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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 20, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>james: and dry and warm weather on the horizon which is set for the first week of spring with full details and the man that doesn't they can build and gone up in flames will say what is causing fire in vallejo would tell you what the ntsb is saying same about the trade press all coming up next. >>james: midmorning it is 4:00 here on this early friday morning ally look outside our camera along the embarcadero and san francisco on this first official day of spring another nice to expected across the bay area lesquerella to the base their--bay area.
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>>reporter: we're always been living goes completely all the forecasts a live look as if all right now we do have a chance of showers can drop the week and the for the most part will be staying dry timber to stay on the " psychological sea san carlos and 50 livermore sitting were at 48 it will wolof quite a bit but not this one must saw yesterday. that will lead with the headline for today than was so yes the a lot more when the bill we hexing cloudy and cool the chance of rain on saturday. >>reporter: sunday we could actually see some scattered showers along the bank will compress csa it is very relative not really that call was about five to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year after 677 cisco 740% a, a 67 and hear
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seventh there will be a high chibchan in redwood city and 74 for senate sale will have a lot cloud cover secede and satellite and radar you say green out hitches off the coast. >>reporter: was the rest of the system next a landfall is not an organized system so it will be scattered about the bay and we're not want to bring a great deal of grain if it does at all storm track four. >>james: allah's will move across the span the limits with conditions on the nice and my side the same can be said for the golden gate bridge moving
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without an incident this morning in the farm store for you the richmond san rafael bridge bridge will have a free come up just a moment that is the good news another set of what an traffic within coming up just a moment back to the news of abandoned buildings pull up in flames it is becoming a familiar sight of a layer of the discovery of the city says more than two dozen fires of consent and vacant buildings and they all have a common cause. >>reporter: 28 yes i said 28 fires that abandoned buildings here in berlin wall went to italy set by the homeless over the past 13 and a half months that is according to declines meant he the director of public works hear the leno says the office is working to fix the growing and very expensive problem this is this fire is a private and city on buildings a result of more than $2 million in damages firefighters also said battling fires and occupied
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buildings without electricity also prevent an unnecessary safety risk for the cruise this in the city has already torn down the building that once stood here because of repeated home misfires others are slated for demolition like old school district building and private property hours are not willing to fix the bacon beckett building uses the city will step in. >>: anoles to we're working with our attorney's office and going through a rather lengthy legal process before we are at sea able to take the step of demolitionof
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>>james: recent fire in san francisco's mission district is like another life this time the 13 year-old girl the child also died from injuries he sustained during last 6 fire a third the city official-job about the deadly blaze of and for the street to several of the recent fires including jane orris devastating fire that killed one person the said the fire was likely caused by neglect of failure not our system francisco supervisors says of the concerns about the fire namely safety violations including block emergency exits and broken smoke detectors this sector is the he was to get regulation to make it easier for tennis to complained about safety issues that the notice. >>james: a child who was raped by a stranger on the east bay street to happen here and the suspect was the first charges that.
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>>reporter: knowing that a suspect has arrested for this crime the wanted list out pressure off the street they believe that he committed the crime in late january and your boy was walking home from school on the street along 90th avenue in east oakland officers believe that he lure the buoyant corporate area off the street that a secluded from people passing by the believe that was when the crime was committed this was the suspects test that was released shortly after the crime as for the past his last known address was in herod according to police he was arrested in fremont and officers say his been a trend in that time of oakland tonight those officers are praising the young boy who hope to catch him. >>: it takes a strong person to
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come forward and talk about such an event the bravest of the child victim comes forward to report this is a very good four hours. >>james: the preliminary report last month's fatal much of the realm in oxnard that confront the details of how thick a truck with the to-trailer guest up on the tracks before getting hit by the trend according to ntsb he made a wrong turn and that's the a student engineer operating the train saw the dog on about 1/4 mile since the emergency brakes a second letter of the collision happened the riding the trains for cars 20 people were hospitalized the trip into the driver fled from his injuries it could take up to a full year to issue its final report. >>james: a murder investigation and also will tell you where it
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happened to len about the victims this morning a store you see only on kron 4 will sit out the father of the three kids hurt in and run accident at berkeley will tell you he say about the crash in coming up after the break alive but outside the said the sale bridge in the background hayward 54 degrees warming up to mid-60s by lunch time and that ultimately getting up to 07 his letter this afternoon.
