as a result so as 2500 bay area employees. >> : but the sun deal took with have to bring company announced friday company not going to any details with says plans to keep the classic recipes consistent quality of the product pestos number of well-known american brands including have lower it written and malt liquor called 45. a big movie sitting fears meet this weekend might or check our in the meantime to clive looking outside at the center bridge this time around a much traffic on this cloudy conditions.
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because he check your movie mary molly new releases now showing. all-star cast comes together in this is where i leave you with the father dies force live and the chow for home for one week rather overbearing mother played by james fun. >> : sunday 0 run >> : and national emotional baggage wasn't them. this is where leave you rated r. >> : in the maze runner group of boys trapped in seven days. >> : to have to join forces for a
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skating only hope is for the new arrival maize for her best-selling novel or a pg- 13. it pleaded please adjust your walk among the tombstones drug kingpin in find so who connecting killed his wife. >> : a walk among the tombstone is there are. in tosca pot tester has a canadian woods every estrange effort old man. i travel around interview where interesting people build them played by michael parks drug to then proceed to turn tosca's are in our >> : san diego zoo the part show when office knew jocose the fell cubs born september 4th and they way three weeks it
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pounds each. then the cubs for the public to see hours each day and 78. also armadillo guy for a busy road after heavy rain in houston houston area for hang hard by flooding recently that assault the ears of the rescued from their stalled vehicles. but the but the sky take a look at that very starry night open space chow member for ness of the commission for one less saturday aboard the orbiting space station. the pals of you see there on the left side of screen part of a tv spacecraft at the outpost. still had four on kron 4 news weekend deal offers way and come this romantic getaway in the bay area. i felt pressure roger goodall single-family but domestic violence plaguing the league: clear up the nfl house pre live hundreds
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of people flocking bay area beaches all for good cause live at this year's close oakland. the land live look outside for about him camps of the light blink of cloud cover gray start to morning breaking down the highest and charlie next week and yes we do have a chance for in the four test breaking that down coming up will return
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the search is on for tonight to sexually assaulting and
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girls sat out the day in broad daylight and california wildfire scorching thousands of acres of raw county latest for you on containment efforts there. some of the smoke actually heading out in the bay area from the kings fired details but that means for afternoon forecast coming of. >> : mornings for joining us kron 4 news weekend and it is a clock now time to get a weekend forecast grade >> : we are star in the morning off with three overcast conditions very cloudy in fact fog signal the building and said the take a live look at san francisco temperatures right now upper 50s low 60s by lunchtime some of a cloud cover will start to clear the will be little smoky outside a shift in wind direction is bringing some of that smoke from the king fire in the bay area stock advisor is currently in effect so
8:00 am
nly keep that in mind into the afternoon temperatures range from upper 60s to aside the mid- 80s and went to we are looking at dry conditions for today honestly further flores weekend. we do have tinges talk well into next week highlighting the possibility of coming up the next poor. >> : in the saar and ease bay worries affect major delays and the concord disparate bay. stations because service was stopped earlier this morning and to officials call equipment problem on the track. norwest on service resumes applause and hobart station officials warn there could be delays going to sfo today. one lane of interstate highway it by the west on closing livermore digress fire this morning chp says the blazes burning just east of the rainbow wrote off ramp that land as a stage reopen according to officials with the hour. continuing our coverage in the wild firebrand and eldorado county can fire is
8:01 am
consumed 120 square miles. more than 76,000 a. and a flurry say fighting the fire is costing $5 million blaze going to 10 percent contained this morning how 50 is open but could expect delays of travelling in that direction credence >> : back to to an arson charge in court. some 37 year-old wayne hudson being held on $10 million bail stories have not said what has led to this is a rest now they have released a possible motive. also here in the homes that were burned in the kings fired small contagious east of the pines assessing its losses committed neighbors gathered to try to comfort each other some homeowners say since wednesday claimed that the fire officials of the time were still reporting that no homes were damaged. >> : i know is true in some members were hurt when their
8:02 am
resources exploded >> : no indication anything was lost until this morning. the drop fire retardant on it watter air crews >> : meantime fire fighters dropping record amount of fire retardant detritus up the funds from spreading. more than half million dollars of that red ferrari. more restrictive fire in the small city of the border cisco county 95 percent contained a fire burned for its 79 a. along hundred homes still friends this morning. ford the two buildings and other buildings have been destroyed. south bay community of our after two men forced to grow into a van as such is altered by san jose police looking clothes suspects caught it before has lace
8:03 am
investigation. >> : these are sketches of the two men in their thirties san jose police say kidnapped young girl and sexually assaulted her. >> : tuesday police say the wrong for harken afternoon two men pulled up to grow at a white silverman. she was sitting at this bus stop on saratoga campbell ave. and police say that they meant holder in the vehicle and sexually assaulted her broad daylight. summary people round of that sum would help. the drop the broth a block away live for speeding off crete all this happening a busy intersection and their businesses where this mother says she don't will keep a closer eye on her daughter. i know what to do a lot of things and very protective. >> : happening today national
8:04 am
coastal cleanup day thousands of volunteers around the world since flocking to the shore for annual call to action to help tidy up parts of the beaches saw mike pelton reporting live this morning from motion beach in san francisco with more strings of volunteers around you. >> : the morning sun is in place repined me was so clear up the difference nine this morning till noon about an hour from now surf these volunteers with buckets of many forms of a brief find nestled across the coast not at ocean beach one of hundreds of clear up this you find today across california and across the bay area as today marks the 30th annual coastal cleanup day it organized by california coastal commission last year ocean beach rain compared to the turnout sit where 50,000 volunteers turned out hoping for 100 also volunteers struggled today the goal is to urge california's coast inland waterways with treasury board and other debris coastal commission says the cigarette butt of
8:05 am
most prevalent i am correct the cockpit. plessey said the most dangerous and most important piece to get out. >> : plastics are a very difficult item for us to pick up as we move more towards the packaging more more stuff is adding up on the environment and coming archive. . see as crusoe this morning it was a list of we can find a clear sign near you toward kron4-dot- com as a comeback are here live coastal cleanup day from our car this morning and then any clear upset to go to live with find bucket's things to use press on off the find and off a threatened 02 website how about bring your own booking gloves at as a backup. >> : to reinforce the point on clark a stow how long. tell moon the bring up the point is unclear to coast any day
8:06 am
course today and do it with hundreds of nichols's friends. >> : coming up on kron 4 news began traveling in the north bay we road closure to tell you about probably it will affect the movement on the north bay several miles of highway 37 are shut down we have the calling of average slid scandals with nfl commissioner roger to dell speaking out about has redone to improve the league. >> : league. >> : e innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪ at the very touch point of performance and innovation. it makes me happy to i like feeling smart.
