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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 21, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> james: the skies with fantastic we're looking for some conditions afternoon temperatures will be nice and presents were a study of this morning with a nice clear notes for most of the bay area but is not the same everywhere we are dealing with dense fog and and not bad when i come up in 15 minutes i will talk about where some of the heavy fog is out to focus on that we're looking for 63 is 62 on open as you look down this list most of these special like many will be right there with the exception being oakland.
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>>mark: requires all that to develop and store have been falling in san jose a gas leak there been working to get this fix businesses have been close in the area >>will tran: they promise to release that they're hoping to get restored by 7:00 this morning obviously it is past seven the crews are still hear the good news for the dozens of this a habit of a for the incident commander he said they're hoping to restore now by 730 that will have gas this happened about 245 yesterday afternoon when a third-party
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not pg&e and they were digging into the ground and a 4 in. gas line that called the gap that had just trying place for businesses and they realize is simply too dangerous enough to get out of here they said that they brought out a tanker truck with compressed gas i do not see it was about the businesses over not to have gas. >>will tran: of have the gas service is our regular gas
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>>george: that is right as we continue to monitor delays on the nimitz freeway between san leandro now in both directions first it was the southbound crashed at highway 92 the jackson off ramp is another accident in the northbound direction so we're back the in between san leandro in hayward on both side of the freeway also backing up to 38 in the northbound direction it is time to connect with the nimitz out for the nimitz nor because of that weird scene so traffic into castro valley
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>>george: and early morning crash here at the one on one and to change their reason for the delay in the back of their and the bay bridge a westbound not the worst commute 22 minute drive times clearly attract and the san mateo bridge backing up earlier than usual by 630 we are ready isaak and just like to 92 ride. >>darya: it was about 230 this morning is the video we have of the crass it did briefly close all the lands at millbrae ave officials say here is what happened the car had stopped in the middle of the highway and then another car crash and to that when two people were
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ejected for one of the cars and they're taken to hospital. you try and do to anything you can and where that if you are stuck in the lanes of traffic and the passing maters are at that point the immediate danger. >>darya: the crash is under investigation. >>mark: is investigating the cause for a tragic accident where as you be rolled over a pedestrian this happen near the center of the plaza shopping center police say this white for uc upside- down it was an accident a lot to the yes to that effect over on top of a woman who was standing on the side of killing her instantly. one man says he was asleep in the mall across the street when he saw the whole thing. my first reaction was that i had to help this person i
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went over and i see the person they were terrified the only thing i thought to do was take out my bible and start playing. >>mark: of driver suffered serious injuries and was taken to the house of there were tried to figure out who was at fault. >>mark: five more cases of measles link to disneyland and southern california. between december 15th and december 20th of officials are saying and texans are spread beyond visitors
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>>darya: there is a high demand for cough syrup from six are running syrup for prescription cough medicine and southern california and fact the shortage is so much so of that in some cases they are limiting what you can buy some promises have been rationing giving out smaller doses that was prescribed by doctors so they can make the surprise stretch and didnt customers the recall off guard because the huge demand and the late in extremity of the flu and cold to fly around. >>mark: president obama mostly speaking fax instead of the union address but he did speak and some zingers will have more the president and the laughter from the crowd + san leandro man suffers in a bike crash was the table is blaming in what he wants done if in my kron 4 story.
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car here on the scene santa clara police are trying to piece all this together with his back to the scene about 10 minutes ago here is will we know so far santa clara police said kron 450 this morning one of these vehicles one driver was killed in the crash the of the driver was transported to hospital at this point it is unclear exactly who perhaps have a green light to the sea investigators are here sorting through all that. >> reporter: as they do so the intersection it is shut down the traffic it and hope to get this reopen by 10:00 this morning will be right back as
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>> james: that alternately the low seventies by the beginning of next week not bad to see how bad or not that the traffic is this morning. >>george: the congestion is not bad looking a more incidents klister to commit on highway 4 which is jammed up this morning almost all the way from antioch. the
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east shore free ride much better today than we saw yesterday the san ramon valley very slow from alamo so san ramon with an accident report southbound and bollinger canyon road the 80 ride his the tickly bad 237 heavy this morning from 880 all the wake 2101 did the sea to get on 85 from city streets and some of the mountain view will be activated next week where still jammed up >>mark>>george: beginning to back
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on a 811 here in the southbound direction out of navato the bridge is slow this morning here at the bay bridge but the backed up is through the maze for the edge of it this is a hot spot for sure map the from well before the toll plaza 22 + minute drive times. >>mark: for the nation and his sextet of the union address we shared a speech for you live in the proposals are boosting the middle class and raising the minimum wage is offering
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free community college in extending pay families he wants to pay for and are by closing tax break for wealthy americans the president asks for collective help in lifting the class of 40 out his work is president is in the final two years. i have no more campaigns to run i know because i won both of them if you share the broad vision i am tonight i had to join me in the work hands if you disagree with our summit i help you in these work with me that when you do agree >>mark: early reaction to the agenda has been positive in his approval rating over 50 percent of all in response to the address was led out by her
quote quote
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party was to simplify the tax code >>darya: laurie brace and eliminate loopholes. balance the budget already taxes and restrict abortions. he said as americans and the duties for dignity.
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>>darya: is a civil right in the story of freedom. >>mark: thousands with in line for the opportunity to have a president and person is expected to the president also met with the family of american pastor who has been in my prison for more than two years >> erica: americans at a cost about $60 million to make and fears about $20 of that two of prop that play breve the copers baby which people have noticed is just a straight up plastic ball the film is posted a saturn box office record are earning over hundred and 5 million over to and ok we can no plastic doll will be a bit of a distraction to console the, is coming and we have on the writing all the bay from american
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slapper we have another comment saying these american take big winds have clearly never seen breaking down. >> erica: give me the plastic fetus any day. will be back with news weather and traffic after the break.
