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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark:and republican senator ted cruz begins his campaign for president in 2016. >>james:and take a look at storm tracker 4. >>james:parts of the bay area are waking up to wet weather. >>darya: good morning. >>mark:isolated morning showers until noon, then partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. >>james:winds increasing between 10 to 20 mph with higher gusts possible. >>james: this is track and out
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to the santa clara valley a good shape in the south bay let's look over the course of the east bay which had been under the gun early this morning we are tracking rain in the north they now moving into the east is to take a look the upper a sure freeway now in the richmond san rafael bridge bridge like to moderate rain in this rain is expected to move off to the east and short order impacted communities out along 680 tech a look of this band of heavy rain moving out in the direction of berkeley by 6 08 this morning you should see berkeley in about eight minutes orenda likely by the 611 this morning and lafayette st. about 614 adults along highway 2 to 4 here there will be impacted until 15 minutes before it gets out of a is like concord and walnut creek along the 680, or more. >>james:
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it was coming down rather intensely that is what you can expect this particular self line tracking that quickly keep the town here will update you periodically in just a little bit and track is a continues to come all the east bank. >>george: to maxus have crept into the morning commute that as no surprise to star with interstate 680 and the pleasant and saw no ride southbound to separate accident one at the boulevard other at highway 84 and the sea is already backing of the ride leading southbound heading from dublin down to milpitas and no accidents reported but i recording and delays and that is on the nimitz freeway north about 880, at davit this one has the potential for problems although one of the persons involved democrats said he believed he told the sea is still built to clear the crash pretty quickly a change of course talking about rain at the
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richmond bridge and here is a live look at in the heaviest rain math already passed through there but definitely of what roadway and and looks as though there will allow late getting the toll lanes open the three and four normally their opener at 6:00. >>george: will keep an eye on that that is a potential hot spot in your bay bridge ride west bound me to realize active now backing up but not into the macarthur maze get the gold ring--san mateo bridge highway 92 and in the west about, you still looks good is a little slow to get started in terms of the back of that is not a problem. now to the golden gate bridge you're ride on 101 northbound and southbound again the wet deck here for your trip come in from marin county. >>darya:happening today. >>darya:an east bay mother will be taken off life support after she was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk with her baby.
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>>darya:this happened in hayward near the northbound 8-80 tennyson road on-ramp. >>darya:and only on kron-4. >>darya:we spoke with the woman's father. >>darya:kron 4's will tran is live in >>darya:will? >>will tran: the on ramp is right behind me you concede there to what lines the clearly marked crosswalk she and her one-year-old son arthur were ended around 7:00 last wednesday heartbreaking news the father told us only on kron 4 this plans to the dollar off life support sometime today he came out here and he planted or posted that cross track and to remind drivers to slap that someone died here even though she technically is a line of hospital this morning the to your picture 21 years older name isdenesha turner >>will tran: according to the
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father she went to grab a book to read to her son by all accounts everyone was doing the right thing many of the driver who had the warm and she pulled over and cooperate with police officers she was not arrested they believe the drugs and alcohol were not a factor in this accident they're still investigating whether a not she was taxing have the time she has not been arrested in this investigation is still ongoing and there's a video you see only on kron 4 we were at the scene when it all took place with track down the father here is what he had to say about this terrific accident. >>: it is not safe at all i did what any one of the cross is intersection in the killed and no one to see anyone does it hurt. >>: any to the street lights of stop signs or pedestrian crosswalk to let them know that they are crossing many to take a toll intersection in get rid of it. you should not cross right
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here and there should not be any crossing right here. >>will tran: his grandson is at children's hospital and he says that the grandson should survive his injuries although he was badly hurt release let you have some problems for the rest of his life as well much more from the father only on kron 4 brought the morning. >>mark:other big news we're following this morning. >>mark:a north bay hiking trip turns deadly when a cliff on a dangerous bluff gave way. >>mark:it happened saturday at the point reyes national seashore. >>mark:this is a photo from the national park service taken wednesday. just before the cliff gave way. >>mark:sonoma county sheriff's deputies say two people fell about 70 feet. >>mark:park service officials say they posted signs warning people about the unstable area along the arch rock lookout point. >>mark:one hiker died at the scene. >>mark:the other was airlifted to a hospital.
