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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 13, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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x need no gunned down by police at this park. now i ate what investigators concluded about the death and reaction from people know him. >>reporter: a white house morning on cyber security in the tech heartland. >>: everybody's online everybody's vulnerable spinning president obama speaking. >>reporter: the president's motorcade back in san francisco tonight. we will tell you go what mr. old is doing tonight and way are you might run into traffic tieups. president obama. the president won a san francisco para is plenty mad at over switch in next week's close schedule. >>pam: baby i am pam moore. the word today that four police officers and shot and killed a man in brno heights last year
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will not face charges. that is from san francisco district attorney. the shooting of alex and he felt happened in the park. the officers they point out what appeared to be a gun that weapon turned out to be a taser. >>reporter: a lot of people feel that justice has not been surf. at a tree on a commonly not is a friend of the family of alex need help. she says they are disappointed bite of gaskins announcement but not really surprised. >>reporter: in a letter to the san francisco police chief greg sir the deal that day at 8 himself a former police chief says that the officers were acting lawfully in self-defense and the defense of others when they discharge their weapons at mr. alex need help after he drew
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and point a weapon which the officers reasonably believed to be a fire arm. in march of last year the four officers in question shot and killed alex need help after responding to reports of a man acting strangely impossibly kerrigan got here and laurel heights park. the officers say that when they confronted meet alex need help he point it would appear to be a weapon at them and they opened fire out of self-defense. in all the four officers fired 59 shots at alex nino who died on the scene. the weapon and alex neal was carrying turned out to be a taser. in the year since the snoops eroding many of alex nichols family and friends have questions the officers' version of events that are now pushing for the city to reform the way officer involved shootings are investigated. >>reporter: an autopsy report on
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him said that 11 of the 59 bullets were fired at them actually struck him. >>reporter: breaking those of other person has been hit by a train. train service has been stopped of because of this is a net of ptl light train hit a pedestrian right now there's no word of them condition of the pedestrian. it's close between off the expressway and winfield boulevard. is no estimated time as to when it will reopen. >>pam: president obama is bay area visit is winding down tonight. the president spoke at a cyber security summit in silicon valley earlier today. had attended a fund-raiser in san francisco tonight. you never the helicopters over the city today some of them decoys. one
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of them shuttling the president of events. dennis donovan documenting the president's most is live from semblances of russian hill neighborhood >>reporter: he left this fundraiser here and the russian hill section of san francisco adjusted 10:00. he actually walk to that door earlier now people were lined up across a around the street tried to get a glance. i'm just glad this woman's a brought survive all the excitement >>: all my got all my guide is the president it's the president. president also, i cannot believe it is president obama. all my got i feel like i
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know you i can't even believe it i can't even believe that i'm sought to president obama all my got i am so excited all i got i am so excited >>reporter: at the bell was certainly the best " of the tonight think all my guide i was so glad to see him oh my god... the stake in san francisco this
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evening in flight out tomorrow morning >>pam: will earlier today president obama was at stanford university college of silicon valley companies that help, the cyber threat. which continued to threaten everything for more personal information to corporate and government security >>: president obama speaking everybody's online and everybody is billable. >>reporter: president obama says it is time for the government and private, to companies to work together to keep the internet and personal information is safe and secure all. >>: president obama misspeaking result we all have to do. we have to make things safer we have to improve cooperation across the board. and i the way this is not just here in the u.s. but is international. >>reporter: the president is
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signing a new executive order. he once of people to share more information about threats cyber threats. >>: there's always been some contention between the president in silicon valley. we don't want government in steering information so now that tension is gonna be weakened but i think the president coming here to bridge that gap. >>reporter: apple's pc e all tam " through a process drop loss drew applause... >>: president obama speaking world here today because we know we have to break through some of these barriers so the we continue to drop brought in this
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remarkable new world bank gary much everybody thank you very much everybody >>reporter: that executive order cuts both ways giving private companies access to data and security as well. at stanford university rob fladeboe. >>pam: president obama was taken from his hotel to christie's field as spectators waited for him to get to the summit on cyber security at stanford. the president traveled by air. the helicopters landed a christie's field at 930 this morning. the park rangers paul park police, s f p d anise seed service and other agencies were on have a security. authorities said down
