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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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hours as crews continued placing those barriers on the bridge. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. officials telling us they're still on track to complete the project on time or earlier. there's been a lot of talk about what the barrier will actually look like on golden gate bridge. >>reporter: the golden gate bridge this is a great improvement, and that's why we are very excited. we making a big step forward to >>reporter: by 9:00 a.m. crews had installed more than half of the new barrier doing much of the work by hand. flatbed trucks by the median barriers. to fit the barriers together, crews had to make sure they were properly lined up. >> there's two ears that need to go together and pin is placed in between, so the pin is initially put in.
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it's hammered in initially and then they have hydraulic press which puts it all the way in place. there's a clip that goes underneath it, which is called a e clip. >>reporter: laying the barrier wasn't the only job being done on saturday morning. >> workers are replacing other parts. >>reporter: there's still a lot of work to do even after barrier is laid. . >> crews will properly position the barrier in place and then there will be four hours of running test. >>reporter: this is one of the zipper machines that the crews will be testing the barrier on. this shows how it will lift the barrier. >> of course getting around the bridge could be more difficult.
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surrounding highways will be jam packed. drivers traveling between marin county and san rafael bridge to get around. golden gate ferry will add late night round trips all weekend long. they'll also add extra ferries from 5:45 until 1:40 a.m. saturday and sunday. there's also a water taxi available to get you get across the bay. let's get a live look at the bay bridge right now. wow, it is packed, quite a back up for drivers coming in from the east bay. let's go ahead and take a live look at what traffic is like on the richmond san rafael bridge. we'll have an update on the progress crews are making on the median at this hour. still no suspects or arrest in last night's quadruple homicide investigation.
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>>reporter: the four men killed in what appears to be a drive by shooting died here at the scene of the crime. people who knew the victims or those simply saddened by what happened dropping flowers off and candles as well with a backdrop being bullet holes and shattered windows. >> there were a lot of shots fired smchlt went into dwellings and we know one -- some went into dwellings. a mess. >> all the neighborhood seem to be getting a little more sketchy for lack of a better term. >>reporter: this is a grew some quadruple homicide investigation. one person opened fire at around 10:00 friday night and killed the men. here in san francisco's hays valley neighborhood. >> the gang wars or whatever it is it needs to stop. it's kind of crazy. >> it is an area that has a history of gang violence.
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we don't know if that's what happened just yet. >> we're still investigating and looking for any footage. >>reporter: police say a vehicle was seen speed ago way from the shooting friday night. at this time investigators are still work to confirm whether or not that vehicle is involved in this case. in the hays valley neighborhood of san francisco kron four news. >> the investigation into the french terror attacks that left 17 victims dead continues today. there was word that a key suspect left the country before the attacks occurred. also new allegations that one of the dead terrorist suspects may have had ties to the so called underwear bomber. mary maloney reports. >>reporter: single remaining publicly identified suspect of the french terror attacks is not in france. she's wanted in connection with
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a shooting death of a police officer office. she entered turkey on january 2nd before any of the terror attacks that left 17 victims dead. another source close to the french security services says she is likely bound for syria. also saturday yemeni journalist tells cnn so called underwear bomber was once a roommate. said kouachi lived with omar in yemen. he was in prison for u.s. for trying to take down an airline. police killed said and his brother kuk in a standoff friday. france is fight ag war for its way of life. >> it is a war against terrorism. against jihadism. >>reporter: while the investigation continues people all over france are holding
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marches and rallies trying to heal while the country mourns the victims. i'm mary maloney reporting. >> french law enforcement is on high alert. police source told cnn that officers are being asked to erase their social media presence. terror sleeper cells have been activated all over the country. more than 80,000 people gathered to march in solidarity with terrorist acts. 1,100 troops are currently in paris. about 250 more will be on duty on sunday. in solidarity with charlie hebdo, people in san francisco. the incident in the market still has people shaken. we heard accounts from people who hid inside the refrigerator
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the gunman. one of the hostages spoke about his experience. >> honestly we were all in shock, and then we heard -- we heard the explosion outside. we heard gunfire. he was there to kill everyone. if we went back up it would have been a slaughter. i think it would have been a slaughter. >> france's president said four hostages were killed by gunman before police stormed the market. motorcyclist is dead after a san francisco crash involving a car, a cycle and a pedestrian. crews responded to the accident at the corner of mcallister and vaness around 5:00 p.m.. motorcycle collided with the car and impact caused the bike to hit a pedestrian. pedestrian was hurt but officials say the injuries were minor. a 20-year-old man is in the hospital after he was shot multiple times in valejo today. police say shooting happened outside of an adult school around 3:00. the man was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. two men wearing black and tan
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colored clothing were at the scene and seen running from that area. today is the 10th consecutive spare the air day. during a spare the air day of course burning wood is prohibited. air quality officials say it's because of a high pressure weather system over the bay area that's making air quality exceptionally poor. if caught burning wood, first fine is $100. second is $500. >> there's really no big change taking place in the weather pattern. we'll continue to see light winds making for poor air quality. temperatures to be relatively mild. that's what we had getting up to the low to mid 60s this afternoon. all the way up to 67 degrees and we are going to stay mild into next week. now we're right between two weather systems currently. there's one to our north and also one to the south.