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>>mark:they haven't been identified >>mark:the trail has been closed indefinitely. >>mark:happening now. clara. in national news and happening today. senator ted cruz plans to announce his run for president in person in virginia later this morning. >>mark:the texas republican posted new campaign video on twitter >>mark:he's the first major party candidate to announce a 2016 >>mark:the senator quickly made a name for himself in washington. in 2013. he gave a 21 hour speech on the senate floor against obamacare. resulting in a 17 day government shutdown. >>mark:we will keep an eye on this morning's announcement which takes place at virginia's liberty university.
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>>mark: that i commented on the remarks that he was on the show to talk about california's drought. >>darya: still ahead will be more information today on the gang rape that happen and university of virginia this sparked nationwide outrage and starbucks pope the plug on and is a to get people will have more on that next.
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>>george: welcome back we are tracking delays hear with 680 in the southbound direction to accidents slowing you're ride heading toward the snow grave the drive time into millipede is normally 23 minutes running now 27 to 28 minutes because it is typical to see some slow traffic even in the early morning hours remember you can get traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download their versions from apple and android we cannot watching it a great way to keep in touch with news weather and traffic. >>mark: is 619 you will hear the
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intense testimony of an aggressive massachusetts student accused and the gang rape from heavy drinking will explain.
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>>darya: we are tracking the storm and rain is coming down pretty good perry of >>james: now the rain that was in the north today is getting pretty intense as a quick look at storm track four radar the zoom into we're rehearsing it raining most intensely which is in the east bay. >>james: it's a nice band a heavy rain at times pushing in the direction of concord and walnut creek less track the movement of the storm system you can see where we are expected to go. we have berkeley are racing to go in about 20 minutes to start to see it run the 21 minutes in the rain is getting closer and closer pleasant hill in the most intense rain
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beginning to fall at about 623 how intense is it? >>james: we're signifiant dollars a 10 showers is coming down a little better than half an inch for our here is another glimpse falling right now in these the stress of the fine and about 800 car hour. >>james: the shower on the heaviside be running this part of the ease of your morning commute. >>james: right now we're doing ok and in those areas where we saw the writer and heavy rain is what out there storm track four distillate a few scattered showers at the moment we would expect that to continue on a mature at a clock and the kids
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ofing top of the school and really does stand out and we will begin to see some sunshine after this afternoon. as if we're evening commute home those clouds will begin to push out the wins will pick up the biggest thing in breezing hills will we're seeing in terms of temperatures mild low to mid '50's in this afternoon will sit room nicely in the east bank the next 30 minutes i/showers bring an umbrella will see by noontime malic out a consistent increase went in like this afternoon the sun will be out will also be on the breezy side i'm going to have your seventh day on the bay forecast coming up as 645 to around for that in the meantime as head of the to the traffic center. if >>george: leading to 680 south is backing up now because of
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problems for the southbound line to look to concede the back of not only here was down 580 out of livermore southbound not backed up cost of. it is heading in that direction. >>george: what to add to the one at some no boulevard and highway 84. a new one reported northbound 880 at high weight to 38. in tracking you're ride to the bridges the richmond bridge reining in the next morning. it is not that the will to highway 24 was backed up on interstate 580 all the way to highway 24 in the san mateo bridge highway 92 starting to get sore now within a westbound direction still typically 16 to 630 that really see things bog down. >>george: 01 ride still a pretty
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light of the golden gate bridge southbound we are not tracking any delays get the marin county for the stop on 101, right. >>darya: lake tahoe is being hit hard rather trout. >>darya: hosted a music festival over the weekend sierra tahoe the have new water sports attractions to bring in visitors when i went skiing i saw the ropes. happening to the
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place of honor to present the results of the investigation into the gang rape that was reported at the university of virginia this comes months after the report it was published in the rolling stone magazine that so theit sparked outrage first. and then controversy, after questions were raised over the woman's story. >>darya:rolling stone later apologized for discrepancies in the article. and for not seeking response from the accused men. >>mark:trial resumes today for a man accused of helping gang-rape a university of massachusetts student two-and-a-half years ago. >>mark:matt caron reports. jurors heard intense testimony during the first day of the trial on friday. >>reporter:emmanuel bile sat emotionless as prosecutors told the jury about the night of october 12th 2012, inside room 418 of the pierpont dormitory at umass. >>reporter:that's where belay and his friends allegedly gang- raped a student they were friends with after a night of heavy drinking and smoking marijuana.
