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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 5, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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= 4 tomorrow wednesday the morning live look at the bay bridge approach and traffic back to the normal part of the front tide were looking at mostly clear skies kick off monday morning still pretty chilly out there temperatures 33 center rows of 39 oakland 37 degrees in san jose and we are seeing some spotty and santa rosa right now on free mile visibility eds not all the plans also call befog the highs for today little warmer season san francisco daily city warmer as you had farther south 66 in sunnyvale upper 60s in san jose was six seasons as a lever more. 63 oakland also 60 for the north bay. i come back up talk about the 70 degree weather heading this way which means we can send some new workers and details of a couple the letter. and it is back to
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work monday for most of us now and seeing now commute levels. certainly the case for the bridges will show you those element will check a couple of incidents were slower than should be 680 in the southbound direction heading now to about 12 minutes to ride down the milpitas out of dublin. with several incidents that occurred earlier this morning to back up the ride much earlier than usual and much farther than usual. it was an accident at not look crews north on lot of traffic backed up and coyote valley pushing drive time marty up over 20 minutes now. getting up toward highway 87 on 11 northbound. at the bay bridge but back up starting to creep in the macarthur remains as the drive * pushover 22 minutes and had two accidents of approach to the san mateo bridge. and the westbound
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dried and some shot up over 20 minutes. doubling in the last hour for west on highway 92 in. and so far at least it's a smooth ride for golden gate bridge bridge this morning with no delays and why the bridge is one be shut down and convenes was happening sit forever one once the sun >> : and cognitive for years this median barrier on the bridge that and support in the traffic north on southbound will finally it's going to happen at all mean for the first time 77 year history bridge will be entirely shut down all car traffic for the entire weekend. now talk about this concrete barrier that want to put and to separate the
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lanes of traffic that runs in the entire length of the bridge 1.7 mi. hopefully it will cost of will cost $30 million absence from occurring since 1970's it had 36 fatalities on the bridge many more accidents many of those collisions and this concrete barrier will help prevent but as a ton of the close of the bridge for the entire weekend starting at 12 01 and then said tonight. and on monday 4:00 a.m. that to do in that the do now than i just learned to open here and there. with all it is going to take time and we decide their off a band-aid and install barrier all once close the bridge from completely does
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not mean traffic the does mean the trip will not be able to get over the bridge coming from the north there trendsetter fell bridge over 80 of the bay bridge only option that way but golden gate transit will upstairs' service and also under a multiple boats to and from the large ferry building to a very bowling and sell francisco. also all the bosses rolling on a weekend schedules those bosses will be allowed to go across the golden gate bridge and other than that for 52 hours as a bridge will be completely shut down for the first time in history >> : when more than 24 hours after the fight in vallejo its officer involved shooting and then police are looking for the 21 year-old stacy half one. if the fed
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is happening in a motel. and this awful lot for a walk zero lot room and the sun saturday night. and they believe he was the one involved in a fire in the first place officers tried to arrest him but he took off and got away brand to a heated dealership on sonoma boulevard where he is still an employee personal vehicle on the sonata with keys already in the ignition >> : during the incident and officer in a parking lot and the suspect tried run him over appeared officer shot at the suspect >> : the list as is often given landed in the shooting police found blood in the car and that was ditched an intersection of sacramento redwood street also kind says that the think-maybe arms an officer involved in the shooting is administrative leave pending
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investigation >> : and big story following this morning that the officer involved shootings and francisco where man was caught with a restricted area of my soap police substation waldron joins us now live in 7 cisco with more what led up to the shooting >> : what led up to it is because according to investigators he did not leave the restricted area and not confrontational with the police officers but a walk you through the levelland. i'm in front of the mission district and valencia substation. in see police evidence markers and front end of round 514 yesterday evening he was on the other side of the suns this fence never closes even though a restricted area and >> : the reason why is that it's open to allow police officers to come and go with their squad cars personal cars >> : become clearly see the signs in front that say do not enter restricted area. and let's show you video right after the shooting and said this man was a
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restricted area to sergeant's what action walking to their cars in the approach man and what they've done all the people the past but inexorably wonderment area. they say they told his men to leave the area and did not do so that's what's been the when the filter and even claim they reached for his waist and when they opened fire on him three times rushed to hospital and later died what man not been released at this moment. obama and restricted area as a now we get a chance to talk to some francisco police chief this here is his explanation going on offense area for applause officers >> : people come the time believer in a way i'm being on area. the not
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immediately leave and in the driveway sergeant's could not drive out. new line witnesses report that they heard police officers tell this man put his hands and the air and two sergeants were placed on administrative leave investigation and still is working to get that man's name >> : oakland will swear on emerita day of bitter cold. >> : the bundling up and temperatures expected to go below zero. >> : bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters.
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know better sleep with sleep number. welcome back to the kron 4 more news quick check with traffic here from the bay bridge toll plaza traffic of 6 is beckham backup bridging in the macarthur man's drive times over 22 minutes complete check coming right up >> : to the news today oakland mayor elect will be inaugurated this afternoon sirloin taking place at the paramount theater of 330 this afternoon and build and run it the duration followed by week-long series of dance called made an oakland celebrates the diversity
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near port out says the lamarckism proven in oakland trade >> : improvement of economic workforces average unemployment rate dropped to 9.4% in the quarter to a 14 compared to 114% in 2014 issue of the number of jobs 22% last year in the report does not show with the new jobs pay however on a plan rate above the level recorded eight years ago and still ahead here on kron 4 more news to the signals ramson of the tender back to california and last night's storm is beginning today they need some help tell you how >> :
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ we are back talking what the weather up justin bay area on the nation residents on the midwest due in one of the can bottle up and try and make the best of local situation. temperatures in minneapolis could drop to 10 below zero today it been factored when shall talking about 30 below see people try and have some fun and of parks frozen over that's
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where they live close michigan car bought a buick the cold. >> : after all this time of the after coming up in this hour as well focus on whether a quick warmup this week. this is when we say we love california at 67 is in the forecast but we're into our conditions and focus on minneapolis weather forecasting high of a whole one degree this afternoon and fact right now at minus 7 degrees. very cold in minneapolis on east of the rockies today and it next couple days and not able to pull more tense the after last year and sees it was getting high of just 22 chicago 0110 degrees with the west coast and the side of the heavy rain are
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looking at '60s and '70s for california from northern california down to los angeles. look at the sfo camera shot or the beautiful sunrise were seeing mostly sunny skies and some areas of fog in the north they validate the space of phallic no airport delays that all three airports from the bay area this mutt news for travelers to interest all chileans and rows of 932 degrees in now 34 and 39 about oakland 377 was a low for use in livermore not as cold as we've seen lost the mornings at >>:gary fog for today's sunny and mild of this afternoon and get ready for tomorrow new record high and is a slight chance of some showers primero in the north bay over the next several days to talk more about that the next 74 test sell iran are showing all the rain falling in seattle part of oregon this rain causing some flooding
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concerns for seattle area for our neck of the woods of sunshine and nice warmup run the next couple does we need it was boy that heating bill will be high highs for today's 677 cisco upper 60s in san jose getting your warm sweater on the bay area today 65 and so cooler manioc 63 in oakland and also 68 for nappa center rose up. the check out to stay high these will see really nice warm and 70 and santa rosa 65 san francisco's 70 is for the peninsula and was city of the senate bill san jose 70 also and fremont. upper 60s oakland under sunny conditions and also really nice down most warm through wednesday again record highs possible and then will start the cooling thursday's slight chance for some sprinkles very friday in the north bay bonus like chance
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time percent probability sunny and seasonable for weekend here's george tracking your commute have a look >> : and a priest's " traffic is backed up and the bay area for the he or ride a 80 northbound and southbound. nussbaum brought back up earlier occurred problems itself but traffic have a says it was slow to the course family and drew down to milpitas san jose still looks go here pleasanton first were the subject about of dublin and snow. and several incidents there back up the right and then we've had three separate incidents on 11 northbound direction. that's where we're now looking at a 41 minute drive time about twice normal commute time coming up at the top no. all 11 of to vote my view expressway here's to read the bay bridge and macarthur maes and not completely through.
