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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 12, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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good evening everyone i'm vicki liviakis. kron 4's emily turner joins us live outside the jail where he is being held with the latest and emily, we are hearing from the young woman's famil for the first time. >> reporter: the family of the woman he is accused of killing has started a fund-raiser. today the family of kendra gonzales says they feel justice has been served in the arrest of her 25 year old boyfriend, drew butler. and there was a fundraiser for them in her hometown of sacramento today. but neither of those things will bring the 30 year old mother back but >> i was angry thinking that he was probably thinking he killed her and got away with it.
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>> reporter: police say drew butler was in the car tuesday- gonzales was driving. the couple's one year old daughter was in the back with two other adult passengers. police say the couple got into a fight and butler shot her- in the car- in front of everyone. then, they say, he dropped kendra's body the baby and passengers on the side of the road and took off. police captured him in monterrey yesterday. >> why people to take the life of a loved one is beyond me? >> reporter: she was shot and killed police say in front of her one year old- but she has two other children who will now also be raised without a mother. in san jose, emily turner kron 4 news
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>> vicki: it's official. hillary clinton has joined the race for the 2016 presidential election. and she made the announcement through youtube. kron 4'a alecia reid joins us now with more on the video that focuses more on the people the candidate is aiming to represent. >> alecia: former secretary of state hillary clinton spent many years in washington, and now plans to use all that knowledge in her second attempt at the white house. >> everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion, so you can do more than just get by. >> alecia: as a former first lady and u-s senator, clinton is no stranger to running a
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presidential campaign. her first attempt failed. this time around she's trying a different technique. >> americans have fought their way through tough economic times, but the cards are still stacked against them. it's still in favor of those at the top. >> alecia: sources from clinton's campaign say the presidential candidate isn't taking anything for granted. she will more than likely dominate the race to the democratic nomination . but there will be some opposition. >> i think it's bad for the democrats, bad for hillary if she doesn't have competition >> alecia: a recent cnn/orc poll shows clinton beating every top potential republican candidate. her announcement however comes with a lot of critism. >> kentucky - i think it'll be nearly impossible for hillary clinton to overcome her lack of leadership and poor decision making in benghazi. >> l ike hillary clinton, i too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. but unlike her, i've actually accomplished something. >> we must do better than the obama clinton foreign policy that has damaged relations with our allies, and emboldened our enemies. >> alecia: with opposition, the race goes on. >> im hitting the road and i hope you will join me
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>> alecia: to kick off her campaign, clinton will be traveling to iowa and new hampshire. those are two early voting states, to start making her case. vicki >> vicki: on the republican side.senator marco rubio is expected to officially announce his presidential bid tomorrow. at this point.the 43 year old senator will be up against another floridian -- jeb bush. as well as kentucky senator rand paul. and texas senator ted cruz. >> brian: disagrees weaker we had temperatures in the '70s and around the bay. with low eighties into the east bay valley. for tomorrow as many as degrees we've warned that today, we will drop and become that much cooler because of the sea breeze. temperatures are
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still in the '60s and '70s. tonight mostly clear skies. the sea breeze will ramp up for the afternoon and i will talk more about it later. >> vicki: authorities are searching for a motorcyclist who authorities believe fell over the antioch bridge after colliding with a car. police responded to a report of accident on the bridge around 4:30 pm today.and crews found the mortorcyle but no driver. the involved car remained on the scene and no one inside was hurt. rescue crews say they have not caught sight of the motorcyclist and are still searching.
