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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 23, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>: they did enter the house with handguns door was kicked then. >> catherine: police and >> dan kerman: the homeowners fired in self- defense. >>: it appears that home was targeted because of the large amounts of marijuana that was ground at that residence. >> dan kerman: police spent the day trucking weigh the evidence including the marijuana. >> dan kerman: jody kyle lives next door she said she then realized what she thought was allowed win was actually begun fire. >>: this is not the first time we had done activity on the road.
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>> dan kerman: back live now at the scene of this home invasion. this family of four that lives here is only been here for three months. just recently this fenced has gone up in this over 6 ft. tall. >> pam: police in gilroy haven't rested one suspect in are now looking for others. they said there are involved in the murder of a 56 year-old man. the 19 year-old gabriela ortiz was arrested on murder tigers. police say she is one of two women seen in this surveillance video taken at a san jose convenience store after the murder. using the victims' credit cards. >> pam: the victim robert heidstra was found dead in his bay tree drive home a week ago sunday. police will not say how he died but say there are additional
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suspects police also say ortiz may have participated in other similar crimes in the bay area. she is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. >> pam: of former sen hose of former san francisco police sergeant convicted of federal fraud and conspiracy charges was sentenced to 41 months in prison today. ian from injured was convicted in december of two counts of wire fraud and one count each of conspiracy against civil rights. and conspiracy to commit theft concerning a federally funded program in 2009 and 2010 a co-defendant in the case. author and the news robles was convicted of five counts and is still
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awaiting sentencing. another officer rinaldo braga's pleaded guilty to four counts and became the prosecution's chief witness in the case. the officers took pat cash, electronic devices a gift card without booking the evidence. or including the police reports. >> reporter: and i assume this has once again hit the south bay. this yes past december a man was arrested. accused of setting eight different parts of fire and san jose is will agree neighborhood another three guards have been set one fire. this time in campbell. >> reporter: that's all this left the three guards that were set on fire early monday morning in campbell. fire officials got this to
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the parking lot in the 700 block of needle drive and quickly determined that the fires were arson. it appears there were three independent stars which makes it suspicious. it normally doesn't happen. we don't typically see three of any fire is suspicious. the arson investigator was able to determine that all three east fire started inside the cars. but does not yet know what was used to start the fires. he is hoping the video from neighbors and businesses can help determine that as well as low started the fires. in campbell and the end of some kron 4 news >> pam: of three alarm fire that displace 12 adults and damage to buildings in san francisco castro district on saturday is not considered
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suspicious. the blaze started in the second floor laundry room on church street. the flames spread to an adjacent building before fire fighters were able to control it. officials said the cause of the fire was likely electrical or some sort of other equipment failure and the laundry room. the fire caused $1.4 million in damage. >> pam: oakland police are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a driver whose strop to pedestrians killing one of them. it happened friday and 32nd street and some possible avenue. morays somerville was pronounced dead the scene and the other pedestrian was taken to hospital in stable condition. this is video from our helicopter part issue with abc seven. police said the suspect vehicle traveling north of some
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possible avenue toward emmeryville at the time of the collision. the driver fled the scene on foot leaving the boy vehicle behind police did not provide the suspect or vehicle description. >> pam: a san jose neighborhood is reading tonight to food vendors doing business on the sidewalk where run down by a hit-and-run driver over the weekend one of the vendors died. police arrested this man 25 year-old marcos to mel they say he did not stop after the accident and drove away hitting fences and another vehicle. before being captured saturday afternoon. kron 4 as will tran reports the man who died with the father of three. >> will tran: a 25 year-old driver was being charged with felony hit and run he
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slams into two men including hernandez and keeps going and then slams into a couple of parked cars where he was eventually arrested. it's not just family members that our mourning him but also his customers. >>: he was there for almost two years trying he was a really nice guy and a family was too. >> will tran: add to the tragedy his three children the oldest one is 10 years so they still do not know about their father's death because they are in mexico and their mother is trying to work out some kind of arrangement for them to come back to the u.s. so that she can tell them about their father. >> pam: there is much more
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ahead 5 the risky surgery to save to 10 months old girls that were born born conjoined. then it fire 30 malls are on alert. we will tell you why some of the biggest shopping malls in the country including here in the bay area have stepped up security. and next the push for better late night commuter options.
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>> reporter: today in new plus for better late-night public transit in the bay area. with bart trains stopping in the early morning hours over night. and limited muni options around the clock. san francisco supervisor scott weiner is leading a group to improve transit options. the group represents late-night business owners, terrorism leaders, transit operators and others. they contend that over night transit is needed for a growing number of people work late night elated tonight and need to get home. among the goals were to develop a lot better late night transportation plan focusing on accessibility speed of service and safety. bart did
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recently start funding over night ac transit bus service across the bay area >> pam: still let hat should parents be required to get their kids vaccinated? it is a growing debate in our country. next we will have the results of the new poll. plus we have incredible video of a weekend rescue of a wailed table in fishing lines. how the 40 t whale was set free next (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos.
