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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 4, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>>james: breaking news from overnight. fire crews in vallejo are cleaning up following a 3 alarm fire at a former school district building. >>james:the fire broke out around 10:00 last night in the area of valle vista avenue and napa street. >>james:according to the vallejo fire department's twitter page. there were reports of at least one person trapped in the building. >>james:so far that has not been confirmed. >>james:we are working to get more information on this fire and we will bring it to you as soon as it becomes available.
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>>james: state-owned for that. >>erica: we're looking for to warm weather around the bay area really no storms and site started things off with temperatures in the third is an for his santa rosa has drawn down to the get degrees overnight for a living the house in san francisco expect recall and to clear skies right now we do not have any issues with the ability and a tree into the after lost sunshine to buttress a little warmer than yesterday with that being said oakland getting pretty close to seven is on a percentage of lay out the morning high of 66 and 68 degrees and san jose i to take a look at the storm track four subtler and writer and the dree really know clouds of room to the very high pressure building
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in over san will see warmer temperatures drop the week in fact we could see mid-70s over the next couple days dry run for the entire stay or on a sea temperatures warmer from this point forward to look at 13 to friday amid seven is expected inside of the bay will conditions very similar into the weekend. >>erica: temperatures will cool down just a little bit in just a slight chance for showers as a into to the evening that something will continue to monitor right now focusing on traffic and a quick look at the bridges for you here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a pretty easy conditions figure was by ride the seventh several is looking good but the rest of the drive times of minutes from 880, 2101. as a ticket level such a the richmond san rafael bridge branch very easy conditions such as check the road when sensors we're
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centering on the traffic maps these are the 50 mi. per hour as you work your way into marin. >>james:happening today. the u-s justice department is expected to release a full report on it's investigation into racial bias in ferguson, missouri. >>james:the investigation found found quote- a "pattern and practice" of discrimination in the city's police department. and municipal court. >>james:meanwhile in berkeley, the community is concerned about protests over the report once it is released -- and, also the potential use of force by local police. >>james:kron 4's emily turner has the details. >>reporter: it was less than three months ago when a lot of the windows in these businesses were broken in- and the folks who live here don't wantto see that happen again. 00-08 >>reporter:kellie gilmore lives in berkely and she still remembers the night the ferguson verdict was released. it was a night she doesn't want to see repeated. >>: we do have a voice as people
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and we do need to be heard but it needs to be in a respectable non-violent way. >>reporter: berkeley's protests- turned-violent have many folks on edge about an upcoming report by the department of justice. it is set to be released as early as tomorrow and finds ferguson police used racial discrimination against african americans. while - says the finding are upsetting, another riot would be, too. >>reporter: the report is still in the early stages in the meantime city council amended its use of force policy in the public outcry tear gas at batons and for the tile will not be used on on by protesters. >>james:breaking news from overnight. f-b-i says it has made an arrest in connection to a shooting near n-s-a
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headquarters in maryland on tuesday. >>james:the shooting happened around 5:00 last night. >>james:nobody was hurt in the shooting. but damage was done to the n-s-a building. >>james:investigators in maryland are looking into whether this shooting is related to 4 other shootings that have happened in the state over the past week. >>james:new information released tuesday shows. californians are not conserving enough water >>james:kron 4's j-r stone has a look at the latest numbers. >>reporter:in the san francisco bay area water reduction rates during the month of january dropped 18 percentmeaning the increase in water savings was much less than it had been in the past.bay area water officials say not so fast. >>reporter: when you're talking about an urban area using water there's not a lot of room for savingspercentage reduction is a big deal when you're talking about core use inside a house. >>reporter:january was the driest month on record in california one of the likely reasons why officials say
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conservation was down. there are current water rules in place across the state that restrict hoses with no shutoff nozzles and washing sidwalks or driveways. more restrictions may be coming later this month. >>: they're probably gonna focus in the hospitality area like restaurants serving water and things like that and may say ya it's prohibited to serve water without being requested. >>reporter:in the bay area half moon bay and pacifica are the biggest water savers. on average residents use 37 gallons per day. well below san franciscans 45 gallons and sunnyvale's 52 gallons. all still very low totals if you factor in other areas of the state. >>: we plan for potentially an 8 year drought but we're in the 4th year of a pretty dry period right now >>: so people need to conserve we might need to go to more
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restrictive measures but either way it is conserve conserve conserve. >>james:coming up. a para- lympian sees his chances to make the u-s team diminish all because of a thief in san francisco. >>james:we'll explain what happened and why he says the crime doesn't make any sense. >>james:plus. a horse wanders in to a bay area woman's yard. we'll tell you what she's doing to try and find the owner. >>james:that's coming up in today's my kron 4 story. >>james:but first. it has been almost a quarter of a century since the famous rodney king video sparked riots in los angeles. >>james:coming up after the break we will take a look at how much things have. or haven't changed in the decades since. >>james:and here's a live look outside. san mateo bridge
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>>james:a celebration at san francisco's ferry building to mark the centennial of the 1915 pan- pacific international exposition. >>james:a crowd including civic leaders. gathered for the ceremony last night >>james:100 -years ago the ferry building was brightly lit up with the year "1915" on top . and the lights were switched on again lastnight. >>james:they will stay on until december 4th. which was the date the world's fair closed 100- years ago. >>james:hard to believe, but it was nearly a quarter century ago. that video was released of the rodney king beating sparking riots in los angeles. >>james:kron 4's vicki liviakis has a look at the images that spawned the riots. and how things have or haven't changed since.
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>>:can we get along. >>reporter:rodney king attempting to calm the nerves of la after violent riots erupted. >>reporter:but the jennie was already out of the bottle. >>reporter:los angeles burned after the decision not to indict the police officers caught on tape beating king senseless. >>reporter:a federal jury later sent two police to jail for violating king's civil rights. >>reporter:now years later another video shot on the streets of la. >>reporter:this time, lapd trying to subdue then ultimately shooting a homeless man for allegedly going for an officers gun. >>reporter:this video brought to light by a man with a cellphone. >>reporter:the lapd says the officers also wore a body cam, and when the investigation is complete - it will release that disturbing video. >>james:happening today.investigators are looking into an incident of trail rage.
