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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 15, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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. heavy traffic moving through southbound is the cause of the crash shot autumn lot. which is either on the shoulder or. >> reporter: back up for assault. the bay bridge westbound as 23 men drive time still being posted out of macarthur maze. >> reporter: and on my to some detail bridge read at
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7:00 within 10 minutes i knew side of it we start to see really sit bog down here at the toll plaza drive * spiking over 19 minutes westbound. >> reporter: following developing story six people injured after car slums and to a macy's store n.y.. >> reporter: might come live with what happened. >> reporter: while those people in critical condition spoke with a man who showed up sit here today disney is a consultant for the store here this check the structure of the damage. it see the doors boarded up even more damage inside take a look at some of the incredible the deal from last evening in see a lot of shattered glass stories a blue honda set it went to the west for the macy's before 5:00 last evening. coming to rest >> reporter: 50 and said the store. a 53 year-old woman possibly lost control the cause of the crash remains under investigation.
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>> reporter: the driver had several people. expectedly chaotic we have to determine how many patients we had than enough resources and locate them there were from the floor there. >> reporter: video from hulk of a partnership with abc seven emergency crews transporting some of the victim's to hospital and the driver first hit the man from a sudden she's using critical condition several other people inside the store including driver authorities say six people injured for them transported to hospital. please tell us that this may areas under investigation and not made any arrests. >> reporter: of the biggest following this morning and planned our protest tomorrow could slow down your friday morning commute. theater protestors its bread it show up at the montgomery bar
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sessions of the cisco in the middle of the friday midnight rush-hour. protest organizers said it won charges dropped against activist morris to beckham #4 train themselves aboard a train. >> reporter: processing a fine service assumption is not. and those who want to disrupt our system think about where about the table needed to or the need to go. a couple hours and contains over 20 hours. eight >> reporter: protestors planned for 7:00 tomorrow morning first a week and a long series of tense but calm and amr chernobyl and martin luther king jr. day monday it. also monday different group is planning ahead protested oakland. at the fruit belt bart station at monday obviously a holiday non peak we hours
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outside the station. almost of an event rather than a protest. >> reporter: adding yellow and rose to 04 and will have speakers performances in the arts and crafts that also have a march to the city after that. >> reporter: 30 as men setting several town homes on fire. the tyrol david boyle rest yesterday after his assault problems and please call to his house and many times. >> reporter: video fire fighters play up the flames. the morning of the fireplace to make a welfare check and found him okay little while later the first of three homes was on fire. >> reporter: seems to not be right his of his medication seems to be very mood swing. >> reporter: oil was arrested after a short
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chase fire brought under control out $7,000 worth of damage no one was injured. >> reporter: a second day of sales then surely adult and argon will live latest on the developments in france. so francisco neighborhood free republic waste to getting a public a boost.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 more news here is a look at early backup for interstate 580 westbound heading for the richmond center fell bridge. the check see if there's been an incident reported or otherwise less bounce to account for these early delays. >> reporter: there are no problems reported by the chp but already starting the slow the right now coming out of richmond on five a westbound. >> reporter: were watching wallstreet after four days a lot losses of more losses mounting this morning live look from a blend the we see a picture there doubt on industrial average of its consent to consecutive day of loss. the disappointing earnings out of this morning from city group and bank of america. the dow off in the '50s than 17,00376.
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>> reporter: because the farm this morning not to call the star oakland 44 degrees upper '30's and santa rosa and fairfield and that look of fog and highlighting the chance for rain will return. ♪ all e gonessf milk l thdeliousness of hshe's rup.
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>> reporter: this level from five the livermore in and see how thick the fog as the zero visibility. a lot of but to fog and those eruptive america with his ability to forecast a. >> reporter: busing much at all in livermore reportedly had zero. yesterday's up to pat going past the interior valleys but it's abscessed shoreline the effect in mid peninsula. talking out widespread low cloud cover even dry throat when affected. is ability at 2 mi. there yesterday to 10 mi. visibility. 2 mi. sfo and less than attend the mile for san rosa. >> reporter: the fog is really dense and the sun rise and that's why it it's looking a little worse this morning especially for driving along portions of 580, 80, a hot mut
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or so messy that fog perfect for the del talked. >> reporter: east bay shoreline peninsula here but take a look into motion heading in the afternoon that low cloud cover will start to left the for hazy conditions and to the afternoon in yet another spur the airliner and affect and we will see that sunshine mixed in with support equality high clouds temperatures in the upper 50s. fair feel like how. >> reporter: 65 in oakland to ct for about half moon bay and everett high pressure in place right now. acuteness fine dry but also lolling for pre foggy mornings that's what we've dealt with for the last couple days. take a look at this to the north we do every developing. ridge of high pressure funds into tomorrow of the slip this service could bring charges north of the golden gate bridge national weather service calling for 10 percent chance of rain. really friday afternoon and saturday bring up huge accounts but was missing any rain whatsoever develop their. some extended models
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did show we could see just the pop-up showers the girls can be just in case. >> reporter: of this will be widespread revenge chance for showers diminishes sunday and monday high- pressure back in the early next week. >> reporter: lots of sunshine by wednesday afternoon highs and lows '60s and looking mostly dry conditions and a critical eye weather for on tap for the next seven days. >> reporter: time right now 76 seen16. >> reporter: get the bay bridge to back up in the macarthur maze drive times over 24 minutes now. coming up highway 24 and 80 approaches back over the westbound lanes. >> reporter: 92 san mateo bridge to stop at the toll plaza. >> reporter: 29 man drive times over the hayward and that if you're lucky for your out of here word of art san mateo. >> reporter: golden gate
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bridge is uneasy trip trouble-free here in the richmond bridge backing up early for the west on ride. >> reporter: in see that or are as low here coming off interstate 5 a westbound at the toll plaza. >> reporter: >> reporter: for this come into marin county as we look around the bay each for freeway lost luggage rack to bed early occurring problems there cleared up. >> reporter: still have the though already have a i should say south on 680. all approaching highway 4 and after it. bidding on a one the crease along as well for san ramon valley ride. >> reporter: this corridor coming already heavy for a southbound. susan x as they're now west on a crash leading to the san mateo bridge on 92 at this very and. south they feel is loading up little early as well but it's 85 ride artists low was awesome and valet a 280 already at to or
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over at the 626 men dressed up for 11. northbound direction >> reporter: >> reportein national business morning plot to attack the u.s. capital has stopped. >> reporter: 26 year-old revealed a plans to fbi informant they should raise the had bite and in people. ito about the support for some extent and some members of congress and is. also but semiautomatic rifles and 600 rounds of any minute and ammunition after high school he struggled find himself. >> reporter: rugby 20 but his legacy of could barely ever left the house played videogames. >> reporter: after check of
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a gun store here was arrested by fbi. but just after the deputy attack a french newspaper. the first edition since the tech this although before dawn. still people a at kiosks in paris panels being held for four of the six staff members. >> reporter: french president says that the millions of muslims living in france should be respected but that should also respect the country's strict secular policies. urtext have our retaliatory attacks in france many french muslims on the defense of. >> reporter: " france is weighing in on the terrorist attacks as rflp and the said list of freedom of expression. especially when it is also ridicules the ones faced. the pope says someone cannot provoke or insult the face of others.
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>> reporter: those other stories falling right now his l.a. neighborhood rallying for peace like a lesson is deadly shooting. for young man killed friday march. but i had a prayer vigil to pray for the young men. victim's parents were picked up in a stolen car and a presence sides of the one gang members nothing to do with whatever transpired before the tax. >> reporter: coated teddy a man want to make sure there is the detective >> : >> reporter: so that those family members but the board of supervisors to talk about how they can make san francisco safer for young adults. >> reporter: in this morning urgent care center san diego closed several
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fuel showed up with some sense of the measles sought to determine if it is the measles told test results are and if not clear if these cases related the out break from disneyland. >> reporter: 26 cases in connection with disneyland and also a california measure parked. >> reporter: officials wouldn't say how many people in san diego a but meet to map an isolated. >> reporter: public toilets now being extended with plans to expand other parts of the city. to the thousand dollars used to keep this program going are now three locations in the tenderloin a alyce and will get avenue so for the program receive 65 gal. of clean water each day and a syringe is properly disposed because of the bay initiative of this application added to the south the market and abroad the time this year. is close rustler partly offset every day. cut san francisco to
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warriors to fight for its accreditation estimate restoration status however the school's accreditation still threatens. this decision gives the school more decision the kind complies with the commission's standards. it comes to just for judges ruling whether the commission unfairly still has in out of a movie buffs will prisoners crushes on railroad tracks gets hit by train. \ >> reporter: take a look at the aftermath.
