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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 30, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> reporter: we could learn more information today on the dismembered body that was found wednesday in san francisco's soma district. >> james: right now is a little foggy is thus the bill as a fall so far north for submitted delays global rereleasing is down and send
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was able to something they're not used to to have my visibility in the south bay right now addressing the minutes visibility that will continue to probably worsen as we had a letter and said the morning hours we're watching them very carefully we're seeing dense fog in the north bank of of they have been prepared for the they are more used to assess the commuters are wising up and heading out the morning to will fall in some spots this is what it looks like from the perspective of the golden gate bridge as we look out over the span. >> james: we're watching this very carefully as it develops of the course of the morning before to thicken just a little bit areas of dense fog as to their expected for the morning hours temperatures in the '40's noontime conditions will see a little bit more sunshine out there and temperatures will be in the low 60s to upper 50s by three this afternoon mild will sea temperatures and low to mid '60's is going to be nice and plenty of sunshine and times will be a
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little breezing in any event that is just a brief look at the fore as a level more be tell forecasts for now listen to over two the news. >>darya:police say they do have a person of interest.but have yet to make any arrests. kron 4's mike pelton is live at 11th street and mission with the latest details. mike? >> reporter: we know the san francisco police are keen on surveillance videos in this area that are releasing a lot of other information is allotted these hills surrounding this case and seemingly a mystery they do expect to hear from the medical examiner's office and hope to learn more about the human remains found in a suitcase just two days ago the homicide investigators continue to leave the case yesterday they searched the
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trash can for more possible remains of also looking for witnesses and surveillance video accord is from wednesday's a spot here and 11th and mission streets to find the body stuffed in a suitcase the medical examiner's office later confirmed they are human i spoke with the man who works nearby he says he saw something bizarre on wednesday as well. >>: we sought another suitcase on linen and it something all on the ground with the leather suitcase would not think nothing of it at the time we're thinking maybe another one. >> reporter: asking please about that man's account for it did say during the initial investigation if from a lake here in the same area at this one is still unclear if the u.n. remains belong to a woman or man or if they belong to just one person suffers as a police
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did and have not made any arrests as we get more information will say what happened. >>mark:happening today. >>mark:firefighters hope to allow residents who were displaced by the massive mission fire back into the building to gather any belongings that weren't destroyed >>mark:meantime, fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. >>mark:one person was killed and six others were injured >>mark:san francisco's fire chief says investigators are looking at fire sprinklers in the building to see if they were working. >>mark:they're also looking into reports that residents weren't warned about the fire. and whether there were fire alarms installed. >>mark: >>mark:the red cross is stepping in to help. and coming up at 6-30. we'll have a live report on the fire from will tran. >>darya:new details are surfacing on the charges
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against stanford swimmer brock turner. >>darya:the 19-year old is accused of raping an unconsious woman on the stanford campus. >>darya:in the criminal complaint filed against turner, witnesses say they saw him on top of a woman whose >>darya:but they never actually saw the two having sex >>darya:turner says he did kiss the woman. but she was awake. and he says he never took off his pants. >>darya:the victim says she remembers attending a party with friends that night. but >>darya:turner is out on bail. but an arraignment hearing is >>mark:police in daly city want to track down a man who offered 800 dollars to have sex with an underage girl. >>mark:here's a sketch of the suspect that was just released. >>mark:police say on the morning of december 9th. a girl was walking to school in the area of 87th street and junipero serra boulevard. that's when a hispanic man in his 20's approached her sex. >>mark:the girl was shocked and the man ended up walking away. >>mark:he's described as being 5 foot 7 inches tall with a slender build, with brown hair and brown eyes.
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and was last seen wearing a black puffy jacket, blue jeans and sandals. >>darya:the senate has passed a bi- partisan bill supporting the controversial keystone x-l pipeline. >>darya:but it has a way to go. before any type of construction can begin. >>darya:nine democrats voted with republican senators yesterday. to approve the bill. >>darya:the pipeline would transport crude oil from canada to refineries on the gulf coast. >>darya:environmentalists against the pipeline argue it could hurt one of the world's largest aquifers. >>darya:and the president has promised to veto the legislation. if it makes it to his desk. >>mark:developing news this morning. a patient is in isolation at ayinshar with onlinmindshpeni exeises developed theop nds bra scice. and erci andtres reductiotipshat n impa bra heah. so he's rey fothere posbilies aad. if y don thi topof mgamehen
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>>george: it is not unusual to see traffic beginning to back up and slowed down here at the san mateo bridge at the toll plaza at at the east end what is unusual is that of the west end of the bridge coming past the foster city boulevard there is an accident it is slowing the ride come down off of a high-rise on 92 headed over toward highway 101 the drive times already between 19 and 2 to 2 minutes and i see more and more brake lights flashing ellises of the committee is getting even
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store for the west down 92 ride it to keep up-to-date with all the traffic on the kron 4 mobile application is a free download from apple and and for devices. >>darya:doctors are testing to determine whether that person has the deadly ebola virus. >>darya:health officials say the patient originally went to mercy general hospital in sacramento complaining about symptoms associated with ebola. >>darya:they found out that person was recently in west africa and an immediate transfer to u-c davis was made. >>darya:even though the patient is in isolation, other patients are protecting themselves. >>: everyone had on a mass is scary kazoo never know anything can happen and i do not know anything about this disease. >>darya:the u-c davis medical center is one of only a handful of centers
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equipped to handle an ebola case. >>darya:several staff members have volunteered to treat the patient. >> james: got a live look at excess of now problems because of the fault of more on that coming up in just a minute.
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>> james: the fault has been thick and the we have been watching and waiting to see if this were to have an impact and operates is that as a foe. this is where we're seeing it as worse. --as have allsfo >> james: note than spock advisory will let you know if it happens this it would dislike and san jose when a tactic will have a repeat performance a day she sent this into us and do what she did e miller to was and
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breaking news at kron >> james: is not too bad 50 in san jose we're also same low 50s oakland and san francisco the wider view satellite perspective showing clouds of the bay area of the rain to the south is now heading our way is will not to ease the we are going to be dealing with is the clouds this going to get as temperatures today will be a touch cooler than yesterday temperatures today will be in the 65 degree range for san jose will look for 67 of oakland 67 for richmond and for napa sepsis the downtown who look for low sixties to mid 60's throughout the interior valley of the east bay that is today in the extended forecast saturday and sunday looking pretty good mild weather of whereon unseasonably warm on saturday that will be the warmest of the foreseeable future with a lead-in of the
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low '70's that is the weather now to traffic. >>george: it has been a pretty quiet ride and that is good price typically take on a of a commute to develop a that is the case today we do however have so traffic and antioch on highway 4 in the westbound direction and early recovery accident and did block lanes and the slow coming from the bypass that is why we did lassie is much heavier traffic were is way westward does a good trip 580 was better than usual today indefinitely on friday commit for 680 south getting out the dublin conditions were for to be foggy the chp is now reported an accident. >>george: instead on the 33
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minutes the golden gate bridge ride problem for a year and a late flurry and the southbound 101 commute. >>mark:happening now. >>mark:oakland police are looking for a child molestor. who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy while he was walking home from school.
