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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  December 27, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> reporter: where one to be tossing the weather is a cold war periods >> erica: we are dealing with the coldest temperatures ratings of the season thus far. don and monterey web do with the
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freeze warnings and the fault lies affected and o'clock this morning along the delta. paul also doubt the third one having at the freezing mark in dublin. very chilly temperatures and a loss so an announcement dealing with areas of pettifog 33 degrees santa clara so even south bank clear conditions for the entire bay area damage for a court to start your saturday morning. >> erica: most of this in recent but the fifties will consider pattern into tomorrow and is likely to have the slight possibility of what weather next tuesday. no keep tempers on the cooler side lou increased windchill into next week. we do have changes as iraq or to cause a 14 >> reporter: is a long 36
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avenue residence to the fire is out this morning the five local to the scene about 520 this morning will shooting about to defeat in the air and the family one of the homes at a fire in their fire place last night in some of those ever spread into wall and ignited the fire into the roof of the building to hold a total sustained fire damaged and fire crews that had with the sole the residence inside
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>> reporter: mourners 7 this morning in europe set to say goodbye to follow new york police officer the funeral is today in queens. mayor bill the laws phil are expected to attend the funeral electrify thought police officers from across the country. residents on the peninsula keeping a very close eye on the pets after a new mountain lion sightings this one falling of this is an attack ran outside the family's home. it was as a for one am morning it is like it was a
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mountain lion attack. analysts lauded the head injuries consistent with the textwith >> reporter: there's a lot of beer in this area. police think this was an isolated attack they're as good people to be allowed out. we're learning more about the retail the attacks will early christmas like to men
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and boys were attacked in separate incidents between 53630 this is my first its founders were called to bury st. near interstate 680 in mission boulevard in south east fremont. all the victims retreat and released on the house and the coyote was filed and killed about a mile away it was taken in for retesting. firefighters said one person was treated and it unfortunately someone know was inside during the christmas day protests that self on video captured images of it as i please demonstration gore spent the day cleaning up the mess
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left behind decided damage was appointed to many people. i was really sad by a to crush the christmas tree is like learning the christmas spirit. a small group of protesters gathered in union square friday to protest the death of black man by police across the country sevastopol is wrong and to keep the peace there were no force of any damage or arrests processed the also planned in berkeley and oakland this weekend. coming up on kron 4 news weekend edition now living in a trash can on your curb could lick your target for a criminal how shoppers are taken advantage of post
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christmas zeal. combine your police officers take a shot at the new york city mayor of that coming up. for fact
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>> reporter: please remind people of this is the busy time for criminals and home break-ins. and accessible for the laugh tracks and and recycling could advertise the burglars which do with new expense against you having a home. >> gabe slate: don't cost the empty box on the curbside for pick up that can be dangerous. could of the boxes from an expensive items into small pieces and you cannot put them into the band at least a small pieces may be harder to see what new shiny items you might have near home. and
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this is about to show some expense of finances was to but to hear when the word about this issue and a few residents did think it was a the reminder. >> reporter: coming up one place all of california's city on alert this morning and every july with outside
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there is the golden gate bridge will be right back.
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>> reporter: 5 was a big surprise see a lot of frost outside. locations and its a good nose is a lot of folks on lockable work today. >> erica: here to look at them to try no cestuses will ask a pretty mild compared to the rest of the the air will arrive 43 degrees tech out the south may san jose has shot down to 34 santa
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rosa taxi at 31 we're having just below freezing. clear conditions bay area wide as the into the afternoon i wanted him to develop and to the mid to upper 50s 56 year high in apple all recent high of 51 degrees lots of sunshine you want to maintain dry weather it is chilly out there will have any freeze warnings or frost advisor is for much of the bay area again drive in this is we don't have high pressures. live on to experienced reinforce success of cold air.
