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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 12, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>: reporter: at the bay bridge the west bound ride is backed up into the mcarthur maze . the 20 + minutes drive times, and the san mateo bridge is already slowing across the span with over 20 minutes drive into san mateo. for going to get more into this record setting temperatures. >>: james: ray looking sunrise their coming out of this from the north. it will keep the sun warmer side later this afternoon. warming up in fact we could see a tie with and the break of the record highs for today. these are the contenders on the list. they're all on the striking distance. san rafael 69
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oakland and downtown is a 72 for the temperature today the old record is 70. we're coming close to the airport. >>: james: it looks like gil were will have a high of 78. were keeping it to appear for the kron 4 evening news will let you know what the official numbers come in and where we will see the numbers. will have the full details coming up in 15 minutes. >>: reporter:: thousands of commuters could be exposed to the measles after an employee of the company linked the park to work. >>: reporter: health officials say that people with most risk are not vaccinated with the measles. the second person travelled through the lobby at the birds stationed in the problem though is that the parts station transport
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could have spread throughout the entire system. we're not told much about the system or the person that came down with measles. she's an employee of the company linked and. >>: reporter: this is between six and eight in the morning and 729 in the evening. last wednesday even the person at the kitchen and san for cisco health officials say that the virus is very infectious and can linger in the air for up to two hours. it could have spread in the trains across the parts system. here up among our writers this morning they tell us that this is just another part of the public transportation. >>: we don't know what's going to happen and we don't know who's on the train and we hope for the best. that's
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all you can really say after yesterday's game i don't want anything do with a public system. there reporter: they stressed that they do it does affect transfer the data bases. health officials say one to three weeks after the exposure look for a high fever runny nose a cough and runny eyes and also a rash will develop on your face or your neck and spread downward on your body. after that rash develops as for this case this is the first confirmed case of the measles in the county this year. >>: mark: with a lot more on our web site at kron 4 doc with the latest information on the stories with more information as far as the times that this person wrote art and the symptoms for measles all on our web site. >>: reporter:: person is
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dead after officers shooting and san jose. they charged the police with a knife we of will tran live with the investigation. >>: will: this story has to and goals and that we do know that the shooting took place right behind me on that corner at that house. or when to show a video of what happened at 530 last night. the two motions that the police is version and the woman's version the police will tell you that a stranger entered the house got into some some type of confrontation where the people inside the home felt threatened. >>: well: that in the room they call the police department they came out and by the time they got here he was outside willing a knife at launched at the officers and that's when they fight-- that's when they found that they were under a friend and he was shot he later at the hospital died. i talked to the woman that live at the
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house he said that he is not a stranger he was already in the house. in fact he was supposed to be hurt future son-in-law but he has been dating her daughter for six years. >>: well: he believes that he was out of the one who called 911 looking for some sort of help. here's the rest of the story from her. >>: when i left out the door i heard about an intruder. someone held up in their room he and i were set at the kitchen table talking and he walked outside and i think he may have called the police themselves he was distraught and distressed. that is something that we never seen here. this is not him entering a shatters house? will let >>: know he lived here for six years. >>: well did he have a knife
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in his hand? >>: i don't know. >>: will: have this picture so follows on kron 4 doc, and i will post a picture in just a few moments as well as my twitter page. the man 23 years old his name was philip watkins the two police officers have seven to eight years on the force. they're very well experience fear they have been placed on paid administration and leave. >>: reporter: keeping your eyes on wall street the night after the slogan yesterday's today that dallas' big rights they have russia and ukraine for a cease-fire this makes people happy today. the dow was up 71 points. their stocks are
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reporter: does the house by the surface is called as the accident at richer cent at the palace of fine arts is backing up the inbound for
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steel parkway now to 19th avenue is the west side of the tunnel. here's the location of the crash again the opposite of the palace of fine arts. the roadway is completely blocked here's a live video that we shot. >>: reporter: you can see that they have shut down the intersection here in that they're diverting traffic away. this means he cannot get straight truth to lombard from the and bound south from presidio parkway at richardson. the vehicle on that side will slightly take some time to clean. >>: reporter: three people are waking up a whole lot richer this morning. they're splitting what happened to be a 564 million parboiled jackpot. the power ball was 19. then a ticket which sold
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in north carolina. one person is still walking away with 1.4 million this morning. that to get matched with five out of five numbers here yet >>: reporter: you didn't match these numbers? it's worth the $2 just to drink. >>: reporter: time now is 713 and still have the kron 4 morning news were going to see some record high temperatures around the bay today. walnut creek is 42 and going up to 68. look at that traffic. well have the traffic report in any high spots and a few minutes.
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reporter: a vehicle rolled over on the inbound ride from the golden gate bridge leading over to wal-mart. the accident occurring here at richardson that i diagonal that runs to the presidio parkway to the past up the fine arts. this is a renewable fared and is
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backing up the ride and down on all the way to the tunnel. it's beyond the town also is now back up to 19th avenue that's your alternate just to make the right hand turn coming from the presidio parkway. the so old oil drive. >>: reporter: and has not yet been backed up the traffic to the bridge but it certainly has the possibility to do so using 19th avenue using as the next gate valve. were also tracking another problem this time the public transit the cow train commute has been disrupted because north on train no. 217 trucking killed a person in morgan hill. they suspended service and the area and their making adjustments now to their north on schedule. there tracking the ride to the bay bridge is been backed up into the mcarthur maze just about 630 this morning so much as 45 minutes to drive times are over 20 minutes.
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>>: reporter: it's not likely to get any better anytime soon 22 minutes drive times and tracking your ride to the richards bridge in the west of 580 ride is backing up to the toll plaza that were starting to see some slowing west bound out of richardson. over to the weather center here's james. >>: james: it's a camera here the beautiful composition behind the bridge to conceal the flares their real a beautiful shot high clouds overhead. the sunshine as well bring a our temperatures at the moment in our upper '40's and the big number of low 50s now. 47 and san jose. were seen
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the temperatures climb up into the 50s were is likely to be 50 to one of a '60s come in and play for time and later this afternoon will see a pop of the '70s. this is the software were temperatures to be anywhere from 74 to 75 to 76 degrees in some of the surrounding communities. in the east bay its upper fifties to low 70's. with oakland coming in at 73. 69 near the 70 degree mark for san francisco. it's warm read to this peninsula coastline. 72 and have fun day and will differ similar temperatures in the bayside down near san mateo and redwood city. across the north bay is upper sixties to low seventies. >>: reporter: it's even better tomorrow and into the holiday weekend were high pressure it keeps in the intimate weather out of our area and leave suffolk with nothing but sunshine. in a
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presidents' day monday is looking pretty good with highs around the bay in the '70s. unseasonably warm. >>: reporter: knew this morning san jose police think that a proper may be linked to another robbery that happened in the city last month. 27 year-old william kaufman was arrested on january 14, 2004 days after u.s. bank branch in the safeway store was robbed. here's this surveillance video and pictures that want to show the public. they aideed him as the suspected to arm our recess 7-eleven that happened the same day as the bank robbery and they think that he's involved in other robberies in that area. >>: reporter: and a 17 year- old is accused of kidnapping and raping a domino's pizza delivery woman is facing life in prison. he's being charged
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as an adult. he has a crime of rape kidnapper rica-- kidnapping and debris. they say he approached her with a gun vorster back into the car meter driver quarter mile away were she was a salted. the knocker from the real gun was involved but they say it does not he did not enter a plea yesterday. >>: reporter: there was a hit and run last week that had killed a 14 year-old girl. alice opals are is the registered owner of the cadillac eldorado that crashed into the garbage truck. his video from the scene last week that police found the car about a quarter mile away from the accident scene. the police are still investigating what happened during and after that crash. >>: reporter: they have $100,000 penalties right now. that patient was given
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the chicken pox vaccine while there are real mean. the patient was taking medication that put him at risk for the vaccine. they have sense and limited the health system that will give bowlers for any patients to immunity can be compromised by this vaccine. >>: reporter: it's not unusual for other cover of the magazine to have the super model 83 years old making headlines. appears on this special edition cover for the magazine wearing all black and long gloves. israel says that she's been modeling since 15 in. appeared on more magazine covers for the last 25 years that she and her long career. the magazine covers the say that continues to shut down the runway. it's a digital fashion week or she is stunning. >>: reporter: we want to
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know how you do that. and we mean by that anything. we me and joe go or what down a runway. let us know about it posted on you to and said the selling care at kron 4.