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between a hiker and a biker in marin county. >>james:a 65- year-old woman was walking downhill in the terra linda sleepy hollow open space preserve in marin county. when she encountered a mountain biker, heading uphill in the opposite direction. >>james:words were exchanged before the hiker decided to follow the biker. to take a cell phone picture of him. >>james:that's when things got ugly. .ordinary jerk the woman suffered bruises on her arms, legs and head. park staff took her to a hospital. >>james:police are still looking for the mountain biker. >>james: let's talk about the web for to the is one to another beautiful afternoon is going to be in hayward where is currently 48 degrees by noontime is about
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64 and expected to warm up a few degrees more by this afternoon all non not bad and the warmer tomorrow if you missed a forecast of around she will be up after the break with for details.
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>>james:the california department of water resources did another survey of the sierra nevada's snowpack. >>james:and the results are not good despite recent snowfall. alisa becerra has the details. >>reporter: the century is beautiful but the outlook is not. conditions are very grim the department of water resources finishes third winter's menus no servant we're hovering right now. if it forms
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a lingering drought is surprising there's and saw her at all to be honest a week ago this was a bear growl when ellison won an award content unsurprising since passed a grievance, lower than normal allow the snowpack is on to sell to the soil does not want to show the trough was made far less water off the california civil already had to cut back due to severe drought conditions the best with a 04 in some storm activity to a list the was a little bit of an increase and run off to we're same was extremely shallow snowpacks. >>james: of them. >>erica: wrestle with some have to wait and see in the meantime lost of sunshine temperatures well above average as an end to
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the next couple of this bill is a live look outside fat the bay bridge toll plaza on wednesday morning was to clear conditions was within the to partly cloudy skies and as we focus on your knees to a forecast it is a little cool out there tinters have jumped into the upper 30 for the inland spots from the the tip edges, in the 40's by the afternoon for most sunny skies and the slide will sea temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for the most part in temperatures are on continue to climb as a into the next couple of days to take a look at the south bay san jose 60 degrees 67 for seven sale will see a persisted for both of a loyal and fairfield 65 on tufted for downtown san francisco. >>erica: clear skies dry conditions for much of the bay area and fax will not have any storms on the horizon for about the next status into a display
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like conditions loss of sunshine and faculty '70s as the into the next couple of days the storm track 4:07 a.m. on the bay forecastles mid-70s as into the weekend to much of a stroke of his early next week but tuesday night we do have a slight chance for a few isolated showers by wednesday with a shoe widespread rain and even snow for the sierra runoff and a traffic since the we're not looking at any hot spots it is a the the average so far so blurred away at the toll plaza to minimize of the san the severs looking good in both directions in the tech the drive times and lost 12 minutes was in it 80 and highway one. >>erica: no issues or delays here at the richmond san rafael bridge brands as a technical to
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the traffic boxing ring on robinson to speed of a 50 m.p.h. will allow 101 as will the easy ride coming out of the coyote valley, a problem for with and the answer is to report. >>james:72 crash survivors of asiana flight- 214. have reached a settlement in their lawsuits against the airline. >>james:the crash of the asiana flight. killed three chinese teens and left nearly 200- people injured when the plane made its final approach to s-f-o back in july of 2013. >>james:now attorneys for the airline and passengers say, 72 of the crash survivors have settled their personal injury claims that stemmed from the crash. >>james:but this is just the first set of lawsuits to be resolved. >>james:no word on the settlement amount. or the dozens of additional cases that are still pending. >>james:israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu. spoke to the u.s. congress on tuesday. >>james:he reiterated his position. that negotiating with iran is a mistake. >>james:his speech focused on what he calls an impending - quote - "bad deal". on iran's nuclear development program which is currently being negotiated with the u.s. and other western nations. >>: it on a sense of loyalty to worse not better the deal is supposed to prevent it will instead spark a nuclear arms race in the most dangerous part of the plant. >>james:president obama said the israeli leader did not offer any useful alternative to the talks with iran. >>james:meantime. in san francisco, some 50 protesters gathered outside the israeli consulate in the financial district, to express frustration with israel's policies in the middle east and to condemn netanyahu's speech. >>james:organizers for the rally say, they believe the prime minister wants to start a war with iran.
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>>james:advertisements for popular products such as beer or body lotion are running right before a jihadist video created to recruit isis militants. >>james:it's happening on you- tube. and most major american corporations had no idea. laurie segall has the story. >>reporter: commercials bounty budweiser and secret deodorant ads appearing before judge hardy and ices videos online jennifer anniston for of the no by no fault of their arm appearing before this is a to sell common adds rod before this video from this one we saw was pretty upset and a statement anheuser- busch said we're unaware the war
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as run in conjunction with the video venture guys from the apartment that govern when and how are at their we're working with them in the media buying agency to understand and rectify the matter johnson and johnson did not respond this lead time to companies and that is automatically inserted for videos on the site but advertisers been a selective video their parent the person from there with you to the business models is that the nonprofit on this particular ants and if they had to listen but to the advertiser. >>reporter: the spokesperson said the remove contents that incite violence we have stringent advertising guidelines. all have to do is watch the video the service
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relies heavily on the jews to fly while its--slack violations >>james: rep want to have more different storesa horse turned up in the front yard of a home in a residential neighborhood in castro valley. >>james: she's it is a four for model but if you're just running of yours was like in san francisco 50 currently on the thermometer 63 by noontime today in this afternoon 65 to 66 degrees in san francisco and son
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is going to be beautiful and the weather gets even more beautiful as trauma of the rest of the week.
