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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 24, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>> james:
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>> erica: make sure you are bundled up. concord at 47 degrees at 4 and downtown since the scope here is we are drive for now we have the scope for out is going to be a pretty fast moving since the tech look here at the jackass i set up what
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the windy conditions on the back end. here's a look at your high as four today accord that for opportunities in low 60s 57 out of antioch a were today hitting the high of 61 and 62 degrees and sunnyvale. yes 7 they are on the bay for tassos what weather for today it is a quick move the system which should not affect your christmas day. >> erica: will remove and direction of dry weather. more details on that coming up in just a moment like a mountain is pretty cloudy out there is pressed the wrong the delta the chp has
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issued a dense fog advisory. it is a little head the out there at local into sentences got the good news is despite a few lines closed were massing any problems whatsoever. the san mateo bridge looks good this is flowing freely in all directions last anomalies at the richmond san rafael bridge a party like this and that fact will be dealt with very light consistent for christmas eve at all. >> james: some breaking news overnighted to you about sale was please send all the serbs shot and killed and armed 80 are black men and berkeley misery that borders if ferguson misery. last night's shooting started when an officer can or two
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men during a routine check at a gas station to get out of the car and the price of at that one map with a gun at the officer that all personified what was shot fatally wounding him a bit above identified them as a to year-old the second man got a way. so there whether it's in the southern part of the united states and its four people were killed in storm just a day. officials say plans for delays and cancellations that you are flying this holiday season be ready for them >> reporter: we try to and you but if someone to lead before the present to this is what you might get are run from the camera to have
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been a hug. it for you are the freshet ran away from my interview with. a hearty type filled the air for we do not have to go far to find the family of couples are some travelers try to get to love one for the christmas holiday to the remarks to the busiest christmas travel day as the fall of 143,000 travelers some onto some are very excited so upset about the arrival some still try to figure it all out as i have no idea what and when to do. i am happy that she is near and that became our time.
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the second-biggest was axed last friday it goes to show lot of people took the entire week off. >> james: the ceo of sun into san have decided to go ahead with a limited release of a controversial move be interviewed not every fear is showing it would there is were at berkeley that screening its moral. >> reporter: appeared that the call for sony pictures on to the morning to the interview were show on christmas day employees aren't tied to be one of a small number of theaters for the controversy was sale will be shown to be stop to the public. but it'll show
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the film three times a day all across the state and it runs four a week it is a demand that is still high it might be extended. most of the booth moviegoing public finding credit report filed by surprise and leave this is happening. i think that history needs to be said. >> james: several theaters
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in the bay area is showing injured you to check out the full list of our web site at kron 4 at how we want to take a quick break coming up the rain whether it's taking a toll on the ground in the bay area which the u.n. is my real plant plus last minute shoppers are combing the bay area is in full for two city where you could still go if you need as christmas shopping. as
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>> james: cruiser atlanta of the land and sent francisco will check out the damage >> reporter: the last of our
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servers chosen to treat all starting to fall over so there after a to london from must lie appeared on the hills like. you can see them was like starting to break loose just below the trail and a precaution forcefully there is a one for the to an addiction on a slightly upper stretch for the same trail but its a little bit of an inconvenience safety comes first for us. the learned >> reporter: remain close and least through next week where longevity will affect that have. the last in general will make the call. >> james: we're down to the wire for christmas shopping in a last-minute shoppers have been facing because of
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the bay area and across the country and this would look like at the macy's on market street in san francisco last like hundreds of people took a break from shopping and when i skating. there were long laws of science newsletter all- around elect people all over the place. >> james: you have shot and left to do you are in luck macy's is open to 6:00 tonight >> erica: we have areas of dense fog traffic them are here is a live look at sfo the fall could affect flights letter on this morning will have the full details coming up.
