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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 19, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>> erica: beyond high pressure builds back into the forecast. was it-this is with the star trek pushed to the north and ride out this trend is toward dry conditions for christmas day. so it will the call for temperatures up into the upper 50s but that is will we let the physical to fill up the holiday that
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something will continue to mawson this focus on traffic around the area and would not have any problems for the bridges but keep in mind the rain started and we will see some areas of roadway flooding. the bay bridge toll plaza ride during all right at this time the meeting lesser of your driver is about 89 minutes from the mason into san francisco. >> erica: a wetback away as you take a ride on the golden gate bridge for the most part our net loss of highway 37 a live look at the san befell bridge but is not affecting a westbound truck. >> james: more on the sums coverage after last week's nine they're paying out tens of thousands of dollars to deal with storm damage. >> reporter: i'm thinking
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between both locations were proud about $80,000 in damage you heard that right? $80,000 of damage to one company that after last week's rain storms this drug is under 10 in. of water in a short period of time here as vanguard properties have been ripped out and walls patched up as the need deepwater last thursday. i came by and about 530 there would like 12th and then by 645 you cannot drive down the avenue in flooded all the way from the fire station to almost of maastricht. >> reporter: the full water is gone but more rain is on the way in that means business on this year and now keeping a close eye on the forecast. we keep looking the sea with the number is officials are not accepting any thing like the mess we saw last was the
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effect is a the rain this week and friday has been and will be part of a cold patch of storm and the snow for the sierra recommends up into two as perfect as what one does will we need to make sure we do not have a drought year next year highway one remain close and of directions. in its way into the soil dries out of it will likely be march or april before they go in and fix the problem. >> james: the diesel rose in the beach is now already badly in need for repair. is the only road against the terrell valley in falls we're kind of stuck the we have to go through the beach
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to get out of here. is pretty sketchy sec is well. >> james: you receive this video the valley road is suffering from erosion in several places third arab prisoners from iran tonic of the worst is a national parks are out the adjusting for assessing the the sort they're still seeking funding to fix this stretch of roadway another side effect of the recent rain rats are coming idahos and on how people in going into people's homes is not unusual to see this happen a record export with the close of moseley passed control says that it will go from places such as construction sites and head into neighborhoods. running around getting into your ducks and they want to get dry and not to move in with us and i'm here to stop them from doing that if you suspect a home has a rosa
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problem in a tussle this press' right away before it is our control making headlines we have is violence they are close to the public this weekend because of was water overflow park stefan overflow problem yesterday morning and some of the part will remain closed this weekend walk inside to adjust the problem overflows being rerouted in not in danger of falling into the bay. >> james: flaring at the chevron refinery. these are some of the dramatic pictures sent to us by yours the flames could be seen for miles this at 07 o'clock last night there was a problem in the d units in the refinery. the extended to a
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smokestack when there is a flare and the fire on the sao the bars of the excess chemicals is to make sure they do not know pressurize a unit the you know what to was for us to build up >> james: this would control bar and there was no danger to the public will take a quick break coming up how start a company is a police track down the burden was rain on the way to they will say what to expect for the rest of the rainy season and how people in the north they are planning four more possible flooding all of that possibility today will take a look of the story is a lot of the outside of the golden gate with early morning showers with heavier rain said for lead on this morning will be right back.
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>> james: police said the
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woman has been caught on to win the video runs arise in a company she and 11 computers from upstairs she has seven computers a month plus tablets the camera when i did find out who this woman is it was a screen shot of the to and the profile of all we do is find
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the best contractors and i feared it would use technology it has in some way to use technology to find someone >> reporter: the party and the rest wore off for four different kind but now she is wanted for these burglaries. >> james: the bay area expect to get for the said
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more rain and snow compared to normal years. >> erica: distant light rain i will be tracking the weather coming up.
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children have medicine women have a voice give different. christmas, valentine's day, hanukkah whatever you want give a family life it's more than a gift it's the best gift i ever gave. >> erica: right now is coming down pretty light. light rain coming down right not in the san ramon area.