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>>james:the woman who found the stallion says, she contacted animal control, but so far, the no one has claimed him. >>james:she came forward and spoke to kron4's maureen kelly. hoping our viewers can help. >>reporter:when the thoroughbred first turned up in front of lisa robinson's house 4am one morning more than three weeks ago >>reporter:she though the stallion may have wandered away from a barn in nearby crow canyon. >>reporter:she says he was in good shape.thinbut not malnourished but if he was
4:27 am
lostsomeone should have come looking for him. >>:animal control knows i facebooked it put it on equest, on craigslist and nothing.and it's been more than three weeks >>reporter:luckily for the horselisa just happens to be the manager of the alta vista equestrian center in hayward.and she rescues and rehabiliates former racehorses. >>reporter:lisa says the only thing unusual about himother than found wandering around a suburban street in at 4am.was that he was wearing race horses shoes like these here. >>reporter:but what he doesn't have is the tattoo that race horses get.inside their lips to identify them.but that happens about a week before their first race. she's starting to think maybe he was dumped by somebody >>:.couldn't afford him didn't like him >>:i can't believe someone would dump an animal. >>reporter:it's also possible that the horse was stolen.from somewhere far away and abandoned by thieves but lisa also rescues and rehabiliates former it might not be a
4:28 am
coincidence the stallion ended up in front of her door >>reporter:but it is curious that the horse turned up in front of her home.since she is known for rescuing and rehabili >>:he's sweet.he's well mannered for a stallion.he is even gentle enough to be a kids's house.he's loveablewe just want to find him >>reporter:someone to love him.maureen kelly kron4 news >>james:we checked out that last story after viewers reached out to us. >>james:if you have a story idea you'd like us to check into -- go to our website, kron4-dot-com >>james:and click on the my kron4 story tab. >>james:coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a prosthetic leg stolen from a paralympian. >>james:what it does to his chances of making the paralympic team. >>james:plus. we are just hours away from the start of the boston marathon bombing trial.
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>>james: fire crews a blaze of our planet and fall on a massive fire and a former school district this or more in new stores a 4:00 this morning the fire broke out late last night in the area of relevance to avenue and napa st. their fire crews they're mopping up and putting out hot spots we have crews on the way as well as to bring the of the is a live report also happen to the u.s. justice department is expected to release a full report on its investigation as a racial bias in for some azeri the investigation reportedly from a pattern and practice of discrimination in the city's police department and municipal report. >>james: many businesses and berkeley were damaged and that
4:32 am
ferguson bird was released some berkeley sava to say they're not in the plans in place in anticipation of protest over this report will will see that changes and new information released tuesday close california's a not conservative enough water in the area of their water district's rate during the month of january actually did drop a 10% of this in january was the driest on record in california but it one of the reasons why conservation or down the official said it will become a letter on the sock have more back into civil war of the biggest water savers on average residues' 37 gal. per day we're and for pure pretty dry. people really need to the conservative that have already. >>james: we have erika following that. >>erica: for now we are dealing
4:33 am
with dry conditions springlike weather and chocolate temperatures climbing into the mid '70s over the next couple of days here is alive and outside of the san mateo bridge for. what amazes temperatures on the plus side this morning a lot of attacks in working up to the upper 30's but inside the bay the numbers are closer to the forest as a focus on yourself to the forecast of the focal conditions to the morning hours it will be sunny warmer temperatures in the mid to upper 60s by the afternoon and the sunlight when small to clear conditions and the forecast a letter on tonight specifically with garlic and that in the neighborhood fairfield 66 for today at 690 result, to the today a touch warmer than yesterday will enjoy upper 60s for napa and san rafael. >>erica: tomorrow we'll see seven to develop a strong word of high pressure and like and that is allowing for dry conditions not only here in the
4:34 am
bay area for the entire state is alive and storm track four satellites and radar-pressure will continue to strengthen over the next couple of days will will see ultimate seventh of a throw much of the bay area the warmus locations and oakland and down and morgan hill and your president to tomorrow looking ahead structure for seven a round before fast ellis will see the warmer temperatures from tomorrow through saturday and temperatures will court out ever so slightly low seven is as his early next week to a slight chance for some evening showers as a into next tuesday. >>erica: right now is a great time to leave your house as an ally of the to the bay bridge toll plaza still the law was pretty quiet conditions, for all of the approaches the seventh several is no problem getting to a will have any backups of the soap was of ellis like tops these as you work your way out for the high-rise the golden
4:35 am
gate bridge or not the drive times a to 5 minutes on novato in the city as a wrap things up and a look of the richmond san rafael bridge bridge the cars with the camera shot on autopsies as you work your way into iran. >>james:happening today. opening arguments for the accused boston marathon bomber begin. >>james:if convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev could face the death penalty. >>james:sunlen serfaty is in boston with the latest. >>reporter: 113 have the potential candidacy a jury is not in place and opening arguments will begin in the trial of the young man he and his brother are accused of the boston marathon bombing on april 15, 2013 two bombs exploded as runners pass the senate side of the marathon according to the fbi the bombs inside pressure appears pact with pellets and nails three people killed more than two others wounded while on the run authority said the
4:36 am
brothers killed a police officer of the mit campus when all was said and done one brother was dead and the other in custody. >>reporter: 20 years of his guitars with 30 federal charges and faces the death penalty his to did not guilty the gentle the arguments have not been slowed the defense tried to have the case tech about boston the also puts to delay the trial from the terrorist attacks in paris the judge denied both requests the blizzard that hit the northeast also delay jury selection of which took two months to complete and the child for to turn in their respective to pay him at the troubled young man and the controls of an older brother horse spent on gia
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>>james:a para-lympic hopeful had his prosthetic leg stolen from his parked car on the streets of san francisco. >>james:it is a frustrating crime that defies logic. because the one-of-a-kind prosthetic is only good for the man who owned it. kron-4's jeff bush has his story. >>reporter:ranjit steiner says his custom running leg is what gives him a full life and allows him to do what he loves mostrunning. steiner is training for the u.s. paralympic team and says the thief who stole his leg took more than property. >>:from when i amputated my goal was to run in the para olympics and to compete on the track and that has been the goal from day one so to have that slowed down, expecially now, is not ideal. >>reporter:ranjit says the thief likely has not place to sell the legit's custom and built just for him. he says he needs it to traintime is limited and training is crutial for him to make the paralympic team. >>:the biggest thing especially right now in the mitst of track season is to do those high level sprint workouts
4:38 am
and this leg is specialized for that purpose. i have a spike plate attached to it. it's got some real bounce and it's the only way i can really train at the level i need to be training at. >>reporter: askranjit says other stuff was stolen during the break inthose things can be replaced.he just wants his leg back and is asking the thief to just drop it off at a police stationno questions asked. >>reporter:i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >>james: last wish plane crash in southern california has now turned deadly will take a look at what new charges that could bring to the land left the truck on the tracks.
