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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>mark: public health alert lifted in the contra costa county the story is far from over >>darya: dow chemical plant has an incident that happened we're still waiting to get more details on exactly what the public couple worked in the first place. . >>jackie sissel: i'm here at the dow chemical plants and pittsburg we just got informational interview with dow chemical about this level to do a release that they had surely before 3:00 p.m. i will give to the interview right away this is spokesman john, i will talk about the incident that took
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place shortly before 3:00 a.m. this morning. >>: is aware it generated and prompted us to call a level to local emergency it lasted about 10 minutes long where and clean up mode at this point there were no injuries no fire and offsite impact. >>jackie sissel: operations according the area where the chemical release occurred is still shut down mode no one is going into that area and was able to go out there were going to continue to clean up places like this have off site and on
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site or monitoring systems that closely martyred that in the good news is the wind was not blowing when the plume of chemicals came out from the plant obviously always a concern the public talk advisory was issued shortly after the incident took place is just that lifted the to good news for the folks in the area of the still dow chemical plant is not back to normal operations as of this moment. >>james: broke records i will have the list coming up how many cities broke records loss to talk about the we're seeing a lot of relief this morning.
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>>james: you see it their allies in emeryville and oakland and eliminating its a much better view of it the entire bridge spanned basically blocked by the fog in cannot see the towers to connect up the headlights come into view ride around it will pick up in intensity as we headed to the afternoon of the
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sixties to low '70's at lunchtime them by 3:00 4:00 this afternoon to seven is located on the bay to will be a couple of degrees 46 degrees cooler than it was yesterday the still of a nice warm side here is a lot of work temperatures are right now. >>george: the bayshore freeway 101 in the northbound direction as we take a look into and we're get word that there was an incident here where there is debris in the lands of highway 101 in the northbound erection right at hillsdale boulevard this accident haven't damage to vehicles because the activity on the road sure the mercy because responding otherwise an easy trip in the southbound direction and no problems yet
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come off the san mateo bridge on 21012 san mateo and speaking of the bridges here is a quick check from the bay bridge toll plaza the measure unless have been active our repast was grand avenue for the san mateo bridge highway 92 the toll plaza arise still a good one the backed appeared the drive times are still just 11 minutes and where looking at a lot of fog at the golden gate bridge and the walled old break for the southbound 101 right thing fleet at least for now we're incident free for the 101 recounted ride. >>darya: we want to talk about our top story this morning at the details emerged about the vallejo woman who is accused of faking her own kidnapping including claims that she is making that her boyfriend was drunk and that is why they say he did not call the police report then she had been conducted with the place is calling it a hoax in the family of the woman arguing that is not
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the case. >>will tran: this friday morning and they still maintain and said that it is a hoax that is because they had to separate news conferences by the attorney they never bother responding they believe that those to lead them on a wild goose chase the attorney say first it was the alleged kidnappers and not physically helpless department that is victimizing the client 29 years old this all started on monday it was she claims that she was conducted in the middle of the night of her boyfriend's house they live together and for several hours as much as eight hours later the boy friend and notified the investigators she
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too is cooperating with the vallejo police department there were skeptical the police department because she was supposed to be back on wednesday night the fbi provided the jet for reason did not say she did not come back on wednesday to talk to investigators. >>: he voluntarily gave a blood test so that the police could confirm that the kidnappers dropped him.
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>>will tran: was one of the neighbors they're still investigating this they believe it was a hoax or long released after they came up with the fact they believe it was a wild goose chase it won an apology from husbands and when they're also going to for this case to the prosecutors if they believe this was in fact a hoax to the plan to file state and federal charges against those too much more on this this story gets stranger by the minute. . >>mark: prosecutors say it did not have evidence that he was hiding and illness from his employer is found torn of sick note for the day of the crash
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did not find a suicide note or evidence of any political or religious motivation he grew up in germany and i had a passion for flying before he was hired by german wings he passed a psychological test that they convict to fly and according to the company he did well on to the investigators say a lot the captain out of the cockpit and took the 200 fieldcrest the airline into the french alps. the victims have gathered near the crash site >>darya: violin competition caught on video or a bay area
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worker who was supposed to help the homeless and get them to move along be one of them will have more on that and happened in the east bay coming up big news this morning from apple ceo tim cook when he is offering to give away as has nonprofit groups a big reason for the to celebrate this morning.
