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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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sounding. the mellon fought military style assault in broad daylight left a dozen people dead. we're at the french consulate in san francisco one of the many places around the globe were the victims are being more tonight golden gate bridge drivers prepare for the weekend shutdown we have an update on the presidio parkway project. >> reporter: san jose's police force is facing an acute manpower crisis tonight details of the controversial plan to dissolve any leak unit to put more officers on the straight and could this be your next t = me? all look at the screens getting the most buzz at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. this delightful hour of your choice of prime time news next >> pam: gunmen stormed then
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separated the men and women and calling out for victims by name targeting them and then killing 12 people today. tonight and 18 year- old suspect has surrendered to police and to more suspected gunmen's which are the brack brothers of the 18 year-old are subject of a manhunt. here we have the latest developments. >> reporter: 1 suspect has surrendered to the police according to the afb. the other two suspects are still on the run. the massive manhunt has led us to this northeastern city of reims. the 34 and 32 year olds are still on loose. close
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attention is being paid to this moment when it sees that the government are raising his hand in the air papaw's possibly have been saying that there were other accomplices. >> reporter: the planned and escaped and is so marked difference from a recent loan will fog tax. thousands doubt for rallies calling up pence for cartoon as explained that would rather use it ain't them blood. in the oval office today president obama condemned the killings. present about what is currently speaking president obama speaking
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>> pam: team coverage right now with the consulate in san francisco where does the debt is going on right now to support the bid comes and free speech. >> reporter: hundreds of people came out here in front of the french consulate to show their support for the 12 people that were killed in that at the paper. same people are currently senior singing.... they're sitting in the french national anthem. singing...
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>> reporter: at one point the crowd got so large dogs here the police said the open up the street to let them go out into the street to show their support. a lot of people out here said the pages would pay their respects to the 12 people who lost their lives today. >>: the deal now it really meant a lot to see people coming out to show their support for human kind. >>: off french and very sad as to what i saw today i am a french citizen >> reporter: a heck of a lot of emotion on your right now you can see this and ascender eyes. a lot of sadness in eyes of the
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people that are out right now the word no problems out here right down >> reporter: agassi is happening locally and globally as well the from charlie this pencil hasn't we this is about to fill the barrel of a guard this for shows the evidence pittance charlie brown showing this is a really bad day. the whole world cards and pencils are broken and tomorrow the freedom of mixed of expression will resume. they're reminding everyone that they are not
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afraid to express themselves out of france on line check out in news or kron-4-dot- com >> pam: is today's now for a route before the golden gate bridge will close for the weekend. they will be moving the mom to repeat that crashes on the bridge and now the report on the impact the bridge been shut down and have on businesses. >> reporter: with the upcoming weekend closure of the golden gate bridge could be a problem and the businesses in downtown sausalito are bracing for the shoppers. >> reporter: while most agree there will be fewer shoppers some like sam at
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sami's by cs can he says is ok. the reason long-term businesses like munchies and and of that as gourmet are not bothered by the closure is because business is typically slow at the beginning of the year. still places like the bridge way cafes still expect to see some traffic. because of the ferries will be running and while most businesses will remain open tourists or not that is not the case of all businesses. >> reporter: the mayflower booty plans to shut its doors on the bridge closure weekend. >> reporter: if it turns out businesses as low as stockholders digs the will be there is an up side to those women in this town is
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finally they can have the talent all to themselves without droves of tourists. >> reporter: this will buy far be the largest golden gate bridge closure the bridge was closed to celebrate its 50th at anniversary of the bridge so many people crowded on the span of the bridge actually lost some with argentina to the weight of the crowd. this happened in 1987. the bridge all meet typically close for a high wind or accidents. >> pam: another spare the air alert issued for tomorrow. this makes the weeks straight of bans on wood burning. air pollution has built up in the bay area and officials say could stay this way through the week. >> reporter: was set
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records out there today and livermore 70 degrees 70 degrees and richmond. 71 in downtown oakland 69 and concord. we at 71 in sunnyvale. and 73 in napa. we gonna be seen increasing cloud cover tonight as the storm approaches the bay area but all were gonna get out of that storm is cloud cover we're not looking for any rain. >> pam: a car crash and for restaurant near larkin in california street in san francisco. this is the video of the scene at oleic all the help restaurant olea... all around for 30 p.m. this
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afternoon a car crashed into the building. fortunately the restaurant is not opened today and employing who was working at the times as no one was hurt the cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> pam: the san jose police department averages five to six resignations are month now nearly two dozen officers are retiring in the month of january. felicia reid is live in san jose where the police chief has come up with a plan to fix the sudden gap. >> reporter: this is a temporary fix to a larger problem officers from the metro unit will be used to fill the gap was all boards of 20 patrol officers are retiring this month. >> reporter: the idea is to
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bring some of the metro officers and supervisors back into their current positions. and then officers from other area will be put on patrol. there also men in blue they're currently training in the field and will be put on the beat and a few months. >> pam: ahead tonight at 8 the when the city becomes a winter wonderland and find out what other locations are getting a better blasts from mother nature. more on top story tonight the terrorist attack in a paris magazine next year from a bay area friend of one of the victims. out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future
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and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be. 7
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>> pam: or breaking news right now on the terrorist
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attack in paris today. jet boats caught up with a friend of a cartoonist who lived in paris. >> reporter: he said he was influenced by one of the people that were attacked. been deemed is controversial in his own right says that the paris the tax should not silence journalist annie hall said the tragic the tragedy does not inspire other fanatics. it perpetuates the day phobia of islam radical people and hatred mobile is.