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>> reporter: the holiday may be over but the christmas shopping people look into a salad strange gifts and expenses of the cards. >> reporter: close ourselves cyber 27 bills and where according to shoppers and bay street and rebuilt. people showed up the numbers on friday some said they had a plan from the stars the plan was to stay home put down as decorations some
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came to less than others use give cars and many for a central items. herem
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>> reporter: amaziah guzman bought frozen dog watches and music this of the kid riding motorize cars are dominant lead in the top- selling toy was an also ball from the movie. to cute ups expects to have the 4 million taxes by the end of january. is that people assembled a hundred thousand and one against. police said he got air duct. he's still the ventilation duct out of the jail and into silliness
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and then broke a small window and climbed onto the roof he dove off the roof and has not been seen since. he was arrested last week for live with a high-speed chase following a hit-and- run chase. >> reporter: he is charged with drug and gun violence a lot officer said that he should be considered armed and dangerous. mourners gathered this morning in new york to say goodbye to fall in new york police officer raffia rambles the funeral is today in queens where a single life picture right now your screen lets listen into vice-president joe biden. 25,000 members of the same fraternity and sorority as your husband. hoover has stand and will stand with you and the restless and they will is an uncommon for tennessee. do have shows
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tremendous courage in character in this fashion is you are your father since. and he was so very proud of you from everything that i have heard. and this note this partisan is to believe he will report a real live the title of life no showers should predecease parents my heart aches field and also know from experience that time will come when raphael's member will bring a smile to your lips. before brings a tear to your eyes as we know it
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will be ok and it is hard to believe there is a headstone and arlen they're rich that leaves our arctic know what he'll love lead to a memory that no a to still. sitting in for a few moments and the screen no one had to know you're a muslim to not know how this really cared bonds' family and you know why they
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were there. the river there to protect and defend as they always are there's a gap or with. abubble always looked for his sister and a father whose wars always encouraging the boys. with a touch back to the way the fear. a supplement his mother proud every tapis turned and smiled her
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performance will said the officer became a cop at age 37 in active member fisher's a faller another son a seven year veteran on force a son of a chinese immigrant and his partner converse and several dialects a newlywed. both confident committed passionate and vigilant. being a cop was not what they did it was who they were. let every man and woman in uniform there to make it to you are and they let everyone a uniform and out some you all join in the process with the same reason i was about to them a
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deterrent to could help lessen had a duty. tussle metal minerals because so many police officers. today we pay tribute to the families and the officers because every day when a police officer is
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on his children watch out the door the officer's wife husband other fallen by the sisters and children they know anything could happen. the fare that call at 3:00 a.m. and morning. . >> reporter: vice president joe biden is speaking at the center of the officers who were shot inside of his car to the funeral for his partner as planned center next week the vice president has hard for of worse this morning the vice president lost his wife and daughter back in 2008 so he is talking from experience payments to the channel that is underway right now will be back to after
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>> erica: was better out the morning to the most are in the fifties we are mainly dry and clear conditions where i see billy sims is below the freezing mark right now is the of saturday morning of the a lot of you are still in bed. we do have midlevel of fall out there perry look at some of the coldest temperature readings ride out palo alto 31 degrees pretty chilly along the peninsula 31 let vallejo doubling your at freezing. .
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>> reporter: the interview the controversy comedies that almost did not like to theaters ran to almost $1 million at the box office on christmas day that is from ticket sales and over 330 is listen ride. --nationwide. could a lot more money on line it was made on bill for net flexible play and x box video stores. the web site
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is called cb interview that,. >> reporter: threaten violence because it attacked the assassination of both koreas leader. applebaum called casting the interview sunny change course. 750,000 people so digital copies of the interview on christmas day. >> reporter: recall the
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president obama the chief culprit the statement also accused the united states of shutting down internet service to the country in retaliation for alleged acting the tax on sunny u.s. official said the loss in was not involved with either issues. coming up with people are being told not to eat certain caramel apples to hear the live the outside the golden gate bridge gorgeous conditions outside but again it is really a chilly saturday morning you're wikiup to will be right back.
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>> reporter: official said the 29 year-old kristen dennis was forcibly taken from her home that describe the suspect is 6 ft. 2 1/5 pound african-american man
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and a to 40 of the dead so far have no as and reopened following a fatal hit and run crash that killed and also had a traffic light system, died away the cdc is now warning about a sweet link to the least five guest the contemn it would hysteria among the victims of santa cruz. >> reporter: they're one consumers on its people in
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10 states have gotten sick and five in my have died after eating contaminated treat the cdc is also advising people to avoid prepackage, apples that include nuts chocolate or cycles. at this point is the cause of the contamination has not been identified in only one company at the apple out of missouri has asked a to a recall the cdc warned only involve prepackage, apple's. local in the store several the scare at the foot is out are not included the first of bird about was from a customer sec warning the less impact her business. marcella it acquired a few today people buy them in bulk that will hold if you keep in chilled.
