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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the tide but forecaster neighborhood coming up. >> dan kerman: breaking new storage line it up right now please us at the apparent murder-suicide. kron for mike all live this morning with what happened. >> reporter: investigators say is apparent murder- suicide men in the '60s possibly shot to death
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madison avenue's bite before turning a gun goes off for some hours later there try to figure out exactly what happened in taking a look inside the building front office elevator is blocked off this morning as i continue to gather evidence. firefighters initially responded to the all the tory up apartment complexes and afternoon to medical college fund a man in his 60s shot dead inside an elevator. authorities found a semiautomatic handgun in his lap. please >> reporter: fun a man in his '70's across the lobby shot dead inside front office as to what happened then is unclear. please are figuring out emotive exactly how this plays out. >> reporter: is affording housing complex for 55 years or older 56 units inside. both the men did live here: to each other and how it happened remains under investigation, police are looking for witnesses or anyone who knows anything about what happened to come for and public investigation. >> reporter: tracking
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weekend weather forecaster now or on the bay with a live look outside a beautiful starts the morning james fletcher with more on the nice forecast for weekend. >> reporter: we have the total so which we can see here unfortunately we the brno equinoxes the coming up this afternoon and the superman all today. >> reporter: and so we get excited about. >> reporter: pretty decent temperatures spread fact see more clouds of the storm coming and all the great day this first day of spring as we make ready for rain drops and the north a letter on tonight, talking way no. no. i your sourcing outsider not clear conditions walnut creek can marshal conditions 680 chemicals and anything else the is the car lights of his ability pretty good we can see those one way that here along the san ramon valley, the conditions out there cool as the head
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out the door this morning here's a quick look at how they will break down with a par forecast when our son and be specific we will build those close the morning hours temperatures at that point still expected to be low to mid- 40s generally by noon time dry miles up the mid-60s by three this afternoon warmus today kids getting out school sunday in sports but also cause as well. >> reporter: temperatures getting up to the mid sixties and eighties like we had yesterday. today mid- 60's as well as we get it. >> reporter: this country bull again tonight in advance of the first storm that should impact the far north bay during overtime hours. talk about that in detail coming up the complete check the weather and a little bit as quickly get where temperatures are right now if. again mechanical conditions in some spots what mid-40s. full forecast red hat and always use of mobile app and to track whether one or not
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on the air free and available for an trouble devices. now traffic. >> reporter: were seeing a back up at the bridge leading lights have been activated filled and across all the late not yet back up in the marker to ms. just back to was grim avenue approach to the bridge with the accident reported west on just past the toll plaza are really having impact on the right eye richard the san mateo bridge highway 92. that definitely building up in volume this friday because it's friday will see of soda a little later than usual. >> reporter: be surprising next 1530 minutes we see things completely bogged down here, read the golden gate bridge completely problem free because it's friday weekend typically see a little more northbound traffic in those two available lanes the we do on other days a week. so far then everything's just fine
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not checking the hotspots. >> reporter: learning more about the wine maker involved in a murder-suicide in napa. robert adult facing financial penalties in a loan dispute as well as contempt charges for selling pricey winemaking equipment and fines of the judge's order. >> reporter: in his company were hit by four lawsuits that the county just last year police say that he killed a former silicon executive monday as apple valley winery. >> reporter: doll then led police on a chase before taking his own life. >> reporter: ntsb a pulmonary report now last month's fatal metro link to train derailment in oxnard, we cover this live for you here on kron 4 more news. now they say the driver made a wrong turn and got stuck on the tracks. and remember what happened after that with a student engineer operating the train sounding horn. then the emergency
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emergency brakes been caught on ls two seconds they collided with the vehicle. the trains for cars went off the tracks, three of them overturned 28 people hospitalized. the train engineer died a week later from. his from >> reporter: happening now look out for bessarabia's 1/4 for a bet on this month. this latest bat found in singles saturday in the county health officials cannot confirm the test the yesterday. the tested positive for rabies three other bets on in fremont area earlier this month will trend all but the vector fun and out more about what they're doing to try to control the problem to keep it from spreading. he put him. in the top with half hour for >> reporter: big arrest and the child who was raped by a stranger on the east bay street 49 year-old is behind bars this morning accused of
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sexually assaulting a 10 year-old boy. >> reporter: happened late january the boy was walking home from school 98th avenue in east oakland police say braha it lowered the boy into a secluded area off of the street and then assaulted him. braha is less known address was in hayward and was arrested in fremont and. >> reporter: still had a murder case in court prosecutors pushing for a high bail. apparel and other nature did not give up the play, said across the northeast to midlantic.
