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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. we want to get right to our big news story of the day. a u-c berkeley student is missing after leaving a party while visiting u-s-c. the family is offering a 50-thousand dollar reward to anyone with information on where he is. this morning on the cal campus. with more on what breaking news out of florida this morning. >> reporter: else upset at that as a family friend issue was from about as scared to assure you his picture at 19 years old corps and a family friend and just on the phone off the tee and a group of older uc-berkeley sutter players decided to go down to u.s. see also angeles just for this spring break no intentions of going to a fraternity party agassi or
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may area of see what the suppliers mentioned this to a group have friend was a member of the fraternities so this stuff by their early saturday morning at 1:00 in the morning tells with friends but sorrow for what we're back but did not have any identification money at the time accorded a family friend to o'clock in the morning makes a phone call to acquaint us here uc- berkeley she was surprised that she at a phone call from them. they're not exactly very close all but she programmed his name and a performed and the middle of this frustration at died because out ensure they will attach enough information where he said i'm heading to the beach. it's nowhere near the beach so that's where they're very from mother's mother and father found out early sunday morning down there as well father cell
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phone is. >> reporter: this point they don't believe there's any signs of foul play the still investigating uc-berkeley in a place apartment mantra in the situation spring break over for them according to a family friend all of the disorder players will not be here this morning cut many of them took off down the los angeles also help with the search the $50,000 reward. us for a fairly friends including maize soccer players contributing. >> darya: weather traffic very busy in the traffic department they're caught in the weather. >> reporter: easter week and looking at on the cooler side but temperatures will
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be above-average this week because to what looks like outside the get the bay bridge off the east souls are out of that sum will be coming out shortly before 7:00 a.m. and wary of clear skies out there and schedule the lesson much of the day with a few high clouds moving in this afternoon temperatures in the '40's and '50's out their sentences cute goat 53 at upper 40's and was a talker but amid 50s. cerros sought slightly cooler that spot for. will start the start of the morning. quickly warm up for in locations to the upper 70's. planner in the sour continue to stay in the low 50s much of the area of. check it there some feelers this morning temperatures will slowly warmup in the upper long coast. inland areas in the upper 60s. the warm spot on the map for the sector and will ministate in inland
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locations. san jose part pleasanton at antioch and upper '70's. the session and of goethe larcenies and silicosis my be breezy with someone's from the west tended 25 m.p.h. up the 30 breezy wendy over there but more sunshine for today cool front will move them overnight site and parcel of a survey collette are moving for tuesday wednesday with the same issue will be some tracker the sunday of a forecast. more >> george: my string slow traffic was down so location of your house bonds. and it did a large number of west on 580 lanes. the lunch crashed. jeff time still 45 minutes there as you come on of the of pop pass. out for the dublin and change the a little heavier traffic for these shore free ride on interstate 80 and right from
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hayward and milpitas on line no assault to miss still a good. dried through the south bay only just beginning to see well one slow in the northbound direction otherwise to 8517 alt career for yourself they ride. click check of the bay bridge the plight the backup isn't and the macarthur mays is just i up toward. your trip to san mateo bridge highway 92 sending this to the bright lights going on here from its ban as a dry sense slowly be given to build with them i safaris see complete at the toll plaza. and unlike the pri because will be spring break for some mighty. for how patrol in a people are dead. the florida highway patrol and 10 others injured after a church van ran through a stop sign and landed in a canal. the crash happened around
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12:30 this morning eastern time in glades county. police say 18 people were in the van, and the driver and seven passengers are confirmed dead. the 10 others were hospitalized. a four-year-old child is listed in stable condition. two patients are listed as trauma alerts, and the status of two others is unknown. the rest range from serious to stable condition. also happening today. the fight over the late robin williams' estate heads to a san francisco courtroom. today, lawyers for williams' wife and his children will appear before a probate judge. the two sides are arguing over who should get clothes and other personal items the actor kept at one of his northern california homes. williams' wife claims some of the items were taken without her permission. his children say susan williams is trying to change the trust agreement and rob them of their father's belongings.
