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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 28, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>mark:parts of the northeast pummeled by a winter blast of snow and gusty winds. we'll show you the latest video. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm mark danon. >>mark:we continue to follow the latest on the storm hitting the northeast. >>mark:new englanders continue to dig out of knee high snow this morning.
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>>darya:the blizzard buried the boston area in more than that exceeded 70-miles- per-hour. on the left you can see flooding in a small massachusetts town. the storm brought >>mark: significant coastal flooding and severe beach erosion. on the right you can see just how rough the conditions were on the coast. >>mark:the storm is quieter this morning. >>mark:boston's logan international airport is expected to resume some flights. >>mark:but the bitter cold threatens to complicate efforts to clear clogged streets and restore power to more than 15-thousand homes and businesses. >>mark:this is what it looked like in new york. >>mark:streets are empty but there's not that much snow compared to other parts of the north east. >>mark:new york and new jersey were spared the worst of the storm. >>mark:and this is the scene in new jersey. >>mark:people were out walking around. despite being told to stay home. >>mark:forecasters had warned new jersey and new york that they could get one to two feet of snow.
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>>mark:both states got just around 10 inches of snow. >> james: the storm is not even out of the area just yet as a sick will have more lakes in maine than anywhere else in the country. cover was no because they get so much no they're so much water in maine it is incredible is pretty crazy anyway back to stores will buy into that what was to do with a couple inches of snow over the course of the next handful of hours gusty winds and summoning blanc forgive and sustained winds will gust also want to be a problem for lot of people in the upper portions of new england and the storm is second to the north so some of these states in southern new england are one to see the clearing first. >> james: were getting out of the main event were
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dealing with the repercussions would of course is a lot of the infrastructure and the man was a lot of snow the power outages and still with flight delays all across the country as a second quick arrival of international travel for. >>mark: 7 out of flights canceled. we have seen thousands of flights canceled the past two days due to the blizzard that hit the northeast. and travel at s-f-o will hopefully get back to normal today. kron 4's mike pelton is live with the latest. >> reporter: it takes time to work itself out where seen this morning with the round of canceled flights and as a saw tech a look inside the terminal as several flights are canceled this morning will follow this we philadelphia nor jfk in boston samisen alive and flights from those airports already canceled. peninsulas
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airport to north is an opening and wrapping backed up the air travel today following a powerful show stores nationwide. i spoke to one man she is glad he booked a flight for today all over the news the biggest storm ever there never is but as a relief yesterday morning when it set is not as bad as m1 said it was. >> reporter: the is one to build a snowman have in the golan get the piece of pizza they're sitting at 18 total sfo this morning that could increase as well
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official said tech device that is before coming to the airport. >>darya:kron 4 ran in to one traveler who was stranded at sfo for more than a day. >>darya: the tidy back to new york and he cannot his stick as the fall and had not made back to new york get we had several interviewskimbal pogson just wanted to get back home after flying across the country to try and reconnect with a lost love. he wasn't able to get back with his ex. but he did finally manage to catch a ride back to new york. right now he's on a lay over in dallas. he joins us on the phone. >>darya:good morning kimbal. >>darya: you had a to of all lay over the use it in dallas at the airport? yes >>darya: this said it would have what you want to got out and you get out of sfo
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here's the video people on facebook they are so many they are saying things like why did you plan and why did you check with the girl why didn't you just live here >>: i don't have a plan b could fail to slow >>mark: we had a lot of responses you have an amazing attitude is been really humanizing to fall your travels in was to have been going through all we are all wishing you the best. >>darya: she saw you on tv and she went to the airport where did you guys talk about yesterday? were talking about everything and how we felt about the situation was that anyone ask for dates on facebook.
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>>darya: is good that you go home is a better place to find a girlfriend. >>darya: so when it is all said and done with get on the fly in a couple of hours you would have traveled for how long to get from symphysis the to your perry forgiven out? a 10 hours and some changes to travel. if >>mark: you feel is happening to mr. snowstorm? yes >>darya: as any tv cameras follow their in texas because a lot of them so you hear it as a fall. no i don't think so >>mark: you get home will try web site we have a video of you there you to share with your friends is a damn interesting tale to tell. >>darya: we do me a favor
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and you have a phone. when you get to new york will you please take a first of picture and send it to was at breaking news at kron 4 at time >>mark: thank you for sharing your story with us. >>darya: the meantime the storms continue is a you have to deal with that rubble to talk about the weather and another man had blessed the roadways are doing ok. >>george: are tracking our first hot spot of the morning and is an unusual place northbound interstate 680 in the ride from walnut creek of the pleasant hill in concord the late
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roadworks that has three line shutdown so it is backed up like a afternoon commute on a northbound side and anyone in the reverse commute will be stuck in the the latest will be checked with those caltrans the sea when they might there was a report that roadway clear was sounded to stay '80s so this morning because of the spill class that occurred here in gilman on the westbound side for you're ride to the bridges here this morning the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur maze is the 26 minute commute time and will take a look at the san mateo bridge for the ride on 92 westmount is almost come to a standstill. >>george: the drive times move above 20 minutes. was it a quick break now on the kron 4 morning news will be back with more right after this.
