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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 26, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> grant:off the top at eight: >> grant:a grief- stricken san jose police department. releases new details about the death of the man who killed one of their own tuesday night. kron-4's scott rates is live outside s-j-p-d with the latest. >> grant:scott? (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter:flowers, balloons and personal messages, these are just few things placed at the ever growing memorial for fallen san jose police officer michael johnson >>"it just breaks my heart" >> reporter:all day thursday afternoon people have been coming to the front of the police station adding more to the memorial and fighting back tears, the loss hits too close to home for some. >>"i have a daughter in the police department, when i heard this i felt like i had lost my child" >> reporter:officer johnson was murdered tuesday in an apparent ambush when he was answering a call of a suicidal man with a gun
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>> reporter:police say the gunman scott using a high powered rife killing the 14- year vet. investigators now telling kron 4 dunham did not take his own life on his senter road condominium balcony. >>"we know the gunshot was not self-inflicted" >> reporter:police would not say how many shots were fired or how many officers may have shot him. but they do say johnson played the role of a hero during what would ultimately be his final watch >>"it was the bravery of the officer on scene that killed the suspect" >> grant:the san jose police officer's association has set up a fund for people who want to donate to officer michael johnson's family. >> grant:if you'd like to chip in.we put a link on our website. also on >> grant:background info on the fallen officer.chilling audio and video from the moments he was trying to help the suicidal gunman. >> grant:also.condolences that have been left.and that
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are still pouring in. all that and much a special section dedicated to the tragic death of officer michael johnson. >> reporter: is hard to make up with this is a picture of a woman in the back of eight s u b. covering her face with her hands. this can one day after the report kidnapped and came up earlier this week in her content beach california. on the second day of her boyfriend attorney claims his client was not lying when he reported it she had been kidnapped and held for ransom. her client cannot report the case right a way. >> of the things that he did
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voluntarily was did a blood test this seems like some are coming or going to great last to keep it out of the limelight. >> reporter: the driver of this bill all nearly ran me over and the police department did not comment on the case today. >> have not seen evidence yet that this was some kind of hoax. >> reporter: as i sit in the story, authorities would not report on the story today. i have spoken with the officials to assist the eight are busy, but would not say what they are doing here. only, that it would be at the eye. live and vallejo j.r. stone >> grant: we have the audio
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from the call of her making while allegedly kidnapped from the kidnappers. >> pam: disturbing allegations today against members of the san francisco sheriff's department. >> pam: public defender jeff adachi. accused four white deputies at the county jail. of forcing inmates of color. to fight one another. >> pam: it allegedly happened at county jail number four. which is on the seventh floor of the hall of justice. adachi says, deputies gambled on the fights. >> pam: inmates say. they agreed to take part. out of fear of retaliation from the deputies. the public defender says, the deputies did this for their own amusement. >>he was forcing inmates to fight gladiator style for his own sadistic entertainment >> pam: at a news conference thursday public defender jeff adachi accused 4 white deputies at the san
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francisco county jail # 4 on the 7th floor of the hall of justice of forcing inmates of color to fight each other. probably some of the most troubling conduct i have seen in my 30 years at the hall of justice >> pam: adachi says deputies gambled on the fights and he says inmates complied out of fear for their lives. ahd he played audio interviews he conducted with two of the inmates >>deputies betting against me and forcing me to fight and if i don't fight, then he's basically telling me that he was gonna beat me, up cuff me, and tase me all at once. >> pam: the public defender was tipped to these allegations forward now because another fight was scheduled >>i'm extremely disturbed by it >> pam: san francisco county sheriff ross mirkarimi was notified of the allegations just this morning. appearing at the news conference mirkarimi said the inmates have been transferred to the san bruno facility and the 4 officers have been place on administrative leave >>i do not accept any culture within our county jail system that would resort to such barbaric or unlawful activity as these deputies have demonstrated
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san francisco county sheriffross mirkarimi/s.f. county they're
