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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 4, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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moderate and then if the army crushed hot spots popping up definitely let you know >> : and other busy morning on the bay area and seven to start cleaning up from the storms huge sinkhole opened up and sixth avenue in san francisco coach and more on the specs in cold >> : crews busy throughout the day learned that this is a four day believe. projects as this is a huge only a quarter mile from kiri fortunately on a residential area at as much traffic as it would but you can see how huge is to apply where everyone it's for safety lime barricade around 11 ft. deep 20 by 20 the crews are here the places very loud
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and the skin of know where the news that the rainfall would cause some problems and the problems during the rainfall right beneath our feet >> : 11 this neighborhood you saw the sinkhole grow >> : look up every morning at that point the public once see there is >> : why saw the having a little cynical across what they're for. time and it patched periodically. and the bumper came out hit the ground as a pastor and the noise caught my attention and call and say you wont come look at this. 720 at came back on for my dog walk and still nothing going on at that point was able to catch the bus and 750 was when cars are here still a fear
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across and 1215 wide across >> : the way for the home yesterday should and report anything what cannot. mr. parker been impacted >> : snow some people of underground power on our streets overhead so april would of been affected but made all this noise here >> : from she jumped and cut skittish dog she jumped on the bumper hit the thing >> : those telling number of cars that it straight in the morning. and come over the
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sacramento street area. so is a good mutt traffic this one, attention >> : definitely caught their attention as well and so much for joining us have a good day and see all heavy equipment you can't you waited overnight. 7:00 in the morning and want to disturb a lot of the residence now many of them if not all of them are up and minds will get to work. talking three cruise the department's second deal little scary to next huge ransom or >> : story only see on kron: start tracks where tree falls on a moving car and to pacifica. here is the damage. the can down on her. chris the amount mutt most the day and then and as you the all by herself and drop off for trout to
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>> : driving on the marble bar entry came down >> : this area was like slow motion could hear glass breaking and entry coming down on me. couldn't open my door stock >> : driver said as he concedes is a passenger side-and an 13 year-old daughter would normally be sitting dropped her off and finished the car pool so she's very they fall for that >> : developing story following this morning for the second time in two weeks the grand jury decided not to indict a lawyer police officer cause the death of an aum complex in this town near city at the video of the incident in july erica was put into a chokehold let nancy police officer trying to arrest him. joe kolter not illegal against nypd policies >> : to include denmark ruled the death of homicide >> : officer issued a statement
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saying never his intention to harm anyone. but the second enough my husband would in time for him to show remorse >> : grandeur ruling sparked nationwide protests this one involving thousands of people in times square near city 60 or arrested more than 60 department justice investigating the staff of 30 civil rights violations >> : and oakland protest set for tonight in connection with the choke hold ruling the deal the demonstration last night that the video, up a partnership with 87 news >> : this march was more peaceful compared to michael brought protests last week >> : as one more than zero hundred 60 protesters arrested many of her medals and looting >> : protest was held in san francisco with martin powell and the dancers caused by a service to be rerouted. answer this was back to normal o'clock last
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night >> : protesters demonstrating in pots of. decent if >> : the deal posted demonstrators on the freeway for about 10 minutes >> : coming up on morning news more dramatic video from yesterday's storm of the damage to take a look at what's coming on the day today and cleanup is like another massive recall because of the air bags and which cars are affected now. three more women come forward saying committee and bill cosby is a trace of them >> :
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come for morning news checking arrive coming from the north bay lot of stop and go traffic south on 1 01 out of nevada 1/4437 that stays with you all layout toward south central central fell but beginning of a crowd before the the vallate involving a truck that's up on top of a car and the left lane and after a slow down there on the peninsula not better ball as stopping the traffic no. 1 0192 at a similar tale was all laid up for sfo and if you are traveling to the south bay we have to slow north on 1 01 south san jose into paul also. it's about a 48 minute
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trip morgan hill heading out toward the ballpark at all. prodded from 87 in to cupertino >> : in a lot of all in the cleanup underway from los gatos by heavy rain and wind travers said that dutch retrenches and on the popular shortcut between boulder creek san lorenzo valley. near highway 35 intersection and better trees toward one's residence working overnight to clear debris from storm drains and triple the rushing water from the erosion >> : workers from what's left of a 70 ft. oak tree coming down from milton road and never to yesterday took down cable phone lines utility poles to. lotus closed between march and polymer and repair still being made >> : and iran and the shoreham on time flying everywhere on the way it's been here since 17th and seven cisco
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flooded >> : and almost getting used to it they say and many in the area flooded the in the past four years of mostly was sued watter >> : >> : with some pockets of black rain right now mostly in the north bay long peninsula. in a corridor. full details what the expect this afternoon we return >> : use chase freedom at and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at
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chase. so you can.
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join the party started yelling and 30 >> :
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when he up to much better weather and much better commute and the north bay won a lower response yesterday and the star jackie live in marin county on how things are right now. as a tourist park ride and you conceive so far so good obviously dealing with a tremendous amount of rain and high tides. the video from yesterday and saw the entire area of flooding and people knowing the elements and water got what throughout brother bucks through the water not a great idea and the taurus but floods that everything the company yesterday weather. and 3 ft. standing water. and 917 west was to get what 6.3 high tide what ever you see right now dramatically change in the next couple of hours and
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then we'll be here monterey and if you normally is area parking place. at my suggestion don't park here today parkway above the tide because the tide is on its way in coming and monitoring the situation the good news as evidence in any significant rain here in the north bay has been drizzling on and off so far so good in see above the overpass there south on a little one is going today much of currency that was yesterday >> : to forget this area was well on its way to flooded and worse by wait earlier than that a high tide coming yesterday. that hon bahrain >> : and the stop playing a up and this area from what happened homes two dozen homes that saw and roads and tree damaged everything else from the storm the had the heavy winds as well with that. the broken glass
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they're there to clean that up to. in fact we are dealing with some areas of light rain and zooming in on some tracker ons 11580. ahead in the afternoon in the '60s in the sunshine today's forecast a little more we are dealing with unstable air mass and southwesterly flow. ushering in the moister don't be surprised if you encounter stray showers later on today. pleasanton 6665 richmond 66 throughout some detail a very warmer through sunnyvale dealing with a lot of rain for much of the state not completely on the woods just yet and dealing with a frontal band heading in our direction and a more organized. what weather back in the picture and as we head into tomorrow afternoon but weather could be accompanied by some thunderstorms. let's walk
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you through it on future cassolette o'clock really dealing with clause deconditions morning, it will be fine. take a look at what happened closer to the evening my home. 3:00 or a light rain of the golden gate bridge retort and the aquifer more. check out 7:00 what folks on the freeways. looks like quite moderate rain blankets and much of the bay area and as we had in the early saturday morning >> : as with that system also done talking about anywhere from 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 inch for most of us a little more than that maybe an inch for higher elevations in the north bay are likely deconditions high-pressure dry weather set in the saturday sunday looks a good chance for sprinkles for the north bay heading in the early next week. as a the continue to monitor right now but to the roof of robin >> : is quite slow pact. lights on the back of the maze. the good news as cnn had a crash as ourselves. in a lot company very back the 58024