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>>: reporter: there say that he will run for governor in 2018. they spoke with the former mayor from surfaces go about the plans. >>: reporter: he's no stranger to politics. so while it's no real supplies that the lieutenant governor's announcing an facebook that wants to be governor he still sees to be pinching himself. >>: i believe there's no way i get elected. >>: reporter: as woody plants attack was the future governor he said it wants to keep college affordable and create second jobs. he had
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as i and the price for some time bawling out in the 2010 race for governor and biding his time for just the right moment. >>: reporter: take a look here at the richmond server file bridge will traffic is slow going to the bridge there. we're looking at a lot of sunshine in fact maybe some record temperatures in some neighborhoods today let's check out nevada. it's 43 degrees right now 69 for the afternoon.
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>>: reporter: us take a live look at the presidio parkway. this is where the inbound traffic is leaving from the golden gate bridge the headlights are heading towards us. this is the 19th avenue exit and you can see we're back of beyond almost to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. because of this and this is self on accident and bound at rector sent airline and where there's a rollover crashes occurring in san francisco. we have some live video that was shot at the scene this is from our helicopter partnership with a be saved --87 news. the police to permit see torn traffic around it. >>: reporter: these are the soft dense and the traffic that to see here is getting through north bound heading towards the golden gate bridge. these is why things
7:31 am
are backed up as they are and we are expecting things to start slowing even here at the golden gate bridge in fact if we take that now for you the sluggish traffic here is almost reached the toll plaza at the bridge where it has really not get backed up this right but a likely could be for very much longer. we're continuing to track the delays of the bay bridge into the mcarthur maze . we continue to look at the slow ride which is typical for '92. it's 2225 minutes drive times to hayward over to san mateo. >>: reporter: let's a jump back here to the golden gate bridge for its beautiful looking whether shots here you can see some of the clouds out there about the blue slide has a slight breeze in here. we have a lot of elements on the screen that survey indicative to see. it's gonna be a beautiful day we will see some more temperatures words so
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unseasonably warm. we may very well see a high of breaking records. senator felt is going to beat 69 as a couple of degrees shy of the old record. >>: reporter: 73 as the projected temperature today. close to the airport is one degree off the old record and livermore is 3 degrees away. the award may very well tie with the old record at 78. that's how warm it will be today not only just today but the rest of the week. but the rest of the holiday weekend is to come because it's quite to be beautiful. we're gonna talk about the rest of the warm weather to enjoy it. >>: reporter: happening today in oakland they're shutting down the long labor dispute with the dog workers union and the shipping
7:33 am
companies. jackie sissel as live with how this will affect you and businesses. >>: reporter: i'm all here at the port of oakland you could see some of the container shipping on eight cargo ship. the port of oakland and other ports along the west coast are going to be shut down for the next four days. this is the disagreement between union and the cma. for several months now that the inmate is there slowing down worker at the port of oakland and other ports along the west coast gumming up the worse. >>: reporter: it ships the ports to the bay and sitting down in the bay because they're getting on load is so slowly because of that
7:34 am
more not plane ball any longer were going to shut down the parts for the next four days. or the next four days those are holiday days. they will have to pay a premium rate to the onion and they're not going to do so they're going to shut down the port for the next four days. >>: reporter: that means nothing will be on low bid from the cargo ships. now the port of oakland is basically the leaseholder out here. the property managers they do not have anything at stake obviously they want to weigh in on the situation and they had this to say about the issue. >>: reporter: the real impasses go to so long term there 73,000 jobs that they depend done with the port of oakland. it's a labor impasse that continues much longer periods insurgency move away from westport.
7:35 am
that will result of a loss of jobs and the port of oakland and other ports. >>: reporter: as he just said we're not talking about is the port of oakland were talking about sports all up and down the west coast. also long beach and los angeles. what does this mean for you? that means that the boats are not going to be moved. everything from car parts to electronics to nonfood goods will be just sitting out here for the next couple of days. they're waiting for the impasse to be worked out with the contractor negotiation and they're going back and forth. it was scheduled for yesterday and cancel that the last minute. >>: reporter: the stores that were falling in the south bay five arm robberies in the past two weeks this has residents are rattled. but for me that this has happened most recent and
7:36 am
respect park. a few days earlier and then offer the what was brought by two men wearing ski masks and they also said that the man was a have at automatic weapon. this is also been plagued by rest of home burglaries last month. >>: reporter: please send a robbery that they're happening in the evening dollars, the city of the burglaries are happening in all hours of the day. and a this morning a breakthrough in ukraine as a cease-fire agreement has now been reached. they held a 16 hour marathon peace deal. here's video out of ukraine there been fighting between
7:37 am
ukrainian forces and russian separatists. this becomes a big relief to europe but is cautious of the cease fire falling apart. >>: reporter: knew this morning the south korea this is in the rate case and has ended with a jail term with a former korean air executive. this and found guilty of the aviation brawl a chance to go to prison for one year now she was in the first class problem of the plane when she threw a fit over the way that she was served months. they ended up having the flight back to the gate because she had a tantrum. this is and south korea where this show was also the bother of career air's chairman. >>: reporter: this is the six more weeks of winter and some people aren't happy. some people in the police department will study how
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>>: reporter: the accident has been cleared at presidio park west. the bad news is that you can see here on global maps that the traffic remains backed up nearly to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. this will take some time for the backup to disk anticipated. one of the ways that we have been keeping people updated about these accidents are with the mobile application. if he had been up to date now with this accident that has already cleared except free
7:42 am
download that works on apple and andrew devices. >>: reporter: the shadow was stalled by the groundhog this year. they put out a warrant for the famous for is a very pro hope. best- they put all it war for the famous groundhog. they called him armed and dangerous people are unhappy with the kron hall. well-off people are facing a happy thoughts with his record- breaking highs we've had. >>: were trying to figure out if that was at the distance or that was just a phase. the camera which is coming up
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>>: our i'm wondering if you have any gary tarkanian story since he went to yom v. shortly after you and i were chatting on the morning show. >>: he been sick for a long time he was in the u.s. saw teddy that's the first time i was on television and i finish school and we get the previous coach fired because we weren't that good. we
7:46 am
bring him and the very next year and i was just as school and he said i need someone to post my tv show and i did it. >>: really? >>: yes i hosted after a few years >>: he was unconventional items muffles a good way or bad way it was with the uc aa. dilemma >>: you're a little young but bolger bar and you well sender and all these bill walton's there in the ucla they were like the good guys for john wooden and dark was the bad guy because he would get the players that may be
7:47 am
academically and maybe in ucla or other schools and they build a program. >>: reporter: nine of 10 schools were cheating and the other one was the last place. >>: this was not bothering him i really think for the day until he was done he proceed that way. you are asking for stories when he was starting and long beach state and he would all flat of lax. but he said that we were going to the airport running into the ucla team we of genes tend issues and letterman's jacket and ucla player sells silk suits. >>: we are the cheaters. >>: we will talk about the warriors and how good the are. he did ministers sit with the stars trippet. what's really funny is they