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>>george: 18 minutes no problems or less to the san ramon valley will look to dublin and 15 and a very light of my past ride this year will on the 30 minutes for the 2 to 3 minute drive time from the alta month passed to the dublin and to change. > >>darya: 14 magazines the magazine says that they will pay for his tenure of nephew's college education.
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>>darya: so he joins if you have a lot of money you give it away.
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and delivered to you with a push of a button. the nespresso vertuoline. swiss-designed precision brought to your kitchen. celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off. it's the best price we've ever engineered. ♪ ♪ >>mark: the map of area was north of highway 4 jackie's life and its bird he's been getting information from dow chemical officials will have a live report was to get more information.
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>>darya: is worse lionfish to fly with the good will ambassador in the bright yellow shirt beating homeless man and the other ambassador you can see her friend off another homeless guy who tried to come to the aid of a long stick it to see the two of them fighting with the homeless people that went through this video and explains what happened. >>reporter: good will ambassador the supposed to keep an eye on the businesses along the shut or and are occasionally used and at home to leave because they're trespassing the ambassadors are trying to disengage from aggressive people to the first sign of a problem that did not happen that when this man took exception to a request to leave aboard altercation started and got pretty heated strong words said and insult flew to ventilate the
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embassador lost his cool and things got physical. >>reporter: and the sea in this video double shot on the second and third floor of the building facing down into the alleyway behind the cbs that the fight really did happen official of the downtown berkeley association the agency that employs the ambassador saying he lost his cool and broke protocol the ambassadors saw the bill this week and fired him on the spot the woman who was also there was suspended for our actions which were deemed to be not as serious. the berkeley police department's said and the case have been forwarded to the district attorney's office and assault charges could be pending for the former ambassador.
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>>darya: we have some link to this video you could watch it and review it and see what you think happened and who was at fault on our web site and you can read more about the response from the downtown berkeley association. >>george: the few incidents nothing major kind of the ride that is good news. >>james: will want to show you the current temperatures on the record temperatures that were said yesterday how hot it was you felt outside yesterday take a look at the airport time is old records and the rest of this list with new record set guest today in oakland come in at 83 gone down the list montague 84 san jose 85 your 90 santa cruz 89 all those records beating the
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old one by anywhere from 1 to 3 degrees it was a war when yesterday and it will be one of the incident. >>james: it is fall below we can see that here and sfo camera with a bank vault--all the >>james: i keep showing it to you is an example of how dense the fog is in spots temperatures 46 to santa rosa that the cool one on the list everyone else in mid fifties and low 50's we have 54 in livermore 55 in concord senses as the one all morning and 53 degrees in oakland and san francisco he was for attempted will be is san francisco by the and the peninsula over the course of the day with the peaking at about 67 degrees by to this afternoon and trim off to the mid-50s by now and then we'll see temperatures really jump at 10:00 again looking for the '60s and around san francisco and a good bit of
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the peninsula 78 or 79 for san jose 724 oakland a percentage of the east bay valleys and amid a perception is and apple. --not the >>george: we're looking at an accident here in san jose this is on 101 in the northbound direction is recalling around the mucky interchange the good news is it's slow to traffic with this is in the area were we to proceed things start to slow in the early morning ride already attracted the drive time you can see it is still coming in to just 18 minutes that is really not bad at all and have already been cleared tracking you're ride to the bay bridge this morning of the westbound
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convict not a problem here except for the back of we do not have the incidents on the upper deck the drive time running about 20% testing minutes. hundred 92, a the bottom is build and would not see the bright lights the drive times to only about 13 minutes every ride to the golden gate bridge where it is faulty this morning also for the wall great rinses and free for the ride through marin county to five minutes to drive times out of novato and his vision ride into marin the of the richmond bridge unless the to field and a little bit still no backups or delays. >>mark: a major bridge collapsed in texas and killed a truck driver and a injured at least three other people look at that is a doctor to take 35 police say an oversize tractor-trailer hit a support being that was
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being used to build a bridge across the interstate and that call several beams to fall down on the roadway and multiple crashes happen here and vehicles were crushed and highways closed for several hours. >>darya: talking reso mania is coming to the bay area kron 4 is mike pelton is coming up with poor wrestlers talking to them all morning long and watching bay area weather coming your way sunshine and heat right now some fog is in the way a little bit of traffic approach to the bay bridge.