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west on 80 drive time has bumped up to 23 minutes for the man is downtown san francisco have your on the stand. right across the golden gate no major problems little bit ago on 1 01 south, and other north day by sending it to bridge your fine. up to 33 minutes now from nevada out heading 7 cisco was a crash in just a bit. fic map overage in center felt rich stopping the traffic this is normal from castro through the toll plaza and this was across the span 12 minutes from the toll plaza out 115 a split. an oakland man is a response to an incident like crash and 580 west and not stop because it's in the typical slowdown and is starting to back up the all of the right and the maze and those of each edit the bay bridge toll plaza the refresh plan details it is adding to the slowdown. it is my go take the minutes freeway to get
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to downtown oakland 7 cisco instead of tie with 580 quick check when no one. we do revenue crash softbound book is molly heading toward kurland area at car that stuck on top of the truck as blocking the left lane so you are still backed up in some of bottle a highway 37 >> : till now recalling under 85,000 cars because of problems with air bags and go off trouble now that fly out to the air bags. the miss this recalls involve any respite: text and china significant because pushes total number of recalls nearly 40 million worldwide. highway traffic administration pushing free the more recalls here in the less >> : three women claimed they were sexually assaulted by comedian bill cosby years ago just now coming out with their stories and their attorney gloria allred is calling on cosby to take action >> : woman told their story to
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reporters alongside all read that this is a way for the women to obtain justice as by the statute of limitations and to the woman never spoken about the experiences before >> : he made after i drink it i felt as he lost consciousness >> : xing and do hours had passed woke up and the back of my car alarms close a mess of kron on >> : car was an alleyway behind the venue because the drug and sexually assaulted me i believe >> : more than a dozen women told about what they say caused the did to them drug gang raping years ago
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>> : mollah statute of limitations is long gone allred says that the crosbie should set up outside a hundred million dollars before alleged victims he over the years through his attorney has denied any of these allegations >> : coming up on the signs to lead to big problems dealing the next addition of people behaving badly ♪
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often in life the of the ponder decision in this case the driver is rethinking his decision to ignore the signs and drive in this cepheus standing water. so now he's on the fall looking for a way out of the situation under% avoidable a while he waits in this driver also has qualms about the drug in the water >> : and set francisco every time they'd have rain the section near how we won a one so the city comes off to drivers >> : and since some people believe comes up for everyone else except them and watch the drivers go past them heading for the water >> :
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and the truck driver is not the first time pulling out of the roadway >> : in desolate town truck was there brocken part of the road ever still trending door on the cones. and the driver waits to get rescued nine and a touch of travertine to position and it starts to recover the driver and the brand spanking new model >> : for its connection knots left off the line and hold the cards dry lands >> : when he opens the door water pours out from how one of course, >> : yes inside of its bread and car saturated >> :
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written up a 730 strong tracker and we have in dealing with a few stray showers this morning. but at the north play high 11
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center fell area dealing with light rain right now awesome one more secure offshore. in mid peninsula things dry up nicely here so contending with a few stray showers near pleasanton area working away in the end again nothing as intense as 24 hours ago and allow the possibility of a sprinkler to an afternoon dealing with an unstable air mass. came back in the picture tonight the possibility of thunderstorms and adult dry conditions in a weekend full details on that coming up in 15 minutes >> : a major hot spots right now few crashes adding to that typical slow morning traffic one of the open man is 580 men several vehicles injuries reported going off the shoulder. no lanes blocked their and backing up traffic calling for less on dried and then after the and 9024 split also sitting in traffic for your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza pretty normal and then south
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down to 38 and you conceive year creeping along to his word union city fremont and finally you visit at mission boulevard. in north bay 11 south out of the way. give to cars stuck together one on top the other. that's on the way and right in the middle of nevada center fell slow down still backed up beyond 37 for rowland and will not clear out till the 580 split >> : to 32 right now happening today people living in the south bay homeless camp notice the jungle had to move out by today could be arrested >> : mike is following that live in san jose sent as a police moved across the street encampment just behind me here and see a few dozen protesters, to rally against the city as the beginning today process of closing down cleaning up this camp known as the jungle. in san jose police cannot 4:00 this morning set up barricades as
7:33 am
is the story in san road meant opposing down the camp that caught on safe and sanitary. officials learned of human debris and nearby coyote creek next seven fiscal bay and big a point of contention this morning what happens to the to undersell people remain at the camp, said the kits are very concerned but city officials say the solution more than a year in the making >> : vest over $4 million and appropriate by city council or hundred 44 people and another 60 closed and housing or to me all the housing needs of the residents here and ending the sunset on sanitary and healthy conditions >> : $1 on the can meet the need for the residents here >> : alternatives can result of this morning's officials are looking long term and a range patrol to take place along coyote creek to prevent them from coming back and this morning city
7:34 am
officials that meant that they will find housing for those in need help this morning talk with the homeless coordinator heard from. i asked him what if people refuse to leave today leg arrested his neck and a direct answer simply said they need to go >> : and to all officers from san jose police department volunteered to robotic cameras and a lot about how the program to feed for models of cameras including one to be fixed glasses >> : police department were both from a pilot program have department decisions for the type of camera beckham management personnel and the structure. program also gives a part in an idea on overall cost with body carries in the future >> : amid a county sheriff's office to a big step toward using trounce unveiling one of two this brand new drones of holocaust thousand apiece. paid for by the county and chair of talk about how he uses this controversial place to malignant the system
7:35 am
specifically for search and rescue and other critical lens >> : and 11 center people down treacherous terrain walk down soaper slopes and simply deploy a device like this have them eliminated or identify an area that needs to be further searched >> : meet the six months or even a year before they're actually in use to add the plans this of the be drawn in detail and improved by the faa. and the county chief under arrest wife was for the country after being charged in a financial scheme that led the fraudulently obtained $35,000 according to police. their chief market is charge of six counts of theft in filing false tax returns as it achieves was fraudulent credit cards using false names and false businesses and false transaction >> : a lattice is being held on $80,000 bail. and now a fugitive after posting. >> :
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unsponsored build a bipartisan obama exit of order of immigration and bill have out could because it still would have little chance of selling in the senate control but the democrats. under president obama order last month the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants were the latest >> : california appeals court struck down state law requires dna from anyone arrested on suspicion of felony. first district court of appeals ban on unreasonable search and seizure prohibits and the dna collection. supporters argue that it is helpful in selling cold cases of identified suspects no immediate order however stopping place from continuing to collect dna >> : labor department issued today protect employees from discrimination testing for social contract workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation gender identity. as obama son the slot july 21st and a goes into affect 120 days after
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its publication register >> : still ahead on morning news storms bring a life
