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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 26, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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affecting ferry travel this morning but also may see a lot more cars on the road.
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thousands of people stuck in these airports and to get lights are turned to rule book their flights or get out on another airline. it is a possibility of fear in the bay area. you can go to any other place. mike pelton has had that happened this morning is that the shock of all the folks that were left and alert but you get cut social media and you are waiting for another flight out? there reporter: they found that the coffee shop here has a bigger development. this is a that sfo. over the last past hour our flight was supposed to leave the 620 this morning.
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(audio from air port )
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>>: reporter: there's a lot of people that probably did not know this existed until about two hours ago. a lot of this frustration is dublin we can get in chicago. the gel minimalism from me at the gate agent about 5:00 this morning shootout over here and says we're booked on this flight tomorrow morning. they're asking is is likely to chicago tomorrow? and she said i don't know. it cannot go to chicago how you get there that's a problem lot of people are facing.
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with the fire it's not suspicious with this chicago center is shut down all air- traffic across the central midwest is affected. under the thousands of passengers are affected across the nation.
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temperatures have dropped. a lot of the upper 50s you may need a light jacket starting off today. your jargon about the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. cooler conditions today where it temperatures are ranging from the upper 60s. high pressure rebuilds as we head into sunday and that will bring as warm weather into next week will have the full details.
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county by the civic center with a minor accident there that was cleared from the freeway.
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golden gate ferry. that will affect thousands of commuters this morning. it was scheduled to leave at 430 this morning but the district is saying that the labor contract is making health care cost but we will see ferry workers on strike for this monday.
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use those facilities there's reports of the making over $3 million a day with refining oil. this combat troops in the area make it difficult to the have affected of the air strikes are.
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the damage here. we're looking at some of the people affected by this and back here in the bay area a lot of people are affected because as dozens of flights canceled. >>: reporter: good morning so far we have had two flights cancelled this morning. one of bound on american airlines to o'hare and on the other airlines. our best advice to passengers traveling today is to stick with their airline web site.
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out of sfo.
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77 in the late note upper 60s expected in richmond.
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also looking at the ride to the san francisco oakland bay bridge the backed up here is actually ease just a little bit. write to the west end of the mcarthur maze the drive time stay under 20 minutes it was just a little before 7:30 minutes ago
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the southbound ride. the rest of the commute is sluggish for earlier recurring problems. it's still a better than normal right there.
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a little worse for some of the commuters because the root have the fear is not running today. they do have buses. >>: reporter: they're getting a pretty large volume of sick calls. they're usually expecting one or two so far it's been 13. it's affecting most of santa rosa. they are tried to find replacement for the is it called but looks like they have some that are coming in and and some a little later in the day. they're just like to make that much more raw for the commuters that they are depending on some of the buses. this may take them longer or the buses may be more fully. so they're going to have to be patient or to get in their car. >>: reporter: as far as the strike concerns is only a one day deal. they could not reach a contract deal and that's because
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a lot of these workers have been working without contracts since july.
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of the truck with a broom up to high that was enough to take down the bridge. the detroit lions quarterback is one of the first people on the scene trying to help the driver. they say that the bridge collapsed on the freeway.
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after a fire in chicago set to the air control space. there's now where some of the brush fires are calling in sick as well as the ferry terminal fast.
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he says they don't know. but at this point at least to delay flights. lot of scrambling going on in this is one person just walking by. are you for a flight to chicago? she looked at me and said no. >>: reporter: i saw one person inside chicago kron 4 is mike yeltsin's supposed to start his vacation. we got here about 5:00 this morning with southwest we get some rolling on social media writer of 5:00 the there's animation and chicago. we wanted to know what was going on. they're probably not want to go chicago on this plan because of the fire but even though they did not cancel the flight yet. we had a real book the flight at 1120 this morning were going to go to milwaukee and drive down to chicago. there's about 50 people waiting for my plane to
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rebut that flight. it's been more than two hours non a lot of people are having difficulties. >>: reporter: your flight to chicago is making the....... (audio) >>: reporter: of people are flying standby and they're not getting even close to chicago. for hours and were giving that a gifted word. as far as what's going on right now is the airlines are working with the people. but the sum that the flights will take off shortly but that could be changed as well. it could be fined up-as you could be put on a flight and not know what point to happen. >>:2 from all bay area airports to the airports in chicago
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resting seven flights cancelled and three delayed so far. if this continues to be more cancellations and delays.
