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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 17, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>darya: to everybody loves a total this is the biggest loss apollo ever have been seen this happen and this is the rain started last week i don't think crime scene tape will keep kids away this is
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a high the water is going of halfway to the ties that is a big truck the damage is done it would allow homeowners are doing to grant in more damage. give me all the weather and a message from the kron 4 mobile application downloaded for free >>mark: this time the water main break is watermen have the last nine it was a fad
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last night sandal the waters down upholstery u.s. outside and saw and is started kicking off the instead calling 911 ride away the peak time was below for the water looked in the war from was able to come out here and less of a shutdown water and that the water seeps through none of the waters since into the home but did do a lot of damage vary
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and. >>mark: will live below 2009 oil prices down 50% over the last month real watching their russian ruble the dog dog in the to average the of 64 1/2 point coming up on the kron 4 morning news >>darya: things did he did in berkeley and rain here and more snow in the sierra led one to have a look at the weather that is happening in the mountain is a live shot of highway 267 nicosia slowed by their peers tried to get to follow.
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and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>mark: to the way police had a process they are expressing outrage in the bay area berkeley it was a packed auditorium are potestas and city councilman some members spoke about the meeting last night about the clashes during december 6th protest the and the grand jury decision not to indict a white officer in the shooting death of michael brown and unarmed black man protesters said police attack them in was that all was a peaceful protest.
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during over his tracks and jabs at people held across the we cannot back up. we do not understand why they were tear gassing people who tried to retreat. they're calling on a city council demonstrators also want to find ways for authorities to have a future protests better. >>darya: here is a live look at tile that looks like it's by the embassy suites this the weather is coming into what could be a nice holiday week for a lot the next week will be right back.
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>> james: at times passing on every side. across things and we want to focus and bear with me. we do we need to them perry are storm track for showing us like to moderates hours from first in the north they will go there and zone and we do have less showers falling near american canyon for the stretch of interstate 80 from the benicia bridge hobble up past fairfield and sacramento. will have all those one knows how can that the star of the air a little bit were not too concerned about that we have moderate showers just east of alameda. the rain is moving
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off into the east bay hills here will receive the rain and is was intense is still in the south bay evergreen he the see the band of heavy rain pushing off to the diablo range we're tracking that also fallen showers for the hills of southern peninsula and so we may have like showers on the peninsula side of san mateo that we read ride for you. it is a little bit dry year as a metal or to a high-rise in the peninsula you're ride to the showers. >> james: it is headed our way the time it was in the bay area close about 3:00 in the chain now we have spotty
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showers in a showers noontime by 57 the evening right there on the evening commute with a bill dealing with the way of a to clifford and oppressive forces of the peninsula and as we head toward the evening in the locker so it is a little more widespread in will be not on the rough roads maybe a few months hours but it will be an aspect of the judge right now in the low 50s should most of areas you see will be 51 to 56 degrees it will be a court day to day will continue with those cool temperatures tomorrow that will be a brief break. a related protest since the saturday and sunday and is the beginning of next week will be just fine your money
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as it does seem to track hot spots this month mostly in the east bay or interstate 680 in the ride south from dublin leading down to the goal toward fremont and milpitas is really jammed up this morning the sec alleged here at the traffic math and you see how slowly the traffic is moving there two separate accidents. >>george: the south lawn and garden is backing up the ride all well to the dublin and to change backing of the traffic through the castro valley for the west on 580 ride 880 a better choice to get into downtown oakland this morning rest of backed up on the upper and lower e sure freeway commuters the heavy ride into the macarthur maze and speaking of the maze took a look at is backed up here for the bay ridge westbound as bad
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liberalize just a little bit the upper deck is clear there was a stall in a very early morning hours and that this would backed us up. line for the golden gate ride it has been problem free so far this morning it is backing of the rise as a 580 to richmond in the westbound direction. >>darya: he had a gun license and was not on a security watch list and now the prime minister demanded to know why to collect some of the footage of flowers there were laid at the side by mourners on tuesday tommy avocets there's no doubt the system fell short his office announced the authorities will carry out and as a
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review as to what happened at the cafe and that one to determine and learn what happened then made a pledge at a news conference. i would not rest until i am confident that you are as safe as any government can possibly make you. >>darya: the conclusion of the review is due at the end of january he took 17 people hostage on monday in a cafe two hostages were killed and he was killed as well. if >>george farrell's havin >>mark: 142 people nearly all of them were children were killed. this also was shot to the body's cells were gunned down in the sea now teaches or burned alive
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the commanders thought the teller that a daylong battle in the attackers were dead they're releasing the american >>mark: the american official said the u.s. and you will the full diplomatic relations as part of the most for the comments island and decades
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>>darya: 14 fifth floor injured in severe turbulence tech a look at the pictures of the overhead bins and of the aisles tear typical of people never talk of brown's and four of the people or injured at to go to the hospital in this are not life-threatening they described san juan to got back on the ground. the plan is going up like this maze of miles this the worst i have ever seen 284 on the fly in there were headed to taxes. >> erica: the dogwood and rainfall we france and the past 48 hours from has san
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francisco mission district to concede the rain hitting the car that also enjoy a steady rain coming down to the salary as a hill just today assets consist of one woman says sea was digging a trench for a second time in just the past two weeks would love to see your photos and pictures of the rainy weather you have another opportunity to assure pictures that on this afternoon to shoot us an e- mail reckon news and kron 4 back, we'll be back with more news weather and traffic after the break. bulldog: [yawn]
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♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: what is the quickest way to ruin your holiday shopping fun. possibly forever if the senate sale would like to roberts and not be distracted in the alert that ban is are looking for free christmas goods in a thing of technical and hands on is a lot of tennis balls probably not the best christmas gift but it does not care about that. if that was the tennis ball as reynolds chooses by in