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>> reporter: booking by kron 4 morning news quick check of traffic and water rights to the south bay where were tracking recognitions of all let green showing on the road with sensors a little slow for 11 on the northbound side. as the head of three downtown san jose but not enough yet to even drive up the drive time but the more than one or two minutes. check address the traffic coming right out. >> reporter: marion in the bail hearing murder case los angeles prosecutor filed a motion yesterday asking the judge to set the bill at $25 million/prosecutors cited
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threats and acts of violence by the mid-1990s. been held without bail since early february when charged with murder it tended murder hit- and-run charges. after police say he hit to and with the pickup truck and a company parking lot one man died his plea of not guilty attorney says he was ambushed >> reporter: is in california will find a they want to team up a billion dollars the governor brown is awarding to institutions for funny way to get students to get degrees in less time or. terrace for innovation higher education will be announced today. 52 public colleges and universities had applied for those awards and a committee of its bread the recommend 14 highs and grandparents for a share the profits. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 more news new information in the murder trial the bay area accused of killing his former girlfriend and the drill investigator with the same about the suspect this morning plus the w h zero responding to allegations to
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health officials were slow to zero the clear bull emergency. their excuse for the response time ahead. >> reporter: 1 lovers listen up sunnier favor winds could have high levels of arsenic and then tell you which transition watch out for. >> reporter: live look from the san mateo bridge where traffic is picking up right now watching for months was this morning will be back with you with an update
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>> reporter: on east coast and up and with winter yet 6 in. of snow across northeast midlantic said even blossomed majorities in iraq and of 106.8 in. of snow. could get another intra to an lbo hardest-hit city big apple expecting four to 6 in. of snow. let's have the whats no. >> reporter: this whats up coming recorded since when all this will and the people live there. >> reporter: they knew the risks they knew these goes like this this is not a secret with his own every year. this year's been a security there it's been a broader storms. >> reporter: this one will dump another five to 6 in.
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of the wet snow like shoveling what some men really out of your driveway. the upshot is of the air behind the system not as cold as is unlistenable back in february as a chance we could get killed at least an also stuff off. let's hear wallace active miserable for that quarter of the u.s.. but mutt the northeast corner the great lakes all let out to new england even as for whether to the south texas in the gulf coast states to restore up there as well. possessing a stormy weather at the moment lost. >> reporter: william l. at mild conditions you pile of clothes but those will thicken as you can see heavier clouds coming in and potential for what weather as well. it will compare in the slightest what they're seeing along the east coast at the moment. live shot right now clear condition that see low clouds high above at the moment. temperatures are on the cool site as a result conditions that are in the low 40's for said rosa to upper 40's and oakland livermore. then
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conquered san jose san francisco all the low 50s. talking low forties to low 50s this morning. >> reporter: day park planner will be done for you in time to avoid dry and mild weather damages mid- 60's at this point mid-70s, later on today about 3:00 or so we should be a word 7076 degrees. here's what those images look like all on the bay area again a warm spot will be the delta 76 there himself as a meat wrappers for san jose. me up the 7677 in cupertino oakland 716. tonight in the city across the north bay upper 60s to was the news. there's a wider view and you can see that this is a cold front that we are watching closely as it approaches the bay area. we are going to get the bottom edge of this passing by the north bay and that is tonight and tomorrow morning. in a few showers for ukiah may be set arose about the much. that is a mild and was a relatively dry weekend with a few close out there all debitors low '70's and a snapshot of rain saturday night until monday to a little bit more substantial follow that for