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>> pam: the centers for disease control says that more than 150 americans have come down with the measles most of them the result of an outbreak in disneyland in southern california. but three and but the report of the disease is thought to be a route that was thought to be eradicated in this country has been blamed on parents failing to vaccinate their children, nearly eight out of 10 americans now say they believe vaccinations against preventable diseases should be mandatory. the cn and the pay and research poll found support for the idea highest among older people grow up
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before the vaccines were developed. the same poll found 58 percent support the idea of banning on vaccinated children from public schools. 61 percent would ban them from day care and 48 percent would ban them from private schools. >> pam: now here's the situation here in california there are one and 23 cases statewide, four of them are new cases since friday. all the new cases are in the southern california. three in los angeles and one and sam borodino county. >> pam: researchers at dartmouth college did a study on infant nutrition and found that formula fed babies had seven and a half times higher arscenic levels than those babies who were breast fed. researchers measured arscenic in home tap water breast milk and
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you're in from 70 to six week-old infant. for the majority of the study participants both in the powder and the water used to make the baby formula contracted to arscenic exposure. the study appears in the journal environmental health prospectus. >> pam: 210 month-old girls born conjoined are now separated after a very delicate surgery and miracle procedure. it was performed by doctors at texas children's hospital. alia hernandez has the story. >> reporter: 210 month old world born conjoined are now separated after a very delicate surgery a miracle procedures was performed at the doctors at texas children's hospital whole and matalin will live
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separate lives in separate bodies. it is of victory for them and the entire medical field. last tuesday the girls' team of 12 surgeons, six anesthesiologists and eight surgical nurses, who were to separate the girls who shared a chest wall, long as the diaphragm intestines and pelvis. this morning for the first time doctors can confidently declared a surgery of this magnitude a success. before now the doctors and never let on just how much was on the line? during the complex surgery the team worked for approximately 23 hours and on one child in 26 hours on the other with the official separation occurring approximately 18 hours into the surgery. it is anticipated they will undergo additional surgeries in the future but for now the family is as happy to keep reliving the moment
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they found out they had two baby girls. >> reporter: >> pam: the girls will said the hospital until they are strong enough to leave at they term one-year-old in april and have never left the hospital. >> pam: president obama says currently there no rules the financial-services industry this opposes his proposal. that includes a securities and exchange commission. >> reporter: caltrain this stop in both directions and menlo park after a train is in a car. this is from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news is in menlo park at ravenswood ave. the
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vehicle that the trainee it was occupied 1 person in that vehicle has been transported to the hospital. the biggest nose is for the commute this evening because bowls in both directions the bart trains have stopped. the trying to figure out what exactly what happened will have updates throughout the show >> reporter: were currently sandwich between two systems right here in the bay area the winds ramp the yesterday and this morning. were now lower cities in 61 in san jose and 62 in concord. and even up north and santa rosa. the winds are starting to relax right now. as is what the makers starting to pilaf and depart. the dusting was sustained at 12 mi. an hour in santa rosa
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up. a 17 mi. an hour and vallejo. we're not looking at, near the bay area but certainly it will be chilly. we have the upper air system was a lot of coal a year in the atmosphere. the showers a pushing for monterey into 70 county. >> grant: get a lot of this to people were hurt after they fell into a sinkhole this is the sole south korea and his appear as i know where you take a look of the surveillance as a man and a woman getting off a bus then seconds later watched a patch of thailand a sidewall gives way beneath them. the two suffered minor injuries and were treated at hospital and released. >> grant: what we have some
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remarkable be of a video of a whale being freed from fishing line. the 45 t humpback whale was in tangled for more than a week off the big island: a coast and crews from the was crews from the why and islands come back whale national marine sanctuary and saturday use a pole equipped with a knife to solve aligned freight. several hundred feet of heavy line useful hoisting crab pots was cut away said the sanctuary spokesman. entanglement's can result in drownings starvation and factions an increased susceptibility to ship strikes according to whale experts. >> pam: next it was the moment as though last night's oscars. patricia
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arquette call for equal pay for women. we will hear hollywood's reaction to the oscar winners message next plus the man accused of killing a mother of four and a deadly road raised dispute faces the judge. what we are learning about the confrontation coming up. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in
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>> pam: last night i asked her presentation a lot of memorable moments. oscar winner patricia august cat used perps speech for very important cause. >> reporter: her speech more real street joined her cry. >>: we have fought for everybody else is equal rise and is now our time to have wage equality for once and for all an equal rights for women in the united states of america. >>: is beautiful thing people are ready to take into the streets after that speech event i was really proud to giver the award. >> reporter: it was one of the most fleeting moments of the night, not just because she advocated a women's wage
5:27 pm
equality in the workplace but because that speech created as never before seen street street. >>: pad is just a wonderful actress and amazing catches and a really cool girl. she is a powerful one man and i'm glad she is on having this moment and getting a chance to speak for all of us. this suggests be expected >> reporter: other celebrities who have voiced support for the cause was and what set, maria shriver and jane fonda losec patricia's message " rocked. >> pam: and coming up a 530 a battle over housing in the east bay next. house some families are fighting to
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stay in their homes while their landlord to try to force them out. plus find out how malls on alert across the country including the one here in the bay area.