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>>mark:it happened about 3- oclock tuesday afternoon on 98th avenue in east oakland. >>mark:the child was able to get away and tell his parents what happened. >>mark:now, oakland police are asking for the community's help in finding the person responsible. to protect other children. >>: hispanic male 40 to 50 years old 57 distinctive feature he has short salt and pepper hair and a full beard salt and pepper is well and a brown leather jacket and dark pants. >>mark:oakland police are checking surveillance cameras in the area for evidence. >>mark:the crime stoppers program is offering a reward up to 75-hundred dollars. for information leading to an arrest in the case. >>mark:contra costa county sheriff's deputies are looking for three people who broke into a home in alamo and threatened the family inside with guns. >>mark:it happened around 1:50 a-m wednesday at a home in the first block of crest avenue.
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>>mark:kron four spoke with the mother who lives in the home, and she says it was the most terrifying 20 minutes of her life. >>mark:she, her husband, and two children were sleeping when the robbers broke in. >>mark:she says they were carrying long guns and demanded cash and other items from the family. >>mark:sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene, but the robbers were already gone. >>mark:they searched the area but weren't able to find anyone. >>mark:deputies haven't released a description of the robbers. >>darya:a man is hit and killed by a caltrain in mountain view. >>darya:this is video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7. >>darya:it happened yesterday afternoon around 4-30. just south of the mountain view cal-train station.
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>>darya:officials say it appears that the death was an "intentional act," but the coroner will make the final determination. >>darya:caltrain did have major delays because of this fatality. >>darya:but trains were eventually back up and running. >>darya:a truck fire on the bay bridge. created a big backup during the busy commute yesterday. for those heading into san francisco. >>darya:the white pickup caught fire in the far right lane of westbound 80. >>darya:traffic piled up well beyond yerba buena island. it's not clear how the fire started. no one was injured. >> erica: he would to castro valley high school directed this ad is one of 10 finalists who made the degree of commercial will
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have more on the superbowl + news weather and traffic after the break.
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bulldog: oh boy! mattress discounters presidents day sale! what's this? a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! comforpedic... icomfort... posturepedic hybrid... and wow! get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! [yawn] don't miss the presidents day sale. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >>darya:the state health department says, five people have died of influenza - related causes this year. three in just the last week.
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>>darya:the flu season generally lasts until the end of february. >>darya:meanwhile.the measles outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down. >>darya:there are now 95 - confirmed cases nationwide. >>darya:of those. 79 are here in california. >>darya:and 52 of those cases. are directly linked to the disneyland outbreak in southern california. >>darya:health officials say, most of the people who contracted the virus. were not vaccinated. >>darya:so far 8 cases have been reported in the bay area. >>mark:a marin county dad wants his son's school district to keep unvaccinated kids out of school. >>mark:dan simon explains why the father says it's a matter of life and death for his son. >> reporter: the vaccinates is that he had when he was a
7:25 am
baby were wiped out by it the chemotherapy and then they have to wait until his the new system installed and up to read vaccinate him until then the parents have an idea how the controversy one they want the school a marin county california to bar any children who have not been vaccinated it would decrease the chances of getting the measles was in his case could lead to death according to the doctors. this is not about him this about all kids that have a male dysfunction whether it's from chemotherapy or an underlying deficiency syndrome. this of waiting for the outbreak in reacting to what is a disease led to get ahead of it and avoid having the outbreak in the first place. >> reporter: their exemptions that allow parents to opt out of vaccines and still send their children to school. she has children but she did
7:26 am
it the vaccinated for measles but not everything else the school required so she got an exemption was in california requires the form to also be signed by a health-care professional she does not believe ephors immunization. the numbers are not trivial or the six concepts in the garden tear have personal beliefs exemption that's nearly three times as the average of 2 1/2% nationally is 1.8% in a statement provided to cn and the school district tells us that california like to express to paris to refuses the backs and their children and in doing so prohibits schools from excluding the children from school unless there is an act of brick. >> reporter: paris to see there on the losing side of the battle was still hopes of good will come of it.
7:27 am
we're trying to achieve them raising in this is a price of we do not have to worry about measles. >> reporter: >>darya: said was a time to slow drivers down on a desolate stretch of roadway will show you the city is doing it right critics and i think is going to work.
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♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >> james: will the bill would fall plan and that an unarmed that that is no surprise there been delivered at all with long to have my visibility for san jose and it was worse
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yes the that we expect a fall to thicken also say some fall beginning to form on the space shoreline you concede the fault of securing the view it and i make up the east bay hills this morning we're dealing with that a visit would disappear and senate in this is later on today least during morning hours is cloudy and is foggy to the edges and the low to mid-40s by noontime will see the cloud reconcilable pick through and one to of the fifties and low 60s by three this afternoon it will be much warmer were looking for mid-60's for a number of spots on the bay area plenty of sunshine will be breezy now and again what it would not be too bad as we're looking at the east bay shoreline does give you a quick with the with eligible be like this afternoon richmond you should warmer to the 67 will expect the same temperature and oakland berkeley 6463 for san leandro 62 in hayward and
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fremont settle at 63. >>george: they're slowing up a bit in the south may still looks and general as well as a lighter than usual commute such as the case for 101 even for interstate 280 which does have the long- sought the accident which has been out there for a while on the shoulder nor to 80 ride were 17 in a cross the freeway at 17 to the south 80 to the north the same freeway just a different number. >>george: track and you're ride to the bay bridge with my backups at the edge of the macarthur maze with two minutes early the drive time and from the maze to san francisco and bridge san 92 ride across the san mateo bridge is really bogged down now with flood most of the way across the span because of early recovery problems at mayors' island. 22 to 26 minutes.
