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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 20, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> james: who tech alive appear as long term for a lot of moisture to i think
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you're montagu will refine it does not look like bill into law bay until 9 a 10:00 is the fault you're dealing with right now. it is awfully dense this morning a good number of pockets around the bay area could this is an open net with just a mile visibility. the crowd was so low this morning when i come back as an effective use out more about 04 of the get our mobile have application
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>>george: with unseeded czech passports tear was shot down since the sale with a nail in our now to have the multicar crash of the 9211 into tennis is still not clear lanes to thicken the northbound ride to compel from san carlos we did see the fall crippen as the song kept up. the back of early user for a scene in the drive time for the
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golden gate bridge is at the span but no advisory issued and no delays to traffic at the richmond bridge the westbound ride back up now to 580 >>mark: shooting at the midnight will run the gunman had been shot dead by police allege video from the same. the shooting happened around 1230 in the morning and said the out one person is a critical condition the other is unstable we all know the condition of the third person the campus police said they shot the gunman after he refused to put down the weapon and fired a shot at officers. the officer they're on sale were working to secure the area there's no believe this
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time there any other threats to this is an evolving crime scene were working it were working to insure that everyone is safe the list respond to the same row with one the identity of the shooter will rank of is on air and the kron 4 application >>darya: it is set to vote today the committee approved the plan yes the leg is still unhappy about where linking arms and carried signs one protester was arrested for breaking a glass door to the building the plan was approved
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meantime zero groups to the activists uc-berkeley because they're so upset about the tuition hike that plan to stay there until the region's agree to drop the plan >>will tran: they plan to be on the move in about 90 minutes a lot of them are now getting up and plan to go to the uc regents' meeting to teach them a lesson on why they should not raise tuition this is an ongoing story we were here for five years ago the 07 schools were fighting the same thing and sure enough in 2014 under a group of students fighting the same cost. you will of the students to let them know what to plans to lead a 30
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will occupy this building overnight use to wanderlust and a bunch of us are born to be brought to the regents meeting to confront them and send my message the university of california is still a public university and we tend to make it that way it will send a message that she should resign and that our proposal for 25% fee hike is completely illegitimate is undemocratic as baroda through and had no bedding for and have input for students we're building a movement to defend public education stop privatization am 537 is some of the chin rest is sold to look like the state of california civic have more rapid since is if get a copy of our campus the stock the fee hikes to get more funding from the state of california to defeat a generous to the students deserve and the state >>will tran: into foul play it was very serious a lot of conversation you think that
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it with a strong message out is a distortion-still going to take into about 40 will be right back here fighting the same cause? we have to keep building a movement now this is just to walk off action response what they're doing is building the new students still rights movement in your fighting for the dignity quality of the people of the state and young people and students are forced in this country among the strongest force to make a real difference in change to defend public education >>will tran: she is very upset about was going on she graduated 2008 there's not a lot of competition is pretty peaceful back then they learned what not to the mounted as the choice and i never once saw the report and give the students >>mark: the democrats in the east bay near 680 will
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tomorrow would have been ahead. the latest with the storm home in the northeast will have more on several feet of snow expected upstate new york the buffalo area is crippled >>darya: are the rain is not going to move and to about noon that is when the grain is will we right back.
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>>george: the bay bridge is an act to the reporter was found inside thailand, blocking the right hand lane emergency vehicles that are responding in the tech it more of the lines of traffic and jordan back into the maze of the drive times are growing now and are likely to go quickly about 30 minutes. >>mark: happened to that president obama is said immigration of all plans to the public this package as
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>>mark: is what the storm is been blamed for a dent in the buffalo area along with over 5 ft. of snow on the ground and more to come. >> reporter: shutdown and overwhelm officials for the travel ban in place most people are not going anywhere anytime soon keeping the ban by square not exerting themselves not traveling on the road is all things the publican due to mitigate risk to themselves will need to be responding. there's so much snow on the role the snow got so bad the
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drivers abandoned their cars they're not a lot of people stranded there were at one time people that were stranded to refuge in firehouses and police stations but not at this point we don't have many people stranded at all >> reporter: others are stuck at home some of it when it did in blue the doors and cracked it. >> reporter: what exactly is like a fax no no all that big tear to the end of the lake by the wind is just incredible >> james: this is the are the country we are talking about one of minnesota minneapolis chicago and new york upstate new your
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buffalo some of the video game and we have little effect warnings in effect yet with the storm and bison in this type of winter weather is pretty much in effect of northern part of the united states. lots to talk about your on the national farm will keep a look for your allow laws would be making trips back east are to some parts of the country were is awfully cold and blustery we have right to say there is a live look best on 44. >> james: san francisco also forward on pretty good numbers to talk or just yet. nestle are staying outside now is an example of how heavy it could be. well
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problems out excess of. open a san jose are doing just fine we are expected to arrive in the bay area nine this and the clock our the north they will get the brunt of our total storm and accumulation 3 in the afternoon scattered showers as you make a way to get kids to school. the evening commit will be ok as well as a look at temperatures
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fifties that one too low 60s letter on today will start to dry out and warm up as we head toward fans giving >>george: slow traffic and a number of hot spot the accidents finally cleared now after an hour is back of beyond their berlin game >>george: will see much improvement for the commit we deceive the back of growth on both sides of 11 approaching 92 even these about 92 is slow as you had over 2101 interchange we're jammed on cemetery ridge