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but anyone can help a foster child. ♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >>breaking news: this just
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then dramatic images take a look at this this is the vehicle was hit by caltrain and menlo park is just a bunch of metal you can even tell what kind of vehicle it was. this is really some dramatic video. a train in menlo park hit that vic vehicle on ravenswood avenue there was a person inside the vehicle and has been transported to a hospital no word on the extent of that person's injuries. fortunately no one on the train has been injured but the trains are stopped in both directions and menlo park this was the southbound train that hit the car. they just tweet it that their team is trying to clear the debris from the tracks and restore the service. you should presently sleek alternate transportation. the trains have stopped in both directions after the
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cal train hit a vehicle in ravenswood avenue in menlo park we will continue to follow the story. >> pam: the deadline for ninth that many families to vacate the walnut creek homes in order to make way for a new high-end housing development has come and gone. the residents were supposed to be out yesterday. about half of the tenants of the 18 units have already moved out. those remains said they do not have a place to go. they say they were given all little over $2,000 per family by the city to cover relocation expenses but they do not think it is enough to pay for deposit on a new apartment. many we spoke to say they want to stay in walnut creek so their kids can remain in the school district. >>: my children now one of moved schools they have other friends there and it's
5:33 pm
really sad that we have to move from somewhere the were used to and have been is there so long. >> pam: the attorney for the landlord did not want to speculate about the action that might be taken against the tenants who have not moved out. the legal aid attorney who represents attendants says he is optimistic that a deal will be reached to grant the residents a six week extension. the families are waiting to hear if they will be given the priority at the new low-income apartment complex slated to open in mid april. >> reporter: get dry and cool air coming in on the backs of the northerly air. at the culprit of the wan isn't upper low a night's batch of cold air in the upper levels of the act of the atmosphere. it is in the heaviest rain is pushing
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through the insurance into loss angeles. ventura and los angeles. a short-lived and brief tornado touched down in kern county del lasted about 10 minutes. imagine about 50 yds wide. >> pam: the mall of america and minnesota is making sure that it is prepared for any of merit any kind of emergency. after this is after terrorist call for an attack at malls in the u.s., canada and the uk. the mall posted signs reminding shoppers to always report suspicious activity. the new threat comes as a battle budget battle in washington is ready to cut off funding to the department of coal land security. pablo
5:35 pm
sandoval reports from washington. polls and of all reports close and the ball is reporting >> reporter: a sobering warning from the head of the u.s. department of homeless security. d. h. as secretary johnson is urging vigilance from shoppers at minnesota's mall of america. the latest propaganda video from terrorist group al sabah called for attacks that shopping centers in the u.k. canada and the iconic minnesota mecca mall. it is the same somali group that claimed responsibility for the 2013 massacre in kenya. the fbi cautions there is no ongoing credible threat of an attack at any mall in the u.s.. fearing this threat could inspire others, a
5:36 pm
joint intelligence bulletin warned law-enforcement officials to be on the lookout for the loan was stolid that. officials of the mall of america confirmed security has been stepped up as a precaution. the threat of the attack comes as the u.s. agency in charge of mitigating threats is due to run out of money by the end of the workweek. the republican-led congress is holding up federal funding for d a jazz try to force the repeal of presidents immigration reform. republicans argue most d h as operations are considered essential and would still continue despite a finding laps. >> grant: >> pam: any appeal of the judge's ruling would take months to his resolve >> grant: the 19 year-old
5:37 pm
suspect is making his first court appearance here today he was accused of killing the mother for tammy meyers his attorney says the was not related to road rage. the victim's husband bob myers was moved from the entrance because he was fighting back tears and promised the been present at each court proceeding in the case. the 19 year-old being held without bail for firing a weapon with the fire a weapon he got into a shootout with them that the sun and a road rage incident. . >>: this man is charged with this senseless stupid act of murder. >> grant: the prosecution's insistence this is still row braids case. road rage case.
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>> pam: just days after having a heart procedure set francisco giants manager bruce bulgy is back with the team as spring training. and why will have to pay a little bit more when you go to disney world
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>> pam: disneyland announced that the tickers are one hot $105. at the magic kingdom. so he won a visit that his place on earth you have to shell out some more dollars. 11 day ticket price for disney's animal kingdom in
5:42 pm
disney's hollywood studios or epic went from $94 to its $97. the mall today ticket prices and taxes went up as well. according to the orlando sentinel both disney world and disneyland have set record attendance and the companies last quarter.
