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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 23, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>reporter: doctors say not getting vaccinated put everyone at rick's because of these goals can be spread so easily. at risk... >>reporter: some parents have already taken care. >>breaking news: i had my children vaccinated at 15 months old. >>reporter: health officials also say that people the got the vaccine prior to 1969 only got one shot incentive to probably need to update their vaccines. you should get to kids vaccinated get to sell vaccinated and get educated and get in touch with your doctor is
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impossible >>pam: so far only the three cases of three counties are compared are generating cases of the measles. >>reporter: no measles cases are reported in marin county. this doesn't just include the measles vaccine it includes all the vaccines >>reporter: of the story with the interactive map and the darkest color is an the purples and the more rhones are schools that indicate the highest percentage of kindergartners that are not immunized. they have personal belief exception. the highest number of non vaccinated students are at greenwood school in mill valley.
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61 percent are not immunized. and at sat send your set geronimo bally elementary 58 percent have the personal belief exemption. and at the new village school in sausalito 50 percent of kindergartners are not vaccinated. to see what the numbers are like at the school all over the county you can add to our kron-4-dot-com >>reporter: >>pam: meanwhile because measles cases from the rise so are the cases of the flow. it's weak in its weekly report the centers for disease control says 23 states including california reported higher than normal number of flu cases. but the growth in the number of cases seems to be slowing down week to week. >>pam: still influence the is
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considered widespread in california. bay area counties are reporting for gas. one in san francisco. one and sonoma county and two in san mateo county. while the flu shot is only proving to be 23 percent effective this year dr. say it is still best bet to chat for protecting against the disease but does the virus. >>reporter: beasts were arrested last week during the protests on bart. it forced officials to make changes. the two or and arrested last week during this process on bart and forced officials to curtail operations to make trains both to the station nonstop.
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>>reporter: in addition besides arguing against the charges. the protesters say the they were actually harassed by authorities last friday during the protests they claim police took of the woman's cane and forster walk around disabled without it. bart bart officials say they were trying to get trains running smoothly and did not injure anyone. the case against the trespassers was continued to march >>pam: a new twist today and the zodiac killer case involving one of the most notorious and elusive serial killers in history. catherine heenan this year with the story >>catherine: is the bay area's a murder mystery that just won't
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die. today a hollywood publicist held up this photo saying this is in fact the zodiac cat the zodiac killer. sang the san francisco police need to take another look at the theory that the killer was a man named earl van bass jr.. >>catherine: the zodiac terrorized northern california in the late '60s and early '70s. taking credit for the deaths of four men and three women. his identity has never been proven. last year a man wrote a book claiming that his biological father was in fact the zodiac killer killer >>catherine: today publicist chris harris came to this city to say that he not only supports that theory he believes he met the killer in 1971 in and not of
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danner dinernapas dinert >>catherine: is not just about remembering the man's face in trying later tried to tie it to the man identified as earl van ness jr. chris harris says you can compare the best for your prints from an unrelated case to a fingerprint found in a cap of one of the murder victims they actually match. bass was the man described in the book last year called the most dangerous animal ball written by a man who says the search for his biological father led to his belief that bass was the killer. >>reporter: san francisco please tenedos the police surrounded a home in the city's ingleside neighborhood they thought a man was holed up inside and possibly
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armed. >>reporter: he was placed under arrest after the police found about 2 mi. away after escaping the the house. >>reporter: someone else to call police stating that he was barricaded in the house with the gun they later found out that was not the case. >>breaking news: we did not go when supposedly he was by himself and then it turns out that he was not there. >>reporter: police say now that the man is been captured the is under arrest for making threats against the police and other people >>pam: to crack down on speeders on the golden gate bridge will continue. the drivers on the
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bridge you do not seem to be concerned about pup's the speed anymore since the median barrier was installed. instead of slowing down the drivers of speeding up. in the last three days the chp reports they had to issue 40 speeding ticketsspeeding >>pam: and speaking of the rose highway one was severely damaged dorsum storms. a wine mystery has been cracked coming up at 534 some rare bottles were stolen from a restaurant in napa were found. >>reporter: were looking live from emeryville you see this clear skies over the bay and warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend.
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>>pam: and hacker can grab the logging candace credentials and fool you into giving out your credit card information. computers and computer program noticed the flaw. the programmer
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says the phone company should opt for an e-mail or communicate to a dedicated application to keep hackers away. >>pam: still have the regulation that could cause big problems for or were and lift drivers plus we have a dramatic video of a fishing boat sinking. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills.