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chechen dogs are miles of public 37 the north bay the closure lasker's to start a massive repaving project charles crawford has details on the product in our drivers need to know. he lent 10:00 p.m. friday evening 5 monday morning coachman's will be closing all east-west all lanes how 37 between the walnut avenue exit in vallejo and intersection of 37 state route 121 9 mi. west. during the closure crews will begin
8:10 am
laying the groundwork to pave all flying cut chances of the full closure necessary for safety reasons. the to do a whole closure for safety for more sanford workers the contras workers. it is a stretch where it's very remote and on there's concrete needing in the middle of a high. >> : russians also revising drivers to avoid the areas weekend but someone does a deuteron the closure use 029 0121 as detoured after this weekend's conference plans to shut down all the churches of 37 last next weekend during last week's september the roadway close from 10:00 p.m. to 5 a.m. monday to friday crews can finish of the paving work. >> : in this morning deadly accidents between vehicle protestors and sell some francisco chp says the have and one-third is one of the intersection of boulevard
8:11 am
know the details really so far and get list for you as it comes available. surf data news weekend the creator as a show with to combine the scenes is the biggest tourism hall with the coming up the first to the level drug cycling conditions in the bay out death sentences carries a forecast coming up. >> : d fomanyit'sbes stggleo ke youa1c wn. so imagine, what ither waa neclasof micinthat works diffentlto lowebloosuga image, ling ur nbers inoducg onceailynvoka® it's the fst oa ne nd opresipti medine that'ssed ong th dt and erci to wer ood sugar indult th te 2 abet. invoka® ia on-dai pil at wks aund e clk to he low a1c here's howthe dneyallo gar be sorb backnto e bo. invokana®educ themoun sug alled bk inand sends someugarut toughthprocs.
8:12 am
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8:13 am
incrse rk oflow ood gar. it'sime. lower yourlood sur wi i. aginlovi younumbers. ask yourocto abt inkana.
8:14 am
this first release saturday with kron 4 news weekend after texas temperatures right now everyone headed up to 60 is low sixties for the north basin francisco currently 65 degrees set was a good morning year's 62 also free overcast out there we have some i dense fog along a coastline cloud cover extending out to livermore valley was to burn into the but kind of hazy sunshine and some a shift in wind direction trunks up from the king fire in the bay area could also use a lot saw really saki later on today. fitch has
8:15 am
four shows by tall clocks xi's the most part. out in the inland area '70s are decree bandanas with the clock and motion were to sue the city is probably in south east bay interior valleys evergreen a 62 in santa clara on view today looking at a high of 77. ladies for fairfield vallejo today 76 mid-70s and seven and zero spent on services good today conferences tonight and heading up the one country. seven on the day forecast goes to is that you weather pattern flexible days with more in fog afternoon sunshine but some could bring the break into bay area right now, for 20 percent chance trade >> :
8:16 am
georgian affair people in the world highly recommend the new documentary about him all along with the autobiography but what they've done a social slumbered autobiography to get all kinds of bears people read about themselves some over in themselves and so you gene packs for the this together a show going on five years in new york here about it like crazy and one see if it the opposite end of his coming here said francisco. so said to be doing a show in san francisco and for two nights it's incumbent for four hours reading the actual words of other celebrities people in audience and hear it in dextrins wait in these people wrote that in a book it is fast and we do not a
8:17 am
legendary stories was with taylor richard burn eddie fisher the rales and zero words acted out by people from willard and lorraine newman amazing so funny. we do these gritty match ups were celebrities talk about what food they love so have shared their restraints in yields the deck a diaper not talking about their diet with the keep in their refrigerator. sun is their words that is such a great idea i read these books and one week so i love them sometimes shocking but continue. >> : every detail they put in a book was called before the close to tears up a fad or who led crushes on how late
8:18 am
make a fruit shake. one of reference the distance travelled beyond state and her co-workers for early book but there the state's troubled soul survivors or tinsel result should mario can tell it reading from his books >> : the reason you do this is the stuff is amazing it could bring out loud to a even believe it. quickly inspired by a team across autobiography. a >> : she talks about the challenging the battles of the fortune in yet one day my belt broke had the hang on to that and keep putting on those your the says iman in front of the map audience it's so simple in their own words not making fun of anyone they wrote it and we hope we clara great
8:19 am
are formed and to experience this. >> : that's feinstein's to me go beautiful at the nikko hotel out very easy to get to the still some tickets available tonight. and people should go to this as a ball. i tell you about the show really quick this is a movie and this goes like this may fans of the book jonathan is called many fans in the book where i leave you. screenplay by jonathan and should be good two-story people is so gentile they care more about the call them the food. >> :
8:20 am
the get any hall without a jewish. but did so nonethnic about these that have a wonderful star senate people choose fonda jason bateman to and if they but they do a to the unforgettable film not worser time and money its light weight and its make it so it can understand from the kurdish and satellites. >> : in the meantime guess yourself to show celebrity autobiography tonight and more night to the caught so fond for willard so fun so we will be back after this and said over party. do i
8:21 am
coming up on news weekend ladies and gents highlights coming up for a live look outside approach to the bay bridge and still somewhat hazy cloud deconditions will bridge and still somewhat hazy cloud deconditions will be right back. ...we need to break up. bridis it the biting?what hazy cloud deconditions will be right back. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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despite the league's domestic abuse scandal the nfl pressure says is not going and are more than weekend as a news conference in new york yesterday and if the commissioner apologized for its handling of the scandal made clear that even he is my considered leaving his post as the make calls for rv. said down. the amount from a sweeping changes for the nfl. >> : tehran number of calls from a process the l.a. to decision reached. but now