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>>darya:today is the deadline isis militants set for officials to reach a deal to save a jordanian pilot being held hostage. >>darya:new this morning. >>darya:jordan's information minister says his government is ready to swap an iraqi woman held in jordan in exchange for the pilot. >>darya:he didn't mention japanese journalist, kenji goto. >>darya:in a message
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released yesterday, isis threatened to kill goto and the pilot within 24 hours. >>darya:that deadline expires late tonight japan time. which is 17 hours ahead of us. >>darya: will have more weather and traffic on the wednesday morning the king did from our vantage fight on front street in san francisco will buyback carrier thank yofor ing sail d myaddy ank u mo forroteingmy fure. thanyou r beg myeroand dad militaryamils arthanul r ma this. the gacyf us aut inranc could onef th. our worlclasserve eaed aa t toppot in a sdy othe st commded large mpans inmeri. if you'rcurrt orform milary, or theiramil seef yore igib to
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>>mark:strong winds in the northeast knocked down a ship during a massive snowstorm. >>mark:the u-s-s providence was docked at the newport shipyard in rhode island. when it fell on its side overnight. >>mark:workers added extra supports to the ship as a precaution. but it still couldn't support the vessel despite the heavy winds. >>mark:the ship's owner says the mast is broken and the hull is punctured. >>mark:he's hoping to get the ship back in the water by the end of the summer >>darya: streets in new york. >>darya:people were told not to go outside unless absolutely necessary and from this vantage point residents and visitors heeded the call. >>darya: this tiny of sunshine is very warm here. >> james: is right at
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freesia below for the new england area is amazing how stable those are with the winds and gusts as much as they work. the source of the map here the wide you the national perspective showing us the real income and whether out and northeast. but as a continues to spiral there is going to be causing maybe a couple into the snowfall in the main the wind will be gusting pretty strong during the war powers and early afternoon hours there. >> james: the recovery efforts really began a lot of it not many other dugout all the snow also the secondary debt to the streets to to allow all the to clear the they're talking about 2 ft. maybe even 3 ft. in some communities. >> james: will be awhile estes with power outages.
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the rest of the bay area looking fine as a to live with outside bizarre news home camera and the embarcadero which is of bay bridge the last of his has out their future status for the most ardent pretty clear where temperatures and the mid '40's for the majority of the city give oakland san jose, livermore and santa rosa all animals to live for san francisco right now handy on at 50 degrees >> james: sunshine all around the bay that will be nice to enjoy these temperatures a little bit above where it should be at this time the air temperatures will climb as we head for the rest of the week high pressure will mature back that by the weekend as los them is the bay area wide that we pretty nice to enjoy their is a little blip on the forecast but at this for a shipping a to be like this last and yesterday. >> james: but this is a lot
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at the end will have hopes of getting rain. will keep an eye on that in a to know if anything changed. >>george: the morning we have been delays and to say 680 in a non commuter correction a hot spot northbound from walnut creek to a pleasant hill, and and backed a from the 24 interchange and the mighty men because of the road work that has the right hand lane shut down is not have the impact on the southbound side is already slough so is the ride on a westbound and even though the drive times are not unusually high it is a slow ride then west 80. at the bay bridge the back of still into the macarthur maze. >>george: for your trip to the san mateo bridge the drive times are now over 22¢ westbound heading out of hay were with a back up before
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the toll plaza for the golden gate bridge is separate events here for the south tower right about here leading down the toll plaza and a little slow and over on the richmond braves the backed up toll plaza is starting to spill over onto interstate 580 in the westbound direction. >>george: you can get traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download it will work on both android and apple devices. >>mark:scientists at u-c irvine have figured out a way to "un-boil" egg whites. and it could lead to lower costs for cancer treatments. >>mark:the so-called "vortex fluid device".takes just minutes to untangle proteins. and unboil the egg whites turning them from a solid back to a liquid. >>mark:older and more expensive methods would take up to four days to complete the process. >>mark:scientists say this machine would simplify and streamline the process of creating specific proteins that are needed for many cancer drugs.
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>>darya:daly city police are looking for two men who posed as city water department employees and robbed an elderly woman. >>darya:she says a man entered her home last week through an open garage door. >>darya:he told her there was a broken pipe down the road and urine made its way into the drinking water so the line needed to be flushed out. >>darya:while they were talking, she believes a second person entered the home and stole her jewelry. >>darya:the first man is described as white. age 18 to 23. roughly six feet tall and 250 pounds with a "husky build." >>darya:his black hair was slicked back and he was wearing a black letterman jacket. >>darya:water department employees wear official uniforms. they won't enter a home unless they're asked to do so. >>mark:the humane society is offering a five-thousand dollar reward for information on whoever sealed three five-week-old terrier puppies in a garbage bag in pleasant hill
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last week. >>mark:a couple who was walking their dog in paso nogal park found the puppies. when their dog alerted them to a trash bag near a garbage can. >>mark:they took the puppies home cleaned them up and brought them to the contra costa animal services shelter. >>mark:the puppies will be in foster care for at least three weeks before they'll be available for adoption. >> erica: you can see hundreds of fipple lined up with floods. this little boy as to get out and about in the blizzard in getting his dog a walk. we'll see pictures of castellanus know as well i guess felines like the snow is well. a lot of fun pictures coming in it was a dangerous no--they do storm in some parts of the country but a lot of people are having fun with an and you want to view more pictures we have some poster
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>>mark:job hunting site glassdoor just released a list of the top 10 most promising jobs of 2015. >>mark:this is the first year glassdoor has assembled this list. >>mark:the list is based off of data supplied by the site members who reported on their compensation and how they view opportunities for advancement in their profession. >>mark: >>mark:at number 10. sales manager >>mark:9. data scientist >>mark:8. product manager >>mark:7. database administrator >>mark:6. marketing manager >>mark: >>mark:4. human resources manager >>mark:3. business development manager >>mark: >>mark:and at number one, a
7:27 am