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christie's field to vehicle and foot traffic the area reopen shortly after the president departed. >>pam: oakland police shot and an alleged leak was wielding a knife today. police say someone flag down to police officers near 88 first avenue and east st. to. and said there was a man with a knife nearby i was acting erratically. the officers found them but then there was a confrontation and one of the office fire his weapon. the man was taken to a hospital. this is the second involving an oakland police officer and the latest of several bay area police shooting so far this month ran as more on that. >>grant: it was a shooting in oakland on february 3rd and emeryville officer shot in via killed and a suspected of fame helped set of shoplifter. same-
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day a man at the and was killed by the deputies as he charged at them with a knife. meanwhile february 9th santa clara police status suspect in sunnyvale's saying that the man tried to run over us ought officer. he later turned up at the general hospital with gunshot wound and was arrested. a man that was charging at them with the knife again and it brings us to today with a man threatening them with the knife in east oakland. >>pam: most school across the country and the bay area will take off on monday which is presidents' day and not the san francisco unified school district. filled and the ball is
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in the nose drone with the angry reaction from one student's father father >>reporter: the school district opted to push president they down to friday after the observation of the lunar new year on thursday but williams munch are says that is just not right. >>reporter: take off and upset what ever you want to call it take off ticked off... this veteran just learned that his daughter has to attend class monday. >>: my daughter has profit attendance.
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>>reporter: more than a year ago the school district decided that this day immediately following milliner holiday will be on the same wake and they said that they made a decision so that it would impact it students the impact on students. >>reporter: mahon jar and some other parents are just hearing about this now. he does not appreciate the 4 day weekend. >>: why don't they just canceled thanksgiving next time about a week. >>reporter: the oakland mall babble unified school district are all off monday. san jose is off the whole week for winter recess. >>: president obama isn't town
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and about canceled president's holiday this is wrong >>reporter: next year presidents' day will be observed on its actual day this is a promise from the school district >>pam: a shooting inside one of the nation's busiest airports. the best options for those of you will still need to pick up flowers for your valentine. and we check on the transformation of levi stadium from football to hockey. >>reporter: details about rain and our future forecasts is coming up.
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. >>reporter: we had a lot of sunshine for today and son temperatures the warmed up to the '70s much across much of the area. we actually been some
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records in some places. knapp was 71. hayward or warmed up to 670 degrees nassau was 71 degrees napa was 71 degrees. san francisco right now is 63 degrees. 58 to livermore. friday evening maybe one go out and grab a late dinner the temperatures will continue to stay in the '50s for the inland areas. until about 1:00 this evening. across the bay the talking about the upper 60s. high pressure again is in place again why we're gonna get warmer
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temperatures and sunny conditions over the weekend. i will continue to stay dry. very comfortable tenters temperatures. nothing was done jan fetched marled nothing the sunshine for tomorrow. we at a handful of 50 degree temperatures starting the morning and then as a warm-up drop the day. we may even set records again tomorrow. nor they will have '70s and along the north bay area >>reporter: what better time than to unveil an ice hockey rink in santa clara crews are making good progress try to of change the 49ers home to an
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outdoor hockey stadium. next saturday night the sharks and kings will face off in front of 69,000 fans. the largest crowd to watch hockey game east of the mississippi. a mass of refrigeration truck will keep ice in playable condition. the gang will be played in whatever whether mother nature brings next weekend. >>pam: there was a shooting at the dallas-fort worth international airport. a prisoner was shot in and during an altercation with law enforcement. one officer and the prisoners were both taken to local hospitals. airport officials say the fire broke out as a prisoner was being transported to another location. no flights were interrupted by the shooting. >>pam: february is black history month and kron 4 is celebrating with a special at the end of the
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month call salema to ferguson what has changed. and tonight's preview newly elected at sam francisco board of supervisors president london trade talks about the significance of this month 50 years after the police brutality brutality associated with the 1965 march on selma. >>: we go back to 1965 and those same issues were happening at that time what do we need to make progress verses the all so that those things do not happen in this day and age. >>pam: the kron 4 special sell much of ferguson will have special airings. the first is saturday february 21st at 7:00
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p.m. we hope you'll tune in and carry it >>pam: why this supreme court justice may have been california dreaming during the president's state of union address. big board gives nearly 13,000 people something to talk about and it's going to leave you talking to. >>gary: with the have a little bit of got a lot of cross rate coming up on the sports. a warm couples coming up later in this broadcast
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>>pam: a confession from a u.s. supreme court justice who nodded off during the president's state of the union speech last month.