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traffic with cancellation of the ferry services this morning out of sausalito and lots per when macy a slight increase and traffic here on the ball the gipper softball over normal friday. the good news is the golden gate bridge traffic is typically a little later in a little later. it's likely that we could absorb the extra traffic without any major impacts.
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minutes instead of the usual 18 to 22. better news for your drive on the richmond san rafael bridge.
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: so does the press record she drove off i hear him yelling. i hear and yelling and i just recorded it going back. for such data was a movie with the way he was yelling this seemed weird. :
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at the air traffic control center we will be back in a couple minutes and from the air to the roadways and the ferries in the north bay there is a strike that is affecting the ferry service also following up traffic because of the problems with the buses and more people are hopping in their cars. awesom
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ferries to night that is supposed to go to the giants game.
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afternoon. all and all will see dry conditions around the area. as of sunshine with temperatures in the '60s and '70s. upper 70's in samara fell and 74 were was city.
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it's actually having impact of the westbound highway 4 ride since a lot of that traffic coming westward through adding toward solano county in the demolition bridge. the west on highway 4 is slow even though we had some incidents scattered along here and the to 42 pin 24 and six cities southbound it's not that the backed up because of the traffic being held up.
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strike this morning. before your trip to the bay bridge the west bound ride is actually improving other than getting worse.
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even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. the inventory clearance sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> reporter: of fire and air traffic in centistoke control in chicago. >> reporter: people are anxiously waiting to get to chicago. flights are canceled at the airport and there are no ferry services this morning at the golden gate bridge i have walked off the job thous' of
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commuters are trying to find another way to get to work. >> reporter: the morning we have a breaking news story that we are falling right now chicagos air traffic support control center in shutdown. no flies on in and out right now. no flies are getting over the air space right now in that area. we have seen a travel affected as all the bay area airport san francisco and oakland as well. >> reporter: the fire was intentionally set inside chicago center. it was set in the basement and five crew arrived they found an employee down in the basement was self-inflicted wounds so the investigation into
8:01 am
concentre the damage there right now. they're just sitting on those planes when to see what is going to happen. but the fire happened around 5:00 this morning chicago time. you're seeing all the delays nationwide the airspace has been shutdown. >> reporter: to the their first piccadilly seen here at kron 4. you had find another way to get with it when to go today. >> reporter: thousands of people will be scrambling all day we of the four flights of the sfo had already been cancelled. there are two to three flights from chicago and as a folk. --sfo the
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flies are backed up so badly. we do know that there is a couple that this change their plans altogether here is mike and cold. >>: our flight was at a 520 this morning we had all boarding passes to lead to go we were about to get on the plane and it came over and made an announcement. there are flight was canceled because there is a huge fire at the chicago air- traffic control. >> reporter: elastin could do out on the 8:00 plane? >>: brutally assaulted and even know that those flights were going to be full. >>: that every abortion but also your problems?
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we decided it was founded the time to take advantage of that we changed our plans. >> reporter: that turns on the late to cancel after three of four hours. >> reporter: would concede to follow this breaking news story all of chicago. >> reporter: there's lots of sunshine around the bay area. you notice of few clouds in the background. finally severed our
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going to be better it is now 54 is 61 degrees in oakland. you may need a light jacket and you leave out this morning. looking for a chance of an isolated showers looking ahead into the weekend in the flight will be slightly warmer weather. >> reporter: we have been tracking our hot spots. on interstate 680 that is affecting not only about a southbound lanes of 680 but the westbound highway 4 can commute. this is an ax to northbound that occurred here at the boulevard. three lanes of traffic block. the vehicle overturned several times. one person was killed and is active. that made a lengthy investigation. >> reporter: by the california
8:05 am
highway patrol. the highway for a ride northbound 680 was in the morning is use the a trouble- free few commuters. in the southbound direction and another hot spot that we have been tracking incentive a bridge. -- san mateo bridge. also tracking your right to the golden gate bridge watching to see if there's any extra traffic here. because of the cancellation of the ferry service. so far in the play has been good. a better ride for christmas and fell bridge the toland before had been open all morning.