that it is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country. parks and recreation star chris pratt could be taking on the role of a lifetime. "deadline" reports he's being considered in the title role of indiana jones. the character made famous in hollywood by harrison ford. of success with hit films like guardians of the galaxy and moneyball. his latest movie "jurassic world" is coming to theaters in june. >>mark:a developing story out of the south bay this morning. the family of a young woman killed by two speeding cars are now calling for a crackdown on speeding drivers. 24 -year- old kiran pabla was jogging monday afternoon on yerba buena road, when police say two men who were racing each other
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>> james: we're looking at some early morning fog is not that bad of slight
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warming coming this afternoon it will be a little bit above normal for this time of the year tomorrow will continue to try sunny forecast temperatures will rise decline as a hit for the weekend were looking at averages and the low '70's. into early next week there is a slight rain chance for a monday right not to their sites and latino to keep an eye on them for you. celestial if that develops here is what looks like right now. >> james: and eventually will see a warm-up and led to know
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>>george: just south of highway 24 and there is an accident in hayward now in the study will have been a tough commute in the corridor san leandro to 38 down to 37 as a motorcycle crash and the blocks into left lane southbound at tennyson road also getting word of an accident on the lower peninsula on 101 at the oregon expressway and here on a 85 in the south that we are jammed up from the allman valley and the guadalupe parkway of layout for cupertino. >>george: track a year ride for the bay bridge there is an acid to report back here at west grand avenue that is not going to affect his lifetime however with the still cover 20 minutes west of coming out of the maze if you're ride to the san mateo bridge where st. any of so traffic now that is what the drive times are will of over 19 minutes closer to 2 to 224 for the westbound trip
7:32 am
to santa sale coming out of hayward. >>mark:lost control of their cars and drifted. crushing pabla against a tree while she was out running. >>mark: their loss control of their cars and crashed crushing her against the trend the police have arrested two men for the crash. >>mark:her brother says something has to be done about speeding in the area. she went out for a job like every other day she was once the into late or too early in that would have missed her and those guys should not have been driving a hundred and san whenever there are doing down the hill you have barriers and san jose not doing anything about it for people dead at the same spot would take.
7:33 am
--? they ruled our whole family she was our star they killed our family. >>mark: the men were driving more than 70 miles an hour when the crash happened. >>mark:one of them is set to appear in court today to face manslaughter and negligence charges. >>darya:a developing story we are following for you this morning-- >>darya:a stanford university varsity swimmer has been arrested and charged with several counts of rape. >>darya:investigators say it happened on campus, back on january 18th. >>darya:according to the santa clara district attorney, 19-year-old brock turner was sexually assaulting an unconcious woman on campus when two cyclists witnessed the rape. >>darya:that's when turner tried to run away but the two cyclists chased him down and held him until campus police arrived.
7:34 am
>>darya:stanford alum sally lieber says the arrest has increased the conversation of rape on campus and what needs to be done to stop it. >>darya:stanford officials say turner withdrew from the university. and add that he is no longer allowed on campus. will have to start talking about stanford. >>mark:new information on rashawn williams, the san francisco teen stabbed and killed right in front of a convenience store. >>mark:we're now learning that the boy who was arrested for the stabbing. is walking free. >>mark:the public defender says, it's all because of this surveillance video. >>mark:jeff adachi says his accused client - circled here in blue - is not the one who stabbed williams. >>mark:he argues that it's
7:35 am
the other guy circled in red who actually committed murder. >>mark:his client, like the victim is 14. his name isn't being released since he's a minor. >>mark:rashawn williams was a top student on a scholarship at sacred heart cathedral prep - where he played football. >>darya:a woman in concord is robbed at gunpoint. right in front of her own home. >>darya:the frightening situation happened monday night on sacramento street in concord. >>darya:the woman was coming home from work. put her key in a man came up from behind and told her not to move or that he would shoot her. >>darya:a neighbor says she heard screams and describes what happened.
7:36 am
>>darya:neighbors say this type of crime is highly unusual on their normally quiet street. >>darya:police only have a limited description of the suspect. >>mark:we're learning more today about a san francisco church that's banned girls from serving on the altar. >>mark:the star of the sea church has become one of a handful of roman catholic churches prohibiting girls from being altar servers. >>mark:church leaders say they made the decision because altar service is in preparation for priesthood. women are not allowed to be priests. >>mark:a statement posted on the church's web site says boys often lost interest in altar service when the programs are co-ed because girls typically do a better job.
7:37 am
>>darya:apple has posted the biggest quarterly profit of any corporation in history! >>darya:the company made $18-billion-dollars in the last three months. thanks to sales of more than 74- million i-phones. >>darya:apple also posted nearly $75-billion in sales for the quarter, up almost 30-percent from the same period last year. >>darya:i-pad sales fell but mac and i-tunes sales were both at record highs. >>darya:all this good news sent the company's stock price soaring. it is up five-percent in after hours trading. >>darya:the corporate profit record was previously held by russian natural gas company gazprom, which posted a quarterly profit of over $16-billion-dollars in 2011. >>mark:mark your calendars. the apple watch is coming in april. c-e-o tim cook revealed the news during an earnings call. >>mark:the much anticipated
7:38 am
device will not only tell the time. but give you your i-phone notifications as well. >>mark:there is also rumor that the watch could connect with apple pay. >>mark:insiders say apple is hoping to give the watch a 19-hour battery. >>mark:the price is said to start at 350 dollars. >>darya: the mighty warrior and have been deflating we're going to talk to gary about it you have to lose some don't you? is not something that we always hear marchand like to voice what he had to say at media day.
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>> erica: they're asking pulling it at amris activists complained about his cruelty the second look at that at self check it out this of corporate star featuring this adorable puppies who was lost its beaches the little puppy starting home in falls of the truck and falls to the train tracks run across the bridge and define the mix of home runs and tutors owner's arms. a lot of people are
7:43 am
pretty mad about this a lot of people ask if it is funny. >> erica: the sec a look at twitter. this person is saying every commercial that they showed at the super bowl should not be watched by children clearly is not a fan of been the cboe and you for coming in this market will have more on this coming up. more news weather and traffic in the world according to gary.