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america's car in the same view when i be a problem at all with the samoset please want to put to rest of out of sight and in the trunk or in this cover like this lady is doing the is at arise on like this is cnn no one anyone to see was in my truck. and by the way she left to return a shopping cart will lesser person in the front seat i know i'll get my purse >>stanley: purses in cards seem to be the norm, to say there is nothing in it but to be honest the crowd did not know that so who had a balance of people reckoned the vehicle distilling things will is easy to put the figure but i honestly if the fees for behaving badly if you give an opportunity there will not pass and of is not politics presence in it with their hands on a smart phones like this one
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left in the church and therefore for is to be a smart shopper and beliefs of visible even phone cords and one final keep in mind what is going on around you can sometimes ill bt's to be watching your every move so be alert. december sales stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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>>mark: this is some credit was senseless incident manassas it will is also when and traffic. >> james: take a quick look
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here at the when advisory in effect that this was on the fed is still known today and you might wake up to lake tahoe to resume their rom 35 to arrange nomex on friday or more would whether broadway that is will we can expect if you're heading out to the sierra is cyclical we're saying on storm track four will we will do is allow the larger perspective
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here on the radar. it is now widespread it is sort of hit or miss the system is track and the interstate 80 corridor toward fairfield martina's were since our falling right now in the hell the berkeley hills we have what whether working his way to the line of high with 24. as is like the maps we still have a moderate to heavy shells falling in the diablo range as the back of you see redwood city and you're ride along the could be what the committee on what turned you leave the
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light is flashing off into the bay toward hayward teflon they we did have showers fall on the coast but that's what that is we had a come on shore workers way up to the peninsula hills and now is impacting the redwood city it was from the air ride on a stem cell press a little wet as the head out toward hayward. as you head out to the peninsula you want to run into the showers here is a wider view you're looking at the showers out they're all back of. >> james: it would impact this letter on to that i will be back with a full report coming up at 745 to talk about the timing of what weather. >>george: slow that is the time it we're tracking a number of major delays where continuant have been blessed interstate six a year in the southbound direction for the right come down so low
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grain traffic backed early this morning with accidents most recent problem was a starter at the top of the grant that's why things are still jammed up and 880 the corridor could you extremely heavy out of san leandro through hayward and union city and new york in all it down for fremont all your problems was 580 in benedict most of all the lines around it did back of traffic through the castro valley authority sure freeway very heavy and accident was bomb at fitzgerald drive. that is another reason why the traffic is still slow along the east shore freeway where getting reports of flooding for the bayshore freeway in millbrae southbound 101 here at millbrae ave to look at the bridges for use the bay bridge ride jammed up into the macarthur maze the backed up even for the 880 approach continues to grow for 92 in the san mateo bridge. >>george: need to see the
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we're looking as local traffic this is well before the toll plaza that is why is a 26 minute and root time from a were over to senate sale the trip across the golden gate bridge perhaps dying out dissyllable the blue sky coming through in the north by perhaps the men wear on a to get a brief respite for your morning drive. >>mark: the democrats in san jose also took off power lines in a second live look at pg&e crews are on the cruise to the system that fits in the equipment appears to be holding up the po is along the 2100 block of near buena road there's water here from midnight last night. >> reporter: pressed into the car all mercy cruise for
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nine to zero the vehicle a man dead here at the same the san jose police traffic investigation conducted their investigation overnight is unclear what they call some to hit the power of all the have since cleared the same in order for them to do that already has set down and erato the commander to about 1:00 this afternoon. >>darya: a landslide hit a home and abroad as a leg and home owner had to get out this is video from our helicopter partnership ever
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on the look there has been getting hammered discuss it on the morning commute for work in school this in a class with a four hour period that more than 4 in. of rain and according to a milan water this should area has got to 21 in. of rain in the last 18 days despite the rain fall they're allergic to conserve water. please make sure the water supply we have can make it. >>darya: it is at the total to 7 in. of rain. >>mark: 3 of the drive years in history were on track now to set records for the wettest december ever 7 cisco has had more than a foot of rain since july 1st to open a san jose not far behind this point last year
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is still over 2 in. of rain in san francisco or oakland bill in half an inch in san jose and the rainfall totals the santa cisco are upset the seventh time a year were double if not more than double san jose -- landfall as well. officials are worried what all the rain people were having an excuse stopped serving water in the west and among the worst loss in history the chairwoman of the state to the rain makes people think the worst is over research assistant years for the job to take shade will likely take years to end with the sale today with whether dollars forecast in a letter in one place.
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>>mark: two weeks ago we were 10 points shy of 18,000 mark and then pulled all the way back now the dow up 76 to 17,00144.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections.
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that's bank of america.
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>> erica: is the fate of a bill that is sure to a viral at the back of my animals from the same difference serious injuries
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because inside video again and again will be back with more news weather and traffic in the world according to gary coming up after the break. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> james: raise is what we are san the north bay
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because line rep filled showers out just as the american came the showers are work and the direction of fairfield that's where we will be moving that is beside the map a touchdown to the east bay valley were looking at martinez concord that entire bid of six headed down toward the creek that man is on highway 4. but the glee right here in pittsburgh were seen in the east bay in the valley closer to the shoreline have moderate rain coming on trauma between harris and san leandro the sec a quick look at samples there about offensive and is for our that is a fairly decent rainfall rate marseilles' some heavy rains down in the area of peace is also the rain there, done a pretty healthy clip is under an inch from
7:47 am
our also seen some light to moderate showers. >> james: elsewhere in the south may not too much activity that is the rain at the moment there is more on the way to cash for more look for random scattered showers nothing really beg for unified by 3:00 will have some activity beginning to pick up and it's a little more widespread in and of bay in san francisco along the peninsula coastline the evening commute my bill would will for you will have more land pushing on through this is 11:00 p.m. of a '50s by letter on to that for
7:48 am
which data just-in-time for the weekend that is the weather not to traffic. >>george: we're track and more hot spots is not recover from early morning follows them really backed up the dollar had to change the issue of selective milk and interstate 80 as it was the maps up now with his you concede slow in both directions as a head to hayward and the ride leading up to 580 still backed up the castro valley and camille here on the upper east or freeway heavy as it is seen as a head was down earlier card problems some of the ride as you head down for the macarthur maze.