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richard the san mateo bridge very slow this morning were looking at 2226 minute drive * across a span and two accidents on the first of the bridge that's why we're still badly back up and of course no clear pattern for westbound 92 and for the golden gate bridge center itself bound and then ring county richmond bridge backing up now but the toll plaza of beginning to slow the rise five a westbound through richmond. >> : her about the rain were still recovering from last month's storms and today it needs some help hit the flooding has been in some detail and then the san mateo office of emergency services local assistance center today. same agencies will be there to read information services for those who need them all the rain and that big storm.
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center oakland about 9:00 this morning on the miller avenue and >> : knew this morning owner of st. louis rams is planning a bolognese skate rink said team l.a. times reports that stand he had developers to construct 8,000 ft stadium and bought the 68 per lot last january since then it's been rampant and the we moving back to l.a. home heat more than a year away at a just us month i should adults in the team would be allowed to relocate before 2016 entertain the applications this year >> : still had on them kron 4 morning news future is now how does the presence at up to what how would thought it would be >> : take a look >> :
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i'm not so in 25. cox struck midnight january 1, 2015 the number plus the question where the hall report to your promise and of blockbuster phone back the future might recall to of 30 years ago sequels 2015 as
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the future this their marty jumped to a lot of the timber on movies do in their predictions >> : were family here at the feature >> : year 2015. that is exactly back the future 95 stickleback the future part to foretold portion of the attention movie able to stretch the sickle that search include future with a hardboards flying cars >> :
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cover boards not as decollate or you think it is yet this from last year showed commencing featured to doc brown legendary skateboard tomahawk in mind a few weeks ago this video pop up writing a prototype of an actual hall the board >> : of this flying cars kerseys a stow kron and its technology there is something tech risk going to create the first flying car messages as has been working on a model as well as i tech cells flying dune-buggying today >> : still waiting on self lacing shoes to thousand nine of a patent for the technology a sign of hitting stores just yet nor self adjusting >> : film was a little optimistic and in some cases completely off >> :
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through the movies back to the box office even if we never got the jaws 19 hologram attacking movie poster >> : for saw on the small screen now >> : teleconferences on the peers of the fiction 1989 but today's flex screen tvs everywhere videoconference on your cellphone even >> : though funds one area or the movie really went payphones almost sort of fun today >> : machines and also from barely with huge role in the movies says richard on the funds medfly sewing on those instant he to the ceiling mounted gardens did get preoccupied by own virtual world and so i found five has some news buses akin
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to call to it on to less >> : star the film says buss about children >> : memory does not have baseball team bowden hold your breath for the marlins to make a series this fall that is truly the work of fiction >> :
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discover theowerf ju ve by wa wita eaktoughormu. just onehowegiveyou ftersmooer sn. my skiis rlly lky ooth nedoveody sh. softersmooer sn afr ju onehowe r ve drykin, you ed hling nevasene iensi car withicroropls of velinjell reevesry sn anmoisrizeto hl it inust days clinallyrove at'she hlingower vasine. and back the time now some 30 monday, little effort lot
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of folks school most kids are on the bay area live look at public bridge and not really nice shot of the sunrise and cerros the dawn of 34 degrees at this hour has for this afternoon the '60s for a lot of locations san francisco oakland if looking for high of 63 downtown san jose upper 60s and warm spot of the day today when we come back well talk about a 70 degree weather heading this way a and water heaters will file legal break hopefully before the cool weather is back first george check in my commute >> : slow ride this morning to the area bridges bay bridge and san mateo bridge then start the 880 commute westbound all backed up in the macarthur mays now. platform and drive time
7:33 am
pending on the approach even a 80 approach backed up in all lands right to the top of the ramp. in the 92 red very slow 2620 men drive times coming out of the word out toward sematech note this morning. earlier occuring problems clear now also dealing with residual lead slow traffic and as we are here in san jose three separate incidents on 11 northbound drive time as 41 minutes out of the coyote valley it heading north from highway 85 to the montague expressway >> : and 33 are in the trading markets the dow is down by 200 points and also down all of gas prices >> : cushioned the dawn for to 2 05 >> : mar parker car on the station get ready detail little more for parking kron
7:34 am
4 release your reports raise six ago number of stations across the bay area >> : are parking fees on the rise to the state doing good some of the roses with the get as a link here >> : if you notice the station near my part is all fell the past eight the daily fee will be increasing by 50¢ >> : escher so happy making war on of a tech every day to seven cisco monday to friday they are expensive so put more 50¢ >> : processes produce a resistance to the terminal are rate is-there's an and parking phase or man the same as the millbrae hayward and oakland coliseum conquered another conversation >> : just the fish on the bay
7:35 am
area and press increases to affect more stations january 28th the rest we clattered >> : agency officials say look programs debilitates stations included in could access and update parents is >> : extended hours start today on the bus line the san jose new limited stop a 3 11:01 to 1030 at night. and sunday service is added nine in the morning on 20 minutes on 6:00 p.m. titov's gonna be in san jose trillion not street and north second third back its three >> : also happening said jerry brown now and for a final term as governor of california gov. x with the lead his plans flex for years tomorrow cruise collections start building
7:36 am
first section of the 58 billion high-speed rail project and the train won a bronze priorities and allies return there we go abroad unveil a budget for 15 also suggested the city has not and the decisions on funding for higher education campaigns its debt >> : the teenage boy had a heart attack and less well gimmickry over the weekend happen at the gymnasium onset saturday 40 year-old boy cuttack rest collapsed in a court londoner's retired firefighter in the stands with the help the injured also cleared the to the figure later it will shot the boy back to life and an emergency crews got there >> : nurse to determine the boy carter pressed official media elite started just compressions cpr rescue breathing and came out a e.d. file cabinet to go to the court next listed on the
7:37 am
pedals on the youngster and able to bring his heart back into normal rhythm. >> : all schools have the is my daughter's school does eds a lifesaver in this case and told the teenager is in good condition this morning >> : developing story of a sudden california this morning tragic one at that three girls in the shooting has been found >> : ploy's officer didn't currently the have a motive or suspects psilocin and on that and if on the evidence remains a shopping mall dumbs or yesterday after the shoes taken from a home in long beach police responded to the home saturday night and that's where they found her mother father the babies on call all suffered from gunshot wounds the tories believe it tucker knew the family and some with this year say the suspects looking for adult males harleys and eminence mission beyond that to victims
7:38 am
hospital one has been treated and since released >> : time awesome 37 kron 4 morning news won real housewife is about to learn just how real things get behind bars will have that story and continue our look at the monday morning whether traffic live look here at how terrible it is up the cemetery bridge whether traffic jam up the only back with
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hiding assets from bankruptcy credit current creditors and loan applications up board of $5 million mortgages construction loans chow to go to not paying taxes to the 41 month sentence adolescences completed and complicated matters of american citizen could be deported to italy when released >> : tracking cold temperatures once again this morning 54 santa rosa 9 in oakland and 38¢ itself if i come back to the warmer temperatures lead heading this way after the break >> :
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of clear skies will hazy though for some spots until an overall will be really nice day temperatures for now a san francisco 44 degrees are now. 49 note: jose 4744 livermore center and to know at 34 degrees at high pressure and control but no off north loss brought france seattle traveling a northwest today and the range of flooding is a concern. and beckham bay area is sitting over us the
7:46 am