8:06 am
>> reporter: the back of all this disappearing for the richmond center fail bridge. -- san rafael >> reporter: the ferry strike this morning is affecting the commuters this morning. as all part of a work savage. was made to the commute? >> reporter: in a slide there is a discuss find it with the golden gate district rep. the
8:07 am
toll may already the day you really don't have anybody calling in sick. you may have one or two people today have 13 people calling them is 13 rows have been canceled. and that does not necessarily from a rented san francisco this is in the district. mel valley in a bottle. as santa rosa. check to see if you're out is affected or not this seems that even from the beginning the bus service said they would never cross the picket line that's what they're dropping are picking of people here in the parking lot of the ferry building. what they're doing the district crossing. >> reporter: there has not been any additional buses at it because of this one day strike this is just a regular schedule so you have a regular schedule and wants to wait longer for the
8:08 am
buses when the buses do allow it will be a little bit more crowded really do check before you head out of the door. >> reporter: you also go for web site to hear the latest news. the giants game have a special ferry but that is not going to run you can get a refund if you have a ticket to ride that one. >> reporter: flies to chicago will leave for lease and our from the area a flight's canceled for more has been delayed will have the latest on the u.s. air strike in syria. will have details on what happens with ices we return.
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welcome back it would allow for the back of to dissipate. >> reporter: that targeted all refineries against syria. it
8:12 am
back and she started in one of ices headquarters. king $3 million a day for refining oil. >> reporter: the man that is a leader as is the spanish civilian the rest of the eight of them are morocco's. >> reporter: chicagos midway airports are down at this hour
8:13 am
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>> reporter: the flies i canceled a chicago there's no service all the people are affected that try to find a place to other flights they're just waiting it out. this includes the ripple effect in the bay area where we have nine cancellations and for flights delayed. san francisco san jose and oakland are all affected. >> reporter: they control all the planes in the air the chicago center of the midwest they cannot land or take any planes in chicago and a lot of cross-country flights. the center is not an operation right now it was started in the basement of the control center of fire had started. they found a contract employee and the
8:17 am
basement was self-inflicted wounds. and they said he is potentially set this fire and the investigation will continue and we are waiting for chicago to get back with us. >> reporter: the bay area conditions are nice the weather for the weekend will be gorgeous. a lot of sunshine of the total bridge. it has been a little call this morning the upper 50s out there. san francisco your system for santa rosa of be prepared to have a jacket will be continued to have mostly sunny skies afternoon. isolated showers the napa county. give an umbrella handy just in case. >> reporter: for saturday we looking at a few showers to the tahoe area. the first note of
8:18 am
this season something definite to look for too. it is cooler than normal temperatures 7477 evergreen. the ease they had a loss of sight today. the highest ever for the upper 60s in richmond in downtown san francisco today. in other cities and '70s to the bottle. --navado will start the game of with attempted in the mid-60s. >> reporter: if you're heading out to all those guys it will be nice. take a look at next week a rather warming trend. but the opera '80s and '70s. >> reporter: one of the hot
8:19 am
spots we have been tracking is interstate 680 martine as. orlov accident that caused one fatality has just been cleared from the traffic lane. but is still on the shoulder and traffic is still backed up. the southbound light is cleared their quickly with the north on traffic is backed up to 242 a was bound traffic is backed up to his word highway 4. >> reporter: again all lanes are open but as long as they're on the shoulder there be some logic to a slowing. a lot of boxes have been killed in the roadway. just before highway 92 just before 101. that has not been much talk about that the lead a
8:20 am
much lighted and you arrive for 85 for 284101. there's not any where near the will we have seen the past couple of days. >> reporter: 92 the san mateo bridge we continue to seek a slow and go. as some stopping the traffic doesn't for the toll plaza out before the high-rise the golden gate bridge will want to see if there's any big back as yet because of the cancellation of the ferry service this morning. >> reporter: their rentals or any action so that there may be. sister had told a number for opec to be inside the mill that will be better off today. the first one of the week were the phase have cleared out. >> reporter: the killed a lot of
8:21 am
fire that is burning this morning here is the latest. they helped firefighters get better control at this point is 68 percent contained this morning. the 8000 firefighters his team to work on it though. the rain brought also some new fears for flash floods because of the heavily burned out areas that have worried about that. >> reporter: just 300 structures they are worried about that is in the blazes have. --path >> reporter: the driver working for garbage co. he drove under
8:22 am
the pedestrian bridge and a pull down and the speed of the truck was a nut to sit down the bridge in detroit michigan. >> reporter: is the easy ride in the sunshine for the golden gate bridge will have more will be alex jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers, stuffed with ham, bacon and sausage, both wrapped in a warm guerrero tortilla. burritos so big, they make everything look smaller.