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>>darya: good morning that is a large head you have there. >> gary: you cannot be on tv then for android any type of success unless you have a large head. >>darya: i was on a lawful they did you miss me? >> gary: 1 that the new set and then that was enough you're not kill any thing >>darya: if you have had immense men you deny ms. >> gary: is my first not to say where where you and is it was something serious enough was a bar of the ill person of that. >>darya: i was morning the war years they lost the strike these things at me hard. >> gary: what they have to
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to one and brave. >>darya: the have the best record in the and i still love them. >> gary: you not have the were about he could be at a while >>darya: that one to another evaluation to than >> gary: granted the height of the game that one to tell lies all day long is that the is the morning ride up to the game time all these little things about the warriors everyone knows that are good now. >>darya: yes they do of the wrestlers--grizzlies test #one into in the nba record. >> gary: football's 16 daniel and basketball back to play again tomorrow night is not like the gut wrenching situation. >>darya: the end of the world for hard rock--
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harbaugh >> gary: is a daily, and they no matter how good you are or what ever you have to try and get along with people and it goes on both sides only person that does not have to get along with people is a guide or to take. >>darya: that's what they're talking about now the latest thing the doctor of the lots are up with the raiders and miami will they give her by to the level of all manager level he did not have the but as he could be the king. >> gary: came right down to a massive but how to send is in the right way i value of what he has done obviously as we are in the right to have control everything it
7:52 am
fears that may be too much for him. when you have to make sure everyone around the is comfortable >>darya: something on the surface i look at him and i look that davis's hair and i figure how they get along. >> gary: he has the boat cut. >>darya: and hard our pants --harbaugh >> gary: they're not want to go for big-name guy you have harbaugh one side of the game and whoever the 49ers issues will be very interested in sticks around >>darya: will have to finish talking about to the court about the bay area on the complete opposite tom pretty and who knows my husband who cannot throw the ball arkansas had the party mouth and now the little kids know is not his fault but nbc and cbs they should not.
7:53 am
>> gary: i like that thing when they blocked off. did you hear from fcc i did this story last night it makes me laugh easy to hit nine fcc get a complex on brady. >>darya: it is not his fault they said we're not choirboys if you need to use that word i would think if there's it might be appropriate. think about how many complaints i think tom should be allowed to use whatever level language he wants. do not put it on tv you someone have to control yourself >> gary: that stuff is a lot
7:54 am
for shell to look at how upset i am >>darya: times is not a word that catches it is so sweet to the opponents on the field and kept his mouth guard. >>darya: all i will see a letter >> gary: of that--ok (vo) nourished. rescued.
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>>mark: we have new so to talk about 10 in. fell as all valley that's out the news on the ground 24 hours is a blow for five into the snow for the base of 16 will be back with more news whether a chapter of the in just a minute. the
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>> reporter: and dell for get to get all the weather alert to download are free kron 4 mobile application. >> reporter: new this morning that american officials say u.s. and cuba will talk about normalise communications. the u.s. is even looking to open up and and and see an embassy and the bottom. havana... gross was arrested while the was working as a u.s. contractor. he was on the government played right now headed back to the u.s..
8:08 am
president obama will be giving a statement shortly after 9:00 this morning about the relations with cuba. >> reporter: with that range and check out was japan has. more than a thousand schools in the area of japan are currently canceled. we're take a look at scenes from tahoe and the fresh snow that they have there. berkeley is speaking out about the protesters of treatment.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news demonstrators are ex expressing outrage at the with the probe protests were handled by police. the meeting was in response to clashes on december 6th about the grand jury's decision not to indict officers and the shooting of michael brown. >>: doing over head strikes japs. jabs... i don't understand why police were tiered jobs putting tear gas on people that were trying
8:12 am
to retreat. >> reporter: residents are calling on the city council to addressed this racial profiling incident. and hoping that they can handle future protests on a better scale. >> reporter: full check of the forecasts right now and might be a little bit wetter for the evening commute them we first thought. that's coming up a few moments
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>> reporter: all come back to kron 4 morning news with the conditions in japan 24 in. of snow have passed in this last few hours more than 1000 schools have been cancelled and people are being told to stay in the homes. this is an video coming in from kirkwood ski resort. were watching the weather up in this the eros and we're seeing more rain on the way. >> reporter: mother talking
8:16 am
middle know them about to do it tom hall report. tahoe report... this is what we're expecting if you're headed up to talk call. there's a winter of advisory weather advisory and got nearly a foot of mount or more of snow. that's will receive out in the sierra. see with the rain is falling at the moment we have some light rain in a moment working its way through stinson beach and sausalito. other parts of the north bay american canyon are wet this morning
8:17 am
and a little bit of moderate rain is falling near american canyon. >> reporter: best some rain falling in the area of martinez. now the east bay shoreline we have rain falling over hayward in the slowly moving towards the oakland hills. we have moderate showers and new in new work and free my. is moving off and the direction of millepede the. we of light showers near cool person near cooperton >> reporter: with a whole lot more wet weather out
8:18 am
there. were getting this wraparound of fact that's why the showers keep coming at us more out of the east. wills looked for that one should start trailing into the bay area. is thinking now and 9:00 and hit bit these hit and miss showers closer to and will have more organize rain. around 3:00 p.m. will see some popple showers. and around 5:00 p.m. the clock is gonna move their rain right over the bay area. 7:00 p.m. were looking for a wide spread rain from that point. >> reporter: by 11:00 p.m. a gets a little bit more scattered. that's the latest
8:19 am
reading for today the temperatures are now in the 40's low 50s. later on this afternoon it will go into the upper 50s. the future outlook for the 7 day forecast this looks like it's gonna have a break thursday but more rain will begin friday. most of saturday sunday, monday and tuesday look good. >> reporter: were not looking at much element in the way of good news just yet where tracking hot spots continually. the other side as interstate 680 is a continuation of highway 84. leading from 680 in two historical novels niles
8:20 am
that's where charlie chaplin's set up his first studio. >> reporter: one-way traffic control on highway 84. this is and the same location and were shut down yesterday. rep the e sure feet freeway and were talking about trafficked because of the record of the earlier accident. interstate 880 westbound there's a new accident is still heavy from kano. all it to the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza worth looking at back up that reaches all the way back up to the carter ways
8:21 am
the drive time is currently 28 minutes. >> reporter: and for your trip to the richmond bridge was still backed up here on westbound 580 is a slow commute coming through richmond. >> reporter: on to the land is world news and australia with the man behind the deadly siege at the kathryn taft say there had a license for weapon. flowers are being laid by mourners. is no doubt that the system did fall short. the gun find out what lessons can be learned from the siege.