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>> reporter: right now you're looking at life picture from the funeral underway in new york city.
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conrad has cited the strength that is the out side were 25,000 people are collecting to pay their respects for the following officers. the funeral is today in queens where president joe biden. . the bidejoe biden-the life of te vision bricks on the rock of unity. they all join the
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same family. the family of new york is a police officer said in a patrol car with his brother officer members of the force of officers from over 50 different countries who speak 64 different languages who protect the city with people literally from every country on the globe nothing will ever defeat or divide our new york family. 911 could not do a. >> reporter: you're looking at live picture on the funeral web logic a short
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break it will be right back. .
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>> reporter: it is a call on out there. force a lot of people got a new star for a jacket for christmas we're talking about really cool tempers out there so make the coffee and talk this morning, although some locations downtown san francisco did this city not too bad tempers ran on the low '40's some of the protective balance of acid rock below the freezing mark. the numbers surprised if you encounter some patchy fog. and you get out early saturday morning we do have the faa's advisory in effect for the dust settled
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9:00 this morning by the afternoon and spent lots of sunshine we're still dealing with what images of its upper 50s for much of the bay area. >> erica: santa rosa below freezing 32 at vallejo. mightn't caucus let us find out of the party will see forties' for much of the year if it is along the coast and the like everyone's pretty much in the '50s by three this afternoon. but saddam has your neighborhood fairfield 5556 in oakland san jose today to in with a high of 57 degrees. get used to this matter and it was it with us for the next of days when i went to see any wet weather. this was reinforced the go conditions of get used to it a very chilly or my low an
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afternoon high and '50s rep wanted to act on some gusty winds it is not among the into the distance for the east and south bay very strong and the forecast will be the pattern as wrap up the year will not surrender and stifle the next several weeks. >> reporter: it was a big year for the bay area and beyond full of amazing athletic achievements as low for 2015 here's a look back at a toast to 2014. >> reporter: (music) san francisco construction
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prizes the sure and spectacular fire by math hours and some zero temperatures before the plane landed a guy was away in a landing gears career. the tar room massive federal saw the california learned flange diving tender thousand people out of their homes at this the rampage. authorities say he had a sense to make a home a remote-control bomb in his apartment. mr. williams life
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ended from the 60 if you to haiti unforgettable unmistakable and undeniably a product of the bay area. goodbye to a landmark and hello to icon. the larger of quick to hit the bay area since the latin 89 to five years ago struck about 320 this morning.
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>> reporter: 50 flannels san jose a ring in 2015 you're here as we watch the fireworks on the new year's eve live show featuring gary and catherine and george perry is the seven emirs each night will be back in just the governments with more on kron 4 weekend edition news. ..
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>> reporter: take a look at the same from early this morning fire crews for his morning incentive around 520 and spoke with the man who lives in one of the two homes that burned itself did have a fire had a fireplace last night when it was a
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better run one-third have five offices that had a crackling sound and saw fire on a roof of a home fire crews timmy they believed in all, to amend this issue the fireplaces firebox not work properly and not contend he can fire striking a fire in the walls. if his left the outset of the fireplace. identified this is maintained inside chief to of both homes and not have properly working smoke detectors. 60.1 dog or displace water early morning blaze bid.