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>>mark:that four-alarm fire in the mission district killed one person. >>mark:kron 4's will tran is live with more. will? >>will tran: we do know that he was a man in his 30's he apparently lived alone and give you a quick public service watching the police officer's right behind me people are testing their patients only buses keeping in mind are allowed to if you're watching at home are allowed to go on a mission between 21st into to second they have turned people away yelled at them because the same place of the serbs and now they've got a traffic enforcement officers yelling at people do not go through and the reason why is because they still want to preserve the scene to allow
7:33 am
investigators to go through that so you the video on wednesday. >>will tran: 645 in the evening investigators have a lot of work to do in the reason why is that none of the smoke detectors were working at the time and why it was so difficult for people who should be up at that time it was not in the middle of the night why did people have such a difficult time leaving the burning building? they had a hard time removing the steel bar said the report in the windows when they got to the fire escapes the loss for most of the tech on arrival and get down to the floor to get to the street level a lot was going on a couple people already asked this morning what is the cause of the fire? we really don't know >>will tran: i've said for a couple of days until otherwise they have to assume it was criminal in nature and they usually works back total damage from this fire we're talking eight and half million $4
7:34 am
million dollars to the building four and half million dollars to the contents and a tentative this morning the residency back alive you can see in they're yelling at this guy right here this woman telling her not to go through your testing their patience and i want to pass along. >>will tran: the people will be allowed at 1030 this morning to go through here and see if they can salvage anything from their units. >>darya:in the chaos of evacuations and firefighting, a dog was stuck in the burning building.but survived. >>darya:a viewer who sent us these photographs says. the dog's name is "juanita". and she was found on the third floor of the building yesterday morning -- some nine hours after fire began. >>darya:juanita is in surprisingly good health. >>darya:san francisco fire department paramedics took care of her until she was reunited with her owners. >>mark:the f-b-i continues to look for three thieves.
7:35 am
stealing historic gold nuggets from the wells fargo history museum. and they are now releasing pictures of the suspects. police say the theives held a security guard at >>mark: investigators arrested two oakland men off suspected. >>darya: today love was was a their final goodbyes the to to for your woman who was driving when two cars ran off the road and hit her on monday they say but car racing in san jose and a very high speed and there is a renewed effort you can see on never won a road to get the speed down with the temporary radar speed back signed the mayor sent carlson they're on to be more action also ahead.
7:36 am
neighbors are pleased to see the cops are cracking down on speeding up they do not know if it will be enough because at what point does people ignore the tickets pull out for the speeding tickets last year in that area. >>mark: now they're releasing pictures of the suspects photograph shows the last man using a stolen as uv to ram through the museum's glass door early monday morning police said the state held a security guard at gunpoint the robbers then fled away in a sedan. >>mark:death row records founder marion "suge" knight has been arrested on a murder charge in a fatal hit-and-run in los angeles. >>mark:knight was arrested at about three this morning and is being held on two million dollars bail.
7:37 am
>>mark:his attorney says the rap mogul **accidentally ran over and killed a friend and injured another man as he fled attackers. >>mark:knight is being held at the west hollywood sheriff's station. >>mark:witnesses tell police that knight drove backwards over the two victims. and then drove forward and struck them again. >>darya:the death toll in the gas explosion at a maternity hospital in mexico now stands at three. >>darya:authorities say a nurse and two infants were killed in the blast that leveled the hospital. >>darya:73 others are being treated for injuries, including about 20 newborns. >>darya:rescue crews believe everyone who was inside during the explosion is now accounted for. >>darya:workers scrambled to pull babies and others from the rubble as flames engulfed the facility. >>darya:investigators say the blast was triggered by a leaking hose on a gas-
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>>george: we are tracking delays on the san mateo bridge in a westbound direction the drive time here is actually greater than the bay bridge account track time when the traffic is moving to is about 27 minutes but adjutancy we're traffic at a standstill the drive times are somewhat meaningless definitely a slow ride this morning and because there are no problems early on the dumbarton bridge even the the traffic is slowed would make a better ride you can get updated on traffic in time kron 4 more application a free download with android and apple devices.
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>> erica: the fourth quarter awnings released this morning gave the first details on what contributed to a week's performance the lead to the resignation of the chairman and ceo of our resales fell 12% that wasn't as bad as the third quarter to 1% drop fisher-price fell 11% and american girl fell 4% on the other san hot sales rose 10% for the quarter made it to come out with the application does with the kids are doing these days we will be back with the world according to gary, of after the break.
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get anuto surae que. ♪ time for the world according to gary presented by by >> gary: the latest the treaty as a piece of meat. is one to be bought and sold. >>darya: it is chocolate i was selling at it every morning that is i bet this? >> gary: is that what did you going? >>darya: hope to provide pre--for chocolate for me. >> gary: do not overdo it. >>darya: the measles come to arizona just-in-time the super bowl >> gary: what happened >>darya: of those cases to cases are and where the
7:46 am
super bowl there's how many cases there are seven cases we have in the bay area is a concern nothing is suspected and we all know that i have a cold and as long as are vaccinated is a fine but did not want people who are exposed are not vaccinated walking around. >> gary: this is terrible i'm thinking of the top of my head let's say i found out i had them i probably would not want to know is terrible. i would tell anyone. >>darya: you would actually have the measles and you would play? >> gary: physically yes the measles is not visibility to. my point is this is the
7:47 am
moment in the lives of these guys. >>darya: not think the baby is going to come for game day but not you're making me think will if your baby is coming in the wife in the hospital would you play? >> gary: if she sells the issue will to deliver at known i would go over there was the game starts you cannot leave the game i would try it. if there want to do a write their >>darya: may move to deliver
7:48 am
to the filled into the senate people gives birth and taxicabs and all over the place so the stomach a difference. >>darya: you would ignore your kid to a father and daughter dance to have watched the game has a restaurant career >> gary: i would not ignore anything you want to know the truth out second a break and they were talking to me. >>darya: and they did not like to talk to people neither does mr. lance i want to grow this bill because he did talk again. >>: i've been here all week i told you all will was up and for some reason you continue to come back and do the same thing that god did at all know will store your time to get out of me and always have the image into the trail may but it is a matter what you think a was to say about me when i go home at night the same people, and in the face my family that i this all really care about and that's all that mattered to me you could make a wary want to
7:49 am
make up idle say enough you to go and run with something. >>darya: their >> gary: it was an act he take something with conan o'brien and he also did a thing on a to save it tonight where the text box and listen this was the last official day and of the media circuit were they had to talk now is nothing until after the game is all want to come down to if they went and he has a big game this is one to really pay off for him. >>darya: >> gary: if they lose it have a bad game that he is a fool. >>darya: able downhill he's too old anyway they would get rid of him. >> gary: in three hours on sunday will will find out if this thing really works. >>darya: katie perry is a podium.