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weather and traffic center. >> erica: the good news is we're going to see pretty enjoyable weather for the holiday itself but we do have a call from that will bring cold and windy conditions. people be all about and doing less of a shopping and perhaps you may have trouble plans we are starting to the more off with areas of dense fog and later this afternoon we are talking about showers the cold front is going to sweep the rows of a quickly we're not want to see laws and in periods of rain with answers and we want to see our fair share of wet weather led on to that red into christmas ap and is like the rain is one to hold off with a pretty sunny day as we headed to the weekend. >> erica: the worst of the fog as i've seen enough of
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the golden gate bridge in navato you're losing a lot have mile and a napa area. is going down to about eight in concord. fitch castles but to the cobweb want to maintain track conditions for the most are later in the afternoon there is a light red arise a lot they and then it was spread southward is a very quick moving system expecting afternoon showers will we drive by the evening we are talking about when the conditions on the back end of this system with the strong discussed about a thousand feet. chemical side of the fifth is the six kidnappers today in a high of 63 and 60 over in pleasanton if you're hitting a towel and you ought to have a like christmas 3 to 6 in. of fresh powder expected for tonight. >> erica: 2 to get downright chilly. to relax it up in the israel pushing closer to the weekend pretty sure
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conditions if you're heading in that direction he was a quick look at the seven day around the bay for test columbus certainly on top. more diesels on that coming up in just a moment right now let's talk about traffic from the bay area is pretty foggy out there we already have a dense fog advisory and you will notice from this is a little hazy. our lead the of them will be dealing with the a lot of people are off for the christmas holiday cute that in mind that traffic will be like so we're not for us to run into any major problems. drive times holding steady for the five men as either navato into the city. no as a little for here and over
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on the track last still railroad receptors in the east shore freeway in high winds of the four. >> james: all two bay area had learned is worn sandals and a police are looking for mayor responsible for sexual assault he released a sketch of the suspect the incident happened monday near the san jose the man tried to get a woman into his car but she was able to run away is described as hispanic age 20 to 35 with a thin build and it then must test he was last seen driving a white sedan with a silver world meantime salmon's sell you the rest of for all into a woman's apartment and going into her bed around 3:00 this they morning the will assist the man out her home that is later arrested to tonight year-old abraham he faces charges are residents of burglary and sexual battery officials say he
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knew another resident in that apartment complex. it >> james: their release of minnesota is a look back for repair looking for this man walked into the bank on south of lima of around 530 monday and the teller a note warning that he was armed he got away with a loaf of money and is described as light skinned possibly hispanic was eliminated 18 and 22. police are investigating are increasing the roar for information leading to an arrest and murder of a man and the earth oakland hills was shot and killed on a popular hiking trip to days before thanksgiving the law also to the five files allows for information. >> reporter: we are pleased to announce the we are increasing their reward for a $10,000 to two to $5,000 for any information that leads to the rest a conviction or persons responsible for this homicide. >> reporter: they increased
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the incentive for someone to call for an affirmation about the shooting death of a 60 year-old david he was shot to death back on november 25th while hiking in the oakland hills all the huckleberry regional preserve trail. thus also heard at 3 to 4 in the afternoon sometime during that time he would not for walk on the trail and he was found by witnesses with three gunshots which were fatal. >> reporter: they're still try to determine if it was a crime of opportunity or as he was targeted what he was three-quarters of a mile down the trail rale looking at real as a mobile we're not really looking at the as the wallet was taken during a topside in the credit cards were used this would is a november and down some oakland. so try using his credit card at a downtown bank and cassette and that the seven video being
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examined from those locations however as far as the vigilant to the president as is depicted in this police sketches that when this is a long the trial provided the day he was killed we have witnesses who saw them in the area in the parking lot on the trail just prior to hearing shut we have not been them to make contact with these people if you think you read that the persons in these sketches the is there reason or click the car like for you to give them a call in the oakland hills. >> james: we're learning more order rate is and it all a 80. shoes and on saturday when another car or off of his accuser tell getting and lemon the car she reported release from jail just one before she was involved in a hit-and-run last week in roseville
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nichol 911 >> james: she of the suspects the finger and said she was stop retaliated on the road as to the suspension was in korea said they facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. safeway has pulled repacked, apple from shells it comes after the family of this is elastic and died after lying in the apple
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>> james: we're keeping an eye and the christmas eve weather and traffic we have a live look outside at all the shots for the san mateo bridge.
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>> james: warbeck now 45 it says the toxin that combines increase if you think about it. getting to the bottom of the punchball on economics origins and house from a staple of the season. it is not the most
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washington-based to is really have not tried eggnog to you have tried eggnog mixture of scratch. it likely is an indicator was bad stuff like bonilla and spicy characteristics. their original idea of adding alcohol hundred of years ago was probably so the mixture would not spoil eggnog has british origin descended in sicily hot milk and liquor early americans including george washington gave its popularity on this side of the atlantic because of the degree and were easy to find. in the dairy that cows that chicken and egg so this was readily accessible for them to make answers to a point.