8:25 am
out to write and deliver is necessary to accomplish that. on larger bill also says the league and ravens did not see the race tape shows the running back puncheon fiancee an elevator to air on tnt a few weeks ago. is team reports that the team in the executive of hills goes on the tape for leniency for rice. >> : and college football say the cupbearers taking on the arizona wildcats in arizona for a picco opener to cross tomorrow some p.m. sundays barnes and minnesota to an on going over there pickoff on the second such an increase the chance to give giant pirate for winning for a series of other poor are in for a gesture to analyze and. and he allowed four on some for sitting and more than enough for some new us i i'd giants manager
8:26 am
hunting the vote six runs in the first inning of the dodgers. some baseman bret spot for the giants won 24 less nine the giants lose by a file five to nothing. fortunately for the giants both that and the pirates won yesterday giants now 3 1/2 games behind the dodgers in the mls will only one demote for the tub walls cards thought and with the when less night in chicago. >> : phillies a protocol oakland army on to an early lead with three consecutive two- out singles for the gearing aid through and lead in the second inning on a rhonda's oakland starter jon lester sorensen and sings them in one run for lesser is 6 is one of the season high numbers and american league. morgan news for the is less night as they found out that
8:27 am
the royals have lost and i get and have gamely for hospital a note card burners just a game behind oakland and some of the live again sector near anadarko for 1:00. >> : forty-niners for lawson is not found join me be robbers the sunday night as we wriggled down plus the raiders are batiste take on tom brady and the patriots and the giants and a's both battle for the playoffs sports night live this sunday night at 9 right after the news. >> : coming up on kron 4 news weaken we look like a top stories for you after the break first live look outside fog conditions of the golden gate bridge and we will be right back with the forecast.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it stars a cover for the saturday morning south bay community on alert after to enforce a girl into a van while cn bus stop on saratoga campbell avenue and san jose. the men dropped the girl off the it took off and still on the loose. that while fire continues to burn an el dorado county blackened about 120 square miles or the 76,000 a.. fighting the fire causing an estimated $5 million a day the blazes only 10 percent contained this morning. the man accused of starting the fire made a court appearance friday entered a plea of not guilty. >> : caltrans to shutting down several miles of highway 37 in the north bay to allow crews to repave the highway. how close both directions weekend in vallejo and intersection of highway 37 state route 121 caltrans advisers to avoid the area
8:31 am
altogether and if we need to get around area this weekend to use state route 29 and highway 121 as a detour. >> : time the check out weather forecast for the weekend. >> : it started off with a live look from the mt. tam camp. a bright gorges blanket of cloud cover over the bay area. is very great out there overcast for the saturday morning to have low clouds for the coastline they extend some inland valleys as we head into the afternoon most of that will burn off into a hazy sunshine with small traveling down from the kings fired. temperatures conquered 8160 degrees in richmond redwood city 479 degrees. it will be a pretty mild day to day this local live and where we should be for this time of year not much change it and with next couple days but we do have rain back in the '50s when
8:32 am
need that umbrella once again in 15 minutes. it >> : said case of animal neglect in san francisco about now it malnourished dogs left behind j.r. stone cent spent some time with the dogs receiving treatment and wants to show what you get these pictures may be tough to watch. >> : these short of that what it all large dogs fun by animal care and control. dogs suffering from malnutrition parasites whats scant evidence of the voters have. furtive visited the dog now in the care of officials and animal care officers tell us that the dogs former owners were evicted left them behind in the home of our mission. no animal needs to be treated like that. evictions took place wednesday later that day dogs found abandoned a meeting that the owner of these animals kept malnourished and filthy. it
8:33 am
>> : obviously what dogs have long way to go those animal control believe that they will be ok. >> : were focused on bringing animals to help now and away from that situation now in our hands and getting the care they deserve. >> : city of richmond could be looking at a lawsuit for the officer involved shooting taking place last weekend. john burt client suing the city and officer. for the 41 year olds that the family. >> : witnesses told him that they never saw richard present reach for and in the meantime a moral service is being held at nickel park this afternoon in richmond. cerros a police asking for a couple of this missing teenage girl. >> : to look at the photo rebecca weaver police say she went missing from her house at 8:00 wednesday night of
8:34 am
others say that has a medical condition she requires daily medication which she does not have with her 5 ft. 8 in. tall christians on her ears and nose. anyone with information call cerros the police department. >> : stories from the hurt that a share from a hurricane hurt that those across mexico last week needing thousands without electricity food or water. summer was out cursing, but because the damage and few people stranded for days. and on the fact that we were lucky enough to make back safe all loss was incredible. the first three days were very fun but the last four definitely bad. trying to survive doing what we could. >> : still thousands of tourists and leave that area international airport remains closed those currently in the resort
8:35 am
areas still not passable. thousands of dollars taken from union city church and the thief still at large. this in the robbery happened tuesday night at st. ann's catholic church on compulsory. the suspect entered the church through a window and then stole $6,000 in cash. please review and video from the surveillance camera to figure out who the suspect might be. >> : bomb threat friday causing temporary evacuation from dental high-school in san jose thousands of students taken to nearby middle school as the surrounding neighborhood shut down as well police investigation found the threat was fake they're investigating as of now they have no suspects. >> : coming up on news weekend over 100 microsoft workers in non do now out of a job details on that and then if you're getting tired of the same old and getting rid seen it yet here with the romantic getaway is that the bay area has offered
8:36 am
including this one will be right back only content when we continue.