7:50 am
>>: had enough time some of the one expert on the game of football but i think i can assure everyone here that's nothing in my performance will be displayed--deflated i am just here is like i did find. >> gary: i saw the interview at they have never heard her talk is no big deal she is a nice of former but i probably could have done without our being interviewed. >>darya: i have to sell you ought you have to wait for the remains with it are tone >> gary: sea is the most beloved person in the world. look it up. i watching and filled channel, and they showed here she is she is approaching our set here she
7:51 am
comes and there should she is the most fun loved person on twitter in the world. >>darya: was my facebook page and you see it is not katie but it is a remix version of line is here so i do not defined. it is quick and clever with the alpha is if you're from what she wears you can ask you why you're watching the halftime show by them look at them if you like them a year like on twitter should sam you to get our samsung you click in by what she's wearing. >>darya: i like the football neck as i don't know where i would wear it. >> gary: i am not a katie perry expert but she said she had that made just for a guest today and where else would a lyric. >> gary: was killed with you so i shot send an interview
7:52 am
and that is enough. >>darya: we will see what she has to give us on super bowl sunday or if you will when you watch a game was talk about it monday >> gary: ok young lady you have the super bowl sunday watch at least five minutes >>darya: ok five minutes will see you later.
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>> reporter: and here skyline has been shut down and honda and tail broke because of a downed tree. this in at the macarthur raced--maze. >> reporter: we're senate-- we are seen plenty of slow in gold with the traffic. >> reporter: will put a
8:03 am
suitcase with a piece of luggage was a dismembered body in it. live at 11 straight with the latest. -- street. >> reporter: police try to figure out who did this safra cisco police are investigating and looking for more possible remains. to see who left that suit is there at the market. police say that they fall more remains nearby. --found.
8:04 am
>>: to go around there and see that you been passed and the person is just ludicrous. oh my god can believe it i mean is never know. >> reporter: we have yet to know if it was a man or a woman. will get more information from them later ron--on. we hope to get more information from them in the next few hours. >> reporter: back into the building and trying to gather anymore things as a can. two of the
8:05 am
investigators are trying to look at the sprinkler systems. try to figure all is fire alarms were installed. red cloth-- crossed is looking into it its. >> reporter: the 90 year-old is break it--19 year-old is accused of raping eight unconscious woman. turner did say that she he did is the one hand and she was awake. the victims said says she does remember when to a party with some friends but
8:06 am
she does not remember turner. >> reporter: police are looking for a man who was offered $1,800 to have sex with a young girl. the man approached her and offered her some money the girl was shot in what way. the man was last seen wearing a puffy jacket and blue jeans. >> reporter: more measles cases are reported reported >> reporter: doctors are testing a new patient who was expected to have ebola. >> reporter: will be right
8:07 am
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the drive time has been up to 29 minutes and is a little heavy on the don martin
8:10 am
britt. --bridge. >> reporter: the measles outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down. there are now 94--95 confirmed cases nationwide. 79 of those are in california, 52 of those cases are directly linked to the disneyland our break health officials say most of the people who come directed the virus were not vaccinated. >>: i think most parents the measles are gone, it has been forgotten but not gone. >> reporter: so far eight cases have been found in the bay area so far.
8:11 am
>> reporter: the pipeline will track whale down the pipeline. the president has promised to veto the legislation. >> reporter: a patient undergoing a test for ebola. >> reporter: we will eat right back. --we will be right back.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. if you're one to pick a date to enjoy the warm weather saturday would be your day. right now you're dealing with salt and you walk out the door. --fog. >> reporter: peninsula is dealing with the fog. at
8:15 am
11:00 today were dealing with all this fall and all these different areas and yellow. and this is what looks like in the south bay have amount of visibility. it's not terrible and walnut creek. this is a shot that one said the stand this morning this is was bombed by way for a live camera as san mateo bridge it does not take long for your car to disappear into the fog. >> reporter: break news at kron 4 dot com will show up on the air 44 encounter 60
8:16 am
in san jose 50 in san francisco. rain in the south it would not hit us at all. fog pretty much bay area wide. we will not get free warm as we did yesterday and we will get barely warm 65 will be off their high in san jose. 6465 livermore 67 in napa valley. like i said saturday will be the best--stayed to the outside. sunday the cloud
8:17 am
rolling-- roll in. keep soon and at kron 4 and we will keep you updated. >> reporter: interstate 680 right near 11 remember 680 becomes highway 11--101. it's hard to believe that she will see sunshine and midst of all that great. -- gray. we have not seen a drop spot this morning and that's not good news. hardly
8:18 am
any delays this morning at all the drive time has come back to 20 minutes. the salmon tale rich we are not sure this is a long-lasting time. . we might think there's a problem near the toll plaza when it comes to the traffic. the goal great--gold gate bridge looks like it will be is will the right. no longer a back up at the toll plaza. >> reporter: big news this morning edition is in isolation a uc davis medical
8:19 am
center doctors are testing to determine whether that person has the deadly ebola virus. health officials say the patient originally went to the mercy general hospital in san pimento complain about centum associated with the boat. they found out that person was recently in west africa and an immediate transfer to uc davis was made. even though the patient is announced isolation other patients are protecting themselves. >>: you know it's scary anything can happen. >> reporter: the uc-davis medical center is one of the only a handful of centers acquiting handled in a bowl several staff members have volunteered to treat the patient. >> reporter: happening out
8:20 am
oakland police are looking for a child molester. cool sexually assaulting a 18 year-old boy what he was walking home from school. it happened about 3:00 tuesday afternoon one nice avenue and east oakland. the chou was able to get away and tell his parents would happen. nowt oakland police are asking for the community's help in finding the person responsible to protect other children. >>: he was wearing a brown leather jacket and leather pants with salt and pepper hair. --. >> reporter: the flight
8:21 am
attendants said heather yelled and curse and physically abused her basically went yes--nuts cuts she served her academic next in the back instead of on a tray. -- servd her nuts on a tray. >> reporter: playing golf is the success of living life long.
8:22 am
>> reporter: keep an eye on weather and traffic looked to get a look at the bay bridge and has been built up. >> reporter: we will be back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> reporter: 01 back to kron 4 morning news. . >>: president obama speaking. >>: it also tells we don't all it will help us figure out a new pass--path. and it will create a better economic situation.