7:48 am
started with the pros for 16 games the coach and antonio and he just wasn't for him. in college if he was the boss and to he admitted it when i get to the pros a just and now have time to be romancing those players at the pro level. there were with the 16 games and that was as the probe. >>: one thing that they did on the processor when a team building and that whole razzing thing they make rookie's favorites and we're talking about the warriors being a good team i like the way they do what they play credit-card roulette. instead of making the rookie paid they make it fair. they stick in the credit cards and someone else like the waiter pulls all the curve and it just so happens that he was that the rookie ending up losing. >>: i guess where about that they're all making enough
7:49 am
one guys went to have to wash dishes for wheat. >>: the one that last game before the all stars last night. they started in the all-star game and yes and kron 4 had an all-star game coming on and it's a sunday sports night life and a saab pam era, jason and bruce. they were doing the three- point contes were read? >>: thank god i was enjoying my radio. that's an excuse. >>: j. r. forget it. probably your right. >>: they were funny and they all went into action with id and it's just a sunday night show it's the all-star weekend for the nba. i will tell you one it looks like we have a good time and just for five times what the heck were you doing? >>: because she were heels >>: it was a good time to
7:50 am
see a sudden night at 9:00. i tell you look and play erica can play. >>: did she talk about it? the line >>: she did a very good job she can play in the particular conte she was involved in. willy 29 on sunday. >>: the tigers are run away forever he said is not worth it worthy of the nba right now. he said that he will not be in the pga. his studies with the giants the public yesterday. >>: that never turns me on. >>: it's become kind of a popular event i'll admit that does not my thing if he said that the giants and the 49ers are going to play football or baseball again i think i'll be the minority people love this. >>: is a little stevin know what you're saying. >>: are you going to watch
7:51 am
by cutout like the bad guy. it's bluster posey going to play golf. i referred to watch him play baseball. >>: the office so exciting to watch in the first place >>: and especially this week it's a social thing. and i know you're talking about when you say with the silk suits and the buses in the flames and everything else. the giants are doing in this thing now. it's probably 20 first-class piece and everyone has to buy for those and now they're all flying first- class repair i think what we showed yesterday all those guys weren't big nice rooms. the giants are doing that too and they're doing that in the retrofitted plan that offers class. there's no more fighting. >>: before they had 20 seats in the mad bomber would be particularly get up there for he would pick up the three seats it was just a problem if you're like injured or high. it was a
7:52 am
good time for you if your high roller you get up there otherwise here in the back. >>: the world chance they shouldn't have to fly coach. >>: and they should have to fly it receiving with the clips will brothers that promised mom they will never fight so the patriots defense said end with the tram much of his brother is a pro fighter. he's a u.s. see light heavyweight champ. he wants to fight them he wants to go for one brown and the ring for charity. >>: when we were young we use to fight i do not want to see my kids fight. >>: there's a history to this so the football players are trying to box right? >>: yes >>: your member obento zero you may be too young for him. in the exhibition for l.a. and maybe three rounds with his arms on. the patriots with the search team and may not and the contract he may be a fumble by his brother.
7:53 am
>>: with the newspaper for couple of days and then let it go away. brksidchocatenohas crun. brooide unchclusrs - cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs.
7:54 am
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>>: it's back them actually to the golden gate-to-the golden gate bridge the backed up the starting to clear now that all lanes are open for the south on highway 101 ride. we are still slower than usual for the southbound presidio parkway trip. the good news is that all lanes are open. the bad news for countering this morning is that they're continuing delays coming out of the real worry in north
7:57 am
untrained to 17 struck a person in san jose. shuttle bus system and set up with the trains are delayed are the ones that of our originated through gil were this morning from downtown san jose north. >>: reporter: also in places james fletcher he's ready to give you this weather update. >>: james: widespread upper sixties to low seventies and a few spots may be even a man 70 now and today it will be unseasonably warm. even today were breaking a record highs. if heading at the time of this holiday weekend here's a quick look at your snowbound downtown this ski reports. there will be some news no freedom to enjoy this weekend as we get 70- share 7 in. of snow. back with more
7:58 am
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11 >>: reporter: as we continue to track the delays leading into san francisco from the golden gate bridge off the presidio parkway the rollover accident on city streets cleared now but take a look. this is traffic coming in from the east and the new tunnel and the presidio parkway and this is headed down to the junction
8:01 am
were useful to marina boulevard this was the location of the accident rate here. >>: reporter: you can state cleared but the heavy traffic remains. but no longer errors in the cellphone ride here bridge just a little sluggish coming down from the southbound but once he passed the toll plaza you'll find a slightly better ride. presidio parkway is still slow than usual and likely will take a while for that to complete the online. >>: reporter: a quick look at the bridge commute where the west on trippet still backed up into the mcarthur maze for the west bound trippet to san francisco. over to the weather 7-over to the weather center. >>: reporter: a great view of the clouds that are way up high with the blue sky and light sunshine. this is
8:02 am
a pattern that we will see throughout the day to day. we are trying to see temperatures well above average for this time of year in fact warming up. will come awfully close to eight old record breaking high. forecasts for 69 this afternoon and that will be a couple degrees shy of old record. oakland the very well break their record. >>: reporter: it's two degrees above the high and livermore. india where it could tie their record at 78. keep it to tear for the evening news and we will let you know where the official numbers are for today. we did set new records. whether the full get the work forecast coming at 815. >>: reporter: we follow this developing story with thousands of commuters have been exposed to the measles after a employee infected.
8:03 am
it's a possibility of a lot of people come becoming infected. i spoke with the bar rep and tens and thousands of bus riders have exposed to the virus. >>: reporter: we were told that the infected person often traveled here at the lafayette park station in a given that the trains go across the bay. there's a high risk that may spread throughout the parts system. it's between mafia and the migratory station last wednesday thursday and friday. it's between the hours of 68 in the morning and at night. help officials are notifying us contact of the person that had the measles virus and they say is highly contagious and its airport for two hours. they sit in this case most of the risk are the people that are not vaccinated. >>: reporter: the substance
8:04 am
to look for our web site at kron 4 doc,. other developing a this is more a person is dead after an officer shooting and san jose. the man charged at them with a knife. will tran live with the latest on the
8:05 am
investigation. >>:will: story has traverses the police version and the family's version carry a one thing that they do agree on is that it all happen right behind me at the corner of vermont 530 last night. police will tell you that someone broke into the home and the people inside felt threatened someone called 911 and will by the time they arrived the man was in the front he did not comply with the police officers and a knife in his hand and he would not drop it. he ran toward the officers with the knife and eight open fire and later at the hospital he died. >>:will: they think he was in the kitchen talking to a family member and everything was calm. he seemed a little distraught and then perhaps they believe that he called 911 unless he was outside at the time. the family member talking about officer involved shooting from that point.