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>>pam: eastbound 580 is open this evening. that was not the case earlier. when the deadly early-morning crash headed down install traffic for hours. >>reporter: 3 people were in the overturned car of the travelling on 584 for some unknown reason the driver lost control causing the car to flipped. a second car with only one person and slight slam right into the overturn vehicle. the and overturn vehicle was then engulfed in flames. as far as any injections there were no possible objections.
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>>reporter: the accident foresee a swedish shut down all lanes of 580. because they needed to collect evidence and clear the same. what the car turned over in the first place is still under investigation. there were three people in the first part and then did not appear to be scanned march from the second car. skid marks... >>reporter: it could of been a lot worse if it had happened in the eastbound direction instead of the worst bomb. reporting from hay wirtz will tran kron 4 news >>pam: oakland police are looking for a driver will hit and killed a woman and then fled the scene. the accident happened around 8:00 a.m. this morning near the corner of 18th avenue and east 15th street. officers
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were called out on reports there was a woman lying in the roadway. she was transported to a local hospital but did not survive for injuries police believe she was hit by a car but they say they don't have many leads. >>catherine: with talking about buberuber uber lyft.. animal that could be a major threat to local ride sharing services to the california air dmv says that there cabdriver's must now get commercial license plates. we're talking about ober left inside car. the dmv says that those cars need the commercial place even if they are only occasionally used for ride services. >>catherine: the companies and
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their trade groups are denouncing the advisory memo. the process of getting commercial registration requires lots of paper work and would probably mean carrying commercial insurance which is expensive. is not clear whether the dmv and the chp will enforce the requirement. >>reporter: caltrans is spending approximately $1 million to fix the storm damage portion of the highway 1 in marin county. the soil underneath the famously scenic highway washed away during heavy rains on december the 11th. in may for precarious situation, so both directions have been shut down between mill valley and muir beach since then. >>reporter: picasso much because nothing off the rack will do for
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this gorgeous coastal highway. crew then back felt was new dirt after which the crumbling roadway will be repaid. the check out this other section where another retaining wall was installed years ago and then they need a new the many repairs again. it took about a month to design a solution and prepare the site for work but the crews have been working 16 hours a day seven days a week so they can get this roadway we open as quickly as possible. >>reporter: caltrans is hoping that the stretch of highway can be opened to traffic in early february. >>reporter: snows of warmer out there today everywhere except for fairfield. we were much warmer england. inland... we
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were near 70 in half moon bay. the the the changes that happen over the past 24 hours we were up 10 degrees in san francisco. wherefore 10 degrees and livermore. and 11 degrees warmer consists set rosa. santa rosa.. >>reporter: with crystal clear skies for the san mateo bridge in the golden gate bridge right now. we could possibly have record high temperatures over the weekend. >>reporter: tonight dramatic moments of all life-and-death situation. a fishing boat quickly sinking the cruelest
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some of foam are in the water as they wait to be rescued are airlifted to safety. this is off the coast of scotland thursday. the coast guard responded to an irish fishing boats in distress some 50 mi. offshore. all five crew members survived three are being treated for hypothermia. >>pam: there are new developments in the nfl scandal known as deflate gate. the latest on the investigation and who is now coming to tom brady defense is next also ahead police search for man and using fake bombs to hold up local pharmacies details will return. (everyone) cheers! thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way.
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>>reporter: this just into the kron 4 newsroom and accident
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between the union light rail vehicle and a car these are live images from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. this is the muni line right there and looks like a light rail vehicle looks to be off the tracks that white sedan is-then it's unclear how the two collided. so far no word on injuries >>reporter: there's some buses brought in to get people around but obviously that light rail vehicle is not moving any time soon this is 15th avenue and a loss in san francisco. the try to get the train cleared off the tracks and assess the situation we have a crew headed to the same will be to more information as is available >>pam: the nfl confirmed today
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it is investigating investigating the new england patriots over the football deflationary controversy. >>reporter: the nfl is busy at work conducting nearly 40 interviews in an attempt to figure out if the new eagling england patriots intentionally under inflated football's something quarterback tom brady denies. >>reporter: in a statement released friday delete confirm that the game balls used by the patriots were not properly inflated. the nfl also said the footballs were at the correct standard for the second half of sunday's afc championship game. the league made clear their investigation is continuing. >>reporter: sang " we have not made any judgments on these
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points and will not do so until we have concluded our investigation and " meanwhile bradys teammates are standing behind behind them. >>reporter: despite brady's denial hall of fame quarterback troy aikman believes the pressure of those footballs' was by brady's design. brady's teammates are ready to move on. the patriot say this distraction will not impact their super bowl preparation. >>reporter: a job that may be tough with this controversial still unresolved. >>pam: despite their ongoing investigation the patriots quarterback tom brady says that the nfl has yet to talk with them about the football. the patriots chairman and ceo robert kraft also issued a statement today saying that he
5:28 pm
and the team will be completely cooperative with the investigation. >>pam: coming up next on local families van install and but it is not the vehicle they are most upset about. next irreplaceable family keepsakes they want back. also ahead of the nfl and h a l will be offense and up close look at the action on the ice.