next couple days in getting lots of sunshine and also green temperatures to near record high especially tuesday and wednesday. entablatures little warmer compared the yesterday by 10:00 looking at widespread '40's and 50's even a few spots in the '60s them by this afternoon expecting a mix of generally upper 50s and mid-60's today. and has this afternoon break down like this and 67 scud daly city 63 cerros i am and 63 in oakland having gone soft the peninsula and warm readings for today 3 tomorrow and then mid-60's for sunnyvale 68 as your high in san jose and nice under sunny skies low 50s and pleasanton livermore. kron 47 there on the bay forecast what you like those tuesday even wednesday even record highs of the middle next week and this is
7:47 am
a little cooler pleasant and slight chance for some passing sprinkles showers and the north bay every saturday as well and now looking trier for most days under some conditions and seasonable for weekend. here's george with your commute. >> : and as we continue to track delays now and the usual places and traffic on the upper east shore freeway also a problem on city streets and berkeley ashby avenue has been shut down between seventh and the freeway. we do have some downed power lines. for it to san ramon valley slow in here with a slower trip in the season 9 clara while looking about 24 minutes south from walnut creek down to dublin foggy ride not so bad because the big problems in tracy to 05 westbound. to slowing for westbound what no one north on 585 2/8 still not too bad arrive definitely seeing
7:48 am
more congestion and we've had in awhile and then so is the bayshore freeway with heavy traffic once again on both sides of highway 92101 northbound and southbound. if given the marin ride on sunday it delays now in a bottle with 11 soft on sluggish from 4 highway 37 than a drive time of 29 minutes. then looking at your bay bridge ride back up and the macarthur mae's 24 minutes there san mateo bridge is seeing its share of traffic 2226 minutes trip time golden gate bridge stow problem free but some heavier traffic softbound and richmond bridge your back door to the toll plaza still on 580 westbound as to make your way through richmond heading toward the bridge. >> : saw jordan in years
7:49 am
>> : yes for the big new year's live show them off to you to hear rebarbative work. but a couple weeks steal the same >> : bs in catching up to the let's go. obey back on the this morning beyond george scott look amazing seven years battled cancer so inspirational and just happens to watch a little football then of course watched all testimony on espn than distributes about how 21 years pre white bread
7:50 am
till this and that and some personality. he became a big star and we just related to go over. >> : when on and on about it with his two daughters very sad >> : so yes today watching and a wild card game did moments with saw cowboys called spin on the day before panthers raven's winning and jim harbaugh also dwelt were going harbaugh supporting john at the game in pittsburgh and we miss hall
7:51 am
jim harbaugh i have a dream speech. with my dream is to become michigan the biennial it or did you move on. the mof would say i support his brother and national tv >> : are as an offensive coordinator the offensive coordinator and now getting all of california. it's as simple as this to make of his employers hear the forty-niners and wanted and who knows if you are the here and keeping up his tradition every place he goes has a great job for four years and said the move. will see how long he fills his contract exactly. that's the deal with the
7:52 am
forty-niners were happy with him tread york and the gang who could blame him. >> : police for four years ago of the >> : warriors kept up with them six and five now tonight oklahoma city and cady is back >> : then friday about the tickets so excited will bronze never missed more than five games is clear but of course made 10 more games >> : have a hard time stopping those tickets now >> : a going to a south and abroad are the to number one goal getters in all-star votes right now. you can't go wrong obviously that would be great to see if this war the few years certainly in recent memory you don't go to see the other team you don't see a warriors >> :
7:53 am
to his son and i admit love south and it of see them but never seen the brunt >> : of the other bottle or $5,000 to house wondering that normal. >> : i was thinking probably not if you're off the stretch >> : i don't want to disappoint you yes but >> : the thousand mile flight out of west and his desk from the west coast there for about five games my guess is he'll rehab back home. >> : anyone who followed and appreciated love affair: on this robin became best friends with him is going to love the interview remember the north trip everything and release on line audit to
7:54 am
the interest they would you think and write a player for a story bad movie made news it was hilarious story your hopes it so funny you appreciate suffragan their the producer then james franco like this animated thicket dramatic talk-show host so funny and it was to see the parallels of the low-fare the developed then howell lends >> : even the business to appreciate more the stupid party humor the guy humor i loved it >> : and see in the feeder i hope so that's how like to watch movies and i like the godfather >> : i wonder how does one to
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affect how people with normal want to grow theater is to demolish the home on quit stoudamire >> :
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weather on the day wore on top of the middle of the week full bid on the forecast. thank you be
8:01 am
talking out calls >> : morning and get ready for '70s over the next couple days you will start to feel the normal today in fact live look at our bay bridge approach and the toll plaza to mostly sunny skies out there this morning see lots of sunshine the next few days here temperatures quite chilly for some spots usual suspects including santa rosa 34 nevada 3934 along the adults of vallejo of fairfield this morning. 41 livermore 37 in san jose and 49 in the downtown san francisco. tears were accepted for today sun warmer high end ranging in the mid '50s lower 60s for most of locations lowest readings though in the south bay temperatures in the upper 60s today. then
8:02 am
tomorrow or raleigh possibility patchy look saw today over unconquered sun rose of the near record highs through '70s to mar afternoon when stay sunny and warmer will see '70s wednesday it once again when i come back i know how long with warm spot will last before some changes in forecasts in the '70s forecast and george tracking your traffic a morning >> : and the morning we are tracking a slow rider on the bay area as we are once again looking at normal commute patterns >> : these four free wide is having now to drive time that's about 32 minutes from hercules to berkeley along westbound direction. new accident where installed and gilman. cell 680 jammed up out of concord and so is to 42 this morning in the san ramon valley have year ride in at the lowest since sometime west 580 ride is good because of problems in tracy was backed up about 2
8:03 am
05 to interstate 5 and then in the south bay looking at 40 + minutes drive times for one no one northbound jammed up out of coyote valley this morning even 85 to west valley and is much heavier even than usual then quickly day and tracking your ride and the bridges the bay bridge westbound backed up early this morning into the macarthur maze. your bride the san mateo bridge jams up once again in the westbound direction. with so traffic now from the toll plazas and 28 minute drive time from a word all over to a cemetery. big news to the golden gate bridge more on that now nuance that
8:04 am
three years and years of talking about it moveable median barrier separates the lanes of traffic in the north side and south side and because of that we're going have to shut down the bridge should down with in the entire week and this is the first time the bridge a 77 year history the bridge will be shut down for this length of time. 52 hours and all from 12 saturday morning until 4:00 a.m. on monday morning the bridge will be entirely shut down to all traffic. and so that the move will median barrier is 36 fatalities on the bridge in the hope that this will prevent those accidents on ongoing accidents occurring all all this will end up being a $30 million project but aside from the money will cause a lot tech in and out of san francisco and talk about why
8:05 am
they decided to do it now. close the bridge for mobile median barrier over one weekend rather than having a drag on and have a letter to open here in there because we thought about it was going to take too long with a separate off a band- aid installed barrier not once close bridge up completely at the intrepid will not be will come over the bridge >> : because of what obviously will try to find alternative routes into the city richmond center fell bridge 80 to the bay bridge to a great option although probably a little bit crowded other option: gate transit ferry service more of bob ferry building and the entire weekend also the buses still be running over the schedule will be allowed to go across a bridge when you have to go on it you can always use the golden gate
8:06 am
transit bosch's bosses talking about this for very long time and for seven bridges history the showdown for the entire weekend >> : and odds are jackie a week from today will be out there giving the first lieutenant for it to me of the median barrier >> : please vallejo looking for a man who tried to run over a police officer with a stolen car. it happened here at this motel 6 after officers spotted to a fire at 21 year-old stacy hawthorne they say it set walked out to sensorium with hands on saturday night tried to arrest him but ran and got a way he ran to ikea and started a key drillships and alamo bowl bar where employees say he still has a personal and thus not a vehicle if he's already in the ignition. >> : runaround for dates during the incident the officer was in his parking lot and suspect tried run him over >> : officer shot and at the
8:07 am