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>> reporter: this will fall on a to analysts at a mountain lion has been stunted. it was just before 1 in the morning when hillsborough residents harder loud noise outside his house and five on the block of all circassia ave. the large reach high-pitched sound coming from income of is when and spotted a mountain lion when he will come friday morning he found the body of a baby deer there when i was to find month's online this it looks like this was among the tech. with some of the out to check the property and we found a small deer the head injuries consistent to a predator tech. >> reporter: it was nice surprise for the attack rubble you shaken up. please
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send this was nicely the attack even so they're asking to be on the lookout was made to the residence to save will wheel where what the vote to do when they do sit line on the land. ...- little water notice is given once line with but not make a lot of noise. two men were attacked in seven instances where to place a 53630 christmas night for starters recalled various trees near interstate 680 all the victims were treated and released from the hospital in cairo news found and killed benison oakland left quite a bit of damage quite behind chris is the process. self home video captures images that sample is
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demonstration yet the sea all the people cleaning up on the next day or the to the clinic get masai's the damage was disappointing and people the square i was really sad by an orderly crushed the christmas tree. >> reporter: they vandalize or two dozen windows and subway sellers sell about a block away. there were no force of any damage or arrest process also plan berkeley and oakland this
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weekend. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news fresh snow that is right will sell the lettuce conditions for you to the controversy, the the movie the interview ride and a million dollars at the box office and just one that once they disarm the people so digital copies of the movies on christmas day and you're taking a live look right now and quays to europe this morning with the funeral is being held right now.
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>> reporter: a car science of building thursday afternoon. will forcefully no one was inside the building at the time. truant
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every 20 minutes after midnight trains also be available in downtown san francisco after midnight fireworks show on the waterfront reformation on new year's eve services available on march web site. starting monday raised if there provide a free shuttle from the city's bart station the downtown parking ride to.
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>> reporter: the top editor of a blast of new snow over the weekend. if you grab an extra jacket but look it is but a recent cold out there and is here in the bay area. >> erica: cold temperatures here and certainly freezing up in the sierra if you're heading up there over the weekend you don't need the change right now there is a possibility of some more snow arriving monday night into to this will keep the chain is handy to see another round of fresh powder. tear in the area loss of sunshine u.s.
8:16 am
english fall in excess of cloud cover attended the santa rosa still having rain below freezing san francisco you are 45 degrees 37 over san jose and the third is out the door in concord. lesley will see all things starting to warm up. as for the clock into motion was in the clock to see most locations for the way into the 40's 50's expected along the coastline, >> erica: for office like antioch to a perfect its repressive like oakland for the most part everyone in the same ball where i didnt would microclimates afternoon into 5156 for napa mr. today for downtown san francisco will maintain track conditions and high pressure in place would want to happen cold air masses
8:17 am
want to settle in from canada and that is the pride of you, pettifog. >> reporter: is general talking what the officer in the system is meant that remo's was known as being the minister out on the streets. he was slain last week december 20th of he
8:18 am
killed himself as well as a partner the signal went to be in sometime in the coming weeks. >> reporter: police in new york city are on high alert after multiple threats against officers this week several men have been arrested in connection with making threats against police officers since last saturday nypd in morning and tylers. >> reporter: 7 people resnick connection to all
8:19 am
those arrested one for making threats against a hundred and four precincts in the queens the others against the 84th precinct in brooklyn is set at one to mrs. loving presence and i cannot begin to find a life of the be like without him. police have come sometime along of losing groups all to show respect their grief unmistakable. like nypd funeral before an enormous display respect in grief will blanket the section of
8:20 am
queens. this channel is still being planned as a city and country grieves the airlines is four and five family member from china and offered to fly to officers from any law forced a say along his route to the pharaoh. >> reporter: the counter sitcom did that, did not make it to theaters back almost $1 million at the box office offices that that from ticket sales of just over 330 a nationwide the phil could potentially make a lot more money online the movie was made available by the soft x lot video store the special sunny web sites called the interview that
8:21 am
come. it depicts this is a list of career leader however after president president obama called caslon the release of mistakes sunny to change course and about 750,000 people stoat digital copies of the interview on christmas day in addition to pirated doing is sort a lot of legal and digital purchases sunny to decide to release the film on line 17 before it is a release in tears is 42 rubble one will strain move on christmas day interview was also available for streaming it called president obama the chief culprit to force
8:22 am
production company to distribute the femme in a cute the notice is shutting down the internet service to the country in retaliation for the lead passing attack on sunday. >> reporter: x box live is back on-line places the remains down doesn't lizard what has led this possibility. like a sophomore confirm that the same group also for keeping its network down early this month on separate occasions. hill is alive and outside this is the bay bridge on one the size there is no traffic which is the cold light back with more news for you.