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a drug bust theaters on the scene of a prison bus crash. >> reporter: killed some people on spas' five others that birds land into a train. then tsb and public safety will sift through the debris and trend zero contributed to the crash of this bus getting on the overpass side of the embankment and colliding with the passive freight train to offices and clinics ever killed along with eight inmates. >> reporter: other corrections officers other inmates and hospital. >> reporter: 725 close call i california car wash elderly man paid for awash in the cameras, what happened next. >> reporter: wait for. a car
7:26 am
speeding through this could karl wash and sacramento that happened last friday manager told us a 94 year- old man. he paid for wash and then something went wrong. are blessed to watch 40 mi. per hour they workers by surprise. >> reporter: ago this employee was an inch smiling the next she's in fear. the cars that go through here in neutral the push on this race will commit about. he was straight through the car wash slamming and the other side. >> reporter: karcher to stop another vacuum area and other. >> reporter: another label the car back out of second before impact. >> reporter: no one injured korean car wash elderly driver could not take his foot off the pedal damages close to $100,000 most of.
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it has been fixed and now is a cut of the much worse. >> reporter: step complete take to people less important thing
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as for waking up with the kron 4 more and is focusing on the weather because the of areas of pretty dense fog developing on the area not too bad. just a little hazy as your approach to the golden gate bridge. north of the shot where dealing with very dense fog. visibility under tons of oil for san rose the. >> reporter: see somewhat slight the ability stow zero art and the livermore area. mr. davis fog was really confined these bay interior
7:30 am
valleys. you conceive spread of these bay shoreline visibility as a loss for oakland. >> reporter: miles for sfo right now and some of the that affect u.s. healthcare announced by the advisory in effect for the east bay to all o'clock this morning. >> reporter: keep that in mind with visibility and a quarter mile talk about free drive it did just driving conditions expect a hazy sunshine into the afternoon. >> reporter: possibility for rain drops into tomorrow and tracking that for you coming up in 50 minutes. we are tracking slow rise of the bridge of this morning. >> reporter: knowledge get in hot spots but there are a few incidents and on the roadway and the crew patters just a little slower than normal to look at the bay bridge wide restaurant. >> reporter: back of the macarthur may strive * 24 at 27 minutes from highway 24. >> reporter: both are some openings here in the catchlines westbound a run on the left side of the toll plaza. >> reporter: trip to san a
7:31 am
tale bridge will play slow this morning westbound traffic is backed up beyond at 26 to 29 minute drive *. >> reporter: or looking at early back up for the west down richmond san roof top roof fell bridge out past the toll plaza now i'm back up to the toll plaza here beyond russian parkway france a 5 a westbound having to richmond. >> reporter: 731 right now on the bigg's store in a bay area as a new coach of the san francisco 49ers. >> reporter: jim thompson led >> reporter: he is no one here levi he's been here leave i his undefeated nfl head coaching record. just
7:32 am
lost your audio via second case. looking at video from tom analyst steve even here yet >> reporter: cecil to be announced that an introduction today? >> reporter: and they are as said. >> reporter: as their savior last area because are waiting for the big interruption but give a bigger introduction and for tom suit garry was his thoughts on the surprise move for those who sought will reach out and get all times so is undefeated as the niners had touched. >> reporter: to the senate put his own game in his perfect record as a matter to cut so far.
7:33 am
>> reporter: about the raiders now are pushing officially. just getting the job and he works at the head coach rex of the jaguars' before i get the defensive corridor for the denver broncos. native working at hayward high memories he made back then. the score all-american the moment many guys like that definitely broke them open when he came through. we compete anybody or good as anybody. >> reporter: still remains at the alumni association as well in now sources saying that thomas braun all many believe turn the raiders around the second half of the season. he will be leaving the team after passover from beginner of head coach. >> reporter: with us for coming out the fall team and other head coach in the bay area book your reaction from
7:34 am
gary in just a few minutes. >> reporter: fire as san jose to reduce it to san jose departments the airport the strength piccard's. one personal sleep but neighbors bring down the door and they got out the fire occurred on the blaze within just minutes. >> reporter: no injuries firefighters initially called for such alarm canceled after they got a handle on the flames.. >> reporter: accused of edwin smith yesterday at his home arrested daughter of but also cleaners a lengthy investigation customers been overcharged on credit cards. >> reporter: in all 38 victims who lost a combined $678,000. >> reporter: after tom hanks in endorsing president obama. >> reporter: 3 community college nationwide in in the
7:35 am
n.y. times article. >> reporter: the actor appraise the route wide array of programs and the diversity of the student population. >> reporter: in response to the article many of the students had the change and staff. >> reporter: 80 shalt colleges are truly democracy. >> reporter: the costly full-scale investigation by loss angeles police department. another woman 24 rolls chloe you see here has come for accusing cosby of sexual assault. >> reporter: this time the alleged incident happened within the statute of limitations. she said that caused a drug that tack turn today at the playboy mansion on shoes 18 years old. >> reporter: cosby 77 already faces nearly 30 accusations of sexual assault or rape for much older allegations that allegedly happened years ago of this natural imitation. >> reporter: caused a continuously through his
7:36 am
attorneys denied allegations in so far no charges. have been charges >> reporter: her right climbers have got to celebrate this one is successful is celebrating its first-ever free climb of in yosemite and these pictures kevin jordan said. >> reporter: they spent 19 days of the face of the non concerted one the most of the cold climes in the world. >> reporter: feels incredible we've been working since 2009 it's been all consuming in our lives since then. >> reporter: it's pretty sorel to wake up this morning and have a client complete. >> reporter: this 1099s and dangling ropes living bags and used a rare for the challenge much of it took place in the bay area wash in mostar right now another
7:37 am
down day 65 consecutive losses. >> reporter: a turnaround in the last few minutes from down 50 but now up 50 and disappointing earnings going in the markets of the sporting and the dow try to push back the positive territory now 45 17,00472. >> reporter: will be right back with other traffic in just a few minutes
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i lo it. nedoveody sh. soft, smtherkin ter jusone ower >> reporter: look and becker tracking the drug on the san mateo bridge was bound and seven free. a busload trip 26 manson now on the hayward and san the tail. with slow traffic from well before the toll plaza 92 westbound. >> reporter: the best picture nominee is they are american sniper, birdman, unexpected virtue of ignorance boyhood the
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grand but his hotel imitation and selma theory of everything, and it will slash. >> reporter: those of the nominations reminder got rid of this out to us say. >> reporter: site is oscar's of it mattel's mayor gus see these movies looking at this american sniper. byrd mass saw grant budapest you saw of the fishing and i've seen. >> reporter: willful is of all the nominations of the five area, for morning news and tireless after actress of photo kron-4-dot-com. >> reporter: be back with more radical mr. story today is the coaching changes and
7:42 am
49ers raiders to the coaches talked to gary and break down all the pros and cons.
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female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> reporter: summer in the seventh 44 patio to areas of dense fog this morning pre thick fog that deliveries bay interior valleys. but no. the this camera shot also is bay shoreline looking pretty heavy fog this morning. >> reporter: which is not too bad starting things often the 40's places like santa rosa a drug to the
7:45 am
upper 30's. >> reporter: everyone well above the freezing mark as we have in the afternoon let's look for clearing skies. >> reporter: of the kind of hazy sunshine yet another spur the airliner in affects. much as it is today in a low bid succeeds >> reporter: little pretty mild conditions later on today. visibility really bad right now there field or at 0 c + the the mullins center as area. >> reporter: the ability also under 2 mi. for oakland sfo according to miles. this is pretty widespread dense fog and a visor for much of the states all the o'clock this morning >> reporter: by the after >> : the '60s to the look forward to. probably shed some of those layers with oakland 65 upper 50s for fairfield like hell. >> reporter: at but not too bad today with a 564 will see similar conditions on the south bay. >> reporter: after bay today hitting a high of 63 and 60 over in daly city. >> reporter: ridge of high pressure keeping us high and dry but check this out we do have some rain to our
7:46 am
north. essentially this ritual flattering to tomorrow afternoon and this rate disturbance will carry the bay area. >> reporter: possibility for few stray showers and we'll see much activity south of the golden gate. keep your umbrellas handy just in case >> reporter: looking at 10 percent chance of rain at really on tap for friday and saturday. ma is really backing up on the chance for coal from the press what weather. >> reporter: chance bring diminishes early next week. >> reporter: no change restrictions and the fact in fact the base continues to the trip north par 38 to 37 the heading of the kirkwood for the weekend and boreal reporting base of 25 in.. >> reporter: things are not backing off here backing up for the ride on what role in marin county with a new accent reported on the parkway and ride for the civic center.