8:26 am
>>: we have a number of people were deeply involved in that process. >>: a huge economic state it is that an intervention. >>: clapping.... >>: eyes but there's nobody here that has not been touched and that experience. >>: of your opportunity to keep--or to help others
8:27 am
families from hurt and heartbreak we will do what. were those who were stricken by disease will make a chance to make sure those are ok. >>: president and speech. -- ends speech. >> reporter: the state of to ices hostages a jordanian pilot and a japanese journalist is still up in the air. this morning japan's foreign minister is saying that the hostage situation is still fluid and changing. but that country--
8:28 am
the country is doing all it can to secure kenji freedom. door and says its building a female prisoner, despite and ices of ultimatum to really search by sunset. it is not clear whether the terror group has carried out its threat to kill a jordanian pilot prices also threaten to kill japanese journalist kenji after already executing second japanese hostage. >> reporter: we will be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> reporter: will start and not at that--in saudi note. we have a lot of balls in the east bay 5 mi. visibility in the mountain view. >> reporter: fog advisory knocked it--not just in the
8:31 am
mountain area. visibility of fog could get down to look a quarter less. we're dealing with areas of clout and solve this morning by and we get up to the upper 50s. just little bit of what we would expect over the course of the day. >> reporter: the morning james improving conditions both the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. and you can see that things are broken up nicely here in the toll plaza. we're no longer back up and the macarthur based. improving things and
8:32 am
the san mateo bridge. there's nothing reported at the chp looks like we are improving. this is during the time we should seize the traffic flow. >> reporter: residents will get a chance to go back into their homes when their apartment when inflames. live at the scene with the update. >> reporter: you see the building behind me it is charred inside. two guards for now finally two days from now the residents will
8:33 am
go inside and see what they can on what they can salvage. let me show you what's one right now. i went quickly do a service announcement for your the scene still needs to be reserved. only union buses are allowed to go through you cannot go through the here and there still some much has to be done to the building. still a lot to go through including investigators try to figure out why people--white was so hard for people to get out of the burning building. the smoke detectors did not
8:34 am
offer i could tell you that the city did not have any code violations with this building. they're trying to restore the building if it can be restored, and tried to help some of the residents. >> reporter: small businesses that now i'm not making any in, and i cannot help my employees they're not getting any money as well there is no work. i was a man right now you can see inspectors and building people in their back on the scene. >> reporter: the chaos of the evacuation a dog was stuck in there. she was found at the third floor on in the building. she is
8:35 am
presently in good health ems workers checked her out until she was reunited with rocket owners. >> reporter: clerk implies but the robber still shoot at him. two oakland men are suspected of the robbery. >> reporter: today love one will say a final goodbye to
8:36 am
tyrant cobbled the 20 zeroth--24 year-old who was killed monday she was hit by two cards as she was jogging in san jose. and what city hall says is a renewed effort to slow traffic on your butt wrote this temporary radar feedback sign is not up and running showing drivers how fast they're going. mayor sam will curdle says there will be more action hit but some neighbors are still concerned. neighbors are pleased to see cops cracking down on speeding that may not be enough says critics who point out some for the speeding tickets were issued their last year. we will be back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> reporter: commercial for the super bowl. .. >> reporter: with this
8:40 am
snickers at the characters makes the scene related to the brady bunch. this is one by rome i have seen a lot of folks posting this on six books. >> reporter: just as good as the credit card-and--can car-qian commercial--kim kardashioan. >> reporter: the super bowl is the biggest day for the most food consumption.
8:41 am
>> reporter: a study in 2013 found that people were cheering for the sharing for the losing team ate the most fat. and people who cheer for the winning team ate less fat. >> reporter: keep your eyes on a fog drifting around the bay. >> reporter: we will be back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning hills for the first time every two will got to produce its own superbowl have to also. which dermal explains its today's tech report. >> reporter: chances are you seen that it commercial on you too. but you might be less familiar with the guy who stars in it. that all change at the super bowl
8:45 am
bowl >>: out again to much of the way. >> reporter: you to start the wasabi brothers. >>: everything you can watch live pit >> reporter: it was our lives here in l.a.. >>: the reality of it is even two men--some he it end at both half times.
8:46 am
>>: u2 is primarily known for you to videos--yutube. >> reporter: california's new snow survey is out. and it does not look good for the state water supply. the statewide snowpack is just 25% of net normal for this time of year. the sierra nevada currently holds the low was january snowpack on record. officials say just 7 in. of snow is now--is on the ground. that is down from 21 in. last month. the good news, experts say the snowpack is better than it
8:47 am
was at this time last year. but still, not even close to the type of winter california needs. to end the historic grout. >> reporter: and life look outside as we look at as default--sfo. no problems from oakland or san jose. right now there's a dense fog advisory. visibility * could download half a mile. --down below. >> reporter: some portions of the double--delta and the north bay. the fog and will
8:48 am
eventually go away. temperatures in the 4051 here--8 works some of the 30's in the north bay. >> reporter: was the fault has gone will see sunshine. --fog. 64 does. >> reporter: 67 degrees in oakland 62 degrees and san francisco. san mateo for instance will not--warm-up. >> reporter: this weekend
8:49 am
coming got will be nice and warm saturday will be warmest of the 270 degrees. monday is that sliver of a chance of there will be a raindrop. will not to seek out of the course of the weekend. >> reporter: was focused in on the fault. --fog. >> reporter: a much better usual right at the 11. -- 101. the chp reported the dense fog. we see so little red on the ropedancers. the
8:50 am
commute over marin county it was a much better commute. and speaking of bridges here is a bay bridge bright no longer accept over the macarthur maze. at the san mateo bridge looks very good. at the golden gate bridge now is the time is what--is when we should see the back up in traffic. >> reporter: berkeley police are trying the track down the men and choose the here and the red truck shirt he is accused of robbing an 83 year-old man
8:51 am
of his own. back in december, the victim was walking with a family member on fourth street near first after leading the apple store with a phone that was when the man in this picture took-from him and fled the scene. >> reporter: romney lost to president obama in 2012. his previous backers are now backing trans bush. >> reporter: more on the new ghostbusters movie and all grow cats. --girl cast.
8:52 am
>> reporter: 4 of the funniest when in it and the acting business. america me all your newsy no ghostbusters cass' area.. >> reporter: releasing its first trader--trailer. >>: plane trailer. -- playing. >>: tell us what you think and sweet as. >> reporter: who predicts
8:53 am
the super bowl win will be backed that. >> reporter: and about more fog later on in the day. we will be right back.
8:54 am
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>> reporter: welcome back to lead this is a tradition with animals the winners. so the panel on the left is rolling in the patriots like so did the pictures for the panda, and as lee lee all right or mean the last--rudi the rooster dick's the seahawks.