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>> reporter: the san francisco giants are officially in the playoffs. there of six to nothing. and in the grand slam home run. the giants would not be down for long that would win by a score of 928. and in the celebration began. there are mechanisms play also the third time in five years. the pilot's right now are just a game behind the card was. will have
8:26 am
the home games three more against alliance if they went at least two of them do have all hone that the wild card. >> reporter: will await them to finally put it together. >> reporter: they're still in the fight for the wild card. they still have a two game lead over the seattle mariners. if they win in this seattle loses the next game than they would get the spot. that do it again i recommend guy was. >> reporter: everybody is ready at the chicago airport nobody is going anywhere no flights and are out. damage to can i get there this morning from the bay area will be back with that
8:27 am
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>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. chicago airspace has shut down. no flights in and out in the air or met with this morning at the fire for the chicago center this morning. we're seeing longliners will pass this up for our now. the bill for the control center the fire in the basement and
8:30 am
employees found in the basement was self inflicted wounds. it was a non gunshot wounds the investigation continues this assess the damage and a cross- country flight have been canceled or delayed. >> reporter: a lot of people fled their if they not find the wreckage as chicago they transferred their that's why t acting thousands of tons customers. there seems they may also another flight into another location of transfers of their destination. >> reporter: we got here an hour and have early we had a way to
8:31 am
long line to check our backs we as a front in this city can check their bags here because milwaukee is close to that. >>: he goes not to security and is a you cannot come through some one came straight to me and said we do not know was going on. we decided to get on to the stand by it was a resistance to for 1120 we have a whole bunch of them going to a wedding and most of the family is from san francisco web when to ama delegates here with us.
8:32 am
>> reporter: for flights to chicago has been cancelled. lbo to airlines to decide whether not there will continue to try to take off for their will call that flight canceled. >> reporter: tenafly's have been canceled. >> reporter: the web will be nice out there for the weekend. clear skies and is at a live look from our camera. tim is right now article. oakland to
8:33 am
los it is all the door. will see warm weather policy with that pattern of morning fog we did see opera '80s as we head into next week. we do have to change to talk about not forecast will look at that we come back. >> reporter: we continue to monitor the latest year for the ride through seven retail on 101 and no. my direction. the high spot with the debris still here in the lanes on the avenue is that the traffic. we understand it was brought to the gas field here. --boxes that worst spilled here. >> reporter: the westbound highway for guy had been backed
8:34 am
up it is a lighter than usual commute. no delays down all the creek and to change. the golden gate bridge has been pretty well today despite the fear of a concern that there might be extra heavy traffic with the cancellation of the ferry service this morning. there is also listed out this morning a number of rooms have been cancelled and a number of buses and the same route has been cancelled as well. >> reporter: will show you all are paid little cancellations are located. the west of the mill is a very good ride here just a brief wait at the west about cassoulet. and this remains backed up in the '80s. your trip to the san mateo bridge has stopped in the
8:35 am
condition this morning with is beginning to unwind. >> reporter: this clause itself on video of the officer been taken down the street on the hood of a woman's car she chatted with from a ticket according to police. officer is holding on and the driver it driving past boulevard 101. she pleaded not guilty she was seen taking a strictly ticket from one car and putting on or on vehicle and walking away the parking of the success follow things and started writing her second as she tried to drive off the of the city dump on the good to avoid being hit. them as another press record she drove off he was yelling the economic out what he was saying but what was the movie with the way he was yelling it seemed a
8:36 am
little bit weird. >> reporter: she drove nearly a mile before being stopped by the police she said that the part of the was making sexual advances that hurt was made her drive off in a panic. >> reporter: she said to be going pretty fast a more subtle police officer another direction who didn't seem to notice. this is the only video of the actual bombing driving. >> reporter: the police are looking for burglar here are the pictures is a pretty good shot
8:37 am
as he goes to the house on english street he broke a window and got to the front door and he was inside of there about 10 minutes and walk away with items including a gym bag. and bay area doctor arrested for shooting a man at all rolled rate is headed. >> reporter: he is charged with shooting another man who began to one argument with a rare and traffic in the back of in the police said simon shot the 69 year-old man. if he's convicted he will spend up to 80 years in prison. >> reporter: will have more on the weekend forecast coming up after the break.