suspect's >> : officers say the hawthorne may have been wounded in the shooting they did find blood in a stolen car. although it was ditched in the intersection sacramento redwood street. they are afraid if he still be on and dangerous officer involved in that shooting is on paid administrative leave right now. officer involved shootings have francisco is one man dead he was caught and restricted area and the mission of police sauced substation the trend was not incenses as good details of what happened >> : restricted area and a replica of a gun at this all happened sunday a 515 in the evening this you can see and police evidence markers on the ground were few shot in the mission district substation valencia you see the signs do not enter it means for every one except police officer is yes there's a fence there never
8:08 am
closed and the reason why allows police officers to come and go. the show video right after the shooting took place this man on other set offense and restricted area to sergeant's left the building heading to their cars there and across and tell that you cannot be in that location then they get into the conversation at one point they do see the bottom and gone and the waistband and according to investigators claiming he reached for is waistband that's when shots were fired. he was shot at least three times the call an ambulance they call the hospital where he later died. we got a chance to top the san francisco police chief in here is his explanation of the restricted area at >> : a deaf people time to time wandering in the parking lot reminded they're not supposed to be in there they leave right away and very apologetic >> : this instance they did not immediately leave here
8:09 am
remained in the driveway so sergeant's could not drive out. >> : we do know he is 32 heat has been place said administrative leave pending this investigation their names not being released at this point according to witnesses i believe they heard officers at the club's hands up he did not and that's when the place officers opened fire on him and this all started because susan restricted area also he had a replica gone and turns out possibly a bb gun >> : back with more at a couple minutes >> :
8:10 am
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to 42 right now at the 250 marks local macedo why good question at this point all eyes pointing toward oil prices continued: in fact oil futures fell and hit half year lows today to bring down about the sector's although gas prices on the cheapside for you and your wallet now is if the economy want to employ all right now to the time for you. and this chilly start to monday morning trade but it temperatures 34 center rows of 30 and antioch pleasanton 40 in fremont and
8:13 am
39 degrees in nevada more details on the warmup heading this way when kron 4 more news continues after the break >> : hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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[ female announcer ] know her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, righ you don't know "aarp. because aarp is making finding the career you love no matter what your ag a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools, suppor and connections. if you don't thin "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." find more surprising possibilitie and get to know us at a 15 all looking at things getting warmer in the bay area look at the midwest it is freezing there. national weather service temperatures and places like
8:16 am
minneapolis cloud droplets cembalo today and windchill 30 below what it feels like how would you like to stay in that. taking advantage and trying to enjoy themselves best they can. the get through it >> : '70s something to agree whether the some places and '40's and on the seat belts which does the warmest when you see here is to be ok fern couple says but we are looking at a live shot of the sfo clear skies monday morning but a befog for nice start temperature is now 44 severances go oakland san
8:17 am
jose 39 also looking at 30 is for concord livermore 46 and rose the the social history for all the apache valley fog was poured down with that sunny conditions and a little milder tomorrow well thought once again and once again record highs '70s a slight chance for passing showers the north bay potentially for the route it wrestle a high pressure control and these are not and seattle really coming down as far as the rain does concern flooding concerns for the bay area high-pressure given us all as sunshine next few days here are sharing and send more air well above average but tuesday and wednesday. here's how the highs break down for where you live notice the warmer locations will be in the south bay today mid-60s sunnyvale 68 degrees in san jose 61 and closing 1063 oakland low sixties in san francisco so pretty nice day out there and get ready for tomorrow
8:18 am
here is a look and tuesday's warmup the heat of these on the record highs for the day tomorrow the forecast rise you can see mount you had a good chance of high record high oakland getting close to it san francisco are black and a close record high but san jose record high 74 and for testing high 72 for tuesday wednesday also could be just as warm kron 47 day on the forecast and so rego the shores no need for the see here there and looks like in fact we give our here's the break for the next couple of days and the next heating bill. and then the weekends reasonable one seat so far as the chance of showers on the right now malls and much of bay area this morning will and no major incidents jamming up the right and what we do have a
8:19 am
return the heavy traffic of all traffic pattern right here on easter or freeway interstate 80 west bond tracking a 32 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley and then problems city's streets here in berkeley-the avenue the freeway and seven. and then it brings awesome power lines arrive here on 580 westbound much lighter than usual and because of big problems and tracy to 05 westbound an accident has backed up the ride there along to i 5. the very heavy on 85 space 11 north bounce is continuing to slow 21 minutes from downtown san jose out toward at 85 cupertino. intense light traffic is especially heavy round one no one space 92 both directions getting here from sfo a little beforea
8:20 am
little slower than where you see a while to there was a stow southbound at lincoln adding to the delay. five times now are up for 39 minutes. from nevada down to the golden gate bridge >> : signal the bridges could take a quick blow bay bridge grade boys things have eased up here considerably. phillips found a 580 bride it was backed up and what all that traffic worded ago some of the here some of the cemetery bridge like we were so heavy,. for the golden gate bridge still early for the peak of traffic there is a delay free ride and the richmond bridge there is a back up ending early here in the westbound direction and no longer backed up through richmond 580 west bounce >> : bombing trial begins today talks of a plea deal this weekend and a change all that source tells cnn the justice department rejected steal for to plead guilty in
8:21 am
exchange left in prison for parole. in boston with the latest >> : yearly two years awesome blocked by this explosion >> : of the two men accused of the crime goes on trial on april 15, 2013 that runs past the finish line of the boston marathon >> : courting fbi bombs inside pressure cooker is packed with pellets and nails >> : and three people killed more than 200 others wounded >> : the man who led the two accused bombers i eventually >> : on the run of stories the two brothers to a police officer on the nyse campus' and carjacked before gunfight with police >> : authorities say the men died after the gunfight none other than his slain brother. the other brother remained on the run to april 19th spotted about in the suburban backyard >> : now 21 years old charged
8:22 am
with 38 federal charges faces the death penalty. pleaded not guilty in a child defense attorney is to dig to pay him as a troubled young man caught under the influence of an older brother who's back on geoid. defense lawyer judy clarke is well known for giving high-profile claims like prison and the death penalty. >> : whether he's guilty only question remains as is the sentencing phase of the trial will a jury of his peers sentenced him to death penalty >> : also making news happening now search for wreckage and victims from the air age of flight 85 01 crash is concluding night recovery efforts and continuing movies and carrying the debris of the bodies from the crash site three more bodies recovered today bring total now 37 divers coming the sea floor encountering
8:23 am
monday conditions making hard and they have their sonar equipment in the area hulk and a scanner bottom crews working nearly nonstop the fund plans black boxes and that will help them determine what plan crashed >> : good news president obama the start the new year awesome cnn poll revealed president approval rating 48% as high as it's been since may of 2013 >> : x for say stronger u.s. economy are gas prices helped >> : and here's a look a gas prices and the bay area sure has held like a the left and right to 81 on average at that you find in oakland to 65 gal. and to 67 san jose and a little bit more still i feel every the never filled fills a >> : use of the hybrid of the
8:24 am
heated seats >> : now you get rid of that >> : track and back from tom how best to 49 filled up >> : couldn't pass up >> : will be right back with more (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground
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8:26 am
8:27 am
insurance premiums basically would rather go back to the high gas prices all three things of those it would go down >> : still had on the kron 4 more news could soon still seeing trees and parking bart
8:28 am
stations even the new year and watching the weather traffic on this monday morning >> : temperatures are up against prices so good of the golden gate bridge >> : to goes down sooner member >> :
8:29 am
oh'm on t cookie air et. u ju... anthat's it. i prer rl food uit,uts,nd whole gins. grt grains ceal artsholeand stays processedlakelooknothing ke nuralrains. l's get real.