8:22 am
everyone of my fellow australians i will not rest until i am confident that you are safe and any that any government can possibly make you. >> reporter: her run monus took 17 people hostage monday to hostages were killed. >> reporter: glide is clyde is trying to help people and how others are trying to take advantage of this kind is.
8:23 am
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>> reporter: glide is handing out 3005 and a bag of groceries to needy families. they'll what they will to be doing this until 1130 or when their supplies run out. unfortunately there those who take advantage of those better try to help others. >> reporter: at first glance this and appears that the security guards are delivering can goods to this
8:26 am
church. but let's go back a few minutes. ec these cans were left on the side of the building because they were not wanted to. a lot of food was not wanted. so why would people get to get food for the navy if they're not really in need. the turning a program for the needy into a program for the greedy. >> reporter: the church located on rev. cecil williams way. as giving out grocery to people in need and that's a good thing. the the people get the food and quickly sell the contents of the back for about $5 and i know you're thinking taken as their bag in a can do
8:27 am
whatever they want. notice the lady was only a up the bag that was given by glide. notice the thereabout five bags there was people happening is people are getting in line multiple times to get free bags of food. >> reporter: so they can offload their ill-gotten gains and get back in line to do the same thing all over again. it gets worse the full will never make it to anyone snow table some land up in landfills. see the ladies by the gas gas cans they're tossing what they do not need. more food for the needy is now being thrown away. in san
8:28 am
francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> reporter: watch our holiday light special. with that james fletcher hosting our one-hour special. is this friday at 9:00 p.m. our one-hour holiday special. will be back
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> reporter: with continuing to follow developments this morning american officials say the
8:31 am
u.s. and cuba will start talks this will be is the most significant chef in cuban policy and years. shift.... it will make it legal to the we're looking forward to making illegal is illegal to import cuban cigars. all this happened after the president announced an agreement in the spy swaps. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence stores the u.s. will release three cubans that are in custody in exchange for one of ours from cuba >> reporter: thanks for waiting up with kron 4 news
8:32 am
were talking about more rain than the snarling the commute. more rain on top of last week's. >> reporter: where that areas like san rafael was pushing for just to the west of san rafael and tuck that entire stretch of 101 from navato down to 11 is in bed with moderate to heavy rain there. between american can in a court building is also impacting that area. we have some hot falling of what long highway 4 a few bits and pieces between concord.
8:33 am
we were tracking a moderate rain in hayward but looks like is moved off right now. it is still moving in an easterly direction it should be impacting fremont in a little bit. >> reporter: sours to the west and cooper bill and sunnyvale showers.... we expected to be with us most of the afternoon. we have late evening rain. that stay with us through the overnight hours. most of thursday should be dry. friday will receive another storm. friday will be the
8:34 am
last installment of another wet day. the satellite radar view shows all the instability offshore that is headed in our direction. >> reporter: tracking a mudslide right now on niles canyon road. at calaveras road. and 580-headed down into downtown oakland also had recurring problems and then the dick fitzgerald. is jammed down to the lower east your freeway. we're solidly black back up into the maze. san mateo bridge no relief yet. the golden
8:35 am
gate bridge is starting to slow up down to the toll plaza. >> reporter: a tree down on apartments in santa clara that happened yesterday. >> reporter: what supporting the street is the home and hasn't hit the ground completely. is actually being supported by the house. someone did hear the train and actually witnessed the tree falling down. this elizabeth and she was right across the street. i was going to get them to my car to do my errands and i looked of sudden and saw
8:36 am
the rumbling of the trade and announced thought somebody was up they're cutting the tree and before i knew it it wasn't the zone all my got all my guy there's nobody around for three and five minutes there was nobody around and i kept saying all my got all my god i have never seen anything like this it was like out of a movie or something. like someone was playing a trick. i went inside and got my camera got myself on and i started taking pictures where is everybody. i went into one place they cannot see the manager of someone but no one was there. then later there was a guy that came i
8:37 am
called 911 i went into my complex thinking that the manager of the here and but as far as i know no one was hurt. the guy was actually inside the didn't hear me >> reporter: i have to tell you there's a tree cutter here assessing the damage and says it could take told they to take this tree down. because this very close to the other apartment complex the rules are very shallow and with the combination of rain and wind we been having it finally brought down the street. >> reporter: the drought is well weakening a lot of trees in the bay area. you can download are free kron 4
8:38 am
mobile application for further affirmation. >> reporter: a man is in a hospital after being shot by a homeowner. >> reporter: investigators aren't continuing investigate an intruder that was shot by a home owner here venetia. according to initial reports around 4:00 a.m. this morning a man of appeared to be intoxicated broke into a back sliding glass door at 148 panorama drive. he broke through glass and he was accosted by the homeowner who fired a gun strike he in homeowners struck him wants. he was taken to the hospital was not life-threatening injuries. were also being told in maybe up a case of
8:39 am
mistaken address he may have thought he was going into another home. we do is see that the homeowner currently is not facing any charges. from the benicia police department. >> reporter: the warriors winning streak finally comes to an end. sony pictures is canceling the premier of the interview. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first chrisas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the mornin let me showou how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little bo ♪ this is your d in my hou, where he had his first christm. thanks for makg the coffee.
8:40 am
well look who's up i'm really glad you're here, m. me too. ♪ look who's here! hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa!
