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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 22, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> vicki: now at 8. a person hit and killed by a car. another seriously injured. it happened at the intersection of south wolfe road and el camino real in sunnyvale. that's where we find kron-4's scott rates. who just spoke to people who say they this happen. scott what did they tell you? >> scott: investigators or at the scene four hours and they just laughed about hour-and-a- half ago. we do know that the woman who was killed was in her early to late 50s and other who is injured was in her 30's. the neighbors do want to come on camera but one of them said they think one of the ladies was chasing after a dog. we do not
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know if the light was green or red during the crash. this is a very dangerous intersection where cars whiz by all the time. they have not release the name of the woman was killed. the injured woman remains in critical condition. >> vicki: the oakland coroner identifies a man killed in a hit and run crash on friday. he is identified as fourty year old maruice summerfield of leemore. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c seven. friday afternoon two pedestrians were hit at 32nd street and san pablo avenue. police say the driver fled the scene on foot - leaving their vehicle behind. the second pedestrian was taken to the hospital in stable conidition. investigators have not released a description of a suspect or car. a man has died from his injuries resulting from a hit and run accident in san jose.
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the driver of the car, is behind bars tonight.arrested while under the influence of alcohol. police say he caused major commotion before his apprehension. kron 4's alecia reid reports on the city's 7th traffic fatality for the year. >> alecia: remnants of fruits lay spattered in the villa gas station. barely able to speak, a friend of the victim managed to get out a few words. >> he's was a very good man. they're good people. sob im sorry. >> alecia: police say marco chamale - allegedly under the influence of alcohol saturday afternoon, was driving northbound on south white road when he collided head-on with another vehicle. he didn't stop. his car hit the curb, and veered into a husband and wife manning their fruit stand on the sidewalk. the 25 year old kept going. he barreled through the gas station and across mount vista drive --- landing into a neighbor's fence witnesses say the suspect then tried to get away by skidding through the lawn and down mount vista. but
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it all came to a halt when the 99 buick sedan hit a parked car. that's when authorities were able to apprehend him. >> it happened so fast. >> alecia: the man and his wife were rushed to the hospital. he succumbed to his injuries on sunday. for years friends say the 40 year old supported his family by selling fruits. >> i used to see him working so hard. it's just unbelievable. >> it is so sad. i feel so sad for the family >> alecia: the suspect is currently booked in santa clara county jail. reporting in san jose alecia reid kron 4 news. >> vicki: six people pulled from the waters near crissy field.after their outrigger canoe took on water. the u-s coast guard rescued the six around 11-30 this morning. emergency crews evaluated them for injuries. but the coast guard says at this point they do not know why the canoe took on water. a three alarm fire that ripped through three san francisco buildings caused nearly one and a half million dollars in damage.
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the fire also forced a dozen people out of their homes. kron-4's annie andersen spoke with neighborhood residents still shaken up by the intense fire. >> annie: the fire that damaged 3 apartment buildings in san francisco's castro district sent smoke and fire high into the sky saturday afternoon.surprising neighbors like freda wineman who was outside enjoying the afternoon. >> "i was sitting in front of my building and i heard what sounded like an explosion, and the flames and the smoke just gushed out of the building.embers made little pit burns on my skin almost 2 blocks away" >> annie: many neighbors in this close knit community came out to watch as the blaze tore through these buildings. and to make sure loved ones were safe." >> "check on my friends across the street, and she was out with her baby, and it was wonderful to know that they got out of the house." >> annie: sunday morning brought many back to the intersection of 15th street and church street to look over the damaged buildings. wineman had tears in her eyes looking over what remains of the
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apartment buildings. >> "i wish i was rich and could help them." >> annie: she was also sad to see that the church street market was still closed. the owner youself elhaj is one of wineman's favorite people in the neighborhood. >> "oh, i'll be glad when he's back. i'm sure he'll be down here a lot because he loves his property and he'll be down here to make sure that things are going right." >> annie: the damage to the 3 buildings. including the corner shop is estimated to be about 1.4 million dollars. even so.wineman is confident neighbors won't leave for good. >> "they love the neighborhood. we all love the neighborhood. and i'm sure they'll be back." in sf annie anderson kron 4 news >> vicki: nearly a month has passed since a massive deadly 4- alarm fire ripped through a building in san francisco's mission district. this is video of the fire from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7. the fire destroyed apartments -- at least 40 people were displaced at 22nd and mission streets. the fire also forced 36 businesses out of that building.