7:47 am
>> reporter: looking or 40 minute drive out of daughter out for the golden gate bridge. for the bay bridge dried backed up and the macarthur maze 2427 minute drive *. >> reporter: 92 december tale bridge 26 minutes the average on route time backed up well for the toll plaza 92 westbound. >> reporter: golden gate bridge ride problem free no delays year bill fog either. >> reporter: richmond bridge commute back up earlier than usual this morning. ari slow on 580 if you had west toward the richmond parkway interchange. >> reporter: have the from their here to the toll plaza. >> reporter: 1 garry. the setting and its that the initial reaction >> reporter: that jim the man as he the guy is my
7:48 am
ticket for your letters the super bowl hacked? >> reporter: assault before a large crowd audience and both coaches and said that hire somebody. >> reporter: it does show the 81 hard bottle out a matter what. the issue is. in europe are about where is. what did go for tom is a clutch it question to the to the idea up? >> reporter: thomas sobol loss of their talking about the young guy in denver then fangio hyde of tom's of the total pool sort of speak and then this guy in front coordinator. >> reporter: is a defensive line coach. along it's been there eight years. >> reporter: my gym in all of them is when a less for
7:49 am
three different guys that means watershed really like to. >> reporter: led to let him but i like him to because the more i read about this guy first of all you have to look the part i say he's a coach with the coach looked. >> reporter: so biased i really is an assistant so long. crawlies the long abbey he doesn't have the coach looked. >> reporter: it is that the presence of blood off yet addressed talking i don't know nobody knows his of the head coach. >> reporter: we did the players definitely love him we do know that. but not as tough as carbonari sinclair's a safe area like everyone knows him already his think lower talking with
7:50 am
steal the to halt i knew what to do here the path to do. >> gary:>> reporter: where they should hire mandela to do the hard this like a fan the hired every man. >> reporter: discussed his entire life and football cell not face o'bannon. >> reporter: his face pater that's put his all behind being part of the deal not just a fan. >> reporter: gets old and chopped wood sold as bieber said in a volunteer at this catawba top college wrestler and coaching. >> reporter: tremendously big jerk cabbie ulysses as confessionals a living as carter other ski coach in the pros as a head coach. >> reporter: it shows is giving his all the do loss. >> reporter: is a good
7:51 am
enough as head coach of a was a record and up six and one as a coach in nfl europe. >> reporter: just looking at. >> reporter: a pay thousand dollars for personal see lessons i guess that's a lot of things like lsi from people is paying for that new stadium. for the deal when they sell you that stuff like all the gains we won an nfc championship games we've gone to jim harbaugh our coach. tell that money and we get this guy. >> reporter: to the raiders to the sort of thing we're all waiting for pull this
7:52 am
one and hire someone for all from within and man said reach out to the guy three decades of the nfl he has are as of may >> reporter: is decayed sills and sell season tickets was a job at a polio single-a-2 makes more sense to may. >> reporter: as head coach for nine years in jacksonville plans you alert as the raiders you put anyone in there now. >> reporter: which can get something gonna just the poor thomas >> : has replaced are bused to miss the rough for him. >> reporter: the expectation was harbaugh was a good enough because we want to win the super bowl we just so i don't want to when. >> reporter: so used to lead it to george has a clause saying that. superable that >> reporter: that's just
7:53 am
terrible hands about the terrible burden upon anyone ever thomas c. thompson of lava by all accounts and a friendly guy worked hard road to from the status us is a sept. is why we got were the most desired coaches and the game. >> reporter: he may have a hard time get along with him but leverage fan relates to him a background of nothing but success. >> reporter: 79 from september will have a big question mark on him to throw good of the franchise. its franchise >> reporter: was thinking how you never joking ridiculing raiders over mark davis ford making in south southwest.
7:54 am
now the floor director and even less night. >> reporter: you know mark davis went to. orders to celebrate to. >> reporter: said i don't care this more like to go. i love those in his car sold those shares trip would we hired a lumberjack. your style is on the mark today.
7:55 am
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>> reporter: top stories a crash of a cart and to macy's in new york 6 people injured live report from the. scene coming the >> reporter: 60 lombardi
8:00 am
ready for big delays protesters planning a demonstration that could do the stop your commute coming and. >> reporter: the fall of the bay area level from five a little more visibility on year's zero what fog chance of rain in the forecast,. >> reporter: but the warning foghorns levels area on the bay love fumbling and watching the forecast and up it to america with more the foghorn surly proper this morning yesterday most of that was contained in the central valley. >> reporter: days early closing will being close to the golden gate bridge housing much sunshine in fact just a little hazy of
8:01 am
from this vantage point. visibility pretty good on the bridge itself its north of the shot where were dealing with some very dense fog. visibility under tons of a mile first federal's area whereas zero in fairfield livermore right now. yours have been writing and that there really better not proportions the highway for interstate 580. i sing less than 2 mi. from a travel on east shoreline and check this update looks like oakland now brought down to half mile. >> reporter: be the dense fog and buys a for much of the state's 0:00 this morning but for his sun shine in the afternoon temperatures and low low 50s was '60s. >> reporter: is a slight chance see few raindrops as we head into its modern and. as a weak disturbance that could bring an offer on shower. >> reporter: all of the dry conditions while other continues in the weekend in a couple to recent changes to talk about in two the weekend folic back coming up and 50 minutes.