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>> pam: big national news breaking in new york city right now. we have new video of the seconds after an explosion and building collapse that seriously injured people. >> pam: several victims being led away. look at this victim here.his face bloodied. >> pam: first responders are just arriving. >> pam: this was posted to you tube. >> pam: that person then falls to the ground.but is still conscious. >> pam: others were not as lucky. at least 12 people were hurt.2 of those suffering burns to their air- unconscious. >> pam: this is in the trendy lower east side of manhattan. >>you can see the building collapse. there was hysteria that sort of built." >> pam: there was construction workstate safety officials are now
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investigating. >> pam: airlines are changing their cockpit policies after the stunning discovery that the crash of a german airliner was a deliberate act by the plane's co=pilot. >> pam: story from the beginning. and catherine heenan is back now with what investigators have learned about the man responsible for 150 deaths. >>"he then also passed all medical tests, all flight examinations, and all checks. he was 100% fit to fly without restrictions. his flight performance was to worry about." >> catherine: the cockpit voice recorder shows that he behaved took off from barcelona. after 45 minutes the captain is heard leaving the flight deck. >> catherine: lubitz is alone at the controls. : "a pilot should never be simple reason, either they could have a heart attack and drop dead, or for the >> catherine: the airbus a320 is equipped foil hijackers. crew members usually gain access using a kepad. >> catherine: but the pilots can also use a switch that bars any entry for five minutes. that was apparently what happened. >> catherine: the voice recorder reveals furiously pounding on the door. this animation is from our partnership with cnn.
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>> catherine: lubitz does not respond, and ignores radio calls from air at the plane's loss of altitude. >>apparently he was breathing normally. he didn't say a word from the moment that the captain, or the chief pilot left the cockpit. >> catherine: the final sound before impact is of panicked passengers as they realized the situation. >>i reckon the victims only going on only in the last sound the screams are only in the last moments before and pat. --impact >> pam: coming up at 8:30. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: the effort to kill a proposed ballot initiative. that would allow californians to kill gays and lesbians. school safety in question in the east bay. as an 11-year- old student is stabbed on campus. and airlifted to a hospital. >> pam: and next: >> pam: not all sex offenders can be schools or parks anymore. how and why that protective policy is changing plus reaction from parents.
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>> reporter: it is currently 68 degrees across the golden gate. we will let you now on the heat and how long it will last coming up!
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california will alter its 8-year-old ban preventing all registered sex offenders from living near schools or parks, instead imposing the restriction only on pedophiles and others whose
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sex crimes involved children. >> reporter:the state corrections department said thursday that it is changing its policy in response to a state supreme court ruling that found the blanket prohibition unconstitutional. the high court ruled this month that restrictions imposed by california voters in 2006 go too far to limit where sex offenders can live. >> reporter:parole agents can still force sex offenders to live more than 2,000 feet from schools and parks where have to make the decision for individual cases. it will take corrections officials about 60 days to review the files of about 6,000 sex offender parolees. >> no one is happy. we are
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all on high alert and we all have children in the area. >> reporter: most of us are sitting in the multi 80 degree temperatures. take a look at the record he targeted vallejo and concord broke records with oakland and san jose breaking records that hasn't happened in 30 years. hayward police smashed a record by 10 degrees like impressive!. >> reporter: closer to the surface it will pick up. with clouds along the coast line. keeping us quite comparable. it is looking quite nice outside tomorrow,
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it will be a clamor that writ with clouds more stubborn to break along the coast line. >> reporter: the cooling will continue father into the east bay. it will be slight. if any. high pressure on top of the bay area producing dry air. it will appeal to the east with a cool front of to the north of us could bust however, we will remain dry. it will break slightly cooler afternoon as we start things off for saturday. >> reporter: along highway one we will wake up tomorrow with more stock brian high- pressure systems pushed farther east. we will wake up to the mid to low 50s along the coast with portions of the bay as we head into new and it will be
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sunny away from the coast line it is looking quite nice. if you did not have a chance to come or go out today will be a carbon copy of what the weather was like today the cooler as we head into the economic hit as we head into the afternoon hours. >> reporter: temperatures and land will also dropped into the upper 70's briefly will warm up with high pressure builds up on sunday and into monday. tuesday and thursday there would be adequate storm system to the north that will bring periodic wind up of the north accurate and that is what to purchase will drop. preferably, and the afternoon. --pressure. >> pam: a man hired to improve berkeley's downtown atmosphere. throws blows at a homeless man!