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>>james: this is in on tear california area the toward the st. denis to try to pull over for the drive and when he took off a helicopter video called her proper and willens and standing on his bike agency
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here in less of an hour before they finally surrendered. there are rays to be slaughtered for food and south korea but dozens of dogs are safely at a san francisco shelter waiting for new home this is the last shipment of the three cargo and all 57 flights carrying dogs of all sizes began arriving by plane back to act as the stuff of fairy >>reporter: it shows the meet with the reading gray's inn bar crowd and he cages in iraq food and not getting the attention they crave. this one of the most rev. the situation i've seen their giants in the practice of
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raising dog food by wicked working with farmers to get a lot of the business is the second in the from the succeeded in shutting down in south korea the practice of eating dog meat has become less popular in the country that's still a lot of work for them to do not of the dog here they will get the red for adoption despite having matters for they're in good shape there are a variety of bridge the road is getting about two years old many of the shelters are stepping in to help out including the east the best pc and cameron makes decided not all the dogs will be ready for new homes ride away it is hard to say if the with the trauma of their past lives of the career of travel this summer so scared the workers had to set their chris apart and kerrigan incident cagers into three weeks
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of socialization before some of them are put up for adoption. >>reporter: the yellow ones had paled wipe it off the plane seemingly unfazed by all the have been through many will be ready for adoption early next week. >>james: good story will take a quick break here is a live look outside the bay bridge camera and oakley speaking of which will surely would like them all ride now
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>>james: new york is 51 of the
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hardest-hit areas but even balsam to service and a record 100 a into the snow could get another couple of inches before today is done with. although we do have our arms storms will put that we have been written to look at that. --then rubin. >>reporter: 49 and apple a lot of forest chilly bay area style a little cooler than it has been any way 50 in daly city 49 sunnyvale 51 and san jose currently we do have a live shot of what occurred showing traffic conditions cloud coverage your day planner was all the cloud coverage throughout the day not really want to display so much
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is not too terribly cooled cemetery it to that cupertino sunnyvale as well hours to reach 74 in santa clara and san jose the east bay we have 07 for the most part 731 a creek 7 in castro valley 59 san leandro center will be a afternoon high in pleasanton 67 from petaluma we have a slight chance was arraigned later this evening to tomorrow morning their sleds and deftly relegated that is the best chance to get any precipitation that could actually reach out of the golden gate bridge to nine it will more likely stay north. mild temperatures low seventies for
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the most are on the bay area and not a great deal of chance of rain for most of the bay area >>reporter: we will have to clear conditions out that the bay bridge west, 80 no problems at all roadwork of the upper deck in to the city the should be picking of song is not already closely will be all the way by the time you get was bound 80, and it waits for san francisco the san mateo bridge in pretty good shape these bond was 192 rob working up that would be izabal 92 in this direction making it way back to his work not causing any delay is for highway 92 in the golden gate bridge and the ship as well. >>james: the person who caused the accident who ran away from the same he feels fortunate that
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no one died. it's frightening video to watch all for this man is much more disturbing his wife and three children were inside of is crumpled car i do not understand how anyone could leave a family like that on the side of the freeway. we showed itself of the of this i 80 accident exclusively after it happened on wednesday the sea its treatment kron 4 the driver who caused the crash and berkeley here and there the first critic this problem walk away from them. .
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>>reporter: use a paramedic in the east bay for nearly 10 years is just happy the daughter is alive is amazing that god bless our family the way he did apple people out of accidents with less extensive damage inside talent is. what i'd do my job our patrol are doing there's a have all the confidence that they are already spoken to three to five times since all this has happened to have been very helpful. i cannot say enough for your remaining in the hospital at least one more night for
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observation to tell me right now it is still too early to tell if drugs or alcohol were affected in this crash reported in oakland scott rates perry >>james: federal investigators looking into a deadly shooting by a border patrol agent in washington state and u.s. customs said agents fired when a suspected illegal border or the shooting happened last in the column feet from the border neither the border patrol agent in the investigation in world news this morning them at the announcement for the online order recording there was no reason at this point to doubt the legitimacy of the recording the attack may have been carried
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out by local and to supporters and tenacious. terrorism estimates to 3000 conditions have long to the middle east to train with answers to the message was posted days before was is using a massacre and ended in apparent to nation's hottest promised to pledge of allegiance to lead devices leaders intonation recently uncovered e-mail should just the help of the position i have been able to do more with the spread of ebola virus and turn in a dozen documents show the w. mitchell resisted sounding the international alarm documents show time to seek a quick break
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with more just the been a lot of outside the senate sale bridge highway 9249 degrees caroling warmer to seven by noon time 76 by 3:00 this afternoon
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>>james: he had a goal and an assist to be them four to one.
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they make two to seven states and the when and joe thornton added to assist. this season was cut short by a bulging disk in his back the required surgery will be missing a little more time with our special baseball by the bay which airs tonight with nine are following the kron 4 news and eight with the track in spring training and the world series championship giants again soon and
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>>james: market will grow from this half hour place and also on the scene of an apparent murder- suicide it happened at a city apartment complex yesterday.