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after a weekend of being closed.van ness avenue from post to ellis streets in san francisco is set to reopen at midnight tonight. the road was closed so that construction crews could start building an underground tunnel. the tunnel will connect a california pacific medical center campus with a medical building. crews installed temporary walls for the tunnel. this closure may be almost over.but in two weeks it will happen all over again as crews will install a temporary roof for the tunnel. an oven fire at a santa rosa eatery saturday afternoon caused an estimated $12,000
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dollars in damage to the building and its contents. fire crews arrived at the red bee barbeque at 750 stony point road near sebastopol road around 12:15 in the afternoon after a water flow alarm activated. officials determined a small oven fire triggered a sprinkler head to turn on. the sprinkler system helped put out the fire. no injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is >> vicki: a man suspected of possessing a gun outside a rohnert park market is in custody tonight. car with a handgun in his lap while talking to a woman outside of the car. two officers responded to the scene and arrested the 25-year- old petaluma resident on suspicion of carrying a concealed firearm. the woman talking to kaczmarek was arrested on outstanding drug warrants. bcn65:rohnert park: man suspected of carrying gun outside coming up at eight. a follow up to a my kron-4
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story. a woman's house broken into while she was inside alone.. now we look at how long it took for police to respond. a follow-up now to a gut- wrenching story we shared with you last month. about a local paralympic athlete -- whose custom-made running blades were stolen from his car. ♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪
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>> vicki: today kron four's philippe djegal met up with the 24-year-old inspiration who -- thanks the public and his doctors. is trying out a new leg. >> "to me there's not much if anything, like running."
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>> phillipe: so, as you might imagine, its been a rough month for ranjit steiner. >> "it's been pretty frustrating." >> phillipe: having to take time away from his passion. sprinting and the long-jump. >> "basically, just been waiting, you know, the last couple of weeks doing other things. cross training and treating it kind of like an injury." >> phillipe: but thanks to the u-c-s-f orthopedic institute. the parts for ranjit's expensive new custom-made running blade have arrived. >> "even if insurance doesn't end up covering it between, uh you know ucsf and the company i work for -- lim innovations -- both of them have offered to sponsor it outright in the case that insurance doesn't cover it." >> phillipe: on sunday, ranjit finally gets back on the track at city college of san francisco. to test out the new blade with his prosthetist, alex hetherington. >> "its a very time consuming custom device. um, its not just a leg made for, uh, walking and your everyday work environment -- it's very specific." >> phillipe: alex says it may take weeks to get it right. the theft of the running blades out of the back of ranjit's car last month have set his training schedule back.
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but he still hopes to compete in next year's paralympic games in ri de janeiro with team u-s-a. meanwhile, the public has raised more than 10-thousand dollars to help ranjit pay for new blades. but now he's been taken care of, he plans on donating that money to a child in need. >> "it'd be awesome to get a knee and a blade at least for that kid and get them up and running and just, you know, get a youngster out on the track who can you know, maybe be the next great american athlete." >> phillipe: in san francisco philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki: now a follow up on a my kron four story we brought you earlier this week. a 17-year-old man has been arrested for burglarizing a south san jose home.all while the homeowner was inside. heidi quezada called police after she saw on surviellance cameras that someone was attempting to break into her home. police arrived and set up a perimeter to try and catch the suspect.and find potential look-outs or get-away drivers. but the suspect was able to flee the scene before officers contacted quezada. now that someone has been arrested, quezada says she is relieved. >> i was so happy and so
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relieved. i'm so pleased with the san jose police department. they caught him and took him at a circulation and at the end of the day had this man will be held accountable. >> vicki: police say that the 17-year-old is a san jose resident. he was booked into juvenile hall for burglary. this story was first brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story you would like us to look into.submit your idea on our website at kron-4 dot com.under the my kron 4 story tab. iffire agencies along the state's central and southern coasts are ramping up staffing levels.ahead of the fire season. ventura county fire, santa barbara county fire, and state fire crews in san luis obispo and san benito-monterey area are adding firefighters fire engines, bull dozers, helicopters and air tankers on monday for this year's fire season. the drought has made departments take these measures earlier this year. 640 fires have been responded to since january, more than
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twice the number over similar periods before the drought. the california drought is also causing a san diego water agency to appeal to the state to revise mandatory water cutbacks. valley center says its crops will dry up if it has to meet the new statewide water restrictions. that water district is classified as urban.but 70 percent of its water goes to farmers. so a letter was sent to the state water board asking that its growers be treated the same as farm districts.who are spared of the mandatory water cutbacks. the state water resources control board has not responded. >> brian: we have no rain forecast at least for the next 10 days. we have a system coming in monday night and tuesday that might bring a little bit of a wet weather otherwise we are dried. here's a live view of san retail bridge. there are
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perfectly clear skies out there right now. we might even have some drizzle in the morning but those clouds will clear way quickly. the onshore winds will ramp up causing the temperatures to come down, by about 5 to 10 degrees. this is happening due to the weather system on the pacific. out to the west is a storm system that is getting closer. it will primarily hit the pacific northwest but the tale of it will give some light rain around eureka and it just north of san rose up possibly. ahead of the system the winds will increase for tomorrow afternoon possibly as strong as 30 to 35 mi. per hour. there'll
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be a few patches of low clouds in the play they bay. as we get to the afternoon look for the winds to pick up especially around 45:00. we will have '70s around the bay and the upper 60s in some parts. i will talk about a big time warner later this week. >> vicki: the 8-foot-tall art deco clock above the golden gate bridge toll plaza is back on its perch.