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there is an accident westbound that's backed up the right onto it 80 the southbound direction which is solid now from to 38 in the bay bridge is a hot spot with accidence inside the tunnel was bound to in the injuries have been reported was raised for emergency vehicles. >>george: tobacco was already bad into the macarthur maze aware really started to get slowed steadily across the back of the drive times are ready over 30 minutes from westbound highway 24 and now much better as arise assam sale bridge the lead on their part coming on off to spend the golden gate bridge the fog is much improved year there are no delays and traffic. tear the richmond bridge and the
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westbound back of which is so rich and 580 westbound >> erica: are getting lots of pictures from the snow effect in buffalo n.y.. this technical to look this is an aerial shot from a play you conceded there was place no and no snow for resolve with the blanket and snow and cars are trapped dozens of people have been rescued and not able to drive their cars the credit his pictures show effectively blocking doorways imagine having to dig yourself out of that some people have to dig tunnels from the front door with five to 6 ft. of snow blocking them up. >> erica: some snow reach the second set floor of a house. we begin a loss of factors into the new law will share with them on kron 4 town >>darya: the california
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highway patrol to happen in pleasant hill avenue for 7:00 last night there was a for escape and oldsmobile is a lever that collided in the impact called most car to land on the off ramp acted as in the man who drive valero was killed two other people were injured and earlier yesterday five people were hurt in its 10 car crash and walnut creek and interstate 680. no woman is dead by being killed by driver while she was crossing a street in vallejo. >>darya: 60 year-old woman was hit by a car that was heading south bound to she died at the hospital the driver stated the same and is cooperating >>stanley: crackdown on the peninsula have resulted in unprecedented drought and injured a leg presses. i'll
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>>stanley: when i tried to talk to the driver look at what happened did not see the no turn on red sign? >>stanley: the signals when there were to driver and the smart car run for we stopped right smack in fall of corporate murphy not so smart. with this driver was not the only one with an average lap the basic rules of the road with traffic lights are out is to be treated as if all we stop watches is ever again rose to a traffic signal a desire
7:27 am
for lower they have the wrong reason why they failed to stop what will agencies to appoint as an unprecedented 10 percent reduction is there are more attuned to hundred tickets countywide for everything from speeding to cellphone the chivalric rental 223 on the ticket back to the red rely i am more process and would different drivers this chemical in the future installments in daly city stanley roberts kron 4 news >>mark: there been shut and a gunman killed after he fired shots will have the latest ahead
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you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >>george: the samoset rest has a rough ride both on the approach of our loss was the no. 1 is going to affect more people now is an
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accident on though bay bridge look at the traffic at a standstill with at how little movement there is here at the meeting like this because to lines are now blocked inside the tunnel are westbound accident their emergency vehicle is taking of line #4 lanes for an five hour block inside the tunnel traffic at a standstill from the macarthur maze the last drive time was 44 minutes out of the maze getting into san francisco looking at your ride to a the san mateo bridge it has been a slow approach on the span as well as heavy on and off the stand drive times are 22 to 26 minutes out of a word in it over to santa sale essentially no delays with the fall and rise is still in place for the rich and for its >>george: so the backed up for the toll plaza and 580
7:32 am
west down >> james: is pretty dense as we sing star tracker 4. iran is still offshore. take a look it will show you what's on my 83 minute delay is if you have any business at the airport out another seven fortified with the full check the weather him on a commission not be impacted by the afternoon hours gore went to stay up-to-date is this is a day when the rain falls for your work to go away by looking at the library or to see where the storm is. >>darya: plans are investigating the shooting on the floor state university campus will hear from witnesses at a library when the shots were fired
7:33 am
here pictures of them tech is out and the library. it's after midnight a gunman entered the building and opened fire the people were injured one in critical condition the gunman was shot and killed by police here is what students had sent what we are on the first floor we heard two shots but while we're being most of the stairwell on the turf so we heard from outside about fiber six rifle shots go off rapid-fire >>darya: class's are canceled as a university to they were continuing to watch for new information as a new law also states on to kron 4 for the morning news our web site facebook twitter will post on the mobile application as well. >>mark: school officials said class's will be that concession. the mass
7:34 am
shooting that canceled the school yesterday. the in the express intention to harm students and staff note specifically named noah the school will mentioned >>darya: facebook shuttle drivers has voted to unionize and sent to get better pay and working conditions the shuttle tech employers to san francisco to look are 87 driver but its design stanley and the visitors response with low pay and a split sixth schedule away after six hours between the morning and evening shifts of transportation has been charged with the shuttle service the company gives employees one of the best way to and benefits in the bay area >>mark: at this is the place investigated kidnap of a medical student >> reporter: with the saw sevastopol is crude broke through here about 10 minutes ago he notice
7:35 am
something that was long and he ran to safety to a nearby cafe about a block away from the school which is that the school >> reporter: in front of the site apostle school 7 where buoyant reported the man began chasing him and for the you try to wrap them he did not know who the man was award he won it when it was able to run to the diamond cafe a block from the school i talk to one parent of two kids to go to a different school and she says is one part of the tech lead is very disturbing about this incident that happened in broad daylight at 330 it's scary is really scary at the top tier is a ready? i did so the what happened to be aware is sound like a broken record it can't stress enough it's sad but
7:36 am
its the world we live in today >> reporter: the seventh grade boy did make it into the diamond cafe were family members get him up. they're not able to spot or find the man with the seventh letter described the man a latino man 5 ft. 10 in. tall wearing a white or light- colored switzer and navy are great sweatpants school press will is expected to arrive momentarily the next one in 30 minutes we do plan to speak with her about what the school of the way a response to that incident. >>darya: will be back with more than just a couple of minutes let's take a live look outside at the approach of the bay bridge.