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>>reporter: less timber on the scene that crime scene tape polos completion of a vessel gathering evidence still trying to figure out exactly what happened here to take a look is what happened around 3 to 2 yesterday afternoon as a plot to please respond to medical assistance call at the complex was an affordable housing complex 55 and older firefighters found a man in his 60s inside the elevator would self-inflicted gunshot wounds he had a semi-automatic handgun in his lap chilly there after they from the man in his seventh shot multiple times he was pronounced dead here at the same. this is possibly a murder-suicide all the way this when they do not have any motive for the crime they stressed they're not looking for any of the suspect with a look for witnesses in this case to continue the investigation at this point they're not releasing the name.
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>>james: we have been falling for you this morning abandoned buildings going up in flames and is becoming a familiar sight in fact over unisys's more than two dozen fires have been set and vacant buildings of them intentionally set by the homeless the lead as director of public works estimates the fire has done more than $2 million in damage san francisco officials meanwhile met last night to discuss their recent fires in the mission district and is one case the fire sparked by mental failure to the riser was to regulation that will make it easier for residents to report said the violations such as broken smoke detectors and block emergency exit police have made an arrest in the case of an east bay child raped and the east oakland we afforded your mcgill brought hot in jail charged in this case the victor tang your boy police said a young boy was instrumental in helping identify him as a suspect.
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>>reporter: a little record definitely we have some complaints in the studio about the bay a little to cool our not name names but otherwise it is pretty nice that i think it should be reported as the shipping up to the judge ride are reflecting the cooler side of things san francisco 54 said was a 51 open not even over 50 aware still checking in at 49 and cloud cover as you see at the golden gate bridge this point to keep the temperature down a little bit as well in this compared to yesterday 67 sentences or 50 in richmond 71 for the layout 73 will be a high temperature and the sunnyvale relieve the chances of rain in the forecast drop we can reach a cash for storm track four will show is pushing ahead this evening interest are running were you to say some ring. -- rain
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>>reporter: is definitely have their not likely to bring a great deal of rain as we put forward through into early sunday morning to see more significant system moving toward us this far out as just the tip of the four tragic and say a sign of things to come perhaps a light rain in the bank on sunday scattered showers at best in the runoff after it would drive up after that. now consider partly cloudy conditions grass into the we can definitely stay cool with it and has been that it's still cool was changed five degrees warmer than normal >>reporter: especially into next it will we will see a warming trend with a time the temperature when ebonized moving their bristol 5 a no delays or problems free and or work on the upper deck that definitely a higher volume out at the golden
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gate bridge or looking good year as well one of bounce out of not matter we're in good shape. >>james: focuses councilwoman densely brooks not proposing a new city department of what justice emmett rice is with the city government the risen at it will examine how policies across of the city departments for racial bias and examines a policies and the impact on minority communities if they approve the proposal to the part will be up and running as early as this december and national headlines this morning will have a woman walking up behind bars accuse of a horrific crime they said she posted and add to presence with it the intention of stealing a baby from the womb of another mother
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>>reporter: that would forever change the lives of these two women that want to this house several months pregnant police issue started to run at all or reckless for their clothes with this mother to be seen smiling led a chilling cry for help she was beaten stamped and leading her baby had been cut out of her. they found her going in and out of consciousness really able to speak the also found a knife with a 3 in. blade under the bed is the weapon she used to attack the mother to be the order to cover and allow allied according to a question for the total of machine is carried a baby and he saw the baby gasted for breath
4:36 am
this said the president drove part in a bid to the hospital the same place cruz will take the baby did not make it but the book as well because the causes and they say a former nurse's aide used to cut out the debris now prosecutors are weighing what charges will close will face. >>reporter: the family says they are grateful she survived the will for ever bridge the bay region will never allow. >>james: recognize the felon who used to be a member of domestic terror group in a letter to supervisors but the supervisors still allow the pressure to go
4:37 am
through the tea is a project to carry live official said the felon had not involved in the project program they're looking into why they let him through. a warning for wine lovers to stay was granted a potentially deadly chemical inside.