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>> pam: or the san francisco diet giants of back into the swings and that the manager and the players were all of the park to day and j.r. stone joins us live from arizona. it's good to your bruce bochy is feeling good today. >> jr stone: is and is filling good today and his is is glad to see these guys are back into the swing of things. this is the first day that all players came back to get their fate of
5:46 pm
the physical state their drug test. but they didn't work out earlier this morning. but the story of the day you're looking at it was raining off and on all day long. you talking about a bus killed as coming from san francisco here to see the players and have to deal with this format rain but nevertheless they were able to get a good workout. top nine pitchers and catchers mainly out here those of the month is been going at it for five days and so buster posing. this a number of guys in the swing right now warming up in the bullpen kitten towards the spring training games. that is days. and notice that he was wearing some sporting cowboy boots in spoke about the fashion statements that he made earlier today
5:47 pm
>>: you know what bonn, converted some of us bomb and all of us are trying to step up and build a bit of a cowboy. my wife and i finally got a horse and she they wanted to get a horse. soss said ok what's in this time for me to get some cowboy boots and not be a fake cowboys. >> jr stone: converted to cowboy hopefully he's a cowboy amount. these is one of the players as we spoke with we also spoke with hunter pence. will get lots more coming up and 645 and the 8:00 show. in his spring training and you can see in the air was the rain starts to slow down. there lot of excited fans out here.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: dry air has been invading the bay area since yesterday and that's because of the wan that picked up on the overnight highs. most of us in a load of mid-60s. we've been hit the '60s and concord. some middle '60s as we head closer to the water. were actually in between two separate systems high pressure is starting to bring as clear skies out of the north and west. and a low pressure system is departing to the south is bring in the rain. gas was impacting the spring training. that is what is impacting that. the incoming dry weather maker is was wrapping up the winds. the winds are coming in out of the north and east of bringing in the dry air it will settle down as the
5:49 pm
winds relaxed. the winds have been dying down. sustained winds right now about 7 mi. per hour tours have more than half moon bay and 70 mi. an hour as we had close to the delta. tonight will be the cold coldest night for the work week. bundle up the temperatures will drop like that is the son says tomorrow morning will be waking up to temperatures that we flirting with the freezing 0.33 in santa rosa 33 and nab up. the upper '40's is is what war is as gonna get in the morning. were looking at the mid to upper 30's and portions of the east bay but it will warm up quite quickly tomorrow afternoon. 66 degrees is expected in santa
5:50 pm
rosa. as actually three degrees warmer because of the dry air. livermore were looking at the middle sixties as well. to gonna try and warming trend tomorrow but will be bitterly cold tomorrow morning. by wednesday we're looking at the '60s the war would peak on thursday at our next shot at getting wet will be friday and saturday morning. >> grant: we're monitoring to breakings new stories a high-speed chase near los angeles in see this pickup truck right here spotlight is on them. this is been one of a sometimes right now speeds of over a hundred miles an hour this is an the santa clarita area east fell 14 freeway that truck is been going on the shoulder at times on going on the wrong direction of traffic running red lights this is a
5:51 pm
very dangerous dangerous situation here. nicosia police suv is right behind them taking that eased the officers taking off again will continue to monitor this situation. that situation the be ago was wanted for leaving them up the city of an accident. other of story the were watching closely tonight as the menlo park accident of caltrain him of the echo and the person that was in the vehicle we do not have the extent of their injuries yet reported to us. this is a softbound caltrain we have multiple crews on the way and will give you more information on the story throughout the evening
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
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>> gabe slate: first the stock about this earth summit you now looks like seth broken start with you looking with doing in enter this casting call. the looking for local be a standard double. in the bay area. seth roll band is playing steve what the heck co-founder of apple. the look in fire hundreds of actors to st. of various scenes of the found this is not through march 16th. in a minute and tell you how he could be an extra in the movie. his a picture of seth brogan and cupertino near apple's headquarters and 80 start. a lot of this will take place in the early '80s and '90s. you met recognize steve jobs from the x-men movie french fries. he played magneto.
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axed ashton pushers steve jobs movie flopped. they believe that this is based on the biography by walter ira seven. but tv show west wing was written by him to. as directed by this the of director of slime dog millionaire. slum dog millionaire.. to apply to be an extra in this movie log on to look kron 4 is kron-4- dot-com. >> pam: coming up at 6 after days of slowdown's oakland's port is getting back to normal the agreement does have them back on work. plus a
5:57 pm
crackdown on water thieves. why bit 1 bay area wants to increase the consequences of water theft.
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5:59 pm
>> pam: the secretary of homeland's security is an not talking specifically about the latest threat to american security. but he is aware in the current congressional deadlock could partially shut down the agency which is the country's first line of defense against terror. and this happening just as an
6:00 pm
african and based islamic group is calling for a tax on shopping malls in the u.s. canada and britain. good evening i am pam moore. partisan politics in the face of international terror grant lodes is here to show us what's at stake. >> reporter: the impasse has nothing to do with the homeland's security and everything to do with immigration. the house republicans amended and the aged as a funding bill to include repeal of the present immigration reforms. the senate has refused to go along. on friday d h as runs out of money. 30,000 people mostly office workers
6:01 pm
will be furloughed. 80 percent of the department's quarter million employees will still go to work without pay. the border patrol t.s. a comment at p.m. a the secret service and the coast guard are all considered essential to national security. the funding battle comes on the heels of the shopping mall threat from an african affiliate of al qaida. in 2013 the same group attacked an upscale mall in nairobi can yell with more than 60 people killed. and a video which surfaced over the weekend a mass man calls for similar attacks and name specific targets including the giant mall of america and minnesota. security has stepped up over the weekend shoppers they're in it bay area did not seem to be faced.
