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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>darya: good morning >> reporter: 41 to the status in the world today and really feel it tomorrow
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we're looking then the bay bridge linking the three mile visibility 37 in a loss of up to four is in downtown san francisco physician is san jose at 35 and 39 in sunnyvale and ford for antioch unpleasant this is in concord the stop watch it is high for the afternoon sun the conditions and even of the '60s will be in the south and 56 in sunnyvale of the '60s and san jose to a citizen of a more physical in vallejo and concord six is at oakland and san francisco and an unmarked grave. >> reporter: the seven is headed this way from tomorrow more discuss all
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your possible record- breaking four has come a little bit later the first. george perry >>george: the mineralize wrap the threaded a little bit earlier than usual on this back to work monday and that after the holiday for many of the sea where already back now passed west grand avenue and even this 80 approached as backing up approaching the bridge at the market continuing to see heavy traffic on interstate 680 in the southbound direction getting out of pleasanton not for to know we have to separate incidents here in the south lawn correction in the vicinity of castle would was installed in an accident that has already been cleared will are looking desolate and userid early venues for 680 southbound. >> james: follows driver to take the golden gate bridge every day to have to find
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another way around this coming weekend beverage will be shut down over the weekend. >> jackie sissel: 7 talking about this for a long time and it is finally here where five days away for the law was closure in the ridge of 77 years history it was such a senseless saturday night saturday morning and to 01 a.m. until monday morning at 12:00 a.m. until 52 hours the ridge to shut down this is the first time in the region's history that is ever been shut down this long did with that move will medium their rent the hope
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is the new barry rubin had no collisions we decided to close the rest was all the move will media barrier 01 weaken rather than having to drag on and have a letter to open here and there was left alone to settle long we decided to rebuff the band- aid and install the bare all once} down completely traffic will not build a motorist. you laughed stratify alternative plans.
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>> jackie sissel: if the russian central ridge is an option to the golden gate the will allow golden gate buses to go across the span during the closure so that is another option for people their size all the bay area 1 people about the closure of them registered, or five days away. >>darya: and of certain raw shooting and not the alleged gunmen still ... morning place looking for dismantling year-old stacy hawthorne officers respond to the fight that happen animal cell that's less of him walk our was second store room with a handgun is
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all happened saturday night he believes that he was involved in the fight in a to suspect what was to be arrested he managed to get away rantoul the kiddos should blossom boulevard in the places he stole his personal vehicle was a the hondas and not the keys already in the ignition. the officer was in the frontline and the suspect tried to run him over some or all of us a shot at the suspect will senate believe that he may have been wounded in the shooting of they found blood in the stolen car when he ditched in iran when interceptions. it said he may still be armed officer involved in the shooting is on the minister of leaves while the investigation continues for another big story we're
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following a dilly officer involved should an applicant has ever cisco or a member caught in a restricted area of the place of seven-- police substation. >>will tran: has this happened on sunday had 5:00 and the evening you could see the evidence markers right behind me because the man the 32 year-old man was shot in front we talked about the restricted area you concede there is a fence right there but is never closed the result arise because police officers need to come and go. there are plenty of signs this they do not enter a dozen of on this this man has to be in the restricted area would have some time to time this also would tell those to you have to leave this area this is only for us. this is that to happen yesterday >>will tran: 2 source for walking to their target come across a man is a home you cannot be here you have to
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leave the area he did not leave the area he did not comply that by getting a little bit closer to him and that's when investigators say they saw the blood of the gun in his waistband they claim that this man was reaching for his waistband that some officers opened fire on the man killing him at the hospital and the reason why he was shot if it was a loss of our letter- that a census of the census of lichees here is his explanation of the restricted area. we have people from time to time the war into the parking lot use the they're reminded that loss was the in their daily bread away or very apologetic and being a rock area in this incident he did not immediately leaves and he remained in the driveway to the surgeons could not drive out >>will tran: witnesses tell reporters that he was old model * office of a to put his hands in the air he did
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not do so to deny having done it as a to be a replica guns but of course officers did not know that at the time the two officers had been placed on the minister leaves and in this investigation. >> james: come into the newsroom this morning jury selection begins today for the only living suspect connected to the boston marathon bombing will have a preview of the trial coming up
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and enjoy a hearty meal with some new favorites. you'll find these and other general mills products on sale at safeway today! with >> james: 71 is set to take place at 330 this after no for an operation who followed by a week-long series of events as she defeated mayor jane swann last year and in moderation is set for today. >> reporter: we attract include some just this morning on the 40's and 50's more details on a warm
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ah! >> james: we are back. the national weather service's timber to let men in that was the drop to 10 below to fill you factor in the wind chill is to select a low
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despite speaking of which we have are looking at the ford as a local one as well >> reporter: 1 degree from minneapolis. sales with its to sew up dangerously are the cold air is of the rockies and act in office like midwest and parts of the east coast very cold temperatures in our neck of the was we're getting ready for some warmer air coming this way when empress guys out there some areas of fog including santa rosa to a caucus this morning dosimeters are at 45 1/7 as oakland 39 mid started for concord livermore 39 degrees