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this is on to spread southward. let's of what will the advisory run once they go on to infect a 10:00 tonight and is up to 6 in. if you're heading in that direction we're talking what pretty windy conditions in looking to cash for as track the storm in the bay area for you by rainfall for in widespread rain link is the bay area and let will start
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at the driver braked at the golden gate bridge. and as i will also a few spotty showers by letter on tonight so and the site will be contended with rows for evening ride home care fell today getting high of 51 degrees in seven tear down the forecastles a few showers as against early saturday morning but beyond that now much line with high-pressure back in the picture to the sub would seem the sea temperatures climb because c & to develop the lynette's which we have looked at the extended models of the sun dry weather shuttled about christmas day of the timber jobs will start to cool will start we do have a few axes
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out there. a little wet at the london bridge to know as sister for a lot to the traffic map were seen as a lot of slow traffic approach approach to the dumbarton bridge where dylan would speed down to 45 mi. our >> james: we are tracking the storm that is in the bay area this morning to talk about this hour we can expect to that >> jackie sissel: there was
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a little rainfall in down here in downtown sausalito at the city ought to the wall one court or northbound and southbound it was raining pretty good enough to lie we're saying four people let me have a gun at my rent and two weeks rain jackets and may cover on the camera has not come off in a long time does not look like it's coming anytime today net delete what you have to is the umbrella the when it started to pick a little bit out here. perry >> james: to the tune in for a lead on that despite the series on written down for california's not all the
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wood and awareness of the drought. any rough sea level change of the house of ride to to live in this extreme drought the situation is serious in the flooding that shut the state early this year barely made a dent in that drought. >> james: businesses are gearing up for another rainstorm some merchants said there were probably get more back as the flood gates
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distant days of demonstrations publicly blaming north korea they're considering a rental out to the ministrations and several potential following steps at this disposal the u.s. could impose with economic sanctions on north korea including applying stricter restrictions to dollar-denominated trade that has to leave for communist countries to fuel food and weapons. to block the from and national is
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attack the demonstration of why would affect a guest around. into the ears to connect with beijing and despite its multiple u.s. businesses and government departments. and u.s. investigators a step the united states sucked the elite group of chinese hackers earlier this year
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will be less of three corporate man of the least 1800 soria scattered around aglow with. no career and not to topple the less was i ever tax of very dangerous >> james: 11 of this on both alive the outside the richness and fell bridge morton sellers but the letter on the one and you will keep an eye on that for you.
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>> james: the war is setup time that the down to a 14 point lead 1141 09 and scored 19 points for war warriors on the eyes met.
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minor league pitcher to the senate and a presence the 25 year-old to the 270 with 10 home runs and 55 yd line. and then have to dig and always catch up on all of the bay area of every sunday night at kron 4 sports mike lied >> james: the police is still cleaning up at the last week's rain and robin williams last major motion picture gets ready to hit there's + will recap the historic day on wall street.
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>> james: flaring at the chevron refinery because what the scare the communities surrounding that chevron refinery. the plans of visible for miles chevron says it will control burn and no was ever in any danger. the better they're expected if for some more rain and snow compared to normal years and less to storm a summit on a business odours not thing out tens of thousand dollars to build the damage the storm dumped as unattended to the water and sure appeared a time a to see in the video that water had nowhere to go with inside businesses and homes. >> erica: storm track four
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shows the true life in nature as his own indian passengers is of all muckrake from a pleasant ride it is a six and dylan was arraigned for half moon bay a few raindrops and santa cruz mountain and is nothing compared to in those most of the activity again castillo to the north. down on a deal with iran and the bay. but we do have winter weather advisory. as we track the rain for you on future cash 6:00 by rain expected for the most are enough of the golden gate bridge will not be surprised if we had areas of what went on today and bought and let you know as the line pretty much like the bay area is to to the far north as that santa rosa and down for morgan hill and gilroy although we see mostly green on the screen i do see at
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times the rent is one to come down pretty heavy cecily be prepared for that and make sure you have had less on its policy of the ones to walk all going in the muscle car but less time you start to catch the driver if for nothing the rain continues to push its way south. >> james: would seem to say a few showers to develop even for your evening commute when this all said and done most of the rain falling and another they the best the rest was was it was the third instance not too much with this system but the timing is a little messy because it also affects most of was on the road yet in the four vessels the rain could last until early tomorrow morning but beyond that high pressure back in the forecast will push to storm track to the north. as a push into christmas that more details on that coming up in a moment and forced a large track in the house for renown a settler is back in
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the fact the bayshore freeway right as tough airport below or the freeway shutdown and looks like it's getting the red of until grand ave. once you exit the freeway but right now traffic is light enough. >> erica: at nasa's this is interstate 280 just yet. the bay bridge lenders could go back to the toll plaza in december severed the violence of the still holding on to a to up 13 men to go to get rid a little wet fields of south on trip is black as you work your way into moran.