8:06 am
>>: reporter: he and i walked out the door they say that it was the intruder. someone held up in a room he and i were sitting at the kitchen table talking and then he walked outside and i think he may have called the police himself used a straw and distress. he was 9 a good way is something i've never seen of him. >>: reporter: this is not him into a nation this house? >>: did he come flight or heaven-the sand. >>: reporter: with a shudder mill something in a san-- hand. they say his name is philip watkins we will have more on what cancer is more of the kron from the lady they say his daughter-a-her
8:07 am
daughter was in the process of marrying him. it's from a family and a picture of the family album. the officers they said they had two to seven years on the force. they are on injured and placed on paid administration leaves. >>: reporter: president obama is set to land in san francisco of 530 this evening at as f zero. here's a video of his last visit and will last october. tomorrow night he will be attending a $10,000 replace democratic party for the fund-raiser for sen francisco. he's scheduled to leave on saturday. still had on the kron 4 morning news facebook page is causing backflash this morning with a animal violence for valentine's day. will show you what people behind the stage are doing.
8:08 am
8:09 am
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8:11 am
>>: reporter: the ride north this with the trains are leaving san jose and the service has been suspended in the area of the incident shuttle buses are placed between gilroy and beard on station. remember you can keep up-to-date with this and everything happening at kron 4 when you can't watch download the conflict kron 4 application. >>: reporter: three tickets
8:12 am
in california match five of the six numbers. >>: did colin colin said? >>: we're glad that someone in the bay area of one. the personal bought the winning ticket has yet to come forward though probably drawing from sacramento this morning will check in with the lottery office. he can exactly go to the register. >>: reporter: i and instead they want to keep it quiet. >>: reporter: will be calling him later. new friends in this family. jordan and becoming up with the forecast and a possibility of some record highs this afternoon. it's gonna be beautiful run the
8:13 am
back bay with the full details straight ahead.
8:14 am
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sleep train. >>: reporter: this merrimack
8:16 am
police department and and hampshire had never rested. the run on the facebook is just to be six more weeks. the huge markups of snow say that they do not want to approach the groundhog because these are armed and dangerous. >>: we can use some other rain and snow or anything. >>: reporter: with of beautiful weather instead. so us around the bay area are absolutely good. >>: a few high clouds but otherwise it's sunny. it's absolutely gorgeous. temperatures are warming up slowly but surely. it's 51 in oakland and 49 in san jose. it is 55 do in san francisco. we have another
8:17 am
hour so that were predicting during the 9:00 hour will see more widespread '50s. it looks like we're on track to see that as we head towards noon and will press the '50s with sixties and by 2:00 3:00 this afternoon will certainly see the '70s and the south bay with more '70s that we saw yesterday. it may even be reset to record highs for this afternoon. >>: reporter: 75 as well and the ottoman valley. it will be beautiful was sunshine in just a few high clouds with mostly by the civil cisco area. with their inland valleys is quick to be fantastic was 67. the livermore valley will set in the low '70's by the shoreline which includes open we should see 73 there. upper 60s for san francisco most of the peninsula for that matter. and across the north bay with a mix of the
8:18 am
upper sixties to low seventies was 69 and a vital 74 napa and 71 for san arouse a. >>: reporter: looking ahead into this holiday weekend with the some sunshine. where seen wonderful temperatures and the low seventies and setting records on saturday as well. i know george is happy about that were going to get this update on traffic. >>: reporter: were not trading any major hot spots right now we're looking at slow going but no big gains. it's slightly better today than yesterday and were and have a current drive time of 27 minutes from hercules to berkeley. we essentially been of incident free here as we bins for south 680 and west on highway 64. walnut creek down to dublin and the 27 minutes. the ride down 580 looks good and 680 is pretty sluggish south on. >>: reporter: the softball commute on 238 to 237 is slow. one no one north bound
8:19 am
is looking at 42 minutes drive times coming out of the coyote valley trying to get up towards the money you expressway and to 80 get 28 minutes is backed up into downtown san jose and the north bound ride to marin county is very slow. 48 minutes drive times from highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge and nearby spawn ride is that the bit to the maze. >>: reporter: helen 92 is still slow all aware across the span. your trip to the golden gate bridge is still sluggish here at the toll plaza and it's the results of the earlier current problems and san francisco and it's clear and so is the backed up into the rich rich richer is backed up this morning in heading to castro
8:20 am
and the richmond parkway as we head towards the toll plaza. >>: reporter: and his dad is falling the car crash in new york city the reporting it earned him numerous awards including 27 antibody. it is a reporter: heading based in new york and he and three of his colleagues were captured by the iraqi forces in 1991. in a special report last night they were confirmed that he was killed in that car accident. >>: reporter: for someone as than in the business for that long been seen as many things as these seem to have a curiosity and that desire to tell other people's stories. it's an incredible thing and it's just so stunning to see that what he's done. there reporter: they say his driver hit another car at the red light reported to the meeting and reported to the backup of the town car he had head injuries and was taken to the hospital where he later died. the driver is
8:21 am
in stable condition this morning in no one else was injured he was 73 years old. >>: reporter: to bodies were uncovered from the malaysian crashed and the river and tie one or both bodies were found downriver from the crash site. there were still strapped in the c one passenger still missing from the flight. 450 people are working to locate the body. the flight crashed minutes after takeoff after the pilot struggled to correct the problem of both of the engines. >>: reporter: than the rich case has ended with a jail term for the foreign korean executives. heather cho is not guilty of breaking the radiation and present were she threw a fit and first class and she served-as they served her nuts but not betray the way she expected them so chic store them and they had to go back to the gay and this case they had
8:22 am
to also be the daughter of korean air's share man. the dead and the daughter hempel's apologize for her behavior. >>: reporter: just days after facebook took on the public valentine's day cat they said that animal abuse has a similar page celebrating violence against cats at on facebook. nearly 30,000 people signed a petition early in the week causing them to pull the page. by tuesday in new page was entitled valentine's day kept punching has appeared on line. the spokesperson said that the page was removed earlier this week but there's no plans to remove the recent posting. >>: reporter: facebook will now lead to measure, using when it dies. you can make one last post on behalf of
8:23 am
yourself after your dead their response to the french request after year dead. the canals as to the cover from your profile until now the facebook memorialize the counts to someone who died they have the but it could be edited or managed. >>: reporter: coming up after the break the bay area bike recall will tell you which bike is affected in why they are recalling them. we're going to take a look now at the backed up at the bay bridge and all that sunshine. we're talking about some record highs today about oakland 53 and i'm 73 this afternoon.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>>: their fixing that mix management rollout from the electronic collection and the system and the golden gate bridge. what am i talking about? we're going over the bridge for example you always pay your bill. final analysis our economy
8:27 am
of a penalty that's what's going on another preparing telling for the call centers and 03 and on the golden gate the driver should pay with a past record when you go through they send you a and voice your supposed to get the invoice before you get a late fee. you have 21 days to pay. well 16,000 late notices were mailed out at the end of last year. >>: reporter: it's a bore land and never got their first notice so that's the problem that the second notice and they spend time on the phone or the backed up which is because of the family. they used to thousand dollars to contract the call center. new line >>: reporter: joe led by the north they are being recalled the 14 model of the n d f 50 the boys and girls bicycles have a problem with the handlebars. they are reporting that the
8:28 am
handlebars can come loose and make it difficult for the kids to stay upright. so if you believed that the bike you have is involved in this recall your urged to contact or renamo and bikes for a replacement. >>: reporter: still ahead cranes at the port of oakland sit idle and jackie sissel is at the port of oakland will tell you why and what it means to you in a live report. >>: reporter: the identity of a person of upon was founded as a case is there for cisco will talk to
8:29 am
(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect.
