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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 6, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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water in 25 lbs.. he is a tattoo on his neck this as alice he was in jail on on number of molestation charges. five in total. the deputies said that he was taken to hospital with an injury and that he faked that injury. and then escaped in the process. there was a fight with the deputy in the hospital. the deputy was hurt humans showed was hurt me had to go to the hospital and he is suffering from non-life threatening injuries. we talk with the public information officer little while ago >>: he was on his way out when that occurred in and made fainted enginery entered the deputy and escaped. . the fire
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occurred on the freeway. >>jr stone: this is still an active search to see the yellow tape off in the distance on the other side of 880 they're there a number of apartments. they are searching those apartments for the inmate. they're trying to make sure that this man does not escape and right now he is still on allows almost four hours after he escaped. mrs. j. r. stoned kron 4 news >>pam: the california highway patrol is trying to track down the person who opened fire on one of its officers in the south bay. what is not clear tonight is exactly where the gunfire came from and whether the chp officers were targeted. kron 4 is what rob fladeboe brings you up-to-date on the investigation >>pam:
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>>reporter: it began with what is being described as a routine traffic stop just after 1130 thursday night here on highway 101 just north of tully road. san jose police are investigating the shooting which occurred in the center divider as one of two chp officers, and neither of foam was hit, stepped out of their patrol car. >>reporter: this was the scene around midnight, the as you see the free will shutdown you can also see a line of police was last like searching for shell casings and other evidence. police say there is so far no nothing to indicate the occupants of the stock vehicle is connected to the shooting, which left a single bullet hole in the chp vehicle. as for the tests are now underway to determine the calibers common
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type of weapon and the origin of the fire and gunfire. >>reporter: investigators are also trying to determine whether the shots came from a passing car or possibly from the many apartment complexes just beyond the sound walls that border the freeway here on both sides but police say there are no reports of any other gun fire in the area and the recent past. >>reporter: police cannot say for sure whether this chp officers were actually being targeted but they also did not hesitate to point out that the sec contended that some people harbour towards law-enforcement get at is as often as the case the call is on possible witnesses or anyone who may have helped lead permission to come forward in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 nude's >>pam: a 7-eleven dominion
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stores are being targeted in a rash of armed robberies in the east bay city. and today kron 4 obtain expose the video of the person police suspect is committing the holdups. kron 4 as haaziq madyun and give you a close look at this surveillance video in a story that will only be senior a 4 >>haaziq madyun: right there inside of the seven eleven store on the 300 block of east 14th street in san leandro. that is where surveillance video capture this man committing an armed robbery last tuesday around 1230 in the afternoon. the store manager brought a barnett says it all happen really fast. about an hour-and-a-half later a seconds 7011 was roxie of few miles away across the street from the base fare mall. the joint investigation is being
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handled by both family and a police and the alameda county sheriff's office. >>haaziq madyun: in san leandro haazig madyun kron 4 news >>pam: the raiders are staying in all: at least for another year. earlier today the board which oversees operations approved a one-year lease extension and oakland. it's a big step forward in an effort to keep the team from leaving town kron 4 as will trend has more information >>will tran: the just approved a one-year lease extension. >>: i'm very pleased we just completed a one-year lease extension and this opens up the door for long-term planning and building a new facility. >>: having this leaks completed
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today creates a time and opportunity to have the negotiations completed on the long-term building. we tried this before and it didn't work. we have the site right here on the bart station right on the freeway with easy access. so we take the right actions to build here to make positive development here we can have a when when we're oakland residents can get jobs and the fence to get a better experience. >>will tran: reporting from oakland will tran kron 4 nude's >>pam: that lease agreement is good news for those that want to keep this stadium. oakland's new mayor libby chasseur the best one of her priorities. >>: raiders us consistently said
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they wanted to make their home here in oakland. i have been working with this city in the county needs to go forward as a team. nothing will happen on that land unless >>pam: a vacant school building in the late col tennis second time this week by fire whole or what will be responsible. and the latest on amazing series of kidney transplants and bay area hospital. >>reporter: with talking about rain chances coming up in the
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bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >>pam: 12 people are recovering at this evening after a six way kidney transplant surgery in the bay area. surgeons at the california pacific medical center are completing what is the largest candy donation in the center's history. a dozen patients and the owners are participating in a domino like kidney swap. the process is
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still relatively new but that option is becoming more common. in an effort to bypass the possibility of incompatible donors and doctors say it all started with the altruism of one woman. >>: it was really her altruism that launched this change miss and art >>pam: this sacramento woman who decided to give up a kidney for a complete stranger. doctors say so far the patients all doing well. they have been waiting from several weeks to a couple of years to find a kidney donor some of the patients. >>pam: still ahead parents and teachers parents and children come out in full for supporting teachers in san bruno details behind today's huge protests and the star wars star harrison ford
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survived a stunning small plane crashed. the latest on his condition coming up
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>>grant: this just into the kron 4 news room a child is on the cliff the the chavis stable right now and was falling but is no longer falling right now rescuers have made contact with the child try to bring him back up the cliff no word on injuries yet we will continue to follow this story never accrue on the story >>pam: school administrators say they want to work with parents in san bruno and keep children in school. this announcement after a massive sickout today. here and bellaire elementary and san bruno, two under and 61 children were out today. their parents call them in sick because they wanted to make a point. paris said they are angry about proposed teacher cuts, as well as the increase class size.