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>>darya: showing thousands of kentucky fans celebrating their big win over west virginia look of them all almanacs the final score just an all-out slaughter 78 to 39 the kentucky wildcats thursday at notre dame that is tomorrow and wisconsin is going to play arizona as well. >>mark: senses the deputy in trouble accused of forcing inmates to fight with each other
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>>mark: dollars and 04 are the place is been a tough week will watch the major industry from the all-time record high of 18,000 mark for the dow it reaches down another 50. as we're seeing the down 17,005 it marked an fallen below will be watching wall street
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>>darya: it is so expensive is happening right here in the bay area at levi stadium people all over the world are here to see an mike pelton was able to sneak in because he had credentials we get the best view of the house. >>reporter: where ringside this morning but this amendment takes place and leave by stadium sunday afternoon the this morning when the san jose convention center or so many of access takes place tonight and tomorrow to buy tickets to sell them. >>: you the to the superstore this is russell many access it all the superstars early this morning all the fans to come see it off to the next three days it
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autographed pictures of always carry the megaphone this has brought back 31 years ago this is so unbelievable every year it gets bigger and better than ever a few tickets are left the door for germany australia you name their hear a lot of people even get married and wrestle man in.
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>>james: part to make up the shot have another one for you to jump over to the weather this to the bay bridge approach, that was that the cloud started this morning being lit up of every bill and berkeley here at the horizon began to break a with an act to see it and see the fall overhead is taxing more intent of the golden gate bridge that is this camera shot it cannot suspend all recounted at all that stuff all the i's and spots the fog is patchy at best were not seeing in the inland valley unless you're the no. will talk
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more about default later on here is a big break down to is walking through what to expect as you look ahead during the morning hours widespread fifth is cloud of off the coast by noontime sun shined the when will pick up in a bid of the fifties to low 73 this afternoon the temperature is upper seventies to low 80s and a few select spot wide spread of the seven is for sure to will be about four to six degrees cooler than it was yesterday still the one side for short temperatures right now widespread fifties to of the head out the door this is what you can expect to leave the house this morning we are tracking a pretty decent ride we have not seen much yet we of heavy traffic here in this of the web in tracking a couple of incidents this accident on 101 northbound is already gone so that is recovering and that is no problem on 880 and to change
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this accident and loss of vehicle that was overturned and left on the shoulder and not too much in the weight of slow traffic pass to sing in fact the drive times on 280 northbound still good out of downtown san the sec to open 10 at just 14 minutes track in the drive to the bay bridge toll plaza of it is backed up not and to the maze was is also been reported in patches along the span you could come to the on the drive and is well the san mateo bridge live look into this right now at 634 already starting to slow down the ball down we're looking at another rv could you at 19 minutes and the golden gate bridge ride fog but like traffic this morning friday of a to concede a lot of the northbound traffic flow and other days of the week. >>mark: he was killed two that
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are responding to a suicidal man and write down the memorial as it is the continue to grow the san jose police department to vigils will be held tonight the first has 630 crops the dawson was shot and killed the second an account that will be is san jose city hall with a town where learn more information this morning on the gunman that killed off to johnson in 1996 people this teenaged daughter's hair and pulled her sure he spent three days in jail and had two to three years of probation neighbors at his apartment complex where he was shot and killed said they are still shocked that dunham is the government. san ... of the association said the fund for people who want to donate all saw michael johnson's family if you like to donate we put a lid
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on our website at from ford,. >>darya: we have some other big news that we're following is there some disturbing allegations against members of san francisco sheriff department's public defenders of forcing in the midst of color to fight each other this happened at the county jail to pull the defenders said the deputies did this for their own amusement >>: was forcing them to fight the latter year style adoptee's says that you adopted allegations earlier this month the cave for only now because
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discriminate against them to convert state and business his sister when the subject customer's for his employees to discrimination he said will force a dramatic induced our investment on our employees customers are rate of the religious freedom bill protecting to follow the story and more on the web site at kron >>james: 4 tech of the forecast to live look outside as if all camera fog in the distance i have cameras showing it's really pick out all that coming up in a moment.