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8:39 am
last-minute preparations for wonderland music festival at shoreline amphitheater. pratt lotus shows us the traffic delays at the bay area will be facing all weekend long. once the wall and crazy certainly is not and you police are warning people not heading to the shoreline amphitheater this weekend to stay far away beyond wonderland bay area. this saturday sunday at the shoreline complete with lots of music obviously whats a party drugs and booze and the deal from previous wonderland of men's cars are arrive 10 each morning this week and the event goes till almost midnight police warning of intoxicated drivers asking people to stay away from this fairly sizable area if possible. >> : if you are attending please
8:40 am
encourage to car pool or take alternative forms of transportation. >> : apple fans rejoicing wait for the latest i phone is finally over. >> : both i phone 6 and 6 + when sale friday. some people stood in line some dedicated buyers stopped in front of the apple store for days. it's all the record 4 million smart phones one became available for pre order last friday. appleseed note tim will try and manage the it set itself picture with a cook there. >> : but as of closing research lab and on view of a spokesperson confirmed the news friday earlier in the week to 100 jobs in between the country. won a 60 of those in california. >> : one of your employees as a
8:41 am
consolidation for the it was " slabs. microsoft still has 2500 bay area employees. russian based oasis beverages says that it has signed a deal to require the past brewing co. announcing the deal friday the company did not go into detail that it plans to keep the classic recipes and consistent quality of the product. papps owns a number of pepys' blue ribbon along with malt liquor called 45. >> : good morning everyone are you tired of not being able to find a movie you can see time for mill valley film south festival seminar that you will love talk to the founder and the guy who knows everything about it coming up. >> :
8:42 am
that will be $22 dollars and 50 cents.
8:43 am
$22.50. that's insane! jack. what? it's not even a meal? right now, at my place you can get my spicy chicken club combo. it's my classic spicy chicken breast
8:44 am
with bacon and melting cheese on toasted sourdough plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. aww, you're just a big softy. nah, i'm still sad about the popcorn. d.h. pierre officers issued a severe traffic alert on i
8:45 am
80 southbound at concord all lanes of freeway block right now officers of what told to avoid that area as best as possible we have more information as it develops in the newsroom. >> : time for the weather in the bay area. along the saturday it was pretty great out there overcast ticking all live look at the golden gate bridge for temperatures it is not too bad mile in fact some locations little muddy. san francisco 65, 61 live in the house and senate rose up. all a cloud cover will clear by the afternoon at keep in mind shift in the wind direction some of the smoke from the king fire will move in the bay area and spoke advisory is in affect for the weekend. it definitely can smell the smoke in some locations as we focus on your temperatures '60s and '70s for the lunchtime hour. and
8:46 am
the later half of the hour of afternoon highs temperatures in the 60s along the waterfront and introduce '70s and to the forecast even 80s a long adults up. breaking down the highs for to set a clear 8280 degrees in sunnyvale plenty of '80s still out through the san ramon valley. san jose losses on a train 85 and set leandro. downtown san francisco today in the upper 60s but checking in at the we won't see much change in the forecast of the next couple days we will continue with more in fog afternoon sunshine chance for showers was tonight into thursday. just like this big same setup possible before nice way of showers. the move in the direction of drier conditions cooler weather as we go to the rest of the workweek. >> : sometimes or more than table for two we have the fun that could go off the beaten path. from cartels to tuck
8:47 am
away be in peace. >> : you're telling me as really hard the narrow it down before 5. this was tough not going to lie bring it down for five hot spots for dates not easy but when you are planning a romantic retreat was special additional dates after go the extra mile and bay area you don't have to go too far because it it's all around. >> : certain north they talk about the public can and. >> : by right across the golden gate bridge along a nearby beach and it's like being transported to 16th century english western countryside. beautiful cottage and lovely
8:48 am
pop romanic dining room and sit during the day you can go on a beautiful hike along the beach there would this is as strong throw away and once you are done in need to refuel a very lively pop with darts and you can of a pint of beer than the rooms are seven cozy rooms only seven. they have persian rugs and qaddafi. >> : they range from 206 to 289 tonight that includes breakfast very traditional breakfast that has of bacon and eggs and tomatoes. >> : so the only seven rooms but well ahead. >> : heading up a further to the coast a beautiful place but don't worry it's more
8:49 am
peaceful mount you will see little bunny rabbit going around and what not but i can personally vouch for this particular away during recent research on this. recently renovated hotel updated a brand new spa pool area and lobby has been redone. there would restaurant called a duck club. has the local store cuisine and then during the daytime lot of free amenities furred bikes its order go to town. when she's our five to six every day across are spectacular and the rooms are pretty terrific if the war leave your room as a good reason why coz king size bed a bose sound system fireplace a
8:50 am
terrace that looks over the bay. rates range from hundred $89 to a little higher very reasonable. >> : lot of folks may not be aware of this poor cost of mill valley road house and to be honest of bay area native and never been there. the doper went to this dark town to only a hundred nine residents and people come there make the retreat's therefore fried chicken classic cocktails' it stay the night you can go over to the old burlington hotel right next door a total time warp. in their many many years ago and it was like taking a step back in time. if you're looking for something off the beaten path there you go. >> :
8:51 am
the mission-hotel and restaurant this is a goody people know this because clint eastwood and owns it if you want to go ahead and make your day or notver at the l beautiful grounds that overlook the medals were the have sheep grazing seen the ocean in the distance and a heated patio and then a piano bar which performs. i can hard for tha >> : you can't beat locations is a two-hour drive from san jose dopers come through again.