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new this morning. santa rosa police are searching for suspects for sen arose the joys of a drawn-out earlier yesterday evening they searched the area but could not find him police say this is not the first time that he's been caught with a stolen car five times in the past two years he stopped by as cinema county officers wallace own stolen vehicle firefighter on the roof went right through the roof and then with that whole what a low fire >> darya: kill trees to the roof for the sum of liberty on fire over a weekend in fresno you do hear people screaming as they walk to the flames' goal up and would of the firefighter in
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fresno is on a roof and then gave way they fell through were told that he is a 25 year veteran fire department there ament hospital right now saw it third degree burns. over 75 per somebody. negotiations have sells moderate to deal on the day to a program tell you was getting away and the timeline of what happened on the ledger run flight 1254 crash in the trip trench alps and when it captured the. in.
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was in a gang. with a metal baseball bat. say stole a car. led police santa rosa police are identified as joseph medrano. but were not able to locate medrano. first time medrano has been caught with a stolen car.
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years he has been stopped by in a stolen vehicle. breaking news overnight. region. magnitude earthquake northeast of tonga. meantime. tsunami warning overnight. there were no immediate injuries. the pacific tsunami warning center said hazardous waves critically injured after a burning home. the firefighter was on the roof when he fell through. right into the inferno. we're told he is a 25-year his body.
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>> george: a strong ride starting to back up and the macarthur maze and said we just did a drive time for u.s. fun trip 22 minutes now from highway 24. curly not tracking any eyespots but will update the rest of traffic coming up at a time with the kron 4 mobile app free download we can watch kron 4 is a great way to keep in touch with us. >> : men still program in negotiations entering critical phase before the deadline. the couple now live for agreement. all
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they've been china do at this point. top diplomats for let you in city council along with germany and iran meeting today to try and hammer out some sort of framework for eventual deal. and negotiators say there's two issues getting in the toy. iran wants to keep on developing its advance steelers since refuses to enrich and radium. >> darya: what the co-pilot of the german wings airliner to crash the plane killing everyone on board weather and the mets leading up to the crash. plus the stories investigated and deadly explosion at a manhattan apartment building. tell you a mess caused it will ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪
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>> reporter: the breezy this afternoon and a little bit on the floor side it will continue that way over the next couple days conceive your entrances possibly this weekend. >> reporter: of the of the bay bridge off than the east so to see a little bit of clear skies but it will start to rise giving us the place nice hill of viability
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of the eastern direction. keating was temperatures on a slightly cooler side urge a ridge of high pressure high and dry. a few high clouds are in a move in and will see a cold front moving tomorrow. giving us that cooler air along with windy conditions and the west northwest. temperatures in the 40's 50s metaphor is across the north bay. parts of the peninsula daly city san mateo into the upper 40's. even upper 40's across the south bay to. a bill waking up whatever is 49 degrees clinton in the mid upper '40's '40's out there and across the spec is the only player day. when george bush's warmup in the member 50s a sunny day along with
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white wind at the time then went to pick up litter on afternoon from the west. weaken the minister with lord 70 is the all-star toper 50s round-the-clock letter on this evening. cells is in store as well loaded 50s the start temperatures quickly warmup and upper '70's and they continue to or during the outside. daytime highs in the upper 60s and recipes from truckers the sunday forecast to slow the on the cooler side but still above average. >> reporter: upper 60s lore '70s for the bay what cooler across coastal locations upper 50s lotus mid-60s on
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easter weekend we did see a few showers on the last previous model out on the latest week a potential allies led shower on sunday bread now continuing to monitor that all week long. >> george: montfort fairly typical rider on the bay with a lot of hot spots currently not tracking south bay freeways on the ride 101 and the northbound direction commute time here just 1819 minutes now from capitol expressway up the my gear expressway for the midday lordless good especially so is the right between ruling and 700 no delays yet and that likely will change in off their red herring county looks great this morning. they drive time from seven rows of nevada's 4123 met still from