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >>darya: we're taking a double live look outside to see the conditions and the traffic. >>darya: we have to wait a band of clouds and the back there in the distance on the left-hand side the golden gate bridge where there is no traffic a lot of fog in your way this morning. >>james: to get a good look at just how dense the fall is coming through the gate coming to filter out over the parts of the bank there is a look at another camera vantage point where looking at the bay bridge with san francisco behind us and yet to see the fog coming in overhead and blanketing portions of the city that is what we're dealing with this one in terms of the fog visibility out near
6:46 am
the close primarily near half moon bay to the to school in the north to santa rosa 46 with the vast majority of the bay area of >>james: livermore concord 5455 and a pair of 53 to oakland and san francisco will can expect from today in the south the less bird down the forecast for the next 30 minutes to tell you about temperature the pettifog by noontime sun is sties the winds will pick up we're looking for the sea breeze to kick into gear this afternoon it will be in the low 70's 7:05 p.m. to my if you're heading home from work will become of the day timeline with laxalt or around 78 degrees to cook with the ultimate step is for the drive home to the judge from the rest of the bay with talk about the south of the east bank a thing from 6 to 79 getting a little
6:47 am
slower and spots in the south aware tracking this accident on 280 north down near the 880 interchange at it started to slow the ride come out of downtown we're not track in 80 to 20 minute drive time for that northbound truck mid peninsula traffic looks good the early ricard problems with the debris are completely clear from the bayshore freeway the marin ride
6:48 am
could bring shown on the maps means speech at this '50s are better. >>george: clark then adjust to treatments and that drive times is holding this the right of the toll plaza in has been like this for up 50 to 20 minutes 20 minutes of the drive times the golden gate bridge ride problem fricke but fog be although it is not quite as severe on the deck is it was we still cannot see the towers on the bridge and your trip to the richmond bridge into marin county is starting to back up now to slow going from just about castro street westbound on 580 coming out of richmond. >>darya: republican said the
6:49 am
plan will bounce the budget over the next 10 years with the spending cuts and no new taxes and also calls for all for repeal of the affordable care at 30 your boy who police a stab a student in the locker room of a middle school martina's yesterday morning >>mark: not turned himself in to school staff and a level your boy with a knife and apparently are provoked attack during the peak last martinez jr. high school that 39 suspects left the scene and reported what he had done to authorities but the school was shaken by the incident. >>darya: where expected to hear from the fiancee of new england patriots hernandez she's been granted immunity in the case
6:50 am
was means she can be compelled to testify or face possible jail time if she does not she lied to a grand jury investigating the the june 2013 killing of old and lloyd who was dating her sister he's pleaded not guilty to perjury is accused of removing all bought from hernandez is home that prosecutors believe contained the murder weapons. >>mark: he is a killing to italy's top criminal court overturned the murder conviction 2007 death of the british roommate says his argument that there is no evidence the hills and along with 221 year-old karcher was sexually assaulting and fatally stabbed and knocks were convicted of killing and the appeals court bird the high court bird could come today he was freed 2011 after the appeals court acquitted her she is in
6:51 am
seattle awaiting the verdict today. >>darya: nurses aide dynel blamed was not face murder charges in the she is accused of cutting in removing unborn baby on the mother's womb this is to the colorado prosecutors and here is a photo of her a pregnant woman michele wilkens as a christmas act for baby clothes when she arrived at the home she was attacked beaten and cut open and her fetus was removed the baby did not survive she was treated in hospital and later released she is being held on $2 million bond. >>darya: 41 to tell you how the oakland science and is hoping low income families pay for admission cost listed a live look here at the san mateo bridge and passing traffic is pretty heavy here and fog is really liked.
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>>mark: little cooler but still on the night side as the have temperatures in the upper 60s san francisco and oakland for the near 80 degrees around san jose and the east bay >>darya: to pink flamingos or chicken this made the right to portland's waterfront the chickens will probably die with food coloring and appeared to be in good health the services is
6:56 am
looking for whoever did it. >>mark: good news this morning from now until next march that charged a $1 admission fee for income families rose with 10 people are less will be given electronic benefits transfer card or edt card to reduce the enormous price normally to the price range from 12 to $16 per person officials said is the first museum in the state as to the low income family. >>darya: investigators are looking into the german wings crashed in the french alps and the rules now that are going to probably change quickly because of what happened with the plane being down and and there is world college basketball.
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>>mark: with been following this morning the public health would call the public health and first place. .
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>>jackie sissel: the dow chemical plant and picked bird and the public health advisory that was issued shortly before 3:00 a.m. this morning has been lifted but operations here at the plant are not back to normal yet this all started right before 3:00 a.m. this morning at the dow chemical plant keep he described the incident was. >>: one of the things he did volunteer leaks of was take a blood test to the police could confirm that the kidnappers dropped him.


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