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to stopping the traffic and oakland a's also car crash with injury that's wrapping up on the shoulder now and its backing up traffic traffic west 5980 split. it's going squat slow swayback from the edwards avenue exit. also new 1580 west underwriter and coolidge. once again up the bay bridge toll plaza. and so all it all the way the done tons of the cisco. >> : storms bring new life to waterfalls and yosemite. even with the rain highway leading in yosemite overly clear. and over a cluster planning closed because of snow and ice >> :
7:41 am
syncline conditions here at the golden gate bridge with a few sprinkles to the north. details on another storm heading our way deet coming up after the break >> :
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above the kron 4 more news at 743 take a look at some tracker we do have areas of some light rain developing right now in more than a 10th of an inch per hour. center fell under the green light rain for your tie 101 across the richmond center fell bridge. in just a few sprinkles your daily city and sfo. as we take our
7:44 am
attention to the east bay and some light rain right now and you'll eat meat patties which electors nothing to organize certainly not like we saw yesterday. and leaving the house to mild weather was a cloudy skies and the club temperatures and upper 50s recent warming in the afternoon forecasting more sunshine today and all have warmer temperatures. oakland 6684 any action 64 hyde daly city. is to take a look at a wider view still dealing with a lot of rain right now across the state even some snow showers and the sierra nevada. and not of the was just yet in just looking at a organized system heading in our direction. and will bring some rain perhaps even some thunderstorms and to tomorrow. and the morning commute will be just fine and not just of the afternoon will we see is some activity. ellen o'clock was a cloudy conditions. let's take a look into motion. about 3:00 slightly developing in the north bay and the state. our best advice is to leave work
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early to can because we had a o'clock hour we're talking about widespread light rain fell really picked up in intensity. and all the hard this evening arrive home. certainly be prepared for that. when this is also done arts is pitting a quarter to half inch for most of us and for higher elevations in the north bay. i maintain driving conditions and to weekend is slight chance of pop up showers ahead in early next week. time right now some 45 on the traffic with robin >> : slow traffic in san francisco. you're right westbound has not been out yet its tax cuts on your back up in the maze on to all approaches a 8580 westbound 80. and now from the states all across the upper deck. out toward the central freeway. across the golden gate seuss has no problems throughout the morning commute so far alicea to say is that way the roads are still little bit what out there take easy it can easily spend up no major problems across band. it is packed south won a one coming out of nevada heading up the central center felt
7:46 am
free to commit here was down five theater consider fell bridge toll plaza. and so pretty congested road around castro all it to the pace elizabeth spent and will be stop and go all the way up toward high won a one. tension over traffic maps so tracking a crash not hot spot. very minor. on the shoulder and backing up traffic west 580 and is even see if it has more calling out at the approach and a backup ally of stopping the traffic for you back to tell all the way into the maze. now comes the south bay so far to 80 step back in the northbound direction from what a bit parkway and this is with you all like to cupertino of highway 85. the morning garry survive the storm >> : he looked up and not less
7:47 am
that the previous ones sent here. we're really worry about this game this week with the forty-niners raiders whole scene is set as a link to get out hands >> : i mean as been more than three years both teams coming off me leading losses and big rivalry and all the violence that happens and the fans in south before. and they're getting ready to be tense >> : and top defense aspin so much talk about this. since the exhibition game two years ago. obviously the police officers on high alert. think sometimes went out on the fields raiders justin touch saying it's gonna be a bloodbath. but
7:48 am
could be the raiders against the cold wind but they haven't won one. >> : we'll find out how much left for a hard loss of and the players care all >> : in the 49 pairs figure by eight sons about right >> : to have a car tossed off every day as soon as michigan fires their head coach. the harbaugh goes and goes the jets >> : and whitaker goes across to the raiders >> : cabinet said yesterday i listened any of it >> : in a letter how much you saw espn did a deal last night on capper next the your press conference. he must've been chatting with warsaw about putting an interview.
7:49 am
>> : sometimes we all feel like talking to we don't. when you do it and answers are the short predetermined and a be a trick knee length >> : getting ready for the new orleans pelican's but still stuck in a moment. of the last one with the magic two seconds left with pointers he's watched this clip 40 times since tuesday night >> : kylix looking at himself. but here's the cool thing at all feel like it's like that. more like i like seeing the different angles and the players how they react the fans and reliving it amazing moment. but whats on the lions' 11:00 news less 93 * >> : taken enough of a video of
7:50 am
he and his wife >> : and his wife and baby in the back. >> : music playing >> : has come off like what meat she wanted to be when they
7:51 am
were dating cannot west and said the get man not sure where her dreams our goals are right now. original issue one of the act and hollywood dancing >> : of the adorable >>:reporter doesn't hear him more >> : i don't know who the other guy thought as a player friends something >> : maybe high caught a bodyguard >> : will look josh if outfielder has a weakness for careless whisper and is here. apparently if you really want to talk about making a deal to bring out what went winch nice
7:52 am
>> : if the leap boggler country breakfast. >> : reelecting no. 16 so red to me >> : that's good research and your part >> : of india ever went out telling would of come in handy yesterday >> : some of his days with is a long. the girls dolled send moss something go out and not over no plans >> : on the and the world comes. nor about the lunch but we're looking at a beard >> : is taking over. when you
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live in san jose popular was camped in the jungle coming up what happens to those moving out today >> : only in kron for a driver brought to when i trefoil's on her i see the. muir to the bay area nationwide protests in another case of a police officer killing and on >> :
8:00 am
the sleep better morning so some rainshowers and more away. but the forecast when definitely ties to tenses than zero weeks a sister >> : what with a few areas the sprinkles right now nothing too intense for centerville area. then you need these jewish of lepers along highway 101 as a take a look at the peninsula looks like we did have moister offshore and the mainland and the daly city affecting arrive on interstate 280 and still contending with a few showers on in pleasanton for 58680. areas where pavement and when a man of '50s. because of dealing with on an dry mild conditions in the mid to
8:01 am
upper 50s and 60s. >> : the analysis of having our direction organized could bring thunderstorms full details on that scheduled coming up the next report >> : a major hot spots out there right now but there is a lot of slow traffic less often the east bay earlier crash on highway 24 on mafia side of west on 24 daughter of the way back up traffic on to sell 680 tickle the censors here and back up to one accrete pleasant hill molly back to the city of concord. out toward the 242 split. then easy ride to get the city. here's another commute is pretty slow by this 580. and then it's still slow no longer backed up by a trustee for the old mark. a seed in the livermore. a consoling the dublin. for the 5 a 680 split. another couple problems in the east bay 4 oakland 580 west coolidge and the crash shopping about away. one in the maze of the west at 90. to look at the
8:02 am
center is backed up all away and to san leandro. then looking for alternate and that's where the help because this also slows out of san leandro to 38 the downtown oakland. then one for the petaluma northbound in the third trade in the crash washable plates of the off ramp putting more pressure on north on commute. and all across the cemetery bridge and was see over 1 01 to stop and go all the way out towards also francisco >> : now happening today people living in south bay, known as the jungle. had to move out today and could be arrested >> : like falling live >> : currently senegalese one c r us this morning they're here to help facilitate the process behind me the process moving out there greeted by a few dozen homeless advocates as against your protesting against on the two week effort to close on the trouble and that's how it ended up. in the kron 4:00
8:03 am
in south san jose police bring up barricades etc. in this day has been coming for a while. city officials call this can unsay unsanitary and sits along coyote creek which connects san francisco bay and officials are concerned about the human waste and other debris that lines up in the water. city gauge 672 our notices to the camp earlier this week and to address so need to leave today >> : which are the people noplace stable stay healthy living environment >> : able to accommodate and working with everyone who's worked with us >> : working in the city county. as a long waiting lists people choose to come here >> :
8:04 am