8:52 am
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normal this morning after a major delay in concord pittsburgh alliance stations services stopped early due to " a problem no service resumed on hour ago at 8:00 a.m.. >> : transatlantic relationship with the stroke of a span of 71 years later to pen pals getting a chance to spend some time together. >> : osborn and england lateran in darkness of what world war two. to grow on the right her new american pen pal. 71 years since we started. frankie >> : got together in person for three week visit at st. cloud home. photographs
8:56 am
show even likes to compare hair colors. all made their way across to the atlantic. >> : when latrell dingle and 1979 for the first to face people mistook them for sisters. >> : sisters fall where too far apart to do that. many ships still yet the right eiffel instead of always wanted david is a visit this the next best thing not so much hand anymore but without a doubt still pals. >> : they do look like sisters >> : san diego's to showing off the new cheetah cubs born
8:57 am
september 1, 2003 weeks old they weigh 3 lbs. each get both at the end there. though be available for the public to see for several hours each day as san diego. >> : armadillo gut a escort after houston was affected by flooding many drivers have to be rescued from the solid vehicles like this armadillo. >> : major break in the case of virginia woman who's gone missing for week list for you coming up dozens of turkish hostages tell about that and general have all the must watch films hitting a mill valley some festival coming up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
this morning on kron 4 news weekend search is on for two men accused of sexually
9:00 am
assaulting a girl in san jose in broad daylight. wildfires continue to burn to the across the state would assign containment efforts. thousands of people flocking bay area beaches and parks today international coastal cleanup we have a live report. >> : good morning this for joining us on kron 4 news weekend was co-head the get things started with the look of forecast. >> : take a look at pre overcast as of francisco you conceive a cap of fog over the building greaser today don't or we'll eventually q sunshine but here's the rub raw today with a shift in wind direction so far he fire will make its presence in the bay area of small little smoky and going to be hazy sunshine especially for east bay north bay and in spots. and to the afternoon temperatures range from a person sees ghosts
9:01 am
says eighties and willis polk adviser for the bay area over the entire weekend. >> : dry conditions now but we do have potential for re in the forecast walking into that and when you get the umbrella back out coming up in 15 minutes. >> : this just in from conference see if the officers offering severe traffic alert after i succeed southbound. all lanes of freeway blocked off officers that trend to the people boat to avoid the location of the can information about our as enters the room. and lim >> : to enforce a girl into a van and out police looking for the suspects felipe has latest on the investigation. >> : sketches of the two men in their theories police say she kidnapped the on kron 6 is superb. to state or 4:00
9:02 am
in the afternoon to metropole of to grow and what silver van. chu said yet this bus stop on saratoga campbell ave. and please not told and that the boat people in the vehicle and such as all the hurt in broad daylight. >> : if think so many people were awesome one would of health. shoes dropped off a block away before speeding off. all this happening ever busy intersection near business is where this mother says she will not keep a closer eye on her daughter. >> : a letter >> : of things overprotective >> : now continuing our coverage on the wildfire continued to build an all-around county king fire confirmed 20 square miles more than
9:03 am
26,000 a. the tories say fighting the fire is costing $5 million a day the place is only 10 percent contained this morning highway 50 is open but they say you should expect delays of travelling in that direction. >> : meserve in the fireplace and not guilty during a court appearance friday 37 year- old wayne hudson being held on $10 million bail a story is not yet what led to the rest nor have they released a possible motives. >> : this morning's hearing all homes were burned in the king fire it: pine's assessing this never neighbors gathered and try to comfort each other some homeowners say since wednesday and come fire officials of the time were reporting their homes were damaged. >> : and you it was hurting the neighbors to sell their house explode to be told there has been no structure left. with no notification that anything was lost until sowing. the drop everything
9:04 am
and just watter to drop >> : fire fighters dropping record amount of fire retardant to stop the flames from spreading so far crew's use more than half a million gallons of the wrestler. >> : small destructive fire near the oregon border now 95 percent contain the fire burns for this any i acres and 1100 homes still certain this morning city official says that live for three homes on the buildings have been destroyed. >> : international coastal cleanup day thousands of volunteers around the globe flocking to the short for an annual call the action to help tidy up parks and beaches mike pelton is reporting live ocean beach and there is quiet crowd the his warning. >> :
9:05 am
so far few hundred high- school students involved with and you into this may buckets' close you can use although struggling die here bring your own pocket just as a backup in case of an offer ready this one from non quantum in today more than a hundred kreps says rusty of california in today marks the 30th at coastal cleanup organized by the california commissioner of hoping statewide to get off hundred thousand dollar thousand volunteers to help out. the get all sorts of debris that's when the inland waterways coastal commission tells me that sun cans bags debris coming a big cash and debt are at environment. >> : the plastic we throw weight was on the open and >> : the toxins used in the plastics will migrate into
9:06 am
the tissues and then ends up in the food chain. >> : you want to come back out here live in take a look in the students preparing it tick up in a closely update your help interest in the benoni o'clock this morning to moon post a loss on the website kron4-dot-com weakened find the nearest clinic location one interesting note i ask the coastal commission how much fresh bid to help pick up today hoping to pick up smaller march crash last year was 750,000 lbs. of trash recycles their move from the environment last year they define a smaller about here is a good find the camp is are having >> : roughly half years that what you do this >> : mutt tall and reporting live from ocean beach. >> : from my foot king speech will belly film festival give our own serve mutt set up. we talked to the
9:07 am
founder of the mill valley felt film festival coming up. >> :
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
back on kron 4 news weekend our service now back to normal this morning after a major delay between concord pittsburgh bay points station. service was stopped after a core problems on the track will service has returned and asserted up again 8:00 this morning. one lane interstate highway 5 a westbound clothes and livermore because of a grass fire chp says the blaze burning just east of the green mill road off ramp and reopens within the hour. >> : caltrans shutting down several miles in the north bay allows crews to start a huge repaying product trulls clifford has the details on the product would jersey to know. airline >> :
9:11 am
caltrans trying out all eastbound lanes of highway 37 between what avenue exit and laid out a recession of 37 state route 121 9 mi. west during the closure crews will begin laying the groundwork all planes. caption says the full closure necessary for safety reasons. as we say for caltrans workers causes it is a stretch where their remote and concrete medium and allow it. contracts also voting shares to avoid the area this weekend but someone does need to get around the to use 029121 aziz were. after the second such as also plans to shut down will stretch of highway 37 next weekend during last because of several close from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. monday to friday crews can finish up the paving work. >> :