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>>gabe slate: that did track and to some tough questions. >>: there been dying to ask is a refiner offered a weapon and has thus can you speak about planned improvements to sign this and barred stations to specify where lines go and where x's are. responsum say we have lost a sinus improvement for plans to station the next 84 years will have a lot of the positive changes. >>gabe slate: the top of the questions as they came pouring in through twitter.
4:42 am
>>: no one likes the smell of a downtown san francisco station our budget give us some new renfrew's their only job is to scrub and stay clean the entrances of bart stations. >>gabe slate:the most asked question was about escalators. but not about the broken down ones escalators >>: there is a as a lead tech data service at the same station with put the other and remain as committed as working going up because it would not like to walk up. >>gabe slate:this next one was aslo one of the most popular questions something i've always wondered this. run trains late. >>: would you have extra tracks and we have to perform maintenance needs. >>gabe slate:and a lot of people tweeted about wanting more parking
4:43 am
parking >>: man we can do some joint funding initiatives but is always cause is usually a problem and also worked with the cities do not want a part of a structure elevated parking structure it will block people's view of the beautiful city and things like that. >>james: looking figure out there right now in terms of current weather 48 degrees in oakland on the course i should woman to 69 letter on this afternoon
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>>erica: temperatures are on the course i this morning we do have some of the '30's for the protective valleys but most locations in the 40's no problems as visibility as to his to the afternoon and will be pretty mild 21 loss to sunshine to to try to lull six its coastline to the upper 60s and land. with the serb view the rain and will see some developing need for the forecast before today track and destroy illegal 67 and 69 degrees oakland getting pretty close to seven degrees in sunnyvale to that not only is
4:47 am
the bay area drive but for the entire state of california at your store trochophore said monday on the bay forecast >>erica: in fact for the hour we have not seen any way tear at the pay date had the golden gate bridge their return ferry lines for the southbound trip along the loss isn't hard as you work your way into san francisco as a ticket with the richmond san rafael bridge a few cars with
4:48 am
the cameras come in the west lawn trip west bound trip. >>erica: i did check with some of the public transit agencies. happening right now. >>james: investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire onboard a navy ship docked in virginia. >>james:sailors battled flames on the u-s-s gunston hall for more than three hours tuesday afternoon. >>james:this is video of the ship after the fire was out. >>james:the blaze broke out in an unmanned storeroom below the main deck. >>james:there were no injuries
4:49 am
reported. >>james:an engineer seriously hurt in last week's commuter train crash in southern california has died. >>james:some 30 others were hurt when a pickup truck was left on the tracks in oxnard, and the train derailed. >>james:as kelsey gerckens shows us. the pickup truck driver could now face more serious charges. >>reporter: he was a man driver and the produce truck involved in the crash family hustled them away after he was released from jail last week the lawyers of loaded into the morning of the engineers passing. when asked them turn out straight onto the tracks the cab going down the train tracks and try to find a way off the tracks and then ditched the car when saw the
4:50 am
train coming. the trains and then noticed the truck on the track to try to stop and was already too late the entire train derailed and 28 of the 50 people on board were taken to hospital the fact some have now died and as a result of the crash could mean new charges for sanchez ramirez >>reporter: trance rescissory the border this is the crest of high-profile attorney for prison sentence for mayors we're hoping that is a little less step aside for the citizens some and saw a problem.
4:51 am
>>james:fresno county sheriffs deputies are searching for the suspects responsible for organizing a cockfighting operation at a golf course. >>james:this is the second operation deputies have busted in the last three weeks. >>james:authorities made the discovery sunday at the selma valley golf course. >>james:officials say a cockfighting ring had been built on the property. they found 47 dead roosters, and 29 that were still alive. >>james:deputies also found evidence that bets were being made. only fourteen roosters are still alive. >>james:the others were euthanized due to their injuries. >>: they do not broadcast until world the they did will be doing this every week. >>james:happening right now. investigators in lakeside california are trying to figure out what killed a woman after
4:52 am
her remains were found inside an apartment yesterday afternoon. >>james:she was discovered by a court-services officer sent to serve an eviction notice. >>james:according to investigators the body was found inside a container of some kind. >>james:they say the body may have been inside that apartment for as long as six months. new this morning. >>james:no injuries have been reported after a turkish airlines plane made a rough landing. >>james:the jet skidded off the runway as it touched down this morning at an airport in nepal. >>james:authorities say 224 passengers and crew were on board. some were seen walking around the aircraft after they evacuated. >>james:a turkish airlines spokesperson says there was a small technical problem related to the incident. >>james:the "international business times" reports the flight originated in istanbul. >>james:you're looking at what historians believe is one of the most famous shipwrecks of world war two. >>james:explorers say this is what remains of the musashi-- a
4:53 am
japanese battleship. >>james:u-s navy forces sunk the vessel near the philippines in october 19-44. >>james:at the time. the musashi was the largest warship ever built. >>james:the re-discovery was made by a team funded by billionaire paul allen. the co- founder of microsoft. >>james:searchers are working with japan's koo-ray maritime museum >>james: 63 by noontime and by 2 3:00 this afternoon should warm up to 68 maybe the 69 degrees.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>>james:the sharks opened their game with a scoring frenzy against vancouver. last night. >>james:san jose scored three goals in the first 7:45 of the game! >>james:matt nieto had two goals and an assist in leading the sharks to a 6-2 victory over the canucks. >>james:chris tierney, melker
4:56 am
karlsson logan couture and marc-edouard vlasic also scored for san jose, which was coming off a 4-0 home win monday against montreal. >>james:the sharks have won seven straight in vancouver, including the postseason. >>james:antti niemi made 26 saves for san jose. >>james:the sharks currently tied with flames and kings for 8th place >>james:spring baseball has officially begun. the giant's and a's getting together in arizona for their first spring training game. >>james:the a's showing off the $26 million dollars in renovations to their stadium in mesa, arizona. bert campaneris and rollie fingers throw out the first pitch together >>james:giants ace madison bumgarner - got roughed up pretty good in his first spring outinggives up the 2 run homer to newly acquired marcus seimena's lead 3-0 after 1 >>james:in the bottom 3rd tim lincecum gets first actionshowed some stuff >>james:striking out two battersbut did give up a run on
