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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 9, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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look at the golden gate bridge on this monday morning and we are looking at crowded conditions all across the bay area. it's kind of like a summer pattern or we have widespread cloud cover. as many in the north bay. santa rosa 2 mi. nampa down to five. sfo is is clear visibility for now. aware down to about 6 mi. of visibility. temperatures right now see were looking at drive early 40's and '50's this morning 51 and san francisco. 53 degrees and san jose and low '50's in livermore.
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also low seventies for oakland. 71 and kron occurred and 73 and antioch. it's a nice day in downtown san for cisco. it will be a nice afternoon to call and have lunch.
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get ready for big warmup. here's your kron 47 their world a forecast.
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francisco. there is usual construction the parts of 80 other than that's been clear in the late writer rung interstate 80 across the bay bridge. were mentioning the san mateo bridge.
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responded to reports of a fight about 9:00 last night and they say that two men were fighting with one pushed the other into the oncoming train. he suffered a serious head injury and was able to pull itself off the tracks the second man ran away from the scene he's at large this morning. we will let you know if the police fire and were close.
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see again the suspect in this case is been held in jail eased 1/4 to merle the house was heavily damaged.
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they say this is a growing problem. this is when you
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add h a r zero models to the mix which also had three cars stolen in the week in similar fashion and enough is enough.
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possible surveillance of the area. they say that she was extra careful while walking to the gym until whoever is responsible scott. so far police of not releasing the name of the woman.
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a live look that sfo this morning in the good news here is that we only have called the conditions we're not looking at the fall deconditions yet. but we are seeing some fog for the other parts of the bailey the north bay. here's your storm tracker for current temperatures right now with san francisco a 52. san jose is 54 degrees with the upper '40's and concord. santa rosa at 49.
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and antioch at 52 and san jose. is a letter storm tracker for for the highs of the afternoon today. were working up to glottic editions across the bay area but we will see sunshine for the afternoon. the mid-70s. san jose is looking for high of 73 degrees today. a number to the east bay it's a nice day for you as well.
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like a summer pattern with sunshine for the afternoon. starting today and tomorrow we will see more calls in the afternoon here's a look at your future cast forcast
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out there. we hope our guide to keeping posted for that. we are hinting apps last. here's a quick look at your traffic on monday morning. for good start with the east bay with livermore and all to my pass for that area is looking white right now. its wording you run around 18 minutes nothing to slow you down. also quick bridge track. i mentioned the incident was on 90 to here. industrial boulevard looks like that incident has cleared.
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golden gate is looking pretty good with chronic conditions and light traffic conditions. allied lookout richmond's are felber jury have a light and easy ride along interstate 580.
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gov. brown says that the solutions have to be cost- effective in a member of the committee and the winners will be named later this month the schuylkill's are preventing today in sacramento. were taking a quick break coming up on the news in utah other alive this money after she was found and a wrecked car that was a merger water for 14 hours trippet.
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second for nine adults and three children made it out safely before firefighters arrived no one was injured the fire was contained to just one part of its listed sustain some smoke damage.
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has improved from critical to fair conditions. commute next on the kron 4 morning news is been 50 years since the bloody sunday demonstration and alabama you will tell you how they planned to commemorate the anniversary this week. there's a new report to find some of the plane's equipment and was not in the best condition. it continues as they move across the nigerian border to battle with a weather group was coming a bigger threat.
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inmates giono carter escape from the medical center about 130 friday after attacking a deputy. shoes at the center for medical attention. shoes with the deal about a year ago on suspicion of child molestation accounts. jackie sissel bring gust of the latest and search efforts. recon as a fallen this morning the man is in the hospital with life- threatening injuries after he was pushed in front of of where we trained. they responded to the reports of a fight in the civic center. this is a two-man or fighting 11 pushed the other into oncoming in the train.
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behind bars after starting a house fire. firefighters put out the fire saturday night in the belief that samuel started that fire on purpose after threatening to kill a woman that live in a home. both the borrower in the house and were injured including burns and smoke inhalation. they're being held in the jail in is due in court tomorrow. a look for the people behind the stream and auto thefts and third line. there were stolen from a car dealership and a week's time similar zeal was released friday. there is about 7 to 15 people scouting the area. when the coast was clear they all stood up and ransacked the dealership. so far only two cars have been recovered.
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attacked and stabbed to death by an unknown attacker ran behind the ymca in downtown oakland.