8:02 am
>> reporter: the next in order to a crash that france parkway. the stress of from 37 on the golan a bridge up to 46 minutes and if at this time. the 37 from the beginning of. the of add about another five minutes or so and i your liking of 52 to 55 minutes for the total travel time on one 01 southbound. >> reporter: in not clear direction interstate 580 having eastbound out toward double and there is an accident that the eden canyon road traffic castro valley wide. >> reporter: bridgeses' morning heavily backed up with the bay bridge slowed to the macarthur mae's 24 heavy coming down from well before children's hospital. >> reporter: mattel bridge across this morning with 29 minute drive * westbound and even the richmond bridges have been heavy this morning
8:03 am
back up earlier than usual or are slow coming out of richmond heading toward the toll plaza on fog a westbound. >> reporter: developing news this morning six people injured after a car slams into the macy's store in newark where those people critical condition this morning kron for mike live at the parkway mall with more on what happened. >> reporter: the car involved and cloudless arlen behind me here at this macy's board of up this morning all indications the store will open as scheduled at 10:00 over the past hour with see a lot of employees show up are inside the store moving on closing cleaning up after very. hectic very >> reporter: underclass out when the store of macy's and the late fire for was a 63 year-old woman behind the wheel of a blue honda possibly had a medical up so thus control the car and slammed 50 ft. and the store hitting several people triggering a major medical emergency. >> reporter: watter
8:04 am
resources corp. initiated based on the number of unissued of mass casualty incidence requesting additional resources. three instances of rescue six ground man hunts and a helicopter. >> reporter: but if how about a partnership with abc seven shows several people that a hospital automatic, as a fire parma's of the first in line outside a store in critical condition and the driver also hit to other people inside the macy's all of them including the driver taken to hospital to other people also treated for either shot or panic attack now please have not made any arrests at this point and unable to york place out accounting of a fire department continuing their investigation. >> reporter: other big news planned our protest for tomorrow could slow down friday morning commute. and to protest is expected to show up by the montgomery
8:05 am
bart station san francisco in the middle of small morning's rush-hour. >> reporter: the protest organizers as a tree or charges dropped against activist arrested back in november for chaining themselves aboard a train. >> reporter: resources is processing five service assumption is not. >> reporter: people wanted to destroy their system the please think about other people who made me the get to where they need to go but when a woman or child being shot straight mutt once with that of scale protest planned for 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and just a person like a long series of events culminating in march oakland on march live the king jr. day on monday also monday a different group a player another processor oakland that the fear that are stationed at the fall monday outside the station process plan for all they really all the for with performances
8:06 am
speakers even arts and crafts and other be much after that to the city where cheetahs man setting several town homes on fire now custody the tool arrested yesterday afternoon of labour say boiled had mental health all please call to tom all times in the past that of firefighters and put out the flames to the homes on fire on-would drive on behalf. his office dedications seems to be very mood swings and somewhat violent to neighbors sons >> reporter: is arrested after a short chase all fires under control ellis' $300,000 worth of damage and no one was injured. >> reporter: player in the morning news caught is the
8:07 am
latest edition of the charlie newspaper argon's. >> reporter: you i put france is reacting to terror attacks in paris entry his response plus new-camera footage reveals several weeks ago normalcy thefts are breaking down just moments after killing a man. >> reporter: but romney assembly campaign seems steps toward running for president again before retiring will tell you
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
to slow ride for 1 01 south on an earlier your current assets at a chris parkway cleared the back up now 53 minutes from the beginning of the ride from about a leading south toward the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: there on the starting to assemble campaign seen for what was. >> reporter: turning to a former aide a for liaison with the media as he takes up the run again. >> reporter: the lead will go up immediately for pure bay assess and he was the deputy director for rapid response to cause a presidential campaign. >> reporter: romulo just members for the national committee tomorrow and the first public comments that he was serious about running for president again. >> reporter: present obama joining democrats for the retreat today this comes as a party dealing with it's a
8:11 am
status and the senate minority after losing seats in the alexian. pres >> reporter: assess the work with both parties to try and make progress as last two years in office so far republican controlled congress has tech of legislation he opposes the party issued five veto threats a week and a new session. >> reporter: coming up in the kron 4 more news man behind bars at the plate attack on u.s. capital how they manage to stop him. >> reporter: panels being held today for victims of a charlie newspaper attack in hearing reaction now from the pope when he sang about. . >> :
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> reporter: look in her bright eyes and bushy tails the dead is is >> : up really early on to deal with traffic or the belly dance on fog on the bay area and now is up by the fall was as bad pushing closer to sunrises receive the thickest of, marriott. >> reporter: as a tick a lot look at the embarcadero you see not much but the surplus be the bay bridge and replete fog and this morning so surprise evidence fog advisory in effect told o'clock this morning . >> reporter: visibility and
8:15 am
a quarter mile route toward livermore visibility actually down to zero and we are dealing with widespread dense fog/. all surplus in the early afternoon but by 2:00 look france and high putting his the sky conditions. >> reporter: other star the hurler and affects for temperatures later on today at oakland hitting highs 65 to bed there. >> reporter: temperatures and 50s and fairfield 63 pleasanton 64 daly city high pressure still in control the dealing with the weather just yet the bridge will flatten as we head into tomorrow unless you agree on appear that's where bert rein ringing part of the state ended see rate since the bay area such as for showers and in the of the golden gate bridge center early saturday national weather service 10 percent chance to those umbrellas handy justin k..
8:16 am
>> reporter: looks like the chance to manage to sunday into monday very calm conditions and sunshine in the middle of next week. >> reporter: us see how the roof of dealing with george. >> reporter: where chancellor unusual ride this morning motorcycle accident near the civic center of the park where what oneself on a crash out of lanes on the shoulder. >> reporter: the drive times from 4 highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge only about 53 minutes to. as " slow ride from iran but a while since we've seen anything like that. and also tracking delays from a 580 eastbound ride heading out of castro valley, back toward dublin. >> reporter: thus not commit direction acts and even carrying roads and that's the reason for the slowing their they a court or commute hasn't gotten as bad as we feared it might. >> reporter: about 44 minutes to 38 down to 37. the bay bridge back up solidly through the maze now 30 minute drive *.
8:17 am
>> reporter: and the san mateo bridge close of three mets again for the westbound ride for those at about a word over toward san detail. >> reporter: golden gate bridge away free that some good news with no problems that getting crossband into maranta but slower than usual rise. >> reporter: here at the richmond bridge toll plaza book or back up at least at the toll plaza begins that ease a bit shoe in national as a plot the tech u.s. capital stopped./ >> reporter: that officials arrested heileman an undercover operation twin year-old christopher revealed his plans to the fbi informant saying they were should raise gi by bombing a capital. >> reporter: ensuring everyone who exited that a form a working undercover but cornell talk about his support for islamic state and concern members of congress congress and is
8:18 am
also bought two semiautomatic rifles as are drugs a memo yesterday morning. >> reporter: terrace say after highs was settled by himself. >> reporter: he might be 20 but he was like 60 all skin barely ever left the house. >> reporter: i believe user rebuttable and his taurus model is . >> reporter: his number of the medicare does plan working with undercover person the whole time. his arrest by fbi agents waiting outside at three but m zero and on this weeks after the deadly attack of the largest paper charlie adult. >> reporter: happening today fuels for for the six that staff members killed last week and the terror attack cost. more flying up fillets edition party gone from the fed says the newspaper profit muhammed on the cover of its latest edition surely increase
8:19 am
production of 5 million copies still sold out again today before dawn in paris. >> reporter: to a pulp wrestling in on the terror attacks in paris are as well as the philippines. there are limits of freedom of expression and especially it consulting ridiculed this one's faith post. as someone cannot provoke or insult the face of mother's. >> reporter: bay area news people san francisco his belly neighborhood rowing for peace and like a last week's deadly shooting. for young men shot and killed last friday. semblances warships salvador and other ministers held prayer vigil last night and praying for young men killed at the corner like to do in the streets to victims princess was picked up on a stolen car that happens inside. but their songs weren't members of gains and nothing to do with whatever transpired before the attack. >> reporter:
8:20 am
if the saw it as something other was. >> reporter: the victims' family members londonderry it does talk or public make san francisco stiffer for adults. >> reporter: in this morning urging care center is a san diego closed after several people showed up a sentence of a measles is a connected to the disneyland out break . so health officials tried to figure out. until the tests are finally did come and they don't know if the of the case are in fact measles is tied to disneyland out break in anaheim. 26 >> reporter: >> gary: cases reported between disney and call for human trephine parks. >> reporter: and said, any cases in san diego but immediately matched that. drug making latta stages of their shares sacramento and adult saw the five species is other numbers drop significantly last year because of drought. >> reporter: adults all
8:21 am
recorded all-time low population an annual fall survey and along term are caught the stress are on the decline. species and on the decline in drought years because the need fresh water outflow to the support habitat. >> reporter: kron 4 offering since then dominic expands parts of the sec would hundred thousand dollars used to keep this program going right now three locations in the tenderloin ellis island and golden gate avenue. >> reporter: 4 assess the city of funds is $5 of clean water each day and syringes disposed of properly because of the initiative. other principal case should add the salt market abroad sometime this year the total on solar power the cleanup site every day. >> reporter: still had on the kron 4 more news we are tracking the foggy conditions low visibility in that area this morning is shaping up on fog getting
8:22 am
thicker like you're in livermore even see the live shot more with a couple minutes. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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alt your docr rit away as dficuy swlowing speang, eathg, eye oble, or musclweakness n be sigof alife-thrteni contion. si effects m include lerg reaions necknd iecti sitpain tiguand headache. d't take box®f yo ha a sn infection. te your doct about ur mical history mule or nervcondions and dicaons,ncluding botunum xins ashese may ireastherisk of riousideffects. puthe odds oyouride. toearn how tsaveon your eatment. talko a adac spealist day out botox®. >> reporter: video showing police officer breaking down moments after shooting and killing a man. supporters levels in danger when a man rationed was < start
8:25 am
firing. same jury found that montana plays of instagram morrison justified. the killer or suspect in april.- and record the shooting along with his reaction to minutes later. >> reporter: he sobbing sank it thought the metals and pulled a gun on him and shot the suspect a suspect in lesson applies has the is selling at less than move as they tried the grass. >> reporter: as a car registered more a fire of the tunnel detainee's for the 5¢ to a lot of fun to estonia. daughter saw hundred 22 detainee's left mequon all. >> reporter: pleasant close to the detention center as soon as possible credit say cut its did collude to attain that his terror suspects. >> reporter: reject all for bankruptcy of surf is next month in a wall street journal today the deadline for the company a couple of hundred billion dollars. in a combined cash and available credit before its
8:26 am
major creditors. >> reporter: real shuttle in six to 2 million available and instantly retailer tried to close 1100 of its five files and store since march. >> reporter: only hundred 75 of those close at the end of october. watching wallstreet see some swings the dow down 5048 out out 66. >> reporter: in corporate earnings season is ending stocks focused disappointing earnings from the city as well as from a bank of america to put down on 69 points. >> reporter: still ahead on kron 4 more news is this the man largely the ford matters to assemble a jim thomas to lock or tom as we let the call now on who we as after the break. little critters your head coach they are pointing the jack del rio and introducing him well talk about his back on to as
8:27 am
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. >> reporter: mmx are occurring at eden canyon road is clear traffic backed up now through castro valley on such to 38 heading toward a less coming out of east
8:31 am
out of san leandro. >> reporter: here you can see so right here in ring town too early occurring accent on a one-to-one with the back up to no. how 37 judge ito's up kron 15 mess from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: to the bay bridge tracking up in the maze with a 30 minute drive time. to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 also backed up in still slow here 26 minutes sent current commit time and to san mateo. >> reporter: f. richard across the richmond bridge things have eased off here at the red toll plaza all slowed a share is no longer backed up on five a westbound in richmond. >> reporter: happening today we are learning more about the san francisco 49ers new head coach jim thompson lot jackie is live at levi stadium in santa clara where they're going to have a big introduction press conference later today.