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it always seems to help the extremists on both sides than the majority of the people that are completely innocent and innocent in this madness >> reporter: mild temperatures well above average for this time of year. right now to be dropping into the '40's in santa rosa. just a couple of 30 degree readings mainly in the 40's and low '50's in the morning. as a five to tend to agree drop in this 5 to 10 degree down in temperatures... >> reporter: with and have more clout cover tonight and tomorrow and cooler temperatures. tomorrow
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morning will be kept more mile because of the cloud cover. will get into the '60s tomorrow but will be in los '60s. but medical or. cooler... 40 in concord 36 affair for oil for fairfield. mr. gonna be five to 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. los '60s for the east bay area. los '60s all so at the close line. at los '60s to rob the north bay is whalewell...
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>> reporter: cloud cover will be in the forecasts for the next several days. >> reporter: temperatures in the eastern half of our country are falling to a dangerously low levels. the cold spell is stretching across several states and you're looking at a homeless shelter in new hampshire. so many people are seeking refuge from the bitter cold. homeless advocates say they are overwhelmed and overcapacity. chicago has been getting absolutely bombarded with snow temperatures in some parts of the town are falling below 525 degrees below 00. >> reporter: several schools had to close because of that severe weather. it is unclear at the students were disappointed at second these pitchers come out of all high all their close-up
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shots of snowflakes. the pictures were taken by at guy all macro lands on his cell from a camera. major city that had no school today due to cold war chicago, minneapolis death moines indianapolis, omaha, and kansas city, >> pam: despite the freezing temperatures scientists say 2014 with ashley got this year on record those records go all the way back to 1891 last year the average temperature of the earth's surface was about half a degree warmer than it has ever bent and 1998 was the previous highest year ever the rest of the top five warmest years in recording history of all after the year 2000. >> gary: coming up later in
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this broadcast is the the most famous basketball team is here. we'll have to pick guys here will be right back great show with the harlem globetrotters see you in the men at inute...
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>> reporter: new tvs are being unveiled this week in las vegas antsy the past. the consumer electronics show this year that they need is for = k. for katie these are getting bigger and cheaper. >> reporter: there's a good chance by end of this year
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you or someone you know will always a forte television. so here is a breakdown on what forte is says and look at the tv's getting the most buzz at this year's show. forte tv's have for times the resolution of exisiting 1080 p h d tbs. it basically means better sharper brighter images on the screen. if you remember what it was like going from standard that definition tv 2 and 8 in de tete tv that's what the experience will be like going from the current h c 24 k. in summer paint you have to see to appreciate the four katie's i have seen have blow me away. a year ago when these came out prices were sky-
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high a cost thousands of dollars for one of these. >> reporter: but this week in las vegas all major players have released dozens of new models which will flood the market by the holiday season later this year we will see four k team beat as lasted as $600 at. four k consumer video cameras are all sold big this year for filming your videos to watch for katie these and computer makers are starting to release laptops with forte displays. forte tv's look best when watching for k content but it will upgrade regular h the content of little bit and make it look better than it would on hdtv at worst a when a steep came out there was not that much high- definition content to watch on your tv but eventually it
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came and now everything is h day. forte is like that now but in a few years will be tons of four k content one piece of big news related to that coming out of cbs this week all the major tv makers have announced they have tvs coming out that will strain for k content from net flicks.