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>> reporter: one of the busiest shopping days for other person was on the outside at their stores the police say may be gang- related to suspend for erysipelas are searching for two others this is the victim was still in my injuries has not been cooperating with authorities. >> reporter: the public did this in will be frozen the holiday may be over with the christmas shopping frenzy has just begun friday was another big shopping day when people look into returning this is in in those of cars. 75 percent of
8:27 am
gross out sales 527 deals and you were opposed according to suppers. >> reporter: people shall announce on friday and some say that plan from the start. the plan was a home which cannot resist traditionally the day after christmas is one of the best deal days of the year after the actual discounts that
8:28 am
some items. coming up all kron 4 news weekend shift was with us to talk about big will which impairs this holiday season stay with us. . . start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology
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with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee.
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>> reporter: at all surprised to see frost on 12
8:31 am
this morning. >> erica: analysts said into the bay area is the to develop we're dealing with temperatures below freezing and the uses pattern is here to stay for a while we'd love heavy rain in a forecast the weather talk about another code system that is on to write a much cooler air is into early next week. lots of sunshine in the afternoon there to do with any fault of their temperatures rational look is a low '40's that is afternoon to see mid to upper fifties if a few high as will continue to school they're heading into bay. and i think when she will be a factor as to get into next week will seek increased right now we do have the force advisor in effect for those of you of coastal fairfield to do not be surprised if you cause apache frost this morning to cancel some to for the most part will make their way
8:32 am
into the 50s >> erica: a muscular afternoon as his letter of to date the extended forecast shows nearly do with that in 15 minutes. >> reporter: he accused of assaulting a man pleaded not guilty if they four felony charges including perjury and filing of false we support according to court records the victim attacked him with his wooden cane across to the st. this shows the deputy initiated the altercation terrell is still low level of force was used by the deputy and that the chargers are too harsh.
8:33 am
>> reporter: the discord is set for next month. investigators are still searching for the driver ran into a saucer of the cisco police officer and is headed the driver was in a white two-door honda accord with the license plate you see right here on your screen the officer has since been released from hospital. police have arrested two suspects in connection with the fatal shooting at the trial here last month this to people right here were arrested on suspicion of shooting a deer on iran modeled on to is giving you a shot to death in front of his home in missouri st. instead set a male suspect that all the car shot bernardo and then drove off police also believe the car and harrison was and car burglaries. >> reporter: police are looking for a suspect hairs
8:34 am
will no official said tonight year-old kristen dennis was forcibly taken from her home police described the suspect as a six-foot 250 lb. african- american it is the 40 years of age. the data will relent a blue and red short sleeve shirt and what information is as to call the vallejo police department. a white pickup truck hit the cyclists from minor and also get a traffic light the suspect was driving away after the incident and the biker was one of dead at the same list of not looking for a suspect and the track with his major front and damage. >> reporter: commercial prepackage carl apples
8:35 am
contaminated listeria one of the victims from santa cruz the cdc is no wonder consumers that war to reproduce or repackage, apple's could be contaminated listeria bacteria nationwide 28 people sentenced is that got sick and five people may have died after eating contaminated treat the cdc's of the body was of what prepackage, apple that include nut chocolate or speckles. at this point is that cause of the contamination has not been identified and only one company had had the apple are missouri has issued a recall. >> reporter: the first part ride was from a customer come in. she also advises
8:36 am
avoiding car apple's more the just a few days old it will hold a to keep the children are not the seven men sitting around for too much no matter what it was. >> reporter: is no secret that the niners like the car weighs up for lost or pores herbs and from your simmons again will be as sunday's 49 hours season finale of 49 as head coach play called law and numerous their machine and is indeed a clear sign yet that hardball could become too and in san francisco dispatched at the is a full year left on the continent the line to take on their arizona cardinals and the by stadium there's
8:37 am
still time to adopt a tree --is a sign to adopt a preamble from the hospital.
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>> reporter: little reminding people of this is the busiest time for clothes and home break-ins.