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this one to the north is producing a few light spotty showers to the north of clear lake. the stronger sis sem is in southern california producing steady widespread rain. both of those systems are going to miss up. they'll keep producing some clouds for tomorrow and then we'll see more sunshine as we go into next week. live view, golden gate bridge and skies right now partly cloudy for tonight. from the high clouds that we're seeing and temperatures currently pretty mild in the upper 40s to the low and mid 50s and for tonight look for temperatures to settle down into the upper 30s in the cool spots north bay and east bay look for mid to upper 40s by the bay and going into the day tomorrow. we're going to start out with a lot of low clouds. i think we'll have a fairly gray start especially by the bay and by the beaches. more sunshine as we get into afternoon and temperatures beginning to warm up. i'll have the rest of the sunday
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forecast later on vicki. >> pilot that crashed yesterday was a nasa scientist. the pilot died instantly. he worked as a researcher for the curiosity mars rover expedition. his colleagues are saying that he worked on a total of two mars missions. they say he studied how robots operated in harshen viern mention. officials say the -- environments. train hit and killed a person. it was a northbound 423 train that hit the person. emergency crews had to close the area for a few hours causing major hours. they reopened the tracks. a trieb is trying to grow marijuana. they're asking to let them start a large growing business.
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the trieb is contracted to -- tribe is contracted to grow a $10 million farm. it will open in february. the project is backed by a kansas based grower and casino investor. the farm would be exempt from most local and state regulation. coming up at 8:00, a wrong way driver in northern california killed three people overnight. one person is dead. dozens are injured after a 190 car plus pile up on an east coast highway. we hear from one driver who says he's lucky to be alive. next health officials say they found the source of a listeria out break and it's here in california. more
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of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. >> the fda says it found the source of the caramel apple listeria out break.
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the fda says that they are from the shafter based bid art brothers. the granny smith and gala apples are linked to three deaths. the owner is devastated by the news. police have arrested two central california teachers for allegedly having sex with an underage student. matthew pena and dewayne andrews. both men taught and coached sports at clovus. they began investigating men after they were tipped off by another student. police have charged pair with multiple counts including unlawful sex with minor. wrong one driver on interstate 80 killed three people this morning near sacramento. chp says 24-year-old was driving in the fast lane with headlights off when he hit the victims head on. police say the cadillo was likely driving under the influence. he made it four miles in the
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wrong direction before accident. chp says whole incident happened too fast for officers to respond in time. >> he got four miles. that's four minutes if you're going the speed limit and that's not a whole lot of time to try to get somewhere wherever those officers were to try to locate this guy. >> victims were 20-year-old matthew azar, 18-year-old kendra ling ham. they died on impact. there are signs that a new homeless camp may be wearing out its welcome in san jose. there was a kind of stand off earlier this week between a dozen homeless people and private security team. members of the security detail refused to say who they were working for tried to evict them from union pacific 7th street. the campers refused to leave and security team eventually came up and left saying they planned to
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return. >> the fact that security company that's hired by the next door neighbor mobile home park is not -- does not have the authority. i did contact union pacific and i asked them about that. they do not contract out with any corporations, any security companies or whatever to conduct sweeps for them, that they have their own crew that does that and we knew that they had no authority to be here and that's obviously true because they have gone. >> we reached out to both management of the mobile home park as well as railroad company. there was no immediate response. former los angeles is considering a run for senate. this comes after barbara boxer's announcement next week that she will not be seeking reelection in 2016. the former mayor says california ns are struggling financially. >> we had a mixture of sunshine
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and some high clouds, too today. you can see them here on the time lapse from the bay bridge looking out toward the oakland hills. notice some of those high thin clouds coming from two storm systems, one to the north one to the south and we're right in between. we're missing out on the wet weather for tonight. we do have stormy weather in the forecast. we'll have to wait a little while for it to get here. right now we're live at the golden gate bridge. vicki, it still looks like it's shut down. we have mostly clear skies with high clouds up there also. we'll see high clouds and eventually low clouds as we get into tomorrow morning. i think in some places especially bay side at the coast fairly cloudy to start the day but sunshine by the afternoon and more mild temperatures in the low to mid 60s for next week. offshore winds sunshine and a warm up. and then eventually wet weather later on. here's satellite view and we have the first storm to the north. all the rain is staying to the
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north of the bay area we are getting some of the clouds for tonight. stronger storm in southern california widespread rain there. both those systems move east as we go into late tomorrow and monday. and that will bring back lots of sunny skies to -- as we go into next week. here's fog tracker high clouds as first system goes through. notice no wet weather here. low clouds come in tomorrow morning. there's the gray conditions by the bay and at the coast and it takes a while for low clouds to clear. 9:00 a.m. still looking tell clouds, bay side, livermore valley and at the ocean. look for mostly sunny skies with exception of a few clouds. temperatures peaking from low to mid 60s in the warmest places. look for high of -- we'll see temperatures going up into 60s for livermore as well as south bay. there's the chance for some wet weather by next saturday.