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>> james: >> reporter: were techno lila care at the pacific a relatively calm so far this morning you see the search nothing to dramatic at this point this is one the places we inspected the main part of the storm hit first double said as lead on this morning so far will still little light rain. sir over the next couple hours do so again hours down in pacific a. >> james: the rental started testifying
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>> reporter: this man that the bottom of the hill and across the street in this look as if the past 33 years did not surprise is live at the summit to set the days of heavy rain. is the basis for the common tech look here you couldn't see the run off still trickling down the hill with another round of rain forecast there's concern that even more mud will give way. the sib oakland was first on the scene in position between traffic in the row houses. the cold war's cruel was called to clear the roadway. the
4:36 am
workers say has been nonstop this on a to weather-related incidents like this >> james: their friend was a salted the region in 20 years this was a this is
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happen again and again. public defenders in some of the erie counties include san jose and oakland also held rallies to the nilson was that all processes lsi the head or suggested they might demanded also be fire was caught russell, to our recent protests. officer for the white has been placed on leave police say the protest
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was peaceful and no was arrested, being investigated by the police department. >> james: this is complete work at night of the museum is in the third installment of franchise the president and naturalist teddy roosevelt of course was a character that he play you'll be appearing in films next year the movie comes out next spring >> james: have heard about the shape the it could be a big thing. here's a look
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outside the rich december fell toll plaza
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the test of you nicely on the top team gets a list. >> james: yesterday was the best day for three years on wall street. hist >> erica: this and i ran around the area more had
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in our direction with a track in a storm when we return.
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>> james: there's a line to talk about their following that. not all that have shown up on storm track four if you're heading out at this of our human a couch and the the that is not getting detected by our radar more subtly on the way we do have a lot of friends or no. less track the activity we are saying. >> erica: marseilles' a couple self and my rent just east of richmond and is sure freeway the lives of red light ring out in the livermore valley down santa cruz mountains. take a look at a wider view for satellite and radar and a rembrandt now unfortunately the have is widespread rain as it has about and what
4:47 am
what rose drug getting an early holiday start of into the is like our that south would best one to dominate the screen was and his light rainfall also mature when everyone was also a your headlights on there is a
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possibility at to see rain your extended forecast at two shows the place like oakland of the six is as real as early next week with the storm track as well to the north and is led will maintain strike in this is a cyclical weather as his of the christmas holiday more details on that coming up in just a moment and talk about traffic we do have a problem southbound 101 at the bayshore freeway. >> erica: two vehicles collided with each other both the shot over hundred m.p.h. according to the sea its feet chapter self- reliance. so the baby is
4:49 am
ride looking good here is a lot look you see this a couple of are starting to line up for the westbound over at this and the seller is we are seen the bottom over at the golden gate bridge no major accidents you're ride out marin county as a ticket back to the traffic map out what to talk about a spec conditions in the west the same grammar licenses for the san ramon valley. >> james: 1 bad santa still on the lows and the vestiges have been released showing his crime this happened last
4:50 am
saturday back on for more the block's other street in san francisco the victory of the robbery suspect a white male 40 to 50 years ago he wanted to the bank presented itself with a note he said he had a gun and he did not have to shoulder their rubber ran out and disappeared in the crowd of other santas. >> james: circus was to stop come to oakland the elephant handlers and tennis shoes to the toll the animals oakland as a second city in the state to ban at the los angeles. the search is my work with incoming senate council to reconsider that band. happen today had oversight committee will decide on whether
4:51 am
authorities are saying they're secure and stay put as apathetic to the snap last year with millions poured into testing engineer plants there to extra precaution those balls hit the bridge table during her script. >> james: the golden gate bridge closure is said to have been in three weeks to their workers can install a workable moving barrier the very has arrived as you can see the pieces of them stacked near the bay bridge in preparation for the installation. each way 54 the call the various was the event had all collisions will begin installing get in the morning saturday written an unfinished monday january 12th. another woman is coming forward on a slew of sexual assault allegations and is comedian bill cosby for the first avenue accuses six other alleged
4:52 am
victims are sharing the story for the dr. phil show and this was of in view of the latest accuses speaks out. i did not know what had happened after the stroke and other hair the show could of the hair was hot it was the cost will it was weird but i did not feel violated into genentech's it came out and said what he had done to her and then she remembered what actually happened after the stroke of hair% for may are this far not a month ago when he did to me so how can i reported 2325 years ago in pledges >> james: it was the women's full exclusive interview with dr. phil will be today at 4:00 p.m. or by kron 4 news >> james: michael phelps is said to the trial for drunk driving the eighth time all
4:53 am
malice was arrested he was speeding in crossing the line on the highway it is to apply for timmy on the blood alcohol test is almost twice the legal limit. it's about the time for santa the pack of the sled for christmas will and chico santa is packing heat and is this what a billboard along highway 99 for a gun range shows and don't in this post a net does not look so jolly there was no smile the has on sunglasses and he is armed with a tad like will we build assault rifles for sense of the offices there received a lot of feedback and almost all of it had been positive. >> james: not everyone is happy. so given the choice for christmas of people that
4:54 am
guns billboard are banned within city limits but this one is technically just outside of town. will take a quick for cleanup on the new who have more weather and traffic updates one of the richest actually one of the drive is looking bird the so far this morning is the golden gate bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge.