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>>james: if you looked up at the hotel in san francisco yesterday you have seen some people coming down courageous soul for coming down the to the three-star hotel was called the city's skyline challenge >>reporter: see you guys at the bottom. this is crazy 23 floors
4:40 am
it looks like a pretty incredible rush their career >>james: it was all for good cause a nonprofit group outward bound calif., to second annual event in raises money from the provincial and to go camping in rock climbing is and that building leadership skills and courage. a lot of money you can expect to be reckoned at the box office this week in the sister station rights i cv has more would expect to save the planet on him to appear this is weekend. >>reporter: last week this is live action remake of cinderella live happily ever after at the box office this weekend grow powers fully taken over the movies experts predict that insurgent the second installment of the divergence is the one to beat with the predicted how $57
4:41 am
million that would definitely not cinderella down to no. 2 experts still think it all: a reported $3 million that mr. wiggins of the big news release may have to settle for third place but same as is the same time they give us put the customer and estimated its chances. we in the business like to call diminishing return will not for your what wins in would bounce is totally up to you so let us know what move your want to see this weekend to help into a hit for delays in hollywood from hollywood keep watching the live back to you. >>james: will take a quick break back with more news and a moment.
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>>jackie sissel: ousted and it was kind of cold out here but let's face it is march 20th of there are portions of this country that are still shoveling snow aware of planning about 50 and 60 degree temperatures yesterday was closed 80 of the
4:45 am
december to drop a little bit but c'mon is the first day of spring is beautiful hot water to the vernal equinox is the they were the sun shines directly on the equator at this it will but with the north and the southern hemisphere just a little less and right there.
4:46 am
>>reporter: san jose 51 will will more significantly will sit with the weather headlines cycle of the yes today but as we mentioned a relative bridget today is what was it increasing wednesday come saturday whether chance of rain we're talking very far north they they're after sunday we could see a lot of shower to but not in order answers to to bring a great deal of rainfall fortunately.
4:47 am
>>reporter: is pretty much for assisting pretty much the drop the week we have to much as a middle '70s for the most part we could see mid to high to 7 degrees will see a free-flowing bay bristol five another is right now over my roadwork blocking the right lane on the upper deck as you like a way to san francisco that is no longer the case we have picked up the trucks to move a world leader relies at this hour where the ships so far getting into san francisco will see similar conditions no problems here whatsoever is bound was about 92 will have some more work in the eastbound lanes the rear axle to alive and is sophisticate of normal delays getting into hayward the province of our one
4:48 am
and out of more no problem were and the check. >>james: will have a proposed class action lawsuit being filed in southern california which claims some of the country's top-selling wines has high levels of arsenic >>reporter: at the end of a busy day a lot of people like to kick back with a glass of wine can relax you or be the perfect complement to dinner with a group of california consumer lauria say that there could be a hidden danger in some of the inexpensive brands of wines are filing a class action lawsuit the law also is over the fact that the 83 wines have high levels of arsenic the lawsuit filed against more than 81 these wineries normal for this wine laced with an organic arsenic
4:49 am
and organic arsonist 500 times more toxic than just organic arsenic the low and limes simply tell sell for less to $10 popular brands that and also include been dollars larger cupcake glen ellen charles shaw winery cute sutter home mars across the some box wine this box has five for the person be a level of arsenic or the largest vendors that we found in our studies will also stop people from foreign debt for every glass of wine it will not storm frederic wine it was bought from drinkable wine that has arsenic. >>james: fire fighters are investigating a massive fire and were housed in chicago's south side efficacy by this picture how big it is in the background of fire market last night in a two-story warehouse as of this most recent update the fire had reached three months and has met
4:50 am
teams have been called to the same so far there's been reports of injuries that caused an investigation. a san diego man is asking for justice after the call was shot and killed his service dog in and assisted the service dog was helped him cope with depression and anxiety the department sought an early sunday morning incident caught on camera officers who arrived at the home in pacific beach responding to call in the area the dog was out of the hall of the time and is a worm the opposition reached out to the dog not trying to look threatening. you see video of the dog attacking the officer he had a turn in now will not talk about what he saw instead his calling on state leaders to require officers to undergo training related to dog. the head of the six servers
4:51 am
oppression of carter white house barricade are greatly exaggerated he spoke to bob lichter just the we also admits the organization may have erased the service in this video of the incident they have details now of the third really on capitol hill. >>reporter: we understand the concern were doing everything we can to retrieve those images the director says the standard practice of video to be eliminated after 72 hours the problem is he was not alerted to the incident and to nearly a week later. the fact i did not murder this allegation until five days after it was is what occurred is unacceptable and very unhappy about this follower time a party to see your agent's job under please take into the middle of a bomb investigation outside of the white house bopping applies to their with
4:52 am
their car it is unclear if the agents were drinking that night with the director says he's prepared to take disciplinary action to control the outcome of an expected general's investigation if they felt that the driver or a supervisor for the influence of all this attention for action and that some of the seller to nullify the to of commands all the way up to my office for the highly trained agents with the secret service is another black or on an institution the private of professionalism some experts now question whether the richard classic to the right person to get the service back on track. will take a quick break coming up more headlines your saliva
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outside we have the sense there bridge given us a look of the ride on highway 92 perry
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and a warning in the east bay as a fourth rabid bat has been found this month. and today is the first day of spring. get ready for a nice weekend.