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workers began reinstalling the clock this weekend after a months-long refurbishment. the clock was removed last august so that its electric motor, hands, and other mechanical features can be rebuilt. crews will work over the next few weeks to re-attach the clock's arms and neon numbers. the work is part of a two- million dollar toll plaza seismic retrofit project. some 17-thousand people lost power after a man climbed up an electrical tower and refused to come down. pacific gas and electric in salinas had to shut off all power to the structure to avoid a possible electrocution. police and fire crews responded to the scene and tried to convince the climber to come down. he refused to budge for more than three hours. after finally climbing down, the man who appeared to be in his late 30's, was taken to a nearby medical center for evaluation. next. the blue angels make a comeback. and they're changing up their line up to include a real first.
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we'll show you what that is. >> jason: we will have all the sports after the news at 9.
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>> stanley: is started off as a simple car pool system but it turned into something else. this driver tried her out of the restricted lane when he saw the chp. now carpool violations are not moving violations, it simply to get me move on. but there's a
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way to escalate from a moving violation rather carpools violation, to a felony in three seconds. the driver tries to escape and the chp official was going to pursue but he already had the drivers at information. you can make this stuff up: east bay is the dumbest criminal.
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for the record according to the chp this man was put by hayward police a but and then released after receiving his corps de. this man went from 0 to 100 very quick and made a decision that could affect the rest of his life. if you're driving a stolen vehicle you might want to pull over market because the chp are looking. >> vicki: coming up at 8:30. after giving birth to six boys. we're there as a mother learns the gender of her newest addition. plus.something you don't see everyday. fish surrounding a boat full of
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students. not in the water - but in the air!
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you
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bank. >> vicki: still ahead. the pope says something that offends turkey. what he said that made that country recall its ambassador to the vatican. the blue angels are back being
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grounded. what's new in the cockpit. plus - a drug sting gone bad. why a man is dead after police pulled out what they thought was a taser.
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>> vicki: taking a look at our top stories at the bottom of the hour. a man suspected of shooting the mother of his baby girl to death in san jose has been apprehended in monterey. andrew butler was arrested in connection with the homicide of kendra gonzales. police say at one point gonzales and butler got into an argument and butler allegedly shot her, then removed her body from the vehicle placed it on the roadway and ordered the people in the rear to leave and take the infant with them. butler was booked into santa clara county jail on suspicion of murder. it's official. hillary clinton is joining the race for the 2016 presidential election. and she made the announcement through youtube. clinton is taking her newly announced presidential campaign into the heart of small town
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iowa this week. she plans to tour a community college on tuesday. she'll also hold meetings with democratic elected officials and activists in the leadoff caucus state. clinton announcing on social media today that she'll seek the presidency for a second time. she says "everyday americans need a champion" and she wants to be that champion. >> scott: it's hard to see that the smart phone video shows the aftermath of the deadly crash in richmond. it all started when a police officer tried to pull over this 20 year old man. >> a person was initiated. >> scott: it wasn't until later
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where people told police they saw the corvette kill someone in a cross-section. >> he attempted to report that the corvette was stolen or part of a carjacking. our interviewers were able to interview the driver and after that the driver was arrested. i view this whole thing is tragic . the simplest thing for that gentleman to of done was to stop and that would save the life. >> vicki: that richmond crash is the second time that police pursue has turned deadly in
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today's.a police sting has gone terribly wrong in tulsa, oklahoma. according to police, a reserve deputy accidentally fired his gun instead of a stun gun.and a suspect has died. officials have now released video from the undercover operation. victor blackwell with our c-n-n partnership has a look. >> reporter: a sting operation goes awry, leading to a deadly police shooting in oklahoma. now, officials are releasing dramatic video showing what happened. we'll have a look at the video. coming up.