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>>mark: he suffered serious
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injuries after crashing his bike ride home from work last week as a result of a faulty drainage of the roadside the also one of the fix it. my name is david mack and this is my kron 4 story. every day he ride his bike 7 mi. from its home in san leandro to his job long earhart road near the oakland airport last friday he was riding home in the dark when the front tire is by a drop into a small gap along the roadside drainage. i went over the handlebars to more than 30 lbs. on to the ground it first >> reporter: was said to the hospital he suffered a concussion scare some bruises and needed no more statistics on black the pain was on the scrabble he said this is acid the second time this crisis like this is the great our problem but the small brick in a big
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hole basically so the great has a to a to get a small wheel or retire can fall right into it if you go down the street you will see that there's acid three greats of that way >> reporter: it was not immediately clear who would be responsible but he says they need to be fixed before someone else gets hurt. i'd like to see the great repaired i like to see it all great need to be reluctant they're three great master of i'm sure they're more great to get stuck somewhere in the city. >>mark: we look into this after was submitted by the kron 4 view if you have a story idea would like to look into look on the micron for storage have will be right back.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >>mark: web and following a major intersection close a santa clara after a deadly accident that has the driver of regret america parkway. >> reporter: good morning at his reticence ride outside the by stated as an ally of the scare you to see a lot of evidence is the man of the intersection investigators are here trying to piece this altogether will be no at this point is that two vehicles were involved one of the two drivers died in this crash you can see one of the two vehicles involved right here on the same now we know at this point about 451 of the drivers was headed westbound on kashmir. >> reporter: the two vehicles collided one driver was killed in a press the other was transported to the
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hospital investing in start piecing together the circumstances surrounding the class at this point it is unclear if drugs are all played in the role as investigators determined that the very busy intersection is close will likely remain closed until about 10:00 this morning >>george: is a rough ride around the bay this morning as he looked first at the command on highway 4 in the westbound direction a second accident here as jan of the ride almost completely from antioch and the san ramon valley where trapping the leas with an accident and boulder canyon road that is the commute on a 80 both northbound and southbound between hayward and union
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city and san leandro will never northbound crash in the southbound crash and that is the reason why things are so badly backed up here south bay freeway is looking at a really slow going here for 101 of the bomb and get down to 37 the guadalupe parkway as to head north in the south bay as well and looking at the ride on 101 we are backed up between hillsdale and boulevard--am's a boulevard >>george: this is because of a much later crash that occurred there and a quick check from the bridges and as we look first at the bay bridge ride where traffic has been doing pretty well this morning that the to the edge of the macarthur maze but not through it san mateo bridge ride forget about this the mill is jammed 26 minutes the last drive times the golden gate bridge again today as
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yesterday a little heavier than usual in the southbound direction and that could be because they did not have all the toll lanes open their actions last week that could be why we're seeing a slowing year and could be a little more volume than usual less it over to the center. >> james: as a look at the lower peninsula as a foe of to the right side of the screen as your way up to 1 01 so far in this are fantastic out of the report lays with his big improvement over what we're seeing like we had pretty much what out conditions and fog that could make a thing out in the latest is not the case this morning we're doing ok as a lookout post for the peninsula and some of the silicon valley for today generally it this afternoon will be realised outside where temperatures it will be ride on part will be expected from the >> james: out--tot also--
7:34 am
palo alto it will one of nicely is to get into the weekend i will have full details coming up and seven a round of a forecast happening now >>darya: will find out what that mysterious line that has been killing birds along the coast here in the bay area as alive to kron 4 jackie cicero was in hayward to look at what is coding. >> jackie sissel: volunteers is said officials are back out here specifically in hayward and up in alameda and continues to investigate with this mysterious substance is as affecting hundreds of birds here in the bay area this all started over the weekend will people start
7:35 am
discovering hundreds of birds with an overly tight substance and fairfield were there retreated another hundred birds are acid found dead so what is the substance according to the department of fish and wildlife this city do not know what is the conducted testing and as you said they're hoping to get the results of those tests back in some point today fast as i said they do not know what it is within a when it is not they're saying it is not a petroleum substance. >> jackie sissel: they know that part of an oven that they really do not know now they have said they will have volunteers combed the shoreline as we go for today tried to rescue more these birds they say is a hard process and they're trying to save all they can.
7:36 am
we found more did bird and we did live birds a lot of is we cannot get to them. and so that is what they're doing this morning as we said we expect to see volunteers combed the shoreline will start near the bay bridge. >> jackie sissel: they think that this is isolated basically to about 80 to 20 minute stretch of the east bay shoreline obviously they want to find out what the substance is and also where it came from. >>mark: looking for armed robber police are hoping the bill would help catch the thief but he is wearing a mask the gunman entered the 711 just after a 30 on monday night the man of the
7:37 am
court handled the money. i accept it with the mass but he did not let it to sell come and show me the pistol and he called it that names. i gave him the money or otherwise he would have shot me. >>mark: that do not have a description of the things the store owner said there is no way to know at this and previous told there are related. >>darya: federal jurors will start delivering the child to try--027 cisco police officers that allegation surfaced when this surveillance video came out 42 year-old have been on trial since january 12th that also killed a falsified police reports the case go surgery after the
7:38 am
final prosecution rebuttal this morning. >>darya: still ahead in other news this the man nothing to gary downscale and how does that scurries bob keep him alive on the court. will take a look at where these fans caught the start and what he was doing there. technical level tear at the san mateo bridge nobody caught in traffic is a slow moving over the bridge you have sunshine there. you ow, youlay otball r a ng time li i d u' gon lea to de witalot of pain. but is thinlike the painhat ingl
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they saw sylvester stallone the steps were featured in a movie rocky he was a money them as part of the training regiment he is in philadelphia shooting the movie creed the latest installment of the rocket series in that is one of the lucky fan had the opportunity to snap a picture will be back with more news weather and traffic in the war according to gary.
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female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> james: less fantastic
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really clouds out there looking for pretty much the shot to exist during the afternoon mostly clear skies a lot of sunshine across ride out there some fog confining the second at temperatures sentences of 49 currently we a 45 in oakland for in san jose in the middle of the '30's another adjutancy on the cool side this morning in addition to the court to the to the doctor also dealt with fog accord not visibility to have small and have all. >> james: that stretch of interstate 80 pretense of a mile or less agreed on right
7:46 am
now in concord for committed like martinez in pleasanton hills lafayette and likes a lot of fog and clears out the dublin and pleasanton and livermore valley should burn off by about 10:00 or so it will be nice and clear and it will stay that way bellini clouds out there eye pressure people that are less. not that you're
7:47 am
hitting up to talk of it is a quick look at your ski resort. >>george: will concede to track a slow ride to descend from valley here s southbound interstate 680 with an active and bollinger canyon road and and so when the ride for him to stay six a southbound and not far away here at the union city san leandro ride to look at the cast a ballot not quite see the canyon road will be
7:48 am
on castro valley boulevard that is because of our problems at 92 and of my problems occur here at davis this ride is much slower than usual and tracking the ride for you for the south bay will be looking is the traffic on 85 northbound to 80 and especially highway 101 which is backed up almost solidly into the kind of a valley mid peninsula traffic here slugabed improving all were northbound slow down to 80 the getting heavy out of hillsborough tear at the bay bridge ride what had been a fairly easy trip as chance would now look in that drive times with six minutes from highway 24. >>george: is is was a two- minute trip no matter how
7:49 am
you shaven it could be more than that if you get on closer to 92 and 880 for your trip to the golden gate bridge again heavy volume southbound and a little delayed earlier than usual at the rich and reds slid from about the rich and park where westbound as you had over toward the toll plaza of the bridge. >>darya: good morning gary. >> gary: good morning. >> gary: you broke its yes to that i did not read it or fix id i took my journalism cap off and to set as a football fan a look for to the super bowl and i need any more the stuff away is see how the nfl reacts anything new this morning? >>darya: did not say what they're required to do you
7:50 am
have a couple different so if they did it doesn't matter this is cheating flat out with the colts tight and himself comes out that good a place and beaten as using balls of soap. remember go to jerry web site. >> gary: that is all i'm saying to me i think the game will catch a break because it is still not a week from sunday so they can't do is just to name is more the character thing than it is anything else. you think what a let he's cheating all the time.