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first increasing clouds tomorrow. and then by wednesday starting in the morning arse there are some spotty light rain starting that continued through the afternoon on wednesday.
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thunderstorms as well on saturday along with warm air on saturday.
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minutes with the golden gate bridge commute also very light traffic conditions at one no one this morning. a live look at your richmond san rafael bridge commute or along interstate 580 square of light and easy traffic conditions.
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voting rights. is the one year since the malaysian flights gym without a trace. but says the stress the report also found the battery to order the 39 people who avoid the point. this comes after the fledgling is a tough isis one of the weekend. here's a portion of the video.
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about 12,000 people have been killed authorizing the past 60 years. new this morning three people are recovering after two vehicle collision and antioch. it responded to the crash road a o'clock last night those of west fork and jay street. they had to cut through the corridor to get access to one of the victims to women and men were hospitalized in both cars involved or sedans.
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>>: apple is busy set up for their friend monday morning. check this out and look what i found behind the feeder. as a white structure that apple has distracted. it's no mystery. we will find out monday morning. this event is expected to be about the apple watch. we need to know pricing and why should people buy it. one of my big concerns is battery life. a lot of details will come out monday morning. the will be three versions of the apple watch. the apple watch is a stainless steel. at the sports will be aluminum. it will be the fancy 18 care gold model.
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the same materialist and of luxury watches. we know the entry level watched can be three under and $50. we don't know what the price will be on the higher and model. there's only two buttons on the device that watched his need to connect with and i phone and connect to the internet stocks depended on the i phone. >>: the old as our final connect to as i phone 5. a have to be running the software. each apple watched model will be available in two different colors. there's six types of risk is ranging from metals to rubber. however the watches are dps gold and it becomes a major disappointment.
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your non sandro's the rear visibility has dropped. from route visibility in napa. there's no problems for oakland and sfo. see this the most of the fog is primarily in the cottage conditions with a live look at sfo. will let channel fed does develop with the impact of flights this morning headlines for today in the next couple of days, with a patchy fog. as gun to be a nice day tomorrow is our transition day. the storm gets closer with an increase in clouds in the afternoon the analysts say will have caught the conditions with light rain for the entire bay area. as a letter mid- 60s and symphysis go to low seventies in santa rosa open at 72. low 70's and livermore. this is included
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in redwood city and sunnyvale. mid-60's in daly city.
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to kron 47 day around the bay for cast so tomorrow conditions and then we get more moppet beginning thursday into friday. potential
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debris and some of the links. site.
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interesting. where racial tensions rising again
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>>: he was an armed and that's going to make this all more complicated for the investigators. two except to
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understand that deadly force had to be used. the investigator's office curveball shooting that investigation is under way.
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of debris and seven others were treated for cuts and bruises none of the injuries are life-threatening but this is new video of that incident from the college not mustang news organization. they said they're working now with police and other open their own investigation and that incident. we will be right
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of the annual warning of a bold but how about the running of the reindeer. this is the eighth year they've done this and they raise money for toys for tots.
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marin backup for the weekend will have the full details coming up.
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the shares deputy is saying that it may the no carter escape from the medical center rung 130 on friday after the attack a deputy. they were at the center for carter was within the jail about a year ago on suspicion of five molestation counts.
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they're holding an event today and san francisco with the spring forward.
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creek on the dublin were read into the free there. so far as a great ride for the all to my pass with 24 minutes on the dublin interchange. the traffic any time with the kron formal application. it's a great way to kron 4 with you the latest news weather and traffic at your fingertips.
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their $10 million to the salary cap.
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concentrated mainly on the shoreline or roasting in the inland valleys as well. as for this afternoon 3:00 sunny and mild you're going to work things backed up into the low seventies so you are enjoy this. the calls began to roll and tomorrow.
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good to be a few drops here in their cadillac with the last system that rolled through.
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to the golden gate bridge is delay free. there's no problems where it's north from our south coming from presidio parkway. coming from richmond and interstate 580 years seem more cars and usually do during the hour but there's no problem with this. update your drive times for you in the e sure freeway commute 15 minutes now from hercules to berkeley with no delays coming to the san ramon valley or west on highway 24. the drive time is out to dublin and down to some of no delays there. the corridor commute looks great at this hour and your trip for the south bay coming out 101 north bound is delay free with 15 message drive time from the coyote valley up towards the money fi expressway.