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>>pam: a hot tip leads and napa county sheriff's to recover $300,000 worth of world-class wind which was stolen from the french laundry restaurant in the bellevillein >>pam: on monday deputies' travel to greensboro north carolina where they found 76 bottles of the restaurants wine in the possession of someone who recently purchased the stolen property. both locals and tourists are pleased that the wine has been recovered. >>pam: the wine was stolen back on christmas day 2014. the bottles are not being held at the sheriff's office.
5:32 pm
investigators say it appears the buyer unwittingly made the purchase. no arrests have been made at this >>pam: mountainview police need your help tracking down this man. they say he is suspected of robbing three pharmacies in the bay area since december. in all three they say he walked into the pharmacy is demanding the painkiller icy cold down fake bombs. >>pam: the man is described as a white male between 5 ft. 11 in. and 6 ft. 2 in. tall with a medium build possibly in his fifties with a raspy voice and wrinkled skin. they say he was writing about sports bike motorcycle. anyone with information on the suspect is acts to call mountain view policeview >>pam: is what they did find out
5:33 pm
your core car is been stolen. but imagine losing your irreplaceable family memories along with it. that's what happened to one redwood city family and now they're asking for your help. >>reporter: on wednesday morning karen and david mobile be started their day as they usually do until they notice their family many van had been stolen the night before it was then they realize that there was something much more valuable to them inside the van >>reporter: karen what works on those books in the van while her children were napping inside it and recently the book shake become even more importance to the family after losing a bunch of videos of the kids to a hard drive crash. >>reporter: aaron has been reaching out to the community for help finding the van. she's
5:34 pm
been spending time posting to various social sites like facebook and crags list. so far the vehicle has not been spotted but she's received an outpouring of support from folks who have come across a story she's obviously heartbroken. >>reporter: aaron is having the car stolen and sang having the car stolen is one thing but those memories inside the books is our what she hopes to be returned. >>pam: we checked into that story after viewers reach out to us. if you of a story idea that you like us to check out go to our kron-4-dot-com and click on the mind kron 4 story tab. >>pam: this is video from
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pacific got if you planning on having to the beach the where the national weather service has issued a high surf and advisory for the bay area coast from san know what a moderate the waves are expected to be 10 to 15 ft. this weekend. >>reporter: first the high surf adviser were talking about him or talk about that temperatures. this high surf advisories is and affect all way through sunday. initially the way drop to 9 ft. but they will eventually get up to 12 ft. area >>reporter: central valley fog is still hanging on weekends will always see it in the delta of tonight. timber to the gonna continue to warm up tomorrow and into sunday and we can actually
5:36 pm
set records. >>reporter: as we head into the 3:00 hour opposite '70s through portions of the bay area tomorrow. >>pam: prayers are being offered all across japan for the two hostages that are being held i isis. the ransom deadline has come and gonecome e and gone. >>catherine: ted islamic militants wanted to vermilion dollars to spare the two men from be heading. that ransom was not pate the militants and syria said the countdown has begun but it is not clear tonight whether the men have been killed. a spokesman for the japanese
5:37 pm
government says it is using every channel it can to find a way to win the hostages' release. >>catherine: the mother of 42 year-old botha said she was astonished and anchored to discover that he left for syria in october to try to rescue the other man this is file video of the his mother is a set that he tried to help leaving behind his wife and newborn daughter. >>catherine: thousands of people in yemen are either celebrating the ouster of the u.s.-backed president they are or sounding confuse or unsure about who's now in charge. president hosni and his cabinet were forced by rebels to resign yesterday at you and anvil way is now trying to resolve the crisis. had he had been a u.s. ally and supported efforts to root out terrorists. >>catherine: saudi arabia it in
5:38 pm
our radius king abdullah has been buried after his death at the age of 90 years old. he was buried in an unmarked grave with his body shrouded in a sample base cloth and a coffin that's an line with islamic tradition that all people are equal in debt before got. the king had been an ally in the fight against the terrorists. today his successor say that he will continue with abdul as policies.