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and sandro's you can pull down to 33 degrees or not to see the visibility of santa rosa down to 3 mi. due to some fall out their copper down to 5 mi. but everywhere else is looking to clear skies to start this monday morning to his look at the headlines just a patsy valley fog this about sunny a milder even warmer for tomorrow. >> reporter: a slight chance was in showers and to the forecast in a 7 1/4 at less to know when exactly does a little bit. if you're heading into the sealed air you need to get ready for some possible flooding but in the bay area were looking for more sunshine today and to the bridge of high- pressure allowed citizens ever sell statistics in
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sunnyvale 68 degrees and san jose 51 unpleasant a few fifties and adults up to code label and 50 degrees in tomorrow or even added to those numbers this is the center fell seven it's so rare cities of sunnyvale and san jose at 7 in fremont and of the '60s and oakland and the kron 47 they're wrong before task to look at the traffic would george. >>george: we are tracking traffic this morning bemba
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women is in free on is there's been highly 92 west loses still will usually buy 645 to 65010 alert from the golden gate bridge the ride looks good frozen this weekend will be hearing lots more about death you're ride to marin county on interstate 580 b be a force
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in mexico city lost ground and wynton and hayward slowing the ride and earlier problems ... it is out oslo in that dublin into pleasant and track in the ride in the southwest does an accident on a once or what will part with. >>george: 101 northbound. >> james: mario cuomo for a funeral is at 11:00 tomorrow the former governor died of heart failure on new year's that this hours after his son was inaugurated for a second term. he was 82 years old. >>darya: in just a few hours and accused boston
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marathon bomber isn't lost now with the very latest. >> reporter: 04 turned down by the judge today the senate still emotionally recovering from the bombing the child does start to that lasted 2 mi. away from the marathon finish line. nearly two years after boston was rocked by this explosion or the two men accused of the crime according to the fbi at the palace and nails three people were killed more than to what others wounded will
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run the authorities said two guerrillas killed is of lesser demand laurent and to a plant into he was spotted in a suburban backyard. it's and it's not guilty in a child defense attorney was a troubled young man called to the influence of older brother was bent life in prison when the death penalty. it lasts about three days will instead go for six months. copper >> james: the consumer
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conference is where real learned with the trends will be for this year and beyond for that matter. >> erica>> gabe slate: expectancy a ton of videos from him and a social misfit to draw limit at this year's show. smaller and more sophisticated soldier ever car to be this big. technology still need to improve laws need to be passed that consumers need to be informed. the source es comes into play this lead to the presence as of the big show. therefore unveiled last year but mostly for now latinos and afford them this year new model to show all the are lighter thinner and much more for and nurture
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make it progresso or make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> james: opening bell center ring here and just a moment. in any event it getting underway no government reports due to that a lot or make a to releasing a lot of parts.
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>>darya: you open your eyes or world is full of learning opportunities. it back to work and back to school with another couple of this >> reporter: his influence chilly from lsu morning we're not central to is below freezing was still plenty chilly for a lot of people. received 40 if it
6:32 am
agrees and have momentums of the six incidents and a leg when i come back will talk about the 70 degree weather heading this way. coming out. of the dublin and changed >>george: we had a series of problems and the southbound direction stalls taxes even more rollover 06 in the southbound that's why we are ready backed of and an assault that is one on one of about a new leader unless
6:33 am
activated a little bit of his schedule today on your approach 92 or send the sellers sutters abroad already by 7:00 if not stopping the traffic and wallops letter pretty good writer and now the golden gate bridge in the southbound direction there is one today a big traffic didn't come of this weekend listed on that nowthat >>will >>darya: the golden gate bridge is closing down this weekend completely traffic for why their wednesday closes. for >> jackie sissel: to look at
6:34 am
the golden gate bridge is after this week is what to look a lot different than is because years and years of talking about their family going to get that movable barrier on the wrist to separate the lanes of traffic between the south and northbound direction and because of that there but to have to close the bridge for the entire weekend that the first time in the bridge 77 year history + results and done it concrete barrier it will help prevent on one of their way up the fine alternative there's an alternative come again and you want to drive you have to take the richest ever for
6:35 am
a bridge or a 80 and then go over to the bay bridge to get into the city also lowered its transit is going to up their service not only on the ferries and out of there was to have a we can serve is going on but that on to allow buses to go across the bird does another way to get and all this is started at one minute after midnight on saturday >>darya: you will be allowed to walk even this on the sidewalk. von >> jackie sissel: decide what will be open bicyclist and walkers can go all the rage that when the have the
6:36 am
movable barrier that once you work in the lanes of traffic that's why they have to shut it down is on the one for as a model and the bridge this is nestled on a onetime get out of the way you can still on the sidewalk. is the same as item situation would agree opportunity to build two to bridge will check again. >> james: if you're ride were stationed we have our bases better on the climate we have stations never really see full increase in their part to increase by 50¢ of that ever since mills also build massive increases
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>>darya: this is this list of line 323 is on to star at a clock in the morning arunta 1030 at night a solicitor's for every 20 minutes as this is caught in the evening his the store is amazing to near a teenage boy who had a hard said during a basketball game is saved by the san. >> james: he was 40 years so he went to press their arrest and glass sector on the course likely winners and health retired
6:38 am
firefighter was in the stands up and sell it was equipped with the deferred letter was great for them the shot the boy back to life the officials immediately started his impression that can mild and got on the a e d the vested on the altar and was a was still right as far back as a law rhythm. >>darya: to the owner of the silos reynolds will lead to california will tell you why it looks that way coming next and for your girl who was kidnapped in southern california her body is found to have the latest on the investigation
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>>darya: is assigned to seek removal back to california the record that there should and $80 c stadium in boulder the animal will be one a year away nosings will be allowed to locate >>george: some of it and filled to a not so they can bay aristo plaza where chavis has been backing up earlier than usual this morning to the west about ride will be right back.