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you throughout the weekend to begin their kron 4 but did you with day-by-day as a closer to the rain >> reporter: house that weather looking very typical for this friday not perhaps as little as we like to see it. we are not tracking any hot spots that is the good news. here's your bay bridge right in the westbound. you can see that were backing up on the approaches, or not and the macarthur mays arrived at the edge of the for the less bound by a. a year trip to 92 in the san mateo bridge this is a pretty good coming in so far, we do not see a lot of brake lights coming on now here at mid span, and this perhaps is a little bit better than usual the golden gate bridge writer is a little bit like for southbound and so is the trips to marin county, your tracking rights to the richmond bridge no problems here as you, out of richmond on 580 west bound for. and we will update you on try * here for the orchestra or freeway 16 mets still a hercules to berkeley a good come you. >> reporter: on 24-hour no
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delays for the caldecott tunnel or. you're right through san ramon valley is a good one down to the dublin interchange. and we haven't yet picked up any solid for the single grade that's definitely a better than usual. here in south dade problem free 101 commute to a ride it's a good out and cupertino now if you can. in the marin ride is delay free still from highway 37 all the way down to the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: news this morning the sister of oakland woman murdered two years ago never knew her sister's boyfriend was a career criminal. render it ready ilan not charged with 13 murder of public defender in bustier sandy. court the sister cup never told a family about her boyfriend's past. a lot of has a prior promotions for manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. he had been released from split prison less than a week prior to coax murder. >> reporter: so near the
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scorning a high school teacher is sentenced to five years of probation. after pleading no contest to kidnapping 317 year-old boys forcing the driver to take him to the jack in the box at knifepoint. have been on june 7th the l.a. county d.a. says the 34 year-old entered the plea to two felony counts of false imprisonment by violence yesterday. >> reporter: the new information on a deadly navy training accident southern california we told you about your on the kron 4 more news. navy officials identified the navy seals was killed 29 year-old jason core from highland ranch cult rock broke. able special warfare groups one says that the parachute malfunctioned during a train and grow on tuesday in paris had, as body was covered with american flag as you can see there after the accident. he had completed basic training, steal jobs last year. >> reporter: present obama says the u.s. are making
6:21 am
progress in the negotiations and a killer deal and still some gaps. spoke to this new video message marking the persian year. officials working on the new killer deal as part of the deal to cut the number of machines by 40 percent. return the iranians will get economic shot stations along with partial lifting of u.n. embargo unconventional arms. >> reporter: days a week ahead will be critical negotiations are gaps remain both countries propose the diplomatic solution and the people by iran speak up for the future we seek a has said many times of for i believe our countries should be able to resolve this issue piece of fillet with diplomacy. >> reporter: streets in a killer deal with march 31st. >> reporter: white house says president obama spoken on the phone with israeli prime minister to congratulate him on
6:22 am
tuesday's election victory. according to a health official the lighthouse also told the u.s. is assessing the approach they're palestinian peace. just today the backtracked from the statements. >> reporter: john maynard trouble traveling to jerusalem's sometime over the next two weeks to meet with prime minister and this is according to a top israeli government official. just up to the media about it today this mutt anonymously and sent the subject is confirmed. exact date has not been set but it will happen before passover in two weeks. >> reporter: and happening now world health organization responding to accusations resisted the clearing rubble emergency at first. w.h. >> reporter: show demolishing that it was voted to declare that in less ever, but that's because it was surprising characteristics of the outbreak. the associate
6:23 am
press recently obtained internal e-mail's documents showing top the new age 02 projectors rejected sending a lever to once they were worried it could be seen as hostile act and would have negative impact on economies. >> reporter: still ahead on taxing could help people detect breast cancer early on. will explain how. >> reporter: temperatures around the bay on this clear friday morning going into a gorgeous weekend it you may >> : chance of rain on monday. we will be back with all the weather in the neighborhood in just a few minutes.
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you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. >> reporter: text from a doctor can go along with a new study finds women who received less reminders about screenings are 20% more likely to keep their appointments. the doctor the circus as forgiving as well as coming late said reasons women on what they miss the requirements. and tex reminder that the biggest impact of women and improved also deprived areas more than 28 percent more likely to show what. worse for everything must x reminders the matter to cut the trash by the national air ritas. what ever it is.