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>>george: a major hot spot at the bay bridge in the westbound direction for the
7:40 am
placement driver time out of the maids with an accident that block the two left lanes the accident was just clear from the deck so traffic will start to move on the bridge but not any time soon in the richmond bridge or the san mateo bridge are very good right now both have an unusual bid backups >> erica: abetted budget hotel find a couple on the town for writing a bad review about it a couple discovered the charge on a credit-card surely after they wrote or view the the broad retail was filthy dirty rotten and trade back to stay on the web site 7 visor when couples question the charge from a hotel no bad review policy and is turned to conditions hotel is finding because it felt extremely upset by their
7:41 am
actions and commerce or the staff and the fit to guest to be more realistic when reviewing a budget hotel they're weighing in on this and facebook in you can tweak us your comments as well >> james: keep an eye on the weather you can see there on the satellite's radar view when will the rain arrives here in the bay area will talk about that just a moment. female announcer: the mattress price wars
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>> james: this is what and the flight was on track for. the rain is still a little ways off but it begins to fall and the north bay they're seen lights out right now will probably stay line for most of the day the secular the entire stress for the database. down close to the san francisco not much going on. speaking of sfo delhi with belays because of low visibility. the rich disappearing into the fog. though the condition it expects this morning and it the minute delays for writing flights the rain lets focus on that. the timing on that quickly on the north a close to the 9:00 hour were looking and
7:45 am
another hour and half before the rain bands release of china and santa rosa the my noontime will see is vital to the support of the bed they're caught in afternoon when they're getting out of school status showers >> james: 6:00 p.m. is pretty much gone this is more ramon they've been you see most of the storm totals a core of all less anywhere else tempters right now low 50s bay area ride couple met 50 tear in there. it's critical opposition won about 10 degrees below six this is what are high temperatures range will be today chilly afternoon in a damp one. >> james: we finally dried up and things as you look pretty good for thanksgiving weekend stay so for more on that the forget to download are mobile application agree with is the updated on whether as a developed a lot the day they get to real life looks and into our radar. for
7:46 am
>>george: lead application will show you traffic and this is was read all or try to get across the bay from east to west there is no good out fashion unless you go down to the dumbarton bridge and high with 37 traffic in the best part of we stopped here at the toll plaza because it was stop all brass of u.n. island. yes it resulted in huge backups all the approaches to the bridge the maze 44 minute drive times and they're still climbing they're not diminishing the the backed up continues to grow more more vehicles for toward the bay bridge. the ride to the richmond bridge is no better or to the cemetery ridge. >>george: was down ride here is slow going on the approach all the way across the span especially get off of the bridge. we'll show
7:47 am
you why that is in a while and your trip to the richmond bridge is also backed up the bill was install west of the toll plaza we are back up now beyond the richmond park where on the 580 bridge across neither of these are good alternate routes the golden gate bridge had the problem free this morning even with what little fault of their work had been no delays. another major hot spot abbatial commit 101 savona back into san bruno and created south by nearly stop and go conditions all the way down to-92 and a bit beyond animal to park press reporter between redwood city and also added to the delays--palo alto >>darya: the morning >> gary: who was that man called me this morning very professional? >>darya: that's richard >> gary: hit it would have
7:48 am
many ways and is business >>darya: do you think this support is right that powell is out the door 90 percent saying he is going to the red sox. >> gary: do have anything to this morning? >> gary: their reports from boston last night said they had not even met him and our firm >>darya: it said then i going to they are or to make an offer they're expecting an offer anti not they're waiting for is commissure >> gary: it wanted to put the money you have to have a brother. >>darya: your family will bear a is a lawyer handler i don't know >> gary: at another brother all know the agent but someone says we have your
7:49 am
brother and is the gillette that the stranger to the >>darya: look at the card as she and the their work out to have the mother doing everything about just the simpson i don't want to mix that. >> gary: on the server our group you would rather have a strange to do with. >>darya: professional >> gary: professional this is your pocket just as well as blood is thicker than an agent. >>darya: >> granif someone sees them he is one to fill it up with something. seven men is in the press conference 7 minutes 24 questions one thing to say i'm focused on san francisco does all he would say >> gary: he stole that from someone rashid wallace who
7:50 am
played for portland and a bunch of nba teams in disguise a big personality he always felt like the media was out to get him to one time he got up there and for five ministers said both teams played hard. >>darya: after the laws when he said he blind halting he was told to stay focused and use the word focus a 10 times and said i'm focused >> gary: you laugh a lot of it except for watching its simplesse so poorly is gone from being the toast the washington to his fall for everything so he'll look at this and maybe that's not what to do it >>darya: was better send the wrong thing and get in trouble at a press conference are saying
7:51 am
nothing and getting fined by lynch. >> gary: a listed pam more because the tech talk when pam he would try to hit on pam >>darya: they're are hundred thousand dollars he now has to play because he would not talk to the media >> gary: i could be wrung the sometimes he tossed the table they talk to him and then is it our right for get is 50 grand for this time as the other 50 they're collecting latigo last year but they are not collecting >>darya: are then they're going to get much help from the wallet he found he goes
7:52 am
to a gas station and just out of his mercedes van with regard locket music flaring in there is a fan there they got so flummoxed he dropped his wallet here is the walling led to his back in the van and went to the guy's house and they went and returned the wallet. >> gary: what a good guide >>darya: what a great story to tell >> gary: when i see these stories when these guys are on top of their biggest fear attention your back and forth in the medium is bugging you you don't want to talk you don't want to talk all about when you're 50 years old and nobody took an active not to think you might think back i could revolutionize the to the people >>darya: >> grant will always ko
7:53 am
he is >>darya: another way the fans aren't getting a little way to appreciate by the same is in buffalo the jews here they are offering fans to tickets to the game at $10 an hour if they will please help remove 200,000 lbs. of snow they have to shovel the stadium you ready to meet 12 tickets plus there's a van that they get their crop this note is hard to get them get their next couple days with the team cannot practice so there are apparently at home in a separate homes using that
7:54 am
as an attack inside the ready for the game >> gary: sound like a bad family if there is every game all watch on tv this might be dead than show clips of the game the other night and nonetheless them is a thousand people showed up where the heck of a come from just a home on staying home not enough to tech >>darya: will see a letter. ♪ ♪
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>>george: near the 40 minutes we had problems on the bridge. south of the backed up into the macarthur maze 38 minute drive times from highway 24 in the
8:01 am
westbound direction the nimitz northbound backed up to the '80s with the is sure freeway to the golden gate fields. appearance of it will be a rough ride they're no good alternates the san mateo bridge islam from a 80 all the way to the toll plaza in fact is the backed up to 80 south mountain north to 38 this is not a good way to get across nor is the richmond bridge was bound for the stall with a the toll plaza has backed up the ride is a richmond will for the rich and are all 580 was down that continues to be sought on. >>george: problem from one along light easy ride here if you can get into marin county major problem for the peninsula another hot spot this morning for as it was the five car crash all 101 southbound it managed to back up the traffic all the way sfo. it's no idle san
8:02 am
marino--several >>george: you come saw from 11 south san francisco mile at the mile coastal and go sometime stop and go traffic with a soft >> james: showers are getting closer and closer the rhetoric is beginning to pick it up his resume to nor they just lie reporting of to santa rosa and out by the database. it has not arrived yet of our be another hour or so before recessing get in the north bay. the sec alive but it's alive look on
8:03 am
the roof hold the view over san francisco. no visibility causing delays. lowdown of the mobile application is free and a great tool that with you throughout the that you can track the storm is life great tool for you while you're at work today >>darya: is a started to hit them at the uc board region as you see it tuition hike plan is controversial and students don't like it with their increasing their vocal protest about this they're linking arms and carried signs outside of the meeting admission that is the lead and also we have seen them occupied a uc- berkeley one of the
8:04 am
buildings there they're upset about this they're not going to leave until they get what they want. >>will tran: the students are very vocal they're chanting they're using the ball on the door here to rob the nine and a plan to be here as long as it takes to send a message to california leaders that they don't want to wish a hike to see them right there at that up and they're chanting the to go build on what they plan to do will live for was the plan and the building on to be yours to use it would you want? we plan on may 10th in the building and keeping the occupied until we get a demand from them until we hope to have this building occupied we devoted all whether we just keeping the
8:05 am
classroom so the and keeping it block are locked the we decided to keep the of all students retail going to develop through the democratic process was when the students here which is and will be a continuous process their four front door will be locked to pass with doors on either side what has rolled your access will discuss what was to keep all to impose the not so tile we have the two doors open and it will be opened rather than how well the tuition increase impact you. i'm already a tremendous amount of debt even though i'm a senior this was in
8:06 am
fact may feature generous and that would be suffering every generation to have a little sister for example she my bill to come here because of the increase >>will tran: it will be here indefinitely the police officers learned a lesson that the two of 11 to last time there for the students decide they're off in the distance monitoring the situation they have yet to move in on students they have to continue doing what they have been doing >>mark: a shooting after midnight and a florida state university live very the government and shot dead by police but the injured three people to turn to take
8:07 am
seltzer of the lot down and have been 12 in the morning inside of the crowded library one person's a critical and this and other is a black hospital were waiting for a bay on the third person's condition they shot the gunman after he refused to drop his weapon and fired a shot and officer the mayor of tallahassee spoke about what happened. such dramatic occurrence >>mark: the library is open 24 hours as i was busy at the time of the student-- shooting >>darya: enable the scare in india a man travel there from liberia will have the
8:08 am
latest details on that and also try to dig out from under 6 ft. of snow is still more on the wall will have more on the killer but it. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
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8:11 am
the store for when an enigma to look around and will them to on the approach the british the number of hot spots all with them on to you from an accounting report >>darya: in able scare in india a 26 year-old with returning from liberia has been quarantined in a special facility at the delhi airport practice they his chance of ebola virus and barley fields used deficit to forgive, berson he secession got treatment the indian have demonstrations and that team of aviation and russian experts and spent the airport the transmission >>mark: to london the cases were confirmed and passed with only 30 percent of ebola patients or isolated this in a few wide-eyed in addition to that break have begun. 05 of people had died over for
8:12 am
was after >> james: will talk about the timing and one will see rain began to fall here in the bay area and just a minute. use chase freedom at
8:13 am
and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can.