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so they will add extracts of able at different prices to a supply you burn and trendy east face people of after all looked was on it and get really delicious. the kremlin that does make it a special occasion. >> james: protest over police killings continue in new york despite calls for peace in the days of the two officers were ambushed and killed will have the latest on the arrest, authorities have identified a teenager who was killed on highway 4 early this week will say what happened for people are dead and mississippi law or because them across the southeast will watching
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those stores as well here is a live look at sfo cameras from another busy travel day for people out for family and friends will have more on the forecast in just a moment.
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>> james: hear some of the big stores where file for you this morning police said officers shot and killed unarmed a 10 year-old black man and berkeley was eerie over the night it borders loser in--18 year-old black man. one of the full data and pull out and play at officer hill could fire striking the victim multiple times the second person ran a wave. so meet has chances leyden had decided to go ahead a limited release with the controversy will be it the interview. actors even
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threaten moviegoers the cyber attacks as a leaked to look for real starting tomorrow if you're interested in catching it is close to the full list of locations on our website. >> james: crews are plenty of large landslide in san francisco did last a park service notice the trees along the trail was starting to fall over surely after there's 200 and must live and grow close to the trail as a precaution it lost 15 undersea of the trail the year remain close released next week. >> james: 4 people are dead not as result of storms in the south there have been reports of tornadoes damaged in a number of buildings as well. >> reporter: storm is less heavily damaged buildings and room mississippi high winds and tornadoes and saw is a geneticist their toll metal watches and warnings of louisiana and
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mississippi and alabama and georgia and florida. the storms killed two people in southern mississippi county live in buildings and ruling cutting off electricity another to do with that room the storm destroyed the mobile home mississippi gov. phil gramm declared said emergency. the same storm system destroyed more than a dozen homes in this louisiana's some of about 50 mi. north of baton rouge. them to be said for way as southern georgia will the storm sent them several buildings here to people seem lucky enough to avoid a major injury residents are left with a to to clean up. >> james: and is get an update on the national weather and the local forecast. if >> erica: we're talking
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about storms coast-to-coast. is headed into the ohio valley. we're talking about a possible record high temperatures foreparts east we're talking about heavy rain significant down for their when this is but higher elevations you could see snow for about 6 in.. this concern to be enacted if you were expecting to kiss of flight not seem to was activity we have a lot of cloud cover is streaming our way we have all coal from the witness to bring us the rain is expected to arrive better off today the dense fog when the conditions in the wet weather had in our direction we could certainly see delays on arriving flights as a folk. such mccall ahead and check with your carrier getting out ride now a cold start
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temperatures five degrees cooler than where we were yesterday morning santa rosa has out of a 4646 it will house the fairfield low 50s out the door and oakland 53 currently is them sale features a cast for rocking it through the side lies in a clot will maintain track and this is still however there with dense fog is pressing for the coast. >> erica: will star as a liar and develop in the polls. most of the rye has already swept through the central part of the bay rain so rain to fremont down and san jose and perhaps for those of you in redwood city and as the weather down to four test will have very windy conditions. with the sea for a strong gust of about the dollar's fate hitting into christmas morning. for most are in the '50s and '60s hayward 6163- apple and 63 for a doctor
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said francisco. the forecastle to dry weather for christmas day. afternoon highs of the yen from a mid to upper 50s-however we will not see jackson this and as we headed to the weekend even then for early next week and we do not have any rain in the future that something will continue to monitor right now where enjoying really like conditions on the bay area roadway at the suspect in the process of hot spots. the sea its cra issued a dense fog and advisory. it is a little hazy here at the bay bridge toll plaza the golden gate bridge a loss of space between far as i
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turned 20 and above to 5 minutes from the boston into the city. >> erica: was all traffic moving pretty well with the limits of 60 m.p.h.. >> james: protest again and the police killings of our black men continued in new york city despite calls from the mayor to hold of the distress and so after the centaur take place. cudgel for excesses march to mid some manhattan last night to arrange for or rommel's partner will be may was his family arise from china. >> james: teenager who was killed in a crash 17 year old mario castro was driving monday when he drifted into oncoming traffic hitting a utility truck hit on the truck flipped over nearly off a highway overpass was the laws did at the scene
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the seven to your passenger was injured issue is expected to be ok. six people millar, following a fire in livermore happen a lot of like a sled morning firefighters said the fire was inside the basement of the first floor and the multi unit house crews labored to contain the fire to just one of those units but another unit was heavily damaged by smoke residences will fuel as warhol at a time of the blaze in the always able to get out some of the the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the senator is a fire department plans to reopen fire stations 16 once most tests are done today. if >> james: mold was found in the kitchen at the station on south king road so far there's no evidence of any more mold. the car most have firefighters returned to the station as soon as possible the city was
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rebuilt and restoration next month. coming up on the kron 4 morning bill who second look at new footage of apple's capital cupertino federal officials has prevented gate and bisexual men from their missing blood. this was a lack coming up in just a moment. .