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>> james: a house and door getting national attention for its christmas decorations. looking back below shows the aircraft to the same song was month's action also on the you to
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pay the homeowner says it also meant the life thence to the song latigo for a moment frozen maybe you've heard of that song the display is man of over hundred thousand lights the slide so happens most as the twin never said did not mind allies of the music to get to the hottest areas celebrate with us in annual special amazing how the lights will secure months later this fall like this is on the bay area and it was amazing how little i special tonight at 9:00 p.m. will take a quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news with the sea and saw the rain moving along of the bay area iv can is coming up. >>stanley: if you have them bring them back a waistline
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>>darya: happy friday >>mark: thank you for the money is here where track in the rain come to the bay area will just talking about it.
5:01 am
>> james: that is fine is still sporadic it is scattered rainfall the sum for july and nothing and as they drove into. as you well know we a whole new set up ticket in making everything will be just like. this boom and we have showers and nothing in the area of san rafael is was involved in this direction it will work his way across the san rafael bridge will track them for you also fallen that is a cold front as as one because of widespread
5:02 am
rain during the morning commute this is the most proper showers and events of that. the precursor the appetizer to the minivan in the mail coming later on this morning for is a live look outside as the conditions you expect is that the door this morning that is where we're watching that will be tracking that is storm thrifts to talk like the timing of it where it will start to read and how it will last >>george: monarda track and that's a notice on the ride on the bayshore freeway is located here in import boulevard. the help of the arise there are 530 this morning.
5:03 am
>>darya: his lie results a little sale look >> jackie sissel: allison james weather report and it was talking about is the third storm flows like it's been one long storm in the north that we had a couple of runs with a the most part has been rented for two weeks. we're expecting to see sales growth through the locked backed this awesome and others more in their offices all over the north bank including tirana and send a failed bomb creek. in
5:04 am
the amount of land where they now may accumulate more and more in the wake of flooding to as the morning along will be mounted in the situation in another way if any thing comes up on the commute and or floating around area will be on it. >>darya: a fella is more of the continuous chain of rain. >>mark: lot of the golden gate there was a high set a advisory. >> reporter: is pretty calm i'm standing here at the pacific of this morning is a little bit of light when a after this from its way to know the bay over the next few hours but so far this morning and they had been
5:05 am
pretty mild in light when that time lessing i rent that is when i reigning as i speak to you now. >>mark: it washed away during last week's big storm adjutancy year caltrans said any to wait until the soldier as out before that a fix to problem the detour road is also in need of repair. it's also a kind of stuck we have the go through
5:06 am
the bay to get out of fear and their road always fitted sketchy as well. it is suffering from the rosa as you see in several places the rep from the other words is a national parks brought a sense in the detour to make sure it is safe they say they're still seeking funding to fix that stretch of roadway businesses is in no more arcane $10,000 to do the damage from last week's storm 10 in. of rain fell there and it left store owners the needy and water that the pay $8,000 to repair to two locations park was being repaired at a rapid out and replace it all the big pass it with more rain today. >>darya: they're keeping a very close eye on the forecasts and you can to with the mobile application download today for free. >>mark: a flaring hair at the refinery causing a bit of a scare here some of the dramatic pictures sent to live pictures it could be seen from miles there was a
5:07 am
problem in the faltering unit at the refinery. there's a kind of that to the excess steel is an imminent and extended to the smokestack when there is a flare of fire on a sock that burns off the excess chemicals to make sure that no pressure as the unit did not want to was pressure to build the will to do more so >>mark: chevron is saying this was a controlled burn and not a danger to the public. >>darya: will be back still ahead the memorial for of officer nevers how can young storm is being remembered today plus despite the rise and californian is a whole lot more to get out of the job and my surprise you this how much grain we need tech sector peaked at the radar.