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>>george: we always keep our fingers crossed. >>james:first day of spring!!!!! >>james: hear the level of consensus is the international airport is court in spots we have temperatures in the fourth is the sworn into office this. >>james: still a nice stretch of
5:01 am
the upper 60s to 07 is maybe mid-70s here and there. it will be the extreme northern portion of the north bay will receive the sparkles we've ever on a to stay dry. >>george: it is like traffic or on the bay area less star with a look at the bridges here for your commit first to the bay bridge the busy corridor here and right now is a very light and easy ride when i track any
5:02 am
delays your inbound trip in the east bank toward san francisco same issue for you're ride to the east and the peninsula to 92 pretty let ride we do not expected to stay that way pectins alternative cats you're ride on highway 1 01 in the golden gate bridge here is an easy trip here for the southbound 101 ride to ship the driver time out of about 24 minutes now from highway 37 down to the toll plaza of the golden gate gate >>mark:breaking new this morning. >>mark:palo alto police remain on scene investigating an apparent murder suicide involving two elderly people. >>mark:it happened at a senior apartment complex. kron 4's mike pelton is live for us this morning. mike can you tell us what happened? >>reporter: if they have a front office block off this morning as police continue to gather evidence they said it will likely remain there for most of
5:03 am
the day and started yesterday afternoon when firefighters recalled year to a medical assistance call firefighters found a man he had a semi- automatic handgun in his lap surely there after he was pronounced dead here at the same police say this is possibly a murder-suicide
5:04 am
>>darya:police in palo alto are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. >>darya:we're learning more about the winemaker involved in a murder-suicide in napa. >>darya:police say robert dahl was facing financial penalties in a loan dispute, as well as contempt charges for selling pricy wine-making equipment in defiance of a judge's order. >>darya:he and his company were hit by four lawsuits in napa county just last year. >>darya:police say dahl killed former silicon valley executive, emad tawfilis, on monday at his napa valley winery. >>darya:dahl then led police on a chase before taking his own life.
5:05 am
>>darya:new this morning. the n- t-s-b released its preliminary report on last month's fatal metrolink train derailment in oxnard. >>darya:the report says the driver made a wrong turn and got stuck on the tracks. >>darya:a student engineer operating the train sounded the horn about a quarter-mile from the crossing and set the emergency brakes. >>darya:eight seconds later, they collided, derailing the train's four cars and overturning three of them. >>darya:twenty-eight people were hospitalized -- and the train engineer died a week later from >>darya:the n-t-s-b says it could take up to a year to issue its final report. happening now. >>mark:officials are telling residents in alameda county to be on the lookout for bats with rabies. as a fourth rabid bat was found this month. >>mark:the latest bat was found in sunol on saturday. but county health officials didn't confirm until yesterday that it tested positive for rabies. >>mark:three other bats were found in the fremont area earlier this month. >>mark:kron 4's will tran is going to the alameda vector control this morning. to find out more on what they're doing to control the problem. >>mark:he will bring us a live report in the next 30 minutes. >>darya:a big arrest in the case of a child who was raped by a stranger on an east bay street.
5:06 am
>>darya:49-year-old miguel baraja is behind bars this morning. accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy. >>darya:police believe baraja committed the crime in late january. the boy was walking home from school along 98th avenue in east oakland. >>darya:police believe baraja lured the boy into a secluded open area off the street, and then assaulted him. >>darya:baraja's last known address was in hayward, and police say he was arrested in fremont. officers say he has also been a transient at times in oakland. >>mark:still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. more than two dozen fires in one east bay city. all tied to the same source. >>mark:what the city is doing to control the problem. and breaking overnight. >>mark:more than a dozen people killed after a train accident in india. we'll tell you what happened. >>mark:plus after the break. a former terrorist group member. makes it through airport security. >>mark:we'll tell you how he got past t-s-a officers. >>mark:and here's a live look outside. san mateo bridge. hayward temperatures.