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>> reporter: burger king japan selling at a special friends that captures the san of the flame of grilled good as used in their hamburgers. sold for one day only on april 1st the it's not a joke 1 oz bottle costs $41 does come with a lot burry of the vote to japan to get one. >> reporter: top why has high levels of arsenic talk about how can and take your health which ones are impacted more on this lawsuit ahead. >> reporter: live in alameda county in front of vector control another rabid bat was found coming up the play where the latest number and sent comes in just a few
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>> reporter: watching wallstreet another week of wild swings of under 17 points on the dow this friday now rebounding a hundred and 50. and keeping an eye on the market this morning looks to a positive start to trade. >> reporter: a positive start to the day to a real nice day not as warm as yesterday but still one nonetheless. paul >> reporter: as the start of spring for it today is the first this brings 7 in 345 verso a hit the equinoxes the beginning of spring. and we will start off with a mild weather and even a chance of some sprinkles. greatest guards bring in the mild winter we had so far. >> reporter: outside sfo camera at the airport we can make up the tech see lights clearly the planes are moving across the runways. the taxiways there and there are some high clouds that
6:31 am
can make other shot those clouds will build over the morning hours and pull back a little bit in the afternoon sunshine rebuild again. ahead of the storm system could be affecting light some light into tomorrow morning. talk about what you expect here over the next few days. we can use a quick update for that today partly cloudy little cooler this afternoon so warm. we will max out in the mid-70s oppose the low eighties like we saw yesterday. the introduce that chance of the recent rain overnight for the extreme north bay. that chance is with us and early saturday other was arrested a looks good cloudy conditions cooler temperatures but dry for the bay area. a line of the right in the sun. the sun staying cool but sunday night evening chardin's pops up in that looks like it will be a better chance for us but for storm happening for the night and saturday. for about that munchen the full check of forecast. >> reporter: here's where temperatures are right at the moment quickly is for you before you head out the door a little widespread made up for 40 across the bay. 645. no. 7 center
6:32 am
george would following. >> reporter: pre could commute top spot from the bay. not much in the way even in minor incidents this morning. nelson was slowing the ride the course of good news the bay bridge westbound as a fill in all across the way here, there is a packed up and the west grand avenue but it is not to the macarthur mayors. and the ride to the san mateo bridge is getting heavier for your, and not stopping the traffic the drive time however is already up to 18 minutes. and i think that we will see a pretty typical ride here this morning sadly that mean slow traffic if. your trip to the golden gate bridge in easy one this morning, pretty good ride through marin county as the dry times are under 30 minutes from now bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: happening now another rapid algae account seek just in the small of
6:33 am
kron 40 trend joins us now a round the vector control with wide this year is off to a fast are. >> reporter: the reason why they are off to a fast art since 2001 vector control of the average between one and nine rabid bats per year. now sitting at 4 and this is the a half months old. video of the rabid bats that they found since march 6th three of them and fremont two of them and irvington district there. one case a dog was out with his owner of the dog finds that puts the bat in his mouth goes back to the owner the owner knew something was wrong your call little service. the kits out took the bat test and it in that bag came back to be positive this latest case happened on saturday. and sen all its away as well. >> reporter: several days come back with the confirmations sure enough yesterday afternoon this about was all also
6:34 am
positive. they're sending warning letters of the people in the east bay and particular. be careful if you happen see a wounded backboard dead that do not approach it. call animal services they will come well pick up the bat because if you happen to get the saliva of the back and open wound on your body or even get bitten by a rabid bat. the symptoms and not very pretty brain slowing but put aboard a coast short time after that you could die. unless you know exactly what's going on confected doctors. and in the meantime public- health very proactive in or on the east bay looking for bats. >> reporter: telling a new claims about california top- selling wines class action lawsuit filed in l.a. says california ones especially the cheaper ones you might enjoy. they have of the fourth five times the one of our sncc that the epa allows in water. hopefully you
6:35 am
don't drink as much wine as you do water. >> reporter: the red test included the charles shaw brand trader joe's white zinfandel blend at three times and the arson a climate that is considered safe in water. and a bottle of macho mascots 04 times the safe limit for water. 1300 bottles of wine were tested the cheaper in the wine and of the higher the r six level. >> reporter: long term of high levels of arsenic and cause many health problems. should be noted, the u.s. has not are six standards for what's allowable and one. its bread does that swiss women do is look bailout and lime as well below what parsnips found in the california cheap ones still only half what canadians considered safe to have been there one. >> reporter: 13 year-old girl in san francisco wine district last week as the.
6:36 am
and the girl daughter of the saturday as a result of injury and suffered the same way as does the family's apartment. today members of the fire department city's department of building inspections and francisco board of supervisors. all spoke about the fire and others in the mission district. >> reporter: something has to change we have an obligation to do better. we owe it to three individuals that tragically died in these fires we go to them their memory and go to their families. and to the families >> reporter: telling the fire chief billy inspection director bill of the know of any additional resources to assure adequate leave the safety demands of the growing city. >> reporter: father are aged after his three children or injured in a car accident told you about yesterday here on the kron 4 more news
6:37 am
if. this book to a man in hospital where is right there beside 04 year-old daughter injuries including a concussion. >> reporter: chp says a person close truck ran from the sea is 11 caught the driver. >> hearing the person that created this problem just walk away metal left his responsibility all of mine their lead to cover did the best they need to get him off the street. >> reporter: the men's two other daughters have been released. from hospitals released >> reporter: coming now a mess of course you recall and city officials charged the company. amazon and plans to use drugs for deliveries to the big step forward. faa is allowing the company to do.