7:51 am
>>darya: is a give the advantage he said i liked them over and played beyond the limit and the rest tech era and it bugs me i'd like them over inflated >> gary: the point is is that he did it. you have to think a few years ago when they were a legal way watching the team practice like i said as far as that gave them the when they would not have 11145 to 7. >>darya: is the character thing. will have musical chairs with the raiders and the niners with the special same or better the raiders are taking grass bill from the niners from the jets to work with tom saw a in europe. it so much of it had
7:52 am
going on is interesting >> gary: but you will not know until they start playing. any way we look as special 10th according to the seahawks and then there was that person ball the touchdown ball that he ended up catching >>darya: he threw it into the stands and a guy caught the ball that offer the same 20 grand he goes no they said ok it will give you a deal with his great i just want member video onto
7:53 am
the boat tickets. since this the guy with kids and those jobs to by the way it is heading back to prison and back of the go to to go you have to fly back immediately because this was a report to prison on monday >> gary: will see and for >>darya: he was resisting nine guns and he was not supposed to because the parole. >> gary: will you have to protect yourself. what is the final word? >>darya: he is working honest i'm losing of the other is there's a lot of the tires cannot be bothered to give to friends and family tickets this one from the patriots he says this is called i am a pretty big source and for all my friends and family and they know it. the thing is a lot
7:54 am
of fresh talks about it >> gary: is a decimal the way to blow off your friends and not the torture? but always hear this guy for long as i remember the players have to remember montana saying the words are what the super bowl is all of your buddies in the quinces now become the best friends at 1 tickets. >>darya: never others to embrace their families meddling likes the curry you heard about his mom she injected herself with a turnover problem and now we have to pay her for every turn over did the best looking the other in the nba and is a great idea she confirmed and i think one of
7:55 am
return rosa is a hundred bucks per and someone did the math so last year he told his mom and pays her 7000 saw the dollars this year so far to $600 that is a mom >> gary: to do what she to judge you >>darya: go out and buys excessive jury >> gary: i try to find something wrong with curry and the whole family >>darya: there are perfect. >> gary: i met him once on the fly could not be in a nicer he is worthy of being a star every time his name comes up you have to guess a little bit and he is of great representative of everyone. >>darya: thank you will talk tomorrow >> gary: of that--ok
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>> reporter: martic alive the hear the evidence the glass still in the middle of the into six investigators are trying to piece all this together if they do have the intersection at the parkway in tasman drive shut
8:02 am
down a bit of traffic possibly the the leader all the way to talk this morning if the two vehicles involved in this crash also the 400 cars faugh for 50 this morning is one of these vehicles headed westbound the other was headed northbound or america park went fifth >> reporter: no word of drugs or alcohol played a role or one of the driver ran a red light. >>george: we are tracking a few like the ride on interstate 680 in the san ramon valley it were the southbound traffic is backed up all the way to the walnut creek interchange and a bit beyond for this out about
8:03 am
ride the accident and bollinger canyon road is clear but the damage has been done to that committee is a tacit 80 commute so we have a couple problems here first it was a southbound 880 accident at 92 than the northbound crass at davis so that has been backing up the ride persistently along to 38 back to the castro valley why so a lot of people bailed out on a to 580 is heavy of unusual the nimitz is jammed up as you can see in both directions between union city and san leandro so much lower than usual northbound and southbound and we're still quite heavily backed appear for the mid peninsula commute the 10192 interchange and 280 this morning is backed up from south san francisco. >>george: a much slower than usual ride for your trip to the bay bridge this morning backed up into the maze 2628
8:04 am
minute drive times from their a much easier ride from the nimitz freeway for the center tel wrestle traffic still 2 to 2 minute drive times at least. >> james: a look at the san francisco international airport visibility looks fantastic the total opposite of war had led to the morning when i come back out like to show you how bad the visibility is why we're here to take a look at the forecast for the peninsula communities today sentences of should warmer to about 61 ride on the dock there for dennis is san bruno 63 half
8:05 am
moon bay come in as 61 times the right now on the course i for santa rosa will be back in 15 minutes. if >>mark: they're still working to clean up a guest in san jose there been working on since yesterday afternoon construction workers. >>will tran: here is the of they are often is with the jobs they're trying to move the gas through the of the get that done very shortly
8:06 am
there been here since 245 in the afternoon yesterday about five minutes ago they did manage to open a one line on eastbound that was shot down overnight and as a great sign it looks like they're scaling down your the pg&e backed this happened yesterday afternoon when a third party now pg&e related the to the ground and hit a 4 in. gas line was called the to rupture a shelter in place and then they figure is a danger is less evacuate them the good news is they hope to get it done really quickly this is not want to impact their businesses around here who cannot use of the courts the power is on for them. >>will tran: they would not be impacted and will be a little coal for heating but i asked what about them they
8:07 am
said they hope to get the job done meeting very shortly second full use when you get to work. two people were ejected >>darya: one of the cars from the onslaught of a-- >>mark: president obama is at the university they one day after this the of the union address when he is expected to talk about this time plus time running out for japanese officials to
8:08 am
make a deal with ices militants were threatened to kill two japanese nationals and a friend of one of the losses has a message for him will tell you what he said.
8:09 am
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>>george: our hot spots right now the mid peninsula commute both 101 and interstate 280 jammed up in the southbound direction 101 and fat slow both sides of the freeway between 92 as a folk and southbound traffic on 280 on usually slow from
8:11 am
south san francisco down to highway 92 and beyond. >>darya: senate as it is a fan is beginning to review the notes i left behind agitation longer it is focusing first on mandated testing critics of the annual testing said that the mandate has led to high state's textile and teasing to the test supporters said the testing will is an important way to track to the learning republican lamar alexander and tennessee leads the state education committee and he said he open to listen and to all sides of the testing debate. >>mark: you to sit out to people waiting in line for the opportunity to give the president person is expected for some business to discuss unless my state of the union address allowed in idaho will be with the family who was then in prison for more than two years.
