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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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is the location of the incident interstate 80 west bomb were getting a live picture from a seen as a jackie sissel has been able to learn about the accident and also able to find out more about what the load is actually spill. >>: reporter: it's below record still load of wood that was headed to a commercial building. it's a big box type things is the prefabs for commercial buildings. it's a eight by 36 50 ft. long been. it got away and it's a land on the
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road blocking at least one lane. in their minds have to get heavy equipment out there to not only remove that being but all the other what and also the lamppost that you see there. they're also being compromised. >>: reporter: i just talked to a chp officer about 5 minutes ago it was maybe two hours which the that the heavier equipment out of there now they're saying possibly four hours and maybe longer than that. there's a possibility that the man at the take some of this would endure get on to the road in the university of the way to-be. mornings
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like this i would say avoided at all cost the damages already done its only get worse.
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plaza over to san mateo. over to the one the seller.
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the last hour. here is a the weather headlines and the storm tracker for depart forecast calls for the beginning part of the day. we see low clouds and fog temperatures in the upper forties to low 50s. some semblance and will warm up to the mid-50s by three this afternoon and will stay cloudy at the coast may be even partly cloudy inland with a few sunbreaks as we warm things up to the upper 60s and low 70's. here's a look at where temperatures are right noware
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the police were called as a man had to be treated for a gunshot wound his injuries are serious. that shooting happened to the intersection of all medical and oak street. 3:00 this morning they respond to another shooting near the intersection of stanovoi the dole drive. the fundamental shot there nobody is in custody at this time.
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and high school has tested positive for tuberculosis. they notified him on friday. he was on school grounds at the time. the school district is working with nurses to be sure that the students and staff is not been exposed to tb. : reporter: it can mollet's last night that the niners sometime today will have a news conference and they reportedly have reached stated that he'll retire today. we're all asking the niners about bruce miller. were showing a video of miller he signed a contract last march with the three years and then he was arrested last thursday by the santa clara police department accused of domestic abuse. details not given out by the police department but we do know that he was arrested when
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undisclosed locationundisclosed >>: reporter: so far is not made any comments the niners kron said they were disappointed by what happened but they're monitoring the situation the niners cut a lot of heat last year because of several players they're also accused of domestic violence with the niners did not do anything. everyone was coming down another said that they were being suspended pending an investigation array mcdonald kept playing is for is for smaller he had this day with the team this morning. he was not suspended but the niners in the nfl they came down so lightly on race initially the video came out and then he was suspended for the entire season. were monitoring the situation with bruce millerwith
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>>george: we have to right lanes blocked by a truck the lawful load of large pieces of prefabricated beings that apart from a sure route is jamming of the ride up interstate 80 of interstate 580 backed up all the with the highway 4 and backing up around the hoffmans split of interstate 580 i will update this and the other hot spots. >>james: 11 to start off with as quickly and to buttress this morning adjutancy is in the upper forties to low 50s around the bay will have full details
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on this and the rest of today's forecast coming up.
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>>george: we're tracking hot spots and a major one here in the east bay. here is life into the prefab lumber this was a roof for a large commercial building that includes a
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laminated been nearly 50 ft. long this is what got spilled onto the roadway on the driver of one of two trucks carrying this roof and the material westbound 80 overturned one of the trucks rather loss control of a show you on a traffic map interstate 80 was down university avenue is not only blocking the to write headlines here but it is also shut down the adjacent frontage road the university and ashby. if >>george: was out interstate 580, jammed up interstate 80, all the way to highway 4 in this to heart stopping the traffic most of that distance no good alternates here of course and pablo avenue was jammed long ago some folks might be used interstate 680 although it does not appear to be much heavier than usual heading to westbound highway 24 but we are tracking some hot spots the sec alleged
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it would come on here in the 580 ride west bound and 680 southbound slow traffic this morning for the out to month and tracking you're ride here through the south by we're thinking of some very heavy traffic for 85 from the all mountain valley pass saratoga to cupertino. >>george: the bay bridge was bounced the backed up the to the macarthur maze despite the fact that all the traffic is held up on 80 december sale bridge is a hot spot but has been for nearly an hour now with the west about ride jammed from and to and from the golden gate bridge fall this morning but not lead to the traffic southbound and for the richmond bridge the westbound ride backed up the toll plaza of test data to back of the rise now into richmond on 580 westbound. >>james: will to start off with a quick tour of the bay area cameras as we track the frog and
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you will notice it is still awfully thick and maybe intensified at the span and just the last 15 minutes this fall killed all 101 and you make a way to san francisco it is well in the east vegas the camera shop owner was found 80 as it could see we have heavy fog economic out any lesson in revell from berkeley which would normally sit right there on the shot a second look at the visibility map and looks like the fox is really making a nice push from the ocean through the golden gate and across into the east valley it has been this all morning long fairfield will because we will clear my visibility if it really is working its way across the bay san jose 7 mi. visibility the only place immune to with as little more for visibility still 10 mi. but that will certainly change as we march his way into the the >>james: watching the lettuce out sfo and low clouds the
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conditions there are right for delays the airport in fact just this morning issued a 60 minute for arriving flights and low visibility will let you know as the changes as a continues to deepen in those two areas listed a look at temperatures right now afforded to low 50s that has not moved the whole lot in fact it will hold steady for a little while until that happens will keep on the mild side events with this afternoon we will look for the sixties to low seventies 69 in oakland cemetery in san jose. --73 in san jose. >>james: you could make up for the edge of it here in june than half from the storm track four satellite you will pull out wider and you will see the heart of the storm they're off the west coast along natural moisture in this like this will
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mainly beproposed. that's the way looks on the storm track of for seven days from the bay forecast i will be back with more details a little bit later tallahassee to task for for youth. >> >>darya: of stories releasing more information that may help identify 40 road journal carter they say that his attack to on the left side of his neck this is a me in another tattoo on the stop arm this says john l. jr. that believe that the accused child molester is still in the san jose area on friday he had a medical
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appointment when he fought a deputy and managed to escape. >>mark: if this law passes liquor stores will have to have a system in place within six months is designed to improve safety after a string of crimes to murders happening two years ago with into blocks of a liquor store one business owner says his mother wants to fight crime in the area with the upgrade will cost them $5,000. the berkeley city council will total of this proposal might add 530 will let you know if the decision is announced.
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>>darya: the middle of the nice slice are intended to test ways of dealing with rosa drones that may appear over washington the secret service is testing gone to law enforcement and for protecting against possible civilian jobs that may threaten the white house. >>reporter: check out this follows the has gone viral this is of a pregnant model is his part in conversations across the internet for her extremely fit physique her name is sarah statius from los angeles is almost nine months pregnant and you can see these photos in the collection has a six-pack. so
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you are saying this is on helping others are praising her for how amazing she looks sister follows had been going viral one person said people descanting her for her fifth pregnancy obviously has never been pregnant before we are working to get these photos on kron 4 that come along with others.