8:32 am
>> reporter: the demeanor and a reduction that the new conference as new head coach joe san francisco forty- niners. 4 >> reporte >> reporter: known traction needed even starring in touch with the raiders went to san diego cut shows what college had success there went to stanford brought that program and to national prominence and was hired to a huge man fanfare this time around not so much near route son's soul has been with us less for years but his passes been less than an emotional and 1.90 selling newspapers chopping wood essentially made his way to end of all europe where he was accorded their one- year. he was a coach called good for the team called the rain and ultimately nfl
8:33 am
defensive line coach. the tories been the last 80 years since differences go 49 hours. all los really popular with the players and the administration obviously the allied hire him. kind of an unknown product for the rest of the country for fans kron nfl world today. they'll introduce him and a 3:00 p.m. press conference to introduce him as head coach of the forty-niners. >> reporter: italy led the story on a list hire but avila legless read how the cartel. >> reporter: sfo is to give everything up in living up as car second volunteer is parched and in the world and posted this thing of facebook then i fell video. as the liberals he's like she's like his kids to care about that stuff all you care and when. >> reporter: all this is a great story a terrific story >>:reporter council everyone really likes them
8:34 am
as follow coach sets won 44 games the last four years. almost unprecedented in the victory three trade and jim beecher games. some money big shoes left and that pushes off as a fellow. >> reporter: car washes of color getting rid of everyone except for one of the coaching staff sorest hire all new people to. consistency with him everyone will be new. >> reporter: offensive coordinator defense of the specialty seen several and for tom as 49er stay on a perilous or hearing now as running back coach. >> reporter: surf for everyone here it's ever does go forty-niner fraud fall off as its offer to work. >> reporter: the raiders announcing their new head coach saying if jack del rio l be officially announced day at her to as the lead take a charge a
8:35 am
single bay area native who grew up playing high school football at high every state to back them have not been forgotten. the deck of the buffalo grove maloney came to but when it to compete again beat anybody. >> reporter: his record start so hang on the men's locker room at the school remains in a part of a hit or football my association. >> reporter: racial clutches stay with us both bay area nfl getting new head coach and some will get reactions of the day and how lot more later newscast. >> reporter: did the raiders and manners and the selection interesting.
8:36 am
>> reporter: the pictures coming and of fire and san jose there is a fire cover quickly. to san jose apartments than net carport to cars destroyed. firefighters to get this out quick his snapshot when you could really see a lot of smoke coming from the fire. >> reporter: was one side neighbors balladares everyone got out ok and the firefighters put that out very quickly. >> reporter: the cosby fog continues ossicles please now but the comedian after another woman come forward after with sexual assault cases will tell you why this is different.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
it's a level a right of the richmond bridge. >> reporter: after backing up earlier than usual now clearing l at about right on time westbound. >> reporter: 10 of the plaza where no longer backed up through richmond on interstate 5 a u.s. bond coming over from the hawks to split. >> reporter: cream because the know the full scale investigation lapd. >> reporter: another 124 rolls will play from accusing him of sexual assault this time election incident happened with the stature of limitations. >> reporter: says trip, the jogger attack her 2008 the play lynch and 180 years old. >> reporter: as the 77
8:40 am
nearly 30 accusations of sexual so right. >> reporter: continuously the allegations so far tried no charters have been filed. >> reporter: peril rock climbers have a lot to celebrate this morning and on shore from climbing up the face of el capitan and sla national park. >> reporter: a girl to pictures to jorgensen free climbed it. >> reporter: reached the summit yesterday and the to spend 19 days students climbed. >> reporter: 3,000 ft. of sheer granite and that they climbed up one of the most whorl's dangerous difficult climbs >> reporter: spent years preparing for the challenge was the train sticking plaster the bay area. >> reporter: question of was able to do it but never thought as a bad idea what we're right where we wanted be one to be there. >> reporter: us a little bit like james frank l.
8:41 am
prison >> reporter: and a graduated this rise as anything is possible. >> reporter: or watching foggy weather more on that and ranges as kron i'd love look from livermore.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
this high-tech pants could save you from identity theft. credit and then in the company's putting these cards meant much more convenient use what you get half your car and reader of the car a source at a have to hand over the card to clark were deal is slipping 7% of credit-card out there and have his mother in the year that doesn't figure meet these settlers, as canadians to live ration wirelessly awful hard fight de credit data card passport they use these should also be serviced or 3 ft. away and walked past you are holding one and the crack our passport both are fit send all information wirelessly to the thief to
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do we keep these as rarified the readers civil even know it's happening called visual pickpocketing no joke nor is it for 10 million identity stolen this year and this led the actual fabric blocks of signal the end you notice the yellow top stitching suffer security company norton was local retailer. a brand to explore solutions to this problem and to pass the have the special horrified the blocking pockets over metal alloys and other secret stuff to keep anything in the pockets safe from our 5 d stealing signal is ready active genes machine washed and on cell to build a brand. >> reporter: time now 845 and check in with their caught mother's gun. >> reporter: the other
8:46 am
voters rate less than all local black cloud cover clear between 1011 this morning will show you this live look out at sfo take a look of how soft we are here in no surprise we did count on it you have delays on arriving flights now averaging 57 minutes, i'd check with your carrier keep this in mind to picking someone up from the airport and visibility worse however freeze bay interior spots or add your own fairfield concord right now his ability to test a mile apart san rosa. i the >> reporter: and dividends five advisory mainly for the east bay. and for temperatures right now in most of the for resetting in the 9:00 hour will start a season 50s develop. >> reporter: 0:00 and mixed back of 50s and 60s or temperatures actually print cluster the south bay by this is a free looks like we will mostly in the 6 is on the bay area temperatures on a warmer side of average. >> reporter: august 65574
8:47 am
fairfield the layout not much warmer at 58 degrees 61 down for downtown san francisco >> reporter: sunshine in the afternoon check this out to the no. 4 starting as the summer and develop this ridge of high pressure to tomorrow and then this we disturbances will have in the bay area and possibility of you harris showers mailing north of the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: to that my mainly a friday afternoon in the saturday morning event and national other servers: 1010 percent chance sudden monday at high pressure back emplace pretty quiet conditions of the elite have been looking at selling some models and there is a possibility it will remain high for the rest of the january. >> reporter: to continue this fallout and at campus' tahoe notion restriction affects there's this ski
8:48 am
report any such reports to base continues to shrink us our base of 28 in. 37 heading toward kirkwood notice no oriole of the base of 25 in.. >> reporter: to as low right here route from the bay like the east shore freeway commute which is over 30 minute drive from hercules tubercular berkeley for west on interstate 880 is sent free were still heading cocker pleasant hill and electric walnut creek out to or lower in the center don valley ride is not a great one and neither is the trip from livermore and a doubling in dublin from castro valley because of earlier curring accidents that eden canyon road were still blacked out and jump up 101 northbound 441 minute drive time now high on the coyote valley of the for the montague expressway into a
8:49 am
back up again from north on leading from san jose out toward cupertino but it pays less traffic heavy to a full ride 101 southbound here from san bruno down to hillsdale and there is an axa reported on 380 this morning about to be a royal it could be affecting both directions here is the ride from bring county what's floor than we saw quite a while we're still looking for a plus in a drive times from the bottle down to the bridge and signal the bridges here bay bridge ride a still backed up in the maze but the dry times have dropped to about 21 minutes as a san mateo bridge is doing a little better now 25 to 26 minutes meantimes at the golden gate bridge should get about the traffic flow all sluggish southbound but not backed up. >> reporter: there tristan fell bridge cleared out nice to the sporting so all were also shut the toll plaza where not back up any long kron there's a 580 west on.