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before people come and hug me afterward trying to say wow you are doctoral save my life i have not gone back and thank them. >> james: checkout is the video of apple's kappas and cupertino captured by a draw on when the cameras attack pretty birds eye view. but marshall's crimes at the worksite on the spaceship structure we see the giant ring that is the base of with the new building will be the auditorium complex will reportedly have seating for a thousand people as well as a kitchen and a large lobby the cab is will be home to 12,000 employees may be infinite loop. the trucks should be finished sometime 2015 was is up for renewal of building will be surrounded by in order to jimmy. christmas with a so- so media twist in new jersey company said of the
4:43 am
tree and menorah with allies there's lots was to users. that is pretty creative back with more in just a moment.
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>> erica: 10 and is running about five degrees cooler than a couple hours ago. reference luxor's affecting mainly the east bay in the southwest of this was the for the laws are heading into the low 60s visibility is certainly a factor if you're heading to the rows of his early christmas eve morning with the dow to a half mile in the napa area have cloud over in fairfield visibility at one and a half mile for red was city it was elected a said this was with you in the car from a few satellites and radar so we have a lot of low cloud cover and the bay area of the slave black translate into rain tree to cast highlighting. but to clock will start to see the showers move east and south as to the clock into motion a we will be back on the dry conditions by 6:00 tonight
4:47 am
we do have pretty windy conditions on the back of the system. the pretty strong wind gusts of up thousand feet after a high state in the upper 50s the '60s napa 667 fairfield low 60s along the east bayshore live in 59 greeds and then the city. the weather when the weather and cool conditions as we head into the next several days with the good news is we will get to trial the new more details on attending for pass right now is get to out the door. >> erica: no hot spots in fact the bay ridge still pretty quiet and of some of the cars are starting to live up in a couple of those cast lines over at the san mateo bridge or good to go with it is a little hazy are here and it is very foggy conditions allow the bay area is in effect for the benicia bridge old neighbors is took a look clear
4:48 am
conditions the drive to the five minutes out of near boston to the city we have a say in the back leg is in the size will sell for you using fast track in if you're cash grain customer a second look at the traffic map the drive times 12 minutes from berkeley to berkeley come down to is sure for west no delays whatsoever as to take a look at was off 580 general of the first boston back to where their approaches these down to 40 m.p.h.. >> james: federal health officials will to change the policy that curly bands gay and bisexual men of the lead to blood that was put into place but when years ago during the beginning of the aids crisis it was designed to protect the buds the blood supply gap of is whether this change go far enough. >> reporter: the bay area's blood center and led the
4:49 am
nation nationwide the one thing you did not find was gay and bisexual man that was due to a lifetime ban for and place the 21 years ago the activists have set a lifetime ban was discriminatory now the medical community believes with advances in hiv testing in los of forby science they're recommending a change the new policy would allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood as long as they have nine sets of another man for 12 months. it is a step forward but we want to acknowledge the work of the fda in the committees for taking this on after much pressure from community. the line >> reporter: he's played the policy is changing the the 12 month traditional sex is unacceptable for most game and this was still man a full or man for blood donations. a shorter
4:50 am
prohibition. is more reasonable. >> reporter: into bottles sold in about three months. >> james: more headlines around the bay the weather last a lot of last-minute shoppers. >> reporter: it was last minute shopping when it is now less second shopping with a hair from of macy's and even swear to where the stores open round the clock to to 47 you can get into the last sentence happen them. you might be a was to see a couple of the shoppers who are out there early this morning among the shoppers we found one man about 4:00 this morning he was out shopping and cannot sleep after days that an allied
4:51 am
in unions where you can see the christmas tree all lit up this morning with just a few shoppers making its way around union square take a look at the gary strieker is wide open this morning the past couple of days we have seen a second hour maybe two hours this is driver union square may be stop the crazy they are early this morning and meet the tough sell for to this let me know. >> james: remarkably this is the first year as long as i remember that accident all my shopping done without having to rush an adolescent norman out right
4:52 am
there behind you thank you for the update. >> james: if you're looking for some clue where to sell the dollar is season without having to the law there was a little treat them may have your name on it. >> reporter: some holiday trees are decorated with ornaments but here is one decorated with dreams of was that everyone feel gloves this is the was century-- this is the wishing to treat. the at this time of the year people are all about doing material things at what to do something really from the heart. is started by the neighbor who thought it might be a nice way for people to share their well-wishers anonymously is something to do is less to do something that is not about shopping.
