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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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pam moore>>: we're following breaking news tonight at 11. this is a live picture over san francisco one person is dead. several others are injured as a 4-alarm fire rages in the mission district. this is video from earlier in the night. when the fire was at its most intense. from our helicopter partnership with a- b-c- 7 news. kron-4's scott rates joins us live. he has been at the scene all evening. scott - what do we know about how this started? scott rates>>: that is still being investigated but fire fighters are still here several hours after it started. i am at 21st and mission bit down the
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street is where that department complex is. that is where water is still being spilled on the street tonight. the fire is under control but they are watching for a few last. hot spots to last. this is what it you're looking at more dramatic video of this deadly fire. this was from earlier tonight. you can see the intense flames. this fire has forced dozens of residents out of their homes. we know that one person did succumb to their injuries due to the fire out here. the fire chief tells me it was a very dramatic scene when firefighters arrived. >>:we literally went and knocked on every door. we had people who initially, when we when we were waiting for us on the. the. fire escapes. we had air. horns going
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air and we had to evacuate. with the fire burning as long as it was it was dangerous for our fire fighters. scott rates>>: this is a three story apartment complex that went up in flames. i did check and there were six people that were injured but only suffering minor injuries. they are expected. to expected. the exact cause as to what started the fire is still under investigation. pam moore>>: now you see more dramatic video is here. this fire forced dozens of residents out of their
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water. just looking at it, it is hard to digest it, you know? but things happen in think goodness we are safe. he just added screaming and everybody to try and gather the building. i was on my way back to the stairs but i did not make it because i started to see the to just by looking at it all that water is going to damage the building and all our belongings. we need to start back from zero. a lot of friends and family have been calling. hopefully they're going to help and we've got people who have are back. philippe djegal>>: riccardo says that his mother did have to go to the hospital. she had to be taken to san francisco general by another family member because she is suffering from high blood
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pressure and shock due to the intensive situation. but she will be alright. live in san francisco's mission. mission to nine pam moore>>: these are pictures of the fire sent to us by viewers. some dramatic images from the scene. as firefighters rushed to rescue people from the burning building. you can see all the pictures sent in. they are all in a slideshow on our website at kron-4 dot com. coming up. high end wine. the latest target of thieves. details on how business owners are taking action. think twice before you toss out your old mattress. in one bay area county you can get some money for it. and an update on tonight's breaking news. a fatal four- alarm fire in san francisco's mission district.
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pam moore>>: a tough firefight for crews in san francisco's mission district tonight. they are still on the scene mopping
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up and checking the location for hotspots and clues ot how the blaze started. the fire has left one person dead. and several others injured. mainly from smoke inhalation. the fire started just after 7- this evening. at 22nd and mission streets in a building with residential units as well as businesses. a live update is ahead. a disturbing discovery in san francisco late today. a dismembered body found in a suitcase located at 11th and mission streets. just before five this evening. and investigators say. it is considered a homicide. the medical examiner is working closely with the police to confirm that these are human remains. there is no indication how long the body has been deceased. or why it was at that location. investigators say, they are looking at surveilance video in the search for any clues. tonight a vigil in a san jose community. filled with sadness and anger tonight. over the death of yet another pedestrian on a dangerous stretch of
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roadway. >>:coming up later on the broadcast we talk about the super bowl and who is dominating things? also the 49ers have a new offensive coordinator, later in the broadcast.
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pam moore>>: we continue our breaking news coverage. of the deadly 4-alarm fire in san francisco. enormous flames engulfed this building in the mission district. killing one person and injuring several others. kron-4's scott rates joins us live. scott - whats the latest ? scott rates>>: fire fighters are still out here making sure no other hot spots flare up. we pushed in and you can still see fire chief trucks out here with ladders pouring water on the top of the building. they're trying to everything they can to stop the building from. heating up from we show the video from earlier which was really a dramatic scene when fire fighters got out here. they had to conduct a major rescue an alarm on the mission side of it building. there were several people on the stairs leading up to the windows, the fire escape, and
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they had to get them all down one at a time. in all 60, four injured and one person did it die unfortunately. we still do not know if it was a man or a woman. you can still see out here is a major scene with firefighters expected to be sure the majority of the night. there's still no cause of what the fire--cause as to what started the fire. pam moore>>: a silent walk tonight by people who are distraught and demanding justice. gathering tonight. to stress to officials they want to make a san jose road safer. all in honor of a young woman killed while jogging. police say, she was run down by two drivers who were racing their cars. one of those drivers was in court today. kron 4's charles clifford reports.