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vicki? >> still ahead george zimmerman in hot water again. what florida police said he did to send him back to jail. >> coming up. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> there is something out there known as a self surrender. it's when a driver already knows he was caught behaving badly and pulls over without being prompted. >> i had you going 76 and the reason you were going so fast? >> i was trying to pass the car in front of me. >> do you know what the speed limit is? >> 65 >> 555 >> that was with a driver 20 miles over the speed limit. i was curious as to what the driver had to say. listen in. >> yeah, i was driving fast.
8:22 pm
anyway. >> you self surrendered. >> yeah,im i mean, i don't want to cause any problems. >> the funny part is people don't think you can go that fast. apparently the minivan was also going fast. the average speed on highway one is around 65 miles per hour despite the speed limit being 55. there's a slightly different problem, drivers ignoring regulatory signs. >> i stopped you for not stopping at the stop sign. >> their reason, well let's listen in. >> i was talking to him. maybe he was distracted because we just decided to checkout this place. we saw the sign. >> this area has a problem with drivers either ignoring the signs or being too distracted to notice them. >> i saw the stop sign but i thought he stopped. it didn't occur to me he didn't -- >> i got on tape, you didn't stop. you rolled right through it.
8:23 pm
>> i didn't even roll >> you didn't come to a slight stop? >> okay, sorry. >> the same with bmw driver. >> i thought i did stop. >> you thought you stopped? >> yes. >> chp patrols this area. my suggestion is if you're on the coast, don't behave badly or else you might have to say -- >> i got caught behaving badly. >> is that a question? >> say it like you mean it. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> stanley roberts kron four news. >> coming up at 8:30, all the consumer gadgets ready for market. we wrap up some the hottest must haves from ces in las vegas plus the dog that put a smile on some cancer patient as well as thousands of followers. >> here is today's kron four
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. >> still ahead, local volunteers helping to bring food to those in need. it's a my kron4 story you won't want to miss. plus a major cross involving nearly 200 cars. details ahead. next up an update on the project to install safety updates on golden gate bridge. how far crews got today.
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that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income. to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. . >> this is the bay area's news
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station, kron4 news continues now. >> happening right now the iconic golden gate bridge shut gown as crews try to -- down as crews try to make it safer to drive. in fact, this is what it looked like in the past few hours as crews continued placing those barriers on the bridge. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. they are still on track to complete the project on time or possibly even earlier. we'll keep you posted on that. connect ag major food surplus here in the -- correcting a major food surplus with those in need. my kron four story here's a close look at how volunteers in a group are working to fight hunger. >> hello i'm gary conner from the white pony express and this is my kron four story. >> 23 pounds of fruit. >> this is the guy taking it off
8:30 pm
here. >> you can't help notice the group. seven days a week, food rescue and relay program in walnut creek, food items that would have been discarded by local grocery stores are brought here. >> it's food that is no longer at grocery store. pony express is taking the abundance all around us that was going to waste and relaying it promptly to the people who have need. we serve the county all the way from brentwood to west richmond and all the way from martin he is to walnut creek. in our first 12 months we delivered over 6000 pounds of food. >>reporter: they do it fast. these items are perishable. >> you see we're delivering milk eggs: our goal is the time the donor calls it until we have recipient is two hours. >>reporter: there are 40 recipients in the program.