4:53 am
some of the wish for a new dog and a cure for cancer of us have to think on it a bit. wishing you a happy up the holiday. >> james: we are keeping an eye on bay of the area weather and traffic rain in store for this christmas eve. will have run up of a forthcoming up at the top of the hour.
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>> james: the massive attack targets in sunny has not till the interview. the show will all of. >> reporter: is killed the leader of
4:56 am
north career what? the interview announced a comedy will be shown as several movie there is across the united states. the people of spoken freedom has prevailed sunny did not give of the interview will be shown at there is willing to play on christmas day hollywood couple have card it quits the pair were never officially married but have been together for 13 years and have two children together that a final news and they split early this year the continue to be friends the first trial for the onslaught movie is out. it offered the wells and to what the actor dennis and his friends seven of still the familiar faces from the is still series are back the movie its biggest in june 5th. >> james: former president george h. w. bush being held
4:57 am
for observation at a houston hospital would tell you what happened for aaa predicts in a hundred million people be doing traveling over christmas and no gas prices are helping to look at the car cost of phil appear in the bay area. people not on whether a live look at sfo. there is a rent on the way for christmas eve who get their first in the rain or santa.
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>> erica: we are talking about what weather in the forecast not for now we are dealing with dense fog and cooler temperatures running about five degrees cooler than to see four hours ago it would not be until the early hour this is a critical recall for the
5:01 am
shower activity for just a couple hours will be dry as the head into to like the visibility to rustler bill would areas of dense fog only am i a in the boston area we do have what whether on the horizon here is a look at developing the system out in the pacific exactly what is the rent arriving will affect you as a tolerant will have full details coming up. >>george: erica was talking about the fall of the chp is talking about a fall advisory for the benicia read this morning we're also watching an accident that this year on interstate 680 this in the southbound direction right at highway 237 and even multilateralism block according to chp there is no debt back of get to the traffic is so light through the area we did observe area yesterday there was a much lighter than usual commute and i expect will see pretty much the same sort of thing to that you're heading for the labor is here is a live look from the toll plaza and you see
5:02 am
that it is an easy ride so for this than we did have a back right after the leader allies were activated for about 45 minutes but then things clear out and most of the morning show is stayed as you see now very light was bounced chapter we will expect a similar pattern today. >> james: developing story is learned are from st. louis police said officers shot and killed and armor a senior a black man in berkeley illusory that borders ferguson following the shooting across early people gathered at the gas is and began processing this is new video showed the tail between officers and processes you to see an explosion will off the shooting started when all was still far too lender routine check at a mobil gas is he got out of the car approached the man police say best when they say year- old who was identified
5:03 am
pointed a gun at officer of fear for his life the officer returned fire malta golf shots or fire hitting and killing the suspect the victim's mother describes what happened. they would not tell me nothing is your friend told me the police was messing with him he was about to get up and run when he was tried to get up and run this started shooting. >> james: of the said a second person ran from the st. no word is that he had been found or if it is requested by police meanwhile protest against the police killing of the unarmed black man continue in new york city this is a despite calls from their talk to hold off on the incidence of after dinner was a place for the two officers who were ambushed are thus of protesters marched through midtown manhattan last let me tile president joe biden--vice
5:04 am
president joe biden. >> james: they're holding a 14 and a last-minute christmas toy drive the rest arise try to meet their record over 10,002 is nominated in a single day. >>will tran: for then i signed a director they're hoping to be done already this morning instead they were hoping to get 10,000 last lead to as a disorder unusual i had some this morning what is going on a four whatever reasons pepys people are pressing letters was a while we are near the door is open come down here to unions where pri shops is to combine gives for the kids from the young to the teenagers and conserve your
5:05 am
practice as well. if you see kids often the distance their importance is the that a piano and a couple of minutes that was the to sing christmas songs in a letter this morning will utilized will give the police chief the fire chief the mayor that all come down and searching as well what's in your adlai will such as st. you start smiling. >>will tran: defense mild as you like it or go over all exclamation... >> james: the ceo of sony entertainment you decanted
5:06 am
and a beard and berkeley starting to moral. >> reporter: the theater got the call from sony pictures on tuesday morning the interview will show on christmas day in employees are decided--excited at one. it actually went down because we were selling so many tickets it has been every one mack estimate of people passing by asking our you're really showing a we have opposed the out there everyone seems to be pretty positive about a. and runs for a week and is a demand that is tied it might be extended most of the moviegoing public approves of their decision to show the motion picture that is cause so much controversy.