8:57 am
>> reporter: he depicted the new england patriots to win their morning the old lease pick last year the denver broncos didn't pan out. and on the right is really the rooster from desmond morton of iowa. >> reporter: releasing this-audio from the fire will have more with the investigation. and the niagara falls. we will be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> reporter: fire investigators are still trying to figure out whose art that fiery blaze. >> reporter: good morning and thank you for drawing us this morning on kron 4 news. >> reporter: to sunshine and warm weather. is pretty thick on the foster and of the bridge. 5 mi. three a drive through oakland. two
9:01 am
and a half miles driving around san jose. the national weather went ahead with a far divisor. -- advisory. >> reporter: or not charge any major i spots there's no congesting swung right down. the westbound is getting lighter and lighter. >> reporter: 61416 minutes to give up to the upper deck. the easy ride with the
9:02 am
westbound. in your trip to the golden gate bridge 11 south is doing better with the traffic. we are delayed frites and problems 3. >> reporter: at 9 02 we're giving you more information with that dismembered body inside of the back. in the market district. we have the latest on this case. >> reporter: i spoke with the san mateo police they say that that person was caught on surveillance and in that store. they're not able to call this a homicide they still do not know about that person and up in that suitcase. they are looking
9:03 am
at abundance of surveillance tapes. the police found a suitcase and affirmed it is human brand names and the sound extra human remains nearby. >>: we were walking the dog out year after work i am not that concerned but my wife is more concerned. we're not want to be walking at night renowned. >> reporter: the peat--the police are looking for the person of interest on that surveillance tape. >> reporter: we did speak with the medical examiner's office vitellus it will have more information as an ally.
9:04 am
>> reporter: firefighters are hoping to have residents go back and their place to scrape up some of their long beach. they're also looking into reports of their residents were not warned about the fire. some have even reported that some of the fire escapes locker it--blocked. firefighters wanted to get rid of the fire and save lives. >>: firefighters talking. .. all companies off the
9:05 am
roof. >> reporter: new diesels are surfacing with the charge of the center cisco swimmer with the rate of a woman. they never actually saw that the woman--at the to action knapsack's the man said he did not rape her but he did defer case with the woman said that she came to the party with friends and did not know hardpressed canada --ended up pulled up.
9:06 am
>>: a man came up to what grout often heard $800 to have sex with her role walkaway and shocked the man is described as being hispanic and 5 ft. 5. >> reporter: its zero sexually assaulted on his way on--from school will tell you exactly where it happened. we will be wrecked
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>george: as a $1 much up to early of the usual the drive time now running at about
9:13 am
forcing the 15 minutes and from the one hit to the san mateo bridge for a look at the ride on highway 92 >>george: occupancy very light traffic on the right side of the screen the commute his and did much much earlier than usual for you're ride around the bay. look at north about 85 just a little delay here on 101 northbound and 6 a northbound right past the interchange with the guadalupe parkway. >>george: even amid peninsular ride much better than usual we do not have the typical slowing 4101 southbound between sfo and highway 92 and san mateo is said to the weather center here is a miracle. >> erica: 80 on this friday morning you will notice some
9:14 am
cloud cover that low-lying cloud cover will be taken up around 7:00 a.m. and as the weather service they did issue a dense fog advisory the timbers are not too bad this morning for the low for is a santa rosa san francisco right now at 54 degrees >> erica: the big story is the fall was visibility as job down to zero and apple we do have some pockets of very dense fog--napa >> erica: 3 to asimov for redwood city is the seventh pick in the south bay to one-half miles for a drive from san jose about 5 mi. to mountain view and to the afternoon of a lot of them low cloud cover will lift we will see a lot more sunshine today's temperatures still trending above average 67 and oakland 694 fairfield low 60s along the coast line here is the bad weather story we will have this area of low pressure for the south bringing the desert southwest where high and dry elicit when will pick up
9:15 am
as we headed to the latter half of the day. >> erica: we're talking about when this of the 35 m.p.h. brazil conditions will continue into your saturday said it is expected to be the warmest day of the next seven until we look forward to a few raindrops as we head into the latter half of next week. >>mark: happening now oakland police are looking for a child molester who sexually assaulted as a year old boy while he was walking home from school it happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on 98 avenue in east oakland he was able to get away and did his parents and tell what happened >>: we have a 10 year-old boy who was sexually assaulted by a predator this is a predator that we need to work together with the community to remove from our streets the suspect is described as a male hispanics 40 to 50 years old 57 additional features
9:16 am
he has short salt and pepper hair and a full their salt and pepper as well he was wearing a brown leather jacket and dark pants. >>mark: are chicken surveillance cameras and area the crime stoppers program are offering some $500 reward for reference to lead to the arrest. >>darya: it is 915 and caught costa county sheriff will to the people who broke into home and alamo and threaten the family with guns this happened around 150 in the morning on wednesday at this home in the first block of crest ave kron 4 spoke with the mother who live there and she said it was the most terrifying 20 minutes of her life she her husband into children were sleeping one robber broke in and they said they were carrying long guns and demanded cash and other items. >>: i said we have to move we do not need to live here is very scary. last night i could not sleep. i am shaken
9:17 am
all times >>darya: shares that is that there but the roberts had already left they searched the area there were not able to find anyone deputies have not yet released a description of those home invaders. >>darya: also happening now the former executive who went nuts over how not to search her on a plane is in court and this is the father stop and outside to publicly apologize for the behavior of the dollar on that flight the flat to dissent that she yelled person physically abused her when she served macadamia nuts in a bag of instead of on a tray they're trying to cover what happened on the plane and ordering staff members to live she was charge of violating a basic safety rules and with the salt. >>mark: telemarketers are being praised this morning after they made a sales call her at woman a dozen miles away being attacked. the call was recorded at a loss biggest call center were 45
9:18 am
workers there knew that they had to help >> reporter: we are here helping how're you today. they try to sell the products to american and lost biggest--las vegas but turned to call them may have saved the life in oregon. >> reporter: the young lady on the other and the telemarketer who made the call got her attention. i noticed something was happening in that the lady was getting hit. the young lady was helpless you can hear the blows from the person as if she was a punching bag. she was terrified >>: it got progressively worse >> reporter: the boss mario gonzalez step in a few of them listen to it was horrible. >> reporter: to victor m. >>: man are you ok if >> reporter: reaching got to
9:19 am
the police 900 mi. away. we were the only lifeline dollops reached the rice their apartment. --gonzales reached the right shared apartment. she was gasping for air he had a gun in was to kill her hurtful was in her back pocket she did not know it had called police. >>mark: still ahead here on the new information on the measles outbreak there are two more cases in the bay area will tell you where on the other side of this break. >>mark: as we are watching conditions around the bay at 680, down a lot of fog showing apparent and is posted on the bay.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>>darya: to new measles case has been confirmed in the bay area that brings the total of #to attend here up officials say to on vaccinated school age children from a land who are family members have the measles officials say the kids were not in school during the and texas. and the infection occurred outside of marin county so on vaccinated children will not be attending school for 21 days the infected children have been safely isolated from the community and will remain isolated for next three weeks. >>darya: he wants his son's school district to keep the unvaccinated children out of school completely they slam by his father says is a matter of life and death for this sun. >> reporter: 60 lawyer was not vaccinated for measles or anything else has nothing
9:24 am
to do with religion or the parent's philosophy at for the vaccine is good at looking at his in remission now and help the 1000 doses of chemo weaken his immune system. the antibodies were wiped out by the chemotherapy. demille system is not strong enough perry of >> reporter: have an idea and a controversial one they want the school a marin county of california took than any children who have not been vaccinated it would increase his chances of getting the metal was in this case could lead to death according to his dr. perry is about all children who have immune dysfunction whether it's from chemotherapy or an underlying efficiency syndrome. instead of waiting for our brick reacting to the disease get ahead of it and avoid having that outbreak.