8:12 am
>>darya: a friend one of the two hostages in speaking out now and where want to hear from them it would have to say after the break + not commit the time needed to back to agree for cheap will say was committed to colleges in the bay area out was offered as soon. olivia. super hungry? get my chipotle chicken club combo with fries and a drink. that's a ton of food for $4.99. let's do this.
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>>mark: that caused some flooding highway 1 and mill valley the king ties also causing flooding the high tide today is a 6.8 it was a 6.9 yesterday across to the gold in 1136, >> james: visibility back to normal today for a good bit of the bay area there is nothing but called unless you happen to be in the north the bay where they have just updated 0 visibility in petaluma santa rosa and not of fairfield
8:16 am
concord. 34 and vallejo that is awfully cold 37 antioch and pleasanton right now of course the rest of the bay area of low to mid 40's will more readily there's no cloud cover to out there was the fault is from the sun will begin to was up nicely by letter on this afternoon but 2:00. will expect lower to mid-60s and south bay.
8:17 am
>>george: 6 if the san ramon valley still backed up through the walnut creek and to change for the southbound ride was simply a 15 minute
8:18 am
commute during not commit hours in the college jam that we still are between union city and san leandro on both sides of the nimitz freeway quite unusual delays there that is extra pressure on to 38 on 58880 is still quite slow living up to the coliseum across the bay were still jammed up on both bayshore freeway is the interstate to a between san bruno and 92 and 92 is held between the two freeways as well and in fact i have not seen any incidents report on to a southbound for the saw trapper is there nonetheless a we're still jammed appear on 11 and 280 to the south bay 85 is not a great ride but is not nearly as bad as yesterday. >>george: the bay bridge is worse than it looks is still back on 580 into the maze that a 80 approach has almost no waiting in the east or freeway is a good
8:19 am
approach to this bridge is well here at the san mateo bridge there's no good approach is just wanted to 2 to 6 minutes and the golden gate bridge still a little crowded and we're getting close to the time when we will start to see a heavier traffic here to southbound so it's been slow for the south tower ride to the toll plaza for about the last hour and have it here at the richmond bridge the westbound ride still sluggish as you come off interstate 580 westbound it and tore the toll plaza. >>darya: the developing story this morning at least nine people are recovering from injuries after a night attack on a bus and televisa for the victims are seriously wounded a palestinian man started stabbing people including the driver of the bus the driver had been set as well as many passengers to the police shot the man in the late as he was running away
8:20 am
took off from the bus now is in custody official said the attacker is from the west bank and that entered illegally. >>mark: after the terror attack in paris have left 20 people dead include a three gunmen the prime minister say security forces will do better weapons and protection. >>darya: and his officials have until friday to do what i sister there was or threaten to kill two japanese hostage until they get $200 million ransom the prime minister called the threat unacceptable but there has been no official word on whether japan is one to negotiate meantime a friend of one hostage has a message. the line >>: i know you're not giving i can tell from your
8:21 am
face. >>darya: this namaste group has threatened the japanese for the first time. a u.s. delegation to travel to cuba to discover migration issues and arrest the rest of diplomatic ties that want to cover everything from the security trust flights to parthenon potential search and rescue missions official on to focus on reestablishing the u.s. embassy in havana and of cuban embassy in washington this meeting marks the highest level talk of cuban and u.s. government 35 years. if you wanted to a bachelor's degree now might be the time you can get a lot easier the chance for up the committee, the system selected 15 schools this to be offering bleep degrees incentive programs and to those committee colleges are right here in the bay area foothill college the loss of those four dozen programs december on the skyline college for is respiratory
8:22 am
care program last year of dollars that was a pilot program to allow fishing community dollars offer by two degrees the support of governors has settled on a planned march. >> erica: misspeaking out jeff davis have been with the door for dollar police force for 19 years the video was part of the part of a social media outreach is so some driving and sing in his patrol car the bill has already asked and sing and even the singer herself as commenting on this performance is so the we're human apple alike on everything that has been going on. he says he memorize the song because it's in your daughter is a tailor's withstand and plays a song of all the time in the car you have this
8:23 am
celebrity to a civilian use that as insane. >>mark: this model have an update on both at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a little backup this morning. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>>mark: the crisis by class week the accident was the result of faulty drainage grate >> reporter: my name is david mack and this is my kron 4 story every day he rises by 7 mi. from his home in san leandro to his job on air heard from (airport last friday he was riding home in the dark when for a tire is backed up into the gap in roadside and is perhaps out over the handlebars. hall to the ground had first he was taken to the hospital he suffered a concussion scripps and bruises and a number status affixes of luck. the pain was
8:27 am
undesirable. >> reporter: this is the second time he crested by the grits are probably put the small brick and a big hall basically so the great has a 2 in. gap of small wheels and tires and you could fall right into a there's an extra three great that way it was not immediately clear will be responsible for replacing the grits but he says they need to be fixed before someone else this hurts on this one street there's three great messed up on sure there are more great mass of somewhere around the city. >>mark: you have a story idea you like to report click on the my kron 4 story. >>darya: could find out with
8:28 am
a mysterious substance is that as coding and killing birds in the bay area. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save.