5:07 am
i thought anyone would show the film it will be berkeley if anyone shows that at berkeley it will be the elmwood. sphere i hope i can catch it this week i hope it is really cool. >> james: if you're interested in testing the interviewed there are several theaters in the bay area shona fell it will begin tomorrow. we will take a quick break coming up on the new the rainy weather is taking a toll on the ground are on the bay area will say when it will reopen a first lesson is shoppers are come in the bay area in full force if he said a last-
5:08 am
minute shopping less to do former president is a mom is at a hospital in houston this morning will say will happen after the break. bulldog: [yawn]
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that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at. ♪ mattress discounters >>george: here live looked at the bay bridge toll plaza the good news for you if you're hitting and the early-morning hour like traffic now is today
5:11 am
following yesterday's fatter led to the sea and back of the time the mail is activated with should be coming up in about the next 40 minutes. >> james: for president george h. w. bush is being treated at a houston hospital after complaining of should as a breath so crescent statements saying mr. bush was sentenced hostas the 90 year-old spent nearly two months of the same hospital back in 2013 for rockeyes related costs in health problems the often suffer from of fall off our concern hot list for some to use a motorized scooter to the last couple of years. still ahead of armed the news we are watching the weather all the bay storm track four-r there's a lot of the dog sled approach to their bridge he will update you on a few is well.
5:12 am
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>> erica: where gore scoldings now we have a lot of cover in dense fog in and out of range. you'll see july conditions for no. data that it will affect him last look at fish it has gotten a lot will hold all to try conditions but we still have stubborn low clouds developing for the delta in
5:16 am
the coast and as it with the clock and mohsen 1:00 at in this is merely another of the events still is arise out of the golan daylight rain for santa rosa napa and palo month. that was the pattern has been on is a little tonight is a lot of cool air behind this system for this cold front where talking about pretty windy conditions pretty strong gust of 2,000 ft. high survey of the cooler side to that system vallejo only reaches 59 for today senator phil with a high of 60 and 63 degrees and oakland as in the head as an extended forecast web or to see dry weather and breezy as we head into christmas day most locations in the upper fifties to low 60s: carol e. settles in as head into the weekend but beyond today
5:17 am
not a raindrop and cipher at least the next seven days. >>george: we'll monitoring the pretty lie ride in fact it looks like is even starting out lighter than it did yesterday the start was to drive times as a look around the bank first on interstate 80 in the east shore free with 12 minutes right now hercules to berkeley and no delays for the six a rise of a lot of a 15 minute trip to san ramon valley ride not as always wanted to man is heading west from the alta walk past out to the dublin into a chance maybe close to 19 minutes and south 680 within eight and accident. >>george: in the 101 ride is just 16 minutes from the kite will be valid. here is the bay bridge ride adjutancy is pretty lights
5:18 am
for the west about the news no problems through a macarthur maze or from the east shore freeway on 92 in the san mateo branch line it is a quick trip as you had was bound them was a report on the benicia average this morning and we concede some fault here befall the advisory issued the golden gate bridge looks good life traffic very light traffic south by you to see some allies twinkling here very few cars heading into iran traditional problems for the west roster on red at the toll plaza or heading to it for it is a 580 west of richmond. >> james: a large landslide in san francisco were saturated ground has with the way in on monday the national park service lotus country was beginning to lean here allege antril the tree was cut to fall over and so there after 200 ft mudslide appeared on the hill in this video from a
5:19 am
helicopter partnership with abc seven news as a precaution they close fishing under the of the trail instead of a detour. fortunately there was a love for the tour attention on a slightly upper stretch of the same trail this is a little bit of inconvenience was difficult for us. where was at the sea will affect the health to on saturated hillsides and then assess the conditions of the tree. >> james: official said the trial because the lease until next week. police are offering now to $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in oakland hill, s.i. investigation a man was shot and killed on a popular hiking trip to the edge before the is giving--two
5:20 am
days before thanksgiving. the tone tuesday the ease their regional parks for is the car may increase the incentive for someone to come forward with information about the shooting death of a 60 year- old david. >> reporter: dennis ross were heard at approximately 324 in the afternoon sometime during that time he would not for walk on the trail and he was fouled by witnesses with three gunshot which were fatal. there's so slanted a surmount that the crime was the crime of obscenity or targeted we're not ruling
5:21 am
anything out reality every as a motive. some try using his credit cards at a downtown bank and cafe and that the survey this video being examined from those locations however as far as the visual link to the person of interest depicted in these police sketches when this is along the trip ride in the day was killed. we have witnesses who saw them in the area and the parking lot on the trail this prior to hearing shots we have not been able to make contact with these people and everything you recognize the persons in these sketches they're likely to give them a call. >> james: safeway has pulled prepackage carl apples from the shells and discover that the family of a california
5:22 am
woman shot to them say she died because of less serious tainted apple this is suggested in died at the buying and eating apple a few days before halloween. three people have died health officials said anyone with prepackage, apple should throw away will take a quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news for people are dead last touchdown across the southeast we're watching the storm for you we are watching the weather here on the bay as a second child at the golden sabers there are showers expected this afternoon closely there will be quick to into and quick to leave will get the full forecast coming up at 530.