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>>darya: gary fl little smarter this morning. >> gary: without even hello this must be good. >>darya: i still enlightened. >> gary: the nafta is a global media day you have something on every day. >>darya: i have the guy with the seahawks and the cowboy hat telling tom bray is captain america which i believe brady loves of a call ice-cream which i found very interesting and it's no one said. >> gary: you have something new on everyday. >>darya: thank you for noticing it is an old dress >> gary: know that is a good one. >>darya: that to journalism >>: my dreams look like i
7:47 am
really want to be the richest homeless person you'll ever seen. i was said everyone was stop talking about marchand. i'm here so i will not get find. --im here so i wont get fined >>darya: why was he there was anyone there? >> gary: the whole day was stupid if you think that you're going to get something out of the then it is your fault if you know something as much as an upset some people this is the one guy you know who told the truth marchand land. >>darya: he rose above the stupid media day he seemed really smart. >> gary: is really funny it
7:48 am
was 11:00 guest today and where on the rail so we're just playing the live just him doing that little piece and some people got upset and is sound like he's really being a jerk but when you watch the television don't you think he had a little twinkle like he was just playingjust >>darya: glad you're saying this and i started to feel no one loved tom brady more than other than giselle. >>darya: and started to feel like the seahawks guy instead of being jerky like sherman and lynch and i found myself liking it but they're not jerking because they're not playing the forty-niners. >> gary: when you watch that thing and listen to richard sherman he's the smartest guy there. if >>darya: he is one to be a new dad any day now he is on the cover at the legion will cover for filled--sports illustrated. >> gary: he was levelheaded
7:49 am
is like the new to sherman on what to teach my son to be smart. >>darya: it in the college and do whatever he wants >> gary: he was acting the way he didn't that acting. i'd like him just as far as talking russell wilson is always running for office where sherman is for real. >>darya: what i found funny was i cannot believe sports illustrated this is the newest cover what of the pictures when they would you say boom goes bust. that is not smart is it? >> gary: just and it happens to be a was waiting for the call and i flipped it over and gritty as acting cold to the super bowl talking and giselle is your power is the real bad call. >>darya: they all have coal. >> gary: giselle is really have a bad. >>darya: i'm sure the she
7:50 am
looks fabulous with a cold or not with the wind blowing in her hair just a matter this is someone for 30 seconds on a tv screen. >> gary: it might be different whether you live with them. >>darya: the whole media circus >> gary: i said live with her >>darya: i guess, is about you too. if >> gary: out to you what i was on tv and certain things that but in person all my godmy >>darya: this that i'm so glad you could carry in line. >> gary: would you please tell them that is the silliest one put someone in line like on tv you're going to say you jerk. people can really act like a jerk on tour on line. for >>darya: so listen with the whole circus is happening they are doing in on the
7:51 am
court and sold them to practice so the practice at the owner's home they went to a course he had basketball facility in 2009 nba all-star court he moved to his home. so they practice on this court while that was going on and i bring better because i was looking at basketball because i saw the war is you cannot when the mall. >> gary: first of all this roberts server he has a full-size court in this house >>darya: the facility that colin a sword and it is now exceed 40,000 >> gary: last night if you going to lose than does a really good team they play that would is over time it had a migraine headache and it hit him right before the start of the game so he cannot play in the had the big guys play against it.
7:52 am
>>darya: hot and get the lybrand i thought he had the sniffles? >> gary: the warriors played last night they played a good game and their 35 and 6? for >>darya: i still love them >> gary: 36 in sixth >>darya: the account loss on one hand 6 is fine is fabulous. >> gary: maybe three losses in a row before you turn on. that is the way i see in >>darya: i love those seahawk's all right we will see later ♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪
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they're not only. >> reporter: their choose-- accused of speeding losing control of their cars jumping the guard rails. >>: your apollo was walking at the time one of the car slammed into she was alternately pending against the tree. >> reporter: this all happened around monday our brown them.
8:08 am
>> reporter: two men one is 21 years all, and the other one named gabriel berry >> reporter: we get a chance to crack down--track down some family members were heartbroken. >>: there were one second to lead to early, i miss her. >>: they're doing a hundred and 10 down the hill and issuing an have been doing it. >>: you have four people dead at the same spot, what will it take?. >>: they kill our family. >> reporter: just off " just
8:09 am
looking at the little the writings here. >> reporter: i absurd did he nor, she said yes. >> reporter: other people dying around this location two years ago of a deep several people died brigit >> reporter: they needed crackdown on speeders. >> reporter: to late for this family vault. --to bad .
8:10 am
we have breahrou:new bwayrill chken rips they tas betr antheyare tter premiucut l whe me wi no artifial pservivesr avor try our w grled chicn stps in the n monrey icke me tod. subw. eafres 7
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit >> reporter: reports the government there is ready to make prisoners swap with ices. --isis. >> reporter: under the terms a video with ice its. >> reporter: under terms set out in an ice is video yesterday. japanese hostages kenji doc told,
8:13 am
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>> reporter: sandworts
8:16 am
damage in two decades. >> reporter: several people had to be rescued from their homes due to the water. and the way/none. >> reporter: the roads were cut off and not to cut off power. they're running catch on fire through electrical work in the basement. >> reporter: pretty incredible scene here. even though it's gone to be sunny i don't think it's gonna build all that snow. so now you have these rows that it covered in ice and snow. >> reporter: here is what looks like on a live grade are it will take a few
8:17 am
hours. covering an recovering cleanup. anywhere from half a foot to 3 ft. of snow. >> reporter: here on my side of the country dealing with a much more out whether-- much more what what--out other. >> reporter: were seen visibility at the moment on the saudi side of it in places like adelman. >> reporter: papilloma.