9:25 am
>> reporter: there are exemptions that allow parents to opt out of vaccine and still send their children to school trustees said she has children at the school to get the vaccine for measles but not everything else the score requires such got an exemption worksheets california requires a form also be signed by health- care professionals to does not believe and forced immunization. >>: is a well educated group of people that think parents should not vaccination it is fraught with for reason. >> reporter: nationally is 1.8% in a statement provided to cn and the school district tells us california law protect the rights of parents to rescue the vaccination of children and
9:26 am
doing so for him to school from excluding this to from school unless there is an at the outbreak. the parent to see they're losing side of the battle the still hopes of good will come of it. >>mark: doctors are testing whether the person has ebola officials say the patient went to mercy general and sacramental complaining about symptoms also said with a deadly disease if from a person recently it was africa and was immediate transfer to uc-davis the prices i solicit the other cases are protecting themselves. >>: almost everyone has amassed it is scary to think and happen and i know a thing about the disease.
9:27 am
>>mark: several staff members have volunteered to treat the vaccination. the founder of death row records and trouble with law again coming up details on the latest deadly encounter with should like. san jose is trying to slow drivers on a daily stretch of roadway will say what the city is trying in why critics say is just will not work. >> reporter: it was a brazen crime in the capture of to let this video obtained by kron 4 news i am to research and san pablo and is a new development in this case i was so you all about and my report coming up.
9:28 am
♪ ♪ rsh's read brinthe licis tae of hshe's ocole anying evythi. th hshe's read the ssibitieare licis. ♪ ♪ if u wa it go t anget ♪
9:29 am
>> erica: it is friday and is thought the year is a lot of the atom sfo visibility a factor in the slot we are seeing is about 60 minutes on arriving flights
9:30 am
certainly call headed check with your carrier in visibility even worse of the unarmed a napa your resting 0 lower peninsula redwood city visibility at just three tenths of a mile. >> erica: as we focus on whatever to later on today for the east bay shoreline richmond in the upper 60s berkeley today hitting a high of 64 and 62 degrees in hayward and a full look at the bay area forecast i will be highlighted in the weekend coming up in 15 minutes. >>george: it has been a little foggy in the south bay but has not been slowing the traffic any. we shot from kron 4 you can very much see the fog which you can also see the traffic is moving extremely well as it has been through the morning here in the south bay let's take a look now look how little this coloration there is in the census is mostly green this is really unusual even for this hour. of the morning the best writer of
9:31 am
the week through south bay. at present we're not slowing the ride for the bay bridge was bombed is to concede the end of the backed up no problems on the upper deck of the bridge. with >>george: 90 to the san mateo bridge is a lasting an early end of the commute's as drive times are dropping down to 13 minutes from one and to spend to the other. >>mark: residents are expected to find what's inside of their homes when their apartment building was set on fire. >>will tran: among the sixth of the firefighters all of them on non-life threatening injuries they should be fine the people should be allowed back into the building in one hour from now is very loud at this location the reason why is because there back here and let me zoom in and show you they are looking at the integrity of the building i see red tags i saw you will be escorted
9:32 am
once you arrive also at to 30 this morning there will be a workshop for people to find out the process of trying to get their money in some assistance of this has been a devastating fire. >>will tran: let's show you the video this happen as 645 at night on wednesday so many people have come up to me this morning and said and did it come with the call the fire? the answer is no and it would not be easy or quick the key question they want to find out is why did it take so difficult for the people to get out of the building at 645 in the evening when the people should be up cooking in watching television with there are reports that the steel bars the tech cannot remove and that they got to the fire escape and they cannot get the fire escape down to the ground. >>will tran: it is quite hot in there looking into that is what they believe that the fire started between second and third floor but it could take a long time to find out and that is why
9:33 am
officers right behind me and they are preserving the scene to maintain the integrity of the place to allow those investigators to go inside as soon as we find out will let you know altogether about 54 people displaced $8.5 million worth of damage we're talking for a half million dollars of contents and $4 million for the building. >>mark: the reformation. >>darya: in a bid on a story we brought you early this week on the kron 4 morning news the police in san paulo has arrested three men in connection with the convenience store robbery that ended the store clerk. the court denied a proper medical attention and is in critical condition. >> reporter: i am out here at the san paolo police department plans are now telling us that they have three people in custody in connection with this crime this is the biggest video obtained by kron 4 news and so the entire crime and
9:34 am
progress this so talk to people come into the market is san paulo demanding money and then shooting the clark this happen on a general to the first the family reached out right after the crime they were very upset they say that the surveillance video shows first responders pause and to help the critically injured clark police say that they're investigating this incident and the family's concern in addition to the development police said they now have three people in custody samson tatum out of concord mario holzmann and sansom attend junior or oakland. >>darya: of laws was a good buy to the 24 year-old woman who was jogging on monday when two cars ran off the road and hit and killed her
9:35 am
and said was that the city has that are did the effort to solve traffic all year blander road to show people how fast they are going the mayor said it will be more action taken some neighbors are still concerned. >>: to someone and not even bother with someone else's safety in be bothered with their own cells. they don't fit what does it give the kids or the neighborhood. >>darya: there are pleased to see the cops cracking down and writing tickets for speeding but that may not be enough to slow people down because last year there are about 400 speeding tickets issued in that area. >>mark: the palo alto police one man robbed an electronics store two men went to the store and are now 345 and grabbed three gaming councils for 12th on the dollars the first half lead with to the council's when the store employees add stop the second man it for up the gun they are
9:36 am
searching for both suspects. >>mark: fbi continues to look the three thieves stealing gold nuggets and wells fargo. no suspects but then would and as you read through the glass door and the solos are not coming out from the fbi saw in the last man who uses color as to be to ram into the museum on the morning placidity sell a security guard at gunpoint while they still have to also go rotten thousand dollars the roberts then fled in a sedan. >>darya: marion should the night has been arrested on a murder charge was arrested at about 3:00 in the morning today and is being held on $2 million bail the attorney said the rep mobile accidentally ran over and killed a friend and injured another man as he fled. he is being held at the west hollywood sheriff's station
9:37 am
he drove backwards over the two victims and then drove forward and then struck again that in all this he was shot six times and a party hosted by chris brown in los angeles and in 96 it was in the car with tupac shakur but he was shot and killed and lost baggage trip. --lost the district
