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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 11, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant: now at a 8! please >> grant: 6:00 this man stealing a bicycle but they cannot do anything about it because bicyclist was not take a simple step to protect themselves against thieves. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: sources are telling police that they are interviewing to suspect or to individuals in regards to chanel paris murder that happened earlier this week there may be a connection between those events. the 30
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year old woman who died show the her children from the bullets from the gang violence that occurred. >> grant: was and formed when a group of young women started fighting on the street and young man started shooting. the young woman died shielding her children from gunfire. she worked as a human-resources specialist and as soon as we learn more we will share it with cupric--share it with you. >> pam: neighbors are concerned for their safety tonight knowing that there is a potential new neighbor may have three convictions all related to rape or assault with intention to
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rape. liven fairfield to my speaking with the woman who lives next door to the one in question. what did she have to say? >> all the neighbors are concerned. >> reporter: are going to do what ever they can to keep this person out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: friendly people like marco who has lived here for 36 years and says is not a place for violent sex offenders derrick. >> if frightened me because we are still connected. >> reporter: she lives right next door to where this person may be moving into. he played no contact to sexual battery on a 17 year old chrome second set back in 20006. >> reporter: in 2012 he was
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granted a conditional release. liberty healthcare that found a home says they looked at 1200 other housing possibilities for the convicted felon that was before selling on this one. >> reporter: the state will pay the monthly rental price tag for this home with the islamic home which is downright despicable--with a swimming pool is downright despicable. >> i do not want this person living next door to me. >> along with this person here. we do not want our neighborhood rowland. --no one wants this person here.
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>> we do not want our neighborhood land. --ruined >> pam:thanks scott for this update. >> grant: willow oaks neighborhood where there is a lot of drive. look how close the distance along a community college. students are concerned. >> >> grant:solar panels on the roof ... swimming pool .. $
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3200 per month that tax payers may be paying. >> pam: on 18th street on her way to an internet model school a man stopped and a young girl on her way to school to ask if she would need a ride out of the rain. the school has increased the police area and called this a suspicious act. and they will continue to investigate. >> pam: police have released new details on the investigation into this to and here murdered in her own home. emily?
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>> reporter: lee said that they are following every lead and they take this very very seriously. they one-person led the police to where this individual was murdered. >> reporter: police say she had been shot but what they did not tell us is that they are retarded are going to replace of worship to solve her murder. >> there will be back this evening. maybe >> they want more information regarding the murder. they want to check
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some think. >> they want video. >> reporter: her apartment has been sealed to find the killer. along with the autopsy refine the rules. the killer remains on the loose. --autopsy findings. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: san jose police officer accused of raping a woman was sent to jail today after trying to change his plea. the school land jeffrey behind bars for life. he cried today. this is the third day of his preliminary hearing he was
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in calls and taken to the main jail where he will stay with our bill. the gilroy man is charged for raping and one man on duty when she had a domestic dispute with her husband. he is also far on two counts with his onetime girlfriend creek in 2012 to read and 2013 he pleaded not guilty to charges in april of last in april and last may. >> pam: this was taken in san francisco and in early afternoon. if you post along the sidewalk. >> pam: not a lot of rain in the east. is this it? >> reporter: we are tracking
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right now residual moisture that hit the bay area midmorning. very light most precipitation is missing is well along the 280 corridor. still pushing into one ally and down into san jose. - 101 >> reporter: the meister is exiting the state north and east of it as a way to south lake tahoe. >> reporter: for the most part we are just talking rainshowers. here is the latest for the sierra forecasts. lois notepads ever recorded and record history proved back to 1939.
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>> grant: we did see some snow and the tahoe area. what skiers a couple of inches not enough to make a dent. had to be about 6,000 ft. to get what we are seeing right there. and outs of good news but we will take any good news. >> grant: it was dreadful earlier this month morsel in decades. --more so decades. >> pam: military officials have not said what calls last night crashed near the air force base where four soldiers and several marines
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on board the helicopter. they have surged the daily for survivors but so far some debris and some him remains have been recovered. >> pam: spa >> pam: according to the washington post to agents crashed a government car and to the up my house and barriers. the post newspaper reporter secret service officer believe that the two agents may have been intoxicated after leading a party but they did not do a sobriety test because they all were overruled by an on to the super pfizer creek-- on the supervisor. the two employees have been reassigned while home security well homeland's security investigate.
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>> pam: the new school test that parents were remade and take their children ability to succeed creek and the local correctional officer gives a gift of life to a coworker son we are live at the hospital next.
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>> pam: after months of calls for ferguson police chief to step down he is doing actually just that! in the wake of the justice report blistering report. >> reporter: stepping down, police chief in ferguson officially are resigned on march 19th.