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i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help go to >> pam: ahead tonight at eight a california father was sent to the slammer after his daughter's party got out of control. police and tried to get to the bottom of attack. at the end a acp headquarters. and what have more reaction to the heinous and deadly attacks at a paris magazine. >> reporter: was set record highs in livermore and richmond. but we do have big changes coming out latino with the
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>> pam: hundreds of people gathered at the french consulate in san francisco tonight in honor of the 12 people were murdered today and the paris attack at the offices of the french satirical magazine. i am charlie showing solidarity, all the people that were killed and showing unity and free-speech around the world. a massive manhunt is still under way for the two men so pictures are on your screen they are two brothers they are accused of killing 12 people in today's terrorist attack in pad is back in paris and 18 year-
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old carly in custody after surrendering to the police. >> reporter: from this city of reims is 80 mi. from paris' right now a dozen journalists and police officers were killed at the office in this satirical magazine in paris the carnage was captured by witnesses and person was wounded on the sidewalk and executed. we know that they were targeted but never to that extent. >> reporter: some employees were able to make it to a roof of a neighboring building. the killers and shouted guy is great. then they ran toward the black getaway car this one giving all what may be a military
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style hand signal to accomplices. after driving away the dead man fired at pursuing police their abandoned car is now being examined for evidence the suspects have been named as two brothers in their 30's and a teenager all french nationals of arabic dissent. as night fell in paris crowds gather to declare their support for freedom and to tell the world we are charlie >> reporter: president obama was among the world's leaders condemning the attack. the white house released this picture from the air force one shot when mr. about making his a condolence call to france's president francois online >> pam: the developing story and how rattled on what may be the case of domestic terrorism on a
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crime. the fbi is investigating an explosion outside an office of the n.a.a.c.p.. the blast happened outside a bar or shop next door to the >>end: a a a acp, rattle's raised chapter. >> pam: officials said the gasoline can was placed near the explosive device but he did not ignite. in recent weeks the organization took part in several protests over the death of on our black men in fergus in missouri and new york city. >> pam: the people that were infected with the measles range from eight months to of your years old disney has not commented on the outbreak that seems to have originated at their thing parks. >> pam: an arrest has been made in the case of a house fire in san francisco. the
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woman that started that fire is being held at the police station tonight >> reporter: yes she was processed through the system tonight she faces multiple charges tonight and what i am told she is not even from the bay area. keep in mind this is the home of the movie where mrs. doubt fire was reported. you can see the burn marks that are still on the rise and the front door. the woman was arrested for multiple crimes including attempted murder and arson. people tell me that the people at the man that lives in this house is a plastic surgeon. >> reporter: san francisco please officers off all rested walsh and said that this case could of been much worse.
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the door mat might have prevented any further damage. and the reason that she's been charged with attempted murders because the house was inhabited at the time she did all up caused the fire. >> reporter: i was not able to interview well she was being questioned through much of the daytime hours she will likely face a judge on friday. >> pam: will tell you why some east bay residents are feeling especially thankful tonight the last month storm. and why up teen-agers playboy like party ends up with their father facing some time behind bars. and the time as coming when the golden gate bridge will be shut down latino we will let you know leading up to it.
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>> pam: our coverage of today's breaking news of these are considered dangerous time around the world. were the one in the what this means for others in the profession. >> reporter: a sit-down with the dean of the graduate school of berkeley and ask them about the dangers as well as what happened today. >> reporter: for two years you've been the dean here what do you make of this 12 people killed in that newspaper obviously this is the tragedy and what your thoughts
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>>: is so baffling and depressing and disgusting. that we're constantly confronted with these instances of atrocious violence. sometimes they blow right passes and is sometimes a his and the face. charlie have choked was the closest equivalent to a mad magazine. an attack on these cartoonist r., texas is chalet and attack on them is somehow pulled and the boundaries of our role in a way that is deep delete deeply troubling. >> reporter: talk to me about the dangers that the journalists face today. there inside a seemingly safe building. i think the media has a
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little bit a little bit quick to put this in the frame of endangered journalist. for the most part journalists are covering things that people there don't want covered. this is different this isn't about investigative good journalism this is not about exposing atrocities this is about people that are just giving ally and a reverence subject subjects the people to ridicule. this is about just having their way with reality and this is the way that they're saying we should think about things. and that in some senses more troubling more harm because there many comedians are now but a look at their own routine and save but they don't want take the chance. >> reporter: was a gorgeous
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day out there today weaver broke records. levered 70 degrees and livermore. 71 in downtown oakland. 70 and richmond. it we do have a big change is coming our way. you can see the clouds are surging up from the south. the to or better come together and bring us more clouds tomorrow. the cloud cover will keep a low bit warmer over night. by the afternoon tomorrow we're looking at the temperatures dropping 5 to 10 degrees than they were today. will be and the low sixties in the east bay area tomorrow
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63 in san leandro. the '60s also along the coast line. and '60s also do the north bay area. >> reporter: the cooling trend will continue friday in to sallet saturday. most libby's sunday was mostly on the cooler side. >> pam: will it be san francisco the committee is expected to announce what city will be hosting the olympic games for 2024. at either who hosted a team party for the order is in a lot of trouble tonight. gary is gonna be talking to one of the best bacchants basketball players and the world one of the harlem globetrotters and that's
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coming up next. my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole
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life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling. >> pam: just over two days until the golden gate bridge weekend shutdown will start on friday and last until 4:00 monday morning. one of the main arteries to the golden gate is going over what was once called the oil drive will soon be called presidio park way. >> reporter: the effort to
8:44 pm
replace the gonna finish the presidio park way in 2016. on a 2 mi. stretch between golden gate bridge in san francisco's marina district crews are hard at work building a new presidio park way on the west end. concrete is being poured in new hyde bought it doubt that will support highway 101 south of the bridge. through the presidio three new titles have almost been completed. and on the east end of below viaduct is starting to take shape as well a spokesperson for the project told me wednesday that most of the removal ok rebbe >> pam: untroubled with audio there. >> pam: will be now to
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another story this what out of southern california man is under arrest for allowing his 18 year-old daughter to throw of very risque birthday party. these are pictures taken from bolivia lakes playboy's seemed celebration. along with her provocative sell fees and the teens father also appalled was some of the scantily clad gas over 200 people showed up to the birthday celebration. fair share of deputies were called in to the home in p o w a y after they say the party grew out of hand. with a party like this is a the your having out party favors >> pam: the father can face up to six months in prison for allowing under age drinkers in his home.