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and made from the world's best chicken. try our kfc bucket and popcorn nuggets meal. these don't even come with a toy and i don't care. >>george: the time is 510 n. harris a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza ride west bound so far the mirror allies have not yet been activated it is a light and easy ride the drive times into san francisco currently nine minutes out of the macarthur maze. >>mark:a former member of a domestic terrorist group. made it through the t-s-a pre check line. that's according to the homeland security inspector general. >>mark:they say a t-s-a officer recognized the known felon. and alerted a supervisor. but the supervisor still allowed the passenger to go through t-s-a's pre-check security lane. >>mark:officials say the felon hadn't enrolled in the pre-check program. >>darya:coming up on the kron 4
5:11 am
morning news. it's the first day of spring. but the east coast is still getting slammed with snow. >>darya:we'll tell you about the spring snow storms after the break. and taking a live look from the golden gate bridge.
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>>mark:spring may be upon us. but the east coast isn't done with the winter weather. a storm will dump up to 6 inches of snow on the northeast and mid-atlantic today. >>mark:even boston, which has seen a record 108.6 inches of snow could get an inch or 2 more. new york will be the hardest hit city. >>mark:the big apple is expected to get 4 to 6 inches of wet snow.
5:15 am
>>darya: it is hard to believe you have to go over it because this still happening. >>james: this is absolutely miserable the system is going to be affecting them today to ninth and even into the weekend as the low pressure system works is way off east it will continue to dump snow across the upper parts of new england. in fact were looking at conditions that are going to be nice and warm and director the weekend. is to take a look at the temperatures you see it is called once again open
5:16 am
and the peseta rose to 43 degrees before is in the more concord 54 so some variation there in the east bay valleys. >>james: of 04 is a set for san jose and oakland was at the slow coming in at 53.
5:17 am
>>george: we're looking at a pretty normal ride at the bay bridge toll plaza we do not see any backup or glamour of one for the westbound ride that looks pretty good and feel trapped for highway 92 here is a look at the san mateo bridge ride out of the east bay hayward over san mattel just 11 minutes right now is a beautiful clear motive for your trip to the golden gate bridge is a look at you're ride on one 01 like traffic for the southbound traffic was bound to say 582 to four minutes currently into dublin of the lamar valley the right heading
5:18 am
out of santa down to 237 this morning. >>mark:president obama says the u-s and tehran are making progress in negotiating a nuclear deal. but that there are still some gaps. >>mark:he spoke in this new video message marking the persian new year. >>mark:officials from the u-s and iran are still working on a draft nuclear deal. >>mark:as part of the deal tehran would have to cut the number of machines it could use to make an atomic bomb by 40- percent. >>mark:in return, the iranians would get quick relief from economic sanctions, as well as a partial lift of a u-n embargo on conventional arms. president obama: are people in both our countries and beyond who oppose a diplomatic resolution my message to you the people of all around is that together we have to speak up for future weeks as i said many times before our country should
5:19 am
be a was to resolve this issue. >>mark:officials must reach a nuclear deal before the march 31st deadline. >>darya:isis is claiming responsibility for this week's terrorist attack in tunisia. >>darya:the group warns the shooting at the museum that left at least 23 people dead could just be the beginning. >>darya:isis made the announcement through an online audio recording. u-s officials say there is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the recording. >>darya:they believe the attack mayhave been carried out by local isis supporters in tunisia. >>darya:breaking overnight. >>darya:at least 15 people have been killed after a train derailment in india. 150 others are injured. >>darya:this is a picture from the accident scene. you can see people scrambling to get out of the cars. >>darya:india's train network is one of the largest in the world carrying an estimated 20 million riders each day. >>darya:the cause of this morning's crash is still under investigation.
5:20 am
>>mark:abandoned buildings going up in flames is becoming a familiar sight in vallejo. >>mark:in just over a year, the city says, more than two dozen fires have been set in vacant buildings. and they all have a common cause. >>mark:kron four's philippe djegal reports. >>reporter:28 fires at abandoned buildings here in vallejo were intentionally set by the homeless over the last thirteen and a half months. >>reporter:that's according to david kleinschmidt. >>reporter:he's the director of public works here in vallejo. and, says his office is working to fix this growing and very expensive problem. >>reporter:kleinschmidt says these fires at private and city- owned buildings has resulted in more than two million dollars in damages. >>reporter:fire fighters also say battling flames at unoccupied buildings without electricity also presents and uneccessary saftey risk for their crews. >>reporter:kleinschmidt says the city has also torn down thr building that once stood here because of repeated homeless fires. >>reporter:others are slated for demolition like this old school district building.
5:21 am
>>reporter:and, if private property owners aren't willing to fix their vacant buildings or tear them down and redevelop. >>reporter:kleinschmidt says the city will step in. >>:sot- "we will move forward with a dangerous building ordinance and deem it unsafe and actually take it upon ourselves to do the demolition and put the cost of the demolition onto the tax rolls for hopefully ultimately reimbursing the city for those costs. i know of at least two that we're working with our attorney's office and going through a rather lengthy legal process before we're actually able to take the step of demolition." >>reporter:in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news. >>darya:still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >>darya:a shortage of substitute teachers in the u-s. could be affecting how you kids learn at school. >>darya:we'll tell you how schools are trying to attract more applicants. >>darya:and ahead at 5:30.