8:31 pm
deliveries were made in richmond one here at the mes rescue mission. >> they bring a lot of good stuff. >>reporter: volunteers say they find it grat for aing as well. >> i've been focussing really on what i could do interface nags ale internationally to help. locally there's a huge poverty he dep i can. >>reporter: 250 volunteers and they're looking for more helpers who can keep up this pace. >> we checked out this story after viewers reached out to us. if you have a story idea you'd like us togo look into, go to web-site kron and click on my kron4 tab. investigators are looking for the ping sound. recovery teams raise the the tail section of the plane from
8:32 pm
the java sea. a crane later lifted the tail to recovery ship. flight data recorders for this make of air bus jet are housed in the tail. it's possible that the jet's device are still in place. flight disappeared on december 28th. 162 people were on board. 48 bodies have been recovered so far from the wreckage. one person is dead and dozens are hurt after a massive freeway pile up in michigan. it happened on interstate 994. 4. intense winter weather was to blame for accident. semi truck full of fire works exploded. one of the drivers involved says that he rarely -- he barely made it out alive. >> i'm extremely lucky to be alive right now. jat that was driving the semi trailer that stopped behind me has been thanked multiple times for stopping. he's the one that protected me
8:33 pm
and kept me from dying basically. >> interstate 94 remains closed in both directions tonight. michigan state police say as many as 60 stars still may need to be cleared. has mat crews also working to put any remaining car fires. >> this is coming from an ohio refinery. the plant processed products like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. explosions rocked the area before dawn today but no one was hurt. crews have this fire under control at this hour. investigators don't know what cause the the fire. george zimmerman is back in trouble. after he was arrested on aggravated assault charges. his attorney is saying that he was arrested for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. at his court hearing today george zimmerman was released on $500,000 bail and ordered to turn over any weapons. judge issued a no contact order between he and his girlfriend.
8:34 pm
he was acquitted in the 2013 murder of travon martin. the trial -- rather his next court date is set for february. police are on the lookout for the person who stabbed a nine-year-old person in new york on friday. the entire incident was filled by a nearby surveillance camera. masa has details. >>reporter: the time stamp on chilling surveillance video 7:54 friday morning. you see what appears to be a child walking along union avenue. behind him there's a man. >> it looked like he was following him. >>reporter: what happens next we are not going to show. the suspect catches up with and stabs the victim who somehow escapes, running from his life. >> heart breaking, i see my little brother getting stabbed. it broke my heart making me want to cry. >>reporter: victim is nine-year-old germane williams. he was making short walk from home to school when he was
8:35 pm
attacked. police say he was stabbed with an unknown object at least three times. >> he's okay. >>reporter: okay and recovering. he sustained injuries to his head neck and arm. his brothers say when he ran home after the attack, he had no idea what had happened or why. >> what he came to us and said was that he was hit in the head. >>reporter: now a plea to the public from his cousin and five brothers. >> just find him. >> just find him. >> he's young. he's nine. he ain't never did nothing. we want y'all -- i'm begging you to help us. >> surveillance cameras on a house across the street captured the stabbing. homeowner has turned the video over to the nypd. you've heard there's no such thing as a free lunch but how about free education. coming up president's plan for making community college not only low cost but no cost.