long neck officials plan on to install what is essentially the main entrance at center route 9 a 3 x and involving a tree falling on a moving car in pacifica. >> : the stop the only thing in the ground at the pine tree came crashing at only in the street but on two s u b as well. a pine tree being lifted from the land rover more than an hour after it came crashing down. i was right and on the screen that she came down. crews spent much of wednesday afternoon cleaning the mess up acid belongs to a woman named cynthia and tells us she was heading to a hair salon appointments just before 2:00 p.m. pacific up. new line in such as water at 30 mi. an hour on the barbel
8:05 am
part in the tree began to fall. i did react able to swear but then as it happens is really scary almost like slow motion. the could hear glass breaking and the tree coming down >> : she is only person inside the sec. i just finished a car pool involved and says usually her 13 year-old daughter would be sitting in the sea. >> : then stopped and able to crawl out >> : i come open my door was stop >> : happy i didn't get hurt and my kid was in the car. the weight of all this debris see right here just sitting on that land rover. thankfully cynthia was not hurt. and then witnesses i talked with wind gusts from 2:00 likely around 50 mi. an hour >> :
8:06 am
chronicle carols from the bay area semipro oak tree came crashing down costs nelson rd. average in heating oil month-long of utility poles. and here's some pictures coming up on the kron 4 story remote shots coming from simpson's per cent belmont. any pictures of storms in the aftermath of salmon in the breaking news and kron-4- dot-com be part of our coverage >> : so that on the kron 4 more news in see the get sick what vaccines less effective this year to nine gas prices keep going down but really a $99 when we can we get that to women publicly sharing accusations end to a list of women who say
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to meet san francisco slight improvement so far no longer backed up 58024 but still packed westbound 80 coming out of town all berkeley and refill all up to the bay bridge the crash is still tell is good news 25 minutes
8:10 am
for your average drive time to downtown san francisco cleared of remonstrate 49 is sfo not the only saucepot will have more heavy traffic out there and i quick check coming up a bit. thank you watching wall street here and chopped industrial average and the biggest drop in nearly two months now you points and 17,00832. happening today workers in fast-food airline industry's protesting against the country calling for partial minimum wage. and processing more than zero hundred 50 cities are porkers baggage handlers air and will be protesting nine cities is want to see the official minimum wage increase from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour >> : where was this oklahoma city and aaa reports the average price and the country for a gallon of the
8:11 am
airline now to 44 and missouri 199 at this one particular station. now in san francisco are number still down. well below what we have been paying for the rest the country new line 7 cisco 3018333 putting us on average 330 down >> : right now hiding out there had miss showers will rein in pleasanton down toward the snow gravesend the portions a 80 milpitas >> : details what this means for when we return >> : a remote that lives on your phone.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
, backtracking the aftermath of the big storm from yesterday north a hit hard kron 4 jackie live this morning >> : to morning at that marketwide mill valley things are much better today than it were yesterday starting see high tides watter increase out here is the conceit no rain right this second and 1050 minutes ago nice big blue through and then a little better rain not that much obviously the bigger seen it was yesterday in the entire area by about 3 ft. of water. high tide still an hour away in and you are starting to see the water rise out here in fact not out here about an hour this walkway see here. completely
8:15 am
dry a see the water is already certain to come up whenever you get those tight ties an exasperated by the fact increased our of maine's rainfall. and my entering the situation some dark clouds hang my way does look like the rain over just quite yet >> : a mill valley heavy and two dozen homes in some parking lots also brought down trees and tracking showers moving to this more and more rain on the way tomorrow >> : with all that organized frontal sedan widespread rain in the area >> : and thunderstorms and that's on tap for friday afternoon the evening commute. however now dealing with a few pockets center fell under the gun for a while. but rain high with 37 american canyon and center fell bridge sudden see in daly
8:16 am
city pacifica and parts of interstate 280 right around sfo. a cyclist of dealing with just a few raindrops and only the use your windshield wipers for a livermore a doublet and change. and just a little better rain up there again. and the concern yourselves with a few bricks the sun shine right around the bay bridge. san francisco dons south bay and organized activity. the 57 for concord 59 for san francisco. and very mild and this is all a cloud cover above. more rain on the way in frontal system though bring organized band to that area is more >> : in the morning wise and just by not talking with the showers >> : and a hit what happened the three clocklike recent bus of the golden gate bridge out toward any of claremore. to bring my best devices and a look at what happens will be on that evening >> :
8:17 am
and that is all said and done not only talking about possibility of thunderstorms could see between a quarter to half inch of rain for the north of us. the higher elevations with an inch and a higher elevation beckham forecast and the weekend and the = but slight chance of the golden gate bridge early next week. and in a model a shows more weather in the forecast by the end of the workweek. time right now 817 years robin >> : if you are in an area still showing you. the offer hit the putt left and lepers and a lot of folks for get and the wipers are on the headlights must be on that is a lot. skinning a bit better at the toll plaza at the and services go because no longer backed up 580 budget coming down westbound stopping got to know through the maze all help to pay gets. elizabeth remonstrate and no crashes were stalled on the bridge to add to that back up when no one looks
8:18 am
good to me both directions. in and out of san francisco the drive time from the bridge center fell and less than 15 minutes and back up your approaching castro to the toll plaza loosens up on the span no mold typical for a o'clock hour. moving over the traffic map look up when no one. if the tx you out a south san jose and plots of. it is packed. crash northbound a data the way. all its apollo top and we get up to a peninsula. and out of the month. sematech also said francisco finally clears up the red for candlestick. the assistance of cisco more traffic to the lower deck of the bay bridge starts north of candlestick to the skyway on to the entrance of the bridge. 23 minutes from candlestick heading out toward the first three no major house was there as a wet watchers see what back
8:19 am
to you >> : flex and not as effective as say that has been in years past. according to the cdc and they look at how the current viruses mutate and say that makes this year's vaccine must effective the virus samples from october 1st november 22nd show 48 percent match current influence of strain in this year's vaccine. 52 percent different in the kiddie mutation sec recommends to get vaccinated and still decrease severity ever see in the best of my turn another possible little patient american health care worker and the expos to a virus and north africa. comes after the the center of disease and in every pot after two dozen u.s. hospitals >> : and retreated the first two cases here in the u.s. so
8:20 am
far this sex successfully treated for eight possible patients. it area health care workers on how to safety and handling a lot out break has now killed 6000 people worldwide medical professionals brief on the current situation and safe place to work with people patients and our workshops with restrictions required >> : reviews your response ruble crisis is approved soon $400 $55,000 >> : yearly $27,000 to care for the dog nursing attendant that is affected of the city officials resisted about the cost and pitcher eric thompson committed to texas health hospital in september died a week later and two nurses out of infected will since recovered and the depressing health services has incurred a total 1.2 8
8:21 am
million in costs >> : the women now coming forward speaking out against actor comedian bill cosby saying he raped them to of the women publicly revealing his accusations for the first time ever alongside attorney at gloria. third one has spoken and told a story to the national enquirer 2005 submitted to a lie-detector test. enquire never published hurt its review, denied ever of molesting women >> : there said that this is all happens after she broke off the affair of cutting and surf it's the truth. has lie-detector test and have since 1984 but this recovery in york city had the
8:22 am
opportunity not only meet him also enter into relationships with him >> : with that time head what direction trip entails. at one. she was drugged at full got always clear and had sexual abuse turf very similar descriptions of a dozen other women had said happen to them years ago caused the never spoken out through his attorney is in all these years has continued to deny allegations still ahead on morning news the grinch who stole christmas and one east bay neighborhood caught >> : a store coming up after the break >> : level here from your camera scattered showers sunshine. shut up from bay area this morning >> : (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate!