8:41 am
>> gabe slate: did advertise a burglar was new except as a gift to have incited home i'm in palo alto or police are warning residents it--if you get this is to give a do not post the if the box on the thick of curb the that could be a sign for burglars was in their house. cut the box up into small pieces and you can i get them to bins and is a small pieces make it hard to see what new shine at and you have it your home. i enunciated the tv or council on streetside bless this is some boxes sought extra supplies of most about this issue but a few residents did it for the reminder. we've heard of
8:42 am
pakistan's the we have not experienced any will try to be careful. you out was about big losses and the tip from a particular big box to get rid of and don't have the time army to cut it up tried to watch your straight for the recycle truck and walked onto the truck as it passes your home. at >> reporter: i want to say about the movie that just came out their working time and money is all coming of will the news weekend continues. ..
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>> erica: ride our to alive
8:46 am
at the golden gate bridge we have a few high cloud to jackson this is no fault clear called out there. fokker you're 35 degrees currently at the freezing mark in fairfield we do have--false adviser. as we take a look into got a 51 mid-50s for downtown san francisco and pleasanton half moon bay a high of 57. we're going to keep on with this pattern in fact is we headed to early next week cool air from canada at it in our direction we're guessing conditions temperatures on the cool
8:47 am
side so hopefully you brush your new start for a jacket and carried on a to next week. it is like afternoon highs in the midst of the '50s as we wrap of 2014. >> reporter: right now what my favorite things because one of my favorite people there but to tell us about socle movies on the particular site at eye on. people would do anything not to talk to their relatives the imitation game my removal of the year is out there ready to the right now there is a few very interesting films that did come out on this last friday. faceoff to direct and in the jury to take on the roof into a story of
8:48 am
olympian the survivor of the treacherous pow camp during world war two. but acting brutal full access some heart but adding in a story that widened out of this experience will have to out still it is worth sale of the big screen. i think is the one you're talking about stevens saw all that doubt some memorable in a strange mixture of a classic fairy tale. most will performances on the present the first half director of rock marshall would axis is
8:49 am
everywhere is the sea floor up moments now on for nearly the rest of the film i can already recommend teresa's children however i am hoping blantyre's songs... >> reporter: his worm i've ever acted with his over top his obnoxious up progress of what a brilliant actor. i
8:50 am
was a topsy-turvy and another of his will just go for him. near the mall was i
8:51 am
really recommend right now they see these films that the tasting them so good list take vincent is so well done if you will to live behind the scenes of the documentary thyratrons walk in the man who lived a day man and 1950's and a half hour the called because it is a woman for mgm he directed at the siding to salmonella fennel's and if the hollywood to dance there is a lot of the gossip and hear about sinatra a
8:52 am
director len hollywood dance please pick-up recall to be back in a moment. ..
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>> reporter: 60 animals on a home which is beautiful they're also more pass waiting to be paired with them before the new year rose an where on a special home for the holiday special relative to get all
8:56 am
these furry friends into homes and a special aura that they are free to qualified the fine will complain to the tech homes within a look that new owners and/or the dollars the shelf offering for adoptions of the the local spare node surgery vexing and michael trip 37 for the recording gives lawyers that the law the corner and arrested on to get hundreds of volunteers are trekking the structure and transforming them into beautiful gorgeous masterpieces. each and every tiny piece is a detailed place by hand. if you plan on staying home could read their watch the fireworks on our new year's eve live show featuring gary and
8:57 am
george is an 1132 years even that will we back to set a couple of minutes. ..