8:36 pm
>> there's a lot of cloudiness but rain in california. i'll talk about whether or not any of this will impact the bay area. coming up next. that means folks can save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. pup: oh! here's another! bulldog: that means up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found another red tag! bulldog: what? where? pup: right here, silly! [laughter] bulldog: that tickles! mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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. >> >> president obama is making a bold proposal which he says could impact 9 million americans. he wants to make community college free. the plan would require students to have a mentor, complete eight hours of community service per term and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. both the federal government and states would pay for the program. white how's says the plan could save an average full time student up to $3,800 a year. >> today bay area students and administrators voiced support for the plan. no fewer than 80% qualify as low income. the notion that they might not have to choose between groceries and fees or buying a new textbook is huge. chancellor of the evergreen community college district says that the proposal for free
8:39 pm
tuition say no brainer. >> data, reports studies show what the return on investment is for everyone dollar in education. it's not just the change in the life to that student his income his lifetime earnings but what they contribute with those earnings to society and how they will not be a burden to social services, for example. >> plan will only a play to schools which apply credit toward four-year degree. >> we have a weather system just to our north that could produce maybe a few sprinkles for the north bay spotty shower but otherwise dry conditions as this thing comes by and we'll see some clouds from it. live view golden gate bridge and we have some clouds tonight to talk about and they will be increasing overnight and as we go into tomorrow. so starting out the day look for mostly cloudy skies by the bay and the coast partly sunny
8:40 pm
inland and eventually those clouds will clear as we go through the morning and by the afternoon, mostly sunny and noertd mild day with temperatures into the low to mid 60s in the warmest places. then into next week, we have some warm weather on the way offshore winds which will make for lots of sunshine for me of the week and temperatures going up into the mid 60s but some changes finally by the weekend. there's a storm system way out there on the horizon for saturday that could bring fairly steady rain and we'll be watching that between now and then. for tonight and into tomorrow morning coolest temperatures in the upper 30s north bay and east bay, mid to upper 40 and low 50s by the bay and highs for tomorrow going up into upper 50s and low 60s. livermore at 64 degrees. here's a look ahead into next week. basically sunny and warm. monday through thursday, temperatures mid 60s with 30s inland in the morning 40s by
8:41 pm
the bay. clouds do begin to increase on friday with that chance for rain on saturday. vicki? >> the golden state war i don't remembers are more than just winners on the court. coming up how the hoop sters are making kids' wishes come true. >> get the latest from kron4 newsroom by downloading the free kron4 news app.
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8:43 pm
. >> and now an update to a story we brought you at the top of the news cast about the golden gate bridge and the closure. you're looking live right now. of course nothing is going on but there's a whole lot in the background going on. as of just before 6:00 to the golden gate highway and transportation district says all of the pieces of the new barrier are now in place. crews have been working around the clock so bridge would reopen by 4:00 monday morning. that's going to happen. this is video from helicopter partnership with abc seven news. you can see crews moving pieces of the barrier on to the bridge. they have completed it. engineers are now tensioning the
8:44 pm
barrier. crews working on striping the north and south side of the bridge. >> a star player with golden state warriors making wishes coming true. >>reporter: it was all a gift from a player. damion is one of four kids who got to practice. this is the second time this season the team has partnered with make a wish foundation. his wish has been to play basketball. >> i'm pretty excited. >>reporter: damien has a genetic heart condition but now able to do anything he wants. >> we've always tried to teach him we don't want it to hold him back but being able to do something like this after everything he's been through is
8:45 pm
really made it i don't want to say it worth it, but it's definitely brought something good out of everything bad. >>reporter: smiles like that is why he decided to take part in the make a wish event. >> that means a lot. i know it's something they probably been looking forward to. >>reporter: leaving each boy with members to last a lifetime. >> one of the biggest shows on earth is just wrapped up in las vegas. we're talking about ces consumer electronics show, upwards of 200000 people there. here's some of the really cool stuff that you can look forward to in the not so distant future. >> hottest thing at ces 2015 the bot robotic spider dress. it's all about the wearable. it's awarable that helps you get
8:46 pm
pregnant. >> personal sensors that a woman places that continuously monitors her temperature so she knows when to intimate. >> when she's most fer tile, it sends an alert. >>reporter: everything is being routed through smart phone. >> not only it is a smart home but smart home that listens to your house to tell you what's going on. >> you can use the application on your phone. turn on your washing machine turn it off while you're away from home at work. >>reporter: even getting kid to brush his teeth. >> when they're done brushing, they get a score. then goes up to cloud. parents can track the brushing. >> smart phone smart home. in fact there's so much smartness, i'm feeling numb at the moment. >> and just over a week into the new year and apple is already breaking records. apple announcing that customers
8:47 pm
around the world spent almost half a about dollars on apps and in app purchases. new year's day marked the single biggest day ever in app store sales history. 2014 billings at the app store increased by 50%. over 2013. a man in southern california was almost arrested this week for trying to do a good deed. rolando garcia walked into a super market to pay it forward. he tried to give a woman with a baby a one hundred dollar bill. when garcia and his friend approached her again to the mrot, she ran to police. she thought garcia was trying to buy her baby. >> she was fearful when she came in. she was somewhat intimidated at the scene. and, you know, when you put two and two together, for a lot of us, it was concerning. >> surveillance video of the encounter was released by police
8:48 pm
when an employee saw garcia on the news, garcia called police. officers interviewed him and determined that garcia's story checked out. a celebration for a young survivor, a toddler beat a rare form of cancer as he left the hospital he got a very special ride to his new home. sonia stephens has his story. >>reporter: two year-old was excited when he saw the big pink fire truck arrive to pick him up but wasn't excited about getting in his car seat, reminder that he is like other kids his age although he has beat amazing odds. his great exit from musc in the north charleston fire department pink fire truck was a right of passage from his family who has endured so much the past few months >> lawson was diagnosed with a very rare luke leukemia.