8:18 am
temperature yes is a little " drop down to the mid-40s. >> reporter: staffers as " right now 51. san francisco. >> reporter: he's great ease it valley will be 61. >> reporter: high-pressure or read, we have a cute--few clouds. >> reporter: the low '70's by saturday. would make it all the way your the chances are slim will keep you
8:19 am
updated. >> reporter: northbound interstate 680. problems late roadwork. the road work is gone and so is the slow traffic. a fire late 24. -- highway 24. >> reporter: 22 to 26 minutes should be 1515 minutes. --15 minutes. >> reporter: 237 is jammed
8:20 am
up all the way across will give you a mountain view its slope and the south bay. >> reporter: over 28 minutes not come from 24 the san mateo bridge it's still sort--is still slow. >> reporter: the traffic is getting a little crowded southbound. westbound traffic a little sluggish. coming off 580 was down. >> reporter: first on four are heartbroken man was stranded on the assets at all. --sfo.
8:21 am
>> reporter: don't and then stranded as asphalt. --at sfo. >> reporter: stranded in down. >>: i have no family or friends here. >> reporter: he has been all over the nose because of is whether and grow from problems. once to rekindle his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. >>: she was here with a guy
8:22 am
renowned so i don't know. >> reporter: his flight was canceled due to the snowstorm. >>: i'm just drinking water and eating doritos and doing some kron 4 puzzles. >> reporter: his ex- girlfriend showed up at the airport, not knowing he was that airport she kept her distance from us. >> reporter: his excellence in things on the turns. >> reporter: his mother had held issues and needed his help. >>: i will go back home to see what i can do and then see what happens. the day i try my best. >> reporter: 55 to both of
8:23 am
those still. >>: i do to impress anybody , it is hard to find love these days and when you find you're willing to fight for it. >> reporter: you gotta love that guy? right? >> reporter: we talk to him live here at the kron 4 around 1040 he was waiting to catch a flight to dallas. >> reporter: he shared with us with him and his girlfriend talk about when they met at the airport. >> reporter: what did you guys talk about yesterday? >>: we talk about everything we talk about a
8:24 am
situation and not just leave on bad terms. >> reporter: you well in that post to your picture and that you look--you're looking for love and i hope you find it. >> reporter: he told me that you give me a sophie before he leaves for york. -- new yourk.--york. >> reporter: will be right back.
8:25 am
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le andean. pe: uhh. heart: i maxize od sff ke mpotaium. and phostels, ich y lp ler clestol. major: i'meeli ergid alady. nedelicious ensu acte art althuppos yo hea and bo, soou stayctivand rong ensu. ke le in
8:27 am
>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the credit rating service which we will report today upgrading california's credit. >> reporter: social services and higher education. >> reporter: is a star
8:28 am
athlete accused of raping a woman. on average as a neighbor screaming as the gunmen robbed her from her house. coming not . >> reporter: north east headed for a winter blizzard.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> reporter: check out this these doubling boxes--axis of the blizzard. >> reporter: they've got a lot of coastal flooding and then on the right you could
8:31 am
see that they brought out ploughs to get a handle on that. still affected some flights a day. >> reporter: look at letting their own right side. >> reporter: and credible it was the really bad storm storm >> reporter: they did not get a lot of snow that they were worried about getting. it went to see how long the recovery process will be. we have an draconids to mark this morning--tracking it this morning sprit >> reporter: to the storm will exit from south to north.
8:32 am
>> reporter: the storm will continue to fall throughout the day. the effects of it will be continuing on follow-through selling. -- soon. >> reporter: will have more on your local forecast coming up. find out of a role for shipping up. >> reporter: ramon valley finally sinking some improvement. much occurring roadwork the jamming up the right. through the whole entire ride then it's back it up all the way through san ramon. jammed up the
8:33 am
right for hold our. interstate 280 southbound to interstate 280 back up. might be slightly better off at interstate 80. -- >> reporter: no good news leaving out of the ottoman valley. a quick look at the bay bridge right traffic is still moving slowly still backed up in the maze. and this san mateo bridge
8:34 am
>> reporter: a developing story instead for university's varsity swimmer has been arrested and charged with several counts of rape. investigators say it happened on campus, back on january 18th. >> reporter: according to the santa clara district attorney, 19 wrote brook turner was sexually and inkatha's women on campus when to cycle as witness the rate. >> reporter: that is when turner tried to run away but the two cycle is chasing down and held him until campus police arrived. >> reporter: stanford alum sallied liber says of the rest has increase the conversation of rape on campus and what needs to be done to stop it.
8:35 am
>> reporter: and after he was arrested turner immediately withdrew from the university. >> reporter: at san francisco team was that in front of a convenience store. it is all because of surveillance video. he argues that it--it was the one circle in red that did the stabbing. >>: have been subjected to accusations, false accusations so this is very very serious. >> reporter: the victims of 14 year-old is named as in
8:36 am
the release since he is a minor. or john williams was a top student won a scholarship at sacred heart cathedral threat where he played football. >> reporter: a frightening situation a woman for the third key in the front door >>: he told her not the move will should--he will shooter she was hysterical. >> reporter: the victim's screams because her to move into action. >>: eyes are standing kick their at the corner i was running towards turkey-- toward turkey. --her.
8:37 am
>>: someone pointed the gun in my face to my cellphone and my wallet. >> reporter: police have a limited description of the suspect. this is highly unusual on the >>: the kids place outside we all know each other >> reporter: she said that all changed. >> reporter: the move because busters is back, but it's getting a rowboat-- ruble was off the no pass. >> reporter: >> reporter:: i
8:38 am
was explained, not an attack reports. >> reporter: coming up on the east bay a lot more--a lot of more sunshine. >> reporter:--we'll be back. female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up, and removal of your old set.