4:57 am
a wild pitch as well. >>james:final in this one a's win 9-4 >>james:check this out. >>james:playing basketball can be tough. but how about doing it while riding a donkey? >>james:seniors at a high school in corinth, new york hosted a community fundraiser yesterday where they did just that. >>james:about 200 people. many in costume. came to support the class and have a little fun laughing at the players. >>: and never ridden a horse to but i did my best shot do not fall off. >>james:proceeds from the donkey basektball game go toward the students' senior class trip. >>james: we're following rekindle the thrill on fire and the whale--blair held where moments away from opening statements and the child the boston marathon bomb suspect
4:58 am
will be live in boston with the lettuce and we have no details on the depletion of a of a homeless man lost angeles that more coming up. in one essential machine and delivered to you with a push of a button. the nespresso vertuoline. swiss-designed precision brought to your kitchen. celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off. it's the best price we've ever engineered. ♪ ♪
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm mark danon. >>mark:our breaking news this morning. >>mark:in just hours. the trial for accused boston marathon bomber johar tsarnaev will begin. >>darya:this after jury selection has been a long drawn out process delayed multiple times by winter weather and last second appeals. >>darya:tsarnaev is accused of planning and carrying out an attack with his older brother near the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon. >>reporter:three people were killed and more than 260 injured. sunlen serfaty joins us live now in boston for the opening statements. >>reporter: the state is in
5:01 am
their hands. after weeks of getting more and 13 other potential candidates on the jury is now in place and opening arguments will begin in the trial of joker is a knife is accused of the boston marathon bombing on at the 15th 20132 bombs exploded as runners past the finish line of the marathon according to the fbi the ball and cited pressure cookers packwood pellets kinnell's three people were killed more than 200 others wounded while on the run authority said the brothers killed a police officer on the mit campus when all was said and done room for the was dead and the other in custody that not for your soul have been charged with 30 federal charges and faces the death penalty kick his we did not guilty the giants' opening arguments has not been smooth the defense tried to have the case second out of boston and also pushed the lead trial
5:02 am
following the terrorist attack in paris. >>reporter: the judge denied both requests in the trial defense attorney they're expected to pay him as a troubled young man caught under the influence of an older brother who was of this wall of voting will first decide whether he is guilty or not guilty and if they say they he is guilty then the same jury will go on to decide whether he should get life in prison or the death penalty in this trial is the to go until at least down-- >>darya:we want to get you caught up on the weather and traffic before you head out the door this morning. lets check in with james who's been tracking the forecast.
5:03 am
good morning james. >>james: inspect the same thing as a head out the door this what looks like outside right now is to take a look of the storm track four live camera at the golden gate bridge were visibility is fantastic we have morning known and we have afternoon this walking through during the early morning hours will see most to clear conditions there may be a slow presses that have partly cloudy start temperatures in the upper '30's to mid '40's by noontime to clear attempt to will be nice and mild collateral six is it that we will quickly warmer bring the afternoon hours sunny and warm but mid to upper 60s maybe even a few locations in the low seventies today live the 2 by 5 degree bomb over yesterday's temperatures and we're not done yet warm will continue as a hit start the weekend. >>james: 35 currently in the
5:04 am
level we have 39 in a bottle novato >>james: the dedicated web application just launch last week. >>george: light and easy here at the bay bridge inspectors take a quick look at the bridges not only is the bay bridge ride west bound with a 1911 net drive time but the san mateo bridge looks great as well with no delays here as we head up through the toll plaza you find an easy ride with about 11 minutes to drive times for the eastbound and westbound and you trip to the golden gate bridge is an easy one from highway 37 to the golden gate bridge at under 25 minutes so far this morning.
5:05 am
>>darya:breaking news overnight. >>darya:a three alarm fire in vallejo. >>darya:it happened at a former school district building. near valle vista avenue and napa street. >>darya:kron 4's mike pelton just arrived to the scene. >>darya:mike, last hour we said their were reports of someone trapped in the building. do you know if that was true? >>reporter: significant damage to the building directly behind me this morning the fire department still on the same mixture hot spots to not talk back of the investigator is expected to get over the next few hours to collect a thermometer is after the fire erupted last night the building that burned the building that used to house to administration offices of labor unified school district officials say the house of more than a dozen transient and caught fire last like this before 10:00 slammed shut off from the building and of little fire crews caught three times everyone who was living inside the building did get out safely however there was an initial
5:06 am
concern that is one person was still trapped inside firefighters related to the building and several one out fine when firefighters suffered a punctured balloon to his hand we're told that person is expected to build and acid called blaise said the transit living inside possibly ignited the fire assumptive the investigator was or was there right tear we're told sometime around 730 this morning. >>mark:a bay area paralympic athlete is asking for help finding his prosthetic leg after it was stolen earlier this week. >>mark:ranjit steiner says someone stole his leg from his parked car in san francisco's mission district sometime monday night. >>mark:he needs his prosthetic so he can continue to train to make the u-s paralympic team. >>mark:the leg is custom fit just for steiner, so he says the thief likely has no place to sell it. >>mark:coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear from the
5:07 am
athlete in a live report from kron 4's will tran. >>mark:dozens trapped after a mine blast in ukraine. we'll have the details on what happened. we'll tell you about a security flaw that could make you vulnerable while surfing the internet on your smartphone. i guess nevereal gavmuch oughto t acidity inny fds.
5:08 am
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>>george: we're watching traffic for your quick of state for some drive times and ease the east shore free ride with no hot spots this lawyer trip from hercules to berkeley at 12 minutes even the out to more has looks better than usual for you're ride out the dublin interchange at 22 to 24 minutes and no delays yet to the south bay on 101 with a 16 minute drive time from highway 85 to the montague expressway. >>mark:new this morning.