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>george: what a great ride in has been this morning right now we are free of hot spots here at the bay bridge we are free of tobacco for the west about ride just a short wait in some of the lands where as in free of the span the drive times are under 20 minutes in the san francisco you can keep up
9:41 am
the data with traffic at all times with the kron 4 global application is a free download that walks on both apple and injured devices-- it works on both apple and and you're devices. >>darya: this is the trainer shot by helicopter partnership over the same this happened yesterday afternoon by 430 at the mountain view caltrans stationed it appears investigators say the death was intentional and intentional act with some going in front of the cal train catchline did admit to delays yesterday because of the fatality but the train to back up and running by the evening >>mark: people hitting into san francisco this white pickup catching on fire in the far right lane and was
9:42 am
down 80 think early no one was injured. >> erica: focusing on temperatures in the south but today san jose hit a high of 65 and 66 for los gatos and a look at even warmer weekend coming up.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> gabe slate: facebook has launched a new mobile application to help you to your out in about on the town or maybe even some nightlife or dining is called a tip that there was a look at what it does. activase and walk into a place where every may be a business a bar and restaurant was you are inside of the location behind the scenes your facebook global application is cowering to your friends and to steve and a friend has been to the same place you are now at an has written anything about it and propose to the picture from that same location you
9:46 am
will see this place to post a pop-up at the top of the feed one example you walk into a restaurant and you get a place to for my friend recommends a certain disk and cassette the picture that this you may see that also the greatest place to to show you find useful and relevant information about the place you are located. is optional and it will appear if they only give them access to do so. however they say if you choose to keep this feature on the promise they are not cheering the location publicly but i do tend to make some people uncomfortable seen these talks based on the locations and of course it may be a known human i care about the friends think about a new place you have walked inside for now this place feature is only working in new york is not here yet or to the bay area it should be here in the next couple of months. >> erica: focusing on the
9:47 am
fall around the bay area so there was some pretty thick pockets temperatures are not too bad if you're heading out the door right now san francisco up to 54 degrees low 50s out san jose concord still on the chilly side were not seen since died in santa rosa would not have the opportunity to one things of temperatures and the low 40's their waxy did jot down to about 37 degrees just a couple hours ago. >> erica: and worst of for napa and of visibility in redwood city in san jose for the national weather service that would and issue a dense fog allies effective until 11:00 this morning is patchy at best visibility order or a mile keep this in mind it will be displayed over the next couple of hours will will non-citizens and is against the afternoon is already at the bay bridge toll plaza messines 20 of blue skies 67 for napa what was the low 50s out and
9:48 am
presents and antioch sunnyvale today hitting a high of 65 temperatures still trending above average we did get a little breezy as we head into the latter half of the day as early as saturday morning as well a high-pressure system moved in in the flat with the sea when a gust of to 35 m.p.h. in the oakland hills here the seven they're on the forecastle slight chance was an activity maybe a few raindrops and they will we're just about to to the act out a forecast. lost a son is in his early next week but we are tracking perhaps a few showers as an innocent thursday with the national weather service is calling for 10 percent chance the time and now is 948 listed throws with george. >>george: i hope my box is with this one of those days when you ask yourself did they pay me to do this job it really has been a great ride all around the bay area and it looks like right now the comic and this is in the south bay were you concede like traffic with more green
9:49 am
showing up on the road with sensors than during any commute i can remember it was not a holiday to really no delays here for some of the freeways in this is your much the case around the bay to collect at the bay bridge for example there is no longer a back up westmount is a little sluggish they're in right hand cassoulet is only a field trip to the san mateo bridge we did see a lasting an early end to the commute were down to 11 minute drive time currently. >>mark: golden gate bridge is a problem for all morning long expected to seek the bridge reconfigure here is pretty surely as we should be adding a third lane in the northbound erection before very much longer and heading into more than it is delayed free not only on the stand but here at the toll plaza and that means no delays for westbound interstate 583 richmond. >>mark: the seahawks the patriots get ready for the
9:50 am
big game. >> reporter: it has been one of the more bizarre superbowl weeks in nfl history and thursday was no different as the controversy around seattle seahawks star running back mr. linter reached a fever pitch for days he is refusing to speak during public appearances in september the short phrases here is tuesday i am here so i won't get find.. >> reporter: is wednesday you know i am here they know what i am here and. >> reporter: finally thursday and he let loose and he was not happy. >>: i don't know what story you're ride it out of me or what image to try to portray of make it does not matter what you all think or what to say about me but i
9:51 am
come to it your event gosh of cameras and microphones down my throat edge but line at home in my environment i don't see wall with you all mad at me. straw >> reporter: words pages quarterback tom brady issue on the other hand certainly are he is battling a cold that started with his kids and spread to him as famous as a model wife giselle if he's to worse to yell at the cause and sunday's game and it is now seen too concerned. unhappy in happen early in the week is get to run on is the time and i should be under the said on sunday i'm ready to go meanwhile which sherman is basing his own parents issues his girlfriend is nine months pregnant with of couple's
9:52 am
first child. would he choose the football field or his girlfriend i think he's one of the discipline young man and stay there till after the game but i thought the possibility of him coming during the game in the coming before the game will have things in place in case that happens all across the bridge we get there. if >>mark: >>darya: more weather and traffic as we head into the weekend in if you want to be inside all day on sunday watching the super bowl i am wanting getting out so i was always one to be like we will be right back.
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>>mark: they have more on the new ghostbusters movie with the all girl cast. >> reporter: we're from hollywood today live we have been hearing a lot of big blockbuster news lately early this week the price of a director since into the for the funny is ladies and so business america meet your new all female co-stars to pass. the recall of the fantastic four release is for straighter take a look. the fantastic four hits theaters in may we want to
9:57 am
tell us why you feel about the trailer to it as an official hdl >>darya: a thrill seeking their devilwood of niagara falls instead of over it this week scaled a margin of 47 ft. of the frozen cleft to the still flowing water is pretty amazing. that is it for this weekend have a great one in two of the so- called we can refer have a great weekend for >>mark: you always get connected with kron 4 on our web site facebook and twitter feet and are mobile application.
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