8:14 am
ghardei sqresoppernt bk. a hoday ndezus rich ccola lays an feste peermi. a irarlli igin. ♪ a ltle wardor a the thgs y get them befo thedisaear. >>mark: the snow continues to fall south of buffalo and the ones who weathered not blame for at least eight deaths and the buffalo area look at the snow the freeways are shut down was 6
8:15 am
ft. of snow on the ground and remarks becoming an spots today. pickle's abandon hear all hundred and 32 mi. stretch of the new york state freeway more than a hundred cars and stuck in the snow there declared a state of emergency. >>darya: rain is getting closer and closer to the morning. >> james: this near santa rosa but they the bay is the yellow and green light rain but its timing gets over to the bay area will see you track the storm was zone and into a closer look up to the santa rosa area where bird watching the light rain fall. all those committees seem light rain at the moment i did receive the little patches of yellow they're coming into place san francisco is still high and dry not much going on here.
8:16 am
>> james: bone to show you what looks like outside that is what you're mortadella when in the next half hour. a payment delays for arriving flights below visibility open san jose is doing just fine this morning the top of the rhine and the timing will zoom in here this was old feature cast forth. is predicting will see the cold front pushes 9:00 we see what noontime its tentative over the back and by 1:00 and 3:00 it begins to pass through working a little bit scattered showers from 3:00 hour and then by 6:00 tonight from work hitting home perhaps still look as the front began some leave the area will start line thing out everywhere else. >> james: at the moment still mild and low 50's and
8:17 am
low 60 letter on to that is to want to be cool and damp this afternoon the tech a look at the seven they're on the bay forecast. it looks like is going to beat the force at the wicket with of chemicals and also to thanksgiving sunshine come back out to monday and tuesday for chastity to change is free from injured and at the devices off to traffic. >>george: less attractive made a good place for the bay bridge the sam sale grids and the richmond bridge >>george: here at the bay bridge toll plaza sallied backed up a '80s back to the '80s for a 80 is the sure freeware backed up the golden gate fields for the westbound ride and early
8:18 am
recurring accident on the rest of the reason why things are still here so slow there were accidents on the approach to the san mateo bridge no problems on the stand is heavy on the traffic. but the from aa that are way up to 101. of we shall you that in a moment the richmond bridge back of into richmond so the slowing is been a pretty easy chair all morning long looking at the ride for 101 here is the problem. >>george: car crash and the 6:00 hour and 5:00 hour southbound 101 the taken over our have to clear is still backed up all the way into san bruno for the southbound ride them pick up another accident and is
8:19 am
basically a solid so traffic at different speeds nevertheless backed up our way into palo alto and across the bay is slow going to the core commute from 92 heading down to stevenson. the overall drive time 49 minutes from 238 down to 237 expected slow going to continue the only good news and is to give the that the accident in rio vista westbound highway 12 and 113 has been cleared, all of those lands have been reopened. >>mark: he is addressing the nation about the new executive action he is on to take in the controversial subject and his prime time speech the president plans could santa rosa on deportation which would affect made the people in the united states they say that making any move all legislative work on
8:20 am
immigration. 5 million people living in the country illegally could be protected from deportation and made eligible to get work permits under the president's executive action will find out more on the president's speech tonight live at 5:00 p.m. following that will have experts analysis from our political expert >>darya: knew this morning tv and film director mike nichols has died he passed away yesterday he was married to former at abc world nor--dancewea diane sawyer >>darya: he won an emmy a grammy and oscar and a his wife three children and four grandchildren he was 83 years old >>darya: the body of ms.
8:21 am
condors and her sister the mother was seen here was crying over the casket at the memorial service they had earlier today heard her sister disappeared after they left the party last hours that investigators found the sister body buried in a shallow grave to man including the beauty queen systems boyfriend had been arrested in connection with the death she was set to defeat and ms. rowe present >>mark: the new york times report a project in the early stages of development on tuesday next six rosewalls cost we stand up comedy special and you this morning that will stop airing reruns of the cosby show in recent weeks three
8:22 am
were accused him of assaulting them repeatedly denied the allegation >> erica: they're protesting almost one man dollar bill for her and her baby hospital said she was with four weeks pregnant when she and more of a foot away october 2013 she was clear to trouble are dr. the ball a travel insurance package for the cross to is after their arrival or group she was put all their arrest and prematurely born daughter was pleasant and i see you the staff cannot assure her as she was covered with when our turn family flew back from blue cross said they would not cover the over $900,000 hospital bill because of pre-existing condition blue cross claimed she was treated for a bladder infection before trevor in that cause the dollar to labor early dealt with their response walk for current the cost of the
8:23 am
state of hawaii% to help cover with you for our rates petitioners companies doing this >>darya: will be back with more than a few minutes robots on patrol will show you a high-tech security guard will be working here in the bay area and a live look from our roof were you knesset the top of the american pair meant we will be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>>mark: pg&e executives and pnc discuss which judge to appoint in the case of our gas rates. it could decide today whether the utility we find a million dollars. >>darya: each of security is not u.n. but robot called night stay is designed a new security robot and there is this all the nights a case five physical with several surveillance cameras allies of a river a laser and gps.