5:11 am
>>mark:a newly discovered security flaw could lead hackers into getting sensitive information from millions of people online. >>mark:its called the "freak attack". and its being blamed on old government policy. that policy required u-s software makers to use weaker security in encryption programs sold overseas. >>mark:even though the practice was abandoned several years ago. many popular web sites and some internet browsers can still be tricked into accepting the weaker software. >>mark:the attack affected apple and android browsers. >>mark:both apple and google say they're working on updates to fix the flaw. >>erica:still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >>erica:and taking a look at the golden gate bridge this morning. happening now. >>darya: ride on the cars headed for a into san francisco 50 degrees and woman to 65 this afternoon.
5:12 am
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>>mark:people in new england are waking up to even more snow. >>mark:another winter blast is racing across the u-s this morning. and it is expected to move into maine, massachusetts eastern new york, and new jersey today. >>mark:the storm could also hit portions of the mid-atlantic region, tennessee, kentucky, arkansas, southern oklahoma, and northeastern texas. >>mark:the governor of west virginia is mobilizing the national guard to help people during heavy rains, snow, and possible flooding. >>darya: honestly i stop filling for them. >>james: summit seven is
5:16 am
potentially in down there santa cruz some of the in the communities there could get near 80. >>james: as to the cause of it is less bird them is a forecast into three main they part morning afternoon and tonight in the morning hours of the most to clear out there and on the cool summer temperatures in the upper thirties to mid '40's will see mostly sunny conditions this afternoon and a light went outside to much as one of the to the upper 60s today and tonight it will call rate down as head to clear skies and temperatures dropping back down into the low
5:17 am
'40's of the '30's. >>james: 47 for santa rosa and a bottle and san jose of the 40's and to the east bay for the threat of an infiniti early in san francisco >>james: the entire stake in joint clear skies high-pressure dominating our forecasted a look at the afternoon highs will have the upper 60s across the south bay was 67 m montague 68 in san jose and 69 in evergreen and the allman to invalid in the east bay we're looking for conditions to a political organizer 1 mid-60's generally for the inland valleys with 56 or along the east bay shoreline san leandro and fact timmy and 66 a touch warmer and oakland and 69 across the bay in san francisco mid-60s with low 60s along the peninsula coastline mid-60's on the peninsula shoreline here is a storm track
5:18 am
before 74 as we're looking for continues sunny skies and increased and warm temperatures as into the end of the weak hold onto those 07 is right in the saturday and sunday next of rent potentially could be in the middle of next week at all computer models will preform on the cycle is some rain. >>james: the settle the touch of the center. >>george: 6 will start with a look at the right to the bay bridge was an easy commute so far this morning out of the macarthur maze from the nimitz in the east shore from here to 92 in the san mateo bridge ride also in the one with the trip leaving out of hayward tech 11 minutes over to san mateo and fear ride to the golden gate bridge 101 southbound here there has finished the thought was completely now with the land realignment wasn't a joke of the
5:19 am
north and of the span and over at the richmond bridge the westbound ride still very light so few cars there there's no backups or less track and some drive times for you still just 12 minutes here from hercules to berkeley the san ramon valley a 15 minute ride as we picked up a few minutes to the drive tear on 580 westbound making a 26 minutes now and the dublin. >>george: look of the stuff of a freeway is how like there and no delays for 101280 or highway 85 the public transit and jordan is a ride this morning would check on a string caltrans and barred raise problems are reported. >>darya:we have new details this morning on a deadly police shooting involving a homeless man in los angeles. >>darya:a french official says the man who was gunned down by officers had stolen the identity of a french citizen and was living under an assumed name. >>darya:axel cruau. the consul general for france in los angeles. says 39-year-old charley robinet applied for a
5:20 am
french passport in the late 1990's to come to the u-s to pursue acting. >>darya:when he was convicted tof a bank robbery in 2000. the consulate initially provided him with support. >>darya:however. officials ultimately realized robinet is not french. and that the real charley robinet is still living in france. >>mark:in news around the world this morning. >>mark:the speaker of ukraine's parliament says he can only confirm one death in a coal- mining accident in eastern ukraine. >>mark:earlier, he had said 32 laborers died. he says 32 miners are still unaccounted for. >>mark:these are associated press photos taken outside the mine. >>mark:the explosion happened near donetsk, which is under separatist rebel control. >>mark:rebel authorities say 230 workers were in the mine at the time of the blast, and they believe it was caused by a mixture of gas and air.
5:21 am
>>mark:georgia police are investigating a deadly ambush attack where an officer was shot and killed. >>mark:officers were reponding to calls about shots being fired inside a home south of atlanta. >>mark:someone left the residence before police arrived. >>mark:several officers were searching outside in the dark and fog when they heard several more shots fired. >>mark:then a gunman ambushed them. shooting a veteran officer in the head. >>mark:he was hospitalized and later died. the gunman was also shot. no word yet on how he's doing. >>erica: this is hoke of pit bull from new hampshire a hundred and 75 lb. in only 18 months old he is likely to get even bigger and that the dog eats pounds of beef about 5 lb. approximately each day fed by the buckets and spotted his imposing proportions on a says he is a gentle dog and regularly
5:22 am
plays with the three-year old son jordan they insist that the mega puppy and shattering stereotypes about it blows a call from a very balanced and family friend land that is a huge stock in the slot opponent. >>darya: 44 released today offered as a missouri police department would to your residence and berkeley are fearing protest now >>mark: californians are not conservative enough water will take a look at the latest numbers just released. the wod isillewithir. t fopeop witcopd sotimebreaing r cabe diffult. if you havcopdask ur ctorboutnce-ily oro lia.
5:23 am
itelpseoplwithopd breae beer for full4hou. anoro elpta theirst a-apovedrodu containingwo lg-acng bronodilors onenhal. anoris n forsthma. anoro coains typof medine tt ireas riskf deh ineoplwithasth. it is not own thirisks incrsed cop ano wot reace resc inhers for ddenopd mpto and shld n be ed me thannce day. tellour ctorf yohave hearcondion, origh ood essu. tell youdoct ifou he glauma, osta or bladd proems, orrobls paing ine as anormay ke tse oble wor. call youdoct rig awaif u ha woenedreatng chest in, elli of ur moh orongu prlemsrinang oeyeprlems includinvisi chaes o e pa whi takg ano. noing n reverscopd the rld fild wi air and anoro iselpi peoe wi co breh aibett. t yo first prescriion fr at oro.m.