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superintendent david hunt says it is necessary to look it all options to deal with the lack of school district savings and a multimillion-dollar deficit. >>pam: the superintendent says a series of meetings will take place in the next few weeks as the district and the school board consider what can be done and what steps will have the least impact on the students. >>pam: play ball the baseball feels caught in the middle of the to sorrow strike are back open tonight. a youth baseball league was locked due to ongoing labor dispute at the martinez refinery. today to sorrel management on lock the gates and teams will start using the feels tomorrow. kron 4 is daniel bellaire is live in
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martinez tonight with more. >>reporter: the seasonal maintenance that they start to perhaps begins in early february. prep... they were tabled access the fielding did to do the work that they needed to do the only thing they could do was cut the grass. a machete some of them video of what the flurry of work was light today. the been raking leaves picking up trash a number of things to prep the 15 fields for tomorrow. there's a lot of work to do >>: none of our filled are unplayable conditions right now obviously we have to work of all 15 feels was to tell the house filled senses and the
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winterizing. >>reporter: nudge to concede there's plenty more to do and this is what tilly in entirely voluntary effort everybody is out here on their own time. they're trying their best to get these bills ready. with us seven weeks to get this ready by this date. in their turn to get that much done within 24 hours. a lot of people have been taken to the time off from work and they're here on their own time trying to help prepare the field for playable conditions tomorrow morning when the team starts to come out the practice. they're a little bit behind but they're trying >>reporter: it is a great day to play some baseball you could see how beautiful it is out there know clouds blue skies and we're
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gonna continue with clear skies later on tonight. is a little bit breezy across a few areas. hayward has 12 mi. an hour winds. you're filling 13 mi. an hour and half moon bay. variable winds overnight tonight. best '70s and were still on the warmer side. san francisco a 65 and antioch's 774. 74 degrees. is a beautiful evening to go for a job to the dogs out. around 6:00 the temperatures will still be in the 60 degree area. then around 8:00 the temperatures will fall into the 50s. but will still have clear skies. coming up will
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talk about the beautiful weekend. >>catherine: early today cranes' hauled off the delta jet that skidded off the runway at new york's laguardia airport yesterday. the accident caused only minor injuries to six passengers but it was a scary case of what could of been. both runways are back open and an operation today. that debt is after all messy thursday when the runways were shut down and hundreds of flights were canceled. one of the passengers talked to cnn today about what was happening inside the plane as a begin to ski it. >>: some people warships' shouting ride as grab my head and pet phrase about my head and prayed. >>: obviously the pilots and copilots were receptive to the fact of the were minor injuries. >>catherine: and this is animation showing how the
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plane's nose a burst through offense before getting into all of called only to those a short distance from icy waters. federal investigators on the scene today trying to pinpoint whether the runway was simply too slippery or there was a mechanical problem. >>pam: tonight actor harrison ford remains hospitalized following that frightening crash at a southern california golf course. today is wreckage from the single engine and world war two plane was removed as the ntsb continues is investigation. the insiders laws the gary joins us from hollywood with more information on actors injuries. >>reporter: we're learning more about the moments leading up to here since vintage plane crashed into a golf course in venice. as
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one of his fellow co-star speak out for the first time about his crash landing. >>: he saves the above ground but he always recover c. lunt like the characters he plays. >>reporter: academy award nominated actress anne archer speaks out for the first time about the vintage plane crash which left her clear and present danger and patriot games co-star hospitalized. at as she sat she had this message for the 72 year-old legendary action star whose interests are not life- threatening. an avid flyer that was ford in 2002 is just another pilot explaining why he feels at peace with the clouds. >>reporter: capt. sully sullivan berger has flown with harrison in the past. he of course
5:23 pm
content captained the 2009 u.s. airways emergency splash landing later termed miracle on the hudson. ability to maneuver the plane crash landing and survive is a testament to his expertise. >>reporter: ford's publicists as he is expected to make a full recovery and will have more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider for kron 4 news of laws and gary back >>pam: next the insider is part of on our packs flow of interstate and in news and at 730 is entertainment tonight is there and we're back to kron 4 news that eight. >>pam: and next high-tech help for some commuters on bart. a new guard's station cannot be that does a lot more than provide cover from the weather.
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and in the wake of a scathing federal report describing widespread discrimination in his department the police chief in ferguson comes under fire again.
