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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> erica: yes today was the first day i had to use my umbrella. because it was a letter event we saw of the 2 1/2 inches over 3 in. the conditions will have areas apache in dense fog. laissez extensive low cloud cover visibility down to three tenths of a mile you notice
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of limited visibility but better conditions as you work your way into san francisco what weather on the horizon as we has the lead on july 04 timing his duty to direct saccharide to the bridge the liberal allies have an ax to the data for the ride. >>george: the drive times 14 minutes after your trip to the cemetery ridge carry 92 tracking just 11 so the drive down to hayward. and easy trip across the span of no accidents or less in the golden gate bridge ride is good with problem for your 11 southbound and even a northbound traffic to the early on friday was the little one of down traffic than on other days of the week
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>> james: cause tutors continuing to stage that will all will travels out the following a dissident if you talk to the students this fight is far from over there outside wheeler halt. >>will tran: there at the uc regent day never had a voice that been fighting for years this is the latest set of students fighting you see we tried to zoom and you see in inside some of the more time to get of this is turning to the dormitory. we're very respectful law allowed to get their sleep there also try to teach a lesson to the region. would
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you guys plan to move before. we're a collective body them person is in there had different emotions i can speak on behalf of everyone else. general assembly tomorrow or the concrete ideas mccullers only encourage everyone to come who can and that's what we're looking for now at this point there a lot people that been here before the hours of four sleeping here they're eating their brain their toothbrushes in this is the time for us to rest.
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it is important reduce it is time to care ourselves is essential and to our version of. and i think is unnecessary that we take the time to give ourselves >>will tran: as far the pleas of to their ministers of the tools inside the building of they're keeping their distance to monitor the situation some of the suitor offered to answers or post them they have dialogue and are going back to the groups over the past 48 hours so far has been very peaceful >>darya: to all areas seen is fair share of snow this morning. calls are on full force along interstate 80 in the sierra. of relevance and that the first coat of snow for several hours just after noon. however, the rain and fog made a tricky out for
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the road to driver is near zero visibility but that didn't stop the skiers from hitting the slopes. right now we're working on collecting snow try to make a snowman >>darya: the dragons are painful their few little resorts opened a letter and it caught our this morning will get an update from heavily ski resort which opens today will have a live report with kron 4 shares are sold from late tile. >> james: the beginning of the holiday season is starting to get underway. >> reporter: a lot of the
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continent as giving they into thanksgiving week. to start at about 4:00 this morning and is easy to tell will send a lot of young kids would be backed. they spent about 1.3 million people to fly in the kids get to come to know where missing the turkey and live fish tacos instead >> reporter: check your flights that before coming to the airport
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>> james: what will plans these people have undergone the traditional turkey >>darya: money more information today about the man opened fire at a library in florida state university when he thought the government was going to do to him as the republicans criticizing president obama for the immigration of all.
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>>george: headed for 2 05 interchange on 580 out for 680 and just 18 minutes to the south of lake there's little slowing on 101 northbound at doing in the keep but otherwise the knows about trip instead of a free ride reverie the kron 4 mobile application is free download for you and your team get for easier as red or i'll as the rise of a great way to take kron 4 and track fit with your >>darya: the man opened
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fired a florida state university library the man have been identified as an alumnus his name is mired in may he was in the state of crisis according to prosecutor they said that he thought the government was targeting him for persecution detailed his boss on a journal and videos he opened fire in the library's lobby injuring three people officer shot him dead outside the building because he refused to put his weapon down. >> james: immigration is closing watching washington as president president obama liz i would need to be done in congress. >>darya: a presence santa rosa facing resisted arrest charges by being tays by several officers >> james: 44 is a hard
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major: ok fitns cls! he's on surectivheart heal. het: i goi to cus e het. i minimi my diumnd f... goa kea pearuh-o heart: i mimizgoodtufflikey pos. and phytosrolswhicmayhelpowerl major: i feeng enerzed read avo:ew delicious eure tivehearht and bodyso y st acte anstro. ensu. takeife . >>darya: waiting for around three >> erica: we have one less sizzle to get through before we headed to the holiday week right now we are heading out to dry