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>mark: look at temperatures lead now chilly morning run the bay where are the documents of the third is a santa rosa to the loyal to novato right now in the 40's are on san jose to much as ours with the to drop a few more degrees but a worm in the afternoon. >>darya: this show californians
5:26 am
we are not continuing to save what we have in the past its ultra 22% to 9% people considered more in december because of the rain that fell and it is anywhere with the drive is a rare on record there is a larger gift and conservation in the bay area next line with these numbers mean. >>: number one we're definitely still in the drought second land our customers here and san francisco's system have been doing a good that job of conservation that continue to do a good judge our residential usage is one of the lowest in the bay area and an essay for that matter where said our water because it was a mature and less on their first to learn my
5:27 am
>>darya:. >>mark: trend officials in san francisco looked into like a popular street saver for pedestrians and cyclists will say but to no improvement plan ahead. >>will tran: bay area man training for the land itself something stolen from his car that is beyond priceless and is not returned is a liquid drains could be derailed out to you was stolen in a live report.
5:28 am
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>>jackie sissel: high-end audio visual story you consider the front windows of the store completely smashed out and this is the third time in the last in two weeks the we seem to high- end video on a store have a smash and grab like the tears video from earlier this morning according to witnesses at around 4:00 this morning the three men and last smashed the front window of music lovers with an unknown object according to one witness he said the he saw three men in going in and out of the store several times with armloads of goods they're able to get great into the to the army arrived on st. in just a last ditch in the 20 minutes of on of the store arrived at in
5:31 am
the to place inside the store there set the alarm and the pleas went through methodically door to door through the store of the john is only in to find and the as i said this is the third one of their lives and in the last two weeks was the one on the 22nd of february in san francisco won on the 27th of february also san francisco and now this form are obviously pleased on is investigating whether another is a connected if and when we get information from the san francisco police department we will pass along. >>jackie sissel: their video surveillance cameras inside of the business whether nicad to the event we do not know at this obviously is a developing story. if >>darya: i was detected about the video but they had amassed also then i want to get much of for that are they? >>jackie sissel: never know of one of the cameras after the car
5:32 am
there and for some identifiable piece of clothing something like that attack to obviously they go over those things to see if there's any video evidence that they can like someone to this crime. >>darya: is instruments are computer stuff? >>jackie sissel: is high and home video and audio equipment if you had a really high and home theater you want to put an end for surround sound system you could buy the equipment here and there will also install the equipment for you. if >>darya: we will check in with you later. >>james: nothing was find out whether from the bay as retorts saturday night to sunday which is will whisper in forward and for the kron 4 and our heroes with the view was light outside
5:33 am
you see all the less they're in the this is the control tower looking pretty good and the cloud not wanted in backing such at all as a nice start to this wednesday morning and is equipped with the holidays or to bring out we have separated the three main components of the day morning hours and another hour and is afternoon this one where sentiment is on the upper '30's to mid for digitally across the back the affiliate called star we have no time conditions that will be most clear and the low 60's at that point. >>james: but this afternoon on the kids getting out of school at that point sunny and warmer temperatures across the bay area in the mid to upper 60s and that tomorrow will see los them is more low seven is that we will today the war will continue his were less pronounced from truck for the shows is early 50th san francisco that is the warm spot everyone else's cooler in some cases by a longshot one of the third is from a more pleasant than 44 san jose in mid '30's
5:34 am
and some portions of the that is the weather did not figure was the lead to the kron 4 mobile application is free and available for apple and android devices and a brand web application developer as well. >>george: to the morning commute developing the still no hot spots as a year ride from the bay area will start with a look at the bridges for you here is look at the bay bridge ride was about which of the sea it is backed up in the left-hand side and the right hand side and saw the miller and myself after within the next five to to men as we will see that backed up and will start to build toward the macarthur maze so far that has not yet happened again the semiretirement 92 with an easy ride here is to head west bound this is the right side of the screen to commit the erection of requesting that the drive times still just 11 minutes for the westbound ride.