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a one year-old ruth ginsberg says she had been drinking and really good california wine before hand. as she told an audience at any event last night that she was not 100 percent sober. ginsburg is not off at the state of the union speeches before and she blamed the catafalque california wine than two. >>pam: sesame street's icon and big bird joined twist today. the at a big bird account was created in 2012 but the day the first message was sent out and is simply said tweet. isn't with just what are the yellow feather star of sesame street join the ranks of most tweeters. the big bird has already collected more than 12,000 followers. >>pam: still a at a group of
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teenagers terror by the northern california store why all these teams started this location at the same time and the big debate this valentine's day and on facebook page are tulips and the new roses? your comments are next.
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>>pam: ahead tonight at 8 a woman stabbed out of much of her life's savings after an encounter outside of south a san francisco store. how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of the same staying and a last-minute flowers for the valentine's day? there is an apt for that. and next will show you how this will what long weekend
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already has some celebrating in the sun. >>reporter: will talk about the quieter rather plus what it is gonna be looking right in the forecast >>reporter: highlighted by steffens' with the warriors out of talent to take over the gym four of whose three-point shooter out of our own. the full hour of sports named sunday night at 9 right after the news.
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>>pam: will how about this beach weather warm and sunny temperatures in the '70s with active waves. it's summer four months early. this is the kind of pain and brings a lot of
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people outside jeff bush as lot of san francisco. >>reporter: out here in ocean beach is lovely is been a great wonderful day and as we get is expected be even better. and this is one of the reasons bobby live here. ocean beach was a place to be on friday afternoon of light breeze warm sunshine and and light california below. >>: is beautiful today must be 75 degrees. beautiful weather we came from l.a. we expected to be this good. >>reporter: california dreamy weather. >>: out from france and is very very cold imam talents of three happy with this weather.