6:02 pm
>> pam: caltrain is trying to get back on track because of the report the earlier report where the train is to a car out there trying to clear the tracks now to be reopened. a woman had to be extricated from the car and taken to this hospital in critical condition no one on the train was injured but the accident did stopped traffic in both directions for about 40 minutes. the crows are removing the vehicle and other debris from the tracks. the bart is also providing alternative transportation. >> pam: a 19 year-old woman is behind bars accused of murder tonight. gilroy police arrested gabrielle ortiz for the murder of robert kaiser. she is one of two women seen on surveillance video using a credit card owned by mr.
6:03 pm
weiser. the 56 year-old hides a was found dead inside his gilroy home last week. authorities believe more people are involved. ortiz is scheduled for iraq to be arraigned tomorrow. >> pam: and santa rosa police continues to sift through the scene of a violent home invasion robbery. a gun battle there left one person dead and another critically wounded. dan kerman is live in santa rosa tonight with the very latest >> dan kerman: the talking about this six-foot fence that just one up in the last month so. the police are still sifting through the same. the fire department has come and referred some drilling believe so far back to be can tell you exactly what's going on. this whole thing began about one in the morning. this out to suspect
6:04 pm
into this home coming an arm. the homeowner was also armed and he fired back in the was a gun battle that ensued. the gunbattle in didn't want to the suspects getting wounded that ended up leaving and the police track them down to a kaiser hospital. they barricaded themselves in the vehicle the police shot and tear gas and then police moved then and they found one suspect was wounded the driver was on injured and one suspect was dead. >>: reported that some arms subjects weren't attempting to bridge the door the homeowner armed himself with the dun and gauge the suspects and shots were fired between the suspect and the homeowner. >>: i guess i got a pronouncement and pulled my porch light rum and coke had a an in realize was
6:05 pm
something dangerous >> dan kerman: that neighbors well as other neighbors thought it was just the way and because the plans and have been so loud dustings so loudly. we can tell you that a homeowner the wife in the two kids are on injured. this shooting of the suspect was in self- defense defense. as for the whole marijuana grow in the backyard of this phone they don't know of that marijuana was there for personal use or sale they are investigating that at this point. the neighbors say that they could smell the marijuana coming from the backyard so they did not know in the back that they did not know at the time the that's what was going on the growing it in the backyard. >> reporter: today turned out to be a parisienne relatively cooler day. we're
6:06 pm
actually running to five degrees cooler than we did sunday. and broccoli out on this evening and in for very chilly night. right now we're in the mid to upper 50s the winds are dying down but we do have when sustains in the teens middle 20s into fairfield and a close line. predominantly the winds are coming out of the north with dry air on the backside. is continuing to push up to the east up southeast. thus bringing in moderate rain right now in southern california. this so much instability with the storm system. this twisting and turning in the atmosphere and in fact it has produced an interesting phenomenon here in california around lunchtime national weather service also confirmed it was a brief and week tornado that
6:07 pm
touched down and kind around current county. it only lasts about 10 minutes in a measured about 50 yds wide. the system will continue to push up to the east and attracting another's storm is coming to the bay area >> pam: and this reminder you get all of your weather alerts the weather forecast by downloading our free kron 4 mobile application. >> pam: of former san francisco police officer is headed to prison. how long it was spent behind bars for conspiracy and fraud. plus no need for a double take. gas prices have inched up again. while officials say is the blame. and a standoff between residents of one east bay apartment complex and their landlord. why they say they are not going down
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without a fight. for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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6:11 pm
rights. and conspiracy to commit staff concerning a family fund a program in 2009 and 2010. a co- defendant in the case officer and mineral bulls rolled list was convicted of five counts and is still awaiting sentencing. another officer rinaldo vargas pled guilty to four counts and became the prosecution's chief witness. the officers took cash, electronic devices that give cars without booking them into evidence or including them in their reports. >> pam: in redwood city students went back into their class of this afternoon after a summit prepared for a charter high school earlier today had an evacuation what was called when a student call 91 to report hearing gunshots. it happened on broadway in
6:12 pm
charter streets police off officers searched the area did not locate anything to indicate there was a shooting on campus. officials say the student may have her beloved popping in a classroom exercise being conducted at the time or the sound of nail guns being used by a nearby construction site. by noon time officers were clearing the scene in the students were allowed back in school. still a head gas prices inching closer to three bucks a gallon every day what it will cost you tonight to fill up the tank. and a battle brewing in the east bay between tenants who say they are being forced out of their homes with no where to go.