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>>mark: expose of allegations from the families of the victims of the spree if freight killers. and big news on the speed freak killers case. as critical records may have been destroyed by the sheriff's office. >>mark:explosive allegations from the families of the victim's of the speed freak killers. they claim the san joaquin county sheriff's department destroyed evidence. >>mark:as melinda meza reports. the families and a state senator have filed a motion in federal court to have records of the "speed freak killers" case unsealed. >>: he did not deserve this he did not deserve from the to the murdered him and he did not deserve it at all from law enforcement the was supposed to protect and serve. >>reporter: the other family members have filed court papers asking for answers i work to their reward money. the motion
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was filed today to ask a federal judge took this a protective order in the john shali case against the san walk he shared the apartment and up shares. the remains found in a well in london after they told were the bodies were buried this say they have proved that the sheriff's office removed missing persons information from the department of justice filed which would be a federal crime. >>reporter: this is is not true
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the cases were not deleted and they were transferred to the department of justice as restated for management oversight for perry of time. >>: communication that i have from the attorney general's office in the sheriff's department. >>reporter: we add to the mall will be for deleting files they said they did not know. mommy'sot a surprise f you [ rating wannaee what'sn it? ye! whoagasp! whgasp! whgasp you wanna
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>>mark: tear or problem was about 580. >>george: no time soon is going to be probably hours of memo of four hours before they're able
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to get any lines clear here all and interstate 880, westbound. >>george: this is the location of the accident at university avenue and before those of the traffic impact was go out to kron 4 jackie the who was the covering this event for us this morning. >>jackie sissel: that is right where come from windsor and headed to san leandro i just out to sea its feedback as to make the load and the driver confirmed to be 20,000 lbs. which is 10 t of material with they're looking at right now as you said it is large laminated beams and also a prefab the roof level on a commercial building and the driver simply lost control of the load in this build not only on the to ride
7:32 am
and lines of was about 80, down to university but also into the front controlled of sense and a real. that is what is causing the problem. >>jackie sissel: the trailers overturned the low has been spilled on the side of the road right now with the are waiting for its heavy equipment heavy toll trucks to get out here to attempt to try to move these days and prefab ceilings on to a low board that is a flatbed trailer basically a get this out of here and talk to one chp officer about five minutes ago and he thought maybe a couple of hours another chp officer at said i still think this proposal to four hours because once they get that done this to have like paul the caltrans will have to deal with the debt has also been compromised. >>r >>jackie sissel: that once at the shut down the land track to do that let's face it the role the shutdown was on 80, is a mess if you can avoid
7:33 am
it will be several hours in the wet weather in the two or four the morning commute is pretty much shot for anyone heading down the slide if you can avoid it. >>george: let's switch back to the traffic lamps and will talk about how the commute is shot tech a look at both interstate 80 and interstate 580. efficacy 580, is backed up here on to into richmond it is backed up beyond the hoffman split. >>george: we're jammed the solidly in soprano in the east shore freeway and this is a train whistle ride riddance emphasize that and you're ride to the bay bridge this morning even though all the traffic is still stuck on 80 it is still a slow ride from the macarthur maze there was a fog advisory early this morning for the bridge and the san mateo bridge has been an especially rough commute even though we have been completely and sent free on 92 we started at about 615 and 620 this morning with slow and go
7:34 am
and buy 630 it was hard stop the traffic was about from the toll plaza and before all the way to the base of the high-rise. >>james: you this is awfully heavy normally we can make out the peninsula hills of the distance but we cannot today there was another shot for the golden gate bridge and gained him a gimmick the marin cited the span in canada make up the south tower step out of the shot the stock has intensified even more of the headlights used to come to view rightabout here as this sector around the bend the toll plaza the thought--saw this thickening. the rest of a completely obscured by the fall this morning the fault is thickening and is worsening and is spreading that is the store with it this morning have been another record how visibility and less for the entire north by the mob visibility and open up for my concord martinez is not
7:35 am
too terribly bad as you head down toward wall muckrake and then feel a little more 10 mi. visibility been reported there but do not surprised to work to sway over the east bay hills seven mile visibility in san jose here is a storm track four day for as we broke the day down to of three >>james: by noontime will get a few sunbreaks here and there will be a to the mid-60s that that point in them but this afternoon it was a cloudy for the coast and most cloud around the bank will make it a few more sunbreaks and lead but the clouds will be more widespread than they were yesterday whatever to one of to the upper 60s and low 70's there's a storm on the way it will not be a major rubble with could get to showers tomorrow will not come back in my fortune away store that in more detail.
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>>mark: said francisco police are investigating a double homicide victims were shot and killed and crocker amazon played ron yesterday morning friends and family will know them are in shock police said the to men in their 20s were sitting inside this camaro when they were shot multiple times officers believe someone walked up to the car and fired inside right now detectives are in today witnesses including park workers who were nearby when the shooting happened to is not yet released any suspect information or said with a motive may have been. >>darya: after he was caught recording miners at as a lawman, is will meet in happen saturday that is when the meat was up the slough committee, as a young girl notice the man seem to be using his cell phone to take video and the girls' locker room she pointed him out in paris chased him in the corner him to the police got there here he is. he was arrested and booked into
7:37 am
solano county jail and said they did find images of the girls' locker room on his from his out now $20,000 bail. >>mark: hundreds of residents living in one of is the more home park may be forced to move out their short interest in selling the land residents gathered outside apostle city hall yesterday there were urging the city to approve matching funds that offered by the county to help save our park santa clara county adult and a million dollars the city manager's advocates say they will need 20 to 30 men dollars to convince the owner of the park to sell to them is to the developer. the of the to raise the money to stay in their homes. >>: when our people who work in your schools and the dullest people who just want to step part of the community a pair bills we have a hundred 25
7:38 am
children under they did a change as a result all right. the ruble on a million-dollar funds next monthnext >>darya: fire fighters wrestling a woman into young children from a second-floor apartment at to see the fine talent for the building in south los angeles and then there's the woman having the child through a window to the firefighters on a ladder the firefighters the fire broke out last night you can see she said on the ground and harass her mom know was hurt the to the 45 fires to put this fire out with the governor down about 50 minutes because of under investigation. >>mark: we have the event yesterday on kron 4 the tech giant unveiled the remaining details about the apple watch in order to wash to work it needs to be paired with an eye from five or six the battery expected to last 18 hours used to make and receive calls and open of
7:39 am
loss or hotel room doors of certain applications the price of the three other for $9 for sport addition it goes up from bed and on the size--$349 >>mark: there will be available for delivery on and off 24. >>darya: still a man the 49 hours in the crisis mode on and off the field will want to talk to gary about how the team can get through this and what they're trying to get through is this on purpose or this up close and.
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to create a st fvorf suay sdwic beg wit frhly-ked-ead; tenderoast-to-rfecon-turk-bret, gea sami; spy peeron mey prolon esh ggie anour w suay vaigrte blended wi oreno, hintf rlicand ack pper de rightn frt ofou tastes ute ia frh-totedsandch le nother intherordsthe gnifentnew turkey itaano lt. onlyt subway >>george: the hotspot and similar interstate 80, the rest
7:43 am
of the morning will be dealing with the to write lines are shut down a university avenue with a hardback of all the way to put no and even interstate 580 backing up into richmond for the westbound ride i will update this and the rest of the hot spots coming up in the meantime you can get updates any time with the kron 4 mobile application a free download the this to get news weather and traffic with it would cannot watch kron 4 news. >>reporter: and in the nation's sports clothing company is in hot water today because of the t-shirt and what is said on his walks label this is the sport shirt and on the washing label the instructions say give this to your woman is her job. the company behind the jersey has apologized after the people became outraged dissent and never intended to demean women but said not all men understand how to secure their own clothes
7:44 am
women know better of our exports to such matters a lot of people now are saying the apology misses the point. >>reporter: will continue after the break.
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ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters. time for the world according to gary presented by his sheep. >>gary: i do not know from a to know about this with the great that we have worked with your producer extraordinaire he is the great we spoke the other day for about half hour.