8:49 pm
we know knew he was special way before we got diagnosis but so he's literally one in a million. >>reporter: the diagnosis came in early august and required a bone marrow transplant. >> we're the only pediatric transplant center in south carolina. we're thrilled to find him a match. he underwent a transplant that was over all very successful. >>reporter: the operation took place just before he and his twin's second birthday. >> we have been very fortunate to be surround bid amazing people. amazing people. -- by amazing people. the nurses, the teches, doctors i mean, everyone has made a terrible situation into actually a really lovely one. >>reporter: now he is in remission and released from the hospital in style. >> we have wonderful friends as we have mentioned and family and it's been mentioned to us that there was a pink fire truck in north karls ton. we thought it would be a wonderful thing for him to be a
8:50 pm
part of. >>reporter: that pink truck drove them all their way to temporary hold since they have to stay local for next one hundred days in case there are complications. the ride symbolizes a new chapter of health this new year. sonia stephens. >> nothing like a friendly dog to cheer you up. coming up, the canine who helped put a smile back on the face of a young cancer patient. en tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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. >> a facebook page created an arizona teen to get through chemo treatment is going viral. photo dog he's for andrew. . >> what do you want? there's therapy dogs here at phoenix children's hospital. they're just about the only thing that brighten's anthony's. he can be laying in bed all day not a peep out of him and the dog comes in and he becomes himself again. >>reporter: that's why when kate the dog is here, it's hard to tell that 16 year-old anthony is going through chemo. >> we thought it was growing pains and it turned out to be this. >>reporter: the treatment is rough. >> i don't want to be here because it's painful getting chemo here all the time and when the dogs come in, they make you -- they make me smile at
8:54 pm
least because she looks so happy. she comes to depressing place and brings happiness with her and spreads it everywhere. >>reporter: because of the obvious change in demeanor when therapy dogs come around anthony's mom started posting about it. >> i said it's the only thing that brightens his day. we're so excited. a friend of mine started a facebook page for people to post pictures of their dogs. >>reporter: the facebook page caught fire online. >> we're thinking maybe 30-40 people from my old work would post. i'd say in the last four days it's gone up to a million people. >> i just like going through all the pictures of some of them are funny. some of the dogs have their tongs out. it's funny. >> for me it brings me hope that people are good because through animals they're showing their support. >> wow. so far nearly 2 million people from across the globe have
8:55 pm
shared dog photos. watch out kids, adults if you didn't know this -- adults are taking over facebook. a new research study shows 58% of american adults are using the social media site. more and more seniors are actually logging on too for the first time. 56% of online adults are on facebook. they can find old friends colleagues and schoolmates. just 19% of adults have a twitter account. and i know you've got a facebook fan page. >> i do. and i give weather updates. so if you want to checkout the weather, >> as your fair weather friend. >> yeah, well, there's lots of fair weather to talk about here next couple days. >> indeed. >> we've gone almost a month now without any kind of significant rainfall. >> i know. the air is dingy. when is that going to clear out >> light winds are still around for tonight and for the next
8:56 pm
couple days. so spare the air day again for tomorrow. tenth in a row. we'll see temperatures for tomorrow afternoon going up into the upper 50s for san francisco and up the coast. look for low 60s south bay mid 60s into the inland valleys. we'll have some low clouds in the morning but sunshine mixed with scattered high clouds for afternoon. for next week, more offshore winds, light winds out of the north, air quality will continue to to be poor, look for temperatures mid 60s. that's well above average for january. finally there is some rain in the forecast. by the end of the week, friday, late friday into saturday, perhaps a significant storm next weekend. >> looking forward to that rain. >> me too. >> that's it for kron4 news at 8:00. get the latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next news cast is tonight at 11. see you then everybody. good night.
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it's golden globes weekend and we've been hanging out with nominees all week long. >> award season, it's officially on. >> oh yeah. ♪ ♪ >> that serenade of your name was wonderful. >> that was pretty amazing. >> we'll look back at last week's film festival, brad's sing along and alisha keys honor. >> if you want to get something done ask a mom to do it. >> come on. >> then bill cosby's tv wife speaks out. >> on the sexual abuse al a gages. >> when you first heard women said they were drugged or raped. >> i had never heard that before. >> we'll talk about that and all the headlines from a busy week. >> like this one how do you pull off a


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