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>> reporter: massive penalties highway patrick 50 fines greco's $3 million for car see recalls us here draco will also be required as it has spent $7 million of the next five years on car seat awareness. may well remember the recall 6 million cars in 2014 because of defective latch could trap children. and not pay extra attention and not on the road this spring traffic deaths rise as a vacation hot spots between last week of the gory first week of april. >> reporter: 0 crashes 14 popular destination seven states. are more fatal accidents going out state drivers and drivers on the aged 25. >> reporter: tracking whether or on the buy and live look outside sfo shows us clause beginning to build we see the increase over the course the day today and expect a storm does it have
6:42 am
showers but part the bay is likely to see that and in just a minute.
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>> reporter: rheology season is here, she enters the best thing you can do is taking a medication to treat allergies now before the symptoms appear. >> reporter: go for the over-the-counter treatments like nicole sprays or antihistamines decongestants to get more serious symptoms a setup your dog there's a lot of allergy shots. washing clothes a vacuum will more often.
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there reduces pollen mall from getting inside your home and turn on your air conditioner the sick light filtered air. >> reporter: windows close at home and in your card key to a large and found. >> reporter: lifar's of concern here on the east coast of dealing with the dead of winter conditions led look for such a park near city some simulation on some of the roof tops their and winter adviser employes weather service how bad the storm as an expected to give 6 in. of snow over the next eight hours in many parts the northeast and midlantic states that system going as far south as the black sox. i shot their earlier and they were absolutely stop and new york city will be the hardest hit area. the snow accumulations of the season is as over the next eight hours and of the of the system will hit latest morning with james fletcher to remind us why we're so
6:46 am
glad to live here in the bay area for times like these become. >> reporter: 1 picture will tell you the entire story bay bridge approach camera showing the view out toward the east and rising some gorgeous shot here few high- level claude's. sundays in clearing out on the horizon. >> reporter: stored before there are very nice day today and yet they're coming in from the north if you haven't got as high clouds streaming and denser clause right behind it. impacting us as we go live later on did said today. they out the door right now cool temperatures in the inland valleys 44, pleasanton and the low 50s right now san jose. right next door in sunnyvale at is 49 and were looking low demand for its across the north bay. seeing some are cooler temperatures this afternoon the seeing sundays and warmup and on the cool side compared to yesterday. although on balance first of five degrees above normal for this there. quick break down of yourself they
6:47 am
forecast that the look at the next segment of, as high clouds will be out there cool temperatures that can right now 46 degrees to 51 degrees. the car it sells the communities and by noon time those cuts will continue to build temperatures on amounts of at that point. talking about 66 to 70. and then by three this afternoon maximum temperature for the day mostly cloudy and again on the holes slightly cooler than yesterday. with max von temperature is giving up to about 7641 his boss and 7276 we can expect from the senate clara valley. those clouds building up in the evening hours. and because the resources of heading our way which we will point out top wasnt a few seconds. >> reporter: mitscher's will be elsewhere in the space 7376 a. no. they 6971. and then in san francisco 69 degrees and downtown in the financial district. here is the source system bringing these arraign the pacific northwest. we though are dealing with the southern edge of the cold front that. passing us by now the no. it will some of its impact from this and it will not be a lot but possibly
6:48 am
hoping for a third branch of the north bay mounds. that is right in the saturday. the cold front could very well when they're through the day saturday then given the north bay a shot of an off again on again sprinkled throughout the day saturday it. then it goes away and make way restaurant to sunday night into monday's list of the. that one looks a little more robust and more widespread rains still live in nature but at least we will be piece ran out of that. >> reporter: the russell lake beyond the point high pressure returns sunshine comes back and play by wednesday its. and that is a weather leftover red traffic center search of hot spots. >> reporter: we're not tracking any hot spots of for a course that is great news for your dried on the day. and whether you're heading on these short freeway where interstate 80 west bound is currently clocking a great drive time to. under 20 minutes or interstate 680 which looks great down and walnut creek and the san ramon valley. west on 580 not at 680 a little bit sluggish but definitely better than usual for the soft on rye. a 80
6:49 am