7:47 am
>>darya: how is the only recognized and you only hear him. >>gary: he recognized main--may the first time we've ever spoken we had a kind word to say about you. >>darya: he is a big seahawks fan but you know what he is not the only one left going what's even for the niners fans are and those like we have questions and get an answer about was caught on with this team. >>gary: that is the worst they have to remember with bay area tame one after the other and then you have the latest delay with bruce miller. in the domestic violence rustler at the realization that want to have some guy in the city is having the forty-niners this said this is a good guy you have to find
7:48 am
the reputation that he has. >>gary: somewhat to show up in someone is a likable guys and they put him on the air and he did a whole season of little bits. and you find out this thing went on. >>darya: we do not really know what the trouble started when the trouble is on thursday night at midnight he was arrested in santa clara and it was a spousal abuse they're engaged but they call the tar spousal abuse and it is just really a we had had this to the whole mixture you have the bill would back off the field and then you have one player arrested to retiring looks like and then you have read one else goes several are jumping ship will find out their 1:00 >>gary: this is no excuse believe me these guys before
7:49 am
asking why is all these things coming out a large these names being linked here and you're trying for pro football player even a college player just to be so aggressive you're in a violent world and if you cannot turn a loss we step off the field listened this guy has not been charged yet. >>gary: this is not an excuse ottawa and was a very wrong with these guys the world they lived and is very aggressive obviously i believe that that i cannot repeat enough if you do not turn it off when you leave that failed it is very ugly. >>darya: it has been ugly in terms of what the 11 players had criminal charges against on the nine of which is the highest in the nfl. >>gary: this said when harbaugh
7:50 am
left he is in you waited that we want to try and win with class now insinuating maybe harbaugh under his regime did not win with class. >>darya: forget the insinuations they kept saying the exact thing when with class when the class to you have that it was that mean? they're going to walk to the extent of success from harbaugh offer their jerseys what is the lawn? >>gary: i want to be fair about this of a sudden it is not well harbaugh was a good guy in these guys are stupid and they're back and forth the public-relations right now i can remember it being the slope. >>darya: in the to go back to questioning the whole cabinet roomers every rumor over the past year the niners have denied it said that as a surge we want to tread harbaugh this
7:51 am
upsurge everyone has been true now i'm going ok maybe they are out shopping cab. >>gary: you better have someone better that is the most you could make the case in the most important position in all sports usually like to giants the baseball giants have are the benefit of the doubt if something goes wrong with just a three championships in five years they know what they're going these guys have from with the benefit of the doubt for now. >>darya: we do not know for napa gore is down and the eagles now so 1:00 today is the time that everyone decide. >>darya: just as some of the few rumors in the slot carnot's for him for sure kraft free maybe it culver to the jets. >>gary: i thought the calls were
7:52 am
in there for free corps. >>darya: the deal was is a done deal seven and half million guaranteed but now it is renewing the whole cult thing was the offer over the weekend. >>gary: but no way he changes his mind and well before the niners won him anyway. now was a time to do because the team has to make plans and players are not going to be here all one day i was dead again top of by the ugliness if you went through this thing and said who do you think is going to have often feel domestic bill you will not pick bruce miller. >>darya: about the bomb pushed
7:53 am
up the clippers gave the warriors he is wanted a $10,000 for that shows great is that he did not do it because he said he loves that if he is suspended and is not a matter he does not play. >>gary: he decided to take off the switch to he had run a check for $10,000. then i run into a 672 rotted afforded by the tech a shower. will talk to you later.
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>>george: the frontage road remains shut down and both the north and southbound direction by the truck then overturned and losses load of lumber the sea its feet with a similar look the back of order to stay 580 interstate 80 what's wrong is solace from paul the drive time you called that is well over our and have to get from here to hear from the east or freeware this is no drive this morning in alternate with the interstate 680 and is definitely showing signs of extra used this morning southbound leading from west from highway 24 near bay bridge ride is backed up into the maze. >>george: the 24 ride is still slow the san mateo bridge is a hot spot and has been all morning long so the big delays here well over 26 minutes commit time in the westbound direction and finally a look at the golden
7:58 am
gate bridge where the south lawn traffic is slow with word of an accident fed may have damaged one of the tow ropes again this morning issue of the attenuator barrel having to the the laser in the southbound or action. >>james: it is the fog that is the man with a story this morning be ready for the letter on this afternoon will get a few sunbreaks woman in a to the upper sixties to low seventies we do have ran on the way in this in more detail coming up in the next hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>>darya:that breaking news we are following is out of the east >>mark:a big rig overturned spilling its load of wood in berkeley and *now* it's blocking lanes. here to tell us more about where in berkeley this happened is george rask.
8:01 am
>>george: not long after the incident occurred we have to live here and you can see these are roofing materials and free for napa beings ever spilled by the truck that was traveling westbound on interstate 80 and if i understand it this was part of a convoy that was at least one of the truck with this one. >>jackie sissel: there was and is one of the truck and this is prefab material does going into a commercial building. hist the law itself was about 20,000 lbs. worth of this would one obeying at itself was almost 60 ft. long when well over two times as what we're hearing right now it was on its way to san leandro when early this morning it hit in losses slowed. >>jackie sissel: here is traffic on westbound 80 and as a is a lot you have a real good look
8:02 am
of the stroke that spilled its glow and damage that is done according to chp they're saying several hours in the last in the 15 minutes to to try to arrive out here what have they done a have done a trailer that the load was on foot over into its will there is still a lot of work to do george is assented thousand pounds worth of wood that want to have to get these trucks to get this would out of the lines of traffic and onto a lowboy would is a flatbed truck that is one to six hours according to sea its feet on estimate was two hours and are we close to four hours drive away the morning commute was to get that done they had a light pole that the compromise in was hit during this accident will have to do work on that that is the caltrans there will have the work on and it will not open up
8:03 am
the traffic any time. >>jackie sissel: with the possibility of the light pole, down several more our the good news is the driver of the truck was not hurt as you get more infamous on exactly how much longer they believe i keep asking them and they keep changing the best estimate is the least a couple of hours. >>george: let's talk about the traffic impact on the trial interstate 80 will show you had the big picture because 80 is solidly jammed the sow is 680 which would be if the alternate route tear in the westbound direction and traffic on interstate 580 try to come in from richmond also backed up as well perry of the delays throughout the east bay and at the bay bridge we noticed when no longer have the backed up into the macarthur maze. >>george: this is because of the east shore freeway accident those of you come from the nimitz freeway or the macarthur maze or 24, you will definitely
8:04 am
recall of benefit this morning because of the delays is reach an hour and half on the east shore freeway the san mateo bridge and is on ride the hot spot this morning with major delays ever since the 6:00 hour drive times are 26 to 29 minutes. and saw your trip to the golden gate bridge we're still slow. >>george: of vehicle damage one of the toll booth on the left side that maybe the reason why we are seeing southbound this is the current about 45 minutes earlier than it should be. >>james: i would look toward camera sold in the fall of the we see into san mateo bridge is thick and we are seated at the golden gate bridge is the like this all morning long the embarcadero camera shutters conditions radically getting worse as a matter of fact as a soldier with timmy got the section of the bay bridge that leads into san francisco now obscured economic out the top of the ferry building on the right-
8:05 am