9:12 am
coming up on news weekend with the country of sierra leone is doing and try stop the ball up break above first a live look outside downtown san francisco still see some overcast there the forecast after the break. >> : ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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9:15 am
come the check in with the weather forecast. good morning and this can believe this is last weekend of summer not exactly go out with a thing but will enjoy some out to warm conditions today right now still pretty overcast what of far out at the golden gate bridge temperatures have not changed much oakland 6361 out the door and santa rosa ended 6 is for downtown sentences go. we do have dense fog along a coastline for bring off in the afternoon but with a shift in the wind direction bringing some smoke into the bay area. we about that advisory for the entire weekend. airline tracking
9:16 am
temperatures we have a lot of sixties into the lunchtime hour '70s however for livermore valley west for sunshine what this afternoon and will see a use in the forecast temperatures still turning cooler than where we should be for this time of year. those ties for you fremont 7882 degrees and santa clara also sunshine in the east bay take a look here dentil 8284 pleasanton san leandro today hitting a high of 75 temperatures in the upper 60s for downtown san francisco. looking ahead for the seven day run of bad they forecast introducing rain in forecast was tonight into thursday this will not be a huge washout but the system could bring a few isolated showers and thunderstorms to the bay area national weather service calling for 20 percent chance that's what we called earlier for this week to write san time
9:17 am
wednesday to thursday it does look likely that some locations want get wet before tryout friday. >> : dozens of circus turkish hostages and iraq back in june freed this morning president of turkey sent preplanned fairly calculated operation taking place in total secrecy over night. unclear how they were freed the turkish president and the intelligence officials. isis seas for nine people including the council and general and his family. >> : nationalisms morning in washington d.c. 6 service identified the man accused of jumping over the white house fence yesterday. >> : looking at cell phone video showing a man making across the north want his name as i don been accused of jumping the north fence and making it past the front door of
9:18 am
the white house before arrested his actions caused a partial legislation of the warehouse present obama is family left for weekend at camp david. >> : now we since university helen gramm suddenly vanished police found a major break in the case and they say that he disappeared after deep living data with friends a bottle of o'clock later send a text message saying she was lost. a straight a student and has not been her seen from all sense than surveillance footage showing had out with a man at the bar and a serious search a car park and belonging to the man. police say they've been the one in the video. >> : we can't really welcome because has to eat your such a vibrant presence fall joyce love and life. we want to bring you home. >> : the other it police station
9:19 am
to help out for the search of help. >> : overseas cyril leone block on friday very drastic move an effort to try and stop the bowl of break even thousands of people dead 6 million people now confined to their homes sold bonds to a scandal go door to door educating on this deadly virus patient information agency says the best way for now to identify the sick and hurt prevented from healthy. more than 580 deaths for mobile and server leones reported. >> : cars to talk about with car company really calling 89,000 sheep credit and to charities and dodge dry nose including 2011 models 3.6 l v-6 5.7 l v-8 engine. a fuel
9:20 am
pump problem tracking cause those to stall dealers replace the fuel pump relay for free and that begins october 24th. >> : marcus of closing research lab in mountain view confirming the news today yesterday microsoft said it was cutting 12100 jobs across the country when and 60 of those in california. out of the lab employees clauses 6 people across off describing the move as i consolidation of west coast are some spokesperson says that if the stock of 2500 bay area employees. airline apple fans rejoicing this morning as the latest i phone is finally over >> : both i phone 6 and 6 + one on sale friday people standing in line for hours sleeping out in front of the double stores for days. apple says its home record
9:21 am
of 4 million smart phones and then they became available last friday for. steve cook made a stop and will transept that self picture with cook. >> : turning on the bay area sports stressing on the padre's over the weekend in san diego and other foreign tonight some less night he allowed four earned runs in the first inning well be more than enough for san diego to win the game giants managing three hits over nine innings second consecutive start for months and in his last start up to six runs in the first six innings for the dodgers' second baseman for the giants going to for for last night but not nearly enough as the giants lose and shot out is five to nothing. for show for the giants and the pirates won yesterday 3 1/2 games back from the dodgers and the al west only one game up on the pirates for the top wild-card spot with
9:22 am
the win yesterday the dodgers clutches spot in the playoffs. meantime as facing the fella that o'rourke wrote bitterly play and for the a's got out to an early lead with three consecutive two-out singles to give out the a's through and lead in the same. oakland pitcher john lister was on his game again going seven innings getting one run and they would win by 5321. sixteens when of the season and for certain most of the american league. good news for the a's last night as the royals lost the give the a's a half-game lead for a top wall card spot cell mariners away game behind the a's again to attack on philadelphia this afternoon first test schedule for 1:00 >> : 49ers time to join me at the sunday night as we bring all down plus the raiders are back key sticking on tom brady and patriots and the giants and a's will the
9:23 am
battle for the playoffs sports night live sunday night at 9 right after the news. >> : coming up the best-seller major honor comes up the big screen and also all-star cast where i leave you with the view lessing. >> :
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
and bateman of all star cast a family drama of this is where i leave you and group of teenagers face the dangers puzzle in the maze runner. whenever on those doors open their runners look for ways out. thomas makes up with no memory finds out his trip with the group with a chance to escape the strange prison and the maze runner. what's amazing about it is for such a heavily digital fact film we did have a lot of real environments to play off of
9:27 am
added. >> : the cast family decide what it would be like with a really nervous with all the boys are having brothers i have like 12. the >> : family is all here and this is where i leave you. your father had one far question will honor. for the next seven days are all kron and >> : james find on a charge of the altman clan comes together for the father's funeral in for her co-stars and experience to work with the legend. it is amazing to really be in the trenches was gd great education. when the work on this kind of stable factors on usually incredible cast. airline everyone can relate to as much as 19 desperately see
9:28 am
yourself as someone different can't figure out what help they don't know anything. >> : fired him and tonight >> : ♪ here's a good one seattle... what did geico say to the mariner? we could save you a boatload! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪ oh come off it captain!