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>>: we been picnicking on the beach walking on the beach is just a lot safer having a great time >>: were visiting from washington the say and i could never expected anything better weather wise the huge beautiful beaches. >>: is fantastic time of year from the east coast. it was a giant blue the last data was that harmon's is really different were glad to be adhered the beach >>: this is pretty amazing i live in salt lake city and a surprising her from valentine's we cannot change the schedule around and at the weekend off and now we hear the beat seven a couple of glasses of wine and enjoying the beautiful weather in clear skies. >>reporter: beautiful weather and clear skies is more to come
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for this three day weekend. >>reporter: more beautiful weather will continue into the weekend. then the temperatures will give local by the early part of next week. we did see record highs in our area today. san francisco was still pretty one and prewar and 74. pretty warm and 74. we did have plenty of sunshine brought much of the area. and without much with those clear skies we have been cool temperatures now and mid '60s. napa is now and 60 degrees. vallejo is that 51. the temperatures and now on the lower 60s because of high pressure. the for the north we
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go we do have a little bit of cloud cover. the high-pressure system will continue the stay of our area for the next couple of days that will track off in an easterly direction. in were not expecting any rain of the next seven days all our conditions to remain dry. >>reporter: upper 50s in the morning and by the lunch hour we would have the upper 60s lower 70's tomorrow. redwood city messy 73 and fearing not macy 73 degrees. for a model also see 73 degrees. fremont fremont will see 73 degrees
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>>pam: tonight hayward police and alameda county sheriff's are investigating the death of a man whose body was found at local college. to coax from the life chiropractic college west in a word called police after they saw a suspicious u-haul drop at the back of the college. when police are brought they found the body of a man in his '30's or '40's. officials said the college from officials of the, the body does not appear to be that of a student faculty or staff member. police say it appears that the u-haul truck was used to ram the back of the school's staff bay and the man inside may be a victim of a botched burglary. >>pam: and elderly what and severance if a woman was dragged out of thousands of dollars in what police are calling up
8:35 pm
pension drop scampi area >>reporter: it was hit her in this cost bowl parking lot where police say the victim approached at just before 11:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the suspects like the victim also older women between the ages of 50 and 70. they pretended not to know each other when they offer the victim the very tempting proposal. police say that when each day off for the scam she handed over her money to the suspect got were taking her from banks to withdraw money. >>reporter: the shopper and ms. mendoza said she wouldn't fall for such a scheme because the same thing happened to our cousin.
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>>reporter: police all sparks and sargent and decoding says is a fraud that happens more often than they would like. maureen kelly kron 4 news >>reporter: 7 sale police are investigating a shooting on an overpass on highway 1 01 and a police battle lot of calls the the were multiple shots fired of peninsula avenue ride above highway 101 they found a 19 year-old guy on the sidewalk. he then stable condition but that said the injuries are it is seeing their the reported as credible. they think this is a random act and they believe the peninsula avenue is expected to
8:37 pm
reopen to traffic about 9:00 p.m. tonight >>pam: still at a floral frenzy and teenagers terrorize a grocery store. and if you're a fan of people behaving badly you mall on ms. stanley roberts all loan special of people behaving badly this special airs next friday night february 20th as at 9:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news
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know better sleep with sleep number. >>pam: five teenagers were arrested outside sacramento for allegedly terrorizing people at a grocery store. these are pictures from an incident that happened on wednesday. one of
8:40 pm
the teens through a bottle of oil on the floor causing an elderly man to fall in enjoy his arm. another tain punched the store manager in the face. police said three of the five taine's the war but on wednesday at previously been arrested for shoplifting at the same store. >>pam: the state of utah could start using firearms wants execute prisoners on death row. the bill that authorizes irons what passed for the utah state assembly. it's unclear if the state senate and utah's governor supports the bill. yet the legislation is approved you tallboy joined oklahoma the united arab member right indonesia and syria as the only place in the world arms what arts are used. >>pam: wall street is a week and i know. the dallas topped 80,000
8:41 pm
of the first time this year. and the s&p 500 hitter record high 2896. that's six points above its previous record high in december. >>pam: garies coming up with sports information coming up next. >>reporter: temperatures will warm up and to the mid '70s of the tell the coming up >>pam: and we won an almighty do that by that we mean anything ready joggle, abode change a diaper what ever we does one know what you do that. make a video up loaded to you tube and then let us know by going to our kron-4-dot-com we does one see
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it in a b-shares fell have fun more detail on our kron-4-dot- com
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>>pam: tomorrow is valentine's day and the clock is ticking. if you're behind the ball or simply for gatt kron 4 is simply turner found a bay area start of the canal. >>reporter: if the flowers are optional on valentine's day think again. does online company
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has launched a campaign to help last-minute lovers and procrastinators and forgetful folds of this valentine's day. i'm like most floral co. is blowing that excess orders all day on valentine's day and still guarantee same-day delivery. and for valentine's day blanc has developed his own relationship for valentine's day in order to keep demand and make sure the notes are personalized they partnered with the company that provides robots to write the notes. blown that delivers all of the bay area and l.a. has as fast as 90 minutes. pavin at an and web site and two options starting at $55 when stack and other companies charge anything where from 20 to $80
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but the quality varies. >>pam: many floors are prepared for the rush a procrastinating paramours. this is the busiest time of year for san francisco wholesale flower mart. foreshocks and there will be open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow the most popular flowers for valentine's day? red roses. but that's not what everybody buys. flour preferences leading to abandon tape made on our facebook page right now now >>reporter: roses are facing a new challenger as the floor of choice of valentine's day for our service company blown nations as the two lobes are becoming more and more popular on february 48. roses are facing a new challenger as the fourth choice of valentine's day.