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whatever it's called, it's awesome sauce. >>mark: officials said the overflowed they rerouted >>darya: california is still and is out despite the recent downpour. than the roughly 11 trillion gallons of wine to survive the extreme drought that enough water to fill 17 million alembics on a cool the situation is serious and the flooding that struck the state earlier this year barely made a dent in the drought. >>mark: the president obama
5:12 am
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>>mark: will come back let's fire of storm track there. this to be one of the last round for this for awhile. a law >> james: of old jobs will have a big incentive of the web will be on your side if you will be traveling. the shout or sing out here are all of our associable
5:16 am
the one for the head of the cold front. let's see what is going ride down a light shower to the area of san rafael right where 580 the richness and repelled an excess of 11 rep they're resting like salads as said in the last update will be working its way across the san rafael bridge average incentive fell reds cute we are seeing a light shower this to the brentwood last update the delta is looking all right to life out here and there along the coastal hills but at the moment that is will we are a thing aside from that drizzle the fallen along right now not been picked up on radar. >> james: the man ray comes a letter on has all this clause of sure will be bringing us the showers by zero men talk about the timing was was so terrific cast for set for 6:00 a.m.
5:17 am
and at that point we are expecting showers and the north bay to materialize and effort was of the puzzle with some of the bank right at the peak of the morning commute to prepare yourself for what ride into work this morning by about noontime the bulk of the shower should start to cut out all the the south bend ease the will of the and the effects of it. avila more spotty but it is depicted as for still looking for possible what evening commute as you get home run with the book into that but the good news is one to get rid of this system which at sitcom down for a bit in a joint and trust drive. the live you're outside so the conditions that we are seeing right now attempted and a low to mid '50's will look mets affected the '60s that on to that killed seven data on the bay for at index that
5:18 am
into the morning hours of saturday with residual sollars the message set aside money to the when they look that says that sunny and cool. >> james: in the fantastic looking for a shot--forecast. >>george: still trapped in the late for the ride on highway 101 in the southbound direction on the bayshore freeway the accident that it's out there for beauvoir is the block in the to write and ninth so the sailor is still in effect is creating some the lead for the southbound ride track the ride to the bay bridge and was bound from new we're not looking at the late still an easy and lebanon drive times on highway 92 and san mateo bridge you're also looking
5:19 am
at the conditions here no problems if get over to hayward out for the toll plaza at the golden gate bridge is a wet 101 ride with another late traffic after your trip report of its members highway 13 excuse me highway 580 is light enough now that no problems or delays as you get your richmond for the was gone awry try to get out for the toll plaza. >>darya: and other is that affect all the recent rain racks are coming out of their holes and going into people's homes is not unusual to see this happen all over the bay area for roland at for says rats will bolt from places like a construction site and had into neighborhoods if you think that a home has a load of problem get in touch with us live far away before it gets out of control.
5:20 am
>>mark: a special tribute from the family of the sea its the officer who shot and killed two years ago making a traffic stop on a to the ethics 80 the gunman was shot dead and today his wife and children will complete a full portrait of him filled with all) recall the never ending story human organ donor and tissue donor his image will be among dozens of others on the float to be honored as life-saving heroes in this one a portrait of selling will be happening at a.m. as he is the golden gate division and the lead of. >>darya: the white house and is practically blind the korea formats and internet- fund picked as yesterday billboards approaches can down for the movie the intervene in a comedy about a plot to assassinate the korean leader kim jong and dance at the top secret group and of grip military
5:21 am
called 121 that group was behind the fiber attack and that group is taking its orders from the general and is forthcoming soon. will saddam's conference and there is no retaliation or is what they're not deterred they are not run in the movie right now the airport is the torres at the l.a. studio of the january because security concerns there were threats that along with the security breach. >>mark: 8 children the youngest of them only 80 months of have been found murdered in a home in suburban australia nor is it for the country indicates that budget by ministers
5:22 am
audit of unspeakable crime the bottom of the children or rent from a team of the 15 years of were discovered by 20 your brother the mother of the children off the phone with nine forms of the chest and neck plaza not releasing details about this but they believe they know who it was possible to tell the for the that is to the trinity. >> erica: at the museum to clear the tomb with has done nothing wrong way of second class will be premiered in new york city to start the mon-khmer was attended by his wife susan as she was seen smiling at with the fans on the red carpet but she would not be stop the press the movie debuts nationwide today with his once again thank president roosevelt into the medical account of life and look american museum of natural history is on the front title actually it think star of monty python comes out in the spring will have full details.