5:23 am
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5:26 am
>> james: the dow jones to the past 18,000 mark yesterday. defense 18,024 above the 18,000 mark for some have seen as 64 points for the good side. they gained a little bit we have a future as positive by 18 this morning also setting a record in making some history of they're all we have the united states post office on monday to 6.2 million packages that is the most ever delivered in a single day and to lead a 37 year distich of the postal service. the previous record set back the week prior online shopping this entity over $89,000,000,000.30
5:27 am
percent increase over last year. >> james: aaa sale hundred million people will be doing some type of travel over the christmas holiday. no gas for a suitable step #has fallen 89 consecutive days that is a longer streak on record. the classified stand the $2.35 here the average price of around the bay with a snarl of a more extensive san francisco to 87 down 2¢ from yesterday opened down 2¢ from yesterday to 72 we have the evidence san jose and becoming a $2.73. >> james: we're watching your christmas eve for fast because we are expecting rain this afternoon erika will explain.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> james: we're back taking a look here at what is happening in talk of this would to an extent tear for the christmas holiday traditions at kirkwood the fantastic. the national weather service said the strong cold front will move into the sierra tonight. the heavy snows of the head of the for this evening it could be a consensus this
5:30 am
holiday weekend people getting up there. >> erica: to we have pretty active whether to the east where dylan was severe thunderstorms pretty windy conditions so to 6 in. to the higher elevations. we do have a storm headed to the bay area this on a cold front is one to be a pretty quick mover we are talking about what would expect it really just to the afternoon but very windy conditions. this is not want to be a huge frame maker keep yarn colors handy it will be your last minute shopping plans.
5:31 am
>> erica: christmas day looking pretty good. dry weather is expected for the christmas holiday of a look at extended forecast coming up. >>george: as we are tracking now fighting the commit for the west on ride to the bay bridge still looks pretty like it is possible it will continue like this we may not even see them realize activated use a kick off at around 540 to 548 in the morning with this is definitely lighter than we saw yesterday while the middle allies were acting for a while the return of the 720 it trip to the san mateo bridge will see what is to break is a little foggy with the trip is is still an easy one which is 11 minutes of turn the golden gate bridge you're looking at an easy ride across span with very light south lawn traffic were attracting any hot spots currently the learn
5:32 am
>> james: 43 men died from a to metal. --four people have died from the tornado. >> reporter: 10 times their total watching to at in louisiana and mississippi and alabama and georgia and florida the storm killed at least two people in the southern mississippi coming even buildings in the road and cutting off electricity. another two people died when the storm destroyed the mobile home mississippi gov. phil grant declared a state of emergency. + storm system destroyed more than a dozen homes in this louisiana town about 50 mi. northeast of benson group
5:33 am
power outages were not uncommon no injuries reported damage to be sent as far away from southern georgia, the storms have them several buildings here to the people say lucky enough to avoid a major injury resins are left with the plans to clean up. >> james: center was the place looking for a man in connection with an attempted sexual assault they're released a sketch of the suspect the incident happened monday near alum rock avenue in east san jose that he chided a woman into his car but she was able to run away hid described as hispanic aids was identified and billed in them as best he was last seen driving a blessed them with a silver group. he walked into a bank above 530 or so monday handed the teller a note and said that he had a gun he got away with an envelope
5:34 am
full of money he described as lice can possibly hispanic between age 18 and 22. >> james: the have arrested a man on suspicion of war into a woman's apartment in getting into her bed to have a lot 3:00 yesterday morning and sent to clear. the woman says the man out of her home on fourth avenue of deputies later arrested the man he faces charges are residents of burglary and sexual battery authorities say he knew another resident in the apartment. 3 people are doing last- minute shopping in getting presents under the tree just-in-time >> james: it is not close since last friday. >> reporter: as when oberon o'clock for a couple of days because retailers are counting of on-line guest attended to in the store. of
5:35 am
the business this morning take a look inside it was thought your sister or husband with last-minute get something this morning. a few dozen operas include one woman who started a christmas shopping last night. after their work an hour and a habit of this done overnight. >> reporter: is was be a very difficult morning edward but in the she had all of the holiday shopping. everything they're crazy then press a lot of people are hone have the best present you get off to take a look at gary strieker ride
5:36 am
here the traffic if you come and the afternoon and six month hours to get to union square to some saw this is morning at the best presents and parking spots. >> james: still ahead at a special was interested in san francisco is holding some big dreams will tell you where you will check it out and the ups driver release packages next a man sitting on a forged that driver that guy is not a home owner will tell you what happened to all those gifts. will get a look at for can rain on this christmas eve arafat has this detail on how long it lasts.