5:22 am
>>darya:you may want to think twice before buying a cheaper bottle of wine. >>darya:we'll tell you which california wines contain high amounts of a certain chemical.
5:23 am
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>>mark:welcome back. >>mark:before you head out the door this morning here's a look at current temperatures. james will have your full forecast in less than 10 minutes. >>darya:new this morning. >>darya:a shortage of substitute teachers nationwide has school districts scrambling to fill positions. the improving economy means fewer people are available to sub for sick teachers. >>darya:some districts are raising pay as they try to attract more applicants. >>darya:school officials say the problem has forced schools to divide classes when teachers are
5:26 am
absent, making it more difficult for teachers to be effective. >>darya:a frequent source of substitutes has been education majors looking for experience. but officials say fewer college students are choosing teaching as a career path. >>mark:a proposed department in oakland would address racism within the city government. oakland city councilwoman desley brooks is proposing the new department. >>mark:it would examine hiring policies for racial bias and city policies for their impact on minority communities. >>mark:if the city council approves the proposal. the new department of race and equity could be up and running as early as december. >>mark:up next. >>mark:only on kron 4. >>mark:we'll hear from a man who's whole family was involved in a hit-and-run crash in berkeley.
5:27 am
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5:31 am
>>james: and mid-60's as well it will be of school lunch hour record this evening wear and a very low cash when i was to get
5:32 am
that close were born to max out on 7576 for some of our warmus locations also a strong chance come next sunday night into monday more widespread rain with that will solve all about that coming up in just a bit on this first full day of spring. >>jackie sissel:kron 4's jackie sissel is live from the golden gate bridge. jackie, is it time to bust out the shorts yet? >>jackie sissel: we're all we
5:33 am
want to ban the low seventies may be the mid '70s 75 a little cool off let's face it how lucky are we is march 20th the first day of spring and as the rest of the country shoveling snow we're talking about a court down in the mid-70s yes it was spectacular in the first day of spring is today the vernal equinox the day when the sun shines directly on the equator they would distance between southern and northern hemisphere and cannot be more for our this morning and is allowed chilly but let tasted its 530 in the morning that is to be expected we cannot complain. if you complain to most or a to the absolute perfect we need rain but actually spectacular weather it was beautiful today.
5:34 am
>>george: things change so quickly around here the west about ride already started to back up now for your trip come out of the east bay and heading toward san francisco we're actually believe or not an outside line is already back of beyond the 880 of a crossing perhaps this is not bode well for light friday in a trip to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 you will have a pretty good ride for your trip here on 8092. the west about ride running at 11 minutes when i see any problems to your right hand or from hayward get into san mateo or foster city.
5:35 am
>>mark:startling new claims about some of california's top selling wines. >>mark:a class action lawsuit filed in los angeles claims that some california wines have up to five- times the amount of arsenic allowed by the e--p-a. >>mark:a denver lab ran tests on different wines. among them. the popular "two buck chuck" charles shaw wine that's sold at trader joe's. >>mark:the white zinfandel blend came in at three -times the limit for arsenic. and a bottle of menage- a- trois moscato. four times the limit. >>mark:about 13-hundred bottles were tested. and in general. the cheaper wines performed worse. >>mark: the highest level are selected wines are listed in the lawsuit is on a half of the committee led of her departure billion if you want to read more on this is on the facebook pays. >>darya: a father who was out
5:36 am
arise because his three children were injured in a car accident. the girl was the daughter of today, members of the fire >>darya:a father outraged. after his three children were injured in car accident. >>darya:kron 4 spoke to the man inside the hospital room where his 4-year-old daughter is recovering from several injuries including a concussion. >>darya:the c-h-p says the person who caused that accident ran away from the scene. and is still on the loose this morning. >>:"hear that the person who caused this just walked away from it, they need to get him off the street" "i'm just speechless; i don't understand how anyone can leave a family like that" >>darya:that man's two other daughters have been released from the hospital.