hand side of the shot. filled with a look of the visibility map half of visibility in petaluma to have an open and that as of 1 mi. visibility in hayward and fremont visibility and san jose--excess of--sfo >>james: as a director the morning hours this time it was for 7:00 a.m. looking at identical conditions by noontime a few sun signs and a few '60s kids getting out of school for 60 to 07 is at that point i will have a more complete look at the forecast coming up in 15 minutes will talk of the rain for tomorrow and 80 degree weather for the weekend in the meantime down all the mobile applications agree with you to set of data on the latest weather news and traffic any time any day. >>mark:breaking news out of the south bay this morning. police are investigating two overnight shootings in san jose. >>mark:officers responded to a hospital around 9:30 last night where a man had gone to be
8:06 am
treated for at least one gunshot wound. >>mark:police say the man's injuries are serious. >>mark:that shooting happened near the intersection of almaden avenue and oak street. >>mark:then around 3:10 this morning, officers responded to another report of a shooting. >>mark:this time near the intersection of stanwood drive and dellwood drive. officers found a man who had at least one gunshot wound. >>mark:no one is in custody at this time. >>darya:new this morning. >>darya:the hayward unified school district is warning parents that a student at tennyson high school has tested positive for tuberculosis. >>darya:the district says it was notified of the case on friday. and the student wasn't on school grounds at the time. >>darya:the school district is working with school nurses to make sure students and staff aren't exposed to the illness. >>darya:our top story this morning. the latest 49er arrest. >>darya: nearly self of video caption a terrifying moments
8:07 am
when amtrak train slammed into a tractor-trailer will show you the rest of the video coming up. a live look at the foggy and slow san mateo bridge we will be back in a few minutes. oh n we ve adrescodeere, anit'sot s roug nex whoa, thiss a nchb not halleen g.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
4. in interstate 80 and the drive times if you could call it that is over one and half hours. >>george: for the westbound ride from hercules to berkeley i will have a complete traffic check coming right up. >>mark: headed for is a looking for a suspect in an attempt kidnapping ever the scare is this just released the same person with two different looks the kidnapping and for an afternoon last friday and on wickman avenue near sycamore a 15 year-old girl was walking home from tennyson high school when this happened the unified school district has been several similar incidents recently and it could be connected. >>darya: in this outlaw force the agency continues to look for this man and escaped inmate and they're releasing more information that could help you identify him or when you see him for the road dynel carter he has a tattoo on the left side of his neck this is a me in another attack to the ss general john
8:11 am
your the accused, less is still on the loose and san jose on friday he had a medical appointment and that is when he fought a deputy in manage to escape. >>james: we're tracking the fault here and the weather center. and has not been the fall be there in quiet while but that is what we are dealing with this morning on that and the rain and the hot weather down the road. for the tilt ahead.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>>george: with is overturned truck that is tearing prefabricated roof one being 50 ft. long the jackie said he thought about 10 times so you conceit that through the clinic operation underway we're still dealing with major delays because i have i to shut down the freeway right now do we have jackie available to talk to us? >>george: what we're looking at the track to break the just occurred to have been tried to get this debris and this would out of the lanes is going to be through the entire morning before they're able to get it cleared up tech a look here at the ride to the location was 88
8:15 am
university the traffic implications believer not continue to grow this is because people have not heard about the problem. >>george: will continue to see delays building in the alternate route was 680 south of an issue bridge ride they're fairly heavier than usual because we also see the evidence here into walnut creek into strange what is really about the only viable alternate route but heavy in his own right to strike other hot spots for >>george: the west and of the dumbarton bridge with a motorcycle accident along time to clear at the end of the bayfront expressway and that is backed up the traffic all the way across the dumbarton bridge the hot spot in itself the bay bridge finally saying now the impact of the accident on interstate 80 that is why there is no backups here.
8:16 am
>>george: backed up before 630 a we're still looking a 29 minute drive times the golden gate bridge was slow in the southbound erection of the cleared a vehicle from the left- hand lane destroyed one of the insinuated the toll plaza. >>james: focus in on the foggy weather we had had a year of the golden gate bridge to the golden gate bridge look at that no when whatsoever that flag is hanging limp and default heavy over the span economic up any of the towers. looking out to the east
8:17 am
bay you cannot make up the east bay hills which we normally would. >>james: you see is looking out to the south the fall not as heavy but every once in awhile nicosia go across the camera lens. all these areas in yellow impacted by the advisory does with the fraud is suspected to be is the entire bay area where talk a quarter mile visibility or less than desired conditions in this emphasis on international airport is registering delays for arriving flights. the to the coming flights are backed up by about our. >>james: these numbers have not moved a whole lot over the course of the morning that as no
8:18 am
surprise the sun had not had a chance to do much is been blocked all those clouds. . >>james: at this point of the site was from the just want to bid on of respect or to will keep in mind for you to know what to expect going for. >>mark: the news is breaking yesterday >>will tran: the statement was will monitor in the situation
8:19 am
that they're highly disappointed members will wish to get more information we have learned over the past 30 minutes that the niners will hold a news conference at known it would not be for smaller instead will be for patched willis' full poorly will announce his retirement after 30 years old and bruce will over shuttle that after that last thursday. >>will tran: he has the fall that if you know before you know him now he is the most talked- about fullback perhaps the entire nfl because last thursday the center for his department arrested him an undisclosed location accused of domestics also >>will tran: they would not go into detail information came out late last night bruce miller his the to restock the contacted by many people but he has not made any comments to the medium the forty-niners they will whether they like it or not will make some sort of comment because the report will be there to ask questions the scene was
8:20 am
under tremendous fire last year for several players alden smith chris culver and then ray mcdonald you accuse of spots of domestic violence and said been suspended in the heat was going on with rice instead the team lead who play on and more the reason why he says he let him jump to the car lot of good will to win the class is implying that he was soft on his players this morning bruce miller still with the same still not suspended but of course that could change we will let you know. >>mark:in total, 11 49ers players have been arrested since 2012. according to u-s-a today arrest records, that ranks among the highest team total in the n-f-l. and happening today. linebacker patrick willis is expected to announce his retirement.
8:21 am
>>mark:he made the announcement yesterday. >>mark:willis, who is only 30 years old appeared in just six games last season before undergoing season-ending toe surgery. >>mark:willis made no indication that he was considering retirement, in fact after the surgery he was and stay with kron 4 as we >>reporter: another for instance they're quitting the niners is oval with a less the have made the rebuilding plan and this person said they're not just losing a bandwagon fans at this point that longtime fans and are embarrassed by the organization where work on getting that retirement announcement live till at noon today and head over to kron 4 we can read more about the domestic troubles that plagued the nfl this past season.
8:22 am
>>mark:and newly released cell phone video captures the terrifying moments when an amtrak train slammed into a tractor-trailer. >>mark:we'll show you that video coming up. >>reporter: a frightening scene on the tracks they're passing the moment of impact on camera is amtrak passenger train from the carolinas to new york barreling into a tractor-trailer stuck on the tracks sending cars line of the rail and the train's engine on the side. more than 200 passengers were aboard the train dozens of injured were transported to hospitals would not live for the injuries the train's conductor among those treated witnesses said the tractor-trailer patched up on the tracks will try to make a difficult left turn. >>: area and the slow it was a
8:23 am
shock. >>reporter: there are 2000 accidents and american road crossings every year to hunt the 39 people were killed last year alone this is the third major train accident in less than two months. two weeks the commuter train was killed and dozens injured when collide with the truck on the tracks in california last month six people were killed when as you've read was struck by a commuter train in new york amtracs as in a statement it was monitoring the situation and investigation was ongoing. >>mark: to the kron 4 morning news continues. nd a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities.
8:24 am
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing.