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8:25 am
this morning terrace was entering group video from a cut in which kept americans say his life is in danger >> : cut from that video now identified 33 year-old photojournalist with summer's taken off the street and in september 2013. local cut a figure
8:26 am
gives u.s. three days to meet its demands or they say summers will meet his inevitable fate. an op-ed leader also said people in washington know what those mansard and an for teenagers vandalize inflatable christmas decorations in antioch brentwood. happened over the weekend in a ticklish and surveillance video and helped saturday night. the four teenage boys have to confess and tipsters who came forward with surveillance video play a key role in tracking down those kids >> : and pictures of comedian tracy morgan rarely seen in public since the crash nearly killed him six months ago. after leading on a walker and managers is sidewalk and tells reporters he is still fighting every day to recover. several broken leg knows rib and traumatic brain injury in the crash and wal-mart
8:27 am
truckdriver that was also can list of friends james early this week morgan's lawyers have the claim that the wal-mart is selling in the safety practices police say the driver of the wal- mart truck that hit morgan the fall sit at the wheel. grand jury decided not to indict a police officer and as of now armed black when it inched waterline and seven cisco cannot survive the latest round as the conceive a huge sinkhole tell you how long the plant be here >> : be here >> :
8:28 am
hey,ow y do'? thiss wh it n belike to ha shil, it hur.
8:29 am
a paful,listing sh. thiss wh it n belike to ha shil, youad ccken pox, in 3eoplwill get shines itheilifetime. e shglesirus is a alrey inde you.h. e shglesash can st uto 3days. i sh that the wasomeingi could . lk tyouroctor or pharcistboutour risk.
8:30 am
also said by sources live pictures coming and mudslide riverside. for people new be rescued on flash floods earlier this morning >> : was check and with erica and see how things change your on the bay area today >> : helping flooding will be a concern today. hatteras' sprinkles and we've been dealing with shower activity in the bottle announcing any more. light rain approaching center fell on the mid peninsula sfo three down toward some detail and a few raindrops there. at the livermore valley the start to see if the light rain drops as well. and headlines show mild temperatures in the afternoon to see more sunshine and numbers are climbing. maine back in the forecast heading into tomorrow talking about the rain in to see some thunderstorms produce with
8:31 am
the system >> : dry weather into the weekend will rain returns next week full details on extended forecast seven there on the update coming up >> : head of to the south bay a crash in san jose no. 87 before the 280 split. out of the way not hotspot nothing of what their elected assessors is solid from 85 always a high won a 1101 and that's no fun gen daughter cells san jose oliva polos tell. 85 also hentoff writes from guadalupe parkway and pockets all the way up toward 237 on view. tracking right across the bay a westbound 92 still very happy coming out of pay were crossing the bridge all the way in the foster city won a one between the drive time. dumbarton bridge also better arrive for westbound little heavy for mid span and a menlo park. oslo's 92 looking for alternate. in checking your commit for san fransico to the northbound.
8:32 am
since the back about daly city goes to the 101 split and then picks up self to 80 leading daily city it is jammed all along the peninsula into the hill without any major crashes installs. new line another busy for cruise specialist 7 cisco with a huge sinkhole opened up on lake st. sixth avenue. goodwill is latest >> : crews will be here for the x for five days because they have their work cut out this yoga the simplest 20 by 20 and we learn with going to live with the estimate up barricades of this intersection. simply to dangers for letting anyone walk by and have to replace the pipes and was there before 1906 earthquake because of all the rain fall and just gave out finely the water line break also happened in july that's why cause all this mess out crews will be here off and on for the next couple days
8:33 am
i say off and on several departments in charge of all this >> : joining me now again sue you were in your house tells what happens >> : before 8:00 the someone was buzzing relentlessly on our door and then told us there are the cynical growing. and our car was parked right there by the tree and then read by this side of the crosswalk. i do believe the until i ran out. as a pretty big sinkhole this said get out. so i did how close was a car as far as feet to the cynical. >> : easily 15 ft. >> : is really close had you not watch what you're doing could easily have had some of your car in the six old- line they're directing me so they said just back up carefully and then it was scary unreel. was watter
8:34 am
service utilities at a place affected >> : will on the next lot is still have electricity watter kind of coming out very so we're careful not drinking at >> : the bricks of that to get inside >> : the see it grow at the outset today >> : came earlier in the afternoon cannot sense of kron not so sure none it was big. has to travel to your house 11 go area around it >> : how does it work driving around kindest thing circus is in its fiscal round sections don't tighten. as cars that travel all way through every hour and not as bad as it could of been.
8:35 am
and still sending people don a message and then one get it done as quickly as possible before next round of storms should have early next week >> : breaking news getting reports of police officer has been hurt in some sort of the incident in san leandro and we do now minute county firefighters are responding cell manager police said the staging area for reporters and will give a brief, what happened and a crew on the way more information has along to you >> : now from developing stories out of new york for the second time in two weeks grand jury has decided not to indict all white police officer who is liable in the death of a black man. you remember the first is ferguson missouri and new york in july. erik gunnar was put in a chokehold by near city police officer trying to wrest him vh local gardens nypd policy under was illegally selling cigarettes. medical examiner
8:36 am
ruled homicide adults the search assistance and ever his intention to harm anyone and that is not enough though for garner's widow. >> : time for morse the london time for in the show, livermore's done ensure rule in nationwide protests including this one south of those people in times square. and more than 60 arrests suggests the department now investing understaffed to see if there were any several lights violations. an oakland a protest efforts tonight in connection with a choke hold. and here's a video from the decision last-half of their partnership with abc seven news caught caught >> : people resonate for looting. a test in san francisco and the market power street demonstrators temporarily
8:37 am
cause bus service in the area be rerouted and service back to normal by 11:00 last night. protestors demonstrated all of the. the got high 1 01 between bart berkeley and o'clock last night the scene from video posted online. chilling traffic problems please to demonstrators off the freeway boat in its letter >> : and police chief in south carolina has been charged with murder in the 2011 shooting of a not armed black man bernard confronted the police chief about to get deleted for broken taillight. the get into an argument pushing a shot between the chest try to drive away and the office original vehicle ran jury indicted the police chiefs earlier this morning when day after york rangers refused to indict the officers the choke hold. girls and shooting person missouri of michael brown the vote and then in a place of discern south carolina
8:38 am
this morning >> : for niners play the raiders this weekend if you order the game expect to see a lot more police to see what's coming up the peace and once the committee except hard police in the sky >> :
8:39 am
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time and run for the morning our time after and the swatches will carry up for you live as con 4 more news on at 10:00 a.m. 841 much more ahead on morning news. continue our look at whether traffic in a much better day taking live look below some sunshine there at the south anchorage of the golden gate bridge will be right back. >> : (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs
8:42 am
original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. and, we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, prescription drug coverage, plus free memberships at participating gyms. now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting.