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the incident on april 2nd captured on police video shows the suspect, eric harris, appearing to sell a nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol and ammunition to an undercover officer. shortly after allegedly selling the gun to a tulsa county gang task force member -- harris runs from officers who were trying to arrest him. it's while harris is bolting from police that one of the officers catches up and the suspect is wrestled to the ground. in the ensuing take-down that you can hear on the tape the 73-year-old tulsa county reserve deputy robert bates shouting that he has a taser. >> "that's done to warn other law enforcement officers that you're about to deploy this device." >> reporter: investigators say bates accidentally pulls the trigger on his gun instead of the taser, firing a round into harris. you can hear him apologize for what he's done. tulsa city police sergeant jim clark -- who was brought in as an independent consultant -- said friday during a news conference that a scientific phrase explains what happened to bates in that moment. it's called-- slips and capture -- that's when someone reacts differently in times of extreme pressure. >> "you can train someone as much as you can, and you train in every area that you can, but, in times of crisis sometimes training is not going to take you through the scenario."
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>> reporter: clark says that in the 200 shootings he's investigated, he's never seen a weapon leave the officer's hand and he believes there's no doubt that deputy bates thought he was getting ready to discharge a taser. >> and he obviously had a taser grip, which caused the gun upon discharge to leave his hand and fall to the pavement." >> reporter: before the tape was released, harris' son spoke about the last words he told his father. >> "that i love him that i'll talk to him the next day. but, then, when i didn't talk to him, i knew something was happening." >> reporter: and as the investigation continues, the family and their attorney still want all the information to come to light. >> "there is a lot that we know about what happened to eric harris. but there is a lot we don't know." >> vicki: a lamborghini that was part of an exotic car walt disney world racing attraction crashed into a guardrail, killing a passenger and injuring the driver.
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the attraction lets racecar fans be drivers or passengers in luxurious cars. the passenger was a 36-year-old man, and the driver was hospitalized with minor injuries. their names have not been released. officials say the lamborghini crashed when the driver lost control sunday at the driving attraction. disney has expressed their deepest sympathies to those involved in the accident. >> vicki: after a four year hiatus the blue angels are back in the palmetto state. they are flying in beaufort, south carolina this weekend and making history with their first ever female pilot. c-n-n's traci washington has the story.
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>> "this is a big thing here in the lowcountry, so i'm very excited that that they're back here." >> "hopefully, we'll continue to have them back every year." >> reporter: because of sequestration, it's been four years since the blue angels have flown in the lowcountry skies. >> "being able to come here to beaufort, in the midst of all these marines who are so unselfish and so dedicated to serving their country and our phenomenal. it's very humbling for us to be able to be amongst this great group of men and women." >> reporter: this time around the show making history with the blue angel's first female pilot katie higgins. she's flying the c-130 fat albert. >> "watching a female pilot flying, it was nice." >> "that was awesome to see them come in and do some of the flips and twists and stalls. it was exciting! it kind of makes your heart pound a little bit." >> reporter: those exciting loops and twists brought visitors from across the southeast. some seeing the show for the very first time. >> "it's a wonderful time first time we've been here, and it's fantastic. we're having a great time. got the whole family out here and we're really enjoying it. it's a great time for all."