8:27 am
the company co-founder says it is not designed to replace him a security and to assist is that having made 12 supported are sort of relief or their mind the list- boring but not much activity you may have three the six robards and where we are able to do that is far from a pattern of 45 6005¢ an hour >>darya: i'm thinking this is apart like a monster so back into the car with two or blanket over >>mark: florida state univ. a gunman opened fire the governor was shot dead by police parents want san francisco school they investigate an attempted
8:28 am
kidnapping you hear from the school principal about the changes >>darya: will be right back female announcer: it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest
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8:30 am
>> james: were checking in out here on the satellite read our santa rosa on a light rain is off to the left we have moderate showers working their way in this kind of how it will be today similar to yesterday's we have instant
8:31 am
it will be is near long- lasting as missing yes the will of to lead and was still there after we went to bed is not really kicking in until right about now it is the extreme north bay the lead on this afternoon to start to die of liver with conditions still damp for your ride home it will not be bay area ride >> james: we have low clouds and a fall out there. it is causing problems for places like sfo. iran began its fall none of it when i come back and a 45 will have a more detailed look on the rest of the rain should arrive on what talk about the evening afternoon commute as a look at the weekend easy to use kron 4 mobile application >>george: the bay bridge it
8:32 am
affects the most people the right here are interstate 80 was down still backed up into the macarthur maze the drive times have improved pretty quickly however were now looking at a 31 minute commute for attributing it was down from interstate 580 and macarthur maze the ride on highway 92 is also so trip for the ride are heading to the san mateo bridge is backed up on the approach and across the span the drive time there is still running 22 to 2 minutes for your commute out of a work and for your richmond bridge another saw ryan again because of the stall is long gone to the traffic is backed a well beyond richmond park where this is not of the alternate even to the bay bridge. >>george: it's a mess this morning for the bay shore commute. is a multicar
8:33 am
accident 92 and no. down accident at the piquancy here thought it odd way down to mountain view >>darya: still a mess in an overnight shooting that happened at the florida state university at the tallahassee police the cab was off as the front along gunmen who wounded three people and they shot and killed the gunman after he fired at them he has more >> reporter: working overnight moments of fear inside this florida state university library students caught on camera on their phones this before to 30 and an unidentified gunmen opened fire in the carter library one man is a line on
8:34 am
the floor apparently shot the leg and a librarian makes affronted by what one called she described a chaotic scene also are the employees look and frantic that i thought something was pretty wrong the campus on lot down as police swarmed building students want to sink--seeks shelter immediately >> reporter: official police with assault rifles inside the library eventually leading to students to safety in least three people were injured and transported to the hospital one in critical condition the shooter shot and killed in front of the library get into a command and he did not comply with the command and had a shot at one of the officers returned
8:35 am
fire in the subject was killed after >> reporter: 3 our bill class is at the castle at as if you for the day >>mark: the potential kidnapping in front of the apostle school >> reporter: there's some very concerned here is a san hundreds of kids make their way to class over the past hour but it was yes the afternoon after school at about 340 the press what the school said a seventh grade boy report of man since it him down the street from the mice had a rap and if he got close enough the student and not know the person or
8:36 am
another witness did the boy ran to safety into the nearby cafe the man did not into the cafe and then disappeared france will send a letter to parents last night saying she will make changes to that today in will be a brief announcement that we will acknowledge >> reporter: told the council to be on hand to that for in this tutors to my need them that mature in one will know exactly what happened discipline the cafe is about a block away when i would get a good look at the man with the students the scrap of a latino man 5 ft. 10 in. tall white colored sweatshirt and sweatpants as ftd san francisco police
8:37 am
department >>darya: school officials decided last continue at the santa cruz high school after principle that an encrypted e-mail threatening about possible man shooting and got that on tuesday night that he may contain specific threats about the time place and manner but did not express any specific target in general there want to harm students and staff and all the schools the school is on to them >> reporter: start what is launching its new high-tech services that's coming up in my tech report my tech report grandma is so happy to be here for your very first chrisas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the mornin let me showou how grandma does it. ♪
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8:40 am
weee hoooooo! >>george: extremely slow traffic on high 11--high won a one down to palo alto. that the walk with the data is sitting >> gabe slate: start of this long to a high-tech for
8:41 am
customers the digital and minutes he is critical and affects everyone who had a smart phone star looks and the bay area the force in the country to offer wireless charging for a smart from this is free for customers and is easy to use here is our works the black circles and to the table those are the weather is charging task you get your coffee and you ask for a ring adapter for your phone will have the doctors for all types of phone you plug the part into the charging toward our from dislike your charges at home and the place to bring on the phone it comes to life in charge of your phone your phone is now charging the wires no cable no less is free to use its southern suburbs of our friend to get to in your shop is no threat to security and on charges if
8:42 am
found a dozen access to phone in the tech away is not connected to wife 5 it could feel safe using it >>mark: 04 of they will rain coming and the captain of a lot of what that the sale in just a moment
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>george: is really bad our
8:45 am
producer since been george sent a severance has stopped and said guest will happen to stop and go traffic >>darya: i considered maybe is loosened up now >>george: sometimes a style sometimes imposed it's been like this for the better part of the morning this is not the worst bridge is actually here at the bay bridge where traffic is still backed up this marly morning accident at 5:00 and is a 45 to people heading out the door thinking the back of the bridge will be easy in this morning is still always through the macarthur maze 31 minutes the he sure freeway back of to the golden gate filled reluctance in the morning altman let the richmond bridge but forget about it is back the be on the written part way on five it was bound to than the golden
8:46 am
gate bridge has been slow to pick of the commute 940 to 950, a 40-850 is always in the heaviest traffic flow >>george: is always others from its ban there were the slow traffic from the lower east or freeway 680 has not been a ride this morning that have not been any big problems the five victims it was about has not been horrible six a southbound is the backed up from dublin to know the core commute is slow southbound a 80 accident is slow and not commit a direction where is also backed up on 17 northbound will pass highway 85 into campbell always into los gatos and a
8:47 am