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>>pam: will things are becoming a bit more high-tech and bart's 19th street station. today a ribbon cutting for the station's new can be entrance located at 20 is street and broadway. in addition to covering the escalator, the two million- dollar canopy as a display showing real time arrival and departure information. the money comes from a state bond measure and art directors say it has been three years in the making. >>pam: coming up with 530 the second fire and as many days. at a former school building in
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vallejo will tell you what the firefighters think is going on here. and a dazzling bay bridge lights art installation goes dark for nearly a year. we will show you the scores of people turned out for the lot lights out celebration and why that's just ahead.
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>>grant: an update on the breaking news were found in san
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jose deputies are searching for an end eight this escape from the medical center. the and they got into a fight with the deputy before he got away. investigators say that in may is 40 year-old john l. carter he spied each 11 225 lbs.. he concealed from monroe street to gender lane they're searching. he was last seen wearing green pants and and green shirt and has a net tax to that says alice. an nec tacked to necxkk tattoo >>pam: a spectacular fire in vallejo has fire investigators searching for clues. because and that's because where it happened is the is the same location
5:32 pm
where fire was before. mike pelton has the story >>reporter: for the second time in today's fire officials said the transience probably are responsible for starting this fear is fire. the building is totally destroyed it started about 8:00 p.m. last night. the building this year near napa st.. police called in for a second alarm as they battle the place. on tuesday night there was a fire as well biggest the belong to the school district. was also used by transients. the fire crews say that the building was leased this was scheduled to be torn down last month. neighbors as saying that that can happen soon enough. >>: carry over fire anything more than somebody could have been injured i've seen a lot of people in and out of this
5:33 pm
building in the last two years and my concern is that everybody gets out alive. >>reporter: there were no injuries in the fire and officials did not see anyone. there is no power to the building is more likely that the fire rekindle from tuesday. they think that a transient could a guy back in and started the fire >>grant: it was an image that gets your attention and one of several oakland protests last december and this chp now says the move was justified. the highway patrol the investigation revealed that is plain clothes officer will point it is done at demonstrators did not violate department policy. the officer and his partner were walking near protesters eventually some became suspicious that the tool or in fact officers and not
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protesters. at least one demonstrator try to pilaf banker just the officers were wearing to cover their faces. the fight ensued and the man who pulled a gun said he was protecting his partner and himself. >>pam: topping our national news tonight. president obama said the racism uncovered in ferguson missouri police department is not typical but is also " not an isolated incident. a justice department report this week revealed widespread abuses directed against african americans, both before and after the shooting death of the unarm teenager michael brown. and ferguson police chief was cited as encouraging the abuses. >>pam: since the report came out to ferguson officers have resigned. a captain and a sergeant. catherine heenan is
5:35 pm
there was some surprising poll results on race relations. >>catherine: it turns out as a mix significant number of americans believe u.s. rates relations has actually deteriorated under the first african american president. and the sea in an opinion research poll 39 percent of americans say relations between blacks and whites have gotten worse. just 15 percent say they've actually improved while the rest say race relations are the same. this poll was taken before the ferguson report and comes out on the anniversary of the watershed moment in american history. >>catherine: 50 years ago this weekend, a civil-rights march across the bridge in selma alabama. alabama state troopers met them with tear gas and truncheons. and television
5:36 pm
brought the violence of bloody sunday into homes across america. five months later congress passed the voting rights act of 1965. tomorrow president obama goes to sell much i and their achievements. he will join civil rights leaders, former president george w. bush and more than 100 members of the house and senate. more than three-quarters of the congressional delegation will be democrats. not one member of the republican leadership will be there. majorities and majority leader mitch mcconnell house speaker john boehner and majority leader kevin mccarthy and majority whip steve steve scalise have all sent their regrets. >>catherine: tomorrow will be mr. about president obama first trip to selma since taking office, but it's not his first big public moment there. he was
5:37 pm
there in 2007 as a newly declared presidential candidate, saying those who marched before him had made it possible for him to seek the highest office in the land. >>reporter: been have lower 60s for the bay area and land. tonight the temperatures will fall to the low 50's at bar around 11:00 p.m.. >>pam: the lights on the bay bridge are gone now the incredible lcd display is taking a yearlong break for maintenance. kron 4 is jackie sissel spoke to people came out bright and early to see the lights go out >>reporter: the 1.8 mi. western span of the bay bridge has been a canvas for the l e d like
5:38 pm
culture. hundreds of people's showed up in the pre-dawn ayer hours to catch a glimpse of the lights. >>: i can remember with the embarcadero look like prior to the earthquake in is an incredible incredible beauty. and is open to everybody >>reporter: inspired by the bridges 75th anniversary. this was a piece of art that struck a nerve for thousand and something different for everyone. >>: this is an illuminated path across the bars divide. that brings us all together. what you're in the fine arts were a breeze people togetherpeople >>reporter: the caltrans is doing work on the tape on the bridges cables. this