8:30 am
kill men said the competition and the substation that man pulled a gun on the officers tried to get the end live area to
8:31 am
officers fired and had a multiple times. multiple bridge trodden on this weekend and telling everyone to avoid the area the move will replace the zero cones must bring lanes of traffic and bridge official shutdown at been at this time friday night and reopen monday morning and 4:00 a.m. >> : and jury selection set to begin today in the boston area a suspect in the boston bombing. this is brother to temporal and planning carry out the 2013 project and bombings and a decline to answer people owning more than 60 others >> : and he was killed during the followed a 931 get a look at whether traffic for you on this monday morning sun. sun is out and it is a good start the new year back to work for new lines to bring ashore to be even embellishing a really nice warm conditions heading this way and not quite warm
8:32 am
today's stole malden most locations look at the golden gate bridge waking up to a sunny skies and temperatures pre chile for some locations including sen rose on 34 degrees 39 about the low '40's and upper 30's including 39 for san jose >> : happening for the highs today >> : of a 60s across the board including mid-50s upper 60s proper spots in south as san jose to 58 degrees and 66 in sunnyvale and low 60's in san francisco little cooler for vallejo fairfield made upper 50s for the afternoon i come back well talk about the 70 degree weather heading the/the force and close re-enter the forecast and 74 castellan first is george with your traffic >> : and midmorning lows will continue to attract the latest in the bay number
8:33 am
freeway issues showing some slow traffic also closer look at the rose censors here in the ride highway 85 out through the valley of as pre slow here and especially runarounds 17880 interchange and to 80 gems up nearly 1/285 also slow ride the peninsula on both 9210192 and 884 through enter changes. for the bay bridge early end of the back up here again we speculated earlier this morning and a letter traffic nautilus tunes back in class yet. here we see it early and the back of san mateo bridge highway 92 is the difference for those were still at capacity soared back above the approach to the bay bridge try * still running 26 minutes for the west on
8:34 am
rise in hayward >> : fend off of a time mobile lab free download at or stumbles your apple and drug devices >> : five more traffic to commute the if your ride bart through the commute and it for the fourth station. pillow more parking fees on the rise as kron for lease your read reports flights expect to go up the number of stations across the bay area >> : are parking fees on the rise. if you notice the the normally park filled to capacity leafy or the likely be increasing 50¢ >> : it's making a lot of what take bart every day it severances go when it's your friday >> : a tardy expensive 50¢ is
8:35 am
unfair >> : and it uses it was with a sense among were raised prices but there is some good news parking fees or remain the same millbury a word oakland coliseum conquered our conversations >> : will take effect most stations january 20th if an arrest only clear >> : officials say a peace fund programs to rehabilitate station to improve access and update appearances. and on happening today jerry brown sworn in for a fourth final term at in california and lay out a plan for the next four years and results are building the first section of the $58 million railway project one of
8:36 am
governor brown is a priority during his last tournament enduring later in the week governor brown will budget plan 2015 and some major decisions for funding education and how to pay down the state that >> : hundreds of kaiser permanente your help professionals to along we want long strike next monday to protest help health-care providers until health care >> : wasn't hundred >> : heading the loss they as a consumer electronics show in 2015 find out what to expect from this year's of men coming up in the tech report >> : live look at sfo on tap for warmer temperatures day-by- day toward midweek forecast coming up >> :
8:37 am
dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. ♪ ♪ if u wa it go t anget ♪
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8:39 am
. welcome back to take a look at the richmond center fell bridge early end of the back up here at the bay bridge toll plaza the longer any delay here and no backup a 580 west bound through richmond.