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8:44 am
a 43 the time in seeing things are shaping up all the sunshine on the bay right now. >> : some of showers and it now. some tracker shows just a few light rain drops and center felt pretty much for all the activities in this morning. and as across the golden gate bridge to sell francisco been under most a track conditions like right now at sfo. and looks at the southwesterly direction. at looks like all had into oakland we could see if you were showers along the creek is a few raindrops right now as we drive i nor until the more. >> : temperatures right now make
8:45 am
up for fifties and have more fun try and today's forecast what that means is warmer temperatures have vallejo mid-60's pleasanton livermore 64 year high in daly city. all and all dry conditions and so unstable and a possibility for her miss showers and after an the chances diminished by letter on tonight i completely on the wouldst still dealing with water rain for much of the state right now we do have yet another system reorganize frontal band of software as we head into on afternoon and evening 8 us what you for your future cast. about 11:00 will still be tried warding to me it will be no problem whatsoever. kite conditions than then up the day. the cast by a clock petaluma santa rosa and far east of livermore. and you
8:46 am
want get back on the road heading earlier in some of the better as by 7:00 or looking widespread look a little heavier and were looking at the possibility for thunderstorms. people and system. order of an inch and a higher elevations north of the golden gate bridge and is ahead in early next week. >> : in time right now is 846 to throw its nine >> : slight improvement the bay bridge toll plaza thefts make that right and the san francisco is still solid side as unglues just a little bit there prehensile the screen overall left inside a metal fast-track plan yourself back up and the mason so crowded across the upper deck so those of the traveling and upper great the left-hand side traffic heading in san francisco free stop and go across the span heading down toward and no major problems
8:47 am
causing a slowdown richmond center fell bridge 580 still heavy approaching castro through the pain gets dozens of on the span and the the central plaza one of one of these plants in the center fell. the door the traffic map 5 day that's a bit better are go back up all the way into a tunnel another son of stars are at the top loath to berkeley emeryville and the mace a solid shot through the bay bridge toll plaza still slow in slight improvement but 37 minutes from tunnel heading out toward the city of oakland 24 heading out of for in the making toward oakland. it's back up on the minus side approach in the tunnel and see it through and through told officers san jose police department volunteer to robotic cameras part of a planned pilot program with three of the models of cameras clicking one that will be affecting glasses workable program in the tide of, they can manage the
8:48 am
impersonal and the structure. program also gives a part man not id on cost out that all police officers with cameras >> : controversial to will air a spacious office >> : discussions yesterday share spoke about the concerns over how the new drones will be used kron for his the reports >> : brand new drown you see here recently acquired salomon a county sheriff's office obese for use in several things however gregg says that one thing will be used for is no intention of its utilize these for surveillance purposes absolutely not. and the get on the record of the unveiling of one of two new unmanned aircraft systems. the two video of that quarter reuter to our 45 action >> : this is specifically for search and rescue and other critical events woot 11 us
8:49 am
and hurt people on treacherous terrain and have somewhat of a slippery slopes with instantly deploy a device like this and have them all minute and a an area are identified area under search >> : share says that the critics of the unmanned aircraft system want any illegal activity spotted by the drone and immiscible unrelated police activity to off-limits >> : now can do the says >> : the downgrade affects the should turn a blind her john's cosmetologists thousand dollars paid for are the budget for county office of: security and emergency services now share of has them to his was a closer to getting them an air >> : six months to get the certificate with to get our trading guessing six months to year >> : security will be beefed up for this weekend that of the bay and oakland on sunday when the raiders and forty- niners face-off an extra
8:50 am
uniformed police and number of undercover officers to join private security on hand for the game escalating violence. among the rival fans putting an end to the preseason meeting between the two teams and have met since the candlestick in 2011 and all this met 12 times in the rather season last time they met in 2011 by ansett couple shootings they're a bunch of fights and about 70 fans were ejected >> : harder for drivers who blocked traffic double parked their vehicles and congestion and pedestrians. police and public transportation by letting monitoring the area and contract problems from double parkers with most dangerous intersections like venice seven and a good students at city hall >> : house is set to vote on republican some response and
8:51 am
obama executive order on immigration. it won't undo it will just be mostly symbolic because it'll have an a real chance of having the senate which is a commercial by the democrats a under president obama ordered deportation of millions of illegal aliens was delayed >> : business school power jacket keep yourself in charge created by fashion designer tommy hilfiger. grins on line description that features a removable snowpacks charges of battery keep yourself clicking. n seller tells and it comes with >> : an wearing the glasses back enough now walk around with these panels under back who is >> : half the proceeds will go to charity >> : trojan batteries on you.
8:52 am
sele had winter wonderland in san francisco canyon scare square looks like the hon >> : we say floods in all the rain water that surrounds. expecting a big flood in this morning >> :
8:53 am
8:54 am
hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling...
8:55 am
awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. to union square saying goodbye to bulldozes cranes to get ready for the holidays mayor of the announced last night the city of various businesses a moratorium on construction at the special subway project. a chopper to the idea of a construction becoming is the second >> : like having more open space in line and flexible the
8:56 am
shoppers protestors going to union square >> : look inside the white house all done up for christmas. this year's theme children's winter wonderland. aggressions' paying attention to the families and the lighthouse highlights your features 26 trees christmas trees cutting official has christmas tree 80 ft. tall. and also attached a pound gingerbread house volunteers from 34 states washington d.c. how to decorate the house for the holidays 18 of those volunteers are for military families. as you know one tree families of two >> : this seems like all suffered few weeks, up for longer airline during the storm
8:57 am
yesterday viewers place used our coverage and sitting boaster's some of them he and so great video photos here's some of the flooding we saw in iran. what a mess it is still some in to us and have the time yesterday letting through and i can still sudden them the right news at kron-4-dot-com and sure than the easiest way is mobile app >> : and story alicea on from a survey of large tree falls on us to be the ninth tidewater coming on and, over 60
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>>mark: people living in the south bay, as a criminalist at the judge will have to move out to the order will be arrested. >> reporter: were to carry live the tear the past hour the cleanup crew the answers
9:02 am
of the homeless encampment the call of central balcony them the homeless encampment. is all happening while campers are in the process of moving out. but to what the people remain as of this morning the row work to find carmen housing was a very options. bad audio is that chilly damage to them by math in the can that there's also increase the position the people living down there and say for tours
9:03 am
in vietnam toward the flights but this peaceful and oil to gas another to could be added to. >> reporter: house monopolies the city is not only close in the camp will install fins a long story rolled and center that will rent for patrols as a place along coyote creek. the cleanup crews are ready going into work it could be a to the process but as you concede they're not missing any time started to get this pack cleaned up. >>darya: the store you see all kron 4 woman stopped in her track shoes and along and she fell right also are moving car and pacifica this the most of the clean up the mast the woman was the only one in the as to be at the time she is driving along and the more boulevard when
9:04 am
a tree came crashing down balmoral it was really scary is telex the motion i have a glass breaking and the tree coming down on me and i was able to crawl out of the back. i cannot open my door was stuck on cannot open it >>darya: that koresh and your daughter would normally be sitting she just got off because she would allow the part for she was done with the hair appointment everyone got ok chanting >>mark: and their frustration and the streets of new york's city wednesday it decided not to indict the weapons of sir in the so- called death of a black man. a couple weeks after a similar model rockets jim
9:05 am
costa have the latest on the president's promise to change the justice the >> reporter: president president obama waited just a few hours just the way in after the decision was announced not to indict new city police officer in the so-called death of eric garner. president obama-that is a problem when everyone in this country is not being treated justly a lot. >> reporter: the president tried to strike a balance recognizing the important work of the law enforcement wants sister in the justice system may change president obama i have to commit at the present united states to make sure that we have a country that everyone believes in the core principle that we are equal on the law >> reporter: the justice department is investigating
9:06 am
the garner case all eyes of the value the prosecutors will conduct an independent or fair at expedition investigation they're insisting the president cannot set a problem along i do hope that the palm of justice is american and opportunity to take this cancer and could offer was from answers to the nation's capital there was a different kind of as a process of the air-traffic is he giving is to get shot in the street as a giving is to get choked on video tape is inconvenient to have the best justice.