5:39 pm
obey completed just-in-time principal ball 50 celebration and for some people that will not happen soon enough. >>reporter: in san francisco jackie sissel at the bay bridge. >>pam: were keeping an eye on breaking news in san jose this is video from our partnerships with abc seven news. we have a crew on the same weather in may has escaped from a deputy. will have more coming up
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television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >>grant: update on the breaking news that we're following in some san jose. the deputies have been searching for about three hours now they're looking from
5:43 pm
carter is wanted on five counts of molestation. he got into a fight with the second a was the of sheriff. they have not been able to apprehend him so far the search is on right now several streets in the area are blocked off the deputies the scouring the area trying to find this guy who was wanted for five counts of molestation. crews are on the scene will take a short break and be right back
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>>pam: well the clocks may be springing forward this weekend but mother nature still has an icy grip on much of the nation. look at these pictures will gonna see how people are dealing
5:47 pm
with this latest round of winter weather. >>reporter: the 94 million people that dealing in new england with this winter storm. many are meteorologist expected temperatures rise tuesday. that 94 million people from new mexico to new england in the path of this week's fierce winter storm will start to see that bathos soon. the storms caused hundreds of flight cancellations across the country. many were at new york's la guardia airport where a delta jet slid off the tarmac broke through a gate, and ended feet away from icy waters parian >>: i think the pilot did everything he could to slow the aircraft down obviously the cost pilot and co-pilot had good efforts were reflected in fact
5:48 pm
they were of their only minor injuries. >>reporter: the roads in kentucky are slowly returning to normal after a record snowfall brought traffic on interstate 65 it came to a halt south of louisville. leaving some people stranded for nearly 24 hours some 21 in. fell in parts of the state. reporting in new york and chris welch. >>reporter: there's still another round arraigned installed snow for the great lakes area. and as a few areas across the south. our area we are dryer with a lot of sunshine. looking north of the golden gate bridge is the sun sets the temperatures will fall. right now at temperatures in the
5:49 pm
'60s and '70s. so will cool down later on this evening into the 50 degree area. after the sun sets and about 15 minutes. the temperatures will stay mile across the inland areas. lower 60s for those areas. cross inland areas by 10 or 11:00 at the temperatures will easily be into lower 50s. saturday forecast looks good. talking about mid to upper 60s. and inland bay area of the temperatures could rise into the 70 degree range. to going to the parade tomorrow danton in san francisco 4:00 the temperatures will be in the mid '60s. will continue to stay in the '60s.
5:50 pm
brown 8:00 in the cool down just a little been to the '50s. you might need a little jacket. >>reporter: reminiscing more sunshine inland. so warm again for the inland areas will allow temperatures in the '70s. and will continue on into the weekend saturday night into sunday such as clocks back one hour of daylight savings time began. one of the storm headed our way tuesday. revenue see a chance tuesday night into wednesday of rain. >>reporter: you ever feel like you need a couple of hours without a phone this is overwhelming how much were on their our eye phones. you check
5:51 pm
your phone man at the front door of public events restaurants and bars and your device 44 few hours is very refreshing to give you more affirmation coming up in my tech report.
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>>grant: breaking news of a san jose new information related to the search for the inmate escapes earlier this afternoon after three hours of searching for the 40 aw john mcartor sources say that they're scaling back the search effort they have searched the area third thoroughly and they have not seen this man. they're now poised to open up some of the streets that had been blocked off they do not feel they he is in that area around valley medical center in san jose. he got into a fight with the deputy at the medical center earlier this afternoon and deputies have been searching for this guy ever sense. he was arrested for five
5:55 pm
counts some malt molestations. so there is an urgent search to find this individual. he's a 5 ft. 11 in. tall 225 lbs. mahon row have been closed jinzhou lane had been closed but the police are now scaling back that search area. and the gonna be mollen moving on will have live report from jr stone in the next hour. >>gabe slate: tomorrow evening this can't this makes chef set packs will be full smart phones. but hundreds of people be here without their smart phones. they have to check their phones so they can be device free for the evening. >>gabe slate: levi and his crew
5:56 pm
are setting up for debate on plus a san francisco event which takes place friday night from 7:00 p.m. until midnight in the north beach area of san francisco's at broadway studios. everyone is invited you just have to be willing to check in your phone at the door. >>: >>gabe slate: they set up low- tech fun for people to keep pete busy they do not want any work talk or networking is all about playing. puzzle's board games drawing, a pie eating contests using old school typewriters. >>: of the pet rock face paint crochet baton of music nine bands playing sofa be an amazing night were people in this cell brigandines dancing
5:57 pm
>>gabe slate: gabe slate kron 4 new spirit >>pam: the news continues at 66 and we are live where the authorities are looking for an escaped convict. there also given new details on how the man got away and where the search will be focused. and what were intended to keep the raider team and oakland for the long term and we address that question to the mayor. that is bad news is coming up next.