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this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can. >>pam: the attempt by the white house to get president obama state of the union message out to younger audience may have backfired. the president sat down with three q two stars and know for some outlandish stunts like chalking on and cinnamon. >>breaking news: i have a realistic one for your first
5:42 pm
wife >>reporter: her name is less grain but she put the genie in a gaffe during the full lotus blood. it happened during yesterday's post stake of the union address lot streamed interview that featured three u two stars. >>reporter: the white house hope to attract the $8 million subscribers of former dancing with the stars semifinalist's bethany motta was that all grain 3 million and heavy grades to what and 50,000 subscribers. but instead of political issues the attention has been focused on this grain one tractor you to page and you'll find her mocking making a notch. >>reporter: before leaving dc we
5:43 pm
skied with miss graham who had this response from critics. get more entertainment news on the insider at 7. >>pam: you to watch all of your celebrity news here a kron 4 after the insider at seven and entertainment tonight is the 730. >>reporter: taking a look current conditions temperatures a still mile is a lot warmer today and a warming trend will continue over the weekend.
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literally and on the ice view of what's going on. partner with people they have cameras of people's net hellman's these live cameras are during the nhl games the first of which could be this sunday's all-star game. >>reporter: this guy is the closest thing to a ski got the camera tracks on his head so that he's going down a mountain in the french alps what about 60 like that is also going underground in the cave as well he jumps over the ski patrol and watch this elands and it doesn't matter if there is no more snow he's just gonna go on the dirt. >>reporter: the stores over a
5:48 pm
deck of people that what they're eating. and making people mad on the other side of the closing door there all in on this of course this was filled over a few days is pretty office also even if your not a ski here. aw esom >>reporter: will see sunny skies this we can warmer temperatures bowl saturday and sunday and we could possibly break some record sunday. >>reporter: adeline radar picture shows the were in the clear right now satellite and radar pictures are showing the were currently in the clear. tomorrow we will be seeing warmer temperatures. it is the a little bit of fog in the north bay area. a the clock in a
5:49 pm
beleaguering tomorrow morning just along the delta there should be some fog and everywhere else should be clear. >>reporter: in the morning of few 40's in low 50s. in the morning but as later in the day with the missing more '70s. a couple of a couple of but 36 for the inland batter of valley to start tomorrow. we yes '60s and '70s expect it as we head into tomorrow afternoon. >>reporter: 60 is a lot of adults the the inland valley which meant and the coastline.
5:50 pm
73 in santa rosa and 72 in napa. we do have potential to break records and you see the expected high right next to it still looks like a satyr rosa we may tied the record a san jose and oakland could break the record. >>reporter: as we head into the weekend especially sunday we could see more record-breaking temperatures. things start going down into next week and we may even see a chance of rain tuesday or wednesday >>pam: looking to keep your resolution to lose weight or quit smoke smoking? the key to success may be living with you. a new study suggests a spouse or partner sharing your goals increases your chances of success.
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>>reporter: what to double your chances of success in making a positive lifestyle change? just add a loved one. researchers at the university college london found that couples who adopted a new and positive health behavior were more successful than those doing it on their own. for the study researchers followed nearly 4000 married and cohabitate couples as study their unhealthy habits in three areas. smoking, obesity and physical activity. >>reporter: here's what they found 48 percent of the men were able to stop smoking in their partner also quit compared to just 8% you had partners who did not quit. for women's success rate was half. when it came to physical activity both men and women at about a 66 percent success rate starting an
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exercise routine with their partners. the man had a 26 percent success rate with their partners and a 10% of losing weight alone. it is unclear whether will let relationship matters but having some support for a dose of plain old healthy competition may just be enough to put you over the etch
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>>reporter: t mobile rock the mobile phone world today announcing that bad credit will no longer keep people from getting the best deals they offer. this is a big deal because all of those great offers we see from the big carriers like free phones, zero down, no interest, low-cost data plans of those deals typically only work out if you have good
5:56 pm
credit. >>reporter: sold for a lot of people it feels like a bait and switch when shopping for phones and data plans. they see these great deals advertise but when they go to the stores to get those bills they cannot get them based on their credit score. >>reporter: so forward and tell moving forward t mobile will let customers have the best deals regardless of their credit. no more credit checks. as long as customers make their monthly bill a time they will qualify for the best deals offered now that really shakes things up by t mobile doing this. it puts pressure on to at&t, sprint and horizon to follow suit. >>pam: coming up is six what is next for the black friday 14 we have a lot more news coming up
5:57 pm
as six
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5:59 pm
>>reporter: happening now crash involving a new rail built vehicle and a carmuni rail vehicle..muni.. we've also learned there were people on the train with no was hard. police are on the scene we have a crew on the way. >>pam: news tonight is six
6:00 pm
races graffiti. >>pam: references to the cool clucks klan and bizarre connection interact song lyrics and drug use. all part of an apparent vandalism spree targeting a school in the neighborhood in morgan hill. david and i am pam moore. >>reporter: races kirby task like this one reads kkk all day said the black man has parents and others here in morgan hill's paradise valley elementary school shaking their heads asking who would do such a thing and why? >>reporter: other images include
6:01 pm
swastikas, pentagram and crude images of a sexual nature and the perpetrators are also suspected of tagging house into cars on a nearby street and a smashing windshields of this car is well. >>reporter: some of the images " of the lyrics from rap songs and a heavy metal band along with several references to the marijuana subculture suggesting to both police and school officials that vandals appeared to have no specific agenda. >>reporter: the district will quickly to pay over the offensive images before the kids saw them with some did as parents and the district seize the opportunity for a teaching moment.