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conditions attempt as an opera for is low fifties is a little cooler this morning in part recall disguise. it's cold out their ancestors as we headed to the afternoon there in the dry conditions to images will be in the low 60s by 8:00 tonight where want to see the first sign of what whether arrived in a no. they've rain will head south as we headed to the override the >> erica: your the first sign of that system cellaret or we see it affecting cost where it was in some time to get to us rain does not >> erica: as we take a look at the edge of what our new ride along highway could be affected putting it is a motion overnight was start to see rain and fairfield
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7:00 a.m. where talking about just about everyone and a slight drive conditions clear behind the front will start to driving down north of the golden gate bridge or on the bill will bring resource and livermore valley in the south ave. >> erica: aztecs' 6262 to set their field. yes seven a round of a forecast shows what that continue for saturday loss of sunshine and warmer temperatures turkey day will see to the judge and upper 60s >>george: we are tracking the drive around the bay still looking at the drive times the east shore freeway 60 minutes in the westbound direction it will have to ask the reporter is on the shoulder and there is no so traffic past the scene of its 680 looks good. into
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all the great wall the creek into san ramon 15 minutes in a pretty good ride is well for a little more commute the south back and you still looks good the only real slowing is due in the key is not connected with any incidents so no. they ride for 1 01 top down the bay bridge metering lights have been activated. >>george: for the senate terrorism is to commit was bombed and highly 92 the golden gate bridge 101 south path delay free vote on a slanting getting to come from the waldegrave a heading into miranda was off 580 at the toll plaza and 58 the original >> james: the president denies that is offering a free pass he is pushing ahead with his plan for immigration reform
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>> reporter: he was killed about 5 million immigrants from deportation. president obama if-fella's not families criminals not children gang members not a mom will working hard to apply for kids if >> reporter: they're not as expected a quick criticism from house republicans. if the come alive was be deported they're committed a crime by definition those in the document fraud committed crimes the most of our felony by definition it will not be punished on all of this >> reporter: ecocide the public about as a fourth crew let president obama has cemented his legacy lawlessness has squandered what little credibility he had left president obama blames half republicans for not acting on emigration of form bill was passed since 2013
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president obama-a year and have republican leader in house refuse to allow the simple black >> reporter: law led to disagree at one answer pass the bill >>darya: and russian reform advocates are going to events in the bay area this for legislative change following the president obama speech last night in the first event is at 1230 and that's an san jose 2:01 in san francisco all levels have to unveil a new resource by america that once i accumulators with the fbi you that your party for
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their members last night many of them members are undocumented the late filing of work a lot of the dog is a really big deal for working families are un and articular had to offer the workers on the i nine raids and a hundred of them they're good working jobs. >>darya: remember said they're happy with the plan >> james: toyota is recalling blacks is vehicle because of fuel a day could lead to fire the recall covers the 2006 to 2011 gsp 2002 of 11 eye as model cars could have been billed for particles in contact with the gasket that could lead to the deteriorating and fuel leak the ultimate fix at no cost owners
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>>darya: another allegation of sexual assault against bill cause we will have details and to have a look at the future past four at 8:00 tonight the rain was are moving and the santa rosa and into the east of san rafael ♪
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>> james: she is 57 years old her name is theresa ceases causing a chapter backstays in 1976 after a show in las vegas at the time she was 19 the cosmos will fourth have not responded to the allegations meantime the 77 your comment--committed to form yesterday in the bahamas during a benefit for women service organizations >>darya: robin williams' estate is back on the market and is marked down he tried to sell the renaissance and sign the bill a couple years ago for $35 million after to call to the bourse's now and they offered for 25 million $10 million left in the river's low price in a cruise in a to activate your move with their infancy pull with a missile site in august at his home and to ground >> james: the has
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staggering man guy missed 18 karat gold is an interesting gift if someone as big into twitter this is made at a new york designer high tide woman the son of a hundred $25 and go buy them on titis web site for nine unaffected dollars that has has had died in hearings and a charm if you like to get a whole set still >>darya: ahead on kron 4 morning news another way and they sang about the video of him being tays.