8:50 am
>> reporter: 2 this morning new trade and travel rules keep the same effect tomorrow obama and messages in these rules will loosen the trade embargo is the next step and president obama is planned to reestablish diplomatic relations with cuba. >> reporter: is measures meet america's authorizes a cuba no longer need to apply for special licenses and also bring up to a hundred hours of alcohol and cigars . iq is cigar's officially over all in congress can add the five back a u.s. trade embargo so exist with cuba. >> reporter: at the bay area emotional reunion yesterday at the hospital oakland little boy survives a dangerous fall for a cleft palate at the first responders as life. >> reporter: odd small the children's hospital where a paramedic and the fire from
8:51 am
the database get a chance to see forel sebastian johnson for the first time since their arrested the little boy at an early november./ >> reporter: opera's paris more than two large feet he fell off a cliff area from the dramatic rescue. a this entry alatas said like this experience other and where we end up with a shows casualties are and the sun's up with one almost. come down the cliff use our thinking check repairs of mentally session for the for all the wealth for all the home this is just amazing the fall of their emotions to see him be blocked hog i five a b a typical for girls is missing. >> reporter: the stop and think as one falling hundred
8:52 am
38 ft. apart or sell 23 stories a jumper from the golden gate bridges to 151 ft. and what as landing watter the he landed on a hard surface rights to list this for your old was able to survive a 2324 store fall midway long time for the stay short gratitude for the people who said her son's life so important that can't wait to give them hugs coming up we now know was nominated for academy award and a big category coming up live look outside here on the cement san mateo female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set.
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8:56 am
>> reporter: o'clock at the oscar on the nation's best actor steve crawl. redly cooper american sniper michael keaton theory of everything. >> reporter: actress solicited jones and truly a more still out less reese witherspoon end best picture is birdman brand budapest hotel-bird man with most dominations other the picture invitation game salema fear everything and whiplashed complete list of all of the nominations on a website kron-4-dot-com
8:57 am
academy awards
8:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ iyou nt it ♪ ♪ gout d geit ♪
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9:00 am
9:01 am
>> erica: hazy but not to froggy is at the east of the sock that is where we are dealing with dense fog visibility down to zero in some spots the visibility is some slight improvement however we were as 04 fairfield now seen pretense of a mile still zero toward napa and out more hazardous
9:02 am
drive this along the east and shoreline was up more forgettable we are dillon then fall low cloud cover blanketed much of the bay area we have dense fog advisory for the easily as a 11:00 this morning difficult drive and this is better news later on today will see a his and some side temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s but not as foggy as we headed to the weekend the we are talking about the possibility of showers for details coming up in the extended forecast. >>george: where a single return for more normal conditions around the bay as drive times began to drop and one of the slow spots we have been tracking was the runner arrive here on 1 01 south from a loss of to the golden gate bridge it peaked at about 5355 minutes the accident and for his part will no longer a factor we are backdowns the 36 minute commute time from highway 37 down to the so pleasant and at the bay ridge drive times still hovering at around 26 minutes tear for the west
9:03 am
about trip coming out of the macarthur maze the 880 approach is a better bet to the bay bridge would assure back of time. >>george: we're seeing some real improvement here which appears to be laughing as is drive times that are holding at about the same to to to 26 minutes to give was about but that includes the trip from hayward and it over to highway 101. and some sale >>darya: the other big story we're following march processed as a lawyer more community least three other protesters are expected to show up at the montgomery ward 6 in san francisco are in the middle of the friday and morning rush-hour they want charges dropped against activists who were arrested back in november because they chained themselves to bart trains of our spokesperson says the processing is fine by interrupting service is not. >>: think about the other people who are trying to it
9:04 am
would then need to go. >>darya: the processes will start at 7:00 tomorrow morning tells also another process on monday from a different group that will be marching in oakland at the bird station having an all day protest that starts at 11:00 in the morning and lasted for clock including different speakers performances and even cars and harassed and they will have a march through the city. developing story look at what happened at a macy's store in n.y. six people are recovering after a car smashed into the macy's and
9:05 am
there are some people in this one that we know in critical condition this morning after this crash. >> reporter: self the car involved in the crash was told out of the store the evidence of that crash still very visible this morning in the tech to look over my shoulder at the door to the macy's here is boarded up and employees were having crossed the busy morning take a look inside the store over the past couple hours we have saved one and a dozen after an incredible might the 24 5:00 last evening the 64 year-old woman was driving a blue honda suzhou 50 ft. into the macy's authorities say she hit a man outside of the store he is in critical condition authorities say sea its to people inside the store video from our
9:06 am
helicopter partnership with abc seven news so some of the victims transported from the scene the fire department said 64 injured included two people given a shot or panic attack to other people inside the blue honda were not injured they believe it is possible the 63 you're all driver did suffered some sort of medical episode and that also to lose control is under investigation >>darya: still had is like a scene of a movie but israel a bus full of prisoners cresses on race tracks and they get hit by a try to show your that happen next.
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
>>george: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge marriott has would never rest we have for traffic in the southbound direction is the easy ride even on a northbound side with two lines available not tracking any hot spots rarely however complete check coming up. >>darya: federal investigators from the same for this prison bus crash that killed 10 and sent five others to the hospital the
9:10 am
sifting through right now the debris as they are trying to figure out what happened and what caused the crash they say that what happened the bus skidded on an overpass sled down the embankment collided with a passing freight train to happen yesterday and to correct to officers including the driver and eight inmates were killed and other correctional officer and four other inmates were hospitalized the state prison system says that in a noble cause it to lose control of martinez mess that cost town was home on--on a home on fire. >>darya: neighbors said he has mental problems please have a caucus from multiple times his video of the fire that was set to homes were set on fire on ash would drive at another moment and terrors in the morning that the fire happened police made a welfare check on him and found out he was ok a little later the first of the three homes were set on
9:11 am
fire. >>: his office medication he is not ride to his history very mood swings and someone violence to his neighbors and his son. >>darya: he was arrested after a short chase all of the fires or brought under control no one was hurt of the nose who are following at 911 the weather. >> erica: all you is saying is zero visibility under 3 mi. and hayward area full details of when the fog is expected to lift coming up.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> erica: here is a live look believe or not as if all you can see in terms of the sky condition not say much right now we are completely stopped in.
9:15 am
>> erica: as for simmer gently and the four is right now we do have some fifties tend to develop approaching the 11:00 this will start to see sixties into the area and it's like any of '60s letter this afternoon and a slight temperature is will have to be on the warmer side at average getting a closer look at the numbers in your neighborhood of the 65 will keep jim rogers in the upper 54 vallejo and fairfield and is 6463 out for the livermore valley was to have high pressure in control of our area that's maintaining dry conditions but check it out on satellite and radar we do have some rain to the north starting to bring some brings another california of >> erica: it will begin to flatten as you begin to tomorrow and thus much of a disturbance membranes of the showers in the rain we do
9:16 am
see will be really restricted to a lot of the golden gate bridge in just a few showers keep your umbrellas handy just in case this is a friday and saturday even chance to the man saturday to the middle of next week the time right now is 916. here is a lot of the snowbound, if you're heading of the tahoe you will not need to chat with people in mind that continues to struggle star a base of 28 in. if you're heading up to kirkwood known as the terrell report. >>george: we are looking at sort conditions for the bay bridge and the west about ride just past the oakland touchdown leaving for the new rap section.