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(vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. >>: reporter: although its
8:31 am
foes with their current situation about reporting rain is good news to we have a pretty nice job today look outside the beautiful blue skies with haziness in going on in the system but it's not bad at the golden gate. but is quick to shape up to be a day like we see break out all day long and old tomorrow and all this coming weekend. today some morning clouds to see the is there in a bear kron uc warm conditions set up for this afternoon warm enough that we may replace some record highs for today. were talking upper sixties to low seventies may be even mid- 70s here and there also tomorrow above average temperatures continue look at the beacon with the warming trend that brings us back with the record highs potentially for saturday once again as we look at a good holiday weekend. >>: reporter: on monday we will have a three day weekend. we're breaking down
8:32 am
the time frame for you and details and were looking at the shot here in the current conditions but warm up the ball low 50s across the bay area. >>: reporter: it's still slow the bay bridge for the west on ride which is still backed up into the mcarthur maze that's why we are looking at 24 minutes drive times on average for the west bound a bridge trip. it's still sluggish if you're coming from 80 in the mimics freeway and catching that approach. if you're heading towards the san mateo bridge will still cat slow traffic will be for the toll plaza. this is between a felt and plot the road. it's about 20 minutes drive times from a word to san mateo and you'll spend a little less time on the stand. heading towards the golden gate bridge is still sluggish year cellphone but no longer backed up because of an earlier current problem on city streets in san francisco. >>: reporter: it's typically slow traffic as we approach the peak as the south on
8:33 am
ride. >>: reporter: happening today that operations reporter: oakland are shut down as part of a longstanding labor dispute between the union and the shipping company. we have jackie sissel live fund >>: reporter: this container city is on the ship for the next four days because essentially the port of oakland will be shut down its yearly quiet around here. we then on and on some morning and this the entire west coast when get almost no activity out here none will be happening for the next four days because of the labor impact between the specific union and the notation. there's a negotiation with the p and a and has said and accused the end of slowing down the work out here and the backed off of the material and the portent of the bay for several weeks now. because
8:34 am
of that enough is enough in the contract negotiations are broke down and we response of the negotiations center yesterday. it did not happen >>: reporter: they say they're not gonna pay the overtime for the four day week and that's coming up for the next four days no work will be going on in the port of oakland. we did have a chance to talk to the new sports person and he described the situation. >>: reporter: the real impact is going to be long- term there were 73,000 jobs that depend on the port of oakland. the labor pass continues much longer it's going to start to see cargo moving away from west coast that will result in a loss of jobs. in other >>: reporter: that's actually a spokesperson with the port of oakland in the port of oakland it is out here this is a disagreement that's between the operator and demand in the company and also than union that
8:35 am
operates the cream and on those ships are here. the port of oakland as one of the largest in the west coast and it's affecting almost all the ports. >>: reporter: what does this mean for you it meets those containers that showed you earlier they contain all kinds of materials. all the way from car parts to our electronics and there they sit. they will sit there for the next four days. >>: reporter: these are all the presents i was ever going to give the they were in there and you'll never get them. >>: reporter: the stories that were falling five armed robberies in the last two weeks the san jose neighborhood is rattled their confirming these reveries that happened in the city's evergreen neighborhood the most recent has happened and in the car. they said they he was a rabbi man pulled out a semi- automatic. there was another
8:36 am
man brought by two men wearing ski masks. the neighbors say the neighborhood has been also taken by home burglaries. >>: reporter: the police said the robberies are happening in the evening hours and the residents are saying that the burglary seem to be happening all hours of the day officers have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood. >>: reporter: they identified the personal headless body was found in a suitcase and services last month. the victim was 58 year-old omar shot on they say he was a nature lover and animal lover and that he shared a home with his father vallejo. they say he used to be roommates with this man 50 year-old andros trippet they say that the
8:37 am
d.a. did not have enough evidence over the weekend on saturday that he died. he was taken to the hospital the investigators say that he was seen on surveillance video holding that suitcase. >>: reporter: they said that he was in possession of the victim and we just need to have the cause of death so to fund whatever happened happened. >>: reporter: his father says that his son visited him and sam francisco many times but they were not living together. they think they had a dispute over money that led to the death of the sun. >>: reporter: hundred thousand dollar penalty was issued to california surfers cisco staffs fur and commissioning a vaccine he was given a chicken pox vaccine after he was are immune. he's taken medications that put him at risk for the vaccines. the medical center is no
8:38 am
enabling it electronic health records system the guzzlers for any patient that is admitted. >>: reporter: mills was i-- find inappropriate words and their schools homework. will tell you how they ended up there. in the next door were going to tell you how the solar california company is looking on a device that could help police avoid killing suspects unless absolutely necessary will see how that works. a new sign goes up that they're stirring controversy right across the street from elementary school. will tell you about that on the kron 4 story. >>: reporter: the story about the bay area weather is were looking at warm temperatures may be even a record-breaking highs in your neighborhood. 55 degrees right now on sampras's got the golden gate bridge the high today's 69. you can find a new frontier. there's
8:39 am
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ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters. >>: reporter:, new west anntaylor swift have headed to the studio. they said that he's excited about the upcoming musical son celebration. he's set has a huge than face an interesting perspective. they're talking backstage at the grammys back in 2009 and they made headlines for
8:42 am
tether swift for the best female video. he never thought we see the day were those to work together. >>: reporter: is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is still slow coming out of the mcarthur maze . we're facing drive times and will show you the rest of the traffic when we return.