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live look at site at ocean beach in san francisco where hundreds of volunteers taking part in entered national coastal cleanup day to day 100,000 volunteers around the world's tidying up the beaches where they live. one piece of garbage that they've seen a lot is cigarette butts. plastic bottles and plastic bags. state parks three years as the critic of beaches and will last until moon look at whether the going to expect. >> : cloudy and are much sunshine close to the water in fact we do have that element of the sea breeze we are talking a little bit of wind out there in temperatures of for the most part load mid- 60's further inland where we pick up sunshine and bill be pretty hazy smoky air for
9:31 am
the kings fire heading into the bay area starting these offer montand camps so pretty overcast so temperatures right now in the '60s but as we head into the afternoon we talk was '60s '70s and '80s temperatures still cooler than where they should be for this time of year. and yet that's 85 daly city today looking for 68 and 81 country. not much as the forecast next couple days so pretty much same set up an scenario we as we experienced earlier this week full details coming up at 945. >> : bay area tourist trap than capo are finally making it their way back home her the hurricane as across mexico last week as you know leaving thousands fog electricity and food watter. several resorts and capo shut down because of the
9:32 am
damaged scores of people stranded for days. >> : thus the people desperately tried our plane and the fact we're lucky to get on make it back all right all loss was incredible. >> : first three days were fun the last four are or bad we tried to survive to do what we could. thousands of tourists rarely the area. >> : area remains closed for the international airport and still not passable. >> : san jose police asking for public health helped the find a missing teenage girl 16 year-old rebecca weaver police say she went missing from her home 8:00 wednesday night officers say she is a medical condition requiring daily medication which she does not have with their weaver is 5 ft. 8 it with these things on the ears and nose anyone with any information as to call santa rosa police. >> : case of animal neglect in san francisco to talk about
9:33 am
it all lurched dogs leading left behind after the order was evicted j.r. stone spent time with the dogs and receiving treatment want to warn you some pictures will be tough to watch. >> : these pictures show won some of that date all large dogs on the san francisco i animal care and control. dog suffering from malnutrition parasites blotches' a scant evidence of the photos you have >> : at friday we visited the dogs on the care of city officials and will care also tells us that the dog's owners were evicted and left them behind and three home on the automation. no animal is to be treated like that election took place wednesday later that day the dogs were found abandoned meeting that the owners of these animals have them malnourished as filthy. obviously the dogs have a long way to go those with little care control believe they are going to be ok.
9:34 am
>> : more focused on bringing in the annals deathful health on that situation and now in our hands trend to get the care they deserve. >> : robert adult says it's likely is domestic abuse scandal he's not going to step down. first poker public remarks after the is conference in new york he apologize for the mishandling of the scandal made it clear he never considered leaving his post despite all transit system step down. >> : that run on a number of levels from a process that led to this decision that i reached. but now i will get it right and do whatever necessary to accomplish that. >> : they'd did not see that we rise video punching his
9:35 am
fiancee and elevator so it went on t mca's p.m. says that the reagan team executives heard was on the tape and launched a campaign for leniency for rice. >> : a undulatory it raises stance in baltimore trade in their way race jersey's and bring to stranger because of domestic violence charges against rice early friday morning lines have an estimated half mile team will also has been holding similar exchange of theirs is again today. >> : we continue fall start online and kron4-dot-com watch more nfl commissioner address and pranksters arresting the news conference friday also posting a link on resources on the web site en kron4- dot-com >> : , bears an arizona taking on wildcats for the last vote and kick off tonight at 7:00 p.m. san jose spartans will be in minnesota tracking of the golan over struggle for that is that when clocks
9:36 am
afternoon. also happening last minute preparations for beyond wonderland music festival under way at shoreline amphitheater, for a shows is expected traffic delays we will be facing all weekend long. >> : wasnt wild and crazy certainly as on the police are now warning people not having to the shoreline amphitheater to stay far away the on wonderland bay area is a saturday and sunday shoreline its rates complete with lots of music oftentimes lots of party drugs boos this is video from previous one invents. sam this morning and zero go until midnight police are warning intoxicated drivers asking people stay away from us fairly sizable area if possible you see that outlined in red police encouraging people car pool and take alternative forms of transportation. >> :
9:37 am
still had from food tart the film all that many festivals tend to bay area this weekend. was to live look outside for the golden gate bridge this time around overcast conditions we will be right back.