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>>:"despite the fact that she was not saying anything to indicate consent, nor was she physically participating in any way to indicate consent, the defendant and his friends hopped on and off." >>reporter:one by one, witnesses testified, including friends of the victim. >>:"i said what's wrong and she said they gang banged me last night. i said what! and then i grabbed her and we walked to her room. she said that all of them had raped her and she was crying and i noticed bruises on her." >>:"we didn't want them there so even though i didn't want them to drink and drive i wanted them to leave and i didn't want them >>reporter:defense attorney david pixley told the jury bile was in a different room for most of the night, and stopped having sex with the victim when she said stop. >>:"the second she started to
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get upset and to say no, no means no. when she said no, you'll notice that he was the last one in the room and you'll learn that he, when she said no was the first one out of that room." >>reporter:in the days ahead jurors will hear evidence that includes a police audio recording, dormitory surveillance video and transcripts of graphic text messages between the victim and bile. that was matt caron reporting. bile is the first of the four suspects to be tried. >>mark: we will be right back after the break.
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>>reporter: the coffee change initiative to create discussions on diversity and racial inequality will continue without the hand written messages which ended yesterday as originally planned a recently released memo from the sea zero says that the the catalyst from our broader conversation and the company will still hold form discussion and input more stories in minority committees as part of the rv race to gather initiative that opportunistic and corporate such as process.
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>>darya: when it comes to retirement americans want more than just sunshine the survey was done in a report they found that the best them looking to retire or the best the wyoming followed by colorado harris with the study found 25 percent of people + for to live near the beach 251 of the beach 20% one the mountains rebars of outside recreation for the retirement stand now arkansas is a the bottom of the elite list n.y. do not want to retire alaska that is a tough one conditions and
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was urging him also florida which is known as the hottest retirement spot did not make the top 20 because there's more competition for space as was all more financial pressure on people with fixed incomes a medical emergency in will show you the video on the rescue.
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>>mark: watching the open door on wall street this monday morning today after we saw the nasdaq a 15 year high and out of the the $5,000 mark for this morning in the tech the speeches are up eight killing by on the rain is falling off and on. >>james: to the caldecott tunnel is primarily on the run this side and then along the stress of 680 between martinez and walnut creek did concede the storm continues to track all for the south eastern direction the heaviest rain beginning to fall down time warner creek and about one or two minutes we expect that to happen lafayette which is right about here to start to see heavier rain and acting the
6:31 am
part of the east bay in about one hour to men is more of a 64 and in the side alamo and then fell 642649. in the next 15 to 20 minutes this headline showers will begin to impact the stretch of water creek down to dublin which of course enclosed alamo and then build we're watching that very carefully this morning that is all we're seeing a threat or in small enough as you can sing live in the east bay in this area look for what can this is not only 680 but also on highway 4 in a slab but tickets are all the way out toward the nose. >>james: 7 showers will be
6:32 am
passing rather quickly by noontime the clouds will be there but will start to see the breakup a little bit of an electric clock and 4:00 this afternoon must time today will warmer to the upper 60s will also see an increase of winds will be 1520 gusting up to 25 your evening commute out barrelful of the forecast coming up in 15 minutes of the three of the on the commute. >>george: for the ride on interstate 680 the southbound direction to earlier, accidence jamming of the ride here the last the which is the final clearing stages but at a slow from before 5:00 a.m. southbound on interstate 680 coming out of the san ramon valley and we have accidents reported here and hear on the nimitz freeway near the turn out to be a big problem but there is a little slowing still on the northbound side most of the habitat is out of town on
6:33 am
880, where it belongs. the >>george: the e sure freeway drive times already 29 minutes now heating up very quickly for the westbound interstate 80, ride and a tip to the rich and bridge has been a wet one this morning that we do not see the rain falling now with the pavement is still wet we do have all the toll lanes open finally for the westbound ride in the trip to the richmond bridge backed up into the macarthur maze this morning drive time already 19 minutes for interstate 580, in the westbound direction >>darya: a big national store sentencing to death for alabama grandmother a run in her nine your granddaughter over joyce orr was facing from guilty of making the poor run for several hours as punishment for allied back in 2012 the nine your girl collapse and had seizures and