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the next time bay area residents can see the blue angels fly is this october during fleet week in san francisco. pope francis is coming under fire over some comments he made during mass sunday. he was speaking about the upcoming 100th anniversary of mass killings of armenians by turks under the ottoman empire. pope francis said the word "genocide" when talking about the killings. turkey's foreign minister called the pope's reference to the word "unacceptable." turkey has always denied a "genocide" took place, instead saying thousands of armenian christians and turkish muslims were killed in the violence surrounding world war one. but armenian groups and many scholars believe turks massacred more than a million ethnic armenians. you think you know the cost of those groceries in your cart. coming up, we'll show you how much water it takes to grow the things we 120 gallons of water to make just one egg.
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>>david scott: the apple watch is here and we'll talk about how everyone is receiving the new device. >> brian: the storm system will cool down temperatures for the next few days but then it will rise again.
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>> vicki: california's ongoing drought can lead to possible higher food prices down the line. it takes a lot of water to grow crops.just how much may surprise you. it is estimated that americans have a water footprint per capita of 750-thousand gallons a year. but water also goes into producing food at your grocery store. a single tomato consumes more than three gallons of water before it makes it into your cart. a head of broccoli, nearly five and a half gallons.
8:40 pm
a pound of beef takes 1,800 gallons. a single egg is 120 gallons a loaf of bread, 150 gallons. the cost of these items will surely go up if the drought lingers on. if you want to save water, stay away from the supermarket. it takes a lot of water to grow crops. just home much may surprise you. >> brian: about 50% or less for the snowpack last year and only 8 percent of normal this year. do have smoke clouds developed as we get closer to the morning . low clouds bayside and that the coast perhaps a little drizzle that they should clear out pretty quickly. we'll have some of the way through the
8:41 pm
afternoon but one big difference is that offshore winds will kick up up to 30 m.p.h. and bring a cooler air. we'll have temperatures in the '60s and '70s around the bay. when the system passes and wednesday than that temperatures will really warm-up with widespread '80s all around the bay area. tomorrow's '60s by the bay '70s in the south bay low to mid '70's in ward valley. the warm weather
8:42 pm
will stick around all winter and next weekend. get well wishes sparking outrage in one community. coming up, big reaction when a teacher has her third graders send cards to a convicted cop killer.
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♪♪ at kaiser permanente
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ >> gabe: have blotch is amazing . it is lighter and smaller than i thought. apple what what. the
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people are checking out the watch are serious about the technology. these people have been waiting a long time for apple to do this. >> we've been ready for this to come out for a long time >> for a long time i've been ready to see if this is all i thought would be. >> i think it will be helpful he is everywhere in disconnect for my phone a little bit. >> i'm really not interested in people talking to me and just
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mostly interested in ample pay apple pay. >> i wanna be able to get some directions. this will allow me to do use maps and check messages without having to get my phone. it will help me be more productive by now reaching into my pocket. >> vicki: and new jersey's school teacher has been suspended for allegedly having her students write "get well" letters to a man convicted of killing a police officer. john bathke reports. >> reporter: get-well wishes written to ailing convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal by third graders at forest street school in orange have sparked outrage. >> "totally against it. totally.
8:47 pm
that's inappropriate for a third grader." >> "how about writing a letter to the policeman's family or something that was shot that was protecting the community." >> reporter: abu-jamal has been imprisoned since the 1981 killing of philadelphia officer daniel faulkner. the 60-year-old now appears in poor health. teacher marylin zuniga had her student write him letters delivered several days ago. "abu-jamal is serving a life sentence. he was removed from death row. through the years a number of groups and celebrities have campaigned for his freedom." school administrators say they were shocked, and today suspended zuniga. the superintendent releasing a statement saying, "the school's principal and district administrators vehemently deny that it had any knowledge of the assignment. no approval was ever sought, nor were parents notified.