5:37 am
>>mark:a san francisco police officer is turning over his badge after his involvement in a racist text message scandal hitting the department. >>mark:officer michael robison resigned on wednesday. police say robison's resignation will end the investigation of *his* involvement in the messages. >>mark:the racist and homophobic messages were made public last week. during an appeal of a federal corruption conviction against a former sargeant. >>mark:prosecutors used examples of the disturbing messages in the case. which included communications littered with the n-word and homophobic slurs. >>darya:coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >>darya:for just 41-dollars. you can eat a burger and smell like it too. >>darya:we'll explain. and ahead at six. >>stanley roberts:coming up >>stanley roberts:hey you holding the cell phone, today we are going to discuss pedestrian safety >>stanley roberts:yes i'm talking to you now pay attention because i'm about to explain in the next edition of people behaving badly ' tonight at 8
5:38 am
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>>george: the walnut creek to dublin and we are starting to he dove just a little for the west 580 ride not to sit mention the of to walk past the dublin and to change if the traffic in his time with the kron 4 mobile application a free download is agree with to stay in touch with kron 4 and you cannot watch.
5:41 am
member became japan will be selling as special fragrance. >>darya: you're supposed to wear to attract women and we do not want a hamburger man. they're selling for one day today on at all furze is not a joke the is 1 oz for $41 that is not the sheep is aware of birth.
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>>james: for us when i went to see a lot of it all was to you that in the satellite you as for right now we need to know before you get out the door it is clear political and spots but otherwise was off to a nice clear star temperatures and the north bay probably some of the clause we have seen ride now it will blend right now as you make your way out for work or school to pursue this afternoon will one of my sysop greg we did get a yes and for san jose but to the will still short of that by about five degrees in the is a valid 7276 degrees with the delta in the warmer spot there a percentage of 07 to no. bay in
5:48 am
san francisco should settle a to was 69 degrees will open across the bay to the handful degrees warmer will keep the clouds that it will be fixed during the morning hours and will pull back a little bit for the early afternoon as a head into this evening all in advance of the storm are now. >>james: for us we're just getting the clouds at the moment and has a far continues to for northern california we hear the bay area santa rosa may get a few sprinkles out of the bill would do nothing will see much at all. like as said it looks to be more widespread alarm our allies and a little more punch but when i get very much out of the main tent of an inch of the heart of a better approach to a third or half an inch for the
5:49 am
north bay mountains and valleys. >>james: after that high pressure comes back and we're looking at the return of sunshine and warm temperatures by the middle of next week that is the weather >>george: to me to realize have returned at the bridge is officially underway it is increasing in for your trip to 92 and the san mateo bridge the conditions here are still good we're only looking and 11 minute drive times hitting out of hayward and the index at the golden gate bridge ride friday morning and easy to repair his head and bond from recounting what incident frank of this and
5:50 am
drive times for you 16 minutes hercules to berkeley in easy trip 15 minutes through the san ramon valley as to his self from walnut creek here down to the dublin interchange we are looking at some delays on 580 with nothing unusual there. >>george: a currency coming down through fremont milpitas no delays and saw the freeways also look pretty good. here is stanley roberts to from some people behaving badly. >>stanley roberts: one of the key factors for this chance a is a is driver awareness and they're not aware inputs and one of the rest was raised to fremont. when making a right- hand turn to look both ways notice of this driver is only looking to the left, so we tried
5:51 am
to cross with the juror who was not looking at you they're looking in the other direction in the secret session in a crosswalk and your not in interest in talk to prop my advice is with a second will more till person to finish crossing. as into section of mariel in to sell fraudulent this come to see gyrus trying to be a pedestrian like they are in some kind of risk another issue that causes problems and intersections is little understood rule of the driver has the green light and you have the red light the driver with the red light much weight behind the limit line in this case the first line of the crosswalk and to the driver or drivers have completely cleared the intersection addressing to yourself how the decision in the wake of the pedestrian safety it is simple in many cases it also called the decision to walk out into traffic also there been many times when a pedestrian or
5:52 am
waiting for their turn in a crash happens to in the vehicle are controlled. >>stanley roberts: your phones down even if you're stopped at life there is a collision in your head chances are you an idea was to control the car while courting the from. on the motion for is to allow to happen right now the red light runner in this case driver tried to make a u-turn after the light is red. just let them turn into the holes shopping center. lack of attention by drivers and pedestrians waiting for less second to cross and divers trying to the delight are all the shooting factors a collision and in fremont stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>mark: total solar eclipse. it was a total solar eclipse. it was visible across africa, northern asia, and most of europe. unfortunately the eclipse couldn't be seen in north america.
5:53 am
>>darya: you cannot be out in europe. right now is 52 in richmond 49 in oakland everyone is touching 50 like antioch is tickets for now we're into another gorgeous they will be right back.
5:54 am
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the tide but forecaster neighborhood coming up. >> dan kerman: breaking new storage line it up right now please us at the apparent murder-suicide. kron for mike all live this morning with what happened. >> reporter: investigators say is apparent murder- suicide men in the '60s possibly shot to dea


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