9:17 am
>>george: at the richmond bay bridge or the richmond san rafael bridge we are looking at it like enough ride that there are no longer delays on 580 westbound coming over from a half minutes left in fact there is a look at the east shore free ride it is still slow westbound tracking 26 to 28 minutes from hercules to berkeley and we are still heavy here between concord and then fell on 680 in the southbound direction the eastbound ride on interstate 580 is much improved heading up from the castro valley to the dublin
9:18 am
at the center even canyon road is gone now. >>darya: fairfield police are investigating an officer and saw shooting their response to a disturbance call and 2000 block about 750 this morning and also was involved in a shooting at the location no officers or injured police said there is no threat to the public at this time they're not releasing any other information. >>darya:mitt romney is starting to assemble a campaign team for the white house. >>darya:he's turning to a former aide with ties to chris christie to work as a liaison with the media as he takes steps to run again. >>darya:colin reed will begin to work for romney immediately on a volunteer basis. >>darya:reed was the deputy director of rapid response for romney's 2008 presidential campaign. >>darya:romney will address members of the republican national committee tomorrow. >>darya:it will be his first public comments since news
9:19 am
broke that he was serious about running for president again. >>darya:president obama is joining senate democrats for a private strategy retreat today. >>darya:this comes as the party is dealing with its new status in the senate minority. after losing seats in the november elections. >>darya:the president says he'll work with both parties to try to make progress in his last two years in office. but so far the republican-controlled congress has taken up legislation he >>darya:he's already issued five veto threats just a week into the new session. >>darya:the defense department has transferred five more guantanamo bay detainees. >>darya:four of the five were sent to oman, while the fifth went to estonia. >>darya:there are now just 122 detainees left at guantanamo. >>darya:president obama has pledged to close the detention center as soon as possible, but critics say guantanamo terror suspects. >>darya:happening today. >>darya:funerals are being held for at least four of the six staff members of the charlie hebdo newspaper who were killed last week in a terror attack on their offices in paris.
9:20 am
>>darya:meantime, customers are lining up for a second day to get copies of the first since the attacks. >>darya:the satirical paper has the prophet mohammad on the cover. >>darya:charlie hebdo increased production to five million copies, but it sold out again today before dawn in paris. >>darya:today, pope francis is weighing in on the terror attacks in paris. on his way to the philippines. he said there are limits to freedom of expression, especially when it insults or ridicules someone's faith. >>darya:the pope says people cannot provoke or insult the faith of others. >>darya:pope francis is in manila right now. the first papal visit to the philippines in 20 years. >>darya:people in san franicsco's hayes valley neighborhood are rallying for peace in the wake of last week's >>darya:you may remember. four young men were shot and killed last friday. >>darya:san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone and other ministers held a prayer vigil last night and prayed
9:21 am
for the young men who were killed on the corner of page and laguna streets. >>darya: say their sons were picked up in a stolen car that had weapons inside, but they weren't gang members and they had nothing to do with whatever transpired before the attack. >>darya:some of the victims' family members have met with board of supervisors president, london breed, to talk about how they can make san francisco safer for young adults. >>darya:this video shows a police officer breaking down just moments after he killed a man. >>darya:the officer thought his life was in danger when he started shooting. >>darya:last week, a jury found that montana police officer, grant morrison, was justified when he killed a
9:22 am
robbery suspect in april. >>darya:the officer's dash- cam recorded the shooting, along with this reaction a few minutes later. >>darya:morrison sobs and says, quote "i thought he was going to pull a gun on me." >>darya:morrison says he shot the suspect when he didn't listen or keep his hands up. and he says he saw the man's left hand move as if he was trying to grab something. we will be right back. >>darya: >>darya
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya:a pilot program offering public toilets and sinks in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood has been extended. with plans to expand to other parts of the city. >>darya:more than 200- thousand dollars will be used to keep the program going. >>darya:right now, there are
9:26 am
three locations in the tenderloin on ellis, hyde and golden gate avenue. >>darya:so far, the program has saved the city 165 gallons of cleaning water each day. and hundreds of syringes have been disposed of properly because of the initiative. >>darya:another pit stop location will be added to the south sometime this year. >>darya:the toilets run on solar power and are cleaned off- >>darya:new this morning. >>darya:an urgent care center east of san diego is closed after several people showed up with symptoms of measles. >>darya:health officials still need to determine if the patients have the measles. and until test results are in it won't be clear if these cases are related to the measles outbreak tied to the disney theme parks in >>darya:26 cases have been reported in connection with the parks. >>darya:officials haven't said how many people were showing symptoms in san diego, but they were immediately masked >>darya:the drought is making a big impact on five species of fish in the sacramento-san joaquin delta. >>darya:the five species saw their numbers drop significantly last year because of the drought. >>darya:the delta smelt recorded an all-time low population number in an annual fall survey on fish
9:27 am
species. >>darya:the longfin smelt, american shad, threadfin shad and striped bass are also in decline. >>darya:all species are known to decline in drought years because they need freshwater outflow to support their >>darya: this is the guy that the 49 is open get them to the super bowl the new coach jim tom solo we come back and a live report. >>darya: will talk about the raiders tiring of jack del rio.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya:we're waking up to foggy conditions around the bay area this morning. here's a live look outsie at the fog in livermore. >> erica: we have not seen much improvement you to see
9:30 am
just a couple of those allies right now that moving from his soul that is why we have been dealt with pretty slow conditions out on the freeways is morning the bmi we have a dense fog advisory in effect until about 11:00 will start to see the low cloud cover began to list in the next hour or so. >> erica: visibility deafen not have a pre ride into san francisco for you notice visibility policy presents a mild out for santa rosa will not talk about the fifth is the low 60s before the cells on your extended forecast
9:31 am
coming up in 15 minutes. >>george: is the continue to monitor you're ride to the beverage this morning where the westbound trip is still sluggish out of the macarthur maze for the westbound arise in is not backed up but is still slow from 24 is still tech was long as 31 minutes of well back down to a 13 minute drive times of the heavy attack on the approach as we had from the into the sand out 41012 foster city if you're heading toward the golden gate bridge you're heading toward a good ride it has been a problem for here all morning long as the southbound 101 trip. >>darya:happening today. >>darya:the san francisco 49ers are announcing jim tomsula as their new head coach.
9:32 am
>>darya:kron 4's jackie sissel is live at levi's stadium in santa clara with more. >>darya:jackie? >> jackie sissel: 3:00 p.m. as when they're going to introduce the 43 year-old to the nomination as their new head coach it was just four years ago this month that jim harbaugh was brought and to coach that the sentences of 49 as at that point he added and practical resolution he was an nfl player is an assistant coach to oakland raiders get onto a small college in san diego and revitalize the program at stanford and came in with high expectations. >> jackie sissel: this is someone up back in the 90's that was chopping wood and delivering papers before decided to get back into coaching is spent many years in nfl europe with the rain
9:33 am
and fire of the head coach for a year there and came to a san francisco forty- niners as a defensive line coach eight years ago since than double the rowley play and they have kept them to be the new head coach in the ministration i've been looking into the national radio and local radio and looking at all the web sites in comments all the people here know who he is he's been around for eight years in fact he had an undefeated record of the head coach in nfl. >> jackie sissel: a lot of people here in the bay area and will be is an outsider the bay area hot almost no one knew this person was there or scratching their heads the press conference today will be a big step forward to introduce him not only to the obvious the public here but locally
9:34 am
nastily 10 to do some as the close of 49 as is well respected by the players i think this will have a long way to go the guy on the raiders was and still because he is above them at the coronet and anyone who saw the inside this was a prize. >> jackie sissel: the word is now that almost all the assistance that were here on the jim harbaugh was leaving. the special teams coach is on his one see that the only coach art is the
9:35 am
rumors that will be retained right now is tom rathman and start over from 0 to uphold the staff. >>darya: 3:00 press conference to give the the latest in our web site in the mobile applications to see if we learn anything new about the new head coach for the niners and the raiders the oakland raiders also have a new coach, and we'll hear more about him in a press conference later today. >>darya:jack del rio worked as the head coach for the jacksonville jaguars before working as the defensive coordinator for the denver broncos. >>darya:the bay area native grew up playing football at hayward high school. >>darya:and the memories he made back then. have not been forgotten.