8:40 am
>> : this a just and judge it just ruled the mary can begin and areas within the county lines this morning rest of florida can start doing that after midnight >> : for a house why this report to prison today in connecticut >> : and began 15 months sentence for bankruptcy fraud she her husband's pleaded guilty last year the hiding assets from creditors and phony loan applications $5 million in mortgages and chow also pleading guilty to failing to pay taxes heist have to serve 41 months in prison after his life sentence is finished then since he's not american citizen he will be deported to italy released from prison >> : hundred soldiers back in the u.s. after being deployed to west africa to help build a
8:41 am
treatment facilities and the returning soldiers being kept and controlled by entering area in quarantine washington for 21 days 50 soldiers still in west africa providing assistance and related news american health care worker exposed to ebola virus your leone is being carefully monitored at the medical center. in addition not ill or contagious but has been placed under observation and the medical already treating the patients with a bullet to treated release their however died less than two days of treatment. be ready sunday. whether it's coming right now still pretty chilly and were in the '30's and 40's this morning across the bay area under sunny skies more details on your warmup weather coming up after the these messages >> :
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
consumer electronics show las vegas tech report shows the preview of what we can expect >> : anyone has everyone in the tech world has lost it is for international consumer electronics show having their this region here are the trends are expected be more than four years to an industry gathered for gathering of, got in all things electronic >> : this week international consumer ought try show is happening in las vegas and the stakes are high >> :
8:45 am
or the 158,000 executive fires and engineers government officials media and more star football fields >> : shot the first refrigerator and the sparkling water >> : and is now in the public for several years >> : and used to be the only place to from gadgets >> : mutt these days google microsoft apple all prove their own much offense introducing the easiest way to bring your favorite on- line entertainment to tv >> : still expecting see a lot for katie the better picture bigger screen lower-priced right now not much to watch in this new high-resolution >> : manufacturers showing off all the new starts packed
8:46 am
inside an internet of things what does that mean ticket a coming-connected to the internet >> : and apple watch and noticeably after the yearly show at what did we do find accessories for the week for this-it >> : more reports for you from c s loss vegas later this week until then when he won a catch-up with the behind- the-scenes coverage goethe facebook page were find me on twitter >> : and for those of states now had over to the weather center we have any in the forecast for today what is weather story for the next couple days and >> : that's the warmup for all talking about so we know that although it won't be
8:47 am
all-out war little bit warmer than yesterday tomorrow here ready for the more dramatic warmup live looks sad tale looking at sunny skies we did see patchy valley fog and conquered several rows of hayward this morning that hasn't been all that bad it is expecting is a mild conditions today tomorrow will release start off with some more new delhi fog and then new record highs because reduce the quantity '70s and the forecast we do track a slight chance for some showers in the north bay later in the week. but all the rain in seattle or not dealing with any of that moisture were not seen high- pressure dominate and go right over the bay area next couple days it will give us any conditions and help assure and mild air well above average for january to test showing by 10:00 this morning temperatures generally in the '40's and 50's with a few spots already in the '60s especially in the south bay
8:48 am
and south of san jose by 2:00 we will see it 50s 6 is for the afternoon here is how high is break down for where you live today looking at low 60s said francisco and a look at the sunnyvale 66 san jose upper 60s and nice and warm for you low 60s and pleasanton livermore and getting around 62 degrees today same deal map of 63. here is a look at your highs for tuesday. even wal-mart yet '70s and santa rosa 69 nappa 68 in oakland and san jose of fremont all looking at lower '70s we will see a challenge of the records and looking ahead to be behind them and maybe a couple new records even downtown san francisco getting in on some of the war made upper 60s of feel hot over the past few days >> : tuesday wednesday the warmest on the next seven
8:49 am
cooler thursday tracking slight chance for showers friday a sprinkle saturday mostly through the north bay in a bottle of turning dreier bill keep you posted a live look at air traffic with george >> : harrington berkeley this morning and not your best route to interstate 880 between the freeway. rest of the east bay writer going to numerous northbound 5 e not too bad to oakland and 680 ginning up once again between dublin and signal south bay freeway still a very heavy your right won a one northbound 85 to 80 getting a marginally better mid peninsula still very heavy interstate 280 looking for slow traffic 92 but it's on both sides the bayshore freeway between hillsdale san bruno wish to find plenty of slow going. the
8:50 am
ride to the bridges of this morning first at the bay bridge were we saw early end to back up both early activation not early in slip away down the center lane and even the san mateo bridge is showing signs of improvement now for the north south on right nearly >> : your trip light uneasy the clauses of this week and right into marin once again early end of the back up here says there's no delay it no longer out of richmond >> : , carolina panthers had coached not sure caught fire fighters shot to house after 4:00 this morning says he his family got out in time the smoke detectors or going off firefighters over our to get those planes under control st. louis rams
8:51 am
killing all senseless team could be moving back to california >> : playtimes partner with developers say that they're creating a stadium in inglewood. >> : with iran's backed the original l.a. home and a half to be at least a year away roger goodall last month saying he would not entertain any applications for moves in 2015 and of the 2016 to we get permission on that >> : sports world beyond mourning the loss of espn sports casters sort scott died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 49 yesterday mike has a look back at the life and career mont popular soared because of
8:52 am
stylish catchphrase and on learnt on air persona. he presented a public battle with cancer >> : honored for its fight that espy awards and about refusing to let the disease did to him when you die it does not mean you lose back to cancer you beat cancer by how you live why live and in the manner in which to live. >> : chemo radiation treatment tx got away from his work on and off throughout the year spirit fight never weighed even what reason november despite reports move to hospice they were wrong to refer about me not true story in a mess i continue treatment and miss some work but hospice no fighting es >> : two daughters inspired
8:53 am
taylor sydney i love you guys more than ever be able to express the two are my heart beat and standing on the stage here because of you >> : bbed oked lockedp. ce cled? u dot kn "aa." beuse e aa fra wah neork ans evyonean ptecthemsves and thr faliesrom ams d idtityheft with local arts,ipsfr lawnforment and the sidecoopfromormecon tist re posbilies staaheaof t baduys. if y don thi beacon n at theirwn ge, whenou tnk ap, th youon'tnow arp" nd me surisi possilits anget knous aarorg/ssibitie
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one thieves most recent nfl the latest to be hit over new year's holiday and there and elsewhere me any burgundy wine that is costing up to $15,000 a bottle of tories say nine wine dealers will be a lookout for expensive balls rolling up options and founder facebook once server read more real books this year and asking public to
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join and mark says that he plans to read a book every two weeks in 2015 to the others involved he launched a book: facebook >> : must be the over of the book collection >> : it's called your of books >> : on recent own see where he's reading now and post discussions offer other suggestions in it for future title to in the first book on sector boat is west facebook and power >> : of an outcry did that >> : >> : have to go and see what is ridding next on kron 4 more news in oakland a good news getting better the new mayor inaugurated today the details on that wallstreet is look at the dow down to under 39 points almost% and
8:58 am
a half >> : watching the weather this morning
8:59 am
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>>george: still subtly ... syria to house the check in your we have not yet it wasn't early and to the back up here also to the richmond braves and the right to the san mateo bridge had and how it ought to the flow of traffic would not longer night at the scene is fairly light and easy right here it
9:03 am
even on the west to 9580. >> : >>darya: dublin now live, this we can on the golden gate praised they are setting it behind completely for today is ahead and go somewhere condominium. the will be good for what was enough for writers this weekend. >> jackie sissel: the first time and the bridges history entirely to know car traffic for the entire weekend that is because they want to put this long talked about moving a medium the area it will be a concrete barrier that separates the southbound no. down lane of traffic pulp is a will prevent head-on collision damage there is catalysis night scenes 17. delta does look of it and his deputy
9:04 am
million dollar project what to do it they need to set down the braves decided how for the anti we can to get trouble one saturday morning the british leashes down until 4:00 a.m. on monday of traffic coming in and are out of san francisco from why do and how will we have a sense that the spokesperson we decided to close the braves 01 weekend rather than having to drag on and have a plan are to open here in their it was elected to its loan that the fight erupted in the
9:05 am
house san francisco in december fell bridge the debate raged also about a niche as a stepping up service as far as very doesn't want to run they wont let but the ball with the bridge it was dealing only a weekend schedule so as not one to his minibuses and what >> jackie sissel:-let's let's decide what altman so might be a cool >>darya: it lacked a
9:06 am
finality to to the bridge the a similar california men who isn't the to the euro to see that the law tells the the play room he handed them also and he tell his press of vehicle the kids are ready in the ignition. . isn't an officer was an apartment at the suspect.
9:07 am
he went against iran away. the iff but he is armed and dangerous does not always involve shooting this 1 billion san francisco man was caught in the district area. >>will tran: they also put on to miss you conceive france and do not dented only for his officers kent
9:08 am
said of his offices and try to in find lotus and my final as of the evidence does with the men which had a dismal of an area at different to a sudden has left the building he refused to listen at one point up what is a message dated they see a blood of a done his way to bend the summit opened fire giant fires up the at replica done. >>darya: mental santa the
9:09 am
facility is being investigated and i know he'd will be back with more and a couple of minutes left to beat wall street. to die before of what was done. now earn cash for your school year-round at safeway with just for u e box tops offers. simply enroll online at safeway dot com slash box tops and start earning! plus, now until january 20th buy five participating products and earn 20 e box tops with the just for u digital coupon, only at safeway! here's what's new at safeway from general mills! start the morning off right with these delicious big g cereals! or, try new yoplait greek two percent! grab a quick bite with nature valley and motts snacks! and enjoy a hearty meal with some new favorites. you'll find these and other general mills products on sale at safeway today!