6:02 pm
>>reporter: the vandalism occurred as graffiti is down here. but amid heightened security in the area, pick police are reviewing surveillance video for closed but the culprits are still a large in morgan hill. >>pam: the measles outbreak is spreading fast in california with more cases popping up every day. according to the state department of health there are 68 confirmed cases in the state and that's up from 59 just yesterday. >>pam: 48 of those cases are directly linked to the outbreak and at disneyland. three counties in the bay area have confirm measle cases alan e bella, san mateo, and santa clara counties. >>pam: the county is reporting
6:03 pm
this second case of measles the was reported on thursday is an adult male. and this case is not tied to the measles cases in disneyland. and they say that that actually create some problems of the sound. >>pam: the health department has now written this letter which will be distributed through the county schools to parents. the message if you or your children have not been vaccinated now is the time. >>reporter: arting coverage continues now with a reminder that a state law on the books for just over a year makes it more difficult for parents to not vaccinate their kids. it makes parents produce a signed
6:04 pm
doctor's notes citing a personal belief exemption. if they are kids will be attending if their kids will be attending school without all the recommended shots. >>reporter: a california law that took effect last year is making it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children state figures show personal belief exemptions for kindergartners drop from 3.1% in 2013 to 2.5% last year. a loss angeles times analysis found the rate also fell in school districts with high numbers of on vaccinated kindergarteners. the law requires parents claiming a personal belief exemption from the vaccines to have a signed form from their doctor. >>reporter: will continue to track the developments with the measles outbreak here in
6:05 pm
california and for more intimate you go to our kron-4-dot-com. >>pam: 01 police a looking for driver behind a suspected deadly hit and run. it happened this morning at the intersection of 18th avenue and east 15th street. these pictures come from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news >>pam: police say a woman appeared to have been hit by a car as she crossed the street. the woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. authorities searched the area but did not find any witnesses if you have any information please contact oakland police. >>pam: authorities believe drugs may have played a have led to a deadly crash on 580 in castro valley this morning the chp says a kia veered into the median and flipped several times ejecting to people from the car. the passenger was killed the driver
6:06 pm
suffered major injuries. another car then slammed into the kia causing it to burst into flames. the driver of that car sustained minor injuries the crash shut down the stretch of road for about three hours. >>pam: caltrans is only a couple of weeks away from completing a $1 million repair to a storm damaged section of highway one. here you can see aerial view of the work being done for more helicopter partnership with abc said the news the new the roadway between mill valley and muir beach was close back in december after the soil underneath and 80 ft. section washed away. >>pam: crows are using 24 ft. steel pipe and timber planks to create a retaining wall for the damage area that they are back filling the stretch with soil. caltrans says while they are
6:07 pm
fast tracking this emergency road repair the design. along to look about a month. >>pam: caltrans says crews are working 16 hours a day, seven days a week in order to get the coastal highway back open as quickly as possible. they are expecting that to happen in early february. >>pam: spare the error alert saliva bay bridge a live look at the bay bridge tonight. the bay area quality management his district issued a spare the terror alert for tomorrow. officials say it has been a dry, when last january leading to unhealthy levels of air pollution. because of that indoor and outdoor wood burning is banned for the next 24 hours a last it is your only source of heat. this is the 21st spare the terror alert during the winter season.