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of socialism itself send arms black man in wisconsin. if a 12 year veteran and the apartment shot and killed a 19 year-old foley rises says. they say he responded to a disturbance at an apartment fleer ride if you're commotion inside the officer forces we in the apartment and they say their rawness and insulted the officer. the officer drew his gun and fatally shot robinson. the day of the shooting the dispatcher describes and yelling and jumping traffic in heading one of his friends. >>: he was armed and that's going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators for the public to accept and understand that deadly force had to be used.
5:19 am
robbery in december. under wisconsin law the outside agency will investigate the officer while shooting that investigation is under that
5:20 am
attempted murder in a hit- and-run charges after he allegedly spoke to win with a pickup truck during the altercation in january.
5:21 am
looking to see if this surveillance video in that area right now they have no suspects and that stamper is on the loose.
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in question carlotta solo ski contacted her local classics. her side of the story she says that she as the front desk which was the appropriate tailoring she was told to use that room of how she was dressed. hist they're basically following double sides of the issue were the comments on the country later in the kron 4 morning news.
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deputies have been searching for this in may. his a mug shot giono credible action is taken into custody more than a year ago on five molestation charges of children and campbell on friday he was taken to the valley medical center for a checkup of some sort. >>: reporter: at the time of the escape deputies about 49 of those deputies set up a perimeter around the hospital area they also brought out canine and they had the helicopters out searching for them ultimately they did not find them. this happened friday since then they have been searching for them. they are obviously one get this person back into custody. they're hoping someone has information that will lead to the arrests. here's the rest of the year ago on the molestation charges they may go over to the campbell area if we get information
5:31 am
from the santa clara's shares office will give it to pass along this morning. sphere
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san for cisco 52 so far in oakland. it's a good handful of mid-40s to upper 40's across the east bay valley superior will kenaf 48 antioch 46 and vallejo. will be back with a full check of the forecast coming up to 15 minutes.
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starting to get pretty crowded. no break lights popping on the west bound. this is weather drive time is still good.
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he will be here today as well. will go into details we do know that the lower models the beginning model will be about $349. they believe this will be a luxury item. they say that this battery life could last up to one day. >>: reporter: this will be basically like the i phone. this is a big deal for tim cook. it's a goal wrapped what several years ago after the job. this is the first printer device that is launched under his watch. and these edges modifications of products that were already there. they say you can take a shower with his watch. i've heard this so many times apple spokespeople come up to you and ask you who are
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u.s. and the have any questions for us. i ask them and they say it'll be at 10:00. san
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police are looking for the people behind a string of autobus and fremont. the windows are smashed and their officers are ransacked by thieves looking for the keys. six cars are stolen from three used-car dealerships. this surveillance video was released them friday they see a group of them about seven to 15 people scouted the area. when the coast was clear they split up and ransacked the place. of all the cars stolen so far only
5:37 am
two are recovered.
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yesterday's you can see is being towed away. the young mother had died in the wreck but somehow made the baby was able to make is to just inches above the water still strapped in the car seat the mother was driving home from her parents' house when the card deal off the road and a passerby called the police this morning the hospital says the baby condition has improved from critical to a fair.
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he attacked the deputy carter happened to be in custody after five counts of time molestation rely following the latest on the search.
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east bay valley same story in the north bay. again a milder note to start this morning but as he headed to the afternoon you'll see some nice warm temperatures once again.
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problems or delays was out of traffic looking great across the span and the drive west bound on interstate 580 into marin. there's no problems coming across the richmond interstate 580. for your trip in the east bay were looking at the ride on a 80 now in the southbound direction. there's just a little slowing here and a word for the southbound 880 trippet is axa reported on the shoulder on the lane's. here in the south they were delayed free for the major freeway in the mid peninsula commute looks great.
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spotted carrying out the act see who then told security that they're basically carving their initials. they scratched their outer brick wall after the historic road in the theater. the woman reportedly snapped a self before they were arrested. they may now face a fine for aggravated damage on a building at the restore call autistic interest.
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referenced the mexican border director. that has to give the man has a green card. on socially for the comments the actor says that it was inside humor between him and the director. the take on the warriors and everyone is talking about ball movement in the traffic creeps this was in the back and they escaped the three defenders. they discuss the clippers 1 06 to 98. their 23 points as he was getting the ball off as curry was as
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