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tonight -- kron four's philippe djegal sits down with an artist. whose life has been turned upside down since her studio went up in flames. but with help from others -- hopes to get back on her feet. >> "by some miracle, this sculpture survived." >> phillipe: however, not unscathed. >> "now, it has a whole different quality with all the ash and the smoke and the water." >> phillipe: same goes for the rest of the art karen van dine was able to salvage. >> "this is an etching." philippethis 73-year-old creator of >> phillipe: studio 217, once housed for 15 years in this now defunct building on mission street -- is at a loss. >> "and, this is another drawing." >> phillipe: because even what she's been able to recover -- it's all too damaged to sell. >> sot- "artwork is vulnerable. that first day, i got out two drawings and en etching and i had to immediately unframe them because there was grit and ater inside the frames." >> phillipe: for now, van dine is storing her art inside her
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one bedroom apartment across town. >> "these were the ones i was able to recover." >> phillipe: she's referring to the 112 box sculptures that took two and a half years for her to make. >> "eight of them are here now and even those are quite damaged." >> phillipe: van dine is one of 36 business owners pushed out because of the deadly january fire, and like the rest, she needs help. >> "time has gone by, but that doesn't mean anything's changed for us." >> phillipe: an online fundraiser for the people who lived here has raised more than 180-thousand dollars to get families back on their feet. but there hasn't been much help for the businesses, until now. van dine says her last painting before the fire sold for 12- hundred dollars. >> "how much do you think you lost? i'd say tens of thousands of dollars." >> phillipe: on friday, the mission economic development agency launched an online fundraising campaign to provide releif for people like van dine, who lost their livlihoods.
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a quick search of the words 'sf mission fire' on the website 'tilt dot com' will take you to the page that so far, has jumped out to a slow start. van dine is hoping the public is as generous to the businesses as it was for the tenants. >> "my past was taken. perhaps my future was taken. if i don't get my tools back. if i can't find a new space, perhaps, i'm done." >> phillipe: in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> dan: the threats are coming from a familiar source, vicki.
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al shabob the east african terrorist organization . has gained national attention by committing unspeakably heinous crimes. now they're trying to spin that notoriety into influence with the hope of inciting attacks on western malls. >> americans need to assert their rights but be careful >> dan: this message is resonating with people going to the mall of america >> i'm not going to let this ruin my life i'm going to move forward. i'm not concerned at
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all about this. >> dan: while local muslims assert that they have nothing to do with this they understand the sensitivity of the issue and that this might cause people to be harmed. security is being stepped up vice >> vicki: attorney general kamala harris approves the sale of six hospitals to a private buyer. a move that is opposed by the health care worker's union and santa clara county officials. two of the six hospitals include o'connor hospital in san
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jose and saint louise regional hospital in gilroy. in the agreement prime healthcare is required to continue care at all six facilities for ten years. harris also says prime will need to spend 150 million dollars on improvements to the hosptials. bad news for car owners. gas prices are on the rise. after months of low prices at the pump.prices have jumped 13 cents in the last two weeks. according to industry analysts.the rise is due to increased crude oil prices and labor strikes in several refineries. gas is now at an average of two dollars and thirty-three cents a gallon. los angeles saw the biggest price spike at 35 cents more a gallon. the cheapest gas in the country is in salt lake city utah. coming up at eight. labor and shipping problems at the ports supposed to be over. but we'll show you one bay area port where it's anything but back to business. the american young woman killed at the hands of isis.
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her family now speaking out. what, if anything could have been done to save the humanitarian worker. and a trend nobody wants to see. why so many homicides in the city by the bay. >> brian: cooler temperatures are brown the bay area with ties into the mid to upper 60s with gusty winds
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>> vicki: new reports out that 2015 has been an uncharactaristically violent year for san francisco. according to police there have been a recorded 11 homicides in two short months. the homicides unfolded at a quick pace for a city where fatal attacks are down more than half in the last several years. according to officials.san francisco recorded 45 murders in 2014 and 48 in 2013. 20-07 was also a violent year, with one hundred recorded
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homicides. it's back to work today at california's ports.except for the port of oakland it's unclear what caused the snag today. but the pacific maritime association says the other 28 ports resumed full operation. work at the ports slowed over a nine month long contract dispute. a deal between the the port and union was struck late friday and by saturday night ports were working on their backlog. officials say it will take months to clear all the cargo. the west coast seaports handle around one quarter of u.s. international trade. san diego's mayor says he want the chargers to stay in the city.but won't support a deal the city can't afford. the mayor met with chargers chairman to discuss working in good faith to keep the team in the city. this is after a surprise announcement this week of a possible shared stadium between the oakland raiders and san diego chargers.