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>>george: as an incentive track in interesting ride today is that at with a bang traffic was backed but we've seen something of an early end to the back of a leased to the area bridges and a lobby slave in the study to settle down a bit here on the bayshore west of track cancelled traffic for the mid peninsula in the midday traffic which is still quite heavy of the 92101 and to change and accidents southbound in menlo park type of the ride further on the bayshore freeway and even some heavy traffic from the 92 into san for interstate 280 and you're ride into the south bay this morning was the unwinding of the delays on 101 north about and what we are no longer so for this to the trip from 280 all the way up
9:16 am
to 237 is saw a traffic judge i time overall from highway 85 up to 237 is still running over 34 minutes you're ride to the bay bridge as we mentioned a westbound and early into the backed appearance of that is good news if you're heading out now and december to a ridge of and very badly jam the cost is also clearing out as well. the golden gate bridge is not an ad from all morning log will be this weekend when it shut down. in the richmond braves also allotted unusual rise such as there's no back of the richmond on 580 westbound. >> reporter: get ready for some warmer weather headed this way or also looking at a low to fall out they're not really dense forests and some visibility down to 4 mi. and livermore announced five for concord in hayward
9:17 am
students in most other local is looking at disaster that tensions also solicited for some spots including santa rosa year and the upper '30's renown 39 fairfield with the rest of us across the bay area within a 40 is also low 50s and sentences already 57 ft. and half moon bay if i'm a woman is on his way to you to see right now passing valley fog sunny and mild for the afternoon today and tomorrow morning rally followed at once again off in the rubble looking at near record high for tomorrow afternoon < we're talking '70s and in a slight chance of showers and i cannot at possibly later in the week we have showers still to another was in the bay area we have high pressure moving right over us given his son is has to its image as well above average. >> reporter: does this become tuesday and wednesday i for today a
9:18 am
little warmer compared to yesterday no citizen said francisco 68 in san jose another 1/51 a pleasant 57 in concord 53 in oakland also low sixties in the north bank this afternoon to tattoos is hot and will lead a special graphic for tuesday because of the warmer conditions quite a few seven is on a map including 68:00 also quite a few seven is in the south that included the peninsula of getting into the los them is los them is also in fremont 65 is ephesus was likely will challenge may vehicle records the come close to a not just tomorrow but also on one system receptacle down on thursday it is still pretty pleasant primarily in an update. >> james: this talk about
9:19 am
some of the news today we have will getting down awfully low >> rob black: is positive and negative your savings are less thousand dollars a year americans will equal hundred billion dollars to our economy the down side is because of demand and oversupply will supply was are taking care of itself and allow three to six months with a demand something that will be happening united said the fines of be careful how to create a stronger dollar and travel a set of moral compass is to use the assign were not quite there yet. given the slow job
9:20 am
creation my car as honda for a 50,000 mi. on it. the low gas prices helped this is a sign of good consumer spending the consumer confidence, or 16.9 million vehicles for year was the highest since the 2008 recession the our industry is backed unita since we did all industries as stock for kids and working better and of this nice to see. >> james: are you saying hybris sell selected cars are using the beginning pull the direction is that why. >> rob black: your privacy
9:21 am
the opposite with cheaper gas. >> james: to attend a prelate coming out of it your platform. >> rob black: ticket 10 minutes into high- resolution you an apology to bills to this is to be doing if they're poorly in the last 15 months a lot of people with the seal to resign is acting in the not so funny way but to discuss all the problem.
9:22 am
>> james: is it time to become the new oprah book club big mega star maker when it comes off as. >> rob black: he said it was to read a book every two weeks and is one to be on facebook and posted into the water the first book is a leadership book so is egad 20,000 + likes it cameraman amazon this delay in his the star maker of everything is in a fraction were eyeballs are. he's a smart at and get people morning gays and talk about six will the next 15 to 20 minutes a month. the book is selling out that his new year's resolutions. >> james: this one is a
9:23 am
pretty or privilege time did you have any financial resolutions that you like to share. sphere? >> rob black: create a budget and i in t that,-- focus on your timing at $1 million will pay about $40,000 a year so secure be a push and of the bay if your medical expense of $1 million for lawyers time fun fun fun fun fun.
9:24 am
max it out and keep going for. >> james: you and always has abroad and has some questions e-mail him at robert black dot com. ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress?
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if u wa it go t anget ♪ >> gabe slate: this year it hit the celebrity and the answer of the show expectancy of some of video some m3 also saw the defeat drones will be big at this year's show they're getting smaller and more sophisticated. for some of the avatar to be a big theme at this year's show every major auto maker is some of their version of an autonomous vehicle the technology still needs to be improved lost its lead has and consumers need to be informed that is received as comes as a place. there are
9:28 am
four times the resolution of existing azt be unveiled last year is mostly banality know from a for them this year new models will be shown lost their lighter thinner and much more affordable than ever to reality will be a big thing that the years of dozens of different as the head gear will it show off their.... from that oculus risk his is a darling of last year cbs show for facebook is an investment into the company views the the next big computing platform this year oculists has vastly improve the headset and expect to show off the final of course were was will be a big thing opposition sizes and
9:29 am
sell the shuttle with a call the spiders just give some approaches the where to aggressively the mechanical limbs move will to attack position a love that i could use a over a holiday with my family.