8:38 am
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>> reporter: the 101 right now with the debris spilled from ask as--sfo >> reporter: a live look
8:41 am
carefully jacksonville's florida this is the second out music more march route. the shooting happened after the to cancel an argument after lot music-plated gas station. >> reporter: we would call your attention to high with 37 is closed this weekend. ineffective 10:00 tonight with what did all weekend long it was a mess-27 between high with 29.
8:42 am
>> reporter: there is no way around this. the air traffic that is affected by the shutdown of chicago's midway airport you to see all the passages that are stranded that have no flies to cash in or out of chicago and that is in the bay area of your time to get there you cannot at this hour will be back with more that story.
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>> reporter: happy friday with hitting ocelot sun shines in the bay area. we do have some high clouds streaming into the area but mostly dry conditions in the afternoon. it doesn't look too likely the national weather service is calling for a 10% lot of the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: times are local or then when they should be this time of the year. downtown san
8:48 am
this is good today is staying in the upper sixties and seventies. red was to get him to the mid- 60s. >> reporter: a gradual warming to mature. --temperature atlanta wednesday and thursday will squeeze out you of the '90s temperatures. >> reporter: we are still attracting hot spots this morning we have been looking at a lighter than usual ride along the bay area. a special degree-- spill of debris the traffic
8:49 am
had and that the coming down the hill. we are still looking at some the latest on highway 4 westbound leading out to interstate 680. and what about crash lopped three lanes for over an hour this morning the person was killed in a crash that's why a lengthy investigation the ride is still sluggish coming out of this work. the golden gate bridge ride has been receiving a lot of attention this morning would concerned it might have backed up because the cancellation of ferry service and has not been a problem today that is good news the bay bridge has got a much lighter
8:50 am
than usual arise enjoy today likely it will not last. it took to the cemetery ridge tile in '92 we did see stopping the conditions here until about a 15 is definitely improving and the richmond san rafael bridge has made a big difference and has much better conditions. >> reporter: the nascar champion driver is breaking his silence about his crash that killed a fellow driver. he was it right there the moment of impact was really horrible. there were so
8:51 am
shaken about what happened about the 20 year-old he got out of his car right there on the track. >> reporter: (audio) the crowd and the lord is going wild. there's time to think. he is only 4 years old is by watching
8:52 am
his own funeral. is just the end of baseball for him. >> reporter: will be right back with the kron 4 morning news. bulldog: [yawning]
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gr... oo it timto te thshoe withreamlk ura-sm insos... grrr. so you c weathe oes yore ithe o. .witut tm chgingour mo. eamwk byr. soll' >> reporter: this is a male snow leopard. he was born with his back legs dragging around. if you can block a kick a soccer ball the your soccer golfing.
8:56 am
when people are not golfing you can kick a soccer ball to this field. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 morning news with the following the latest on the major delays across the country because the chicago center is down the air since it has to be cleared out and no flies are landing from here over for the flights canceled we have cause to a dozen cans ... for the bay area. >> reporter: the farmworkers for
8:57 am
the golden gate bridge are striking no fares are running right now we will see it is affecting your can you add the 9:00 hour when we come back.
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they have to assess the problem in the meantime thousands of people are being inconvenienced and more than inconvenience really they've been in the lurch to airports to run the country including the bay area. kron 4 as will tran is live that sfo with more on the passengers affected by this. >>: reporter: check out how long the lines are. they say that this is all went back and continuing to grow with people catching the flight and others got back into line. they found out that their flights to chicago and milwaukee have been canceled their back to find another flight. possibly but they're going to book later
9:02 am
on because they have not been able to confirm that they can get onto a flight this afternoon. >>: reporter: we already have for cancellations a handful of delays in they will not be part surprising in the end up being cancellations with the airlines and decide what to do and what to stretch into hours and hours and the delay could end up being canceled. we do know that 23 flights fly out of sfo to chicago daily. we're talking thousands of passengers. anyone heading to chicago this morning? here's a man. you're flying to milwaukee right? >>: yes >>: reporter: will time mr. flight this morning? >>: 725 roping to be delayed that sfo.