5:37 am
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>> james: we are back in federal health officials will to change a policy that a colleague bands gay and bisexual men from the lead in blood. it was placed under 1 years ago at the beginning of the aids crisis. officials say it is no longer justifiable that activist as for the change go far enough.
5:46 am
>> reporter: one of the bay area and listened to the pacific nationwide one thing they did not find was gay and bisexual men that was a to a lifetime ban put in place the to when you to out their activists have said the lifetime ban was discriminatory the ban is along supported by signs of recommending a change the new policy will allow them to donate blood as low as they have not had sex with another male for 12 months putting the u.s. lines with other countries include australia japan and united kingdom it is a step for ralston dollars the work of the fda to committees for taking this on after a month for should for this community. the total prohibition of all six is unacceptable. this to mean
5:47 am
a flawed man for some man. >> reporter: then detect hiv at the has been in the bloodstream for 10 days. a sure prohibition. is a reasonable period >> erica: heading out to dry conditions for now the lab look for storm track four we do have areas of dense fog that is where we are dealing with right now take a look at the delta fare filled britain's of a mile visibility down to 4 mi. and your gyro o'clock and it looks like just a half mile down to mountain view. we're talking about widespread low clouds affected early morning drive here's a look as satellite and radar we
5:48 am
are drive for now we do have the cold front down in the pacific. it will re ride to the bay area not allow but it is a quick moving system. and you could apply to motion 1:00 in the slain mainlander north of the golden days out of it goes to the fall cover. as an intimate what our regret to see mostly dry conditions in that one to be the pattern as the head as a lead on tonight the land is not going to affect his arrival sea outlet on today. >> erica: they're talking about very when the conditions. strong winds grew a modest rise resawed down trees and power lines. tech led to what happens and we put the clock into motion will see when it in this is a crease along the coastline overnight will
5:49 am
start to see sustained winds and this was the third and i'll bring when the conditions as we headed into christmas day we're talking about this the 36 into the first new powder for all new skiers and borders to symbolize applies the bay area time to jump into the fort is your overnight lows and the several segments of the fifth is as yet into the weekend. >>george: the bay bridge at the very much tells the tragic story this morning take a look here at my shoulder you see how like the conditions are at the bay bridge toll plaza the literalized have not yet been activated for the west on ride and is quite possible if this is like this will not even see them turned on and all that would have been activated by now but in fact is they they were by this hour in of the
5:50 am
back of the no less a very long very light and easy conditions this could be a bellwether for the rest of the morning for a rise of 92 and dec. severance no-fault advisory ever there is one for the death of our timber is when i sort of this is active here at the golden gate and easy rise of about as you're coming in from iran and the richest and webers the west by lilacs' good. >>george: novak of the delays on the toll plaza or 580 west bottom and tracking you're ride here in the east bank where still look get exceptionally the drive times in the absence of minutes for the east shore freeway in the hercules of berkeley ride no delays yes for the west mounted on interstate 580 as you hit here for the dublin interchange. >>george: living southbound early return problems
5:51 am
completely cleared here in the south they will not track any problems to so you're ride. >> james: will take a quick break back with more and in minutes to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to so ilower blood sugar? there was it's the first of a new okind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in mediciadults with type 2ng witdiabetes.d exercise invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clochere's how:ower a1 witdiabetes.d exercise the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. back in ... and sends somee asugar out through the and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. iincluding dehydration, iwhich may cause somes people to have loss of body water and salt.
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