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charles clifford>>: he did not enter a plea. his family was in the port room--court room. the second suspect is facing a similar charge. he did not appear in court and was released earlier in the day on $100,000 bail. after the court the family expressed. their expressed i want to make sure these guys do not get a pat on their hands and let them go. charles clifford>>: a small memorial continues to grow near the site where the young woman was. was the police are also stepping up enforcement of the speed limit in the area. drivers say that others need to slow down. >>:members of the community should not have to live in fear. charles clifford>>: mourners
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shared memories of heard and mourned her loss and death. >>:it feels so unfair. the last time i saw her was two weeks ago and she was sitting in her mom's lap, hugging her and kissing her. that is what i always think about: how loving she was. pam moore>>: san jose's mayor, sam liccardo, was there tonight. he discussed what he thinks needs to happen. to make yerba buena road. safer. >>:the police are doing what they can. they and allow a lot of tickets but we will need to make some changes. if we don't make changes tickets alone will not stop this peters. --stop the speeders. pam moore>>: the mayor acknowledged , there is a "huge speeding problem" on yerba buena road. and that officers issued more
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than 400-speeding tickets there last year. it is becoming an unfortunate trend in the bay area. overnight burglaries to steal high end wine from bay area restaurants. it has happened in the north bay, south bay, and east bay. now the owner of restaurant prima in walnut creek is beefing up security. john rittmaster has had multiple breakins over the past few years starting in 2013.and he says they're going for the good stuff. the cases aren't unique to prima.french laundry in napa and plumed horse in saratoga have been burglarized as well. rittmaster says he thinks the robbers have a plan for the wine. >>:i believe they already have buyers for it and they are moving it and they are continuing to do. " pam pam moore>>: rittmaster says demand for fine wines is soaring. he's taking extra precautions to keep his bottles safe. illegally dumped mattresses in alameda county are being tagged on the street and recycled for cash at d-r-3 recycling in oakland
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the pilot program comes after new state legislation amied at reducing landfill waste. the recycling effort started in oakland where 5000-mattresses were illegally dumped on city streets last year. mattressess are valued between $6 - $12-dollars depending on their sizeand they must have d- r-3 recycling tags on them when you bring them in. the pilot ends on march 31st of this year. jacqueline bennett it was a gorgeous day out there and another one in store for tomorrow. we will see a little bit of clout coverage--cloud coverage. looking at is briard we see a little bit more high cloud coverage. the clouds will continue to move to the and bay area but no rain is expected. we will see some fog and however. it will be fairly widespread and will continue until six.
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it will clear out of the north a by around nine and 10 at the latest. we will cease guys into the afternoon with very mild temperatures. we are talking upper 60s. this is january folks! this is 10 years above- average for most places in this area. it will be a little bit cooler in some areas, as you would expect. so we do have gorgeous weather in store for tomorrow which will stay for the weekend. pam moore>>: coming up is a formal goodbye to a special member of our team. and the
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49ers have finally hired an offensive coordinator. . and marshawn lynch remains as reticent in his second super bowl week media appearance as he was in his first. gary has that. and all the sports. next
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit gary radnich>>: the coach has
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been elevated to the new offensive coordinator. that is a very important position as they call the plays. he has not been a coordinator since 2001 with san diego. the super bowl as the--the committee has-- marshawn lynch who avoided a $500,000 fine yesterday by repeating the line "i'm just here so i won't get fined" may be facing a fine after all lynch wore a hat bearing his "beast mode" logo. if the league rules that lynch used media day to promote a brand that was not approved by the league, he could face a significant fine brian urlacher was fined
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$100,000 in 2007 for wearing a vitaminwater hat during super bowl media day today lynch came in wearing a hat with the same logo but had a new one-liner for the media after repeating the phrase "you know why i'm here" lynch checked the time on his phone and that was it one reported could ebe heard yelling "your three seconds short" as lynch left the podium jim harbaugh is now coaching at the michigan wolverines. this is pam's all modern! -- alma mater
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harbaugh has a new thing. they have his custom-made serial with gatorade instead of milk. this is jackie's last show. she had her last show it eight and now she has her last show again here. most of the time new people get in here and think nobody really cares. but jackie has made an impact here and will move down
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to southern california and knocked them dead down there. pam moore>>: we're abusing her for a good cause. she is going to be with her husband. they are married for four years but she has been commuting back and forth. they see each other only once every week we just one of the say goodbye to our good friend jackie. she is a good young lady < < no
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he's got a cold! >> i've had it for four or five days. my kids got sick, then my wife's pretty sick right now. >> as if tom brady didn't have enough to worry about. >> here's some skittles. >> and who is shawn johnson throwing skittles to? and super bowl hotel nightmare. wait until you see what we found under the bed. down and dirty rooms marked sky- high for the big game. >> it's disgusting. would you sleep here? >> no, i won't. >> then, ms. houdini, handcuffed in a cop car. off she goes. >> handcuffed in the back of a police car just like this. somehow she managed to crawl through an 11 x 12 opening in


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