9:07 am
>>mark: task force will start working on monday that have less than 90 days is to the recommendation on how to adjust the placement in the communities >>darya: will have more on yesterday's storm the clinic continues along the bay area will take a look as a repair the damage and a live look now outside of the back of the bay bridge and a little slice of sky.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> erica: we are tracking your commute to the south bay that is on no. 85 ride around saratoga avenue they're blocking one lane the middle line to look at the center you're kron 4 the form of a park when it slows back down was to get to the cupertino side which is pretty normal it was they have all the way to montague all silent to 37 between early game in san sale yet drive times for was 92 has dropped across the san mateo bridge and down to 23 minutes from hayward to the 10 once went numb at the hot
9:11 am
spots or crashes a it is crawling south wall one out of navato. your loss of for one minute average drive times of high with 37 in the golden gate bridge toll plaza heading into san francisco. >>mark: they're working to clear the debris this and at bear creek from a saddles the gyre is dodging down trees and branches on the popular shortcut near the highway 35 intersection, you're looking at work was motioning that came crashing down against middlefield road >>darya: the road is closing march and from a slick finish the repair
9:12 am
>> erica: we're still dealing with the future to allow the bay area may or showers and to the afternoon will have a look that will return.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> reporter: what a difference 30 minutes late no delays here we have a lot of heavy traffic from castro and the sole cause of it as you work your way into the north bay if south that cst is a double the class of my 85 at saratoga avenue 1 landlocked is not really a hot spot and then after the crash there is more stop and go traffic into cupertino far toward mountain view is still packed heading south out of dublin a lot 586 '80s with there was another stretch of fremont site continuous of mount fallout to the of
9:16 am
mission boulevard south and as the wet roads up there >> erica: at a release and the field is getting a lot of it given sing a few had a list of showers. if you work your way into concord as of right now that's the extent of it. the southwestern into our area of rugged on to continue with a lingering showers and to the afternoon speaking of the afternoon more sunshine is expected to of the today will be a little bit warmer oakland 6866 the presents and 67 year high in sunnyvale the six is in downtown san francisco. here is a wider view of satellite and radar. >> erica: retracting something that recognize rain and thunderstorms was
9:17 am
as we headed to mar. among driver be just fine the level of what our most a cloud conditions but their five get out of work early if you can because as we pushing closer to the heart of the commute 7:00 friday evening maybe widespread line developed and that's when we're was increased the chance of thunderstorms. looking at or less what happens in into iran could be expected for the high elevation but dry weather to the weather had a loss bay as the answer early next week >> rob black: for reason the economic a lot of sense there is no esteem the official selling price to a
9:18 am
large firm did not want to lose market share you don't think of it that way if it as a big trouble will come out of the ground. the wax to give discounts for north america real thing to dollars and gas lands to dollars in some states is for a nice >>mark: that are filing going digital what took them so long? >> rob black: 1 the press organizations in the world teaching young women how to
9:19 am
become women men and go on to big business careers the on-line makes sense large cars and what good would i don't know where they are i can i get them so door to door then i went to stop doing that there are to produce local advertising will be sale things like you to give every one there down the bottom 70 melo watching and add an icon stop on my way home and pick up some cookies. jimmy is a concept i let the opposition >>mark: someday for year- round sale. >> rob black: companies like
9:20 am
facebook has that no way would paying taxes as low as 6% we need a flat out 25% in the business >> rob black: will bottom here they bring bodies and this for local restaurants with it when it comes time to tax it would tax a lot and that it santa would corp. says will look to livermore its balancing
9:21 am
that. more and more people i couldn't >> rob black: this 5000 stocks that is a great way to get in national exposure.
9:22 am
unit one stock. >>mark: 3 have a question for him also on the face a will as on there will be right back. ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
♪ >>darya: december and the fleas as a staging area the reporter and will continue to follow that story. kron 4 cameras all over the bay during the storm yesterday when the rain was falling and west out of an of began as a 7 ft. oak tree that had to be chopped up and came crashing down across middlefield road and it to down cable and phone lines as well as a utility pole southern california also got
9:26 am
hammered by the storm is a to treated out this morning and as you've been stuck in a mud slide is there a 14 people had to be rescued from the vehicle because the flash flooding there early this morning. >>mark: and aleksei not as effective as a year passed the flu vaccine. as mutated making this year's vaccine less affected. said the sec from october 1st of november to settle a 40% less in this year's vaccine that has a guest and. 52 the son of the samples in this election getting vaccinated still ahead bay area blocking traffic as we drive out to people nationwide against
9:27 am
the ruling out of new york city. >> reporter: heavy rain might be over but there's still some repairs and planning of the need to be done as it seemed they are fixing a sinkhole and sentences of coming up will tell you how long the target was a. >>mark: alive look at the flooding here is one on one avram and sitting we are approaching floating around the immediate parts of the bay
9:28 am
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kohl's. >>darya: the tech a peek at star tracker for the rial looking live now is that it's ours around busting out to try to drag out a loss be allowed to stay dry. >> erica: it will be a passing it amid showers tomorrow i am a little worried about the evening commute home where looking
9:30 am
at thunderstorms the sea in a dismal quarter to half an inch of rain for most of us. we're not out of the was just get we have more unsettled weather again as early next week. the rain and now is most in the north may unsettle fell to a high wall one bill with a few of the livermore valley as a template after headlines mild temperatures will be a mix of tenants in the midst of the '60s >> reporter: will head office of the that is a hot spot and no. 85 in saratoga avenue for card that is a fuel spill in the emergency crews on the scene >>: 3 ride nine blocked that is what has caused a big backed up into san was led as look away at the sarasota is your seventh for
9:31 am
oakland san francisco you're packable 580 west in the northbound nimitz to take your pick. as a lot of his chapter come out of san leandro is an affront to 38 into a war in union city of glen to milpitas >>mark: we're watching the work will trend is live. >>will tran: you can blame on the rain literally because that 8 in. water line survive in 1906 but cannot survive guest today is started at around 24 hours ago and that it has gotten bigger than they had to bring some of the pavement to get to the pipes. they are going to be here for the next for five
9:32 am
days klan is something getting repaired at one. water service was interrupted with a lever to reroute the water is all the electricity. what is the problem is the traffic there at that intersection as lomas of the cars drive around this all happen because this data a little bit small and it grew and grew at they're having a multiple agencies come in that department of public works and after they are gonna have to call d p t. >>will tran: no one is disrupted they quickly jump all over it and no was injured that came out according to up one of the residence within 30 minutes after it opened up a little bent instead of so long was able to drive by it as it was growing a good nose again that it should be
9:33 am
cleared and time and done before the next heavy rain from the they expect to come over early next week. >>darya: the lead to a lot of new york for the second time into with the treasury has decided not to indict a white police officer who called the death of a black man is enough for us it was first in missouri and not at his new york and the like eric was put into a chokehold by a new york city police officer who was trying to arrest him for selling cigarettes illegally while the chokehold is not a legal it is against the police department's policies the medical examiner ruled garner's death as a homicide officer issued a statement saying it was never his intention to harm anyone alleged role as part nationwide protests including one involving thousands of people in new york times square adjutancy off overhead there were a more than 60 arrests. >>darya: and oakland there was a protest you receive
9:34 am
the video from helicopter partnership last at the march was more peaceful than the one for michael brown last week won the other 60 process of war rested many for vandalism and looting. their market and paul them shredded temporarily cause bus services to be rerouted by 11:00 last night protests also in palo alto that on high 101 and you're arrested mark rivera to before 10:00 last night for about 10 minutes and left to the video that was posted on the vine. >>mark: as in charge of murder in the 2011 shooting of the unarmed black man inside the cliches about a ticket and she received the police chief richard combs shot >>: twice in the chest the grand jury just indicting him this morning just one