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>> reporter: is cooking at
8:41 am
home a better option than eating out. >> reporter: there are a few common mistakes that people make in the kitchen deck to be the most healthy its decisions. >> reporter: if you have a much choose choose better eating habits like eating a bell pepper for instance. cooking with olive oil scale back on the pastas and do more veggies. avoid the after dinner desert and added. if you on doltish use the square of dark chocolate. who indeed a square that's like one should george,?.
8:42 am
>> reporter: 280 southbound here at our side road. the bad news is it's still backed up. >> reporter: we will look at the rest of the traffic when kron 4 returns.
8:43 am
8:44 am
bbed oked lockedp. ce cled? u dot kn "aa." beuse e aa fra wah neork ans evyonean ptecthemsves and thr faliesrom ams d idtityheft with local arts,ipsfr lawnforment and the sidecoopfromormecon tist re posbilies staaheaof t baduys. if y don thi beacon n at theirwn ge, whenou tnk ap, th youon'tnow arp" nd me surisi possilits anget knous aarorg/ssibitie >> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news,
8:45 am
there's a new at that helps you exercise at home. >> reporter: it might be it on the tv world watching right now. i found when you first subscriber sharing on my face the patriot she said she was willing to exercise on tv. >>: i live in santa monica. >> reporter: interactive work out a program from our. --at&t company. >> reporter: i'm sitting down. the apse features more
8:46 am
than 50 exercises. --app. >>: more difficult than what i thought it would be i did destructions are very good day to you what to do i think it's really good and a good sweat. >> reporter: it also helps you to track your workout and has good recipes. >> reporter: 3 glad we showed you this? >>: yes we are thinking very much. >> reporter: i will for doubt if there's that third met. >> reporter: which reminds me james you have started a
8:47 am
workout? have you been keeping up with it? >> reporter: it was fun and i enjoy doing it for the 15 seconds. >> reporter: their risible as a here and then you're eating. >> reporter: waiting for the streets to clear because there is a lot of snow. still under the gun and maybe a little more inches will fall. >> reporter: was that norsk--northeastern small. --snow. >> reporter: in some places reseat the snow. let's bring
8:48 am
the attention it back to the bay area and talk about what we are expecting here. >> reporter: right now we're seeing relative lease clear skies. we will expect conditions to see conditions to clear. >> reporter: and out over the bay bridge little clouds there in the we're not doing much or not moving at all. >> reporter: will see conditions continue to clear as we had there and to the afternoon. we're seeing a lot of forties across the bay area. >> reporter: some places like oakland to be in it
8:49 am
exception. will see that salaam all into the weekend. --slowly. >> reporter: we might have a system that will roll through that it was a little light rain. we are keeping an eye on the traffic. >> reporter: knocked out james. >> reporter: it still jammed up there in san ramon. no more into walnut creek. it is a long commute in that direction. >> reporter: 6 still it
8:50 am
backed up onto interstate 880. >> reporter: still about 40 minutes drive time. >> reporter: and the bridges still had heavy at the bay area bridge. the sad tale british improving a little. >> reporter: a trip to the golden gate bridge it is low. >> reporter: at 580 was about is no longer backed up. which is good news
8:51 am
>> reporter: you get traffic anytime with up kron 4 news mobile application. >> reporter: the movie ghostbusters is getting a result, with all the narrowcast. >> reporter: this is not being promoted as ghostbusters 3 or a sequel. >> reporter: with a release date of july 20th 16. >> reporter: really? >> reporter: some yoga crime-fighting.
8:52 am
>> reporter: out in the sports world. >> reporter: heading in the sports world with the major deadline. >> reporter: their roles in the chicago bulls. >> reporter: thompson had 30 points and rebounds for the nba's leading the warriors. >> reporter: bulls win in overtime. >>: i'm here so i won't give find on your sore one
8:53 am
defines. i'm this year soared one defined. --fined. >> reporter: they don't say we wrap the state the dissident choose not to talk. and he did. >> reporter: he looks smart not taxed at some of those questions were dumb. >> reporter: the capstan he was there so he would not defined. >> reporter: here is a bigger thing here he said if he does the crotch grabs
8:54 am
is the fifth senior account. >> reporter: here is what some other folks have to say about it. >>: i think people are very quick to criticize the judge because that they have never met, and they have never had a conversation late. >>: people know him and have spoken with them no not contrary the reports are into we really is. >> reporter: he was really levelheaded. >> reporter:--we will be right back.
8:55 am
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>>george: we're still looking at the ride on 6 a northbound which is still backed up into alamo out of san ramon the backup occurred hours ago when there was a road work on the northbound side of 680 north and 24 into strange i will update the rest of the hot spots >>darya: the latest development with isis threats to hostages they're holding state run try to make a prisoner swap to free those hostages that are ready to free this convicted terrorist in jordan in exchange for the release of the jordanian airport pilot. being held by ices under the terms that isis has put out the japanese can she go so can be freed as part of that swap for the jordanian pilot.