reminder you can download for free the kron 4 mobile application and is an application their works on both your and read and i know as devices prisons are available for both and is free >> james: we have rain finally falling in the north bay resume and the sea near santa rosa out about the data bay. light to moderate rain petaluma you are included if you live in this area and you're watching tech picture outside let us know what the weather looks like the militants at breaking news at kron 4 that, we should those flows with everyone else. the low clouds are still out there and that is causing it is problems and to clear out of sfo. no problem for
8:48 am
oakland san jose just get in terms of the brain tick to task for not really putting the book about whether he said in the twin now at 1520 minutes by no time should move over san to cisco oakland and hayward you should see light rain at that point my three in the afternoon and began to break up while you're picking the kids off to school it was his get a shower on the bank >> james: ride for tested for the overnight our it will continue to drive out. timber is at the moment have not seen a lot of movement. still sale lot of low 50s was will invest the one to low 60s by letter on to that 61 the highest in francisco 64 open 63 and san jose is the seventh round before cast that also has to
8:49 am
be a bigger rainmaker will look for these numbers there is sunday it would drive out the sun from monday and tuesday and it will warm up slightly in the backed away toward the is giving thursday. >> erica: a brisbane is a hotel who find the couple 100 lbs. for writing the couple discovered the charge on a credit partially after they wrote in a review of the wrong hotel in england was filthy and dirty and rotten on the web site sympathizer with a couple question the charge from the broadway hotel that no bad review policy in its terms and conditions the hotel said its find them because they felt extremely a set about their actions and commerce or the staff and to get should be more realistic when reviewing a budget hotel to a lot of people sounding off on this on facebook and wonder if their
8:50 am
offer a discount if you leave a positive review. >>darya: >>mark: woman searching for three legged cat this happen at the san paolo shopping center she was shopping on should have rent-a-car when the broker and her cat was darn she spent the last 72 hours searching for the six in your three legged cat the cab belongs to her and she can give them the care he needs whoever stole the cat she is asking for them to return and >>darya: allow sokol is a certificate to early for recon into palo alto home in the seventh camera was rolling to pit for wrecking and they saw--you the crowbar to of break-in he
8:51 am
crept up the stairs slowly and cautiously than the second guy comes of it won't the flashlight he is the one who realized there was a camera rolling is so he ripped it off the wall with the recorder had already up loaded to the cloud server that's why we have this video they got away with a laptop computer and jewelry >>mark: in the my kron 4 store and ask a skin-care clinic shut down unexpectedly leaving patients wanting their money back >> reporter: reading a disturbing note announcing that american laser skin care is closing all was clinics prompting this reaction unbelievable should from now on, according to
8:52 am
this note on the door all american clinics nationwide are closed due to the " long running economic downturn this will was definitely an economic downturn course of the witness says he paid them probably $2,000 as money i could essayed and let i work really hard for my money they and their out not as it is about something was a little off that they did they're really pushing about selling things 7 percent off every week something was happening they're having to deal she is timmy told of the american-led appliance china tear out the next move in get a hold of the company and its refund us something >>mark: no return or call resulted and we do have the company rictus statement on
8:53 am
a number you could call you can read the statement on the web site at kron 4 that come. you have a story went to check if you can visit our web site and kron 4 got come and send us your ideas will be right back. (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance, the more gaps you may find. like how you thought you were covered for this... (pirate) ahh, haha! (prof. burke) ...when you're really only covered for this. (pirate boy) ahhh, haha! (prof.burke)talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>>mark: the got a was a graduate--the gunman was a graduate. britain's retail into the hospital one in critical condition the government made his way through the library if they recorded self on videos they
9:03 am
shot the gunman after you shoot for down his weapon and fired a shot at officers. today the suspect the command and the suspect and not comply with the command and ask a shot at one of the officers returned fire and the subject was killed. class >>mark: 7 cancel for florida state university will be getting more information to walk the morning >>darya: tutors are very upset and vocal about the border regions to find other ways to make up for funding
9:04 am
losses a committee approved a controversial tuition hike plan yesterday and right now a group of students and activists are occupying will or ha and uc-berkeley because of the tuition battle. >>will tran: the tutors are inside and outside of wheeler hall those outside of some points chairing the have voted earlier today to keep will open there are some doors that people can come go a few years ago the complete this is over and the police department come in this time is very peaceful that is monitoring the situation a handful student on the other side of the doors there been here throughout the night that his early as five or 6:00 yesterday evening when they announced their the proposed tuition increase many other
9:05 am
suitors are also on the meeting it will impact me directly as a student our pay more money morceau it would affect not amended back on the reason i'm here is for the 12 ers back home sitting in school with no opportunity to process there is nothing they can do have the privilege to be about to stop this at the public education was mixted responsibility we all miss ms. turns on behalf of this i personally prepared to ms. classis this isn't about me is a fall for other people as you can see their lot
9:06 am
people and doors opening this is also great chance to get the attention of the students who might want to join an and i learned they plan to do this indefinitely >>mark: president obama tech is immigration overhaul message to the public it was just an is an was no executive action in planning on taking on the speech tonight the plan could change the rules on deportation making the move out and for all conference to install this and work on the immigration 5 million people living in the country illegally could be protected from deportation had made eligible for work permits will be carrying the address of the president's life
9:07 am
>>darya: the census was to overthrow of the missing for more than a week may still be a life the family has uncovered clues will have more on the sudden death of mike nichols tech and a lilac tear the backed up at the bay bridge this late in the morning and still so slow will be right back with a hot spots.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>george: the 80 ride south about out of milpitas backed of all away because of an accident southbound broke and is still so the ride the chp is also affecting the northbound ride back and highways 17 and into los gatos >>darya: says the missing for more than a week fell members were out and seek her the strength plyers told euro people to see your picture they have seen the girl she was last spotted leaving her home that have
9:11 am
been sightings cannot international boulevard in oakland people sanded think they saw heard they consider a missing child at risk and i think it meant she may have fallen victim to sex trafficking she is not old enough to even understand the possibility in danger of going on out here in the streets so put yourselves in our shoes and realize we are going right now see was last seen wearing yellow pants a cut of certain high hill shoes
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> erica: a live look at the man of deadfall this morning did say the record and as for the north bay and attend for the rest of us does lie rain expected to the afternoon will receive dry areas posted jack
9:16 am