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the rival teams said they are considering a stadium site in los angeles county. san diego's mayor has been fired up over the announcement.saying the city had no idea the chargers were ever talking with the raiders. the mayor has agreed to present the team a plan within three which point we might also know more about the raiders' plans. drivers are cautioned to be alert today and tomorrow. a wind advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area. it affecting mostly the north and east bays.including fairfield and concord. kron-4 meteorologist brian van aken is here. brian how long are the winds going to last? >> brian: we will have the winds for tonight and tomorrow which is part of the storm system coming through southern california. notice that we have a lot of activity in southern california with heavy rain or ec the yellow. that system action
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brought a few showers along the bay area. this afternoon a few brief light showers passed just south of san jose and santa clara. look at pier 15 we have winds up and around 20 mi. per hour isis san francisco de. bay . those winds will continue through much of the day tomorrow. we will see some
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cooler temperatures with this system with temperatures down five degrees today for normal. another five degrees cooler for tomorrow. there is the system south and east to the bay with a clatter and showers but this remains to our south going through the day.we will remain sunny and breezy throughout the afternoon hours tomorrow. we do have some warmer weather coming up in this week.
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>> stanley: ok, let's watch this driver of the toyota with the blinker on, watch as the window rolls down the drivers starts turning left and the hand is extended out said window that my friend is what you call
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a collision waiting to happen let's watch a different driver notice fiat with the blinker on while patiently waiting for the light to change as soon as the light changes there goes the illegal turn ok i thing i set the perfect scene drivers ignoring this right turn only arrow and turning left and some times cutting off other drivers this is the time you wish there was motorcycle officer somewhere nearby so when some does that again i can have a chat with the driver >> how oftern do you do that little short cut there well >> stanley: this is the first ime you've ever done this and you get caught on camera what are the odds there there was this driver who came pretty close to being involved in a collision he will have to have a chat with a san francisco area chp officer
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i wonder what he has to say >> i didn't realize that couldne go from that well i did cause a crash you almost got pretty close >> stanley: now here is the million dollar question how many times do you come down that road all the time but ive never done that before never sone that before this is your first time apparently its everyone's first time then there was this driver who did the old park and get something out the trunk routine he told the officer i was violating his privacy he wanted the name of my station so he could call my boss so i tried to givm his chance to speak anyway in the end this was the fina outcome >> i got caught behaving badly and i will not do it again. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> vicki: coming up at 8:30.
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if you've got the urge to pick up your smart phone again and again. the dangers of extreme phone use and how it affects your mood. the good, the bad, and the ugly. we've got the rundown on oscar night's red carpet fashion delights and. disasters.
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>> vicki: still ahead. trains derailing nearly every month. we look at a new report detailing risks of moving flamable fuel on trains through major cities.
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three teenage girls feared on their way to becoming isis brides. the desperate pleas by their families to come home. and a hit and run in the south bay turns deadly. what happened to the pedestrian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> jason: one-on-one with the giants manager bruce bochy after the names. news. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive. book your low fare now at
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>> vicki: some of our top stories at the bottom of the hour. police are investigating a fatal crash this afternoon in the south bay. the collision happened in the area of south wolfe road and east el camino real in sunnyvale. one pedestrian was killed at the scene and another suffered major injuries. the public is advised to avoid
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the area as police conduct an investigation. a man has died from his injuries resulting from a hit and run accident in san jose. it happened on south white road yesterday. the driver of the car, is behind bars tonight. arrested while under the influence of alcohol. police say he caused major commotion before being apprehended. this is the city's 7th traffic fatality for the year. a new video is urging terrorists to attack shopping malls in the u.s., canada, britain and other western countries. the video from by somalia's al- qaida-linked rebel group al- shabab specifically naming the mall of america in suburban minneapolis. the department of homeland security taking the threat seriously. calling the video "the new phase" of the global terrorist threat and warns the public to be vigilant. three cases of a superbug have been confirmed at carolinas health-care system- lincoln this year. according to a spokesperson, two people were infected outside of the hospital and the third victim was infected inside. the superbug c-r-e is usually found in health-care settings--
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it's difficult to treat because it's highly resistant to antibiotics. a superbug c-r-e outbreak at the university of california- los angeles medical center last week was linked to certain medical scopes. a young man accused in a deadly nevada shooting has his first court appearance tomorrow. las vegas mom tammy meyers died in the incident february 12-th. which was originally attributed to road rage. new developments have caused authorities to rethink that explanation. and left the neighborhood divided. on saturday, law enforcement came together with residents for a peace walk. hoping to diffuse the tension. elizabeth gadley was there.and has the story. >> reporter: a young man accused
8:32 pm
in a deadly nevada shooting has his first court appearance tomorrow. las vegas mom tammy meyers died in the incident february 12-th. which was originally attributed to road rage. new developments have caused authorities to rethink that explanation. and left the neighborhood divided. on saturday, law enforcement came together with residents for a peace walk. hoping to diffuse the tension. elizabeth gadley was there and filed this report. it's a story the whole country is following. now some in the community are trying to change the focus and the feeling in the neighborhood. >> "i pray more than anything that there be peace in her community." >> reporter: shifting from hurt and hostility to healing. >> "we know that the suspect and the victim lived very very close to one and other and we know there are circles, they interact. we are here to prevent any future violence. we do not want people taking matters into their own hands." >> reporter: it's gone from a road rage shooting to something entirely different. after police arrested erich nowsch for the february 12 shooting death of tammy meyers, it was revealed the two knew each other, well. but this event has nothing to do with pointing fingers, the ongoing investigation or finding answers, it was about trying to move past the anger and accusations.