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8:30 am
>> james: good morning one to start off with a great shock to the market thereof enough for all of the sunshine now and san francisco will expected to continue throughout the day he is aware sing the early morning hours of looking generally for fifties at that point with a gasoline tax code by noontime with the low 60s by letter on this afternoon to enosis sunny and ultimate 6 is
8:31 am
generally but we could get into the 666566 degree range was all our warmer spots. as the sea with a southerly in cold territory who watched as a warming the sun is getting higher and higher in the sky >>george: a chapter in hot spots and the south bay with the ride on 101 the writer 85 the writer interstate to 80 off-road usual this morning here you can see the 85 commit backed up all the way from the guadalupe almost nearly to the mountain view from the stretch of roadway now on 85 has been realized and beyond ramps that will act and we're still jammed of year for the 280 much of through
8:32 am
the still pockets of so attractive. >>george: out on the bay shore where jim dahl from redwood city all the way back to san bruno. devon's and changes to the golden gate bridge spiking the drive time from over 30 minutes here at the golden gate bridge we observed that guest today and today traffic seems to be a little sluggish last week you recall the rock of of accidents on trucks at the toll plaza we did some repair work against the day they install some new guides
8:33 am
and to the toll lanes the koch analyzers and spoke with the stars as officer the golden gate bridge. >>darya: i cannot put my finger on the there's something like a funnel going and they're hoping that this reduced the number taxes that have occurred when trucks of and hitting as the go and between them. >>darya: we could find out what is killing birds along the coast some kind of a mystery substance is coating them >> jackie sissel: we expect to see volunteers and state officials back out here that a special line
8:34 am
this morning checking for more those birds have been expected by this mysterious substance the hope is that some point will get confirmation of exactly what the substance is we do know what is not. this is a substance have been affecting hundreds of birds along the state's shoreline is not a petroleum based products that means is not oil but they do not know what is it all started over the weekend on hundreds of bird started to be affected by this bill we substance the gone to their fathers of the income of about zero hundred birds. >> james:-->> jackie sissel: those words are being treated there but what is the substance were did it come from the one knows what this morning they will become the shoreline was again looking for infected
8:35 am
birds is no easy process. we found more dead birds their slimed with what ever the substance is a lot of is that we can i get to them bear this out of reach and fifth boats are not an option. racine these birds live lifting weekend said it will rescue it make you happy. >> james:-->> jame>> james >>mark: of picketing a pedestrian a live look from a helicopter partnership with abc seven news is happening park boulevard the victims into
quote quote
8:36 am
the hospital right now no word on the extent of the pedestrian injury when you see the broken windshield on a bit of and other stores and a watching president obama and laid out his vision for the nation and 60 of the union address many of the president's proposal in the bulls in the company's request by raising them always offer free clinic dollars tax and unpaid family leave and sick days the president as a collective help walk without the work as president is in the final two years. president obama--if you
8:37 am
disagree with parts of it i hope you will at least work with me when you do agree. >>mark: already is back over 50 percent is unlikely that most of any of the agenda will succeed in the congress and the republican response to the president's address was led out she says that her party was to simplify the tax code. >>darya: by eliminating unspecified oppose republicans are also pushing for approving measures that he will be so including actors for construction of pipeline balance the budget without raising taxes and to restrict abortion. >>darya: unlikely dual signal to trip the largest global campaigns in history if what for real volumes and alcor plan to do if an
8:38 am
accounting the cross-country ski area family toxicosis closed off to sell you live and when it might reopen. fact
8:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. >>george: 101 southbound here in redwood city ever fulfill an accident just reported starting to back of
8:41 am
the ride here if and this is the two left lanes blocked by two cars and bus so solidly backed the track to the 92 interchange with the party backed to sf of the fleet to come right up. >> erica: the unlikely combination of terrell williams and out or have announced with the hope to be the largest global campaign in history for in the form of a second rumford for awareness the concert will take place across all seven continents included an article on june 18th for the event failed to reach to believe people across a hundred and 92 net worth for most of of showing him attention from 600 artists in seven self fee that will last for six hours. faugh instead of having people before we literally and cannot always to announce because interest a surprise coming up but let one to
8:42 am
have amenity olive once. >> erica: a worm was set to perform fled for that a 2007 feature performances by conde west's fifth metallica lead to peace and lincoln park. will be back with more news weather and traffic after the break.
8:43 am
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>> reporter: if you have 50 minutes are less these apps can get to the interstate. at $3 for full minute after the application is cheaper than a gem and do many of the workouts without any special equipment i tried it was really tough. if you can spare the seven men's five a scientifically proven seven minutes' worth outfit uses your body weight a chair and walked off to get to this of
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a local apple or will play then there are demands designed for women so many to choose from here to look for long battery life the more you want to use the display the same occurrence remodeling to to comfort in size too small and you might lose a. if you're serious athlete or have health issues get a device that measures heart rate otherwise you probably do not need the future. i am aware one these bands and a notice saying it dispensing right here on the wrist definitely motivate to be more active this message for the end of the day we want to get that number up.
8:47 am
>>darya: across country ski areas is) now because 41 to ski on there's no snow there those are pictures from taw cross-country is a spokesperson there said they have done their best start keep it open the they're not close there's nothing they could do at this point of improving its no the drought may persist in some things might get worse in the coming months i guest is nice to see sunshine this weekend and say it is very warm it such a great start and now it is nothing. really since mid december we have now seen whole lot the we're way under this time of the year a dozen would like to get much for the rest of this month were still watching and and keeping our
8:48 am
eye on the forecast longer- range models will have a snowball in the county report and does the minister soon for that right now. >> james: lots of sunshine out there barely antifog where you can tell was called in the bay with the shot but we have is a dense fog and and of the and in you have to give up for the north bay in the east bank dense fog in santa rosa paddle napa fairfield concord it is as bad out there right now but everywhere else around the
8:49 am
areas lie with to solve of tabrets and shot is clear beautiful they cannot tell it was called. this fall by in effect a 10 this morning the target areas with salt and other map to where talk in of the balance and its balance dangerous driving conditions also wrestled forecast centers right now on = 37. >> james: clinton and antioch. otherwise one of its 40 just about anywhere else or before this is well the clouds of the most part clear ones that will lead you to see nice to to this afternoon with the ultimate success in the south pacific 39-san jose in the east bay will for anything to 6163 degrees of will be on one side as 66 it is a seven
8:50 am
them around before cap damages will wall and into the weekend and again to the low 70's that a four task now was as traffic. >>george: high with four was bound to 680 south moms and the second accident for you're ride through san ramon valley mean even so traffic here as well take a look at the ride leading down now as a second crassness was if that is why was out of the backed up bleeding into the wall up interstate even with bonds with for the slow still jammed appear from union city and san leandro both directions of the nimitz
8:51 am
freeway in the wake of early recall our problems will still not clear up the backed up on 101 southbound another the no problem at will that means is a solid ride all the way down from san ramon to pass from the 380 interchange not quite backed up there but it could be before much longer into it is still sore from for crystal springs reservoir. >>george: the rough ride this up to stop by and one award and a lot on the reaction from well before telling all wealth amount to build a five have recall the time of 2101 is still slow and to several of for the was valid for with a commit on highway 85 for your trip to go out the gate bridge is still backed up into the maze the san mateo bridge is still grind was improving to 2 minutes once again the golden gate bridges with a configuration of the toll plaza west that is lead into
8:52 am
the toll lanes is reducing speed their that ms. wilson's latest traffic for longer than we're used to from a loss to south tower down to the toll plaza of over at the richmond bridge of westbound ride still backed the proposal and the toll plaza is still sluggish and the west and of interstate 580 coming out of richmond. >>darya: a federal jury of what the democrat in the trial to san francisco police officers accused of conspiring without a warrant and the video surveillance tape to prove will go on this allegation service after the tapes came out for a two year-old the 38 year- old have been on trial since january 12th the case goes to jury after the final prosecution this morning. >>mark: the bill is inspired by broadening issue tonight
8:53 am
broke its bay residents web terminal brain cancer and had to move toward a to in her life or in is a right- to-die station was an advocate with some legal cases have the right to die in california that would join three democratic lawmakers recall required pages to check the fare medication themselves. we will be right back at the kron 4 war news continues. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. don't wait! sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>>darya: 22 to walk too far on their dog alerted them that there was a trash bag with something and it would near the garden fans in their inside or these puppies so the couple took the puppies home in the clean them up another at the
8:57 am
cost come at a muscle cell to do the of for adoption within the next few days i can get on to find a home pretty quick looking like that. will be right back in the kron 4 morning news continues coming up the great stock picker loss $400 million on one-stop just this year will have details plus people living the can is the park are making noise again what they're concerned about plans to take down the abandoned stadium investigated the set of the deadly accident seven down a major intersection what have a live report coming up will continue in just two minutes a leather chair at the san mateo bridge still think traffic heading was down on the right hand side. who
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>will tran: by 930 this
9:01 am
morning as you can see both directions on tully road are opened the eastbound lane is one line at this point where 30 minutes away this happened around 240 as they have to know what a third- party non pg&e crew dug into the ground at the four into a gas line because the to rupture pg&e came out to them about three hours to cap the gas leak altogether 57 businesses were impacted but right now electricity is not a problem they have nothing to do with differences might be a little cold this morning that i use they're here but they have license everything like that as far as the restaurant out here that should have their power and gas rather 93945.