5:23 am
>>mark: new financial the u.s. is not prepared to have the nuclear attack more details on a par the betting at that is helping a startup had a burglar.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>mark: welcome back aggression all is the the federal government is not full of red have none of the terrorist attack or a large natural disaster that of by the government is some cases is years away from a shrine at emerge in a shelter and medical treatment before says it will still take one to five years to develop a strategy to determine whether people are exposed to six level ridge-that's radiation that identified a woman wrote to the company of the tech a look at the
5:27 am
trip video from last july the woman is thing on the tape >>darya: still is of equipment comes several tech firms and the same stock market building an employee for bill zone said she got 11 computers and tablets and kept coming back during a meeting some camel with identified the woman by putting her picture on tender the process i rock offices and advances of $5,000 reward for identifying me and it worked that the definition of lace and a fond of them are in the rest one out for that room for a different crime. >>mark: at into the rain totals in cattle the last two weeks to have from sausalito will have a big.
5:28 am
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5:29 am
th cntryrock it sofand sy tmix, which kes lida kingasy. and country crk's esh buery ste and oothcrea texre meanyourooki ll tn ou justhe w youike m... tra ft.. .andxtrapeci. lcomto cck cntry
5:30 am
>>darya: lack such a live look at the bridge is the approach of the bay bridge on the left-hand side and the golden gate above the low that a very quiet richmond's san rafael bridge not very quiet out there is interested and off the bed. if that is plenty. >> james: digs the health test this out of heavy moderate rain and its passage in the sierra speaking is a quick look at this note at a few weeks and plastic filled the top culprits the edges
5:31 am
and mailing and is that it was to be great for the slow mostly sunny in the meantime with a wide view with all that stability in ranges of sure this is that medicare is now on the north bank does he and my we have showers colonic the mill as you get up the dollar >>george: the lancelot by an accident at one time we had one--for less shut down the
5:32 am
sea its be making good progress in getting the roadway reopen at will with the traffic along as big -- along the bay bridge toll plaza not doing so well start to back a little bit early for this was bought ride and that is offensive and it relies been activated sometime within the next 15 minutes. >>mark: his life in sausalito. >> jackie sissel: the rain has stopped at 4:00 this morning we had denied his opponent now much alive and a drizzle marseille more rain, to another bay has been really tough on the north by at least on several and and out of the north bay of america already has that emergency so much damage as severe flooding and it has more of the santa that it is not raining out as a we need as much wind
5:33 am
whipping get. rep want to see that next week before the that hire right now we expect to see those blown again and as things got up and another that i will be all over it. >>darya: people in the oakland hills are the mechanics from the rhine and that's the plan itself from our rockslide levers have been navigating around the rocks like yesterday's runoff was trickling down the hill and more rain in a forecast as will residents are worried that the mud might get away. all of public works has called about the cruel and they cleared up the roadway near a with the scope of the debris the local dump truck is to concede that the route has since reopened this said that have been working
5:34 am
nonstop in recent days responding to weather- related incidents brought the area is only one to get busier with the new round of line. >>mark: of a good for our clear conditions beverly is the new outlook for the debris from were in marked the fourth batch of the bay area and most california off for average and precipitation. this is what you for the to more rain and snow a threat to normal years. >>darya: ever joined by protesters on the steps of the hall of justice yes the is that this is up there were demonstrating against what they call and injustice toward minority in the criminal justice system public defender's offices in seven bay area, if. they get lost as that of a police headquarters they demanded all the be fired for a
5:35 am
comparable cut weeds of a fellow by have a place on the last cycle test the deliver a petition signed by more than 13,000 people as if for him to be fired police said the protest had people heaves at which are being investigated by the san jose police internal affairs office. >>mark: the sequoya our quick but not of back and all this total $30 million. have the december and an apple pie for fema disaster assistance will have cover costs with for a house and home repair the of disaster led it needs a bigger threat was the strongest to hit the reason 20 years and it is state the next quake could be even stronger. we're keeping an eye on wall street all not to say is wow what a tear yes the day with the dow and has that was
5:36 am
strong yesterday but still a negative territory for december will see the will prices crashed in the central press and shut it shot in the market prurient at a huge recovery this week that could put the main u.s. on course for a pause of mud. the dow of 280 the day before and close of 421 points yesterday one of four for the snb the dow climbing back toward 18,000 mark and is of another 53. >>darya: much more had we're learning more information about the driver who suspected of driving in a carpeted in redondo beach killing three we will have the latest.