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ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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8:45 am
>>darya: with our focus on the weather and traffic again today with the rain i do not want to complain but i'm really good at it. >> james: there are some things to complain about yes of course we need the rain but sometimes we do not need it is quite as quickly in
8:46 am
the truck appeared to tie we have got that it runs off into businesses the dust in the ocean is too saturated the jet the rain is coming down too fast if you want to filter it down and was out of the drought we needed to come a little more stretch it out over time. but unfortunately when i went to have much of a break we have showers falling today nothing major but we do have pockets of moderate rain last to mendicancy you one up in center fell. impacting your night. >> james: moderate to heavy rainfall still track in the light towers, and on the junction as a slide over to the east bay valley it is criminal nicely is tevere over jerez seems to be moving off down there what looks like milpitas we have more moderate as a major way
8:47 am
down to the south they speaking of which the south bay is not too much near san jose as you look out here toward cupertino moderate in heavy rain begins to fall that part of the bay area seeing some decent like coming down at the moment that is, what we would expect all of a random showers will linger about the bay area for most of the day may be when i see any thing but they want is open up you get up for weeks and at whether still offshore take a look at the headlines in a morning showers with afternoon rain that even camilla's like it will be with the rest of the day looks fine in fighting storm no. 3. >> james: tears will be resting on a wider view. for his headed to the evening commute from a test for this updated in the last hour and is so much whether evening commute the we had early this morning is a good state-owned because reagan in the lettuce as the data comes and 9:00 a.m. status hours by noontime it is a little more organized by
8:48 am
three will start to see part of showers in the east bay in the north bay and then by five in the evening tech a look you're committed ride home from the site it will be widespread rain to watch the bay area and lasted until 7 blasting what the evening and overnight our 11:00 p.m. backing a little bit the still widespread scattered showers isn't until tomorrow morning will see a backed off a little bit bizarre to clear up. >> james: we are slowly warming up the centers that will be replaced by mid to upper 50s letter on this after knowing your extended forecast shows we have rain sticking with us sunny and beyond and is pretty good that is rapidly improving and drying out nicely after his death this year is a quick look at the snow that counts the report not that we have fresh powder on the ground to talk about where looking about 80 in. is great news 5 in. and for
8:49 am
sierra answerable to 40 in. this year tile--- >>george: we are still tracking the problem for the ride on highway 84 the mudslide now has closed down in both directions sea 81 when it introduced the one which traffic control that they might have to shut the roadway down you can i get from sun bowl out toward niles and then syrian city of the nimitz freeway rest of the end of castro valley hitting into san leandro because of much earlier recurring problems that has left the macarthur freeway and the nimitz freeway but exceedingly slow out of san leandro into downtown oakland in the upper east shore freeway still very heavy footnote that all the
8:50 am
way down to the macarthur maze the bay bridge is backed up solidly through the maze 28 + minute drive times come from the east shore freeway or from the macarthur maze free trip to the san mateo bridge look we're still jammed up no early break like we had yesterday for the westbound ride for the golden gate bridge still live traffic we're past the peak fairly early this morning now is where we would typically see the heavy a southbound slow and his getting into the mission ever is still a bit of a backup at the toll plaza in the fast track line and that the transfers and to some traffic from richmond the five it was bound. >>darya: taking a look at other developing news a better bridge warning and berkeley as many as 600 people that had a personal affirmation stolen the happen to the into the uc- berkeley server to have the land also security information and credit-card numbers current or former uc-berkeley police could be
8:51 am
impacted by this bridge that will discovered in september officials said it took until november to determine just what personal affirmation was stolen and to track down the addresses of those people who were affected. >>mark: in the wake of a major cyber tech of some pictures to cancel the new york premiere of the interview who was also for that attack are attacking. >>: reporter you on a to kill the leader of north korea? sony would not object if there does decide to pull it from the box office this reporter with the first will change to pull the plug from more than
8:52 am
270 theaters across more than 40 states. then more theaters canceling thursday's for mayor in new york even the film stars dropping out of all media this week the movie industry prompted by new threatening message fifth the message said so on all the world will see a worm awful movies on the pages and the same has made our world will be full of fear remember the 11th of september 2001 this is taking hacking a level that will never seen before
8:53 am
u.s. law enforcement and a strong suspicion is that the reclusive country is the instigator of the hack and possibly also said to look elsewhere as retaliation for the controversial film. >> reporter: it is a what is not something they're on to solve and a day. >> reporter: the dissent is the where we're talking turkey bacon beefsteak and even some of megalomania the
8:54 am
grand opening is expected early 2015 will be back with more news weather and traffic after the break. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta...