9:02 am
>> erica: take a look of those a lot of the golden gate bridge petaluma you're not seeing anything in visible down there as well as santa rosa you see that only of slight few to do with limited visibility where dylan of the dense fog rising the interior locations into the
9:03 am
afternoon lots of sunshine and temperatures near average before the cell that all have a look at the extended forecast to be talking about record- breaking highs come up to my next report. >>george: record breaking slow for 680 in the southbound direction that will is the canyon road has the right jammed up to the north of highway 24 for that southbound 680 ride really rough commutes 2832 minutes drive times in the southbound direction and even affecting the northbound trip as well and we're still jammed appear in the east bay between union city and san leandro of the rest of the nimitz has is some improvement not yet seen any improvement on top on which is backed up from san bruno down to redwood city a southbound accident with the most recent problem even 280 is not a great altman to 1 01 talk about this morning because it's slower than usual.
9:04 am
>>george: almost into the red was city almost as if the sea its apollo auto the southbound 280 ride normally it is trouble-free but not this morning at your commute here in the south they finally started to open up a little bit on 85 and 280 route 101 and definitely still slow it is much improved the bay bridge is improved as well learn on the backed up solidly into the macarthur maze of the 88 approach are quite good 92 in the san mateo bridge/enough where track into the 22 minute drive times and at the golden gate bridge is easing up a bit now as we move past 9:00 the southbound ride no longer delay from the south tower to the toll plaza. >>darya: is the investigating the deadly accident that happened this morning in santa clara at tasman drive a grammar parkway his life that seemed
9:05 am
there are still actively investigating. >> reporter: as a to live a tear it for was ready to see a lot of debris and the intersection our pan the camera over you to see the two vehicles involved in this crash and is the final santa clara police the driver of the four-door honda he was killed in the crash said that driver was heading westbound on tasman drive just before 5:00 this morning that collide with the driver of this great talk of adding of mount mcgregor parkway at this point santa clara police sold unclear if all the circumstances surrounding the crash but police say that along with to go in their investigation >> reporter: investigation in the early stages adjutancy behind me on scene decided to pull together as to what happened we're asking for if there's any person out there that saw this crash early this morning please give us a call where checking right
9:06 am
now local businesses to see if anyone's in the collision. >> reporter: there are working to remove this tower from the same the driver of the tile was taken to the hot hospital. a very busy intersection in tasman drive it is close to vehicle traffic in say is quite the traffic backed up this morning police of to reopen the intersection about an hour from now. >>mark: after a major accident that happened with broadway an accident early game before to 30 this morning the crash briefly close all lands the official said the car had stopped in another car slammed into a to people or projected for one of the vehicles and whatever tech into the hospital. happen today the senate as it is a battle was
9:07 am
used. >>darya: critics of the annual tests said the mandate is the high state testings or teachers have to teach the test and that is all that matters the supporters say the testing is the way to track student learning they're leading the state senate education committee he says is open all sides of the testing debate still had there >>mark: a sainted explosions for wrecking ball will have an update the residents are still concerned.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>george: interstate 280 this more slow traffic on the southbound direction in quite awhile is not the only hot spots all have a complete update coming right up. >>mark: in these nine people recovering from injuries after a knife attack on the bus to lease for those victims were seriously wounded officials say the palestinian man who began stabbing people including the driver of the bus
9:11 am
offices nearby and saw the bus or out of control and stop the man in the leg he was running away it is my custom the official said the attacker from the west bank and israel illegally. >>darya: happening today a u.s. delegation is in cuba to talk about immigration issues and the restoration of diplomatic ties between a to come to the delegation is said to promote safe legal orderly migration officials also focus on reestablishing u.s. embassies in havana and washington many marks the highest level between cuba and the u.s. morning three decades. >> erica: are voting on a to temperatures santa rosa antioch richmond drive 48 degrees i will talk about the afternoon warmup in the record-breaking highs sitting in our direction hat after our break.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>george: traffic is no laughing matter this morning we are still attracting hot spots in the san ramon valley ride has been one of the worst we have seen in a while star to accidents and was detained in a row the second which occurred in the last 45 minutes and that is why we're still jammed the both ways between san ramon and walnut creek and we're still in recovery mode here for the stretch between fremont and san leandro on both sides of the nimitz freeway the worst of it is here on the peninsula and in the south bay if it is this
9:15 am
101 southbound ride. >>george: from central to a redwood city but because it has been so heavy floss of people thought they could get away with interstate 280 but even before they became the alternate it was a bad ride it was back the from the vicinity of where from the edgewood road now still backed up and beyond roots city almost as apollo also on to a south down so normally that we agree alternate but not this morning and tracking you're ride here through the south bay continue the improvement for 85 but still sluggish 280 is getting a little slower from the 17880 interchange at the cupertino and 101 is heavier now from the 28680 interchange of toward to 37 in mountain view. >>george: looking at the bridges and ride around the bay here the bay bridge back up finally just about over no longer backed up into the maze of there is so traffic in the maze getting to the east shore freeway here we're looking at about 90
9:16 am
minutes a 22 minute drive times on the san mateo bridge better but not great. at the golden gate bridge things are much improved year but with the new configuration of what their call internalizes at the toll booth as over traffic of the bed approaching the toll plaza that has been before yes the back here at the richmond bridge no longer back as at the toll plaza the slow ride on 580 westbound. >> erica: blue skies like as said a beautiful start your wednesday morning is north of that war still them with pockets of the dense fog this morning visibility in petaluma and had read the
9:17 am
national weather service's and dense fog advisory as a 10:00 this morning highlighted in yellow your screen the visibility under a 4 mi. for several this morning we're talking about difficult driving conditions that is not once you take to be held later on today times as will start to wonder bread not cross a pretty of ported and the case also few 30's santa rosa 37 degrees richmond had 49 and already at the 50 degree mark in san francisco that once a woman as his to the weekend with this big down the ridge of high pressure that is what the center itself and as onto the storm track four north is also going to book the temperatures saturday into some of the six is expected for much of the bay area >> erica: as his early next week record behind a possibility we could see widespread '70s and your quality one of the bay area
9:18 am