5:35 am
>>will tran: 50 is not training he is using bible time his telling people please turn it and to the mission san francisco police station the question axed because it is worth $30,000 asked much of course it is worse felt much more than that given training since 2009 and i sitcom also i i school he was also the breeding of his family on monday night while his driving and you feel the when the recession as we look back and realize is that
5:36 am
when the were shattered he pulls over looks and sold his car his laptop was stolen no big deal because he says that is easily replaceable his leg however is may late as well as the back of running late was stolen here's what yet to say about this. >>: dry am digging on the deceased of my running play is known to be found not only is the runaway pedocal knowledge but it is also my means to live in the last the winter left. >>will tran: he has to meet this week in more likely would not be able to compete he does have a sponsor and responsible family has stepped up and said yes i will replace that for use of
5:37 am
those legs not be turned into a place to permit a force that would not happen in time for this weekend also get this any citrine and every moment that he is waiting for those lakes to comment to him he would not be able to train to there is a good chance he might not make the perilous thinks the siesta qualify for as well. >>darya:happening today. the u-s justice department is expected to release a full report on it's investigation into racial bias in ferguson, missouri. >>darya:the investigation found quote- a "pattern and practice" of discrimination in the city's police department. and municipal court. >>darya:meanwhile in berkeley. the community is concerned about protests over the report once it is released-- and, also, the potential use of force by local police. >>darya:violent protests erupted less than three months ago. when the freguson verdict was released. >>darya:protesters smashed windows at local stores and businesses.while police officers used tear gas and batons
5:38 am
against those who were violent. >>darya:a woman who lives in berkeley says she doesn't want to see the same chaos again. >>: in is to be in a respectable non-violent way. >>darya:berkeley city council has amended its use of force policy among police officers. >>darya:in the meantime. berkeley police are in the middle of their own investigation. looking into how they handled the december 6th post-ferguson protests. >>mark: they said that in they're not the fault of people walking and bicycling but of drivers to the proposed plan to close and highly visible kozlov's possession signals and signal timing the bicycle safety
5:39 am
groups and the southbound train by calling which is unprotected for union stricter. >>erica: the sec's action against rude customers threatening to leave that to review or as a restaurant i will show you what he did to defend his restaurant coming up. >>darya: bay area pass are being abandoned by their owners how one group says that does not need to be the only choice. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in
5:40 am
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>>mark: to give or did five others injured after the shooting and a nightclub and sam are additional according to police the gunfire happened on 2:00 this morning pipes at the injured two people killed. as we get more affirmation of the store will bring to you on kron 4 will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>>darya: jury selection was a long drawn-out process delayed multis because the weather and also less of an appeals he is accused of planning and carrying out the attack at the marathon with this older brother near the finish line up three people were killed and more than 260 injured the just a promise and to release a full report on the investigation and to russia by some firms to missouri herd berkeley the committee is concerned our process over the report it was less than three months ago when the business and berkeley were damaged if the night before december the fourth released berkeley salsa says the and and the plans in place in anticipation of protest over the report rather watching closely. >>darya: james is watching the weather closer this morning and getting a few degrees each day. >>james: to give the plants to
5:47 am
glossitis working with fantastic the weather today is one tyrannize once again for its radical right now we have conditions that are cold like yesterday's but may not call fiscal a lot of the third reason for this right now live you hear in the storm track four a live camera and the centel bridge showed just fills all of the high-rise section over to the foster city cited to spend those clear skies and on to make it awfully chilly during the morning hours here is a quick look at the south as a focus in on the part of the bed to that if the morning hours most clear and cold on opposite of the prison before the sec by this afternoon sunny and one from two santa clara valley to images will be in the upper 60s to maybe even the low 70's in a few select spots in south bend will have more that on the way for tomorrow off tonight clear light winds often from the northwest
5:48 am
to purchase would drop back down to the low 40's that is to zoom in and out of the south and forecasters afternoon. >>james: nose and about 34 talking about in the mid 40's concord little more san jose all coming in for a 44 degrees 43 open san francisco family if a 46 ft. there is a storm track before satellite view clear sky asked for over an entire state of california. we'll have those were about this afternoon and said will be in during mass on temperatures will we see 68 to 69 in the south bank may be 771 and a few select locations in the east and the balance we're talking 6366 degrees and is also a center for torrential the east by shoreline as well down token 69 with its senses and francisco and across the north but mid-60's as well here's a storm track 47 it on the bay for
5:49 am
as nothing but sunshine for the rest of the wheat thins and forgive with temperatures climbing to the low and mid '70s by saturday and sunday. >>george: we're doing of his self are we're not tracking any hot spots the mr. and less active not at the bay bridge toll plaza the return on about five minutes earlier than usual just about 10 to 12 minutes ago and where are ready starting to back up in this is all pretty normal here for the westbound ride was grand avenue is where you'll see it is beginning to slow from a trip to the san mateo bridge where not tracking and it relates to get sales will trade in for the golden gate bridge and the 101 the law in one of the bid and no problems for the drive southbound or more from for that matter and over at the richmond braves the rival interstate 580 building above no backups in order letters for your trip from richmond into the toll plaza that moran and tracking the drive times for you in the south bay 1 01 north
5:50 am
broadway at the to men as to the commute time from highway 85 to the montague expressway and acting minister will still look good for 280 87 and highway 85. is expected to sign a bill to look at the more rare ride still an easy trip 4101 southbound with no delays as you work your way down from highway 37 to the golden gate bridge. security. place a looking for biker who was involved in a house trailer rage incident in recounting a 65 year-old woman was walking downhill and determine the sleepy hollow open space preserve blasters and and and and and and not she encountered a mountain biker who was an uphill in the opposite direction to work or exchanged and hiker decided to follow the bicyclist to set himself on a
5:51 am
picture of him some time led the police believe that the mountain biker through the women to the groundthe 40-billion dollar spending he charge down the slope toward her picks up and threw or down the side of the trail this is not uncommon occurrence this kind of violent behavior obama's executive actions on >>mark: a turkish airlines plane made a rough landing off the runway after the test on this morning an airport in the fall to two minutes and four passengers and crew on board this line and saw all the walk on the aircraft after they re- evaluated the spokesperson said it was mama technical problems related to this accident and the international business times reported the fire originated.
5:52 am
>>erica: the resources and on and decided to take the social media to teach to enroll customers or lessen after a difficult time with these to pay trends the chef at the to the restaurant posted the following message on and stood gramm hero of " shut out to these two winners for setting themselves will reservation's consulted every our staff refusing to leave and all the while you're away in front of us as a means of a threat the sec insisted he has a standard for the staff in his restaurant and call attention to the only restaurant reviews so a lot of people were after writing that they side with the pages that he should have been a little nicer if he should have put their pictures on so committee but a lot of
5:53 am
people said that he should do what he's doing it allowed people do say they will complain about it. >>darya: much more ahead has to take a look at the weather around the bay area write-down was taken to court temperatures i was startled nor does santa rosa work more with down 36 degrees as a chilly aspired yes it is everyone else's making get into them mid-40s by not will see a nice warm up to that as a into the weekend.
5:54 am
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>>darya: this is for his four year old and his three year-old and a timid old baby at you get and snow and rain? or call several developing story is coming up of the top of the hour we have the same coverage of this breaking new store will fallen out of san francisco a smashing where burglary live on the same you hear from a witness from a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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6:00 am
>>darya:breaking news we are following this morning: a smash and grab burglary in san francsico. >>darya:we first told you about this story 30 minutes ago. but now we are hearing from someone who saw it happen. >>darya:kron4's hackie sissel is live at the scene the city's lower pac heights neighborhood -- jackie? >>jackie sissel: i can tell you the honor of the store music lovers at the corner of bush and steiner showed up and told us he would not go on camera but this is the second time in less than a month that his store had been hit in the same


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