southbound is not too bad here's a look at the drive times for a trip from to 38, down to 237 the corridor coming coming out from that just 32 minutes currently. the your right to the south bay slowing 1 01 in the northbound direction if, between the two freeways otherwise not a bad ride that all. to correspond to a still looks great heading into cupertino, and the bridge as well the bay bridge is backed up the right to the edge of the maze not to the maze. and then the san mateo bridge is on highway 82 westbound definitely bogging down. so it was 50 minutes later than usual stow, pretty slow. the golden gate bridge won a one looks great with no problems your northbound or southbound for a ride to richmond bridge backing up now westbound as you can see, and that's the going coming out of richmond backing up all way to castro. with >> reporter: the hosteling cafe the scene of the deadly
6:50 am
standoff three months ago back in business, hundreds of people lined up sunrise this morning to the reopening of the cafe in sydney is. including australian prime minister tony at men and, back in december gunmen took seven people hostage here starting 16 hour standoff with the pleas to gunmen and one hostage is killed in the shootout. >> reporter: this more in san jose are liquor license suspended for 30 days to as selling trees after-hours. nonperformers to engage in lewd conduct. the happy long john as elkhart of all on white road was the subject of an undercover investigation, based on the dancers and the bargaining lap dance as. and agents also discovered vip lounge employee selling trends after-hours. san francisco police officer turning over back after involvement in our systems as a scandal at hitting the department. >> reporter: robertson about that reside on sunday at any
6:51 am
investigation of his involvement in the messages. racist how like messages were made public last week during an appeal of federal corruption conviction. against former sergeant these examples of the disturbing messages in the case. >> reporter: $57 for a rescue from the meat farm and brought to the bay area for dauphin. and this is all made possible by the humane society international change for animal foundation. all 57 dogs arrived on a plane that i assess all on monday. here they are being put in the kennels the dogs were being raised in start crowding cages. needing for food and not getting the human attention they need. >> reporter: main thing we're doing making sure they get evacuator changing their nutrition and giving them used to food commercial dog foods. here fifth >> reporter: the they're
6:52 am
getting them ready for adoption and the dogs are in very good shape most of them seem eager for human companions this all what they've been through many ready it up for adoption early next week with the tech guide. >> reporter: coming up on morning news witnessing a total solar eclipses morning show is so incredible images of that and marcus see here. >> reporter: live look here out over the seventh sale bread just a little bit of thought up this morning pretty thick for this was bound. a were 53 and high 73 this afternoon.
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>> reporter: face of the innocence and commercial use of drones is today a give amazon permission to test experiment certain drugs for its fleet by buying the retailer was used drugs as delivery method. company
6:56 am
launched its plans over year ago but face tough restrictions from the faa under the terms of a new experimental permit drugs can be flown under 400 ft.. a slide during the day in clear weather conditions. operator has to be able to see the drone amazon has the second most monthly data a to of the faa. >> reporter: will slug over rome a total solar eclipse. >> reporter: is will cross ever come most of europe unfortunate a clubs could not be seen here in north america. local view over the world this morning. >> reporter: nicholas doesn't mommy. >> reporter: but shows entertaining garry red niche showing me everything we know about the giants' as the new season that they face now spring training with the two teams that we hope all is look for much of
6:57 am
such special tonight at 9:00. >> reporter: cell had on kron 4 more news out of paul out so investigators at the scene of apparent murder- suicide and we'll have the latest live on what they're finding out in that story in gary's world's tall straight hours of basketball have been mailed letters the of the scene of believe in the n.c.a.a. tournament. learning more about the napa wine maker involved in a murder-suicide earlier this week. the history of this financial issue of. >> reporter: another great day warm temperatures sunshine
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: police investigating an apparent murder-suicide at the senior housing complex coming up to show the two crime scenes said place looking at this morning. >> reporter: ntsb your giving her poor of deadly metro link and oxnard and the agency found. >> reporter: first day of spring get ready for gorgeous weekend. >> reporter: 20 for spring to arrive to 45 exactly this afternoon. looks like will be a spring storm coming in the day-to-day wind picked up little bit. sperry also try north bay has a small chance of seeing a few sprinkles with this for store. and the way


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