8:43 am
8:44 am
what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
8:45 am
>>: reporter: the weather is on your side this morning almost there. it's a great place to have one trippet >>: reporter: here's what our single the city were seen this pretty much everywhere around the bay the temperatures are solidly in the upper '40's and low 50s. 49 and now but 51 in oakland 56 and san francisco temperatures, in the widespread by the '50s
8:46 am
and the 9:00 hour between 9 and 10 you should see the most reflecting in the fifties and by noon time and mostly sixties. we're looking at the '70s this afternoon. well see more '70s there than we did yesterday take a look at san jose warming to 75. is to sell the san jose and even in silicon valley were hitting 74 degrees it will be picture perfect. were may even surpass all records for the high temperatures around the state on february. upper sixties to low seventies on east bay valley oakland downtown will be about 73 this afternoon with nearly 70 degrees in the financial district and services go today. there reporter: your seven their run the base for cat shows that the nice warm weather will continue for the rest of the weekend into the upcoming holiday weekend it's live to enjoy it will have more on your
8:47 am
beach forecast as we come up. now traffic will see that the things are easing up a bit. >>: reporter: and the problem that a former road and and this is a city a slowing in the traffic in both directions occurring north bound and into the traffic lanes on the shoulder. almost to san ramon cellphone traffic is still backed up into walnut creek. in the right on highway 580 west bound so 680 looks good and one no one's self is jammed up now. looking at a nearly 50 minutes drive time from out of you coming out of the coyote valley for no. one no one and no. 80 is about 29 minutes from downtown san jose down to cupertino. >>: reporter: 85 is still very heavy from the allman valley out toward saratoga the mid peninsula has no
8:48 am
real picnic here where the cells of traffic and the san bruno redwood city to one no one even to the normal trouble-free to 80 is heavy almost to san bruno down to redwood city. it's a delay that has less pass as the big world. the is the bay bridge ride promised to update the drive times here 22 minutes now out of the mcarthur maze . the san mateo bridge west bound about the chain is from a road over to san mateo the golden gate bridge is sluggish now because of the peak of the south of commute. the richmond bridge west bound this interstate 580 is already starting to break up here and it's not a big backup any longer. >>: reporter: one of this year's most talked-about film sets at the raiders a this valentine's day weekend 50 shades of gray. it's in berlin yesterday where they was based on the
8:49 am
eel trilogy about the literature student who meets a billionaire named christian great. the book sold more than a hundred million copies. it is translated into 50 languages. >>: reporter: i think have a seen the movie because i feel like haldeman and the man were. >>: reporter: to to shades of gray is expected to bring in $60 million this weekend along. >>: reporter: it's a tv show called the fall. you could
8:50 am
check this out as you get further. a pennsylvania middle school is trying to explain about 50 she's a great why would middle school be talking about 50 shades of gray? you have defined the words and it's a jumble. some this the handcuffs.... >>: reporter: so what happened was as soon as the school board got word that this was handed up to the least five eighth grade students they took them all back. officials said that it was a big accident. one copy was to get tested and who posted on social media. >>: reporter: a strip club and san francisco has signed all nude saying all on the side of the building. they say it was recently put up and parents are upset
8:51 am
because of the scene from a nearby elementary school. >>: reporter: i don't understand they have to have the words all nude on their sign the former teacher owns this parking lot in the broadway court. hern several other building owners are serious about this new sign. this is an adult entertainment club it says all new cabaret. and there's an elementary school across the street. >>: reporter: my kids see this every day as i turned the corner >>: it's too close to the school. the children are so small. >>: reporter: at the school kids at this elementary school walk up and down the street often several times to the day. the club owners
8:52 am
said they been across the street for 23 years and never had any problems with the school or the neighborhood. however look at this picture. in the past the design says sir fault is says that plus all new--all new cabaret. --nude, >>: a mean there's an elementary school across the street it's a sign we know what's inside and as long as they don't express what happens in vegas days in vegas is and cited it stays inside. >>: reporter: i talked with several owners there also concerned about the signed they were scared this began camera out of fears of the political retaliation. i also spoke with the club owner on the phone on wednesday afternoon he asked me whether we in kansas this
8:53 am
is san francisco he has no problem with the word denude outside his club. j.r stone kron 4 news. >>: reporter: were investigating the story after the peak of you were reached out to us. if you wanna see more you one our web site are kron 4 doc from. >>: reporter: there kron 4 we have something else you would like to do is send us a link or you to posting of you making a selfish video on how to how you do that how you do anything in the know how to do homemade pie charts. ? how how to read a unicycle? if you feel that's always even more fun. send us your videos and female announcer: through presidents'
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9:01 am
>>erica: will continue with this warming trend as a head into the weekend i will be highlighting your holiday forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >>george: as we are tracking a couple of incidents here on interstate 580 in the westbound direction as you head for the richmond bridge with reality as sluggish traffic conditions and to the toll plaza as you had passed the richmond park west on interstate 580 and also tracking incident him to stay 680 in the northbound direction it was a multicar crash and the borrower and even on the shoulder on some time it did manage to back up the ride. if >>george: into san ramon northbound impact of not for walnut creek on a southbound interstate 680 and an accident no. my date 280 in saratoga is part of the reason why we are
9:02 am
still backed up into downtown and 101 is still nearly a 50 minute drive times as you head north come up out of the coyote valley from terry rode at the bay ridge was a lot we're still backed up into the macarthur maze to answer your trip to the san mateo bridge we have not yet seen things turnaround is still between 19 to 2 minutes from the drive out of hayward. >>mark: we're following attend a thousand commuters potentially exposed to measles after an infected person's role barked. --bart >>reporter: i spoke with the board's purpose is self one confirmed case and a risk of transmission is all you unvaccinated one shoe to mine the clock back into last week and that what the last time when you roll the bart system
9:03 am
>>reporter: he will retain the lafayette a montgomery street station wednesday thursday and friday. between 68 in the morning in seven to nine at night after the measles virus was up to two hours and is highly contagious because rep to the entire board system with the rest is mostly to those who are not vaccinated. for >>reporter: hour for those who are not. it >>: you should be scared is a good reminder to vaccinate your children. the first thing to do is to see when he rode and then he rolled the first morning and late at night. we offer the best i get vaccinated and i phil covered us all you can really say. >>reporter: in addition to writing bird system he is affected with measles--in
9:04 am
addition to writing bart system. >>reporter: still likely to allow your neck and face and work your way down to the body. the measles has spread through the air and not letting on to the strain the trend on a platform one case last week you're just have to take bart today. >>mark: 81 more information on the measles in the latest outbreak in california as well as the systems and more on this particular case we have all that information on our website at kron 4 come. >>darya: 903 is the time right now on happening today marin county health and services are partnering up for freedom and our vaccination clinic which is protecting you against the measles is measles mumps and rubella and is a vaccination.
9:05 am
>>darya: they're free from the school district and others who live in the geronimo ballet students in the school district that the priority and other residents will be vaccinated on a first-come first-served basis cash to bring your children and musician record with you. >>mark: president obama movieland sfo this evening. his attending a fund-raiser in san francisco. >>darya: one person is dead and also involved shooting in san jose police said the man target with a knife kron 4 will plan is live with the investigation >>will tran: but two versions of
9:06 am
the story we do know with shooting took place at this house brought in from about believe that someone wrote into the playoffs with an intruder when they got the 2 in the miller shut down and click on the 13th of a lot of german food already outside they say that he was holding a gun--a knife in his hands they felt threatened the oakland fire several times giving them at least one time as it into the hospital and later died. >>will tran: get a chance all morning to talk to the future mother-in-law she was inside the hall math at the time he was not an intruder with yet been living there for six years he was distraught at the time and she
9:07 am
believes than she was the one who called 911. >>: if they shot him and i did i see anything in his hand. ( followin phone ringing) >>: >>will tran: his name instead of what is within three years old he played football at the college the headed to your daughter that room you just heard from she was outside the house at the time and she was talking to him on the police officers came she did say that he moved in the police officers direction she did not see
9:08 am
anything in his hand shot fired and yet she did say led all she did see something there his body but she did not say whether or not it was a knife she does not know the two police officers on the injured had about 78 years on the police force they have been placed on paid administrative leave the police department but believe the shooting was justified. >>mark: protesters brought or directors meeting demonstrators asked the to drop charges against the so-called black friday 14 to the border is voting on today please violence has been a heated issue this year southern california company is now working on the new technology to prevent deadly shootings will study how it works.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>george: tracking 280 northbound at saratoga avenue not all the out of the traffic lanes with the damage has been done as solidly backed up on 280, all the way into downtown in fact across highway 101.