8:33 pm
>> "so with the police department and the faith based groups we are going to talk to this neighborhood, the whole neighborhood and say we are here for you." >> "these volunteers are walking through this neighborhood. spreading their message of peace, offering comfort and hopefully easing some of the tension. >> reporter: the meyers family was not involved but organzers say they were aware. >> "we know what happened down the street here and we've already been down to that house, to the other house and just talked with them. they were very open to the help and said could you reach out to the rest of the neighborhood." >> reporter: it will undoubtedly take time before things truly get back to normal in the area but neighbors say this is a step in the right direction. >> "i think it is very admirable what they are doing here trying to outreach to the community and kind of get a dialog going on between people that live in the community." >> "19-year-old erich nowsch is facing charges of murder and attempted murder. his first scheduled court appearence is monday. reporting near buffalo and alta, i'm elizabeth gadley channel 13 action news."
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>> vicki: police have released the names of three missing u-k girls.believed to heading to syria to join isis. and officials say time is running out in the search to find them >> reporter: three teenaged friends: 15 year old shamima begum, 16 year old kadiza sultan and another whose family have asked police not to identify 15 year old amira abase. school friends spending the day together. now at the heart of an international hunt british police say the girls took a flight to istanbul and they are believed to be on their way in to syria to join isis >> "this is an on-going live counter-terrorism operation and we're concerned about these three girls, we're concerned about what has led them to go to turkey, and on to syria. there's a good possibility, a strong possibility that we can stop them going into syria. and our main objective here is to make contact with these three young girls, for them to make contact with us preferably." >> "scotland yard say they are concerned by the sheer number of girls and young women who are either hoping to or who already made made their way to join isis fighters. they wouldn't give us any numbers but they admit it is a growing trend." >> reporter: police are asking other parents to be vigilant. >> "if young people are showing interest in passports, trying to
8:35 pm
get hold of lots of money, there are signs. anything breaking the normal routine, any sort of evidence if you like of children lying about where they may be or where they may not be." >> reporter: british police say the friends are still in turkey. once they are in syria with isis, it is unlikely they will ever be allowed to leave. the clock for them and for their families is ticking. and time is running out. nima elbagir cnn london. >> vicki: the father of kayla mueller, the american woman killed after spending months in captivity under islamic state militants, says the u.s. government "put policy in front of" american lives. "we understand the policy about not paying ransom but on the other hand. we tried and we asked. but they put policy in front of american citizens' lives," carl mueller told nbc's "today" show in an interview that will air monday. carl mueller said he is sure the government will work on somehow
8:36 pm
changing policy. "any parents out there would understand that you would want anything and everything done to bring your child home," he said. in the interview with "today" host savannah guthrie, mueller's mother, marsha, agreed with her husband. she said she believes the u.s. government hoped to do everything possible to get her daughter back. "i think they wanted to but i think again, the policy and i don't think anyone had any idea how this group would be as powerful as they were," marsha mueller said. mueller's brother, eric mueller also spoke with guthrie. a spokesperson for the family did not immediately respond sunday to a request for comment. the family has declined repeated requests for an interview from the associated press. mueller's death was confirmed feb. 10 by her family and u.s. officials. the islamic state group claimed she died in a jordanian airstrike, but u.s. officials have not confirmed that. the pentagon said it didn't know how she was killed. the 26-year-old international aid worker, who grew up in prescott, arizona, was taken in in aleppo, syria. she has been honored in the past university.
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>> vicki: disney is raising their prices three dollars a ticket at all u-s theme parks. a one- day ticket to disneyland or california adventure is now ninety-nine dollars for anyone over ten. single day tickets at disneyworld are now one hundred and five. that's up from ninety-nine dollars. and for kids? at disneyland a single day ticket is ninety three and for disneyworld it's ninety nine.