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highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. 13 minute drive out of the macarthur maze here's a look at the westbound drivers. >> : a eighth approach as the bus one of the board so far this morning. >> george: 7 tel bridge highway 92 starting to see more and more bright lights come on now past the toll plaza. dried thyme still at 50 minutes. the golden gate bridge problem free here in both directions as the volume continues to build less fun fiery red coming roble are back up. >> darya: sears also far remains a mystery but in the crash of an ant the flight that night 25 are poor polish history of the timeline of what happened to this plan. germany's subliterate had a summary of the planes was record not
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actually been released by investigators but says that the captain to be heard for got settled in the door. within 30 mess up a lot for slitting the cockpit red use the bathroom and anything to win this was spent alongside a man so shearson is made by late calling it voyeurism 3. there of a rich but didn't divided so as an intentional. questions >> darya: would people and the a related it will a co-pilot and to seeing why he crushed it. >> james: deadly explosion fire that leveled killed three men after two bodies recovered from the outside just yesterday. also heard
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from the mayor so many of an appropriately tap the gas plan for the had the explosion. it's like to people were injured in thursday's explosion for the critically the bodies if on yesterday or those of the two missing men they've been searching for sense. >> darya: prosecutors wrapped up the boston bombing defendant and test a lawyer for michael examiners who will describe the felt injuries to people add additional of the second phase of the child to determine hill the sentenced to death or life in prison. lawyers admit that he participated in the bombings but the brother was up the mess runs. >> darya: police looking
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for a man shot and injured man in fairfield and they get called are shooting for o'clock yesterday afternoon near orchestrate eggs daily drive reports the prowler for about the same time to we got there this on a 46 year-old man had been shot. did have a description of the man who shot him his in the hospital unless a single condition this morning. mitchell >> james: park service over its 100th anniversary next year in honor of the big milestone watch a new campaign and will show you. but the very weather traffic levels of size until bridge cameras this morning another check for the ride and for the weather for today coming up at it takes nature 90 days to grow the most golden oats. 1800 days and a bit of rain to make thejuiciest cranberries. 7,200 hours and 40,000 bees to create the purest honey ..and, it only takes you 3 minutes to enjoy it.
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since 30 opening bell said the ring any moment. >> james: look at the stock exchange we do have some pretty impressive trading in the free market hours. doubt a lot of hundred 35 points. was it happens here opening bill. indications are up on the positive side. ellis did the weather. >> darya: clear your the bay bridge. >> reporter: that the temperatures will warmup is up and across inland locations.
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>> reporter: of analytical as we get through week and a settlement again later on the street. or looking out on the bay bridge is see the blue sky a little bit of the yellow orange and we continue on with clear skies through much of the day. at the bay bridge there were some your the embarcadero may be the one overshot walk outside. it's nice right now temperatures and the '40's and '50's. >> reporter: oakland temperatures lower 50s san jose 51 concord 53 livermore etc. is on the slow the cooler side and the man upper 40's. images will quickly rebound this afternoon specially in locations so in the next are temperatures will continue on alarming 50s lifetime cable going in the locations
6:32 am
and then temperatures will sail was '60s cooler with a breeze for the last. in the 25 m.p.h. on most occasions across the bay to the chisel or '70s in the afternoon and continued havel's '70s letter on the separate and. applications to run with sundays from lunch hour and the early evening. much warmer across locations along for with what the been separate from the tenants 1 mi. per our ancestors and. part mutt a cooling trend for the later part of a week and also at easter weekend forecast. >> george: try >> : arrive for the freeway trip leading down from hercules to berkeley. see a lot of red showing up on a road sensors this morning. all living a pretty good arrive in the drive time clock that just 19 minutes here. as
6:33 am