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>> reporter: people behaving badly! >> reporter: i am gabe slate i am at the tent show in san francisco next on kron.
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter:i'm at facebook's f8 tech show day 2. >> reporter:the keynote just wrapped up and it was all about virtual reality. >> reporter:the idea of special moments like kid learning to ride a bike and you get video of that and
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you want everyone to be there. but they can't. vr can help teleport peolple there. we are brining people together. >>we have a chance to connect everyone in the world. facebook can build systems that are more human, more personalized, and more intelligent than anything that has come before. the technologies that were discussed today will help build tools and services that better serve people and move the world forward. >> reporter:facebook thinks virutal evolution of the timeline >> reporter:say you get a birtdhay video and some family living across country missed the event >> reporter:you could post a vr video on your newsfeed and your relative wearing the virtual reality headset would be able to experience the event like they were actually there. >> reporter:i got a demo with their latest prototype headset >> reaction wow >> reporter: like being inside a movie. you turn your head around inside a different enviroment. you completely forget where you are. >> reporter:i now believe with out a doubt this is absolutely the way we will play video games, and watch movies and tv shows in our living rooms in the future. >> reporter:it was so immersive. >> reporter:the experience
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was like going from only listening to then seeing a tv for the first time. >> reporter:it was incredible. >> pam: still ahead: >> pam: berkeley ambassadors, meant to spread good will. seen on video beating a homeless man. we have details. >> pam: and word of a middle school stabbing today in the east day. --bay.
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badly. >> pam: next the ambassadors for the city of berkeley caught roughing up the homeless. >> reporter: will the toasty temperatures last into the weekend. coming up!
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>> stanley:the video is disturbing. a group of good will ambassadors for the city of berkeley. are seen with a homeless man. and one of them starts to beat him. >> stanley:kron four's jeff bush is live in berkeley tonight to explain what this is about. >> stanley:oh this is exciting, i got caught behaving badly >> stanley:talk about excitement this driver tried to hop out of the restricted lane when he saw officer kropp of the california highway patrol >> stanley:now carpool
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violations are not moving violations its simply a ticket and you move on but there is a way to escalate from a ticket to a felony in 3, 2 , 1 >>nats sound of car speeding off >> stanley:the driver rabbits from the scene and at first the officer gives chase, except why chase and risk lives over a carpool ticket we already have his mug and license on camera >> stanley:he even said hello to the camera, you can't make this stuff up >> stanley:hashtag: eastbaysdumbestcriminal >> stanley:214 drivers were issued tickets for being carpool cheats from what is being touted as the largest carpool crackdown in the bay area
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>> stanley:officers from newark hayward, san leandro, union city, alameda police, alameda county sheriff and the highway patrol hayward isssued tickets to drivers >> stanley:including the driver of this truck who also was missing his seatbelt and drivers license apparently it was a rush deliverly because he was still in his pajamas >>nats: i didn't know it was xcarpool. >> stanley:some people calimed they didn't know it was carpool >> the carpool lane >> stanley:and some people could care less >>i work at the veterens trying to get to work as fast as i can did you realize it could be a pretty big fince if you get caught in a carpool lane yea i know
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that you know yea >> stanley: two minuites a second you were there for two minites and you got caught i bet this is thek first time you were you were ever in the carpool lane my first ticket >> stanley:and some are just plain old repeat offenders >> grant:a measure that would allow businesses in indiana to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of religious freedom. is now law. >> grant:governor mike pence signed it today. >> grant:supporters say the law protects businesses from having to provide services for things they don't support, such as same-sex marriage. >> grant:opponents say it discriminates against gays and lesbians. >> grant:marc benioff, c-e-o
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of salesforce, says the san francisco-based tech giant will not work in indiana anymore. >> grant:he wrote this on his twitter account today: https:/ tatus/581108959337136129 "today we are canceling all programs that require our customers/employees to discrimination." >> grant:the n-c-a-a is also might affect student- athletes and employees. >> grant:n-c-aa offices are in indianapolis. >> grant:the final four will be played there next week. >> pam: a prison guard at san quentin is hard at work keeping the nation's toughest criminals under lock and key. all while transitioning from a man. to woman. while staying on the job. >> pam: mandi hauwert began her career at san quentin as michael, a decorated navy veteran. >> pam: but, inside michael always felt like a woman. >> pam: three years ago michael decided to report to work. dressed as a woman named mandi.