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>> he no longer as has the ability to guide people into right direction because he has never been a true leader. >> reporter: rafting again after the city manager shaw has resigned after it >> this is on your watch this has happened on your watch and you need to clean house. >> reporter: of cess' of force targeting african- americans to receive e-mail to including one depicting president obama as a chimpanzee. jackson will be the third official to resign. >> we will ensure that this is to wage and changes there. >> reporter: unfairly targeted and over ticketed black residents for minor offenses. on african
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american woman initially find a $155 for parking all legally spent six days in jail and fines over $1,000 because she could not pay. on monday, ferguson misspoke court judge also step down. one person sits he's not going anywhere is for defense mayor james noel. >> i will plan to take your business and i plan to stay occurred >> reporter: this is a very inspiring story after visiting the hospital and talking with everyone involved creek look at the video diagnosed within the immune system disorder several years ago resulted in kidney failure and his father gary with the san mateo sheriff's department
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would recommend what decided to donate however he could not print--his fellow co- workers decided that he would donate his kidney to gary bridge gary son patrick and not everyone is doing very well. i spoke with there and who donated a kidney it was pretty much a no-brainer to help out this teenager. >> it just fell right creek to give tom a normal life back.
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>> just seeing him with the sickness and just 24 hours ago his whole life changed. >> reporter: it what is coming to see how he is doing. his mother was there several friends and others present at this point hoping they garrett can leave the hospital possibly on friday. >> pam: all right charles! thank you for that update. >> reporter: quick moving showers street off to the east print on the high 80 corridor creek into salt lake tahoe. >> reporter: all of this monster call off to the north east making its way. and to idaho. south >> reporter: we are looking out for a warming trend creek take a look at the last 24 hours along the
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peninsula. to a tent of an inch. >> reporter: livermore picking at 1.2 and father down south we are talking of about a few tenths of the image and now brett what taking at nearly quarter inch of rain to the last 24 hours. >> reporter: upper 50s and 60s as we speak. and maybe areas of f o g. along the coast line in the south bay tom lange. amman 9:00 a.m.. a cooler stars tom king about different to archer's that will begin in the upper 40's as we had along the bay shore communities. >> reporter: upper 60s along the coast. and 70 degree
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temperatures as we have other away from the walter. --water >> pam: and mom and her children surprise and or or in their home. you will hear the story in her own words later tonight at 8. a fire breaks out in the mission district. a search on for the car. >> gary: >> reporter:coming up! people behaving badly!
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>> pam: today the district attorney and announced that they are changing the chargeback to murder. green is accused of being responsible for the debt of 20 day old justin reid he died either drowning or of hyperthermia. he's going will be back in court on friday creek. >> pam: later many will say
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your children would be pushed to the limit and new state test. we will break it down to you. >> gary: you will hear from the 49ers' nuclear! new player! later in this broadcast!
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>> pam: and home and patient and a local community. >> pam: next, the rally to start laid off teacher jobs on the peninsula. >> reporter: we are tracking in upcoming warming trend and i will let you know when we will hit the eighties coming up!
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a rally of support for teachers tonight. the 17 teachers could be receiving pink slips a decision of affected in san bruno.
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>> pam: what is the latest? >> reporter: 17 teachers positions could be eliminated. tonight that decision is likely to be ratified. >> reporter: teachers let their voices be heard to the student school board in terrific realistic >> leave the we believe that they do have more money than they are saying and they are saving it for a rainy day. >> reporter: that terry was stated over and over again through--that theory was stated over and over again >> reporter: the school board stating that there is no secret fund and that there is nothing to hide.
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>> have been going through since we did the audit from last year first and trump and we have the second inch from tonight and it is all right there. >> reporter: that are meant that they will lose many of their teachers and class sizes will increase. >> are afraid that we will lose them and is not ok for our students. is not ok for our community. we are all very affected by this. >> reporter: that meeting is still going on prick the board will vote to eliminate 17 teacher positions and pink slips will go out soon creek reporting live in san bruno just bush--jeff bush
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>> pam: tonight kron4 at the police headquarters and woman came into the home with a burglary in process accurate >> >> reporter: opening her home in door and saw an intruder looking back at her career at just before 7:00 in pleasant hill creekside she merely try to get her son outside. >> reporter: ran to the car and drove off, but not before the mother get a detailed description of snap and his car. he was arrested soon after creek. >> reporter: she could think of is protecting her son.