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>>mark: coming up at 9:00 the u.s. opening talks with cuba at the release of american prisoners just moments away to confirm the president's announcement about restoring relations with cuba for to people are arrested in connection with the deadly meningitis outbreak of 2012 details on the rest ahead >>stanley: coming up lead is the visible for crooks still a wasteland in the next edition of people behaving badly.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>darya: relative of the president as they live with tech as soon as it happens. >> erica: good morning they're there is a shower and storm track four pretty heavy rains leno over the richmond san rafael bridge units use a winch to wipers in the stacks of my rent also for 37 fortunes of some county there is a yellow or rainfall last of the strike
9:01 am
is out for the san ramon valley down and is out by heavy rain for cupertino sunnyvale also in keep in mind is continues to work its way east the sec a look at your head line you will see a few showers develop once again in the north bay as we get into this afternoon. >> erica: we do have another storm on the horizon this third system is going to bring someone as we headed to friday and early saturday morning we will see those rainfall totals increased as we head into the early part of the week and the high fences will build and it will maintain track of this is as yet into the christmas holiday for the silver on that coming up in 15 minutes. >>george: motherhouse was given track is niles canyon road i waited for a mudslide closed one line down in an entire roadway is now been reopened it is available to use to know and
9:02 am
is sitting >>mark: let's listen in. president obama-will begin to normalize alyssum between our two countries to these changes was sent to create more opportunities for the american and cuban people in the yen and a chapter among the nations of the americans did, that history between the united states and cuba i was born in 1961 just over two years after that to power in cuba and just a few months after which had overthrow reaching over the next several decades the relationship between our countries played out against the backed up of the cold war to amass a steadfast opposition to communist. we are separated by just over 90 mi. but year after year the economic they're harder to our two countries
9:03 am
meanwhile the cuban exile committee in united states made enormous contributions to our country and politics and business culture and sports like immigrants before cubans held remake america even as they felt a painful year and for land and family left behind. president obama-it was family and fall proudly the united states as a for democracy and human rights of cuba for this five decades we've done so primarily through policies that isolate the island preventing the most basic travel and commerce in america to enjoy in place else to go this policy has been rooted in the best of intentions no other nation joins us in opposing these things and has led little affect today cuba is still governed by castro's in the
9:04 am
communist party that came to power half a century ago neither the american nor cute and people are well served by rigid policy is rooted in events that took place before most of us were born consider that for more than 35 years we have had relations with china a far larger country also governed by communist party nearly two decades ago reestablish relations will be announced were we fought a war to play more americans than any cold war confrontation that is why when i came to office and from some example-- reexamine our cuba policy. president obama-these changes will cause reversal now seem obvious cuban- americans have been reunited with the families and are the best possible ambassadors for our values
9:05 am
and to visit say to the young generation of cuban- americans question the process there's more to keep cute clothes off from interconnect of wars. but i've been prepared to take additional steps for some time a major obstacle stood and arlen the wrongful imprisonment in cuba of u.s. citizen and u.s. a ids subcontractors alan gross for five years over many months of my mission is to hold discussions with the given government. they issued a personal appeal to make into a cute was president urging us to resolve alan's case as to adjust to the ancestors and the release of three cuban ages 11 jill the united states for over 15 years today allen returned home reunited with his family has at long last album was released by the cuban government on humanitarian grounds separately in
9:06 am
exchange for the cuban agents he was unable is one of the most intelligent a to the united states have ever had if you will. president obama-this man who sacrificed only a few provide america with the information that allowed us to rest the next four or two nations that included the man chance for to cuba today. this man is now on our shores safely carry it had recovered the two men who sacrificed for country i'm not taking steps to place the interests of the people of both countries at the heart of our policy. first i'm instructed secretary jerry timidly begin discussions with cuba to reestablish diplomatic relations that have been seven since january of 1961 going for the united states to reestablish an embassy in havana. a high-ranking officials will visit cuba.
9:07 am
where we can advance a shared interest will on issues like health migration, sears drug- trafficking and disaster response and it will sing the before christmas when our country before. it was a cuban who discovered the mosquitoes carry yellow fever his work helped walter reed fight it. cuba said hundreds of health-care workers after the fight ebola and i believe american and cuban health care workers should work side by side to stop the spread of this deadly disease. president obama-were we disagree will raise the difference is directly as we continue to do on issues related to democracy and human rights in cuba. but i believe we could do more to support the cuban people to promote our values to the engagements after all these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked. it
9:08 am
is time for a new approach. second i've instructed sensate to review cute is mentioned as a state terrorism. terrorism has changed in the last several decades at a time when we are focused on threats from outside of faisal a nation that these are conditions and renounces the use of terrorism should not face the sanction third. we are taking steps to increase travel commerce and the flow of information to and from cuba. this is fundamentally about freedom and openness and also expressed my belief and power of people engaged in. for the changes i am announcing today will be easy for americans to travel to cuba. and americans will be allowed to use american credit and debit cards on the island nobody represents a map of ride is better than the american people and i believe this contact altman do more to empower the cuban
9:09 am
people. president obama-missiles should be allowed to reach the cuban people where to live when increasing the amount of money that can be sent to cuba and removing limits on written to support the minister projects the cuban people and the emerging cuban private-sector i believe that america's the position of a foot at a disadvantage. is the four americans and for cubans so well for scilicet all threats transaction between united states and cuba u.s. financial institution will be allowed to open accounts at cuba financial institution will be easy for u.s. exporters to sell goods in cuba i believe the free flow of information from four sla are sections on cuba has an iq and access to technology that has an hour and a vigil around the globe. at what price increase telecommunications connection between
9:10 am
businesses will build to sell goods to a level cuba to communicate with united states these are the steps that i can take this president to change its policy. it is now qualified had legislation. these changes on fog i will engage in congress and ims and sears debate about lifting the embargo. president obama-as a last look of a to finalize the release and exchange of prisoners and to describe how we will move for. i made clear my strong belief that you decided constrained by restrictions on the citizens. in addition to the return of our gross and the release of our intelligence agent will welcome cuba's decision to release a substantial number of prisoners whose cases were directly raise with the cuban government by my team. i welcome to the decision to provide more access to internet for citizens and to continue increasing engagement with international institutions
9:11 am
like the nation's and the international committee of the lacrosse that for most numerous of volumes but i'm under no illusion about the to the various to freedom to remain for near cubans united states believed that no cubans to face harassment or arrest for beating seven because they exercise the a universal right to have their voices heard. and will continue to support the society walk you had made and reforms to present to over the accounting for the scenes of believe the workers should form unions or participate in the political press. president obama-it was sharply because what americans i do not expect the changes i am announcing today to bring about a transformation of cuban society overnight but i am convinced that door policy
9:12 am
of engagement which can more effectively stand for our values and help the cuban people themselves as they move into the to the first century. for those four poles to that are respected passion and their commitment to liberty and democracy. the question is how we oppose that commitment. i do not believe we can keep doing the same thing for over five decades and expect a different result moreover is now serving america's interest or the cuban people to try and push you to collapse even if that worked and has not for 50 years we know from hard on it spares the countries are more likely to enjoy the lasting transformation if the people are not subjected to chaos. recalling all cute with a list of potential of an 11 man cubans by ending unnecessary restrictions on political social and economic activity. in that