6:34 am
died three days in hospital they want the death penalty but they're asking jurors to spare the woman claiming that she did not realize the consequences of our actions because she had only a 9 the education the judge has the final say. the mine >>mark: robert there's will appear in an rosa or ron after spending for nearly a week and a prison mental ward they say he was illegally arrested on charges that he murdered a woman in california and a weapons charge in borland's his arrest was orchestrated to coincide with the last of the soul of a spill documentary about him a quarter say he was carrying a 30 rv of an illegal drugs and he was arrested this month. >>mark: 9 your boy recovered after he fell through a plastic skylight for onto cement floor of an all elementary school he was playing at a playground when it's up to the roofs according to police i can't tell survive
6:35 am
and another child roof official not release any information yet on the extent of the boy's injuries. >>darya: catching a medical emergency at see the u.s. coast guard evacuating hear a 56 your man from crown cruise ship it happened cincinnatuses video from the u.s. coast guard the requested the help after he had a heart attack yet conceded they hoisted him up and to come to an ambulance nearby with another's condition at this hour former 49 are linebacker chris moreland who decided to hang up his cleats after just one rookie season with the niners as he was worried about his health as one to pay back the money he was not about money it was purely about his health is happy with the decision and happy to give back the money is sent shock waves across for tour and he announced such a hope for rookie any cmo he is going to be really great a deceptive one season he hung it up and so he said he did not wait to his body broke down to
6:36 am
walk away from the game and he was happy with it had done to is giving them back $460,000 of more than 600,000 he got as a signing bonus. >>darya: he does not get paid for what he earned. >>mark: so a california man accused of trying to drive prices he sent four letters into home from jail about revenge and a half and then fine with the fifth massacre and france he pleaded not guilty leslie to terrorism charges including attempted to ride support to a former terrorist group felicitated prepared filled as border plants for turkey he wanted for syria. >>darya: the u.s. premiere of the fifth season of the game of brahms tonight and because this in the bay area fans to economic it to the premier and person constrains the red carpet event on the show's facebook page the favorites include
6:37 am
familiar clark and pitas things which they're expected to be at the event tonight and there will be answering questions on facebook for. if fans also follow the van of histogram there will have postponed histogram this all stars and 6:00 tonight season five of them from the mayors on april 12th if that is on hbo. >>mark: it was not your typical rates with this one as big finish is ticking off all social media.
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south 689 problem at 16 minutes with the optima past ride is a heavy one and 51 minutes out to the dublin and to change still delays on six '80s out about what you make the turn from dublin torso know. >>george: yucatec traffic in a time with the kron 4 mobile application for both apple and android. >>mark: to clear please one of the committee that a person's impersonating a police officer and four recent cases people have reported a man called as an officer ready to arrest them the man claims did video footage of the victim speeding and they will not be arrested if they pay him between three and the dollar's he tells victims back and take your pick victims >>mark: the never make phone
6:42 am
calls regarding once. >>darya: they're helping local police and alaska find a missing family to have not been seen for nearly a year him and remains and clothes were found over the weekend someone driving down the trail came across some clothing and the remains on saturday authorities said eye and found new matched items missing from the family's home 23 rebecca adams along with her two children boyfriend and dog the ball went missing last nine it was a day after memorial day and the remains were found last into miles away from the family's home police are still working to identify the remains. >>james: still headed we're tracking would weather around the bay the east bay right now getting hit with heavy rain will talk more in detail in just a moment.
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>>james: in the last check in the last hour it was right here over the richmond san rafael bridge is moved closer to creek. >>james: -60 a handful of minutes later the san ramon to the south is the timing here for the rain in dry red now and the san ramon valley that will change it to see and the next 80 minutes or so will keep you updated on the storm system as it continues to move out through the east bay ran for rates by the way.