6:13 pm
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>> pam: and campbell fire investigators are calling this seen a case of arson. three cars were set ablaze early this morning in the same parking lot near dino drive and but ave. investigators and all three fires were started separately inside the cars no suspects have been identified. >> pam: now we know what caused last week's use the spot explosion at the southern california or refinery. officials say over
6:16 pm
pressurization triggered the blast. the explosion released material into the air that landed on cars and homes. officials and ashton- tate fiberglass and glass will but not asbestos. the blasts which was similar to a 1.7 magnitude earthquake injured for contrast contractors. >> pam: that refinery explosion is partly to blame for the rise in gas prices. the price at the pump jumped again over night bringing it up 26¢ and sent prices bottomed out after nine months flight that ended last month. los angeles is paying the highest price in the country at $2.91 a gallon on average. the bay area prices of here's what it will cost you to fill up here the bay area according to aaa san francisco drivers are paid $2.95 on it
6:17 pm
average. that's up 10¢ from a week ago. oakland drivers are paying $2.87 san jose drivers. you're paying $2.88. the and statewide average now stands at $2.95 a gallon last year the statewide average was $3.78 a gallon. >> grant: a proposal will be present a proposal to present to of march 10th for anyone that is accused of water theft. members of the public they do not pay their water bill and continued to still the water procedures are being put in place to cut off the water for those offenders.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: as we track the departing storage system is pushing off to the east is helping to bring wet weather and to the central portion of what california. on the backside of that system dry air his been writing his course today that's why tonight will be one of the chilliest nights that we had. so remember to bundle up in the morning. will wake up to temperatures near freezing. we talking about temperatures fluctuated between 28 to 33 degrees. there could be a frost advisory issued tonight. we're looking at 39 degrees in san rafael parry @ down along the coast line you may be received of 40's but
6:19 pm
middle to upper 30's and east bay area when you wake up tomorrow will be quite silly. chilly. >> reporter: the temperatures will one of very quickly in the afternoon. will be run it will be back in the 60 degree temperature area. taking a look this extended forecast dry and mild weather will continue the cold morning will be tomorrow with the temperatures in the middle 30's to the low '40's. as we head into our wednesday night will be in the 40's. the retracting are hopefully our next system of a quarter venture rain by friday into saturday morning. temperatures will be a bit cooler. what have lower '60s as we head into sunday afternoon >> pam: some walnut creek
6:20 pm
families being forced out of their homes today say that they are staying put. that isn't despite the fact the deadline for them to move out was yesterday. kron 4 as maureen kelly says those tenants still in their unit said they have nowhere else to go. >> reporter: parodic agave is showing me around the home of her parents. the family has rented this home for over 20 years. now they do not know where the ball and it has been a tough on them especially father who recently suffered a stroke. parodic a says the fact that they have to mold has also been hard for the kids to understand. >> reporter: in all nine families are ignoring the deadline from the landlord to move out of this group of small homes and one apartment building on the
6:21 pm
two plots of land. they have tapped they told me they've been looking for other affordable apartments waiting list is too long on what they can afford and the rest is out of their range even with the relocation money that they got from the city. so now they are in limbo. a lawyer for the landlord says they have been given they have given the 10 is plenty of notice an extra time to move out. he would not speculate on what actions might be taken against those who remain. the legal aid attorney helping the president says he is hopeful that they will be able to work out an additional six week extension and time for a new low-cost apartment complex to open in walnut creek. but the tenants are all still waiting to hear if there will be on space for them. >> pam: west coast ports are
6:22 pm
back in business. these pictures come from our partnership with abc seven news. and helped identities that coming up identity theft coming up next ully being able to find backups.
6:23 pm
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6:25 pm
life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. >> pam: on saturday facebook shuttle drivers voted to ratify a new union contract. gluck transportation cost news that this agreement is not final and some people have to sign off. the contract was negotiated with the teamsters won 53 the drivers for a apple yalu ebay and zinc are is scheduled to vote later this month. west coast ports are
6:26 pm
back in business. dock workers are hustling to of load cargo ships that were held up a men a month long labors dispute. the port of oakland officials say nine ships are currently dock and 18 are on standby. officials say vessel operations are limited due to a temporary shortage of experienced crane operators. we are told it will take at least two months to clear the backlog. west coast ports handle roughly one-quarter of the u.s. international trade. >> pam: will have more information on the food truck worker that was killed over the weekend plus much of the nation much of the nation and is an icy grip tonight. plus some more on the price hike death for disneyland is assured of set
6:27 pm
some new some parents.