6:08 pm
>>reporter: take a look at the change of the past 24 hours were up 10 degrees in san francisco. same thing in san mateo and redwood city. with a continuous warming trend as we head into the weekend in fact we could be setting some new record temperatures. tonight the fog will return only to the delta area. otherwise gonna see clear skies tonight and warmer conditions and possible records to more >>pam: also coming up the power of protest what happened after hundreds of demonstrators stormed the bart board of directors meeting last thursday night. plusses been 45 years and people are still talking about the zodiac killer here from a man who says he knows full the ruthless killer is. it is only been two weeks as the golden
6:09 pm
gate bridge barriers were installed and stanley roberts already some people behaving badly. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>>pam: tonight we have learned the bart board of directors may urge the alameda county district attorney to drop charges against 14 black friday protesters. the protesters are accused of stopping trains at the west oakland station back in november in response to the grand jury decisions in my
6:12 pm
ground and air garnered cases. >>pam: snide hundreds of people showed up at the board of directors meeting demanding bart drop charges and $70,000 in restitution. after the meeting bart board director back assaults man and now she will introduce a resolution asking that all charges be dropped however the final decision is up to the alameda county d.a.. >>pam: and more than $3,000 to $300,000 worth of wine swiped from the napa county. you will believe where turned up. and a gorgeous weekend is on the way for the bay area the danger if you plan on having to the beach.
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>>pam: 1 and go back to the breaking news we to do about that the top of the newscast a car as crap crashed into the morning train. muni train.. >>reporter: the train is derails and it tried to pull it
6:16 pm
out. the driver of the vehicle at a nine your role in the car and the driver fell asleep at the wheel blew through a stop sign and hit the front of but many rv that put on a huge dent into the muni and larvae. the nine year-old boy suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. the driver of the car also had minor injuries. apparently none of the passengers on the train suffered any injuries at all. >>reporter: they are right this second try to pull the train back onto the tracks i cannot tell what they're being successful and not a the train is moving. the l rv has been set
6:17 pm
down and there provide riding of ross bridge for the passengers. bus bridge.. >>catherine: happening today and appealed to the san francisco police to reinvestigate the zodiac killer case. this from a man who says he has more than just another theory he has fingerprint proof. the zodiac killer terrorized northern california during the late '60s and early '70s. it >>catherine: his identity has never been proven but the publicist from hollywood was in san francisco today saying he supports the theory in the book published last year that the killer was a man named earl band best junior. the fall of the bass featured in that book he
6:18 pm
says is the same and he met in an naphthol diner in 1971. chris harris had been involved in the case and says the man in the diner that day had recognized him. >>catherine: paris and colleagues say that if you match fingerprints taken from earl best junior and an unrelated case and a fingerprint taken from the cap of the zodiac murder victim they do match. harris says the man who wrote the book about the killer being his biological father was correct and he hopes his cooperating evidence will help solve the case once and for all. >>pam: mounted police are on the hunt for suspects behind a series of pharmacy robins robberies. this is a picture of
6:19 pm
the suspect. authorities said the first robbery happened december 12th at walgreen's on east alchemy no avenue. this second happened at another wall greeds and morgan hill. the third to place last sunday at right ate in morgan hill. police said the man and demanded talks the colt don't and so pharmacist's he had a bind. if you know this man contact mountain view police. >>reporter: and no arrests in greensboro the person who bought the wine did not know was stolen 76 bottles were recovered have recovered been recovered on wednesday. the sheriff's office was to know how the wind got to north carolina. >>pam:
6:20 pm
>>reporter: it was a chris mistake crime that rocked the county in belleville. just weeks after the crime occurred the residents are happy that the oil wine will be making its way back to the restaurant. >>: is wonderful is great news >>: and let it recover this wine and and was the wrong thing to do. >>: luckily it landed up in the states instead of and of another
6:21 pm
country >>: is a wonderful wine selection here. >>reporter: the restaurant is currently close expected to reopen soon because of a remodeled. >>reporter: were up about 10 degrees and a number of places which is gonna steal little bill fog near the delta overnight pretty much your fairfield's that's it was gonna be clear everywhere else. . and sunday we possibly will set new temperature records. clear skies with a little bit of high cloud coverage. best driving this contract to the north and as gonna keep was clear in more for the next few days.
6:22 pm
>>reporter: fog is moving into the delta as the look presence there will only be a felting fairfield. by 8:00 you see the fog is pretty much gone. will have sunny skies tomorrow afternoon and warmer temperatures. morning temperatures will be in the '30's largely for base. 40's >>reporter: 69 in san jose. livermore possibly 70 degrees.