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>> reporter: whether to bring you up-to-date for news and weather across the water right now with erica is a call when out thereout >> erica: a little brisk on
9:01 am
a saturday morning a looked like the golden gate bridge a loss a son of the saturday morning a few high wispy clouds. we're still below freezing of whale and santa rosa. as a signature here lies a few clouds will be and that's good news will maintain track conditions tim rogers for the upper fifties will attempt of the four special the foreseeable future. >> reporter: 22 to 5000 list of to annex's one is the second rise above all knew of this offer to his on a to officer's gun down the son of a patrol car last weekend was president of fiat and mayor bill the bastille and parents spoke
9:02 am
earlier at the funeral as well he spoke as well filled life is at the funeral has wrapped up. a one alarm fire is ephesus wilson said this is morning >> reporter: 62 this place in total ride out the building inspector is going when those told israel sack or chilly there were no injuries it is a picture you see the flames early this morning the five crew responded to 36 avenue along 520 at the home owner tells me they put up the fire and five is about one-third this morning with slit at 5:00 the will of the fund fire because of the fire remains on the investing isn't that lit the fireplace was not
9:03 am
properly maintained or recently instructed and did not work ride in the transfer into the wall start in the fire it was the roof of their home and one next door is a lot to of the will physical she is ok. is really sad to say my house than 11 roll like that. fire was selling at a wake of several other residents and rescue them from home the smoke detectors and will fall will not work properly
9:04 am
5 to say they're not properly maintained and recommended it to tim in fireplaces struck the that did have the inspection effort but a home for his adult. >> reporter: they're keeping an eye on a path to a new mountain lion sightings this with all of this is and will factor tonight right outside the family's home. >> reporter: it was for one morning when the president heard a loud noise outside the zone and five on the block of also read avenue. it looked out his window and fought the amount line. the clinton i would down the mountain lion will let it
9:05 am
was a loss line attack. there is a lot of beer in this area-- >> reporter: the believe this was an isolated attack. but a lot of noise to scare away but not to run from abroad to line. >> reporter: of the to
9:06 am
treated and released from hospital to call it was found and killed about a mile away benison oakland that quite a bit of damage behind. the vote on a mass and size of the press the strips are today cleaning up the mess a side road it is the spirit. the cult is also vandalize to the windows of this subway shop about a block away. a small group of
9:07 am
protesters gathered at union square friday to protest the death of black man by police across the country in san francisco police done more for the many dams or rest. --damage or rest.
9:08 am
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>> reporter: minute there is reported selling out shoulders including berkeley the flow could the
9:11 am
system allowed money on-line the movie was made available on net flexible play microsoft x box video store and a special sort web site called see the interview that calm. it pulled from after hackers attack their internal system and threaten violence because the movie depicts its last lesson of north korean leader. the bomb all test of the release in the state suddenly changed course and then there is the set on june 50,000 people who stole the copies of the interview in addition to the private viewing the score a lot of legal digital purchases that such a list of sale or line winds and one day before is that the recent there's the to the one and most trade movie on christmas day the interview of course is to visit his grave from google
9:12 am
play michael saw the video game consoles it called president president obama the chief culprit who force the production news official said washington was not involved in either of the issues. coming up our career expert chemical joins us this morning to give tips on how to spend that extra stalking cats. --cash
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>> erica: timbre and now his ninth 15 and in this battle with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza toward the start critical readings from the bay area of in the distance and a lot of will continue with this pattern as we into the next several days. and as i will increase the chance for gusty winds against early next week right now temperatures still in the '30's and 40's as we headed to the afternoon plenty of 50 to talk about fair from 55ยข cents say. --everyone pri in the same boat today. >> erica: will maintain drive in this is for the next hour or data we are
9:17 am
tracking a cold air mass in that reinforce the conditions we have been dealing with honestly not much changed for the foreseeable future in seven that room before pestles loss of some time there in the fall will continue with overnight lows to double down to freezing afternoon highs for the most part in a low to mid '50's >> reporter: phil is way way to use this money as opposed to just like this city got a
9:18 am
promotion or they got a better thing that. thompson of the american said that new job this year. there are feeling a little bit more generous at a their way to spend on audit test this week with the first part of the out of it is to create a new mindset. going into 2015 the railways and power
9:19 am
itself as a charge of a live picture on destiny to create your own success. my personal favorite also he is deeply meditated. he as he has the attention geldermann
9:20 am
right mindset. then by february 1st and rose off the top expert. that's correct coaches and all kinds of experts and from anywhere between $40.50 and a dollars for our some time so the experts offer free classes if your honor a lot
9:21 am
at assegai for class on there. >> reporter: the also have answers to have you learned a new language. even critics of better nutritional plan or if you have guided assistance is to sit for new computer and web cam or to do them. the internet and all of the applications collect loss of information
9:22 am
to pace is that a programmer. and there was a recent study this shows that career is definitely is going to be even more in demand for the next five years. they're the class what general assembly here in san francisco is not the number that,. they do have questions. the have laptop
9:23 am
to lead as far as your rejoicing? it is onl$5 stay with us until r
9:24 am
the break.