9:12 am
>>mark: 04630 this morning a chp officers tried will a speeding driver near woodside of the car did not stop the suspect crashed into a creek bed a few up as it was detained at the same with the man that was driving fled after search of the area they located a suspect and arrested him before a 30 this morning. >>darya: the bart board director is considering a resolution from alameda district attorney's office to drop charges against the black friday 1414 demonstrators were sighted on black friday for chaining themselves to two trains of the west a large station to build a small helicopter part to the abc seven news service for shut down for several hours. because of this one of the busiest shopping days of the year. last month protestors rallied at the board meeting arguing that the trespassing charges were too broad and vague. and the process
9:13 am
should not have to pay any fines. >>darya: that today's meeting started a few minutes ago >>erica: it will be a gorgeous day around the bay area live without side as san francisco's embarcadero we're talking record backing high return. at
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>darya: it was a cold start this morning but temperatures are one of now.
9:16 am
>>reporter: the thursday morning everyone on this thursday have out here at christie's filled and a morning that is turning out to be there is a light breeze out here and the sun is shining and it just feels absolutely spectacular is supposed to this spectacular weather day his emphasis on this thursday take a look here you concede that most of the people out here where insurance is so pleasant out here. >>: comparison the temperatures are different here is very nice to run it's really nice. >>reporter: last thursday was actually writing. and then running in beautiful sunny weather. .
9:17 am
>>darya: how did everyone talk to her about that? >>george: the rival interstate 280 in the northbound direction and is a motorcycle crash in saratoga avenue and some reports have cleared to the shoulder but has backed of the ride to downtown san jose be on the 281 01 interchange to the frame for when of course becomes his they fix 80 south 680 leave on for no 280 that that is not too confusing. >>george: the raipur danville on fixed 80 no bounds still jammed them because of earlier career problems southbound and filled ride here still backed up into walnut creek and threw it for a
9:18 am
sixth '80s out about flight delays for a 28 minute drive times through the san ramon valley southbound tracking the bridges for you the westbound bay bridge ride still badly backed up into the macarthur maze. >>george: you're ride to the cemetery ridge westbound so to improve tear the drive times to walk over to 2 minutes, not on the span of two drive times from hayward leading over to san mateo on highway 92 here at the golden gate bridge is extremely slow southbound you said a couple of reports of accidents and expand reporter northbound and southbound is still check the stars often there are no accidents currently. on the golden gate bridge >>george: your trip to the richmond bridge on the marin county still sluggish year as income out of richmond on 580 westbound on the back of this not reach into casper street. >>erica: we are talking about
9:19 am
the possibility of time or bring in some markets later on today already off to a pretty mild start here san francisco in the upper 60s if you're heading out right now san jose at 54 degrees 60 currently in oakland tickets tech the sunshine for the pretty one temperature and these numbers are only going to continue to climb as yet throughout the day. >>erica: 266 is within closer fit in and of bay and it looks like to really be expected for the south bank camera today with a high of 75 and the zero mountain valley. it will be a little cooler in the east bay to average is generally in the upper 50s for this time of the year but with that being said the letter reaching 6768 degrees and then failed 71 for stanley as a downtown san francisco with a high of 69 and
9:20 am
70 degrees in berkeley. >>erica: here is the seventh day around the bay forecast. we have a strong wind of high pressure bring in the warmer temperatures on valentine's day no excuse to get out and celebrate to much of will back off as headed to early next week snowstorms within the next seven days will sit increase the cloud cover and simmer to got back down into the upper 60s. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. it is something to be worried about how jobs are on the recovery our research the inside track? rob black: contained in january allowed us to the wall parade canceled because of a massive snowstorm in massachusetts. this is a month not good to give free
9:21 am
cocktails sales. . rob black: we're still trending in the right direction is that wage inflation. >>mark: tesla the bay area automaker is sales are falling down is starting to slip or is it something in the radar? fifth rob black: anti-israel 1/3% will be as big as apple will to the biggest company in the world. you will have to make the comparison to apple is accepted 5000 vehicles and to about 15 with his great good is our luxury vehicles priced as seven $1,000. this year about 9800 there are roughly the right direction the crossover as you
9:22 am
read that is coming up and then a couple years and not it will have achieved $30,000 version. rob black: the car door is ajar bias of madison of the time physical guy in test the grace period. before we even get the i watched him as an room for five years ago started to lean towards it fit his prosperous is a mapping the city was a
9:23 am
learning and teaching is about to drive there is in a disenchant that it would develop a car from start piecing together we seen one and 1.9 will be the board directors for apple before he died he said he wants to make a car. there's another little piece of evidence. rob black entry in rumors. >>mark: american express really dropping today a lot of people got their imax the bill is over isn't it? rob black: it does not make sense because it is getting more and cheaper i use my american express will people it says can i charge you to percent more. is about cutting costs and filled with the next year of american express is getting tougher and
9:24 am
tougher to use it is so meager rewards cars out there is used to be really good for rewards like miles and things along those lines. >>mark: you have a question for robert posted on the facebook fan page and he will answer them we will be right back. what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
9:25 am
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9:27 am
>>mark: the $564 million power water jackpot you're winning numbers unless i the winning ticket none of them sold here in california ever sold in north carolina for recall and texas however if the people in california last five of the six numbers for the power while lumber and those tickets were in the bay area so essential watching the 15 $4 million from march to match in five of the six numbers. the owner of that
9:28 am
store says he is very excited and that his store was on selling the ticket. we wouldn't know when they do will be right back.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>erica: a little hazy as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge mark we headed to the weekend where talking allow some is approaching the 80 degree mark was also pretty warm surface temperatures and low 60 for richmond and oakland, santa rosa will be to the upper '40's but all not temperatures this winter the afternoon the possibility of a record-breaking highs.