6:23 pm
as we look over towards the coastline upper 60s expected their. it is possible that we could bring some records up there tomorrow here are projected highs and looks like we will tie the record in santa rosa san jose and tampa. all we may set records and oakland. widespread '70s are expected sunday afternoon families have ethnic
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
♪♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
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okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >>pam: happening now a high surf advisories in effect for the bay area. this was the scene in pacifica this afternoon. so if
6:27 pm
you're headed to the beach be careful of the ways quickly running up on the sand and crashing over rocks and jetties. >>pam: the national weather service says ways could reach 15 ft. or higher authority say people need to stay back and keep ahead of your kids. >>pam: overnight graffiti attack this trend alarms and the south bay neighborhood. and what the spread of measles put this style in quarantine when she had no symptoms to report. chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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>>reporter: here in morgan hill of elementary school tagged with racist graffiti. " but police suspect that this is the handiwork of juveniles including a reference to the kkk and also
6:31 pm
some swastikas and lyrics from rap songs. as well as crude graphic images. the police and school district are searching for the perpetrators. >>reporter: set a clear accounting work that a second person has a contract measles to fight the first this that person is an adult is this is the man this time. is very likely that these numbers will go up and they think is very important that people get vaccinated check your status if you have not been vaccinated you need to get yield at your children vaccinated. >>reporter: across california state health officials have confirmed their 59 cases of measles and 42 of those cases we
6:32 pm
were visitors to disneyland. health officials are now saying that 82 percent of the people the developing the disease have not been vaccinated for the disease. >>reporter: this chp is investigating why a car overturned on eastbound 580. kron 4 o'clock this morning. a second clot car did not see the overturned car and slammed into a least one person died at the same and it does not appear to be any skid marks leading up to this accident. the freeway is back up for three hours. >>reporter: in san francisco 14 hour standoff is now over. they thought a man was barricaded inside with the gonna turns out he escape the police perimeter before they set up last night
6:33 pm
and police arrested them within 2 mi. this morning. here a >>reporter: san francisco protesters gathered here to hall of justice they were inside and this all had to do with two people arrested last week during those protests at the bart station. to guard stations were shut down for several hours because of the protest. police arrested these people and charged with trespassing which is a misdemeanor. the lot is will listed as too vague and they want to try to charges dropped. >>reporter: here the french restaurant in yacht veil yountville... under thousand dollars worth of wine was stolen
6:34 pm
from this restaurant on wednesday. $300,000 worth of restaurant out what wine was stolen from the restaurant and no arrests have been made so far. >>reporter: big way the story out there tonight is that we have a big warmup had it at into the weekend. temperatures to go up at least 10 degrees in some areas we may even set records. tomorrow would tenn. more temperatures more of those 70 degree wind readings and be 70 degrees in redwood city. slightly cooler conditions
6:35 pm
unfair foot sales because of fog in the morning. fairfield will be cooler tomorrow. >>reporter: we can actually set some records up there tomorrow you could see the highest here we should break records in hope oakland and hayward. the warming trend will continue into and tomorrow and sunday will be our warmest day. as we have a slight chance of rain tuesday and wednesday >>reporter: a pickup truck was called a liar by the memorandum chp petro traveling faster than
6:36 pm
the posted speed limit and the toll plaza speed is 35. truck drivers speed was 65 per hour so officer day pursuit. >>reporter: there have been a problem with speeding on the golden gate bridge for years but now that the new movable barrier was introduced less just say some people are feeling safer and when they feel safer often the speed increases. >>reporter: so after talking to the driver the office of figured out a few things missing from the equation so listen what he was ticketed for not have a driver's license will actually. the citation is for a suspended license for your speak on the bridge for not having proof of insurance but he wasn't the only one this driver was caught on radar at a whopping 81 mi. per hour less to say she was in
6:37 pm
no mood to talk to talk >>reporter: now let's just say there are a whole lot of speeders caught in this chp crackdown but there is a time when one driver basically outside another. at first officer on the british ship of a shooting below radar spotted a red car speeding however the pre as driver quickly outside by tailgating is speeding. so you interact they give up the stars however the prix driver was not so lucky when asked how fast he was driving he said 55. we say you're going a little faster than that with a laser is says 66. >>reporter: their here was this driver was caught by officers during 60 and a 45 but here in
6:38 pm
the kicker he had no place and no transponder despite having a car for more than six months. i tried the top of a the result use the top. what was decided another driver pulled up over and doing of 75 for the record you are exceeding the speed limit by 25 mi. per hour you could face automatic license suspension >>reporter: president obama lap's 3 you to stars interviewed him maybes did little relaxed some of it was high court i give information about that coming up
6:39 pm
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>>pam: the california dmv says drivers from ride share services
6:42 pm