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>> pam: but she admits she was worried about how she would be treated. >> being a prison guard at san quentin must be one of the toughest jobs out there. one guard has an extra challenge as she's transgendered and she's gone through her transition all while keeping the nation's toughest criminals under lock and key. inside edition reports. >> pam: i just felt like i was gonna be a walking side show through the prison.that everyone is going to be looking at me and laughing at me. >> pam: this week mandi underwent sex re-assignment surgery to complete her transition. >> pam: mandi says, the inmates have embraced her. and she proudly works her beat at san quentin. as a full- fledged woman. >> pam: still ahead: >> pam: frightening moments at an east bay middle school, where a student was stabbed in p-e class. >> pam: what it's like to ride the world's fastest and tallest rollercoaster -- which is now open for business. and a special duet for singer dolly parton.
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>> reporter: as we head into saturday the cool air will spill into the coastline and most other eastbound. mostly clear skies across the state of california accurate you concede the don't pressure going up at around and extending into the central united states. >> reporter: it will become breezy and the afternoon hours. as we start the weekend. it will be slight temperatures. you can see low-level moisture increasing the time frame creek it will get stuck under the hunter character it tomorrow it will be fairly cooler especially
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along the coast. taking a look at the temperatures across the north bay most of us will be in the tiff east hit 53 degrees in fremont and 514 livermore. a breezy went out of the west at 10 to 15 mi. per hour. looking at 81 in campbell creek. >> reporter: we are looking at 73 in san leandro lower 80s out the livermore as we head into the north to take a lot cooler. we are looking at 75 instead to romo but today we were at 83 degrees where reach the upper 80s and app but at ocean beach. taking a look at the extended forecast we will see a cooling trend with an onshore increasing.
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>> reporter: a slightly warmer after now print and sunday in to monday and get it will grant down completely but a series of storms systems shipping accurate beyoncé periodically as grit tuesday and thursday cooling down progressively as we get into this part of next week. >> pam: country music legend dolly parton proves. she is a real doll behind- the - scenes. >> pam: dolly parton just made a 12- year-old boy. with down syndrome. feel like a star. the music legend invited gage blackwell to a restaurant at her dollywood theme park. in tennessee. >> pam: the pair hung out. and even sang a few of the parton's hit songs together. definitely a day. dolly's number- one fan will never forget. >> pam: an 11 year-old boy is in the hospital. after he was stabbed at an east bay school today. it happened in a locker room.
8:43 pm
>> pam: similar attacks have at least one school saying. now all students must be *supervised* in places like locker rooms or restrooms. is that the answer? >> pam: we look into the controversial policy. >> pam: and -- a ride on the fastest rollercoaster in the world.
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>> pam: a 13-year-old boy who police say, stabbed a student in the locker room of a middle school in martinez this morning. turned himself in to school staff. >> pam: the suspect stabbed an 11-year-old boy with a knife, in an apparently unprovoked physical education class. at martinez junior high school. >> pam: a 13-year-old boy who stabbed a student in the locker room of a >> pam: martinez middle school this morning turned himself in to school staff police police and emergency medical personnel responded at 11:14 a.m. to the martinez junior high school on a report of a stabbing, police said. >> pam: a 13-year-old boy stabbed an 11-year-old boy with a knife in an apparently unprovokedthe students were in the locker room during p.e. or physical education class, at the time of the attack, said sue casey, an executive >> pam: assistant to the martinez unified school district superintendent. the suspect left the incident and reported what he had done to school staff, police said. without incident and policebooked in juvenile hall on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.