5:37 am
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5:39 am
>>george: i wore one in the south lawn direction better news for the ride here and all 97 reopen as south there 4 boulevard the chp is on the same the seller has been canceled and there is just a short patched up yellow showing on the road
5:40 am
marriages as like the legs out from sunday to consider an alternate. >>mark: house and the thunder that time to grant the one game losing streak for the warriors 11419341 the cost the store to play without a spectacular first have capital more respect is what they say that as a mild ankle sprain. >>darya: michael phelps said
5:41 am
the go to trial in baltimore today is charged with john driving you the rest of our september 30th police that he was beating across the double yellow line on the highway test of the was 8.14 blood alcohol five with the legal limit. with ecuador, a double have the lead on today storm >> james: the final one this week in the tech the last one for in the while that would be felt in a mammoth. there are
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: a rock the rain wrote of the bay area for the part of the date that shows that showers and the biggest news is a brick is finally on the way. the need
5:45 am
to wait until the fall of guys out before the convict the problem with a man at the into the spring last week storm in the makati business all of our faith and without the dollars to kill all the damage to on dropping his attention to the water and sure confine flooding businesses invested downtown view of bird. >>darya: the sec alleged that what the what is the lead now. >> james: let you into the distant napa the morning commute with assets on showers pretty scattered pretty light leventhal and reliable persistent led by early morning hours san showers not really much anywhere else a little bit of light rainfall at the moment we have light rain falling in the area for the delta. and the finesse of a
5:46 am
guest, a showers for the cult of guilt of looks like it is a bit as well will act with a letter on the morning for the actual call for to come to view it as the right now working its way ride across you have that all the work is way down it was said to limit its appearance will expect the south and north back to start taking shape and an zeroth of the morning the five the system will be over had not a o'clock or so giving as an awfully wet morning commute do not deprive the we have moderate to heavy rain embedded in his bed of showers by noontime it will put primarily impact in the south bay at that point you visit scattered showers and is that if a peninsula as ventura six in the evening. >> james: will break up the no vote would have shot in the east and south bad enough that that will get a
5:47 am
little bit of break. live off by we have clouds overhead no active rain will fall at the bay bridge approach temperatures in the mid-50s rule on the slightly blue book of tickets in the sixth is the lead on this afternoon as the get into the letter hours in the evening travel may have scattered showers still a the next couple hours saturday and then it will clear out we're looking for a nice weekend at a fantastic looking next week as we wrap up for the christmas holiday on the of sunshine and some just warming up to mid-60s and design of that live in the lead counsel of the wet weather for the last more than a week. >>george: will allow them much better conditions for the bay shore the early morning as said it was a hot spot along of all land of the open on u.s. highway 101
5:48 am
and southpaw airport boulevard there is a brick delayed because the sea its fee is still on the same year but there are no lines obstructed inform much better at the bay bridge is a different story the traffic is not flowing well metal and fat is already slow on the bridge leading up the ramp section and even to for the islanders live amid the allies have been activated that is why we are ready back that was found when a trip to the senate felt rich and highway 92 still need the right 11 minute commute time problem free from hills was sold to the golden gate bridge in you're ride to a 1 01 saw bomb crews are finishing up with the reconfiguration of the lanes cabin still very light here. >>george: the rich rivers for the west by 580 ride a bit of a back up and pass lies on the right-hand side but otherwise your problem free with the back of what lay for rich man who was bought interstate 580 ride. >> erica: another woman is
5:49 am
coming for joining the sex was the allegation against me and bill cosby for the first time the new accuse the this is of the alleged victims and sharing their story on the dr. phil show the letter accused the south. i did not know what had happened after the shock of hair the shock of hair was odd fellows all culpable it was weird but i did not feel violated a telegenic the consent cannot and said it would get them to her and that she remembered what actually happened at the stroke and other hair% so for me at this find out of the gull what he did to me so hawkeye reported 0.325 years ago to fight this on the amount the upper. >> erica: it lost all but the kron 4 news at 5. >> here is stanley roberts