8:26 am
whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all. >>darya: and managed to escape. >>darya: 2 also allow doctors
8:27 am
work in the veterans to legally recommend marijuana for certain conditions to be unveiled today but still have to get approval by the senate since 2012 alaska call oregon and washington state have all legalize recreational use. >>mark: the firefighters said the college and managers harassed and the senate against unfair to learn he tested positive for hiv for euro steven is now filed a legal claim they said they met contracted hiv after he was exposed to blood or in amasa 2003 the city attorney's office and fired from have not commented. >>darya: we sat down oakland mayor libby's have to talk about some of the motion have to the city a lot of the right now berkeley were the amounts from the breaking news and traffic a big rig accident dropping its load and causing major delays in
8:28 am
the east bank will have live reports after the break. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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8:30 am
>>mark: the big rig overturned spelling tons of material brought reminds following the lead this year along with jackie. >>george: 11 working on this they're still hours away from clearing up the lines and getting the roadway reopened let's check in now from kron 4 as jackie cecil. >>jackie sissel: but the
8:31 am
progress that made is very minimal at this point it's a superficial because even that would instill in the roadway that is to load of lumber that was headed toward san leandro was early this morning and 20,000 lbs. worth of free fabricate it would and beans all 06 ec law 56 in. wide that is almost 2 t by itself, continues to work out here you could see what they did and have done so far this of the trend over there remove the trailer and they've taken offense out that was damaged. >>jackie sissel: they still have a lot of work to do this was first reported in a 6:00 hour.
8:32 am
this will have a light pole the has been damaged in this accident that would have to fix that they will have to do that work were still hours away in traffic is completely shot out here i look back up to the map chemical see how far back it goes there have been times when they've had to completely shut down the freeway the tojo's getting into position. >>jackie sissel: anyone traveling westbound on highway 80 580 are richmond you are and for a very long way this morning. >>george: let's talk about the tall blond wig is here is the location of the incident as jackie said is affecting the ride coming out of central richmond as well as coming from the upper east shore freeway 90 minute drive times are being calculated right now for the ride from hercules to berkeley and the back of actually continuing to grow and this had a big impact on the alternate
8:33 am
route 6 is out on the benicia bridge if leading down to concord waller creek pleasant hill this is now a 40 minute trip time instead of a 22 minute trip time which is what should be under normal conditions the big a fax here in recall affects because of this accident on interstate 80 which is likely to take several more hours to clear and the hot spot we're tracking the westbound 9284 ride that is coming from the east bay and heading toward the peninsula traffic is still backed up nearly across the span because of an early recovery motorcycle accident out here at the bayfront expressway. >>george: the bay bridge is impacted but in a very different way there's no traffic here because most of the traffic comes from interstate 80 you're ride to the san mateo bridge on affected still jammed up is the like this is before 630 this morning drive times of 26 to 29
8:34 am
minutes the only good news is this the golden gate bridge is cleared out just in time for the thick of the commute with just now. >>james: olla to do is look up and see it is dense and the golden gate bridge for the to the survey we are in hayward looking out in the direction of the peninsula that we cannot make the visibility 1 mi. knowledgeable wall the creek is interesting water creek does not look too bad with an ax to make all the hills off in the distance however just a couple miles to the north in concord to allow visibility that is how finnicky the fault can be and some parts of the bay. falcon
8:35 am
>>james: to one-half mile visibility in san jose to have open to have all of this of and yes there are delays in arriving size about an hour there and the sentences will international hear the storm track four a track planner will have morning hours noon and 3:00 this afternoon to start with the morning forecast 7:00 a.m. or call 4040 to low 50s with fog and low clouds that had not changed a little bit here we are a third lieutenant with his accent and this is no time were looking for some bird there still is and where a few breaks it will give those temperatures up to that of course is a taste of what is to come by tomorrowis >>james: the cause or invest
8:36 am
that may bring us some chuckles the talk about that the to a coming up in the fortunes of the forecast. >>mark: the city of berkeley is deciding whether such as liquor stores in the city will be required to have video surveillance systems and a lot has a liquor store will have to have systems in place within six months is designed to improve safety after a string of crimes schillings may of last year into usable their two murders that happened with a loss of liquor store business owners say they're more than willing to fight crime with the upgrade to be berkeley standards will cost many of the on a $5,000 the berkeley city council be voting on the proposal at 530 tonight will let you know what this decision is was it is announced. >>darya: to the shaft the mayor a top priority keeping our sports team in oakland. >>mark: a proven safety in the city.
8:37 am
then carme>>reporter: there remain hopeful the given time those numbers would drop as they have another big cities is very early in the air so i am not a very focused on the statistics right now what i am focused on math is continuing to invest in strategies that work. >>reporter: and focus on cease- fire is something that has shown and that is what we need to put our energy and our efforts. i'm always going to be
8:38 am
watching. in the next few months she will hire a director of committee safety and put forth a comprehensive public safety plan was to not only a just prevention and intervention strategies but her plans for increasing the number of officers in the department. my goal is to look for please the farmer but 28 officers a year by the time i turn as i like to see in a hundred officer police department that maybe it a tall order to fill excess of the city faces a projected $80 million shortfall to the prepared the budget to as coming fiscal year
8:39 am
>>darya: 4 you by the new apple watch. it will look into the specifics of the watch it would you can do within a plus when you could have to put it on your wrist. scov broside d diovern excitingcombinatioof ttes. richdarkhocolate coveng st ceers. flaved with exot fru juices. i's chocole anfruiflavors li you'veeverexperiend bere. scov broside.
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8:41 am
>>george: the kron 4 morning news we are watching the major east bay hot spots this is interstate 80 was down in the computer direction and university avenue in berkeley
8:42 am
with the two right lanes remained shut down traffic backed up and applaud alternate routes are affected even the bay bridge but in a completely different way out of the this and the rest of the hot spots on the kron 4 morning news returns.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>darya: i look at traffic the way you probably do to get the what are the roadway. is on a 10 t worth of wood here tech got
8:45 am
hauled away? >>george: it takes a big lift truck and ordered to pick it up and then they have to put in on a heavy white truck in order to clear out the one thing you cannot see is the 60 ft. long 10 t laminated been that is also in the roadway that is why the chp is released and the clock and that may be a bit optimistic for them to get the lines reopen here. >>george: i think they're climbing a to see if they can put a nylon left grow up and that is what he is looking at there because they have to do is live that all the way. the
8:46 am
backed up a solid here all the way at the east store freeway we're still backed up into downtown richmond on interstate 580 central richmond actually this drive times was checked at nearly an hour and a half from pinole hercules down to berkeley and of course also been tracking the impact here on the alternate route 688 southbound direction and the ride come down to walnut creek thinks they're also soared unusual as well looking at a 44 minute drive times what it should be about 28 metric. >>george: delays across the dumbarton bridge persists because of the early return accident the only good news and all of this at the bay bridge is because of the accident as a little traffic reaching the webers there is no longer a backup at the toll plaza so
8:47 am
you're ever run run word traffic is coming from the bay bridge most of the edge of the east shore freeway in a trip to the san mateo bridge still jammed of solidly look at this there have been no accidents or incidents this is the one of the worst mornings for the san mateo bridge. >>george: and hotspot for europe ride out of the east bay and the golden gate bridge is back at peak traffic was to incidence of our was cleared of them picked of heavy traffic this is normal of the richmond bridge in the west about 580 ride a little heavier than normal still for this late in the commute we're still back the from beyond the richmond parkway on 580, was bound perry >>james: we're on to start of what is happening right now to the fall we're seeing everywhere around the bay and this allows love for lot of people almost zero visibility to the golden gate bridge shot were also seen in the east is will open approach to the bay bridge shows as heavy fog near economic up
8:48 am