conditions where evening commute home. we never know the system as we headed to late friday and saturday afternoon highs on the cooler side santa rosa 59 and 61 and not all the more hitting a high of 62 degrees your seven they're on the bay forecasts continue on to the first half of the weekend driver with a high-pressure as we headed to early next week is certainly good news for this thanksgiving travel forecast >>george: we're still attracting big delays will start with the peninsula this is one of our first hot spots this morning if we're still in the recovery mode southbound toward have hours later i would still backed up beyond sfo their the northbound crash a large
9:17 am
piece of countryfolk--debris on the concrete >>george: look at how it is backed up the ride normally we don't see traffic south of to 37 on a 80 southbound but that is very much the case today and that coverage is all which stevenson southbound a 80 into fremont the bay bridge the backed up this morning we're still looking at a 27 minute drive times for the westbound commute in the west--early accident to the san mateo bridge is definitely improving we manage to get away without the typical the golden gate bridge and the problem for all morning in the richmond bridge in the westbound ride the back of its display
9:18 am
barely--fairly quickly >>george: remember you can't get traffic and weather conditions in your pocket with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download and you can get it for either apple or and your devices >>mark: or look of a security this to be our future if robots that are designed to keep the peace >> reporter: they're here to predict if recline the very first thing up that you want a robot to do is to be able to predict a criminal if i call to a building that has the robots as they are problems elsewhere else to have the ability to determine whether not someone is trying to like it or interfere in a somewhat acid doesn't the row began to sound an alarm their lumber get increasingly intense is one to cause
9:19 am
great discomfort. it is equipped with several features >> reporter: including severance cameras at the top of license plate camera that the tech picture of a loss of plant up to 40 ft. away a uses lasers and gps to matheson by math also knows where someone is standing the mark to fall from the robot visited them like a whenever sunny aprowl they can alert security troffer is a center and help can be sent immediately and with the k five security guard there no need for rest when they start running low on battery they know that they will automatically run right over to the charge at the to see in front of him how is this the place of human beings? as i intended to be replacement is to this
9:20 am
offering at an affordable price with text descriptions instead of having close to triggers' bore their mind we have for security guards and six robots >>mark: there to london and one out of americans filing at the lowest level since december of 2000 the number for receiving aid overall has fallen steadily and now stand the 2.3 million >>darya: process is a home, waiting to see where the place of one to leave the area of that and call for democracy instead if they
9:21 am
are removed they will go right back again until now even though we haven't acted fine for a couple of days we have not achieved anything the government fell to talk with us >>darya: for the moment things remain calm was 64 arrested >>mark: mike nichols died yes to lead he was married to former abc world news diane sawyer he directed a long line of his the graduate the bird cage as well as the miniseries as america he won an emmy a grammy in mostar and the
9:22 am
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9:23 am
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swellingdiffultybreaing n youxpernce any of theseymp, stop takininvona®nd cl ur dtor ght ay ogo t thneart hoital tell youdoct abo anmedil coitio, medicatis yoare king d ifou he kiey oriverrobls. using voka® wh a suonyleaa incrse rk oflow ood gar. it'sime. lower yourlood sur wi i. aginlovi younumbers. ask yourocto abt inkana.
9:25 am
>> foreign langua >> here is sts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: a decision on a peninsula and force any and all traffic laws the driver ignored the no turn on red sign after being stopped
9:26 am
>>stanley: i went on for a fine chinese >>stanley: not so smart month's will gyrus to get the basic rules of the roller is to be treated as a four way stop when the lights are out this driver pulled over and they have their very reason why the stock that the unprecedented december adduction last year or more than 2200 tickets countywide from everything from speeding to cell phones their returns and 300 tickets net to i ran a red light
9:27 am
i told you i was chinese. i call became badly >>stanley: in daly city stanley roberts come ordinals >>darya: still ahead and we're learning more about the gunman who opened fire on students in a pack library and florida state university officials at once will make the changes with a wood bat during today, a live report the changes with a wood bat during today, a live report (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, the changes with a wood bat during today, a live report anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs
9:28 am
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>>darya: and is really a blustery the storm is moving closer. >> erica: for sisal sprinkles in san francisco mainly in north bay. most
9:30 am
was will begin with what whether this a pretty quick move system and the sea like rain for highway 101. on the western side we do have admired rain falling also to the coastline we do have some limited visibility out their areas will pretty dense fog. to allow the visibility and a when a livermore and five mile currently in concord. 10 mi. is what we call clear conditions but that is not the case along the east bay shoreline with other that
9:31 am
dry conditions within is giving holiday week will have a look at a seven they're on the bay for cabs >>george: we are finally seeing improving conditions in general the bay bridge is still back the but the other bridges are still improving the sec to look at the freeway 24 minutes 580 macarthur maze are not bad 580 in a 80 open all the way into dublin where still trapped in the lead out of fremont into san jose drive
9:32 am
times over 35 minutes >>mark: the gunman who opened fire will force the university was a graduate of the school the shooting happened just after midnight three people were injured and the gunman was shot dead by police students were told to take shelter and was put on like that happen after july 30th in the morning everyone in a library for a pal and i did not believe i
9:33 am
was laughing in the video but you're not really prepared for something like that he looks so shocked and i did not know what to do with this one is to get him help but he was wounded lying on the ground that's all we really freaked out. >>mark: the library is open 24 hours as i was busy that i hear gunfire and does a fleece responded class are going on today as santa cruz high school >>darya: after school was canceled yesterday because the high school's principal on tuesday night that and encrypted e-t was threatening possible mass shooting the e-mail contains specific threats about time place in the man of the attack it wanted to harm students and staff did not name any one in specific
9:34 am
sevastopol is investigating reports of a potential kidnapping of a middle school students this happen if one of the school >> reporter: the presence of us there were just a situation also this morning to have counselors on hand in the student's >>mark: the student is save was able to run to a nearby cafe there heighten the alert this morning >>darya: facebook shuttle divers have voted to unionize. 87 drivers voted to join the base in san leandro. a lot of the drivers have the way up to
9:35 am
six hours with in the morning and the evening shift they give their employees one of the best ways to manage the packets in the bay area at 934 we have lost the come on kron 4 morning news will cause big to the sexual assault allegations that will not go away a people are now dead and a winter storm battling the buffalo area taking a live look at the storm approaching the bay area is moved and over the golden gate bridge will be right back. hey john, check it out.