9:35 am
day after the new york rangers refused to indict officer and the so-called death >>mark: san mateo fire chief under arrest and his wife had fled the country after being charged five as a scheme that led to him fraudulently obtaining of a $35,000 according to police the charge was is also grant that the 2 accounts of filing false tax returns show before the credit card is a false sense of false businesses if they use those credit card cafe business transactions sent hit a hill on a dollar fell his wife posted bail and now is a fugitive. >>darya: nasa's want to try get smart to get or wind spacecraft off the ground and a jacket that can not only power yourself from its high-fashion and high- priced >>darya: look at the gray clouds that do not want to leave had no san francisco the bill as a lid of by a
9:36 am
little bit of sunshine.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> reporter: saratoga avenue of the crash philae off to the shoulder and has three lanes of traffic blocked the consensus is that is still crawling in the northbound direction all the way out to candid avenue just creeping along tracking a lot of attention the good news is still looking good the cupertino reactivity is holding everyone back. a better knows the saratoga that is finally back open we have a traffic alert tree came down this morning in the 3:00 hour and into hours to get that shot up in clear to now we're back at the limit highway 9 and highway 35. >>darya: the spacecraft are on to try
9:40 am
again tomorrow with more on that was built to the reporter >> reporter: it has ended in disappointment after a series of delays the delays began early when a boat was in a danger zone it was too close to the launch pad then the when you consider conditions here are very windy the wind became a factor and then finally we thought the rocket was going to launch we thought he was going to lift off the discovered a problem with a valve on the rocket booster there on able to fix the problem and now they say there are going to try this again tomorrow at 7 of 5:00 a.m. eastern >>mark: aircraft and now for czars or double part will have more on that story coming of a live look into marin county on and off all morning is about 10 minutes
9:41 am
ago and is called in some localized defense.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> jackie sissel: they are taking the issue of including the rain jacket we just got a set of the blue overhead here lie in the and the person the right here at mill valley next a marin city of this a high tide area this caused the flooding started at 915 you conceded there's a path that you are looking at this is what in the like when i got here about two hours earlier this is will it look like a 7:00 and the next shot is what it looks like at endicott and it will in the strike at 9:00 yet to see how quickly the water
9:45 am
rose up and went across that half take a look at the st. you looking back toward the parking legacy out quickly this all happened out here. >> jame>> james: >> jackie sissel: >> jackie sissyou see that there are people walking they have closed the exit of it right now as far as i can seem you to see how that is the big question is the show is over and i have to get out and i'm not sure exactly which way i'm getting out of there because the water is pretty deep. >>mark: back for the great video and a time lapse.
9:46 am
>>darya: more pictures of the flooding and unsettle california that there should is wanted out about an hour ago that as the parking lot at from stadium as san the weate said as much as to what happened to the rain fell in areas of san diego to in just a few hours this morning to have their big down for we have the ties that caught >> erica: has been a second ride over to senator phil briggs--santa fe a bridge. you'll want to use a when shoppers coming out of high with 37 and investing working away over to the golden gate bridge. the subsidy in cities such doubts as a folk. rod
9:47 am
building with an unstable air mass will could see if you off and on showers throughout the day it the minister's letter on in the afternoon. speaking of the afternoon the mix of sun clouds and showers to images in the midst of the season of lent 6865 is set francisco of the '60s settle and later chose a said california is still double showers we are not done with it quite yet as we are tracking another system is pretty organized a frontal as we head into tomorrow afternoon that could bring significant rainfall nothing compared to yesterday but we could see a somewhat impressive amount. >> erica: most applauded conditions in the morning rise in jeopardy but as it glided into motions nos when he said by 3:00 in hopes it did on the road early enough because the seventh of the heart of the even drive how we are talking about widespread rain if the sea also have an inch of the
9:48 am
location of to and tired of. if the seven men from a forecast soft but whether it is backed another round as a dancer early next week a couple of strong systems if it in our direction to to get into the end of the work week. if >> reporter: for conditions continues to improve at the bay bridge toll plaza the allies are still on the traffic is spinning out there is no longer back as on 580 but it is slow on westbound aiding coming out to rid of. it's not as bad as we saw earlier. come from a 80 of a cross you're looking at 20 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco was slope this is not that bad to the golden gate that is the the ride of the lesson in all san francisco been trouble-free all morning and as such it will stay that way for now if you're headed to the rich in december fell breast if this-crowning this on the left-hand side maybe five
9:49 am
hours the. >> reporter: we had a hot spot in the south bend for the good news is out of the way blocking plans a chapter not your the billing with the activity is still back of this beyond the seven teams split a move well into cupertino and out toward mountain view it is better known on the backed up into some no still slow read a lot of to rid of and into the maze. >>mark: the city is cracking down on the drivers included commercial vehicles damaged the streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians is not have a monitoring the area with the chronic problems of parker's most the most days in the sexes are banned as avenue outside
9:50 am
of city hall. >>darya: a hospital in atlanta as monocyte another ebola patient. the news comes a day after the cdc now and every one of nearly three dozen u.s. hospitals designated for ebola treatment which it the first three cases this assistance treated for ebola patients >>darya: the coast city of dallas for about how the $55,000 medical nil $27,000 to care for the dog of the nurse who was infected with the virus they're released a statement about the cause that metal when thomas everett the dog and was admitted into texas health hospital in september he said about a week later and the nurses that protected him recovered they said 1.2 $8 million in calls for ebola.
9:51 am
>>darya: a free workshop the outbreak has now killed more than 6000 people mostly in west africa but the profession of of what's to be brief on a currency choice including what in fact is fiction. the workshop is free but they require you register it starts at 3:00 this afternoon. >>mark: the soul of our jaconet turns that are justified according to the on-line discussion the solar panels and a jacket removable and when they are on the can recharge herself from the version would 7 so the panel their removal of that the jacket off $599 tommy hilfiger says have little to charity. >>darya: in the to ridiculous it is ridiculous but you could talk intense
9:52 am
all day long will be right back with the kron 4 morning news will be continued.
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>>darya: places so services and silicon valley start a massive cleanup of the homeless encampment known as the deng go there were told to get out and they had to be out by today or that is the rest for trespassing. >>mark: at the tech crews of the friday to get the sicko fix is sent to cisco richmond district the sinkhole opened up yesterday morning due to heavy rainfall. the water main to blame. >>darya: sandcastle valley to alarm fires going on you to see smoke coming from house and several crews from the county out on the same rule concedes of that the store for you on our web site at kron 4 dot com an
9:56 am
hour later newscast here >>darya: the grants is to try to still prisoners 14 is a minister please vandalize the inflatable holiday decorations. there recall also lives video and as topless caught on as a saturday night live this is somebody goes up and/as frosty the snowman to other houses also hit the tin is was for raises the confessed and caught them with use of the surveillance tape >>mark: to scattered showers and a few down forcing out there right now as for tomorrow the rain will move in by friday evening and rain overnight and early saturday it will be better for the weekend are because this guy's the low to mid sixes and the return of rain chances were slight chances to especially in the north meant more ride on the way bill look out for scattered showers of the day to that.
9:57 am
music >>darya: warren christopher currie and his wife off on three legs video on the hit by drake that gives him a shot out he loves it and so does his wife--steph career >>mark: the war is on quite a roll right now there are claims republicans tonight >>darya: told the kron 4 block the they stay connected the best in switzer at our website at our mobile application that will see you here tomorrow.
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