9:38 am
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to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. and for something to do this again pleasanton harvest festival cosell meter county fairgrounds and it features thousands of handmade arts and crafts including clothing and art specialty foods a lot more this year the hot rods to the stage for the first time playing classic oldies on the '50s and '60s it's happening this weekend's today tend to six tomorrow attend a five tickets cost $9 for adults seven for seniors teenagers are $4 kids and 12 for free. a minute county fairgrounds in pleasanton or information log onto of harve it said festival website. >> :
9:41 am
jack london square eat real combines seat state fair seafood festival of a block party to celebrate good food the real festival with food comes from tuberose it makes it and how they make it. that's saturday and sit sunday to target to 35 ad checklist where western street in oakland. >> : great food to great film talk about with the mill valley film festival and mail vallate and sediment para argo to 12 years of slave great film come back will celebrate the mill valley film festival.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
in 44 talk a little weather. we have seen much change in the side conditions in the
9:45 am
last hour still cloudy out there in fact low clouds over at the golden gate bridge and temperatures have not changed much livermore however at 66 or more sunshine and 65 and san jose. satellite radar imagery we do have low cloud coverage and drizzle at the coast following a change in the wind direction bringing salt in the bay area from king's fire we do have that smoking advisory in effect for weekend. >> : feature cast for 67 news lunchtime and then go to those '80s by three this afternoon and we will see an east bay it interior and those of you in the south bay. getting specific with those on the 7780 insightful campbell today of a high of 83 similar weather develop in the east bay. pre 8668 enrichments downtown san francisco in the upper
9:46 am
60s and 77 today and santa rosa. going had it seven arab forecast we will see a steady stable weather pattern next couple days. warding fog afternoon sunshine before the chance of rain. it's about 3,500 mi. away specific system could bring isolated showers wednesday and thursday in fact national weather: for 20 percent chance. >> : 37 years filth the mill valley film festival giving shoe boot to documentary international movies everything you can think of careful always make it right and the do this with the entire town of old delhi the man who is in charge of all this is my friend colleague and to to me are on the film festival everyone wanted to be part of the mill valley film festival >> :
9:47 am
a cover for the way the people of the film festival prickly gen you think is the one key part of the film festival. >> : tell us about the festival this year. great festival this year opening with to amazing films the homes and drug did by tommy lee jones two-time academy award winner and she will be at the mill valley film festival. some western credits it is we call anti- western and it is adjusting because front of the movie hillary, larry jones will taking pretty woman terribly to go eastward. then the second film when women children and jason white men fantastic director is a little bit of the homes and it looks really great sheet is amazing in this film. this
9:48 am
is a sudden the tree as a superb job plays the composition that that he can and really proud to be showing it october 2nd. this film that all latin american series that is terrific chairman teaches english with apple lyrics to the beatles. a deaf ear to those layers of a beatles song conceded speak english. the great idea at the beginning of the movie your kids they goes under in find john lennon in spain cut the of underperforming their and some amazing films everywhere in latin america including brazil is still in particular from spain and will be amazing series ever
9:49 am
people come out. >> : spanish-language films are amazing you cannot find a lot of foreign films play around the bay area. with a loss from 40 fire from countries of those systems are worth trying by the respective countries for consideration. >> : two nights to days with varying policy are put it's amazing still the your shoes and are one atchison frazzles just their marion is the one they wont talk about. she's international. >> : tell me about what you think men and women and children is a film dealing with social media the internet
9:50 am
both teenagers and parents on how or all affected by it things that are affected by it are universal same thing for flights " to be the person how to navigate to the world with jason right man did you know and then this is his best film. >> : we have it now before we this is quite apart of the mill valley film festival october 2nd through the 12th lot onto their website. or any way you can get it this is mill valley film festival so much fun tribute's the loren turned the part of it deal of it. >> : deal of it. >> : ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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last look at big stories
9:54 am
recovered 40 this saturday born in south bay community on alert after two men forced the girl into a van and sexually assaulted her. according to police it happened tuesday afternoon while the girls sing a bus stop. lint men drop the girl off and then took off on out loose. >> : there continues to burn hundred 20 square miles more than 76,000 a.. but not fire causing estimated $5 million a day but only 10 percent contained. >> : the mets use of certain of fire is first court appearance sorry he entered a plea of not guilty. >> : caltrans some role part of the roadway all lanes closed in both directions this weekend on the wal-mart creek and a layout in intersection of highway 37 state route 121. caltrans and from drivers to avoid
9:55 am
the area if you can if you need to get around there this weekend use steroids 29 and 121 as a detour. >> : plenty of start in the sky here for the next addition 41 at this last saturday that its orbiting the international space station the paddles you see on the left part of the screen there are eight t b five spacecraft docked at the outpost. >> : san diego zoo safari park shot off new cheetah cubs those from the cubs born september for a the way it 3 lbs. apiece the cause will be available for public to watch over the next several hours of each day for next several are daudet as part after heavy rain in houston
9:56 am
is hit hard by flooding so drivers in the area had been rescued from the vehicle the armadillo got an escort. >> : with the seven arab day forecast can you believe it's the last weekend of summer. very cloudy out there right now mild conditions below seasonal the next couple of days and we had until early next week we warm things up a bit and said see more sunshine and a fleet snow conditions the u.s. local advisory in effect for the bay area keep that in mind a lot of people are complaining out smelling that smoke item 00 if you're any raider not. and the spitters little more rain and we will see more next week. it's about a 3,500 mi. an hour or it way right now isolated showers even some thunderstorms.
9:57 am
>> : really disappointed with that movie it's crazy cannot believe they spent so much money on so many good actors and then issued a been funny based on a best- selling book instead they took all the ethnic humor out of it what would they do that taking something familiar art of the of what consumer out of it or not making it rugby. the thing is that they had a promotional blitz last several weeks to look forward to it. >> : will students more about.
9:58 am
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