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5:59 pm
>>pam: breaking news the search is on for netscape jailed in may in san jose this is a picture of the man people police are
6:00 pm
looking for right now. as we ebert reporting all evening. officials say the inmate john l. carter was in custody but fought off a san clara county sheriff's deputy and then took off running. jr stone is live in san jose with more developments. >>jr stone: discuss suspect has escaped this is no longer an active search. behind me you see the traffic on this road way here it was not that way of an hour ago when it was searching for the suspect because they blocked off roads. general cargo as the mayor person that the deputies are looking for he escapes from the santa clara medical center. according >>jr stone: to authorities the deputy shoulder was injured and he was treated
6:01 pm
at hospitals it is a non life- threatening injury according to the detective scary it the can't say if he was cuffed or not when he escaped. deputies roped off a large area between the santa clara medical center and highway 17 in search of carter. >>: he is sentenced is a nonsense with five counts of child molestation. >>jr stone: and again this after the serbs surge with roped off roadways have been called off there's no sign of the suspect they believe that he escape from this area that will keep looking and keep the patrols up. but again he is still on the los right now live in santa clara county jr stone kron 4 news >>pam: police officers on alert in the east bay right now fearing that they are now the
6:02 pm
target of some gang members. the situation is evolving in san leandro and may be related to an officer involved shooting that happen a couple weeks ago haazig madyun has more details. >>haaziq madyun: says sally and a police officer of the target of a threat from an east oakland gang. the police lt. robert magness mcmanus say the oakland police department notified them regarding the threat. >>haaziq madyun: he is referring to the december 7th fatal officer involved shooting death of a 27 year-old what a low blow mahon is sold back on december 7th says four days after this incident a san leandro police officer was followed home by a suspicious vehicle.
6:03 pm
>>: the officer got out of his vehicle scare the guys off to get back into their car the officer tried to chase the vehicle but the vehicle got away. >>haaziq madyun: he says there was a more recent incident in off few weeks ago involving a second officer being followed to his home in san ramon. >>: san leandro police department were little bit more cautious as we how we cope going come from work and what we do work in and our private lives with our families this is pretty much unheard of in the bay area for off-duty police officers and falling victim to something they had nothing to do with. >>haaziq madyun: and san leandro haazig madyun kron 4 news.
6:04 pm
>>pam: somebody opened fire on a pair of chp officers last night in san jose. but so far there is no proof they were targeted. this was the bizarre scene late last night as san jose police called in to investigate the shooting shot down highway 101. officers could be seen using flashlights to search for us shall casings and other evidence. police say in a two- man chp unit had just made a routine traffic stop in the center divider on the northbound 101 just north of telling road when at least one round struck their patrol car. >>: obviously in recent events were the people have contempt for law enforcement in general which is fortunate that no officers were injured. >>pam: was also not clear yet is
6:05 pm
whether the shots were fired from a passing car or from along the freeway or perhaps from one of several apartment complexes that border the freeway. police say the car that was pulled over is not connected to the shooting. >>pam: and a murder charge has been added to a case of a man charged in a street gang case in east palo alto. the san mateo grand jury indicted the gang and they've added a murder charge to the case. one person pleaded not guilty all the charges his next court date is november 23rd. another update on the tragic death of a 14 year-old divine ellis. his family has set a funeral on march 17th at axe full gospel church at 103466
6:06 pm
avenue in oakland. the family stated that the memorial service is open to the public and is slated to is slated to start at 11:00 a.m.. as of today no one has been arrested but on thursday police announced that a suspect in the custody for an unrelated crime in another city is also a person of interest in the fatal shooting. >>reporter: the sun has said is very beautiful is gorgeous outside and these temperatures also reflect that. recaps '60s and '70s currently. along the coast the temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. 66 degrees in san jose. the temperatures will slowly go down as we
6:07 pm
progress to the evening. this 60 degrees and by 9:00 much of the area would be in the lower 50s. we're talking more about the weekend for cars coming up and if we have a chance arraigned. >>pam: coming up the raiders' staying at the coliseum for a least another season. we talked oakland mayor libby shaft about what it will take to keep them here permanently lost left in a dumpster and rescued by good samaritan that happy ending for abandon poppies. and next we are hearing from witnesses will actually saw actor harrison ford's caroling plane crashed purely. .
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bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set.