9:03 am
>>: reporter: if you make other plans like to get picked up? >>: morgan to see how it works out. reporter: id pretty angry about what plan? >>: note is the shocking. >>: reporter: any backup plans to fly closer and then drive to that location? >>: no plans right now but i'm sure i have enough time to figure that out. >>: reporter: this time is all they have and the luggage. as long as what's going on right now we call the duty manager and he does not know what's going to happen. you have to just wait in line. talk to the ticket agents their visit--a very busy. : reporter: is flight was about 1140. he either is having
9:04 am
a lot to it right now or in the bathroom. he was supposed to be on vacation but the guy it is stuck. he's at sfo and they pretend to work because no one can get this. we have to, if he comes back here because i do not on the best case scenario test flight was scheduled to take off. lima >>: : reporter: it's alive report
9:05 am
from milwaukee or from sfo. >>:
9:06 am
back in place. full details coming up and 15 minutes.
9:07 am
blocked for over an hour. this is why we're still recovering year. over at the bay bridge we do not have much of a backed up because there's no and now. we get the easy ride for west bound 8292 we did see stop and go conditions for an hour-and-a- half. now the bridge is clang nicely in the drive times are dropping down to 15 almost 13 minutes. your trip to the golden gate bridge and never saw any problems materialized here even with the golden gate bridge ferry strike. even for the drive the west bound of the addition of extra tolling made a difference this morning. they found fund local to open the total clear.
9:08 am
story continuing and the ripple effect to travel here in the bay area. the school bus catches fire the driver is scrambling to put out the flames. we will tell you what happened and where when we c...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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9:10 am
: reporter: this strike is pertaining to the captain and something that they are fighting for that seems to break down
9:11 am
yesterday. even though we're talking specifically about something that the captain's want in their contract they do a lot of different members walking the line with them from visionary and other departments. they're basically about 13 unions that's negotiating right now. there been without a contract since a july. you also have the bush jurors getting into the act. >>: reporter: it's better not send it would not cross the picket line or drop off or pick up anyone inside the parking lot but they did say the picked them up on the streets. >>: reporter: some drivers called in sick today. that is out of the ordinary according to the district. they say at a bad day they may get one or two calls. 12 calls and three east and a fax 13 runs. what does
9:12 am
that mean to commuters? it means that instead of catching that 930 bus that may be canceled. you may have to wait for another 20 minutes for the next month, rum. when it does come around should be crowded. it is not too disruptive but nonetheless it is making it inconvenient for commuters. :
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
update and a press conference. are waiting to hear the very latest want to know when that will get it back on line. of the airspace over chicago is also close because it core next air- traffic over the area. then try and get assumedly can get that reopened.
9:17 am
at the school bus that caught fire. this is out of san antonio tx the bus driver was having to pick up his first passenger and school officials say that he smelled something funny he pulled over any notice that something was burning near the engine. he grabbed a fire extinguisher but the flames spread so quickly.
9:18 am
on one no one north bomb as still doing so was slow going from redwood city even though the scene itself is much better off. it's also slow the rise coming from the san mateo bridge on west bound 92.
9:19 am
back up for our hour-and-a-half. is now moving slowly smoothly. even with the suspension of golden gate ferry service. the richmond center fell bridge has been a great commute because: #4 is open all morning long
9:20 am
today's high. where would city's 7477 and evergreen. it will be cooler today than normal. galagos getting a high of 73. take a look at some francisco were getting a high of 74 degrees.
9:21 am
attention. >>: this is all the video showing the san francisco on for some of the son of a of a woman's car. we did not see the first time will slow down for you. you concede that the officers on the bed traveling along octavia boulevard towards one no one. the witness recorded the whole thing. >>: soon as the press record she drives off. i hear him yelling and i just recorded it. >>: the driver is a 33 year-old woman. she was in court on wednesday at that time she pled not guilty but authorities say before this video was recorded she was seen taking a street cleaning taken from one card placing and her car then walking away. he told a force mobster's double think he began riding herd to give she attempted to drive off and the police say the man on the bed had to jump on her car to avoid being hit.