the east bay hills like we normally would were also sentenced fall in the east valley out there concord to down to test my visibility the quarter mile visibility and less across the north of san jose to a half mile visibility to have an oakland out there in excess of. --sfo >>james: the one up or mauve visibility for last in all these areas in yellow which is in this is the entire bay area and in another they dangers driver conditions could be awaiting you as you head out the door to give this up little extra time and as for the air travel will have fog and clouds wreaking havoc at sfo. when i sing any issues that. 54 senators say that is a slight warm of 52
8:49 am
oakland 52 in san francisco and in the market looking at mid for is to eventually the clouds will part will this sunshine and that no one was up to the low seven is for the east valley and for the south bay opera 60 for most of the bay shoreline another six is a low seventh across the lot they happening right now and has allowed water you see much larger system waiting for the impact california were would mean for us to cast walking us through the different parts of the day tomorrow. >>james: nothing much to make a few showers across the north back and then by 6:00 centenary a little more intense by noon time again showers to the north were not looking for too much to fall relative the wic system and every now and then we may get a pot of sprinkle in the east bay in the south they do not be surprised if you get just a little bit of sparkle during the day tomorrow this will not be a widespread system is one to be
8:50 am
quick this impacting us on wednesday the clouds move off of the have-to bring us back to look 80 degree weather by saturday that is pretty impressive. >>james: and heavily wooded have snow on the grounds yes there has been some doubt is not like there were last weekend your heading up this weekend less walk you through what we're looking at in terms of the snow we began the list by taking all look at have north star is a matter of fact 45 in. of space at the summit kirkwood has 58 well has no fresh snow on the ground perhaps will give some of this and coming system will let you know. >>gabe slate: good morning here it is the apple was in many cases and why the public will want one of these pre order
8:51 am
begins and pretend that the market at the to to for the apple watch sport makes aluminum star to $350 the monocot apple what is a listing of the start of $550 and the apple what addition to its 18th year gold and ranges from 10,000 up to $17,000 tax the apple watching ben extension of your phone every type of message or notification that you can view or from the will be able to view on the apple watch this is glenn has a mike and speaker from so quick calls you and mccall ride on your watch apple claims the battery last 18 hours to is supposed to be good for the whole day. >>gabe slate: make sure you wait a couple weeks before buying one to see if the battery is one to hold out the door to watch and even waverers never registered not have to fix your wallet it could lead directly to a series of attacks to watch questions and answers is to screen and
8:52 am
their two buttons on the side for different types of navigation and said there but thousands of applications ready for launch this would is to ramble on and over will have an application when your car of course there behind the different types of health and fitness applications to the town of neat features a mix of the vice intriguing. >>gabe slate: you could draw quick messages as and your heartbeat through a vigil by of pulses that have animated screens like mickey mouse here is the new gold math books and is the thin as long as nobody ever it is incredibly light weight of my get it still has that apple surprised the tech or introducing ultra portable notebook into grays a fan and lighter than the existing map but air and is just 13.1 mm thick and has a new hire redness screen the best resolution yet
8:53 am
and this force 30% better battery life in existing apple laptops. this is like a machine for the person who was on the go for troubled lot it comes and goes over and special grand as the market and for low cost 13 of the dollars. >>reporter: the person said the apple was is just a worse version of the watch samsung made over a year ago but it is an apple was so people will buy it go to kron 4 dot com to get a
8:54 am
full review of how apple watch the dancers wear watches the kron 4 morning news is back after this break.
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9:00 am
>>george: it keeps getting longer and longer would have learned lately? if >>jackie sissel: it is getting longer again you could see caltrans to work and the tow truck workers chp workers you concede fabricated cost of building a some of the bay is the wrath talking about is 30 in. wide and run the length of this is almost 60 ft. long all this would is want to have to be
9:01 am
cleaned up the back seat at the trial out of here just a couple of minutes ago they had six with one piece of what over and is 16 of a piece of wood the good news is because is prefabricated the tow truck is one to eventually won by one pickup each one of these pieces of wood and along a force to lead the global rain the flatbed truck is not even here yet that is the process and them one by one will have >>jackie sissel: i had chances of the sea its the office a
9:02 am
couple of minutes ago was this slavin truck comes and then leave it sometimes who have to sit down more lanes of traffic we're not out of the woods yet we have a long way to the l and that is a little unfortunate for the people that are waiting their way back there and have been waiting a long time. >>george: it is the traffic getting to the same because is jammed up still all the way into pinole on the east shore freeways still backed up into central richmond interstate 580 the frontage road has been shut down and we have finally seen some improvement here in the alternate were no longer backed up all of the the mission bridge. we're still quite heavy from concord martinez on 68242 southbound leading into walnut creek in the westbound traffic on highway 24 there was a 44 minute trip time here on pleasant hill that is about was about to commit would normally
9:03 am
be a lot of people are using 680, at 24. as the alternate route. >>george: the dumbarton bridge and the westbound arise from the e today a motorcycle accident back to the the east bay ride for the bay bridge is of course no delays now and that is because of all the slow traffic still on interstate 80, back of beyond high with for the san mateo bridge has been our rough ride all morning long it is still over two to five minute drive time from hayward to saddam sale the golden gate bridge had problems before the pick of the commute they cleared out and we're still dealing with heavy traffic from its plan and at the richmond bridge we are still backed up here at the toll plaza. >>george: slower than usual traffic and backed into rich from five a, westbound. >>reporter: the big what's the story for us today as the fall this morning a live look at the
9:04 am
golden gate and you could see the folly conditions in fact that is a dense fog advisory continues to a 10:00 this morning the walnut creek camera shows us the cloud conditions also the bay bridge with this is to fall early this morning when you could still see it cloud is guys start off this morning check out the storm track before visibility right now where you can see the the portion of the bay area less than half a mile for santa rosa petaluma down to have smaller oakland 2 mi. an hayrack half mile and concord as a folk looking into and have my visibility. >>reporter: we are seeing some delays on arriving flights the storm track of for their plan for today again this fall has not become widespread in this afternoon some sunshine will be limited and partly to mostly cloudy out will call it temperatures by the coastal 60 to mid-60s and run them by 3:00
9:05 am
today clouds may be taken for some locations like combat what chapter ran for you that could be headed this way, and of little bit later. >>darya: in the south bay will want to update you on police are investigating to shootings at happen overnight in san jose and there was a man who went to the hospital at 930 last night he had a gunshot wound and serious injuries it turned out he was shot near the intersection of all is an avenue and oak streets and around 310 this morning there was another shooting that was the intersection of stan would drive and that would drive was a man was shot there nobody is in custody right now teresa's tassels on her way and we will have a lot of difference. >>mark: bruce miller taken into custody last week for spousal abuse with the news coming out
9:06 am
yesterday of the arrest were waiting for a press conference on the retirement and noon today >>will tran: he will announce his retirement at age 30 but he will be overshadowed unfortunately for his great career barbara's letter--bruce miller >>will tran: he is was 7 years old is the full black area where for for a court with his making news in the off-season because last thursday he was arrested by santa clara police department accused of domestic spousal abuse details not being released by the police department but we do know he was arrested at an undisclosed location the 49ers quickly released the new statement saying there are aware of the situation they're disappointed and bruce miller
9:07 am
but i can tell you that he has not been suspended by the team yen that caught a lot of heat last year for how he handles several players alden smith quits culver ramet donald he was also accused of domestic violence but he would never suspended from the team pending the investigation. >>will tran: they're telling people the 49 if you need to suspend him include a forty- niners steve young at the time for 10 terrell mcdonald will tell you what they will be saying about bruce miller is still the team this morning we will cover the news conference for patulous and will carry you live when that happens there will be peppered with tons of questions
9:08 am
>>darya: you can read more about the domestic violence cases overall with the nfl this past season. >>mark: he is planning his are the islamic state will explain his alleged plan to kill the president and members of congress. ...