5:50 am
who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: the sanctity of this is burden that would his before christmas have been shattered by a mean old ranch no need and not still the who putting unethical and-what he took my you- it's and it's like a declaration simonson yes someone on the cover of darkness swept it is with the corrections on her front lawn. that was the little old will have the sea decorations and sad and that they were gone. the band is ignored the special cheeses and everyone in a major on another never gone antarctica aboard as long he denied everything this the easy stuff unfortunately they took the states have
5:51 am
with down the street is really sad is that has come to people selling decoration than the holidays the coldblooded much still all of your lawn out a break. to test if you have them and bring them back. that will be great >>stanley: to delegate the decoration is behaving badly. >>mark: in-house and work is all decked out getting national attention for christmas decorations. >>mark: no force is
5:52 am
definitely with them the star wars theme song how do you to pays in make the like a dance of the song latigo from frozen. this is metal over hundred thousand lives the life shall happen with an hour the six and 10:00 p.m. did not mind allies of the music to use it to raise money for charity is very impressive. they think he meant hard that i sell? >>darya: this guy meant the hall light show with the flashing lights will be right back. for
5:53 am
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5:56 am
>>mark: we're back watching the weather here on kron 4 tech look at storm track of for rain to our north and a whole lot of energy headed our way >> james: all the cloud cover and instability in the bay area will breakdown will we can expect to the forecast coming up in just a bit as the temperature is right now dalila get a lot of low to mid 50's expected to warmer maybe to about 56 degrees from this point it will be a mild day full details on the rain it will extend the holiday week coming up >>mark: will work on developing story to the saw the our we're watching the weather and in this battle rain coming through also more snow in the sierra a lot to the time to drive of their today will show you the latest conditions of their it with the rain falling here will be another tough commute for the russian center fell ridge right now we're getting on the roadways no place for it
5:57 am
to go to will be watching the morning commute on the trident is the rain helped end the drought had always ask how much rain california needs to get out of the drought will be right back in just two minutes as a kron 4 morning news concerns after this break. it'sboutetti, to t finh line. lif it'how u ge ere at mtersost. like when founout had bld cl in leg my docr sa at icoultrav to lungs d beme aevenbigg proe. so he lkedo meboutxalto. xareo®s thfirsoral prcripon bod tnner proveno trt anhelpreve dvt d pe thatoesn reqre relar ood nitong o chans toour et. r a ior t i ok wfari
5:58 am
whicrequed rtineloodteing d diary striions t th tim whili wataki relt®, stilhad stop ring,ut iidn' haveo de witthat ood nitong rtine >>don't op ting relt®, , unle youdoct tellyou . while tang xelto, yo may uiseore silynd it m taklong for eedi to . xareo®ay ireasyour sk obleene certn mecine xareo®an cse sious eedi, ani, y beatal get he rig awaif y devep unpect bleeding, unusl brsingor tiling if y havhad inal esthiao xarelto®watcfor ck pa or y nee oruscl relad sis orympts. do n takxareo®f yo ha an tifial hrt vve or aormableeng. tell yr door bore l plnea denl predur. befo staing relt®, ll yr door a conditio sucas kney, ver,r b. xarelt® iprov to ducehe rf dvt and , wi no gula bloomoniringnd nonown diery rtricons. treatment th xelto washe righmoveor m
5:59 am
k yo docr abouxareo®oday
6:00 am
zooming and over sausalito area right now and the approach to the bay bridge or top right-hand corner below that the golden gate and then you can see all of the roadways are west this morning and it would just whereas the what warding was on >> : a service contractor. this letter on here and coercing on the radar first in the north bay and santa rosa now and then there is windsor up until birgit showing light rain falling more moderate rain not seen that there to left. on the go higher and higher in the north bay deeper and deeper in the north area of more than 10 jars open clover bill cleared like getting moderate heavy rain falling a source in the north bay and what were seeing the rain first and miss some showers out your


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