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>> reporter: major caltrain delays tonight after a dramatic accident a southbound train in an occupied car at the ravenswood crossing in menlo park around 5:00 tonight. the car was some 40 ft. across the intersection. nicosia the mangled metal. a traffic stop in both directions. caltrain the single tracking as crews cleared the same. the woman the was in that car had to be extricated she's in critical condition at stanford hospital no injuries to the hut for under so train passengers. caltrain said the initial
6:31 pm
reports said that the gay crossings were working at the time of this time >> reporter: francisco hernandez current continues to grow the memorial for him. a unexcused drum driver plowed into him and took off from the same police did take a person into a arrest of 25 year-old driver. hernandez left behind three children and unfortunately in this case they were on vacation in mexico with their mother. >> reporter: and campbell police responded early monday morning took three different car fires and sediment drive. and the police have determined that it eats it was arson and east fire was started separately inside each car. investigators were able to rule out the this was not
6:32 pm
this is an isolated incident. we have represent we have apprehended the person responsible. >> reporter: the deadline has passed for the 18 people of tenants in this apartment has passed and in order for them to move out so that they the landlord to remodel this area. the legal aid for the tenants is stating that they hope that they can work out a seat six week extension because that tenants have nowhere to go. >> pam: much of the southeast is dealing with the fierce winter storm tonight this was the stain in texas. authorities believe the weather was to blame for this massive pile up at least 25 cars were
6:33 pm
involved in this at an issue that down a stretch of interstate 40 near new mexico state line no was seriously injured. >> pam: it is a winter wonderland in arizona to. schools in flagstaff close today did the snow and ice conditions. it is expected to fall between today and tomorrow. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for that area much athena's ickes is expected to get rain throughout the night. much of phoenix. >> reporter: is very little when coming in and out of the north. currently due to a departing storm system bringing that whether is moving into the desert southwest as we speak but we're on the backside of the system in the dry air is
6:34 pm
coming in banks of those winds this coming out of the north and north east so as a result tomorrow will be bitterly cold in the morning we will reach the freezing mark. the temperatures will be in the low to upper 20s. lower '40's and mid-40s closer to the coast line. but as we proceed through the afternoon will warm up quickly. the purchase will top off into the mid to upper 60s. the temperatures will top off. our nighttime lows will be the coldest. tomorrow will be our call this morning. will be our cold this morning coldest
6:35 pm
morning >> pam: more and more americans are becoming victims of medical identity theft. according to a new report by the medical identity from alliance more than 2 million patients have their identities stolen in 2014 that is up 22% increase from 2013. 65 percent of victims say they had to pay more than $13,000 in out-of- pocket expenses to mitigate the damages. >> pam: a new surveys out today suggests americans are treating on edge of financial ruin. the survey by the bank rate dock, shows four out of 10 americans are one bill away from disaster. 24 percent said they have more credit debt then emergency savings.
6:36 pm
another 13 percent say that they do not have a credit card or emergency savings. experts say workers are fighting now is harder to save for emergencies because wages have been stagnant or falling. >> pam: disney world announced over the weekend that one day ticket prices are now $105 plus tax at magic kingdom. the one day ticket price for disney's animal kingdom and disney's hollywood studios or epcot went from $94 to an $97. malty day ticket prices and passes also went up. according to the orlando sentinel both disney world and disneyland said new record attendance in the company's last quarter. >> pam: good news for on line target shoppers as a retailer has lowered the amount you need to spend in order to get free shipping. for online orders totaling
6:37 pm
$25 a more shipping is free previously it was $50 compared to the online giant amazon which offers free shipping on all orders over $35. and coming up oscar outrage twitter lights up after a glaring omission from last night's broadcast. just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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>> pam: the boyfriend of bobbi kristina brown is leading to our family to let him see her. the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown has been an a medically induced coma since last late last month after she was found unresponsive in the bathtub. her boyfriend nick gorton has been banned from seeing bobbi kristina. today gordon let loose a series of tweets about is issues with the brown family and his despair over bobbi kristina is current condition bobby brown's lawyers claim gordon is withholding information from the police on the investigation into what happened to bobbi kristina. >> pam: film fans are crying foul over the oscars and maury and segment. this
6:41 pm
segment honor those and the film industry who died in 2014. many were upset said the comedian joan rivers did not make the cut and took to twitter to vent. rivers to died in september was a fixture on oscar red carpet for shows and appeared in several films. the group that oversees the oscars as they were unable to feature rivers during the broadcast but the legendary comedian is included in an on-line in memorial gallery on the web site. >> pam: you can get some more much more on the last night academy awards next on the insider that's the seventh followed by entertainment tonight at 730. after that kron 4 news at eight.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
>> gary: good evening
6:45 pm
everybody seth curry is still a big question mark for tomorrow night. he sat out last night's loss in indiana. mccurry did practice today. the warriors were down 1 04 to 98 and the patriots. curry keep saying is his ankle but i think this is but. i think it is his foot. that's the problem his plate numbers games with bad ankles. now does play every game until yesterday. >>: curry speaking obviously careful regardless of what the industry with the injury is with all of our guys especially since
6:46 pm
the head be had surgery on will take extra precautions. >> gary: if you look on the bright side of this and this really is stretch everybody wondering if seth curry is gonna be the mvp. because the white howard is injured so hard is said to pick up the slack will brawn of course is will grind. if curries since out a few more games than they lose that show how valuable he is as a warrior. the piece is out tomorrow and later this week that of the yom a step best how valuable he is to the club. >> gary: baumgartner is world series in be paid. the call buying in standing next to a box wearing jeans and flannel shirt and red
6:47 pm
suspenders holding anax so what is this all about. he's actually in his own right the paul bunyan of chronic. he stands 6 ft. 2 and have benches. inches... >> jr stone: that talks came from a cattle rancher in this area this of the kindest of the they do during spring training so that cox came from a cattle right ox came from cattle rancher... we mess paul bunyan's reject or ensign with the hunter pence. but
6:48 pm
the here the he's got look appear that the sporting there. not all of them were playing on the field don't talk about hundred pence and all the position players were here today get in their physical their drug test. this of the pitchers in catchers fifth day. is the bus to oppose anthem let's and jeremy. including mack came. the man who had elbow surgery last season and spoke about how well he's building. >>: everything is filling good is going to the right steps right now is up to about 2530 pictures that will speed so denounces by keeping it going. 25 to 30 pitches. >> jr stone: there's some hollywood type excitement here as well i was interviewing bruce bochy as well.