9:09 am
mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>george: this is a hot spot 80 was down in berkeley we're hours away from saying the lanes reopen traffic is backed up for miles solid lead to follow on 80 into richmond on 580 and drive times to over an hour and half. >>george >>darya: you can see what he looks like there but also what may help for eurotunnel, has a couple of tattoos on the left
9:12 am
side of his neck and the other on the arm says john l. jr. police believe that he is an accused child molester and that he is still on the loose in the san jose area think he is still in the area after escaping on friday he would to a medical appointment fought a deputy and manage to get away. >>reporter: is foggy out there say quite a bit of fog is bent to for visibility the embarcadero camera at the bay bridge is talk in more details and also the rain that could be headed our way of the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>george: the mess on the sure freeway interstate 80 in the east bay berkeley was about a university the right lane still shut down as they have been since the 6:00 hour this actually occurred just before 6:00 on westbound 80 and now with the lanes blocked there is not any likelihood that this will be cleared with the next couple of hours the original estimate of 8:00 and 10:00 we blown pass all of those it cannot even get a total up to the same to all this away because the backed up is so vague that it is likely going to have to wait through the traffic in order to arrive on scene.
9:16 am
>>george: the san paolo san pablo ave the status closed the back of still reaches the central richmond ought to stay 580 and was still backed up on southbound 680 and look at this was >>george: on to spend at all this morning the golden gate bridge back to normal finally where after the russian and they're no incidents it is a small strip across the span the last chapter richmond vs. and
9:17 am
saw lee backed up the back of this easing of bed the still heavy in the west and south track line. >>reporter: the live look at the bay bridge and we still have clouds guys out there and the fog it is still pretty widespread for some spots a live look at the san mateo bridge were you also see cloud conditions and a little bit of fall out there as well also quite of the is the no. bay where the golden gate bridge we can barely make out in the stock herethe
9:18 am
>>reporter: 7 showers across and then the beach weather for this weekend's storm track four temperatures is the 40's and 50's 52 oakland low fifties also unpleasant and send us a good morning to you your at 54 degrees highs this afternoon fifties and seventies once again seventh in copper 73 pleasanton antioch around mid '70s and the warmer spots today. >>reporter: losec is in a were 69 oakland and san francisco 74 for our friends in sunnyvale
9:19 am
settle a radar professional way bring into light scattered showers primarily tomorrow till the future cash for. >>reporter: miami and another to the it looks like most of the models are keeping the rain chances north of the golden gate bridge by lunchtime still cloudy skies temperatures rebound starting thursday and friday and we really want things up saturday and low '80s may be low 90s.
9:20 am
>>reporter: potentially for the southern moderate county areas a light test to showers and a north bay. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers with our financial expert saw them land on the stronger dollar. rob black: the euro is getting weaker and where getting anything it will be good for european stock market as the dollar got weaker six years ago would into our seventh year of a gold market based on the weaker dollar and weaken interstate it is now embarking on that in my opinion also is a great time to get more bang for the above a dollar of a is a $35 last summer also a beginning but to the 5 percent more purchasing power also roms airlines and is on sale gives the u.s. economy.
9:21 am
it is bad is also good we won a strong dollar that reflects a stronger job market, and whatever job because a lot of people i am a people of the person and a strong the economy is good a stronger dollar. >>mark: let's talk about the apple watch at how successful it is the common thing is they will be the lead of some of bottom- line. rob black: this is a dumb watch i have the pair was today apple introduced a watch yesterday $17,000 gold version apple actually invented a new type of goal that has silver and the other metal yes and look stupid i agree but that are the best mother watch out there it does mean something apple is not going to be big with you or me
9:22 am
we do not care about it timmy big internal or watch is a luxury item where apple is a luxury item there are the watches and phones and because you've had this town. >>mark: president expected to change announced a for student loans. rob black: we are selling our students with limited amount of debt and president obama is the to do some ideas from the student aid bill of rights and is a good thing 7 percent of students to read it today graduate with 28,000 for the dollars of debt and deal with poultry major could and never wanted the job and poultry at them are college system is reformed and the president is making a right step by doing the bill of rights and basically helps people get into debt and what they're signing up for. >>mark: jeff is asking should i
9:23 am
invest in private companies? : be careful is no real estate investment idea there is no monitoring there's ways of funding of the crops sources and the causes that law would do his private investments into the question posed on the facebook they will answer it here on kron 4 we will be right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: in the fall and you see in an devi excise tax 19 you're christopher cornell speaks about charges that he plotted
9:27 am
the terror attack in committing to it and more he plans a first kill president president obama and it is with the u.s. capitol for he was set off a pipe bombs and shoot people as they were playing the building--fleeing the building. the fbi says that he told the informant that he was working with ices in the u.s. lawmakers were his enemies. his parents to offended him at first but after hearing the interview they say there are now cutting and let him out of their lives authorities say the case fits the mold of a home owned by math extremist threats are u.s. citizens are influenced by ices propaganda on line.
9:28 am
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>>george: his contracting the progress as they try to get lane's open here on a westbound. >>jackie sissel: good morning i've been here for three hours and we are starting to see a little progress you're looking at my camera right now the load of prefabricated lumber doubled on is with the san leandro in lost load and there are being is that are off to 50 ft. long that are prefabricated. >>jackie sissel: up for the 2 t and is to polysemy coming up right now it is now starting to get into place with the one to have to do is take the tow truck into each one of those prefabricated piece of lumber all those 3 to concede will lay down the other side and there
9:32 am
will have to load them on the load boleyn is 16 sometime to get this done our original estimates and 7:00 this morning are maybe three to four hours as she said that one to blow past that would no problem at home are this is a problem for people and traffic i am taking 11 to 11 1/3 before they get all this cleared up. >>jackie sissel: maybe even noon stay home find another way go in late do something other than trotted was bombed 80, this morning. >>george: the sec a look at the traffic implicated in the west direction so we are still backed up solidly interpol on 80 westbound was just add one line shutdown of the drive time is only dropped about 7 hour 8 minutes in the last two hours is still about 88 minutes trip time about power and have we're still backed up into the central
9:33 am
richmond on 580 westbound the only place where we seem slight improvement here on 680 southbound leading down to walnut creek. >>george: is only a minor improvement aware still have the use of both there and here westbound on highway 24 that has been probably the primary alternate route the bay bridge of course it's been a much better than usual ride because without the usual flow of traffic to there's been no backups for over an hour you're ride to the san mateo bridge sign a lease some improvement here is been jammed 6¢ 30 and perhaps a little before over three hours of stop and go conditions here and on the golden gate bridge 101 southbound we're still a little slut is aware no longer backed up for mid span heading south toward the toll plaza. >>reporter: 51 to start with the golden gate bridge shot once again because of the foggy
9:34 am
conditions and this is one of the fog is bridges where sing at this hour definitely still sane some dense fog or visibility have the compromise a live look at the san mateo bridge shot not as all get the death toll because this guy's the east of on a creek camera looking at cloud conditions would fall not as big a concern for the out your will on a creek in the more. to have dense fog or paddle now down to zero visibility. >>reporter: have to allow visibility in concord 2 mi. from hayward rear was sitting half a mile and half moon bay san jose you're still looking at less than 2 mi. visibility this morning and the problems of livermore they plan a showing as will see a mixture of maybe some sun and some clouds to mostly cloudy conditions for the afternoon today temperatures and low to mid 60's: then by late this afternoon by about 3:00 this should be thick and in
9:35 am
clouds in the storm system is approaching the bay area 07 is and then when i come back will take a look at the storm track before the show it was going to happen with the rain tense hour by hour from tomorrow. >>mark: the city of berkeley is deciding whether certain of the stores in the city required to have video surveillance systems as the new law passes liquor stores would have to have systems in place within six months is designed to improve safety after a string of crimes including a shooting in may of last year and two murders happened in their liquor store two years ago when a business owner says he is more than once to help fight crime in the area of the of great to me berkeley standards the cost of $5,000 with his own money. >>: we are barely surviving were we at which a record our businesses and the shuttle was selling of our store the
9:36 am
outside is berkeley job to take care of. >>mark: will be voting on this proposal tonight at 530 will let you know about the decision and what is announced. >>darya: three u.s. senators plan to unveil his for a medical man on a bill it would and the federal prohibition on medical marijuana and implement some reforms would support medical and recreational use of the drug it will also allow doctors working with veterans to legally recommend marijuana for certain conditions the their dispenses says it is a good for a step. >>: which is to set up a nationwide system of regulated cultivation distributions. >>darya: the bill will be unveiled today but still disapprove by the senate since
9:37 am
2012 alaska colorado or and the boston states have all legalize recreational use of marijuana. >>mark: best of investigating the double homicide of the city's excelsior neighborhood the victims were shot and killed friends and family who knew them were in shock to men and a choice was sitting in this camaro when there was shot multiple times officers believed to walk up to the car and sat inside right now the textiles are doing with this is a college park workers who were nearby when the shooting happened to have not released a suspect information or any possible motive for the shooting. >>mark: dramatic new video show you this morning firefighters restaurant a woman into young children from this fire there is the rescue the woman and children through the one of the firefighters in the latter and the fire backing out late last night the woman was later able to come down no was injured and
9:38 am
there to grow 40 firefighters 15 minutes to knock down the blaze. tennessee man accused of dragging his own dog behind a car will show you the video is a captain on a neighbor self from and fraternity members and oklahoma packing up and moving out of the university of after the shutdown for at will have the latest details over races chance of on video.