you head down toward polaris shore freeway. and right here for interstate 580 west on still have a poll and in the castro light. down to 37:00 this morning at just 33 minutes and then tracking your read on the bridge. as back up and the car to raise now 23 mets in the drive time. your trip the seven tell bridge highway 92 very full here right on 630 you see a thread with bright lights. now could be up to 19 mess over the seven tell. >> james: friends soccer is missing this morning. disapproval love what effort or for what a weekend by this morning from the campus of uc-berkeley will the morning. >> reporter: 3 by corporate
6:34 am
world your overclass spring break was last week should be back this morning right now let's check he's out and lost angeles summer family friends are terrified 19 years old star soccer player uc-berkeley fraternity party on saturday night and then tells friends of the party and may go for a quick walk now hears from him since other than uc-berkeley student acquaintance as the phone call led to 18 and tells her he's heading to the beach she's wondering why you call it what what good friends and the farm cuts out lapd is investigating at this point no signs of foul play last night family friends including fellow soccer player to chant right now there's a $50,000 player awards program and to conduct the other father in los angeles so that your
6:35 am
from them up as long as more information to. >> james: with up to their uc-berkeley >> : . >> darya: police and invest it looking for or drive-by shooting in sunnyvale happen yesterday morning for men driving on highway 101 somebody at another car fired shots of the victims vehicles. a hit the driver and two passengers hit three times in the abdomen critical condition but two passengers and still condition this morning see if you live for the shooters discard as a free spirit in tucson friends of that when oakland are describing daniel thomas stearns call demote you see he said a good time is for us will once gathered but classic cars must a few
6:36 am
blocks away from where the building burned. a british life and a summer resort but the trip up from the bay area sudden take sure raises tell us so stabilize death his level -- or. like to get up and go note never knew is and your roots go creative are searching for south the hell the law he will be cremated and taking the ashes beckham is like california and give them to his father sent are as davis the data also kill the fire presently held a memorial and is on our sunday address the issue did happen near an elementary school panels and an arm all lectures will 4:00 yesterday afternoon sunday and a field next try the sought
6:37 am
such trucks and police got there are men had been shot twice willis to the area to run this is your name from the area they did later detained two people no word on any other arrests. man shot has not lessening injury. >> james: new details on the shooting of off-duty it lapd police assert a officer who scored five year veteran of force. i injured but his tech a trick did have. have. not and the of the time the trees check contract missing. of presidents held by checkout frame s in wait to mailman 10 killed in sunnyvale. here's to ignore 146 show itself when it hit the man named their out
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contra officials said clara station and his men man to show a jump in for the train. and a hundred thousand that >> : . losses the tent and how transistor. high up by kron following is a fence thought it knew first year sure that is some was above flames. ♪
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♪ ♪
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it opted news other traffic with the kron 4 mobile app. free download for apple or enjoyed devices chris a touch of kron 4 we can watch. stick to a new era back
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on the has curved edges on both sides of the screen. eight interesting new design of the show hits the market people tend to light up my hands by early to give you a sneak peeks. reciting got see s five and the on a left new s six. the first then noticed a hole in the sx a halt to let different. samsung rebuilt my god see as serious with this new phone was the classic sled floozies well and feel less that next level is this a classic essex's model and lost to steer. away for this new form will be happy so is great in the hands. persson's the attic space cattle sunscreen and someone hollers and i called text to in that space also is
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when a vacation when the funds and most this time the message is the get stuck close four stores in new wait a great verifications' . c s six has a screen from any application every dune on the phone and bills have a home but i'll bring up the camera has of 16 gb front business, for archive billy . cissy his first as a public resource soared sharply elisa's this so far the best dog see a hit the