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>> reporter: university missing and the oakland raiders for business from the unions you're still missing and will be a son that's 49 the season finale in this could be the clearest and i sit on the
9:28 am
cardinals. it is a full half hour of all resource nissan and i admire after the news.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> reporter: lead on the tech allowed to air to tell us about the weekend whether it's this the right now because it is cold outside pyrrhic >> erica: we're still in the '30's not allowed improvements are the temperature. less is some movement is numbers
9:31 am
>> reporter: 7 as a scholarship the accusals also said the man pleaded not guilty friday. filing of false police report and perjury. the charges are too
9:32 am
harsh. in this is say that a
9:33 am
male suspect got out of the car sat rinaldo and then drove off he described the suspect as six-foot tube into the 50 lbs. african- american man 40 years of age. as expected and saw customers bought the dolls
9:34 am
what the music here costumes kids driving around the top-selling toys was the closer doll from the movie. holiday may be over but the shopping frenzy is not over yet. it will look into returned or exchanged gifts to spend those gift cards. >> reporter: 75% off closed out sale 5% decline to shoppers and bay street in emeryville. some said they had a plan from the start the plan was a home for down the decorations but could not resist it descended the day after chris as one of the best deal days of the year something to return
9:35 am
others to use cars i got the hottest talk a lot of supposed to some squeezing a dollar now >> reporter: ups expects to handle 4 million hogs a return packages by the end of the first week of january
9:36 am
last week's lows caused a landslide in the area.
9:37 am
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>> reporter: just don't have or more to bring your card also is says it will extend services until 3:00 a.m. to new year's eve answered staff will help you get home after a night out on normal weekday evening schedule every 20 minutes after midnight trains heading into san francisco will not stop at the embarcadero station if you plan on staying home to ring in 2015 look to us
9:41 am
lots of fireworks at us and then turning. .
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>> erica: still talking about pretty chilly temperatures around the bay area the good news is everyone is above the
9:45 am
freezing mark but still the upper 30's and santa rosa 47 degrees at san francisco lost a son signed a pretty brisk 40 degrees out in concord certainly grabbed a jacket. prince all day today rubble to see tim judge risen from a low 50s out and antioch to the upper 50s to half moon bay open today 56 fairfield you're coming in at 55 degrees will continue with this trend of pretty cool weather not arrange up inside as in his early next week there's another old westerns and is on to track down to canada. given the with is the best of all that from the layers that factor in this when we did have a far as advisory to the delta. >> erica: to the sector has are talking out and the low 50s.
9:46 am
>> reporter: i think we are blessed to have the walt disney family museum right here and san francisco and the presidio is good for kids would is really fun for adults as everything from fantasia to the the days of television on the disney tv show their original paintings away in the seven doors is prison is incredible that includes and equipment that will say this pretty impressive the camera
9:47 am
has been pretty acid through now. this revolutionary. using the mac background combined would their 26 oxus including the special award for snow white and the seven doors. he said the museum as
9:48 am
a way to of resolve lifted been told all her father. >> reporter: to lessen ventures. tsk and now you have to train. is to all boards celebration because
9:49 am
of the magic of disney films. he restored to get an unusual move was made to get animals to talk into the real humans. is it was a chilly yes. and the allies
9:50 am
like also about his courage go on to a website at walt disney dock work. >> reporter: peterson was a really recommend on dvd walt
9:51 am
disney the man behind the magic. >> reporter: have to remember humanity comes first no. 6 was worth saying. someone is the limitation game. those who
9:52 am
believe that it is time allies will be back after this.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> reporter: he was one of two nypd officer gunned down decided trocar last weekend their labels are still pending for us in hillsboro residence parlor nervous eye and a possible malta line of attack that
9:55 am
happened just before 1:00 in the morning on friday outside the family's home and said her a lot less outside the home that lived that was a mountain lion attack sitcom to water but the attack. their frenzy has just begun before the to return or to say is yes. that is a new weekend for
9:56 am
saturday will be back out here on sunday >> erica: is going to be called hopefully you plan on-stars and--scarves and jackets. that is on to be it for a news this weekend for saturday will see you tomorrow. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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