southern california also anticipating '80s with the system. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers we are talking in that experience >> rob black: last couple months that one to allow an application of this bill shows will be $19 a month it will compete with net flicks. young people try to cut the core cable companies with the international expenses nominal there were not expecting this but was really interesting we expect to be done with our span to the to the countries into years. that is exciting for them and exciting for amazon we sought an
9:19 am
international expansion you sit there and get the rates you reckon all the money so it is a very expensive stock with the end is near the will start looking at and i went to a to growth based on reasonable measures. >>mark: the housing starts this six and have your high but is it a water early today? >> rob black: the building permits were weaker in a month-to-month basis hausen stars are great but what she does not work that way is what you're to do for me in six months from the homeowners on to get the nod on the the fundamental problem right now is a double bill to qualify for more slower than payrolls and tunnels and the threat out there so houses like this one to start getting a weak spot based on her
9:20 am
wrist. the crucial to workers on all the way pretty altogether. >>mark: ibm continues to have a to times. they have a future as a stock and company? >> rob black: yes but not as strong as it used to have. once when it's time the move to about one fallback and basically true knowledge the man not the feature may have made it up. were mulford told local and ibm last october ibm and coca-cola reported back-to-back bad news. they lost about 400 million plus dollars and down 346% the good news is it's to our wives like to buy a double bottom
9:21 am
otherwise they're doing ok they're losing up to cope with light cells for that, going in with the business checking people's has not as effective with the service like that i like ibm but i look to use a trade may be. >>mark: 5 by 6 at what has this initial public offering. >> rob black: maybe it ipos are funny. the next thing you notice i 32 and one place time it will be $75 billion company and then know it will be a billion dollars by the time becomes public the results in many of which is kind of exciting castle it appears to the younger people like to collect compared to mcdonnell's a higher quality is totally
9:22 am
different. it's in the cattle trade to a lot of restaurants deliver it will open to the new millennium. w a few months of the trade- off. >>mark: if you have a question for him posted on our facebook and page will answered here we will be right back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: people are making noise again if they talk to a number of people as san francisco's city hall on tuesday and found out why plans to take down the a been a steady course still a source of concern. >> reporter: fun to watch will look at the cloud concrete that is why plans to blow up to stick is being scrapped for the wrecking ball the neighbors who live nearby are still not happy with the kind of a dental plan is a huge factor it
9:26 am
will be devastating for the community and the respiratory illness of people are re suffering from it a smaller south project could be allowed to contribute to a lot of dust. do not kill us in the process for development. >> reporter: ps family near candlestick they're spitting distance from the stadium on a good wind they are demanding assurances from the city that it will keep an eye on dirt and dust affected people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses ride across the street is the talk this center is invisible dust off this to be no trail of dust going down the street the cannon said the fourth is expected to take about two months never say they are
9:27 am
not opposed to a beautiful new development that is what to clear the air. >>darya: here in berkeley on this wednesday morning at a dead animal ahead discovered on a new stand in front of the restaurants that story ahead.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> erica: will be yes is not as widespread is still a big problem for some are not banned is a valid visibility as a net zero pretty much all morning long for napa and fairfield up for santa rosa and palo month we talk about difficult driving conditions unless the weather service did issue a
9:30 am
dense fog advisory for the valley until 10:00 this morning when you notice little sleight sunshine as it alive at the san francisco embarcadero images ride out the most are in the '40's in 54 plays like downtown san francisco and into the afternoon until six his would developed lots of sunshine temperatures will only store as it is a the weekend. >>george: we're seeing some improvement around the bay we are tracking some delays not so much in the hayward area as here in the san ramon valley would have been yet another accident reported this time in the northbound direction and elsewhere where still jammed the both ways this is a trick to avoid if you can if you're ride on the bayshore freeway where still jammed on 28101 in the southbound direction here from san bruno to redwood city 280 still slow around highway 92
9:31 am
and south a freeway's heaviest now on one 01 northbound was is instead of getting better but getting a little worse the ride from the 28680 interchange all the way out toward mountain view the bay bridge is much improved was also slow to begin here but at least the backed up does reach beyond the 880 of a crossing the san mateo bridge called the out once again the drive times this fight to get to 29 minutes. >>george: at the golden gate bridge the we're doing better here in the southbound direction traffic allow slower approach in the toll plaza because of some changes and tracking the ride to the richmond bridge here a quick look at the west about ride you to see the commute is lighting up there are no delays. >>darya: happening now we just got new numbers on the
9:32 am
birds that are affected by some unknown blue we substance how many have died from it as well. >> jackie sissel: good morning actually just about five minutes ago i had a chance to talk with andrew hoffman he is the spokesperson for the california department of fish and wildlife and he did give me an update on those numbers and birds that have died from that those numbers have gone up right now basically there are in recovery mode they do not believe the recover any more lyrebirds those numbers have gone up and also about the substance what is it? they still do not know they're working extremely hard in sacramento to get the test results back right now those results are not there to get the letter on today or in
9:33 am
the week they do not know what it is what they do know what it is not they reaffirm the fact is not petroleum base substance is affecting hundreds of birds he says a on the 25 birds have died from this off. >>darya: we're a bill to kron 4 that now 200 or more birds have been found dead and 300 birds are on the care this is a step in a lot of bird they do not know exactly what the gluey stuff is what they do know is some type of will and is not the type of will or is blue we in this a to do something to the bird's feathers that makes them basically not be waterproof a more and that is a problem is like being in the ocean without a wetsuit a lot of birds on a bed and is jackie said the
9:34 am
recovery mode now an investigation into what is the slimy >>mark: berkeley police are looking into the incident will have to follow was may find. >> reporter: this restaurant the vegetarian restaurant the follow may make some people queasy we want to give you the warning first but here is the follow or restaurant worker posted this bottle of the dead bore ahead on facebook they said they received a dead wild at our restaurant on monday but when officers arrived did not find it then another call here that is when they found this the animal has been given over to animal control for testing is unclear where it came from
quote quote quote quote
9:35 am
and what if any message this was all about of your investigation is underway the restaurants close right now the we will be tied to talk to some restaurant workers when the place opened up here in berkeley. >>darya: from boosting the eyes of the nation. allow at the biggest moment.