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the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >>catherine: just a couple of hours ago the plane crashed by harrison for yesterday's was told off the loss angeles area golf course. a doctoral was golfing nearby and ran to help says he was stunned to discover that the actor was at the controls. this was the scene yesterday as for was carried out by emergency workers. he is recovering in hospital and is expected to be ok. his son
6:11 pm
indicated in a tweet that is in their injuries include ahead will. today we are also hearing from more witnesses. >>: he turned around and tried to get back to the airport but he did make it. >>catherine: golfers at the course today just what to route yellow tape of the crash site eager to get back to playing. as for the 72 year-old fort he is either a hero or he was pushing his luck depending on who you talk to. he was criticized for his buying and an official report into a helicopter crash in 1999. investigators say there was evidence of pilots delay in adding power. >>pam: a pivotal anniversary for the nation tomorrow. we will tell you the plans to honor the historic march in selma. 50 years later what americans think about race relations in the u.s.. and next the raiders a
6:12 pm
locket down in oakland coliseum. how long the new lease will last.
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>>grant: writers franz a brick breathing dust are excited about the upcoming season. raiders fans are excited about the upcoming season. the raiders will be playing in oakland 2015 but beyond that is very much in doubt. the try to close the stadium deal near los angeles and were hoping to keep them here for long time to come this lease agreement for the for the sharp short-term is good news but we try to see what can progress for the long term. >>reporter: the raiders said that they all but one all along we to make oakland their home. the mayor says that she's making progress in that direction. and
6:16 pm
during hurt first two months of the job she has tried to bring the right raiders and the county of alameda together. >>: the mayor speaking we get an incredible milestone. >>reporter: significant progress for a zoning. to make this happen. bizarre the mayor's goals. and funding the project is critical. the mayor says that the money is not coming from the city's general fund. this is the mayor says that this is not an import ought l appropriate use of city funds. she'll use
6:17 pm
transportation funds to beef up and struck infrastructure around the project but that is is far she will go. >>: mayor speaking of my sports teams and their a part of our culture and at the same time i will not make any irresponsible financial decisions concerning them. >>reporter: the raiders could close the door of oakland and them there doesn't know anything about that she said as long as progress to continue to be made she says that the door will still remain open. >>pam: hundreds of students to not make it a class today was part of the sickout at peninsula school today kron 4 terisa estacio reports parents and others say they're taking this action because they are upset about proposed cuts and they want answers.
6:18 pm
>>reporter: these mods are of set and they want to make sure their voices are heard loud and clear. today these mimes and other parents pulled their children out of the school here at bel-air in san bruno. 321 kids normally attend this elementary school but today to water and 61 kids were out sick. at issue are caught being considered by the district to deal with a multi-billion dollar shortfall. reducing the number of teachers as well as in creasing class size are some of the considerations. >>: we wanted to stay is not fair. >>reporter: meghan clark has been a teacher for 10 years and she says it is confusing what is going on. >>: every school around us is
6:19 pm
getting a raise a we seem to be an anomaly. is not making any sense. >>reporter: parents say they know it hurts their children not to be in school but did not want to do this again but buy at still helpless with what is happening in their district. >>: the board said the the beginning new tinctures we vargases' six of them and we don't wanna lose them. >>reporter: here in san renault terisa estacio kron 4 news. >>pam: calif. is booming. the unemployment rate dipped to 6.9%. that's down from 7.1 a month earlier. and 8.1 a year earlier. employers in our state added 67,000 67,300 new jobs in
6:20 pm
january. it was one of the largest monthly gains in the last year. the fast-growing industries were construction and information which include entertainment and some tech companies. >>reporter: with a bit of a milder side for the next few hours and then the temperatures will fall later on this evening. so get out and enjoy your friday night. that the upper 50s around coastline. that's when your problem and need your jacket at starting after nine or 10:00 because the temperatures will get a little bit cooler line into the 50s. we will have a clear night with the cooler temperatures and this saturday but have much of the same of what we had today upper 60s lower seventies across the bay
6:21 pm
area. by sunday we do have a little bit of clout cover moving and and that's gonna keep the coast and debate on a slightly cooler side. rest of your store trecker for look what would have 70 sicking round and daylight saving time room don't forget to such a clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed sunday night. >>reporter: wednesday and thursday we may have possibilities for rain. >>pam: coming up the bay like snout dark. and next the band and a dumpster and now going to new homes the adorable puppies bitter fighting good places to live.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>>pam: the puppies that were left in the box in san rafael is now being adopted. the marin counties humane society has all come from them all of the nine puppies are spoken for and three of them went home this morning. one more is going on today and the rest go to their homes to mall there was a line out the door yesterday to see the poppies. nobody has been able to reach out to the good samaritan about the puppies in for a comment. here's info that are in turn alley got for us. >>pam: the bay bridge will go dark for the next 11 months. repairing old cables with new ones. people walk by today to get one last glimpse. >>: it would be insufferable but
6:26 pm
i did not know was coming back. >>pam: the lights will be in action in 2016 was the ball 50 takes over the bay area. >>pam: coming up were following breaking news tonight come on a manhunt underway for an escaped inmate. plus 50 years after the historic selma alabama march and seven years into president of bombings term why some say they are not optimistic about race relations. and next by a preparations underway for big celebration details a it. >>reporter: in the rain that may come next week.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>>reporter: in santa clara county and in the last 40 minutes deputies have called off an active search for jailed and make that escape from them. this is the and mail and make them talking about john l. carter he's 40 years all he weighs 21 and 25 lbs. he went to jail last year on five molestation charges. he went the fake injuries to go to the santa clara medical center in where he escaped. for five and a half five and a half hours they search for him and came up empty. they will continue to look for this individual with the beef up patrols will still be out there this man who faces molestation charges is out on balloons. in santa clara county j. r. stoned kron 4 news >>reporter: a fire tore through
6:31 pm
a bacon billing for the second time this week. this is one of the vallejo school district built building and was used by transience. they believe that the transients were likely responsible for the blaze. this despite of security guard being there in recent days the building was already scheduled to be demolished by next month. >>reporter: the oakland raiders will be there moving company for a least one more year. the plea plane at the oakland coliseum for the 2015 season. they agreed with oakland leaders for a one- year contract extensions of the template year but so far there is no long-term deal in place. a lease with this deal it does buy them from time to work with oakland raiders raiders to prepare for new stadium and keep them in town for years to come.