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>> i went in to fight mold because i had to protect my child. i wanted to make sure that he was not aware of the situation as best as i could trick >> reporter: personnel was not injured and neither is she pricked see is still in police custody. >> reporter: finding other items stolen from another home burglary down the street. so it sounds like this guy was really busy. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> get on the ground! get on the ground! >> reporter: is guy is in trouble and he was seen walking off with something that did not belong to him
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for it and the police was in the area at the right time. >> reporter: there is a huge problem with bicycle theft in san francisco. and i drove on route is clearly apparent. >> reporter: this guy had a street bicycle friend looking for a buyer. it is also not uncommon for people walking around a bicycle wheels. first response is that if i could spot all of these bike parts what can the police make an arrest. >> reporter: the bike was spotted by officer at the bay view station he takes photos of the bicycle and look for anything that will play to the original owner. then there worse this along with parts of the bite. the evidence points to that not
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all or gain legally. >> reporter: and testify or bicycle parts were stolen and the serial number matched there is nothing that police can do and there is no proof that it was stolen >> one of our colleagues, talking to him and the doorway he walked up and grab a bite and headed out print they chased not until he dropped the bike. but >> reporter: yes bikes are stolen and by the dozen but unless you register your bike there is nothing that we can do. >> pam: we have the information and link the two
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need that people behaving badly kron4 dot com >> pam: looking for clues that injured three children today in the mission fire. >> pam: before you log on for the tesla's try it for you. >> reporter: lane showers only and 101 moving into the east bay. tracking our morning trend. --warming trend! you can find a new frontier. there's
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nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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>> reporter: we could see f o g for our morning commute. not been as pristine skyline creek saturday is looking like is the warmest day of the next seven days to rid 80 degree temperatures away from the water. >> reporter: we will continue to notice dry conditions. temperatures will remain above normal hell we are expecting to stay dry until march 22nd. >> pam: salon's are expected to take an instant i i knew state exam. and it could be pretty tough.
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>> pam: students >> pam:gary has sports next! great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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>> pam: educating us all on
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what it means for parents and students regarding the new state exam? >> reporter: you just go ahead and get the paper and pencil and tossed it and go on line. >> reporter: the california assessment is wrong with the old method of multiple choice. this is all about the computer and 3 million california keas grade 3 through 8 are asked to logging and online their test is map challenges and how to read and think. >> reporter: it could be a challenge for eight and nine year old and it cannot guess at the answer it could be a
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quick it could be a test that is designed to make children think. some say could be too difficult. >> reporter: like anything, there is a learning curve and children these days are pretty adept at learning at operating a computer. >> pam: and development late this afternoon the new test will get a test along with the board of education suspending the state school accountability system for one year out to give teachers and school students time.
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>> gary: good evening! warriors much more of a struggle than they thought would detroit pistons. >> gary: not... pam! your detroit pistons! >> pam:not too bad! >> gary: you cannot beat actually going this occurred... >> gary:84-59 come come to a
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quick end on friday! >> to meet it reminds me of my first with the reagans. a bunch of veteran players that were great and that organization and. it is like the next man up. >> gary: no word if reggie bush will join the franchise. he jumped around with a knee orleans miami and later with detroit. >> gary: reggie is the first
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athlete to report early have dated cam. --dated kim kardashian >> gary: sometimes the older people who now watch think that i am crazy. he is absolutely out of his mind. >> pam: and, and you do not even drink. (laughter) >> gary: i do not drink. set >> gary: grant lotus that all over meet earlier. and the people came to my defense.
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>> gary:abouttalking about the kardashians >> gary:peace and love marge >> gary:here we go! >> gary:one of those guys running back! signed with 49rs today. >> gary: remember we were
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talking about this, pam. twitter is my whole life now. $59 for this fight accurate and discuss its water you talking about is going to be $79 to have this in your home. >> pam: are we no longer able to see this in your house? >> gary: brentwood to lead to come over and watch this fight? --grant >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: this brandon goes deep. the giants beat the
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brewers 6-3 >> gary: back to a woman who was overshadowed by my new buddy grant. but still care for you, pam >> pam: that's ok.
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>> pam: >> grant: this guy, with the taller was arrested. 15 years old. the dna testing led to this individual accurate this kit was stolen
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from a stroller in the mid afternoon. chasing the die screaming causing the suspect to set the child down in the parking lot toward the teenager has been booked with second-degree kidnapping and the motive is not clear. the kid was left with a babysitter and unattended at the playground and the kidnapping occurred. fortunately and unrest in that case. 15 years old? >> pam: 4 to only there were surveillance cameras and we were just done and we saw this. >> reporter: winter is out in spring is an hook! a warming trend is expected with saturday's hitting the 80 degree temperatures away
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from the water. >> pam: we are back tonight at 11 stay in touch!
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