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>> james: >>darya: less the cause of all when the storm was one to hit. >> james: we don't think iran is wanted in practice and to lead on this afternoon right now is a little foggy not as bad as it was in some spots yesterday. visibility is and select pockets is getting pretty down there listed a quick look at the live you aware same if you look off into the direction visibility right now is half mile visibility for santa rosa they're 46 and 101 and another is to are driving this morning. divisible you
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to come way down in winter to slow down just a touch. the rosa is the death this mo if a bill the dangers and have nine of visibility >> james: 4 mild and livermore the conceivable numbers when or where the fault is running about. migraine late this evening and a glass of the overnight our it is the first half of saturday. they look ahead will one of the senate and into the rest of the week to keep that in mind. and you think of the down load the mobile application is agree which is the updated knobs to traffic from to >>george: track in the accident on the nimitz freeway is the class a '80s out about is located between 66 and a converter.
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it involves the building turned over and of on the roof and the seven sets to the location the report from the chp--the crash and not in a label on the shoulder but is partially blocked in the right lane. >>george: traffic is to move pretty well for the neman southbound oakland and san leandro and hayward and tracking a rise to the bay bridge, and of the of amelia's active for about 45 minutes of traffic on the back the west greenwich. for the senator said of his we have yet to be done to see things back up the drive times f-15 is half out of hayward hitting over to senate sale (audio)
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>>darya: the head of the trial the lawyer reason the man on the ground they shared this build nearly 30 minutes long the attorney said the video shows is claiming abuse by share of that is at the county jail. the lawyer says his client was kicked puns and head with a taser 20 times. but he is now facing charges of assaulting a correctional deputy in resisting a police officer in addition to the charge that landed him in jail in the first place. here's more from a video (video)
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>>darya: the jury that will be at the next month to see the case was seated video sonoma, a share of the province as they follow protocol if they say it is time for to do they have the internal investigation after the events bsn they say " there's some things they could have done defilade but they deny any class of abuse they also said a black guy was from consisted with his accident >> james: bard is offering free rides-- >> jackie sissel: after a loss of waiting and hundreds of millions of dollars the air connector to bird and oakland and will finally open this weekend--bart station. this a little work to many many years that will
6:35 am
be connected from then oakland coliseum. to the oakland airport and is one to cost $480 million when everything is said and done. the tech a bart train to the oakland coliseum stationed get off the trend and get on at 3 card trend is the driver and a trend can carry about 120 passengers and will take you directly from the coliseum to the oakland airport. will cost about $6 all that will start tomorrow in charge of what happens the day they have visibility to suppress the opening it is open to the public that one of their boys to offer free rides to the general public to come on your test out the system
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is a 3 card trend in share 120 passengers and everything is said and done they will charge $6 per rider from the coliseum bart station to the airport the bus system that uses many years of the sled is finally ready to go. >>mark: if you're wondering is in a manner ride from the coliseum bart station to the airport >>darya: a grand jury could decide to save all the deer and wilson will face criminal charges for shooting and killing michael brown in december he was alarmed. the deliberations mark the end of nearly three months reviewing the evidence and hearing testimony in the shooting is nine of the 12 grand jury members have to agree to the fore with as i met the man with a grand jury decides
6:37 am
michael brown's father is calling for calm. life the matter with the grand jury decides i don't want my sons is to be in vain out what to lead to an incredible change follows a strange >>darya: prosecutors are expected to give law for 48 hours notice before the decision had been raised should apply to prepare for war rests on the streets. >>mark: marion brown passed away last weekend. aboard demonstration where watching wall street a huge rise expected tried to integrate this morning the dow jones average had never been this high and a new record high at 17,00879.
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>>george: republican efforts hot spot this morning >>mark: the wait is over for the raiders fans old when getting their first win of the season last night against kansas city chiefs. in the second quarter the raiders took a 14 to nothing lead after the 90 yd touchdown. but the chiefs would come back in the fourth quarter into a three- point lead. and then under two minutes to play and 9 yd touchdown pass and the raiders go on to win the final up 24 to 20. that's that's a 16 game losing streak dating back to last
6:42 am
season. >> reporter: what's next for the raiders the first one of the season and he may be the most improved player in the nba will sit down for a few minutes with a mom grain of the red hot warriors this sense and at nine >> james: have an update on the forecast after the break. there is still another storm and in our direction will talk a lot of time in coming up in just a minute.