9:37 am
president obama-state of the union address speech. >>mark: still ahead new details on the measles outbreak affecting visitors to disneyland will tell you about the latest group will be right back at the kron 4 morning news continues. life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. >>darya: thanks allot
9:41 am
developing story out of disneyland the measles remember they made so many kids sick turns out employees of disney have come down with the measles now to we were getting our first report five employees and three of them were workers that fully recovered now have gone back to work with them is the total number of cases centered around disneyland and disney adventures to 53 cases coming out of disney the oars, a health-care agency said police to of the six employees were vaccinated against measles but they got it anyway is interested people who visited disneyland between december 15th and december 20th of people they said the infection has spread beyond the visitors. >>darya: not just the california but other states in mexico. >>mark: will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>george: " do we have our walnut creek camera available? we will switch away from bad and so you again the traffic is backed the right from 24 down to san ramon the bridges in the bay bridge west about looks as though they were completely in fruit and started to swell again and for your trip to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 we're still sluggish tear westbound over 90 minutes the drive times as possible we could continue for a
9:46 am
while longer to see some slow and go stop and go conditions the bay shore southbound gem of the twists and mattel in redwood city at the golden gate bridge is the commute over there nicely and the trip to marin county the the richmond bridge no longer any delays either at the toll plaza or on 580 was about. >> erica: good morning a lot of sunshine we're enjoying as it alive but that the golden gate bridge will have little of the northern britain to i want to climb san 51 term in oakland where still holding on to upper 30s in santa rosa not a lot of some time there would not have the opportunity to warm things up just yet just as a lot of fog still high on this is a belly visibility as 04 fairfield concord of four santa rosa and petaluma where talking about has is that the conditions for the national weather service and
9:47 am
go ahead and issue this fall and rise expected for the next 50 minutes. >> erica: lots of sunshine expected as we headed to the afternoon temperatures pretty much on a par with what it should be this time of the year we see the ultimate '60s and the south bay lost a son signed 64 their 61 in mountain view redwood city getting into high of 64 degrees will see opera 54 fairfield and this bird temperatures below six is in downtown san francisco take a look at oakland across the bay where is the height of 64 today not a lot of activity for satellite and radar of the grid of high-pressure practice of over the state and that is wanted by the storm track four york it will also increase our temperatures take a look at what is on top. >> erica: 46 is expected widespread throughout the area prepared--record-
9:48 am
breaking highs. if you're heading down to the southland timbers could climb into the mid to upper 80s that is something we will continue to monitor if you're heading up north to talk there is the snow bomb that calm. no new snow. >>darya: still the weather no snow since mid early december this ski area near tahoe is suffering because they had to close hear the pitch is the sea talk cross- country there with the backed past grass and dirt they did their best to keep the troubled but now they had to close until there's more snow and is no ice which they need they're not want to build to reopen most of that area has turned the
9:49 am
dry and warm and this is over the past month dispense the inside out. >>mark: police are investigating a shooting and highway 4 in concord that live in the westbound lane to man when a car pulled alongside them and started firing rounds into their car one of them was shot in the late e. joseph to the hospital and was treated and released police said the suspect driving a white dodge charger and police are still looking for them. >>mark: cable cars to the backed up and running for san francisco it was the trouble on the track this the day towing cars off the track this will force of at f people had to be shuttled up and down our street most did not seem to mind inconvenience crews did not describe the exact problem with that intelligence service to return to normal today. >>darya: low to moderate income seniors with this bill is no longer on talk to take to ride the
9:50 am
transportation agency voted unanimously to approve a pilot program that provides free rides starting march 1st dozens of people showed up the city ought to support the program adjutancy in the fall is said to end june 30th in 2016 will consider sending it will cost about $4 million they said acidic can afford right now in private companies will help from the program in the future. >>mark: sunnyvale police are looking for armed robber the roar was caught on tape with you to see there's no way to know if this and previous told there are related.
9:51 am
>>darya: they're going to fix errors on a to see how the city's handling things in preparation for super bowl 50 which is here in the bay area this spent the past year working out the kinks and the state of including figuring out how they handle the traffic to work with the transportation authority to pull test to is in the city council unanimously that private funds of the group and go to sewell 49 get ideas for next year in the meantime the city will get practice helping posted a big event in march. rousseau's as a side door and is about as many people as a suitable will. >>darya: allies tell us that it will be a number of events across the bay area for super bowl 50 in were from wine country to monterey. >>mark: 3 terrier puppy is a
9:52 am
walk along the park and the dog alerted them that the trash bag was placed their garbage can look at the puppies. they claim them off and fed them the puppies are now and come to costa animal shelter. >>darya: there will be like medium-size. >>mark: their time to track down where through the police away in the trash can. >>darya: he actually consoling her she is apparently down angelico the monkey on the left was put in time out she was very upset. she was ashamed of her behavior this is of
9:53 am
wildlife foundation in miami that just a month is a but regardless maybe she was upset about the outfits. really cute. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues with the store is right after the break.
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>>darya: of the crews are still cleaning up a gas leak in san jose that been working since yesterday when construction workers struck a gas line that caused to be that way to know was heard all laid in stop on 101 and early game is open at a major accident that happened around 230 this morning at broadway exit the car was stopped in the middle of the highway and another car crashed into it = = to the court from the car.
9:57 am
>>darya: in the state of the union address monday proposed into boosting the country's middle class. the majority leader mitch mcconnell is saying is a high vetos rest the partnership. >>mark: the white house wants to weigh in the president's address last night using night #w h for the second and a big block of cheese that president and jackson called a snap on the zyme lot of cheese at the white house all the talk to out their hopes and concerns to the nationconcerns >>darya: that is it for this morning we hope to see you back here tomorrow morning stick connected any time of our mobile application and kron 4 back, and facebook and twitter pays dr. phil is coming up next. ..
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