9:31 am
>>george: we are backed solidly into downtown and in fact back of beyond 101680 southbound is heavy try to come down the back of not and you're ride on one 01 and 85 through the south bay will for those freeways still very heavy as well this was people using those with the alternate delays. >>george: on highway 280 will begin again to track delays for the san ramon valley in the area leading up to alamo will allow the backed up into danville and backed up into a wall of a creek five to get pass highway
9:32 am
444680 south lawn. >>george: it appears to be thinning out a little bit where sailors back on the approach to the bridge, across from highway 92880 interchange. >>darya: there is a big backup at the port of oakland nothing is moving in or out the port is shut down because of a steady labor disputes and a dock workers' union and the shipping company. >>jackie sissel: what is happening today? nothing is happening today the skyscraper pile of containers out here that are sitting here that is why to remain indefinitely quiet out here. the portable will be shut
9:33 am
down recall the letter reflects from talk about this in between the pacific maritime association of this been going on for months in fact the p.m. a that of the pacific maritime association accused the union workers of slowing down the workout here. >>jackie sissel: also unloading very slowly because they say enough's enough where with the shutdown the ports for four days it is a four day holiday weekend is president's day weekend the means they will have to pay a premium to work for the weekend they're not going to do it there with the jet at down is not just here is 29 other airports around the west coast. >>jackie sissel: they say it is not fair. >>: they decided closing the four would give the some talk of levers and advantage in trying
9:34 am
to reach a contract with a to thousand dockworkers they must feel this close will put them in a stronger position. >>jackie sissel: would this mean for you? all those containers and car parts food goods electronics they're going to be sitting on the ships' galleys for another four days this is going on for months there was a scheduled mediation yesterday devils to negotiate and san francisco that was canceled at the last minute of the final straw p.m. aide said that board and said it will shut down the porch. in the ghost town out here at the port of oakland. if >>mark: the south bay residents and several they never heard of our rubber after five are more reason reported in the past two weeks phenazine please confirm miseries happened and evergreen neighborhoods. the victim says he was robbed by a man who will out a semi-automatic weapon to
9:35 am
mentoring ski mask and he was sloppy also said a man was armed with a semiautomatic weapon neighbor says that there have been played by a rash of home relief. fifth >>: we're getting scared i nothing i've ever been this year not know what will work without me thinking they're going to hit us-in what he did before my wife was the line of the doors close. >>mark: driver is a happening in the evening i will read this in the burglaries have been happening all out of the day. they stepped up patrols in that area >>darya: investing is that despite the person who did live body was found in a suitcase in san francisco last month the victim 58 year-old omar shawjuan he was a major an animal lover he shared his home with his father and the lei is to be roommates with this man 59 year- old mark andrus who was a prime
9:36 am
suspect who died on saturday after a second of the to the hospital the d a drop the murder charges against him by a lack of evidence but investigators say he was seen on to read as video holding that the case. >>: relativism is timmy have the right person is for sister the possession of that victim and now we need to have a cause of death so we can figure out where happened happened. if >>darya: he visited him frequently and think there was a dispute over money that may have led to his son's death death >>mark: from a tough plan complete testing and i wish to the department of the first one to try and figure out how it works for more details ahead.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: call for a companies working on a device that will help early to draw their weapons avoid killing suspects unless absolutely necessary the best alternative ballistics design this device to be like an air bag for a bullet when officer fires a gun it merges with a metal ball that troubled about one-fifth the speed of our regular bullets it would give a suspect one last chance to live was critical place to times of the situation the considered dangerous enough to use force of the officer needs three seconds or more to react.
9:41 am
>>mark: the sea of alternatives listed says the device is ready for release in the ferguson missouri police department has already signed to sister no sum of sorry if this addendum to stress as delays and many to you with the force economic the switch last enough on work for the first shock and disgust of the suspect the gun is ready to fire leapt around and is the second. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes watching weather and traffic on this thursday morning.
9:42 am
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9:45 am
>>mark: the police compartmental lot of warren saw the long haul and that is a go for the department from the facebook page 6 with more women fail to mention all the snow that was coming the on-line post is not to approach them wandering around ours are larger than gophers. >>darya: it will make center nothing like erica by the way you do not want her for anything. we are looking at a gorgeous weather. but >>erica: record breaking hide a
9:46 am
possibility not only today but the next couple of days in fact this warming trend is only one to take into full gear as we head into valentine's day were looking at a date should down to santa cruz and readings and the low 80s there right now we're off to a mile star, san francisco good morning you're at 5760 degrees in oakland afforded out the door santa rosa into verges on the continue to climb- time mainly of be a few low 7 to the other in the southwest seven is i really want to fill in as to get into the afternoon high as the focus on the temperatures in your neighborhood the warmer temperatures in the south bay this afternoon montagu's 72 and 74% to clear take a look at los gatos. >>erica: it would not be quite as warmer in the state keep in mind were generally in the upper
9:47 am
50s but this time of the year the fairfield hitting 67 vallejo temperatures and a low seven is along the east bay shoreline napa or with a high of 70 and 69 for downtown san francisco looking ahead the seventh ever on the bay for test data will be the warmest day no excuse to get outside and enjoy all of the sunshine the fortunes is backed off its early next week a strong reserve high pressure will keep the storms will to the north it will increase in cloud cover for have said want to spend valentine's day on the slopes kirkwood has 7 in. of new snow 52 in. to have a base of 47. >>erica: the have 17 in. of new snow with a base of 63 the time right now is 947 listed the road. it >>george: delayed the interstate 680 and sarah
9:48 am
>>george: track in the ride interstate 80 the crash at the backed them has left us behind schedule splitting up the saratoga and recurring problems with motorcycle accidents clear from the lane is on the shoulder at the bay ridge was bound even if your late commuter you're still want to get held with a big backer of which reaches ride to the edge of the macarthur maze this may be dissipating very quickly. as we are seeing some improvement conditions were and along the back of beyond the toll plaza and and you're ride on the golden gate bridge settled down nicely here on
9:49 am
westbound interstate 580 in easy trip from marin county. >>darya: up doors are investigating an accident happens san francisco to jarvis were involved this allows 615 this morning on richardson ave in lyon st. in the presidio neighborhood in san francisco to collide with a taxi and the struggle over it was closed off by an hour. >>mark: nationals by simon is dead followed a car crash in new york city. he started at cbs news in a prison from the moment he was killed in the car
9:50 am
crash. >>: for some live in a business that long seen as a lazy have seen and have the curiosity his driver hit another car at a red light and then had a median he had ended to his head and upper body and was taken to hospital where he later died. >>darya: 21 by several for it for the crash in taiwan early this month. them as there is a victim of crass indices and a crane once has a is still missing
9:51 am
>>mark: the xerox for a fast track only if certain invoices sent to the register of, of the vehicle on the fast track the driver saw pale they feel they do not pay the toll in 21 days 16,000 lay knobs were mailed out customers who cannot receive the original notice. the rich ones and 50,000 out the contracts and open based firm to the right to impose assistance and try and improve the call center. will be back with more in a few minutes with a recap of the top stores in need to know about before you head out the door this morning.
9:52 am
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>>darya: possibly exposing out of a bart station writers of the disease with and allow family members stationed during the morning and evening commute last wednesday thursday and friday employees also spent time in a restaurant in union square. >>mark: and as a police are investigating officer and raw shooting will killed a man police say a man with a knife broke into a home and of the arise if the senate charge the him. of shipments going in and out of oakland until next
9:56 am
tuesday and delivered this film going to the to the company and bought or brazilian with the means to the bay area and local businesses will not get any merchandise. >>darya: will be sitting in the warehouse thrift >>mark: clade thompson is joining steph career as a starter in all-star game. kobe bryant was injured for the first time since 1967 the war is that two players starting in the all- star gamestar >>darya: a little contest unfriendly three-point shooter out adjutancy who won this sunday on sports night live tune in to see host and jason applebaum battle it out in them have written notice, have our producers there is a big lineup.
9:57 am
sunday at 9:00 p.m. you have to check it out. we want to check out what you can do how do you do that by that women anything do you know how to bake in apple pie and stop and is making you cry when you do is reject a video of how to do it yourself and then will check all of those out for the show. >>mark: thank you so much for joining us on the kron 4 morning news you can stay connected on our web site at kron facebook enter in the kron 4 mobile applications >>darya: we will see you later. outro music
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