9:13 am
>> erica: live and 11¢ a checking lots of sunshine as a to live with at the golden gate bridge i will talk about the weakened warm-up and the possibility for showers coming up.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>darya: we wanted to give what george and take a look at any hot spots. >>george: we are still tracking them by director san francisco which is still backed up on a lot about change in the east from skyway in boston to even
9:16 am
know about 280. the sudden and freeway is slow try to get into the city installed dump truck on the lower deck of the bay bridge that block the right lane that is was back everything up to the city cloy that also means that the bidding on to the sky we eastbound from city streets. we're also track in the latest on the peninsula south 280 of the is improving a little bit north 101 with an accident at broadway. >>george: south with freeways still very heavily jammed up from now we're looking at about a 38 minute commute time down from over 50 minutes on 101 of our but 280 is still about a 25 minute drive out of downtown san jose north. out for cupertino and tracking you're ride to the bay bridge west from backing up again especially so from highway 24 over 28 minutes out of the maze if the san mateo bridge slow still in the westbound direction would drive times about 22 to 26 minutes over the
9:17 am
hayward on the golden gate bridge things are finally cleared out. >>george: after peaking in the last half hour in the richmond bridge would no longer backed up either at the toll plaza. are at 580 west bound for you're ride for richmond over to the weather center now here is near cup. >> erica: good morning at the onslaught of sunshine much of the bay area little hazy in san francisco. a live look at the embarcadero temperatures are really having a problem this morning in the cases in the 40's and '50's thinks of his cloud cover. if >> >> erica: we did have some talk impact on some of the inland spots but a lot of that cloud cover started to let visibility in fairfield in concord petaluma that's improvement down to have mild in the last hour visibility now at 9 mi. easy drive them from most of the bay area loss of sunshine and warmer temperatures they're expecting a broader
9:18 am
afternoon compared to yesterday spoken today hitting a high of 6060 in fairfield and low sixties for downtown san francisco. >> erica: mid-60's down and saw all and all to this are still trending above average but we are talking about below average rainfall for the month of january we have seen zero not even a drop no measure rain for downtown san francisco oakland and apple. --napa >> erica: the drive is a year on record that is dating back 165 years. here's a look at what should be seen from they refer to today santa rosa to the coup was the 5 1/2 inches about to have into san francisco we have long way to go only will make a four for the month of february. >> erica: satellite and wrestles dry conditions in control loss of sunshine perhaps even some '70s as we head into the weekend there is a slight chance for few
9:19 am
showers as you get into early next week to percent chance definitely i will not hold my breath. >>mark: expert rob black >> rob black: there's no hyperbole there. apple sold 74.5 million apple fraud. --apple phones $80 billion in quarter break that down to $6 billion a month
9:20 am
they're selling 10 from person every second or around the world you do not want to talk about them is disrupting. the from is such a big chunk of what they do great quarter stock all-time highs today there is a lot of hundred $50 a share great company from company to watch. if >>mark: is still a buy in a plo? >>mark >>mark: this our oil company numbers. a hundred and 70 billion in cash would you do that, passed with the company? >> rob black: a lot of its overseas you wait for a president to come out with something if you read. sussex for apple that now
9:21 am
was to be taxed twice look for something to come out of concord. >>mark: 7 up the rest of the investment and audi by law they saved a gaggle of the last five years. >> rob black: they're a dollars stock was best for america comes and. the investment company in time when no one really knew about what is that? it was growing and growing and is a pretty damn internet company growing internet company-- they created a holding company.
9:22 am
>>mark: they will pay no taxes. >> rob black: that the operating business will use the dance parties and the rest of the money would be in a sheriff's but the shares if you only got zero you have a spinoff company with shares. >>mark: people are going to europe >>mark: the euro fell 4% since last may. >> rob black: if you loss of $4,000 a couple months ago now you are paying roughly 900 euros for they're making apple falls whether it is deodorant a vacation trip to the united states and disney. everything is being skewed this a good time to spend our money there.
9:23 am
>>mark: is microsoft come back over? if >> rob black: for the short term is they're not coming out with the windows in the next year. the have the hologram computing desktop thing but the lower expectations in a sideways up 30% last year. >>mark: thank you have a question for him fake-- posted on a facebook fan pays we will be right back.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
>>darya:burlingame police are looking for a woman accused of running into a police officer with her car. >>darya:how she managed to get away from police. 4 >>darya: near and is a high waves in golf course drive they saw her and she drove away from police and
9:27 am
on to law court. she get into a white vehicle and got away >>mark: large by controlled expenses rather than the recent tax >>darya: thousands of flights have been canceled in the wake of the blizzard what about the guy who was stranded at sfo and dumped by his your friend will look she showed at the airport and he is still at the airport not sfo another one
9:28 am
will say where he wound up and how he's going to get back to new york.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: the blizzard that very the boston area >>mark: their time to get back on schedule resuming flights power out tens of thousands of people this morning to images are below freezing >> erica: most of that has drifted off into the atlantic we're still dealing
9:31 am
with some slow snow up in maine. but most watches warnings in the advisor has been lifted and we have been talking about massachusett been the hardest hit the outside of boston over 35 in. you can use it here in the bay area we have nothing perhaps the driest january on record we're talking about 0 in. over some of the jan. alive the outside at the golden gate bridge shows lots of sunshine will have some low clouds just north of the camera shot at all have the snowbound that comes a report coming up in my next report. >>darya: the roof--
9:32 am
>> reporter: they're giving another dose of bad news another round of cancellation. the four biggest airports across the country called the most problems this week but only one departing flight from sfo to your was canceled maddest of rival islamic travelers. the maximum for toward a little bit. as a
9:33 am
reminder this morning airport officials to check your flight that is before coming to the airport even though that they're in the process of resuming normal service >>darya: what ever happened to the stranded guy. he was done by a girlfriend he can moderate to see it and get back to new york are you a to get out of in a couple of hours. >>darya: people are on face of it are so many they're saying things like why didn't you plan ahead why
9:34 am
did you check with the girlfriend would use it to that? i do not have a plan being beckon fall to you know >>darya: had a 12 hour layover all we did was buy him breakfast >>darya: not a lot of people stuck in traffic are the george? >>george: sadly yes it has
9:35 am
been there for nearly an hour perhaps a little more than that a chapter to the anchorage here and there from the anchor store the city the end of central no. 280 is even affected try to get all 2101 it is backed up to third street in the mid and is the traffic here still have the around the 92 interchange in getting to it. >>george: 01 sought from backed up was bounced the backed up into the macarthur maze is still a 90 minute
9:36 am
drive times. if >>mark: the humane society wants to know who put these puppies. scientists say the house on oil in a. dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. ♪ ♪ all e gonessf milk l thdeliousness of hshe's rup.