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>> reporter: tech got minneapolis they are at - 8 and that once again to all 01 degrees is afternoon we
6:46 am
have some really dangerous is really want to muzak the windchill we have coke and this is nothing like that to 37 concord santa rosa disagree focus san jose airport this morning had live for today in the next couple of days to market to
6:47 am
mornings and then get ready for the role near record highs and if possible with high-pressure dominant in our forecast area fustanella to get more sunshine and above average temperature by tomorrow and wednesday as for today a little warmer compared to this ever since go and in daly city said to have full read warmer as we head for the south high of 66 and san jose of the '60s could close to seven to that 06 is a pleasant livermore 50 in the layout 64 france and apple tuesday warmer less talk about that. in his
6:48 am
san jose getting close to the mid-70s that is more to feel warm definitely a really nice day tomorrow if you like the one they're you like the forecast and begins on thursday and only a slight chance is bator for lot of folks and their track in the monday morning commute. >>george: we're still rely traffic for last two weeks less over now as traffic is backed this is mrs. morning added to the delays on the stressfree wake an accident not just pastel foretell
6:49 am
drive by interstate 80 was brought so the ride into san paolo coming out of pull an earlier career problems on the nimitz northbound that left traffic so the usual in hayward sent down to signal 680 in the southbound direction december celebrants ride so although sometimes stop and go traffic is in a while since we've seen is what is backed and for the golden gate bridge still problem free clear softball won a one ride 3 west 580 ride getting into more in coming here is a look at the wrist members
6:50 am
told plaza and the city traffic began in for the castle into a westbound. >>darya:, come as allow fire is burning and southern parts a year. giants a consent and fired it is so far bird 31,000 a. of countryside more than two dozen homes have been destroyed already in about 30 people have to get medical treatment because of this massive fire is going on for days now as of our show is the only serious injuries so far farmers who suffered from spinal injuries watch eye to the texas property on the flames. >> james: that's a sign to determine the calls of a small plane crash the allure was heading to the lawyer
6:51 am
went to finance a long he reported in the problems is try to make it to the plane went down about 10 mi. of track to track newly nearly a mile in the dark before finally finding a home she actually went to the nearest house that she could have stayed for to do that. >> james: 2 releases and days we had delays in developing story on the southern california where a baby girl is dead she was kidnapped in the shooting
6:52 am
and her body was found please do not have a suspect or not or modal authorities found the girl and a strip mall the 2 yes 7 the swiss as for she was taken from a home they say in long beach but when police got there to the home a sudden i found the girl's mother and father had been shot started do believe that the attacker who shot the family and then took off with the girl knew the family they think it is a man of they're not releasing any of the details about the seven members that were shot to are still in hospital one was treated and released. >> james: about a hundred shoulders are back here after being deployed in west has the the return sold the capital to monitor in washington to lead to 21 days about 50 shoulders--
6:53 am
soldiers. >>darya: to know services were held for the following year police officer to help from a chinese immigrant family he was remembered as a good man who still the american dream he and his partner officer rommel to gun down at. migraines as a sitting in a patrol car in december he was a cop for seven years he was also a husband married for a couple of months several new york city presence in the allies fear and he walk the path of courage and sacrifice several beer
6:54 am
please also wasn't the tennis at the memorial service who was a good progress back to more after a couple minutes.
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bbed oked lockedp. ce cled? u dot kn "aa." beuse e aa fra wah neork ans evyonean ptecthemsves and thr faliesrom ams d idtityheft with local arts,ipsfr lawnforment and the sidecoopfromormecon tist re posbilies staaheaof t baduys. if y don thi beacon n at theirwn ge, whenou tnk ap, th youon'tnow arp" nd me surisi possilits anget knous aarorg/ssibitie
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>>darya: police on the hunt for a suspect shot of an officer and later will have details garies offer a couple of weeks of the sports world continues loss of things happen with the forty-niners harbaugh left the building the warriors continue the open jawbreakers to explain the new records the liberal
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