9:22 am
>>: two blocks later and almost a mile with this man on the lead she was stabbed by police. before the highway and before anyone was hurt.
9:23 am
approve airstrikes on isis and iraq.
9:24 am
the city.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
pilot's right now or a game behind. the timing location of the game is yet to be determined. the a's are still fighting for the playoffs. they did not find it last night they lost to the rangers. they still held the lead they could plunge the playoffs by, tonight if they win against seattle.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
bit long line of stranded passengers and chicago. this is including in the bay area kron 4 as well tram is that as of all. >>: reporter: it can't help but feel sorry for these people the does getting in line being patient. good news is a two-hour delay. obviously bad news is your flight has been cancelled and year after win it all around. elected to the long line here at the ticket, as it continues to grow. a lot of pedestrian traffic to go buy a little faster and smoother. ever since this thing went down in chicago and has been a mess and not just people flying to chicago but places nearby like
9:32 am
milwaukee. >>: moreno the verdict is were not going to milwaukee but were gonna talk to the first ticket counter and find out what the plan is. have a partner that and traveling with that a standing in line at this time. our time for flight as 1130. >>: what's your window of opportunity like? i can wait for the next four far more hours or what? let >>: just a pen the money comes back and we can get out. most likely at will be at the airport. >>: i'm scared that when -1140 will see what happens there may far myself to lay over the next stop. >>: reporter: you can see this
9:33 am
line that is consolidating. you can see how bad this is the area >>: right now it's delayed two hours on southwest. i'm hoping that maybe if we don't get out today we begin out tomorrow morning. >>: good luck with that as well. people are so friendly. >>: reporter: they have nothing better to do.
9:34 am
mile to warm conditions. rhino and oakland 6463 degrees. upper 50s and santa rosa right now. by the time reach the after nor talking about temperatures a little cooler than normal. we will see the mid-70s and and low '70's in the day. check out the gradual warming up as we head into the weekend. will some morning fog and lots of sunshine.
9:35 am
the maze is heading to the bay bridge in is in fact heading towards the shore freeway. as you take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza you concede that there is no backup for the toll plaza ride. it's been a great ride and the best of the week for the bay bridge. this is what we speak of this is exactly what we hope for
9:36 am
made a big difference for westbound interstate 580 the good news is and will be like this next friday as well.
9:37 am
good about that? >>: is so confident but as you know we're going back into that pattern you may have a little bit of weather roller-coaster some. you cannot do is get up and leave their will be a lot of individuals on this incident for several weeks to come. we are up and patrolling. : most of those revenant residents are that were in the area they're allowed back several days ago.
9:38 am
the need is not there we need to release them. : already as of last night released under 300 individuals. all throughout the course is today and tomorrow there will be a lot of firefighters on the highways going back to their areas of the jurisdiction.
9:39 am
from iran over the water to stamford cisco this morning. how did you get to work? what the latest fallout from
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
morning. no fears are coming out if there was any service they've been affected. the amex listed out this morning about 12 drivers call with the usual with the golden gate ferry district. the usually on a bad thing with one or two calls they get calls with the edge of fact 13 rounds. as the commuters endure is with a particular time. that particular and maybe canceled may have to wait for the next bus to come from. there may be more people on that bus line. there has been of little bevan convenient for some of the commuters. >>: reporter: i did get numbers in this first traffic is going up across the golden gate bridge. there was the increase 10% more than it was last week friday. even with that time% increase they said that is still lower than usual monday through
9:48 am
thursday traffic. it did cause him again on the road and up to much of traffic problem.
9:49 am
today. we do still have lingering delays for the mimics freeway in oakland with sluggish traffic this is no surprise.
9:50 am
9:51 am
on the higher elevations. looking almost like the winter season. this is in the tahoe area. there is the bay area highs for today will be cooler than average with lots of sunshine.
9:52 am
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9:57 am
area. will give you the very latest on that. derek cheater is the captain of the clutch again winning this for the yankees walking off like a hollywood ending with storied careers with the yankees. 20 years with the yankees five world series and just an all- around amazing athlete. he will be missed and loved forever. and out in the history book. that is it for him at the age of 40 moving on to a life after baseball. look at all the fans and players. or go on to say goodbye to you and we will see you back here monday morning have a great we can. --weekend
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