6:47 am
>>james: this will live and sing all morning long some parts of heavy rain adjutancy your coming in just about a sense of an hour that is pretty impressive of this we have been tracking a drop the morning at times it would rather have for you. >>james: said that as part of your money to molest a good look at it to pass for 6:00 a.m. this is a satellite ran on the bay by about a decline for the same the kidding top of the school and you see a few by 6:00 tonight
6:48 am
things to look nice and clear were not expecting too much rain for you're ride home we are expecting heavy rains at times. the >>james: 54 in san jose and has to take a look at the storm track for their part for cash for the south they look for the clout to decrease by about noontime and timber to and the low 60s as a hit for three in the afternoon and those winds will pick up coming at you from the northwest. >>james: a percentage bay area wide and the storm track before 7:00 a.m. on the bay for fast so we really want things of that will be the story after today and thursday and friday with to set a record daytime highs on that to come. if begins his campaign for >>george: the east your fridge drive time arctic pushing up toward 30 minutes now in the westbound direction from hercules to berkeley and you're
6:49 am
ride to the san ramon valley just beginning to slow western town 580 still have the into dublin although the 680 southbound ride is improving after earlier climbing accident are cleared you're ride to the 880, commit southbound to 38 down to 237 not too bad already at 32 minutes here for the court or ride at 880, south bay freeway. of >>george: started to think of some slowing of 101, north highway 85 still a good ride for the most part his problem free thinking of some delays for 1 01, and the south down the election, ran ride still very easy to it under 30 minutes novato down to the bridge for the average ride is task of into the may 24th minutes of the drive time here looking at the san mateo bridge ride on cue asked the exchanges that really bogged down jumping up to 19 to 20 minutes for the west of town ride if the golden gate bridge the volume is up a bit.
6:50 am
>>george: the speeds are to the they're still high no delays southbound over at the richmond bridge backing of now as the toll plaza and is beginning to see the back of building on 580 west leading richmond for the toll plaza. >>mark: gas prices continue to fall once again after rising over the last few weeks average national drop 4¢ in the last two weeks for the numbers and the bay area oakland at 326 for a balanced san jose 3 to 4 per gallon a much higher and san francisco with an average balance is 339. >>darya: they're increasingly turning to payment advances and prepaid cards on getting their tax corporations refund anticipations are popular among low income families the advances are marketed as the to get a refund faster or to defer payment of tax preparation cost regulators do not know the first
6:51 am
row on prepaid debit cards are required to disclose the up front about the cost and risk are being finalized now reform finances risen to 21.6 million of 17% from 2011. >>reporter: here is what the senate also submitted this morning and also help a woman at the end of a 10 k a started has gone by rock may be installed on your facebook in twitter the photos saturday is a low city run getting a lot of attention because of this total showing her along with louisville much of a police called her reach the finish line. >>reporter: photographer who took the pictures pleaded in shared in on facebook saying it was a compassionate city on facebook they phantom after the race same bed as she had forgotten to eat before the race portias learned her lesson by now but she did finish.
6:52 am
>>mark: the earthquake center in the first regular-season game in their brand new stadium over the weekend because $100 million to build and 18,000 fans. >>reporter: all 18,000 seats were sold out and there was an equally overwhelming on merchandise. >>reporter: as rapid to finally be in their own stadium they recognize there's a growing pains involved with that that all of these people and there's a lot of spots rarely to people working in a bid their promise figure out what, in the season. they seem to care more about finally having the last the come selling in. >>darya: away there's more sports always on sports might live some of your bay area teams
6:53 am
always in the highlight the six look a yesterday show. if >>reporter: cannavino said the warriors are the solid favorites. i think they should be savored. $100 million of by a stadium opened on the santa clara is a soccer only filled they hold many events down there but this is the first game of the 100 men dollars stadium 17,000 for the quick to game against the fire and for the first of recall of the stadium. too much as 70 innings last year including the playoffs of madison baumgartner the stand this will set some at all? >>: have never seen the size of madison baumgartner? enough to
6:54 am
get you can't catch all the sports you love every sunday night with sports night live will be right back.
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>>mark: web and tracking of the e sure freeway and at the richmond san rafael bridge bridge a pocket of heavy rain moving in from downtown warmer creek then they'll san ramon alamo still looking at brain on 680 shortly. >>mark: technical look at this a teenage boy in new hampshire find himself on the edge after his thumb drive goes little of course it was teetering on the bridge guard rail a loss control of his car after a stroke on saturday it would find out and slammed down on the real he managed to get out with the car
6:58 am
left hanging 50 ft. above the river he was not hurt but he did this citation for driving out of the lane. >>darya: coming up in 7:00 the kron 4 news new developments in the wrongful death lawsuit the bay area teenager who took her life after she was cyber was sire were believed. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet.
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