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>>darya: me for a total about early this month hundreds of birds died and rescuers were able to save a few. >> reporter: i am out here in sausalito on this wednesday morning i just spoke with an organizer of the bird rescue group they are in route to come here from fairfield to have about 30 birds in a sign man they're going to be released
9:40 am
they will study birds right here and for breaking the reason why they're coming here because this area is rich or large harem for the birds to feast on us this is home to a similar species and total their request to release of about 30 words-- bird >> reporter: on their discovered with this mysterious substance they have since been cleaned up some of the birds are in good condition to be transported here families on this wednesday here in sausalito. >>mark: still ahead it will have more on the dugout and minorities is a live look at the golden gate another beautiful day as we could set a record for january in san francisco.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
>>darya: this is that the picture was taken into it by that acid not for the international space station. >>darya: >> erica: it looks like we could see early next week but that is on tap for february is the job as a ransom ever in downtown san francisco what's ticking a live look at the san mateo bridge note of this camera
9:45 am
shot we have a catchy dance called it has lifted temperatures not too bad this morning san francisco 56 of 04 is the livermore valley santa rosa are not very mild at 52 degrees as a headed to the afternoon looking for to temperatures above average is bossy lot brighter than will be encountered yesterday. if >> erica: the stigma is over 60 south bay sunnyvale 664 mountainview and temperatures on the cool side in the east a low sixties for the delta 60 degrees in vallejo to cut rich and lots of sunshine and high as 66 degrees downtown san francisco today getting and 64 for napa focus today in the upper 60s and 63 if you're heading to ocean beach us of what i use the dry conditions in fact has not been designed san francisco to the month of january. >> erica: 0 in. of rain
9:46 am
generally for this time of year where sing about 5 1/2 inches high pressure really dominates when i want to see any rain for the next couple days but one of is in store will see those seven is as it headed to the first half of the weekend and as to start feb. were looking for 20 percent chance for showers. that is a look at the bay area forecast a second of to tahoe hear the snowbound, ski reporter known as the 2 report no start a base of 25 in. and 6 in kirkwood and this continues to shrink for the same right now is 946 less sector rose to george. >>george: for it still backed up on 101 northbound coming home from third street. men finessed the
9:47 am
traffic still very heavy on one on a southbound and northbound leading to in heading away from high with 92 with the heavy traffic on the southbound side even to is still bogged down. in the trip to the senate sale retire when 92 finally starting to resolve itself as resting latter conditions westbound and the drive times draw below 19 minutes at the golden gate bridge there you see the crews were working to reconfigure the span they take away the forces already in the southbound direction there is a zipper truck at work along is backed up and you're ride to the richmond bridge heading into moran no
9:48 am
longer a backup for delays for westbound interstate 580 ride. >>george: get traffic a sign with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download and is a great way to stay of data on news weather and traffic and works on both apple and as your devices. >>mark: learning more about san francisco church that is banned girls from serving in the house of the star sea search and never having girls from vain alter servers the leaders say its decision because of the service is for priesthood and woman are not allowed to be priest was often lost interest in all to servers on the programs arco and because girls to the we do a better job. if >>darya: the humane society is offering of $5,000 reward for information who stole 35
9:49 am
with ulterior copies and put them in a garbage bag in pleasant hill is the talk about them being found last week a couple walking along and they saw their dog after they looked and back in their these puppies. there clean the tech a home if they will be available for adoption there be a lot of people stranded those puppies. >>darya: they're looking for to man who pose a city water employees and rather an elderly woman she said a man into her home last week to open the garage door and they said there was a broken pipe down the road and their wrist making its way to detect and what is intended to flush it out while they were talking that's when a second person went into her home and stole her jewelry the first and is described as all if he had black hair
9:50 am
and do not want to go home unless they ask too. >>darya: let's take a look at the list a lot of managers. cells manager database administrator marketing manager business development manager software engineer and no. 1 is a physician assisted 950 times.
9:51 am
>>mark: the so-called gore takes the last six just menace and hunting a protein in a boy's the egg whites into four days to complete the process scientists said the machine will simplify specific proteins in use in cancer drugs no the first and ask you. >>darya: why do i want to on boy in a super saturn. >>darya: if you want to look it up in has 200 times the
9:52 am
side of a saturn. its 400 light years away from earth. live from this plant three years ago but there just releasing detailed information. a 56 day eclipse. >>darya: this tech a live look here at the bridge to the bay bridge a little bit of a backup doors will be coming along with hot spots.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: our recap of the big stores we have been following a stanford swimmer has been arrested and charged with calls of rate
9:56 am
the bicyclists, a 19 year- old turn on top of a woman early january 18th according to the dna their physical scene years in prison if convicted two men were driving more than 70 m.p.h. accords the authorities they crashed and killed a doctor. the driver 18 year-old into the four year-old man well or rest of suspicion of vehicular manslaughter they're being held on a hundred thousand dollars bail. >>mark: miss today's blizzard people are still without power and 7000 flights were canceled nationwide that try to get back on schedule this morning and that's the to to
9:57 am
stay below the freezing mark. >>darya: before we wrap up ghostbusters but this is a rebuilt this is in the works instead of a ghost busting guys talk about the women? >>mark: is the cast from bridesmaids how would they get them. >>darya: i like it and i'm very excited about it. that is it for this morning if you want to stay connected grab our global application detected on the go with you >>mark: dr. phil is coming up next see you soon
9:58 am
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