9:36 am
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whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. >>george: the bay bridge ride was found at the early this morning when an accident like to nine inside thailand, of west the backed up into the macarthur maze and the drive times is once again 27 minutes was about >>mark: state regulators
9:39 am
considering fines for pg&e cover as much as two or $2 million in gas rate increase as the result of it back from negotiations between utilities and state regulators. pg&e executives at other to this commission discussed was just two. in the case of a gas rates officials could decide to lay was a fine woman dollars shareholders could be set of customers >>darya: to me in the bill cut causing--comedian bill cosby and was accused of sexually assaulting women. because of allegations this network confirmed the news would then have any other comments on tuesday in that plant indefinitely postpone
9:40 am
the stand-up comedy special and written with the women's have accused him of assaulting them years ago that repeatedly over the years denied the allegations >>mark: that where questioning their reported 2010 these accusations are false and politically motivated transcend what expedition will rely back with the kron 4 morning news to get by the outside the rain is coming down pretty heavy spots around the bay area air she to cast for widespread rain at noon today
9:41 am
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9:44 am
>>darya: things are changing >>george: an image i time for the bay bridge for the west out of new from highway 24 and is a 80 approached is a pretty good bellwether is for the backed up over the westbound impartially on the eastbound lane in the san mateo bridge is a big improvement here that is good news and it appears to be last in the golden gate bridge to the problem for all morning long as a wet right now and that's when to slow the trip with the commute is passed the peak headed here as the marin and for the richmond bridge a little more slowly here at the toll plaza but no longer at the back of five a westbound as we look around the bay where same week have later in the
9:45 am
latest for the lower east shore freeway but look at the nimitz freeway and the macarthur freeway a 8580 in the great sort of like a ride to livermore and dublin the long-delayed southbound the late >>george: we are still sluggish tear 101 and 84 and around 92 especially in the southbound direction and another marin ride still haven't come before i went 37 down to central center fell as did another set of the weather >> erica: is spreading into san francisco and saw louis c. ran along the coastline crossing into the east bay you will notice where detecting lightning strikes we could see the possibility of thunderstorms as we headed to the afternoon in the tech parts of san francisco dealing with some rain and 80 you the
9:46 am
windshield wipers still drive the most for is has about four or 01 o'clock this afternoon at the sec alleged look outside >> erica: this is that as a vote camera--sfo camera the rain will continue be a factor in addition to fall. --fog >> erica: we could see a two or evidence for north and weather is certainly getting a new direction as better no fear evening commute at home afternoon highs on the cooler side san francisco 6164 reason oakland
9:47 am
fairfield and a high of 60 degrees is not done quite yet what the third storm heading our way into late friday and saturday will be a water system and a strong one with 3 in. into the north man most of the weather persists as we look ahead we will be drive for the things they holler that >>mark: the winter storm their band line for eight deaths in the buffalo area 6 ft. of snow on the ground and parts of buffalo and up to three more feet expected governor andrew at the state of emergency shutdown and overwhelm officials for the travel ban in place but most people are not going anywhere anytime soon keep the vent pipes cleared either in a cellblock travel
9:48 am
on the road is all they the public can do more to mitigate risk to themselves so we don't need to be responding >> reporter: so much on the role the cities with following this note so that drivers abandoned their cars they're not a lot of people stranded there were at one time people there were stranded and to refuse and firehouses and police stations but not at this point we don't have many people stranded at all others are stuck at home like a fax no is the cold air at once sank the cold air once arise you get the snow all that is the character and in the lake by the wind >>darya: the honda odyssey
9:49 am
is the only minivans to earn the highest safety ratings in the recent crash that the lowest ratings on the all laughed crash tests. when the backed by far corner his mother out that a 40 mi. an hour because a minivan structure to collapse the toyota seattle earned an acceptable rating if you drive one of those >>darya: chin and a video show burglar broke into a home the cameras rolling >> reporter: this is burglar suspect someone and bird is suspect number two and made its debut on the homes of evansville to the evening does back up the video and star with the star of the show a house cat for the bad guys responded by to get a formal state darden down the
9:50 am
stairs to see the cat is watching as the burglars work to get inside the house no one is home you did the cat obviously startled at one point he of boys all competition and guards away they're nowhere catch them aware of >> reporter: they made their way into the home when as a lock up the stairs and into the town halls the other does the same song realize a the cameras recording seconds later he destroyed the camera the man stole a jury and a laptop as to the cat while my first concerns were of cash ok in there with their owners >>darya: the santa clara county sheriff's office looking for these murders caught on camera to the board before it was to get into the home an unlocked
9:51 am
door our store on tuesday inside the home video camera they rang the doorbell first goal was there and they went to the drive and you consider going to allow the siding with it like to take >>mark: the beheaded depicted in a recent i seville's officials said would to year-old is a convert to is mom and well- known whatevers more stories about one for his arrest was issued over a year ago that dandified and is the other suspect in the video prices must that be getting that a worker >>mark: friday to mark the bill last time the grand
9:52 am
jury discussed the case in the decision does come tomorrow our skills aren't expected to get the law enforcement >>darya: a canadian woman who unexpectedly went into labor while on vacation in the united states has been charged a million dollars for giving birth to was 24 weeks pregnant when she and her husband went to hawaii in october to about 13 the hit the baby was fine is fine to travel on the case and to lead as they got their water broke she was from the rest and then her premature bar was born in their place and i see you blue cross insurance say said her $1 million bill because of a pre-existing bladder infection that the mom had a them think they have to cover the cost of the birds
9:53 am
>>mark: lavery cab of today's big story ran had been heavy at times in parts of the bay area woman on sure right now (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
9:54 am
and you're eligible for medicare,
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anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. and, we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, prescription drug coverage, plus free memberships at participating gyms. now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting.
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>>darya: an overnight shooting at florida state university's people wandering in the government is dead the shooter graduated from florida state the shooting happened in the library at midnight they shot him on because he shot at them first a group of student activist uc-berkeley over the battle of tuition hikes were waiting for votes that could approve those hikes still is what you see president janet to step down. as san francisco police are investigating reports of attempted kidnapping of a middle school students that happen in front of the cycle of
9:57 am
school this to this city was able to run to a nearby cafe and >>mark: rain picking up around the bay should be light to moderate through the afternoon and evening our not as heavy as them to get a little break tomorrow more rain friday night the first half saturday but it will be driver for saturday afternoon and sunday will be the best day of the weekend temperatures on the cool side it and will we get the sunshine that high is only in the mid-60's as we get the sunday talk early next week have this line was tested and we may get heavier rain on saturday >>darya: we get the rain without a washout we will see later see you back to my morning >>mark: dr. phil coming up next the connected with facebook twitter and r kron 4 mobile application
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