8:48 pm
>> "you're fired." >> reporter: retired nutley detective lieutenant steve rogers says the teacher should lose her job. >> "this is an educator in a public school system. what's she educating her children about?" >> reporter: but some believe the teacher's intentions were not bad. >> "no, it doesn't bother me because i believe that when they go off to prison, they go off to be rehabilitated." >> reporter: in orange, john bathke, news 12 new jersey. >> mary: bringing home a newborn is an exciting time for a family. but it can be stressful. while there are countless resources for new mothers, there are some basics you have to remember.
8:49 pm
the first few weeks at home with your newborn can be a huge adjustment. however keeping your baby safe and healthy is easier than you think. just remember the basics. breast feeding is preferable, but bottle feeding is just as good. >> "if you can breast-feed try to breast-feed. your breast milk passes on a lot of valuable antibodies and immunity to your baby, and is a valuable way to protect them." >> mary: and of course babies cry. just how much depends on the baby >> "there are many ways to soothe a crying baby, of course you can carry them, you can walk around with them, sometimes you can put them in their bouncy seat if you have a baby that is crying and cannot be soothed it is okay to take a break." >> mary: overall, when it comes to your baby's health, the doctor says there are a few basic things to look out for. >> "if your baby develops a fever, that's a temperature higher than 100.4, you need to call your pediatrician. if your baby is having trouble breathing, if they're not eating, if they're not urinating. most newborns need to wet a diaper at least every six to eight hours." >> mary: and remember, if you're ever unsure about your baby's behavior, it's best to call your pediatrician.
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for today's health minute, i'm mary moloney. >> vicki: doctor lennon adds, everyone gives new mothers advice on raising babies. it can be overwhelming but she says to listen and take it all in, but the bottom line is. trust your instincts. after giving birth to six boys, chances are slim there's a girl in a family's future. coming up, we see how one mom is tickled pink to learn the gender of her newest addition.
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i like fun as much as anyone. but we need to talk about - whoa! what was that? - about mustache safety. my blazin' chicken sandwich has ghost pepper ranch sauce. you crave it. but you need to respect it. so remember: keep it neat, before you eat the heat. coming in hot! jack's blazin' chicken sandwich is back and it's got a new bacon buddy. they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned. >> vicki: a mother's reaction to the gender of her unborn child
8:53 pm
goes viral. and after having six boys. you can understand why. jeanne moos has details. >> reporter: with half a dozen boys under her belt, once again pregnant cher lair really really wants a girl. no wonder her reaction takes the cake. >> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >> reporter: this is one of those gender reveal parties.expecting parents cut into a cake that's been dyed pink or blue, or pop out of a pink or blue wrapped car. or release blue or pink balloons. but when you have 6 boys already, you deserve to have your cake and a little girl to help you bake it, too. >> come baby 3 or 4 i'm thinking well come on they'll be a girl at some point. they can't all be girls. but after 4, 5, 6, you're kind of thinking, yeah they can. >> reporter: so the first cut was the deepest. >> shoot how do i get in?
8:54 pm
>> in this case the doctor wrote down the gender, a friend picked up the envelope, another friend made the proper cake without the parents knowing what color was inside. >> reporter: and when cher saw that pink. >> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >> reporter: she fell into her mother's arms, a reaction that went viral. even got her an invitation to the ellen show. but these gender reveal parties can also be a bust take the time there was a discrepancy between what the cake said. not sure ofit's a girl! and the official envelope. it's a boy! yeahhhhhhhhhh >> reporter: or when a boy who already had two sisters cut the cake. >> it's a girl i hate girls. all the time it's girl girl girl. >> reporter: but after boy boy boy boy boy boy.cher lair's 9- year old was happy. >> i like my brothers but i'm tired of all the dog piles. >> reporter: not her 5-year old.
8:55 pm
>> i'm sick of girls. >> reporter: someday, kid you'll be heartsick without them. >> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >> reporter: jeanne moos cnn new york
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>> jason: the 20 top one-year- old takes the golf world by storm. we will hear about the new king of golf next. can the giants to battle back for a game split the dodgers. and will discuss the mariners of roberts bip roberts.


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