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while we in san francisco have been enjoying the warm weather.others are not so lucky. officials in tennessee say storms and freezing temperatures have caused twenty-one deaths in recent weeks. eleven of those have been caused by hypothermia. while heavy precipitation is gone.forcasters say most of the state will continue to see low temperatures the rest of the week.more snow is on the way and residents are encouraged to be prepared for the cold. >> brian: clear skies on the coast this evening but it did get pretty beat breezier around the bay area. it is still win before tonight through tomorrow morning. we will see more clear
8:40 pm
skies in gusty winds and cooler temperatures as the storm system brings this and. getting around freezing on tuesday but then warming up bringing '70s for wednesday to thursday and friday and then the weekend brings another round of gusty winds. in the upper 30's and low 40's around the bay tomorrow morning
8:41 pm
. mid-60s around the bay area. tuesday afternoon things will warm up with wednesday and bringing a possible 70 degree temperatures
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>> vicki: can't seem to put that cell-phone down? uh oh. coming up, that could mean you're dialing "d" for depression. details, up next.
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>> vicki: a little boy is getting a big wish and a very special day. ed pearce has the sweet story. >> reporter: at four years old mason wortham has already faced battles most of us can only imagine. diagnosed at two with leukemia, he's been undergoing treatment ever since. but he's still a normal little boy with dreams and heroes. today he met one. woody from the toy story movies, scooped him up and put him at the front of a parade. there was a marching band, the wolf pack cheerleaders and a crowd of people he'd never met. a lot for a little boy to take
8:47 pm
in. >> "when we told him that he was going to find out what his wish was going to be, and i think he was just excited." >> "he's super nervous, super excited, but he did really good today." >> reporter: any shyness soon gave way and he was giving high fives, posing for pictures. the biggest surprise his wish-- to go to disney world. >> "all these people came out today to celebrate and to tell you at the count of three. mason's going to disney world." >> reporter: the trip funded by local auto dealer tom dolan who's long been involved with the cancer society. overwhelming, we might imagine for a brave little boy in the midst of a struggle, but an emotional moment for everyone there. >> "it's hard when you see a little kid like that and everyone else is so healthy and he's fighting." >> "to be honest when he got diagnosed, you never know if you are even going to get to make a make-a-wish trip. it's been such a humbling experience
8:48 pm
for me to see the people that are willing to come and show support for a child they'd never met." >> reporter: ed pearce kolo 8 news now. >> vicki: mason says he's very excited for the trip. and more than anything wants to see where mickey mouse lives. films from india have inspired a new exercise trend. in today's health minute, holly firfer reports on burning calories and toning your abs "bollyfit" style. holly fifer has more. >> holly: since the early 20th century, bollywood films have been one of the most popular forms of entertainment in india the 2007 film "come let's dance", is one example of this type of movie, the style of which has become a global sensation with its upbeat music, bollywood dance is not just stylistic dancing, it's also a great workout, because it combines aerobic activity with staccato movements that strengthen the core.
8:49 pm
>> the dance is a wonderful exercise for even a professional dancer >> holly: it is very fast pace and requires a great amount of body control >> running or jogging is not a strength training but this dancing or sell your core muscles more
8:50 pm
here we take a look at the addresses of different movie stars. you can go to our web
8:51 pm
site to look up more. coming up, one teenagers act of kindness goes viral.
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8:53 pm
>> vicki: a virginia teen's act of kindness is going viral. all because he asked his mom to stop the car so he could help an older man shovel his walk. wayne covil reports. >> reporter: this is a common
8:54 pm
sight in virginia. but when you're 76 with the walker it can be very hard. >> he told me to turn around. and his reason was to help an old man. >> reporter: this young man stopped to help this man shall his sidewalk. >> they're real good people. >> reporter: for this boy it's
8:55 pm
no big deal because this is how he and his brother were raised by their single mom. >> reporter: this reminds him of his grandmother >> he wanted to help his grandmother said she didn't get her >> i was wanted to instill within them the desire to do a good deed. >> vicki: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>> brian: if you have to the umbrella it will blow way because of gusts over 30 mi. per hour. the winds at pier 15 up and over 20 right now. there is a wind advisory in effect. temperatures will be in the '60s around the bay tomorrow afternoon. goodnight!
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>> jason: bruce bochy rejoins the giants plus our one-on-one interview with him later in the show. we will break everything down with our baseball expert bip roberts. and will show you how the warriors did without their interests are stephen curry. and jeff gordon is saying goodbye to the indy 500 but not the way he wanted to.


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