9:13 am
spirit was not allow u.s. sanctions in the burden of cuban citizens that we seek to help. to the cuban people america extends a hand of friendship so you have looked to us as a source of hope it will continue to shine a light of freedom of us have seen this as a former allies and intent on controlling future jose marti was said they're ready is the right of every man to be honest today my being eyes with you. president obama-in every race this year between as we believe you to be in power to live with dignity and self determination cubans have a saying about their life. it is not easy to the united states wants to be a partner and making the lives of ordinary cubans a little bit easier more free more prosperous to those who have supported these measures i
9:14 am
think it for gay partners and our efforts in particular i want to thank his holiness pope france's of more example shows us their support for some of the world as a should be rubble has sent unsettling for the world as it is. the government of canada with toasted our discussion with the cuban government and for new approaches to investing our interests and values in cuba finally our shift in policy toward cuba a renewed leadership in the americans this april we're prepared to have you would join other nations of the hemisphere and the summit of the americans were we will insist the civil society join us so the citizens not this latest are shaping our future and i call on all my fellow leaders to give meaning to the commitment to democracy and human rights at the heart of the inter- american let us leave behind
9:15 am
a legacy of both colonization incontinence and dictators and similar actions a future of greater peace security and democratic development is possible if we work together not to maintain power, but instead to invest the dreams of our citizens my fellow americans the city of miami on a to 1 mi. or so from the battle countless thousands of cubans have come to miami on plans to some little but the shower on the backs and open their hearts to the miami is often referred to as the capital of land american but is also are profoundly american sitting the play's the reminds us that ideas matter more than a car or skin or the circumstance or birth of a demonstration of what the cuban people could achieve
9:16 am
and the openness of the united states to the family to the south. president obama-said the heart and now lives in the nation's chain is even harder will be carried heavyweight and his strong shoulders but today we are making these changes because it is the right thing to do today america chooses to cut loose the shackles of the past and reach for a better future for the cuban people for the american people for the entire hemisphere and for the world thank you. god bless you and god bless the united states of the all- america. >>mark: united says melissa kimball for the first time in 50 years >>darya: will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:17 am
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>> erica: you notice a
9:22 am
little bit of ran around the bay area and resume and a we did have rain since the ride around san rafael with the has pushed is but as cost of such a center for a bridge and is affecting you're ride along i 80. flights are expected for no on highway 4. that will take it down to macarthur maze as well. heavy rain right now centered ride around american canyon wren fall about were meant for our son of the typing out for all the creek these hours continue to work the way east within the next 50 to 20 minutes you should have reined in your direction drive over san mattel red light gray rat not for the dumbarton. >> erica: few see heavy rain runoff for sunnyvale and cupertino los gatos residents test last 15 minutes this is what to work its way into north san jose milpitas and an immensely up toward balancing those world please keep in mind as we do have certain areas of
9:23 am
flooding and we continue to do mudslides if you're heading up to tile perhaps for a long weekend we have a was a weather advisory a snow level really dropping down to 4,000 ft. a six is 10 in. of fresh milk powder above 6,500 ft. we could see about a foot at the peak. it is a cry for interstate 80 and will continue for some of showers as it and to weaken this afternoon temperatures for the most are in the '50s livermore 5652 and apple 60 year high today in oakland and 57 for redwood city. >> erica: possibility of rain -- to get into tonight this is mainly for the north the bay it will set off into the overnight hours by thursday will maintain most of track conditions into frieder where talking about the possibility of showers that continue alter early saturday and it looks like beyond high pressure will build and as chief redrafted this is as yet into the christmas holiday the time right now is 93 years
9:24 am
traffic. >>george: as we are tracking problems on highway 92 and san mateo bridge we're looking at an accident in the westbound direction so traffic has been that appear and is almost come to a complete standstill at the toll plaza from time to time in fact is stopped there is much bigger than usual delays and was down 92 ride and the approach by the way is backed of all the way into a work and tracking their ride on highway 24 in the westbound direction there has been rockslide reported and memoranda about the rose have the rockslide itself is now blocking any lands caltrans is in the right-hand lane in that is one of the reasons why it is backing up the traffic through lafayette. and track in the ride and the sure from where we've seen some improvement for the was down 80 ride. >>george: felicia freeways
9:25 am
still flow from before the hoffmans trading down to the macarthur maze the bay bridge a four still is still badly backed up and solidly so the the macarthur maze so drive times are still well over 24 minutes and you're ride to the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound or past the peak year and is back to normal conditions headed to the richmond bridge and the ride on interstate 580 light enough now at the toll plaza but there's no longer any backups in the westbound direction come across the richmond on interstate 5 a. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night.
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>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly!
9:29 am
>>stanley: the stem cell as the caramelized opposite not be distracted in the alert and that is out looking for free christmas goods and it failed to get their hands on problem not the best christmas gift with the state does not care about that perry this was the tennis balls and revenues to the like in the back as the car plainview would not be a problem at all they want to put just a out of sight like in the trunk or is cover like this lady is going to double my skilled kids to see if a lot away issue lentils and a shopping cart with a surf perch in the front seat living person
9:30 am
karsten to be enormous and mattel the bird would not know something's in it still will be a valley when people read into big of instilling things? all this is the key is for being battling to be given roberts is it they would not pass them and is not how they presence is a thing that get their hands on like smart phones like this will left in a church van therefore tries to be a smart shopper. keep in mind was on around you because sometimes you need to use watching your every move to the dollar. >>mark: exports are concerned about water
9:31 am
consumption despite all the recent heavy rainfall and a series of car fires in san francisco overnight by the latest on the investigation.
9:32 am
9:33 am
>>darya: this is this any changes in the weather so far this morning. >> erica: we are dealing with developing showers they have moved lower back was zone and had less check we did see the light rent-a- center fell across in the restaurants and retail branch of the activity as into the to the east they expect rain like to moderate and state a 80 all adopted a macarthur maze this continues to work its way he's dry conditions right now over the san mateo bridge and i read a toll plaza as a tick a lot wider
9:34 am
view of the south bay village is a 10 zone where you are and although will catch a break for a couple of hours we do have more moisture offshore level was a weather advisory getting out the tall and all thoughts afternoon we do have on the leas as a fall >>george: you're forced to samoset resort west of denver for nearly a hayward on 92 headed over to interstate 80 our recent accident just as a toll plaza is a reason still so slow still slow traffic was down there delays on the
9:35 am
dumbarton bridge was found to our show you those in a moment or to look at the commune and what role is the right-hand lane that a shutdown we're at the dumbarton bridge and a stall for the westbound direction that is the reason the traffic is backed a fumble for the toll plaza for the west down 84 ride is a backed of into the macarthur maze. >>mark: a trickle on an apartment complex that china tear on how to clear it. >> reporter: this tree as it came down yesterday between one to 2:00 in the afternoon and made quite a noise according to neighbors
9:36 am
they heard it actually ripped out all the ground all when they were asked which is the tree falling settles on real experience to see that aslan timber over one of the tree cutters and a combination of sell rules it was the rain and wind that finally gave way and came tumbling down by a bit of damage at this point we see some of the branches they're not really touch on the ground in supporting this tree falling over completely is the actual hone the house as to come to into the entrance part of the home luckily no lighting was hurt when the streak came down.