like ober uber, lyft, and sidecar must now get a commercial license plates. gas even if their only occasionally used for ride services. the companies and their trade groups are denouncing the advisory memo. getting commercial registration requires lots of paperwork and likely mean drivers will also need commercial insurance.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
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♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>gary: and a few minutes to talk about basketball the golden state warriors tipoff against sacramento and oakland. set kurri and steve kerr will be in madison square garden next month
6:46 pm
for the all-star game. clay thompson as gonna find out that he's an all-star. set scurry missed a televised announcement that he was the leading overall vote getter. >>: last year with special because the was my first time and being a part of that voting process. i would have the same feeling regardless even if i was the leading bowl gaelic are not. vote-getter >>gary: jason and steve kerr will be together sunday night. >>: coming in with championships having played for the board will and the spurs. bulls
6:47 pm
>>gary: brian bowl will solve very good news. and looks like he was gonna be in houston astro but looks like the giants about iranian-backed one year $4 million. hill before the of fighting somebody for the starting good for vogel saw he is one of the good guys. >>gary: ross news for the a small offering grants cover this guy at one time john doolittle he was a great closure but he has a partially torn rotator cuff. is just a partial tear surgery is not needed any should
6:48 pm
be back sometime around midseason. >>gary: so guard was voted as one of the faces of baseball he did not play that well but it was based on the inner not internet. deflating gate another day patriots you trust that brady what about bella checked belichick... >>: spikes football's into probably tell of a football the fly and the air. >>gary: you just have to wonder if it'll wear out, a week from sunday. is going strong right now everybody is talking about it. is more than just a sports
6:49 pm
story is as a matter of trust. it even reached the white house. here's a trust press secretary >>: for years as the and the rest of gonna take time british job as quarterback for the new england patriots it is clear the know retaken my job either. >>gary: use of the press secretary tried to be charming. but he actually got a good response. the great a least the is on the same >>reporter: the easing brian and the patriots will be penalized before the super bowl >>gary: i know i'm cynical when i bring that money a lot but a
6:50 pm
51 of those companies not paying $4 million for commercial i don't want the face of football at least right now tom brady not in the game. instead of pulling the wheel there is no way brady is not gonna be in the game. unless something comes up i think that they'll get hit but it could not before the game. >>reporter: the you agree about not letting her son play football. just the other day x if spencer to play if he goes in the high school i say no. >>gary: i admit it when you're an older father something when you're younger but legal older and you look at the sun is at
6:51 pm
all on anything that happened to him. if l allison in the next five years the growth to 65 and 21 80 lbs. then i'll let them blow over somebody. 652 internet id pounds i might consider 6 feet 5 inches i might consider it.. >>gary: you not then rolled to be set scurry relation to look up to him and related to web and i am all brian james van. lebron james fan..
6:52 pm
>>gary: as i reported earlier on crime kron 4kron. this guy has been great and with injury to kobe i think he would make the team even without the injured kobe bryant. >>reporter: and you get excited when he tweet. >>gary: on the tone down a little bit of been doing it for three weeks. i heard is a bill a couple of days ago my older daughter says where's dad and the middle daughter says probably tweaking. and that maybe felt like a crappy that carry it dad... >>pam: the weekend is here and
6:53 pm
so is the sunshine jack will be back with how one is gonna get. jacqueline will be back with let me know how warm it will get
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
>>pam: health officials and not taking any chances with the measles they ordered a six month old girl to be quarantined. the child visited the doctor and a child before heard that was visiting did have the middle measles so now the children are in isolation for 28 days in their home. so far she is not shown symptoms of measles and we talked to her mother about the quarantine. >>reporter: possible records out their temperatures turned up in the '70s for sunday.
6:57 pm
>>pam: it will feel like spring in january will see later at 8:00.
6:58 pm
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i have -- your first wife -- >> you know something i don't? >> the president's unconventional youtube interviews backfire. >> leaving critics to question the white house's new standards of journalism. >> ah! >> we're with the youtube star catching heat today. >> i think the interview went interesting huh. >> then tom brady's always been a target for the haters or the critics just seem jealous. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> does the nfl's golden boy finally have a blemish?g the virus chikungunya as a defense to get out of community service? >> you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> then, was this google exec killed by this escort?
7:00 pm
>> we see her prepare the syringe and inject him. >> we are inside the crime scene, the sex, the drugs, everything caught on tape. >> is this woman a cold-blooded killer? >> let's go inside. >> she's a killer and she certainly's cold. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> the silicon valley shaken to its core as a google exec is found dead. the alleged mystery now in custody and a double life exposed. >> we'll have the revealing details of a heroine overdose. >> but first we turn to the big headline making news today. >> the point was to get people talking and so hey that's, you know -- yee, i said some things huh. i have -- your first wife -- you -- i mean -- i mean -- >> my first wife? you know something i don't? >> she puts her foot in


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