9:39 am
9:40 am
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9:42 am
>>darya: he was wanted us to the egos but he has not decided that he is going instead to the indianapolis colts from the 49 hours to the coast is just come a lot of espn about this deal that is expected to be similar when he was on to get from the eagles for years $12 million total was seven male guaranteed to strike or the latest 40 niner's to ship up and out will get the final details at 1:00 data for our time they're allowed to start signing the contract. >>mark: tennessee man accused of doing the unthinkable with his dog that had a self on video his dragging his dog behind the
9:43 am
car the driver says he was disciplined and his dog for not listening to him but also to arrive to a mass of the from another dog titles in the block without full water or sell to both of them are recovering an animal shelter unfortunately is not have any major injuries from the dragging. >>mark: will of they have bay area weather and traffic including major hot spots on the east shore freeway and a live look here from the richmond san rafael bridge bridge would traffic really like sutherland may default on the bay area.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>darya: out of the accidents in the backed up. if >>george: the biggest hot spot we have been tracking today is still the case here at berkeley and the east bay ride is still jammed up and interstate 80, and
9:47 am
to stay 580. did the sea the flatbed truck that managed to get one of those rough panels loaded onto the truck but this still has several more to go and they still have this enormous been which has to be lifted up and cleared out so we are still some time away from single the roadways we open here and as jackie has been pointing out his the on the scene for us all morning long there's a light stand here if that was not over by this losel that will have to be attended to as well before all lands can be reopened the right line still shut down a university and this frontage road still shut down to a university and ashby avenue so the backed up is still amharas hardback of this as a stop and go 85 minutes was the last crop the drive times the 580 backed up is only marginally better access to better is not the right word is not as bad as it has been the rest of the ride to the alternate route is still
9:48 am
have an unusual. >>george: 68, highway 4. is this is the walnut creek and to change and was bound for highway 24 and san paolo rolled past the reservoir has been jammed as models for bailing out and as his title when. looking at the bay bridge in only positive fallout from the east you're not much of a battle for most of the morning and has been clear for over an hour the san mateo bridge which would hot spot is finally improved the golden gate bridge which had all trouble this morning is a little sluggish but that is because they already taken the wake of four slain in the southbound direction they reconfigured the spent much earlier than usual this morning perhaps because of a southbound incident where one of the towline to struck it is one of the to analyzers was released at the richmond bridge from the terrell the back of the toll plaza.
9:49 am
>>george: where no longer backed up into richmond and these was a bomb on to state 5 a, east bloc still jammed leading out to our hotspot. >>reporter: you concede this will have cloud disguise his still fall get out there the weather had line for today is the fault may bridge and called a conditions it has improved a little bit because of that we do have delays as a fall this morning i have said about our for low visibility but oakland san jose airport reported no problems for now visibility elsewhere still pretty poor paddled month fell and zero britons and santa rosa half a mile in oakland one-tenth not in concord to mount for hayward and recipient livermore to allow visibility no problems there as far as the fog is concerned as a full down the to have mild and pretends for half moon bay
9:50 am
>>reporter: continues until 10:00 and may still see pockets of the installed for love o'clock our most of it should be out here by 1011 at lunchtime and will basically want to slow things down right now temperatures and san francisco 54 015254 also in san jose concord low 50s the the more 52 santa rosa little cooler at 47 degrees i should have to know a lot of sixties and seventies once again. >>reporter: 75 as a gaggle 7 is a copper 69 in oakland and san mateo 07 is ferocity 73 degrees is a high for san jose here is the storm track before free to pass for shawmut as wednesday morning cloud conditions and then we will see the chance for some scattered showers will showers should be pretty light throughout the day tomorrow and most of it stand to the north santa rosa you make it a little
9:51 am
bit and then points north for most of the moisture will be well to ignore the bus to or the california border. >>reporter: the snow level before the high after 11:00 and it was down terrain for lower elevations but it will pick up a little bit at the summit the rain sensor primarily to the north of the golden gate and the skies to clear out wednesday night it does seem parts of the north before tomorrow will have spotty in nature and like in a to hear the kron 47 they are on the they forecast the won the event as far as a showers are concerned will also see some reconditions and thursday friday get ready for warmer look as saturday low '80s under lots of sunshine but sunday still warm little bit cooler and a slight chance for some showers in the north that here was a look at your snow ski report. >>reporter: up with the highest peak norstar 45 in. kirkwood 58.
9:52 am
>>mark: knew this morning the nation's largest pharmacy benefits managers said this prescription drugs rose 30% less a mecca of the largest annual increase since 2003 pricey specialty farms also for the increase the drugs often used for chronic conditions and hepatitis c multiple the specialty drug is expected to slow to more sustainable levels however over the next three years >>darya: will tell you about the big story this morning and the tech a lifelong outsider and now we have for you the approach to the bay bridge.
9:53 am
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9:56 am
>>darya: from the trailer a whole bunch of lumber that still picking up one land or the highway blocked by that one to let us know we will let you know when all the lanes reopened. >>mark: 40 niners quarterback bruce miller the fourth year player out of central florida he was arrested last week but for the just released the information yesterday this they are aware of the matter involving bruce miller and said they were disappointed to learn of the reports and they're collecting relevant information the 1149 or less since 2012. >>darya: heracles looking for suspects in an attempted kidnapping that have the kron 4 clock friday afternoon--hayward police on her way home from tennyson high at the time and
9:57 am
there was a kidnapping there but in several instances in recent months they believe it could be connected. >>mark: the uracil oklahoma and president david now spelling to students he says have been identified as leading the race is chance as part of a fraternity the fraternity not kicked off the campus and the for turning no longer a loss of regular to oklahoma the it been exposed to the suits have been expelled. >>mark: 7 massachusetts second of all the snow. >>darya: they're expanding it >>mark: we can all live in an igloo. not much rain or snow around here maybe a few got tomorrow and get the latest information with the kron 4
9:58 am
application and then the latest kron 4 web application the press conference coming up at noon today with the 49 hours will be carried back for you. 49ers we will be carrying that for you...
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