9:36 am
>>darya:del rio's records are still hanging from a sign in the men's locker room at the school. >>darya:he still remains an integral part of the hayward football alumni association. >>darya:stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the latest. as both bay area n- fire. >>darya: three cars were destroyed and there is a shot that shows you smoke coming from the fire one person was home and sleep on the fire broke out neighbors when they on the door and got him out and he got out
9:37 am
ok and then firefighters put the blaze of very quickly 936 of the news the we are following up their rock climbers has successfully finished the first ever for a climb of the first of al capt.. they spent 19 days to one of the world's most difficult crimes. --climbs >>darya: it has been all consuming in their lives and to whip up this morning at and have a client complete. >>darya: to honor them president obama for a climb this painting of yosemite
9:38 am
harry is the just holding on backwards he found the painting and went to with this is the close to he could get to el capitan and the honor the man he said reminded them all that anything is possible will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>george: you're alive look at the 92 san mateo bridge the right side of your screen is just west of the toll plaza and it will be the curb new direction the commute is over here drive times have dropped out to the the normal 11 minute westbound from a we're off to san sale. >>darya: sacramento duras like a slave by a quick action of a court room bailiff. >> reporter: this retired electrician had a great sense of humor but for a
9:42 am
deer or hurt the there were no laughing matter more than a week ago when his heart stopped beating and the collapse in the hallway of the sacrament out or house. he was still causes but he was fading pretty fast we spoke with deputy john gonzales the day after the ordeal he says he performed cpr up until paramedics arrived his heart stopped beating twice on gonzales what he was in pretty bad sake it was exhausting but he refused to give up so intense that his arm is now in a sling were dissolved brokers rip-off performing cpr i expected him to come back i expect it to do that. >> reporter: he is doing much better now when he's released from hospital he wants to do a little fishing. but first he wants to stop by the sacramento county courthouse in check the hand of the man who saved his life. i want to
9:43 am
thank him but i have not had a chance yet. >>darya: coming up will keep you posted on whether an traffic is been developing getting a lot of your tour of the morning till the shot of some sunshine coming out you can see the bay bridge about an hour so go but the live site outside the studio looking a lot brighter will be right back. in aace, it'sboutetti to t finh line. lif it'how u ge ere at mtersost. like when founout had bld cl in leg my docr sa at icoultrav to lungs d beme aevenbigg proem. so he lkedo meboutxalto. xareo®s thfirsoral prcripon bod tnner proveno trt anhelpreve dvt d pe thatoesn reqre relar ood nitong o chans toour et. r a ior t i ok wfari whicrequed rtinelood teing d diary striions t th tim whili wataki relt®, stilhad stop ring,ut iidn' haveo de witthat
9:44 am
ood nitong rtine >>don't op ting relt®, varoban, unle youdoct tellyou . while tang xelto, yo may uiseore silynd it m taklong for eedi to op. xareo®ay ireasyour sk obleeng iyou ke certn mecine xareo®an cse sious eedi, anin re cases, y beatal get he rig awaif y devep unpect bleeding, unusl brsingor tiling if y havhad inal esthia wle o xarelto®watcfor ck pa or y nee oruscl relad sis orympts. do n takxareo®f yo ha an tifial hrt vve or aormableeng. tell yr door bore l plned dica denl predur. befo staing relt® ll yr door aut a conditio sucas kney, ver,r bldingrobls. xarelt® iprov to ducehe rk of dvt and , wi no gula bloomoniringnd nonown diery rtricons. treatment th xelto washe righmoveor m k yo docr abouxareo®oday
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>george: tie for second chapter where a pickup little slow on westbound 24 there was a reported accident here westbound never been around a crossroads i believe it is been moved there is no longer the case as far as the bridges are concerned the bay bridge sadly still backed up still the 880
9:47 am
approach it was the recent accident that happened about an hour ago on the incline section and that puts the backed up into the macarthur maze again and come from 24 it could take your 31 minutes to get through for highway 92 and much improved year no longer any delays on the span is still crowded to foster city out to 1 01 on 92 westbound and on 11 the golden gate bridge is been an easy ride all morning long known less for the southbound train between san rafael and the toll plaza. >>george: if you're headed for the richmond san rafael bridge is still a report from its plant there was a fog advisory issued later in the committee this morning for the interstate 580 ride let's find out about the weather. >> erica: we have not seen much improvement especially for some of the east bay
9:48 am
into areas spots still do a very dense fog on the bay area check it out where else unless an amount in concord in needs to be improved for mollen have in the napa area we have this fall and rise and in effect till 11:00 this morning visibility under a quarter mile for some locations still we are talking about dangerous driving conditions the visibility improved as we move closer to the coast line as it has to the afternoon at low cloud cover a little hazy sunshine. >> erica: we have another spare their other in fact as for high said they will keep to resume in upper 50s from vallejo and fairfield oakland 65 and 63 in san mateo mid-60's for the most for dominance of the santa rosa look for high as 63 degrees although will remain timmy track of this of all high pressure in place we do have some wet weather activity to our north parts of northern california them with rain right now and as a ridge of high pressure presents a small disturbance
9:49 am
is accedes to mind. it would not be a huge whether even will see sparkles mostly of the golden gate bridge and the national weather service only calling for a 10 percent chance and that is really friday afternoon into early saturday morning keep your balance and it just in case the majority of us will not needed in fact will maintain drive in this is chances to prove to sundance to monitor into next week to medicinal '60s and i have been looking at some the extended models for the lack of the month of january without significant rain. >>darya: another dangerous sideshow this one in sacramento area with all the people thises of the to you to want to the video was highly produce it appears to be a music video packages after midnight highway and 9947 st. there was another sideshow along in the state 80 no arrests were made.
9:50 am
that comes after the size of a deal here in oakland. >>darya:more than a dozen vehicles took part on interstate -880. on sunday >>darya:this cell phone video helped the c-h-p identify the driver of the red mustang. >>darya:authorities say, they expect to make more arrests in the coming days. >>darya:the f-b-i says an ohio man planned to attack lawmakers at the u-s capitol. >>darya:.but the man's family says the 20-year-old was just a vulnerable kid who would have never hurt someone. >>darya: details. if anyone inspired his son to attack the u.s. capitol it was the fbi. he was relieved hon. he say at the high school he struggled to find themselves. morning news.
9:51 am
>> reporter: they shot law makers have been evacuated that was an fbi informant of manitoba with a lot trying to improve its legal standing the informant says cornell told him i believe we should just wait on our own orders an attack of the order of the gun store in a while headed into authorities have to pick out his weapons. he was a little shy but talk sale of nothing really out of the ordinary certainly. >> reporter: another customer provided this total since the war appears to be a to taking him down as he left that store of the recent alarming pose a social media put him on the fbi's raid or months ago but his parents believe he never would ask the person one
9:52 am
>>darya: will be back with more and a couple of minutes do not go away is not over yet until i say it is and it is not to stop the traffic in the fall at the bay bridge that is not over either will be right back.
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9:55 am
>>darya: revenues of one of oscar's which we carried live this way without a nomination is coming out karen has the to the contenders. >> reporter: to what an exciting morning to femmes' for the two of 15 oscars gold rush with nine not see each bird man with the first michael t. conflict there to of the years a best picture nominees that imitation game sell mom with last and golden globe wenner
9:56 am
boyhood. will also pick of the best supporting actor edward norton for bird man and a sense and with less. for best supporting actors are not the co-star of limitation game into the woods. >> reporter: it also scored a best actress nomination for reese witherspoon also in that field meritless your work to date one night julianne moore was still the series of everything. for co-star there received a lead actor numb along with him and he sent for him assisting game and funny man steve crawford his dramatic
9:57 am
turn and spots kitchen winners of the 87th academy award will be announced on sunday february 22nd. >>darya: do not forget to stay connected with kron 4 we have facebook to answer in our web sites and the application for your apple phone and android device the quick programming will be mixed up a little bit because another red carpet show the of music choice awards in shows at 4:00 so back it up is three for dr. phil and then at 2 you can watch the doctors that is it for now hope to see you back here tomorrow morning starting dark and early depending on when you get up at 4:00 a.m. this when we will be here there is a live shot at our officer--office here in san francisco will be right back tomorrow until then have a great day.
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today on an all new dr. phil. >> i have 12 title in weight lifting. >> you didn't break a world record. >> yes, i did. >> for making stuff up. >> i have brain cancer. >> dr. phil: i have your medical report. it doesn't say that at all. >> you be the judge. >> dr. phil: you said you lost 100 pounds in six days. you cannot lose 100 pounds in six days unless they're cutting off body parts. let's do it. >> have a good show everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by dr. phil. >> i try to be an emotional compass and point in the right direction i am not giving up on you. [cheers and applause]


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