8:46 pm
they're of proposing new order to ordinances to prevent parties like this from mayhap from happening again >> reporter: the bay area is going up against l.a. washington d.c. del been out all other international cities the day of them not been held here in the united states said and then let's of since 1996. the majority of the people are saying no thanks. bill says that there is an nothing but congested and wasted money he says the they'll be spending hundreds of millions of dollars for nothing. all calls as good for jobs and would create the dollars and would bring in bad for everything else. these and saying on their and our already facilities
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in the bay area of the one gonna do not have to be built housing bill which that would need to be built could be quickly fill with as apartments. >> gary: what i spoke out the other guy is famous everybody's checking on john madden the former raider coach is been sitting in on meetings with martin davis's al davis's son know for years al davis can do not start of to anything to help the franchise. tonys for rhino is been a coach for about three months every time a look in magna was in his heyday as the greatest color analyst in any sport. >> gary: you ever hear those gave pat summerall what star pat summerall was
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same stark warning. you remember christmas and thanksgiving with their voices madman is setting in on these interviews. kuiper common policy he told us today than in things like saddam and would be a good can it to become the 40 niners new head coach mike shad and that mike shanahan. policy and that and are pretty smart moves by both organizations smart move by the raiders checking with more on madison madden
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>> gary: a lot people want to knock the globetrotters stating they're not the real basketball players save these guys cannot make the nba but out of you what the joy they bring around the world they can go and sit every corner of the world and have people know they are unlike some of the other nba players. blake was part of the contents had contended that went to north korea and dennis rodman was heavily of heavily criticized for his part in that. being an ambassador of goodwill that we are thus with the globetrotters is all about. 89 consecutive seasons and we want to continue to do that. no the
8:50 pm
high 54 dolphin right there. >> gary: with the globetrotters will receive in england. wideman does this look of for somebody to pay attention to what? dennis rodman is a this looking for someone to pay attention. >> gary: how much to talk to people after the show is over these guys stay around and talk to the people. can i bring in someone that is played against the globetrotters. our special guest tonight is responsible for showing the video great grant. the to play a little
8:51 pm
bit and high school grads and speaking, of mel 56 grant is only 5 ft 6 and previous played.. >> gary: jamieson is the one that got in trouble if florida state losing the national championship in eve talking about going broke. pro... he's listed as the second-best price position.
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all all the play is on to known water ago so super mega of collective news since the 100 tripitaka and thus allow san francisco host last fall she uses crutches on term term
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>> pam: recapping tonight to big stories in detail so what will they're working on an 11:00 tonight france's and morning after that terror attack that killed 12 people at the satirical magazine there. the investigators are currently searching for two others at 18 year-old already in custody. the golden gate bridge will close at midnight on friday and route open back up at 4:00 a.m. on monday morning. it's a restructuring at the san jose police department. get water customers and east bay are thanking the for the of those december storms of this east bay utility district municipal water district is essaying putting
8:56 pm
a plant at 40% surcharge to what bill starting this month on hold the additional fee amounts to about $4 for average household's. the rate hike was approved by the board of directors last month. the distance at the rate hike has been tabled for least a few weeks. >> reporter: livermore richmond downtown oakland the temperatures will drop about 5 to 10 degrees. we're gonna get more cloud cover but we don't look like we gonna have any rain. the cooling trend will continue into friday and saturday and as gonna stay in los '60s but that's not bad. >> pam: be back at 11:00 tonight with all the news of the day stay in touch with
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us at the kron-4-dot-com have a nice night. 7
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