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the 11-year-old victim was airlifted to a trauma centerstab wound to his back. police said his injuries dothreatening. >> pam: casey said the district called counselors from other campuses to the junior high school to provide support to students.area is safe and parents should not come to pick upshe said the district would release further information >>"i heard that he got stabbed and i got really upset" >> pam: "this is an unheard of occurance in any of our both shocking and very disturbing." >> pam: the young victim was air-lifted to a local hospital with a non- life threatening injury. the suspect was taken to juvenile hall. and booked on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. >> grant:one school's answer to violence like that. is to watch kids at all times -- even in the bathroom.
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yes pam. >> grant:a new bathroom policy at zephyrhills high school in florida requires supervised visits to the bathrooms. >> grant:if a student needs to use the restroom, the teacher stops class to phone one of five supervisors looking over the nearly 15- hundred students on campus. it has many students and parents speaking up. >>"we're in high school, we shouldn't have to be baby sat, we should be able to go to the bathroom." >>"i think that having an escort to bring you back and forth to the bathroom is some sort of invasion of privacy you know." >>"its an endangerment to their health having to hold their bladder that long." >>"the bigger picture at school is we have safety concerns in the hallways we have groups of students waiting outside of bathrooms, laying in wait to attack other students." >> grant:administrators and teachers felt the best solution to ongoing violence and vandalism was to keep a closer eye on those using bathroom breaks for alterior motives.
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>> gary:ncaa sweet 16. here we go. >> gary:harvey grant the brother of former chicago bull horace and a great college player in his own right checking out his son jerian for notre dame >> gary:jerian grant drive and layup 50-42 notre dame >> grant: you two have great chemistry! >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: (laughter) >> gary:demetruis jackson drive to the hoop for another layup irish pulling away final: 81-70 notre dame
8:49 pm
>> gary:they play winner of kentucky/west virginia in elite 8 jay and bip break down the final four warriors newsa nd much more sunday at 9pm >> gary: lexus pursuit of ultimate high light. >> gary: old dominion's! there is it! they will meet stanford tuesday night!
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>> gary: since critical currya coaching legend till giving back to his players after his death. hall of fame coach dean smith who dies in february at the age of 83 left a little something for each of the players he coached in 36 seasons at north carolina >> gary:smith directed in his final wishes to have a letter send with a $200 check to every unc player that lettered during his tenue about 180 in all the letters had a message >> gary: "enjoy a dinner out compliments of coach dean smith" with the check attached >> gary: he waited until he passed away and left a note and rewarded all of the players for their good work. >> gary:the warriors back in
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town. but about to hit the road again. >> gary:hall of fame coach dean smith who dies in february at the age of 83 left a little something for each of the players he coached in 36 seasons at north carolina >> gary: steve kerr.. >> gary: we will and what john at the martin who gave him a second chance. by " hard bop. involved in the bullying scandal with the miami dolphins but it worked out here, he did not have the heart to play good competitive football. he struggled last year but are barred gave him one last chance and he was cut to that spirit that is the end of jonathan martin so-called
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come back. we will go back to my good friend pam moore. >> pam: thank you very. -- gary >> reporter: the heat peaks this afternoon. we would take a look at the want and how it will continue coming up! --warmth
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>> grant: the analyst coaster at a bond rally 9 5 mi. per hour in was also ranked as one of the country's by asbestos coasters. >> this coaster just to my breath away. >> does not let up until the end. >> reporter: spending $50 million into the park. it is headlining the upgrade. >> pam: i used to love rollercoaster but i do not believe that i could handle that one. >> grant: was repeling last week i guess i could go on a roller-coaster ride
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. >> pam: had a nice evening everyone will see you back at 11:00.
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