6:49 pm
>>: noisy look like been half lack then after black ben affleck... >> gary: and ask you one question before we make a comparison jr stone rose compared to the ban after black. i know he had a low heart problem how about his eyes. ben affleck... >> gary: j.r. stone bank compared to then after black ben affleck...
6:50 pm
>> gary: laugh because the small wise favorite favorite actor the small wise of favorite actor wifes favorite actor... >> gary: something special going on in santa clara it and just happened. we have a shot of super bowl 50. you're looking a crime moments ago picking it up as they begin the countdown for the super bowl in santa clara at the completion of the upcoming football season. so bowfins 50 eds
6:51 pm
levi stadium in santa clara. everybody's asking what is alex rodriguez really gonna do this year. there's no starting spot available. he's an example for three days ahead of schedule. he worked out for 61 minutes when alex rodriguez the time the length of your workout. you know he's coming off of hundred 62 game suspension and he turns 40 years all in july. and they did they do not one of pay him they're hoping that someone else picks up on him. >>: i've made mistakes along the way and i cringe as some of the things that i did but i paid my penalty and i'm grateful that i do have another opportunity. >> gary: israel quit johann
6:52 pm
mind got as the cubans the prospect that the giants have been looking at is 19 year-old he signs with the boston's red sox a little bit of a $31 million. andy also has to fork over $63 million just to talk over the top of this guy that the law lot of money so we better be awfully good. >> gary: promote 50 i don't wanna say is officially under way but it will be at levi stadium in santa clara. >> pam: coming up a sunny start to work with work we can we expect the same thing tomorrow the nasa is back with your complete forecasts. vanessa....
6:53 pm
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>> grant: this does into the kron 4 news from the woman that was involved of the cal train accident has died she was in the vehicle that was on the tracks. that happened about 445 this afternoon she was taken to the hospital and she was killed. so woman in her mid to late 30's and there's no name or information on her. this was that the ravenswood crows think crossing and sent the grilled flying across the intersection you could see the main goal map all metal. is really it was hard to see how she could of survive that accident. the woman has died but no entry to the passengers on the train. their single tracking right now so there are major delays as they try to get back as >> pam: will have more on that story coming up in our
6:57 pm
news at 8:00. >> reporter: >> pam: will have an update at 8:00 join us then. patricia gets the oscar audience on their feet as the underdogs come out on top. >> music's biggest night.
6:58 pm
my tin man has a big toe the size of a house. the lion is small like a toy poodle. and has webbed, duck feet. my scarecrow has wooden teeth... and his clothes have tubes on them. and that's dorothy. she looks like me. everyone has a favorite movie. now people with visual disabilities... can find theirs.
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introducing the first talking guide. from xfinity. "the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> it's our time to have wage equality for women in the united states of america. >> that's going to happen. if women stand together. >> women of the oscars unite. patricia arquette's acceptance speech was the drop the mic moment. >> people were ready to take it to the streets. ♪ oh glory ♪ >> i could see from the stage who was crying. >> you're viral. >> it was a night where activism ruled and the underdog came out on top. >> i won't forget that feeling in a hurry. ♪ the hills ♪ >> after that performance, good-bye gaga, hello stephanie. >> i could watch lady gaga singing over the shoulder of julie andrews. that was plenty cool.
7:00 pm
>> and from plunging neckline to flowing trains. i have my oscar loves and one lloyd have mercy. >> and the touchy-feely travolta. >> favorite moment of the night? >> wickedly talented -- >> let's go inside. >> my darling, my beautiful. >> it was awesome. >> now, the latest celebrity and pop culture news delivered to you 24/7 it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> from "glory" to gaga, music pretty much overshadowed hollywood's biggest night. plus, oscar goes norma ray. while the real nph goes m.i.a. hello, everybody. >> we have oscar's red carpet glamazons. lloyd boston counts down the night's six sexyist looks and his lloyd have mercy. >> i wonder who that is. we begin with the most talked about winner, "boyhood's" patricia arquette. it's her speech that ignited a viral oscar crusade and had hollywood, not to mention meryl streep, joining her rallying


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