6:32 pm
>>reporter: in all: the raiders have extended their lead to 2016 football season. the mayor says the progress is being made to keep them here permanently with the new stadium. >>: the mayor speaking with looking were moving forward with the zoning in the environmental clearance to make this easier. >>reporter: officials at the san leandro police department said that there police officers are on edge after receiving incredible bass rest. two of the officers were followed hauled by amanda were making threats. followed home by mid some men that were making threats.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: another big story here in san brennan the amrinone a sickout was staged in san bruno school because the teachers were being teachers cuts so the parents tell their children out for six out to bring the point across. the district says that they have to deal with a multimillion-dollar deficit >>pam: u.s. department of justice is expected to bring corruption charges against democratic senator robert men mendes. the new jersey senator is accused of using his office to advocate for the business interests of a friend. the cases said to stem to his relationship
6:34 pm
with dr. of florida ophthalmologist charges could be all officially announced within weeks. >>pam: to mall is the 50th anniversary of the pivotal moment in race relations in the u.s.. catherine heenan is here to tell us about the plans to honor those who marched into history in selma alabama. >>catherine: march 7, 1965 a planned march from selma to montgomery alabama was broken up by state troopers using clubs horses and gas. as an attempt to stifle the civil rights movement it was a spectacular failure. >>catherine: the images of bloody violence filled tv screens across the country. sympathy for the marchers swelled into supports with a biting right boding rights bill,
6:35 pm
approved by congress five months later. president obama gave a hint today of what his message will be at tomorrow's jubilee march. >>catherine: the election of the first african american president has not made the country more optimistic about race relations. in a cnn opinion research poll 39 percent of americans said relations between blacks and whites have gotten worse under president obama. just 15 percent saying they've improved while the rest say black and white relations are about the same. >>pam: the nasa spacecraft named shot today reached its destination. a dwarf planet called serious in the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. after a nearly a year journey scientist at the jet propulsion
6:36 pm
lab in pasadena say the robotic spacecraft flawlessly slipped into orbit and will circle the dwarf planet for more than a year. today and sent back images raising questions of whether there is ice or assault on the surface cirrus is about as wide as the state of texas. >>reporter: with a beautiful sky across the region clear skies as well the temperatures are starting to cool down were talking about the '50s to run a close line. 62 degrees in san francisco. east bay a concord and anti actor all in the upper 60s. but in the next hour the temperatures will fall. by the close was still have mid to upper 50s by 9:00 with the have mid to upper upper 50s. by 11
6:37 pm
the majority of the area will be in the 50 degree range. >>reporter: for the weekend looking at temperatures in the '70s. that continuing to sunday and we never rang chance to the night into thursday. >>pam: this weekend's weather will be perfect for prey. will check the route of sleep and find the best way to watch the action coming up next.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>>grant: hundreds of thousands of people are getting set to celebrate the chinese new year's. acrobats and much more will be lighting up the san francisco streets. last year the parade was the largest event of this the kind outside of asia.
6:41 pm
tomorrow will be in a celebratory events throughout the weekend. the finishing touches are being put on the floats and touches on the street. they been working on these since december. 2015 will be the year of the ram. many the actual chinese new year falls of february 19th. as the starting union square before finishing up in chinatown had 8:00 tonight. >>pam: coming up with boris gary joined by his wife felicia and what caused one of the number one offers to ditch his club gary's coming up with that information next.