9:37 am
>> reporter: the owners of the complex are born to this chart to try to clear it is the no. 1 to clear pretty soon because we do have another rainy day coming along according to the trip cover all your once wanted get rid of the tree >>darya: developing news and benicia a home on a shot an intruder. >> jackie sissel: investigators continue to investigate a case of an intruder being shot by a home owner here in benicia early this morning brought according to initial reports from the knees up with the garment kron 4 a.m. this morning and man who appears to be intoxicated road and through a back sliding glass
9:38 am
door once he broke the leg last apparently he was confronted by a home owner who had a gun that person was taken to a local hospital with what's been described as the non-life threatening injuries we're also being told that maybe a case of mistaken address the person who into the home may have thought he was going into another home right now we do know is the home owner is not facing any charges as we get more information on this is obviously what did you. >>mark: the shutdown because of the deadly accident >> reporter: hot the morning the driver crashed into it are all you the sea pg&e crews are on the scene as a
9:39 am
second life looked on a 2100 block of new it is installing a new poll this to say a man who was behind one of the 2006 ma's the grass as opposed to this when it is unclear will cause severe from the road in mercy crew for not the man did here at the same the san jose police traffic investigation unit conducted their invested over by pg&e on the same make all necessary repairs what they did that noble when rosa is closed is down from chisholm street and even boulevard that clause could last until 1:00 this afternoon. >>mark: will be right back in the kron 4 morning news continues
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>mark: it come soon and as night at 16 games as go to the game last night the
9:43 am
memphis grizzly's snap and golden state's mba by 68 when a st. 1 0598 victory over the warriors. then also the first time since november 11th and this to the first time in nba history they had a match of two teams of 19 more wins in the first 24 games this season will be right back with a final check of bay area weather and traffic.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> erica: where still do with a few showers take a look at storm track four keep in mind is continues to work is the east were rusting some light rain for highway 24 in the portions of highway 4 this will move
9:47 am
into what looked incompetent through san ramon and the next 50 to 20 minutes we do have some areas of three moderate rainfall acquired as for our that continues to work its way he's take a look at the south bay heavy rain ride now for most of san jose starting out forever green light rain developing in milpitas invested this will move closer answer immensely to of mountain we are dealing with if you're heading up to the sierra snow levels have dropped down to about 4,000 ft. and effective 12 this afternoon backing and bay area later on today tim just the most are in the fifties opened today in in high elf '60s. 57 for sunnyvale all the clothes to put on this morning you probably have to kick around as get into the
9:48 am
afternoon not only will it be cool is one to bring my rent to us so few castles into the 6:00 hour >> erica: lots of sunshine as we get into the weekend if the most are high pressure will build and that is on to ship the direction for storm track will maintain dry conditions >>george: some better news for the ride on 24 in the westbound direction because now the accident or mudslide is no longer block in the right line the caltrans crews are still at work there there is a delay come
9:49 am
out more in the for the was about ride with this is a visual has a otherwise that killed with the backed up on the dumbarton bridge west down because of a stall slow going from the toll plaza is still slower than usual ride here at the san mateo bridge for the westbound highway 92 of the acid is the reason why we did i get the early bird today that we did guest today for you're ride to the bay bridge westbound look at that solidly backed up into and through the macarthur maze number for you here you're to to the golden gate bridge problem free at the southbound direction of about as well but right now there are no delays as you head into the city from iran is heading into marin the less said the richmond bridge had a pretty nice finish >>darya: their new san
9:50 am
francisco police are investigating four car fires that all happen overnight >> reporter: firefighters said one of several torch you take a look the tow truck had shown up to take away this jeep technicals look at all the damage caused to this date yet to see for yourself that the damage is extensive right now i'm at the intersection of church and common in san francisco firefighter said they have gotten the call to this torched nickel around 4:00 this to the first call they responded to and then a couple minutes later there are other vehicles and never would one other location the seventh century firefighters and police and i sort of their connection mudguard of these vehicles that can examine them and see if there is any
9:51 am
connection to talk with some residents said they did not hear anything over nine >>mark: in the wake of the major cyber set to cancel the new york premiere of the interview their proms attack on people who will see the movie. >> reporter: he wants to interview a day skylark amid mounting from hackers the christmas release sony says it currently has no plans to pull this upcoming will be interviewed but now developing the critical to the situation sani would not
9:52 am
object if didnt decides to pull it from their box office is therefore led the first movie chain to pull the plug from them on a to run the seven it there's the cost more than 40 state them out there is also cancelling does this for mayor in new york even the pimp star dropping out of all media appearances this week this fear in the movie prompted by a new the fbi investigating in their promise this week the local
9:53 am
company is the instigator of back and possibly all sorts it to a group elsewhere for the cause or so from the fbi and scrubbing the computer system trying to gather enough evidence to build to the fairly with the finger at the hacking culprit is the complex investigation the most sophisticated hackers have got the multiple infrastructures to get to where they have had to is not something that's on is going to solve in a day or week or month. >>mark: will be right back
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>>darya: their vicissitudes average driver will spend a little more than $9,000 on gas next year as down to 20% from a year before its color to $45 in savings it month the last time dallas and then the law was 2004 average for regular gum of gas to 251 in san francisco is to 97. >>mark: it could be have a times is afternoon scattershot from our and friday is no light at in the tunnel will clear out and drive a bit on saturday but more so on monday the best extended model we are drive for all of next week renown you the second in the time with the kron 4 mobile
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