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flowers service co. blown nation says to lose are becoming more and more popular tools are in a peak season are around valentine's day and come at a fraction of the price of roses. the commerce department says to lotus sales have grown by more than a million bobs between 2012 and 2013. the commerce the province as to lose sales of ground so maybe till as will be next year for everybody >>gary: are written every evening everybody you may not know the top of the leader board. but to have to admit the scenery is beautiful and you had downed a pebble beach. you know
8:47 pm
this fellow is bill murray men wearing cal pants. he's been doing it year after year after year he rarely gets a does bill murray getting ready for the weekend. here's your leader 67 it kolis with matt johnson john daly was at the top of the leader board yesterday he was not that today one over 72 he's and 37 after being in third place yesterday. seth curry is rolling. in new york he's getting ready for all-star weekend >>: this is been of good first half of the season of the watch and my steam makes klay thompson in yes will try to do big things this year. >>gary: and just for them record
8:48 pm
robin roberts was a college basketball player. abroad curry is next on the scheduled there had lining nba's kids they fret. the commissioner was there. even is a acknowledging make is one of the brightest men in the lake. footlocker their store on 31st street lot scurries new signature to shoot may buy under armor. it's made by chinese companies saw these guys were busy busy busy will be involved abroad night in a shooting contest and a father and son dale and of course kron 4 has apps rent grant lotus pam more
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spotty rates is gonna be shooting for the three-point range. crime is having a three- point shooting contest parry @ this just in vain fix 42. they next four to two. fe next the stocks just want to night in phoenix the sharks just want to night in phoenix they won tonight... >>gary: what is your problem was bluster playing golf. i'm just not one of those guys that will walk around and say i saw him play golf or checkers have no
8:50 pm
problem that i can't get through but indeed to me i love buster posey play baseball when it comes to golf now i can take- it-or-leave-it. >>reporter: 1 and the cost have those people around at fans test. >>gary: see sam the pot body guard it cost me more playoffs slam at the end of the day. to pay off sam at the end of the day. we have the radio families people know your arm who you are. >>reporter: i really think curry is better than the brown and i cannot wait until sunday
8:51 pm
>>gary: a bride is the greatest. lebron james is the greatest. you're looking at 6721 70 lbs. seth curry is about 63 about an and 75. lebron james is six seats in 7 270 lbs.. >>gary: here's what they've learned to the ago ronald bit now talking about the deflated football back and forth. in all this media slugs day after day looking at the same faces. is
8:52 pm
this different when you go on letterman is a different environment. there's still that stuff about the football the makes you think twice. >>reporter: i heard you on radio when you mayor mary alecia you were broke. what were you thinking when you married alecia >>gary: i can say i was broke edessa your wife of the with the age difference she must've had money. i i'll show you what i gave alecia. one is that got gonna retire alecia says never.
8:53 pm
to any sewing office three beautiful children he's showing off his three beautiful children. i didn't have much money but i had a lot of love. and i really deliver good- looking kids. >>pam: a leave seattle got to deal with it still ok alecia had a lot to do with it too.
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>>pam: was hoping that somewhere along the line will get some more rain will see you at 11:00. female announcer: get 36 months interest-free financing, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but only through presidents' day at sleep train.
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