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market. >> : the people want to move away from my phone is a good alternative. >> : >> james: weather center booking in forecasts for this monday back to work and hopefully cooler weather on a life folks will to handle a gun. >> reporter: more date and then where the cool and store in north >> reporter: 647 on monday clear skies and continuing clear skies this afternoon with warm applause temperatures meant. letterman for tomorrow will such temperature and leave us of your clubs and bars the area off the west and cloud cover and continue to check in our direction until tomorrow with all local funds. for the south bay it did in be in here few minutes and as guy called
6:48 am
the upper 40's for the bay and locations motivates 50s continuing with clear skies and temperatures will be in the upper 60s kron 70 be nice to and of our but, have increased loans from the north of the breezy later on this afternoon. across the peninsula for today and sell francisco temperatures low but model or fifties over the next two hours. and will start to warmup the mid-60s during the lunch hour. a stay that way into the early afternoon vastly cooler along the what locations and breezy when this between 10 to 20 m.p.h.. managers rory is a region and parcels off
6:49 am
by looking at the rest of that storm tracker 74 tests continue on with temperatures will average slightly of the course of the middle of this week and will warmup to little league for and locations of course the bay. easter week and we give a few shower chances from our last them for is to sunday but as of right now all is well were not looking at. >> george: started off with a bad start off but then it quiet in the travers sensor that translate the good news for you with other better dry times a bridge for freeway at sharing any ratio is not yet read death marjory's berkeley and the carter also an easy one at 26 mess swirling bridge repair and west were delays to bearpaw also a past san
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ramon alex good sub with 687 lead on this and all. and then you're off a pass started off as a house but. with a dream and drives them. none here assault case today a five essentially delay free ice cream on malone on us direction on the jazz time they apply year's first i really just one to eds executive trip as well and the right to the bridges bay bridge all packed up and mess assault on highway 24 hrs cemetery bridge slow to go to this are rearranged to run to lead to an address * below you bridge were delayed fray as and freeze the and must also a trip to richmond bridge bag up now as " poison of saffron
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>> darya: among lie outside seen in the edgewood county park national preserve 130 yesterday afternoon. they're now warning people that you should not approach i'm online if you see it. into this you would hiking jogging at dawn or dusk or night among lions a more active. >> james: a jury convicted on friday on fraud and breach of trust charges really came down today in jerusalem beckham 20120 mark was acquitted on accusations of the peaks of the cash on the envelopes of american support long called the liberal in this offering to recordings of conversations about getting the cash and that's what led to a retrial wrestling fans less stadium for the divi-divi are so many of them as a
6:52 am
sellout crowd last night. thence came from everywhere all 50 states more than 40 countries like allows fans look to the wrestlers. a nice sunny hot day as a conceive are. some may not as well rehearsed but as is also well choreographed. make a really fun than doing fairly big pretty good shape to. >> george: >> darya: >> darya: >> : 1 or discover some may not and did you can describe the feeling people are allowed and crazy energetic and when think once a year people call russell many of the superbowl wrestling called the trial of several football. but the fans light of the killing of the ball
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football went forth upon talk " at best ball of gary sick kron 445 meth to sell will be back with, for morning moose and alongside why should use some of the latest technology coming out of college campus the extinguisher use of assess a salish flames >> :
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ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters.
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>> james: fire fire fell
6:57 am
flames by deed town sound. a look beyond. >> james: new fire to assure a loud speaker up comes out sound waves and aloha moment when a plan flames and made some vanished. it of the pri closely is in a spray of water for relief are way of wyeth-ayerst and assured yoga is fire for now to develop boy listening that out old father would love less subtle is cadillac like pressure wind one of those ways a very rapid when waves. it catches on those of the big advantages note correct residue erfurt kitchens also space elsewhere on a cessation assistance flowing are everywhere some of the clean amount mess have a dark
6:58 am
pictures of the fire extinguisher. >> darya: a missing uc- berkeley student last seen leaving a party at usc study but the big war were being offered and where the bay area he's from and the warriors have bonds to in the nba suppose says
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>> james: the council also uc-berkeley student is missing now for leaving a


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