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a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >> james: falsie in effect for you this morning if you live in certain places like a lot bay in places where they have a protective balance whether the falcons will settle in. we are talking about the sfo camera sfo and the visibility of his reporting delays for arriving flights about 44 minutes is a
6:46 am
visibility map you can see a half mile visibility there santa rosa for and livermore into dublin and pleasanton keep that in mind when you have tempters ford or whether up in the north that afforded to in cholesterol and 42 in not for this is a lot #3 for this line system. >> james: the second quick look bramble beginning to enter into the north bay and then for the overnight hours will begin to see it
6:47 am
start like an agent with the sale of the pops of insensitive like we saw yesterday 7:00 in the morning on saturday alternately will see it go the force have a saturday made there will be well for you the second have not so bad in the sun gets better- day lull 60 byte yesterday after saturday's storm it will melo and woman as his address given third that >>george: where financiers and the latest year and oakland leading down at the coliseum. is on the shoulder but partially is likely to
6:48 am
create some stereo a 80¢ looking at the rest of the east bay ride for your not to back five is a little lighter than usual likely because of friday saw a freeway just beginning to warm up here to witness list priscilla good to 1184 and 1192 and to change it is getting a little sluggish heading to san ramon, for some of sale on a northbound side. the north a ride began to slow heading toward the civic center as a rule of the l 11 southbound holon not too bad ride on a bottle the bay bridge is not backed up into the maze is on the backed up to was grand avenue to one man is the drive times 92 the san sale bridge there's an accident reporter at the toll plaza. >>george: it now starting to
6:49 am
back up on the '92 beyond industrial because of the west bronx for a car crash looking at the ride to the golden gate bridge problem free the late friend and the hitting into marin the richmond bridge traffic just beginning to back up and the toll plaza for the westb>>daryal looking for from its a about a man accused of posing as a high school students section assaulting a 15 year-old girl he'd met on social media. there may be other potential victims 28 year- old john molina was arrested and is san jose back in november 12th early sale last month they found out that he told 50 year-old girl through such a media and use a student at a high school and san jose. >>darya: if use of an allegedly assaulting repeatedly and extended periods timed out molina was also several aliases he has ties of people san diego and
6:50 am
hawaii anyone who may of been victimized by lane is an urge to call police >>mark: the last surviving sister of san francisco iconic brown plans as fast way marion brown and her sister vivian were known for walking tour for san francisco's streets and that's how fast the pair became symbols of the city appearing in commercials to be passed last year marion died at 87 years old >> gabe slate: i am in a bay area retail clothing store as opening soon and they are going high-tech this is one example of high-tech fitting rooms when you walk and the mayor comes to life it becomes it touched a merrill and showed image of the article or articles you brought an to the fitting room and from there there's all kind of cool techie stuff it into
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>> gabe slate: ebay has teamed up their skillful and this person to run it a lot the fourth of december is $1 to soar to a country that the to the technology is a big test in this way for that custom rod the latest fashion or items to be taken to address room sales associates tehran tablas the receipt of the orders. to recognize all the items you have to recommend accessories that go nicely with i'd love to have good after a recommendation to be brought to you with the touch of your finger and with the mary order different size or color brought to you by the sales associate to you don't have to leave the room to attend the like to see when out to look like your different
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environment and it added and are ready to buy the two would keep an eye on you have imaginary million and fall about item as a reminder and last the checkout counter. >>darya: 50 for checking up that different than mispronouncing a word away in the head with the bad side of the skateboard check
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>> erica: relate to as many years in the making the
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first wonder if he was gay when he was 10 years old and then came out to close family members and friends and a 20 the center said there lot of certain scenes to our fans will react i'm still the same person just a little more about myself i know now >>darya: bay area moscow vandalize the raiders ♪
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>> james: falk as well as we take a live look here at the camera fricassee how low the clouds are the fault is the steering and a low visibility is causing


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