6:42 pm
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>>gary: are giving everybody those of you are worried marchand lynch may retire all please he's just sidle one year $12 million deal with the seahawks is actually an extension. he sighs next season for a little bit over five and then the next year be 12 million. report these stories seem said he might retire and you do what. he's going to this pretty much done $12 million marchand lynch is the heart and soul of that great seeing he
6:46 pm
gives what he wants more money. war >>gary: years ago and up and down the taken on dallas to get crushed last night in portland. so you expect the batters to play a little bit better. steve carter kerr car one of freeze ropes again seth curry parian free throw,, >>: will play is a pretty good basketball last year and our confidence level should be pretty high. >>gary: jammed they have has been suspended for nine games and put of five years' probation for academic gift and drug violations. he's a hall of
6:47 pm
famer coaching legend the 70 years of age and as was gonna be on his tombstone. is gonna be interesting to see if they're accused of some right now. >>gary: it was tied today cayce's way hit the jumper for ucla and tied it at 59 and an amber leasing's a three- pointer 67 to 62 stamford 229 they advanced to the finals. that's no problem going to the end ncaa tournament. >>gary: cameraman and a car and this is woody davis brand across from a double deliver care in the corner the giants just pounded texas today and met
6:48 pm
duffy cable from the minor the diddles of the last year he's now fighting for his life to sail the rosters. and the senate giants win. >>gary: roy mcelroy a close approach on the eighth hole in the warmer area the problem was in his thought was brought to the clubs. throws a three iron into the lake and inspired him as he started playing well after that. j.b. alms. >>gary: here's a young lady when things get hot mother of three. alecia says it you're not tough enough. alecia if we have to get
6:49 pm
heavy on anybody grant. out came my damage claim outlet alecia gate that. >>reporter: regina's same data set by hundred pence is injury. >>gary: is very few planes i get upset about this guy is in great shape when you play every game for two consecutive years out and i say the obviously deserve to have injured form a lot averages something is gonna happen. more the point he's gonna miss the rest of the exhibition st. season. in my only miss 1520 games. is a quick healer and i guess for anybody that says the season is over all my gosh.
6:50 pm
>>reporter: this kind of about have that happen so early. >>gary: get over it. >>gary: john boehner with my wife and saying that the room service was improper the was best bus vacation area >>gary: will especially campeau's and a credenza this is something that this guy knocked me after i have my arms around me a be lucky and have not detected kids down there. >>reporter: mama's curries
6:51 pm
three-pointer >>gary: does look at it in what to go and will not away for shooter is the follow-through to watch to go through. this guy is so great he then have to look. in turn his back and i thought i was pretty cool the thing is now will curry do it again. the no-load three-pointer. he did is they try grant >>reporter: a modern normally only catching on radio. >>gary: dollars a little different the other night you have three men sat face at the nasa this e-mail about somebody say he could see pam's discussed. she fell on him again. it was your fault the
6:52 pm
stock and a stamped parian will be have been a family friend for years. >>reporter: 26 with all your kids die as personalities where were you. >>gary: ideas don't believe in clothing with guys you have to cover. i get along with everybody but if i one of anybody aisle of fix the and the fed serrate >>pam: when we come back more drama of for bobbi kristina. and
6:53 pm
how doctors feel is of all the latest twist.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>>pam: more drama now swirling around bobbi kristina brown. walsh remains in a coma and and and let the hospital. her boyfriend and gore and is now also under a doctor's care. gordon said that with dr. field earlier this week and after that taping checked into reactor drugs. during the emotional interview gordon all on dr. phil he might kill themselves the bobbi kristina does not survive. we're told the sit-down was more like an intervention. done at the urging of gordon's mother. the 23 your a daughter of singer bobby brown and whitney houston has been a hospital since january 31st the
6:57 pm
exclusive interview with dr. feel airs wednesday at 4:00 p.m. right here on kron 4.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending storyies. >> you can see that plane pretty well damaged. >> the aftermath of harrison ford's plane crash. how the expert aviator lived on the edge with his daredevil lifestyle. his former leading lady sends him well wishes today. >> we know you're going to have a full recovery. >> get ready amazing racers. the obstacle course, facing off against "e.t.'s kevin frazier. >> thenúnew details on fashion police scandal. >> did the network trick her into taking the fall? >> then, the gop's biggest blessing. >> a lot of people going to
7:00 pm
prison straight and when they come out they're gay. >> the gay rant made him their curse. >> matthew shepherd was áhe victim of a hate crime. >> then it's been over 16 year since the tragic killing of matthew shepherd. >> i am so pissed off. >> we look back at the legacy left behind. matthew's best friend shares her pain. >> such a kind and sensitive spirit. >> let's go inside. >> i wish he was still here. >> now, the latest celebrity and pop culture news delivered to you 24/7, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> inside the amazing race's wild mud run challenge. >> plus remembering matthew shepherd. 17 years after his tragic death, matthew's close friend takes us inside her new documentary on his life. >> first, our top story making news today. >> yesterday, harrison had a very scary plane accident. what was your reaction? >> well, you know, you just


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