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> reporter: happy monday get ready for more exciting conditions along the at the golden gate bridge which most of his eyes out their half start today at temperatures will not allow chilly above 30 for santa rosa and also 39¢ above the rest was generally in the 40's including the citizens and francisco san jose is still chilly at 43 degrees. -this afternoon a little
9:32 am
warmer with message id 3 santa rosa and napa several undecided but the 70 degree weather. for >>george: matilda's some slow traffic in the south 11 as it is a very heavy in this time get a pass highway 237 is all the way up to highway 85 if you're still sluggish and that drive tile was still running at about 28 to 32 minutes for a northbound trip a little better for the mid peninsula is still so 11 along highway 92 and the
9:33 am
bridge is much improved expense to the bay bridge were resolved early in the the backed up in the westbound direction along that enable it delays on the pros and you're ride to the samoset present it will a good would like traffic in the west, and almost as is the spot ride. >>darya: if you're ride the bourse session your card decision eurydice of parking increased reserve asset is a goal and a number of states across the bay area >> reporter: 46 apart in fees on the rise keep our time to do good and stave off the road in this book they get as a thank you if you noticed that this is your normally parked at is the full to capacity the day the sea when a likely increase by 50¢. pandemic allot money already had taken every day to san francisco to lead to 57 is
9:34 am
unfair and six months of the term a way to raise prices but there is some good news park in fees for remain the same at the hayward of the coliseum concord and of conversation. price increases will take effect in most nations and january 20th of in the rest weeks later they say the ec's farm programs that rehabilitates stations and for access and update appearances reported in fremont. >>darya: 12 into the 250 not down by 309. the dollar trading at 17,523 happening
9:35 am
today the governor jerry brown reference for the final time as the governor of california tomorrow cruise aboard star building the first section of the $68 billion high-speed residents have been one of the major priorities lead in the with governor brown is what to unveil his budget plan for 2015 a teenage boy has a heart attack during a basketball game along the creek over the weekend and have an ally in the middle of the gymnasium on saturday at the boy went to conduct arrest at less rent their unless and a retired firefighter were in the stand and they helped the jim also had.. the will to shot the boy back to life before the mercy for those that there
9:36 am
they misled test impressions and they came out and are a e d to the last record on the youngster and he was able to let his heart back into normal rhythm. or so now this morning the boy is in good condition. and in developing story fall of out of southern california a three week old girl who was kidnapped during the shooting has been found dead the please to not have any suspects or motive for amount of orders from the infant's remains at a strip mall dumpster yesterday several hours after she was taken from a home in long beach that was to that home on saturday night and found her mother's father and uncle had been shot authorities believe that the attacker who shot them and took the girl knew the family and they also believe that is a man but no other details of those three people who were shot when was treated and released the
9:37 am
other two are still in the still >>darya: hundreds of kaiser permanente health professionals plans to honor recall strike is the next monday they're protesting health-care providers sought mental health care more the seven on the other kaiser workers are going to join in on the strike keyser says in a statement it planned to meet with the union next week as they find kaiser $4 million in 2013 for selling to provide mental health care and a timely manner. the time now is 937 the future is now back to about a sit-in is what they went.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>george: here is a lot of the death december sale bridge at the right side of the screen of the traffic disappearing into the haze over toward foster city in december sale no back of
9:41 am
another layer is just another minute drive times. >>darya: lot of americans could then afford expensive surprised and dramatic decrease in your refund those who received payments of the about tear at could of the irs the credit they receive the balance of two large in that estimate and comfort to the other 14 the news that would do more to make those who did not have health insurance at all last year also facing a fine as it for return to their normal routines for the holidays there also returned to what they did not want for christmas they're taking it back out they expect a record number of returns the call to the day or six tomorrow this should shoppers to be shipped back a hundred thousand packages
9:42 am
this in the battery to of the end of the week of the company said they'll be carrying about 4 million t packages within the united states. >> reporter: still a little chilly with images and on the '40's and '50's you're ready for flight 7 is all the way.
9:43 am
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ari behind or ahead of the time. >> reporter: not touch anything we are finally here we're in the future 2015. this is exactly it is
9:46 am
better future for 1985 that stress included a future to cover war and flying cars. hubbell board and not exactly this show looks convincing and teaches the ground unless there is a board tully hall. but just a few weeks ago this video pop up how of those flying cars.
9:47 am
cars these days are still aground this technology but there is something of a texas on the creek the first-line car we're still waiting for on the shoes of 92,009 this file the plan for the technology no son of of hitting the stores just get norse of adjusting jackets the film was a little optimistic and is some cases completely off. 3-d movies even if we never get the job is 19 or hologram had to move opposed all the small screen noted. and those teleconferences with a pure sci-fi fiction in 1989 the today/27 everywhere and you
9:48 am
could video conference on yourself on even though falls on one area where the movie really wept payphones will then know where to be found to that. . agenda still around rarely but you throw in a movie when it comes to love instead dinners and pizzas but we did get his for applied by all in digital world. >> reporter: of course a set of apple phones and apple pass the use of the devices a few years ago the star of the semi to j fox--michael j. fox with miami does now have a baseball team but would not hold your breath for either one of the
9:49 am
ultimate decision is this fall that is surely the work of fiction. >> reporter: 11 outside the bay bridge approach no flights cars and a shock to most sunny skies to stuff this morning morning and you may have noticed it was chilly this morning forman in not is nearly as old as even used to last a few days here in the san francisco 49 at a 40 in oakland 43 in san jose no forces in concord run the method and the reason santa rosa phil visibility is improve quite a bit in santa rosa, a hayward in livermore all down to 45 mob visibility so the fall of all they ran of the seattle not want to make it here if you may see little the shower activity right now and looks pretty drive great
9:50 am
ones to look at social of finance -- is high-pressure given us warmer conditions such as small and wednesday will above average high for today if tech lead was a lot of '50s and '60s the warm spot will be in san jose 68 degrees. 06 is a little more 56 and antiradical there to the rental below six is a san francisco also low 60s and enough to make sure to look at tuesday's level and the click close to record highs including mountain view the record high is 70 the for test and i seventh to be a good chance to tie the record high oakley getting close the forecast-58 to the british side of the record high of 70 >> reporter: san jose getting close to getting their record to a culture kron 4 7:00 a.m. from the bay for edge you'll notice again the morning fog primarily in north allies
9:51 am
more sunshine well above average for the title are possible santa for wednesday and a slight chance for showers on friday may be even a speck on saturday at will keep you posted >>george: things quieted down for deny stiffer mostly not all the area and especially to the east bay 580 looks good 20 looks good here the nimitz and interstate 580 in oakland both agree no longer tracking any delays out of san leandro and the bridges and all the bay bridge unless return of about half an hour ago like in this is our hair - 2 waller was jim of the the 7:00 hour by about a 30 also you're ride to the golden gate bridge has been pretty good pretty tame all morning long and
9:52 am
then what should have read about an hour ago there was not enough traffic to a bad things of even the richmond is near the west, ride rely enough that we did receive the usual delays on the freeway. the jews the backs of from the toll plaza was bound. >>darya: ron rivera called fire investigators are not sure how started here is a look at the fire fighters shot from the whims 4:00 in the morning if guilty to 4:00 this morning their time he and the pentagon all the house ok they heard the smoke detectors going off the firefighters got under control and under an hour. the owner of the silos rales are planned to the and build the stadium in los angeles the that mean that they're coming back to to los angeles pretty blunt the 60
9:53 am
like a lot less january they ran rampant that he was once more the rams back to their original home in los angeles but any move is wants to happen in 2016 will be back with more gentlemen is.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>darya: san francisco police are warning resource to be on newsstands for wind thieves steve is there and elsewhere are manifesting the french burgundy wine at a cost of the $15,000 just for that one bottle this is a wine dealers look offer
9:57 am
such bottles shown the bond auctions and resell with the new year comes price increases so get ready to spend more on popular items these in coffee prices are going of red meat prices are affected to goal by nearly 45% this year and a lack of rain also hurt coffee rose this year a starbucks in the popular pickup often satiric also going about nine for cent be prepared to pay more to the internet or yourself don't define cost as carriers of want to be going up even the doctor is one to be billing you more this year in insurance premiums also are expected to rise. faugh had phenomenal success of their brightest guys like all the sunshine headed our way that's what jim just for the rest of the week so i hope you enjoy it for all its last not bad for january that it for now see you back here tomorrow morning study at 4:00 a.m. it is the convicted of a long our mobile applications. if
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> today open dr. phil fill he left his guying wife for another women. >> mr. kennedy says she was in a horrible car accident. >> did she pass as well. >> my dad told he me he received a phone call from heaven. >> from heaven. >> right. help me out here. >> you're supposed to help me out. >> or is it all a game. >> she was not that. >> on the family kennedy tree there's no misty kennedy. >> the search. >> i trised this. >> for his missing fiancee. >> we were shocked to find out the truth. >> uncover. >> this girl does exist


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